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We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.
-Immanual Kant.


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10-30-2007 8:29 PM -- By: Tracie Lil Joe's Mommy, memorial:   Lil Joe Memorial
Richard and Dollie I Love the post and it brings smiles to my face, because I can see my silly baby singing his heart out, because he loved to sing, we'd sing all the time together, and It brings back so many happy times, I cry and smile now when my other two sing, it's not the same but it helps to hear them try to sing. The other day I was driving home and I was having a bad day and I was talking to myself telling Lil Joe that I needed something, anything as I was driving it was sunny with someclouds in the distance and there it was a beautiful Rainbow, I thought to myself there it is, I know that sounds so crazy, but it made me Smile and Say that I was going to get through this day. I have to agree with Carole, it get harder, well I have to go before the eyes start to puff up again. I just want to THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my HEART for Caring and Understanding....

10-30-2007 5:00 PM -- By: Daisy's Nana,    Pet's name:   
Can I add my two cents? There are wonderful people on this board, however they chose to memorialize their beloved pets is their decision not anyone else's. Some people are suffering horribly after losing their love of their lives, we even have some people who have lost multiple pets here, how terrible is that? If someone can bring comfort and a smile to another one who is suffering isn't that what where all here for? Personally I can't wait for the next party.

10-30-2007 4:08 PM -- By: Carole Tturner, memorial:   Ebony Turner Memorial
Hello Richard (Dollies daddy). Excellent paragraph below dated 10/30!!! I also agree with the "kind" comments that are being left by everyone, in regards to your post. We are in a very difficult portion of our journey toward healing whether we lost our babies one day, one week, one month, one year or more ago. I personally miss Ebony today more than I did the first day she was gone. I think that may have to do with my order of the loss process. A councelor said, "Grieving tends to have a life of its own"...and it sure does!

Grasping any ray of sunshine that pierces through the clouds on our gloomy days is such an uplift. Dollie is a beautiful little "gurl", and you deserve to honor and celebrate her in any way you chose, as goes for anyone else who wants to join in on the celebrations. I am so very thankful for this website. I attended professional counceling sessions, which helped very much, but they can be costly and are only available at designated times. The support I've found here is what really is helping me through my pain. God Bless you and Dollie Richard. We are with you!

10-30-2007 11:58 AM -- By: wicki, memorial:   Sheba Memorial
Hi, Richard. I hope no one will be offended by you using humor to remember Dollie and if it helps the grieving process, God bless you and more power to you. Our animals were our babies and a huge part of our families, and it helps to remember them and think of them having the same sweet personalities in Heaven as they had here. I love to imagine all our animals being Rainbow Bridge friends. I do believe we will see them again, and they haven't lost their sweet spirits and personalities just because we can't see them.

10-30-2007 11:55 AM -- By: wicki, memorial:   Sheba Memorial
Let's all stop by and wish gorgeous Brooke a happy 13th birthday! Now that she's a teenager, too, the boys will be flocking to her, wanting to be her birthday date.

10-30-2007 10:56 AM -- By: Amber, memorial:   Nvwati Memorial
Oh wonderful! Thank you Sharon! Now how do we find them? LOL

10-30-2007 10:50 AM -- By: Amber, memorial:   Nvwati Memorial
Oh Richard. I for one never felt offended. As a matter of fact it was you writing through Dollie's birthday that was the beginning of so many of us beginning to smile again. I thank you for this! Take care.

10-30-2007 10:26 AM -- By: sharon -,    Pet's name:   
Just wanted to let everyone know we have added some holiday backgrounds to we will be adding more over the next few weeks. Virtual hugs to all....

10-30-2007 10:26 AM -- By: Richard Cothran, memorial:   Dollie Memorial
I want to thank everyone that has helped me in the past four months since my little gurl, Dollie, moved away. I still get very excited when I receive an email notifying me of a new entry in her guestbook. Contrary to what some would believe, Critters is not my life. But Dollie was, and is, a very important part of it. When you spend practically every day and night with someone or something, they, or it, becomes a part of you. And when this scenario changes, adjustments have to be made. That's the process that I'm in now. This web site has given me the opportunity to memorialize her in the way that I choose. One, and just one, of the ways that I choose to do this is through humor. I knew Dollie's personality as well as I know my own and I don't believe that I've disgraced her life, or the memory of it, in any way through her posts, comments, or pictures. If anyone on this site has been offended in any way by me, my posts, or my comments, I sincerely apologize to you. Most of the people that footprint this site have my email address. If you'd like for me not to comment on your pet's site, I will respect your wishes to a tee. If not, I'll continue to represent my little gurl, Dollie, as she always lived her life and would want me to, I'm sure, as one who loved life, laughter and her daddy.

May God bless you all.

Sincerely, Richard

10-30-2007 9:35 AM -- By: Kathie, memorial:   BROOKE Memorial
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKE!!!!! WE All miss u!! we send you Love from Home....

10-30-2007 9:04 AM -- By: Amber, memorial:   Nvwati Memorial
Trying to catch up! OK so Nvwati's Celebration of Life/Memorial Feast was held on Sunday. It was beautiful! I took tons of pictures in one of those disposable cameras ecause my digital decided not to work Sunday morning. I also took pictures of Yukon Jack, our new family member. Lo and Behold! On the way to the drugstore yesterday I lost the camera! I scooted up and down several times looking for it to no avail. I guess Nvwati wanted the memories of his event to be held in our hearts and not in picture form.............. or something. UPDATE ON MKWAA Mkwaa seems to be doing a bit better. She is letting Yukon Jack know she is alpha and no questions asked about it. I can't say she loves him yet but she .......... well.......... she tolerates him lol. Yukon on the other hand is HUGE! He has the cutest little face like that of an overgrown teddy bear! He likes to cuddle too! I do not look at him and see Nvwati. They are nowhere alike. Yukon does not sing, does not tell me stories, and does not strut his beauty like my beloved Nvwati did. He has his own sweetness though. His own traits and is settling in here fine. I have to agree that the people who found their way to are by far some of the sweetest people who share in our deep deep sorrow yet can rejoice in laughter at our furbabies tactics at the Bridge. Now that I am getting to know your babies more, when I get to the Bridge I'm going to have to stop to say hi to everyone before Nvwati leads me the rest of the way home! Its beautiful here in Ontario. I love the Fall! Its so beautiful with all the colours of leaves, perfect scenerio to take more pictures. And I will. I Promise!

10-29-2007 11:11 PM -- By: Jeannie/Gypsy Rose mommy, memorial:   Gypsy Rose Memorial
Judy, (Blossom's mommy) Thank you for sharing the info on DiOGi and Matt-I read the memorial with heavy heart and tears in my eyes-it is a beautiful memorial. We should think of all the fine law enforcement officers who risk their lives each and everyday for us, to make our world a safer place to live.

10-29-2007 10:56 PM -- By: Carol A,    Pet's name:   Copper
I agree with you Bev...the people here on Critters are like no others...Our Furry kids are proud and happy I am sure. I love the quote "Please God, help me to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am" I think that is a very good way to live. The friendships I have made here on Critters are wonderful and shows that I am still blessed by my Copper even after she has gone.

I am so very thankful for the "Message from Copper" too!! It brought smiles and the feeling of being so very Blessed!! (((Hugs)))) to everyone. I appreciate all of you so very much!!

10-29-2007 3:30 PM -- By: Bev B., memorial:   Klaus Memorial
My compliments to everyone here on The birthday party segments have just been awesome - a real treat. You are all quite the team here and I'm loving every minute of it. You've all become the best support group I could ever ask for. You all give me the faith and belief I need to know that my Klaus is doing OK...and as long as he's OK, then I'm OK too. I also want to send out a heartfelt THANK YOU to whoever that was that left me the heartwarming and most thoughful post from my Klaus. It brought tears to my eyes as well as laughter. Thank you to all. You are all truly the persons your pets think you are. May God Bless each and every one of you!

10-29-2007 12:50 AM -- By: Dollie & Richard, memorial:   Dollie Memorial
We're sorry that Dollie's page was down as we were trying to do some upgrades. We were afraid that might happen and we're so sorry. We want Everybody to see Dollie's memorial page. Please stop back by again. We would be honored to have you vist. Thanks, Dollie and Richard

10-28-2007 10:16 PM -- By: kimm, memorial:   Boedy Memorial
Richard (Dollies Dad)..I tried getting in to Dollies memorial tonight I was showing my friends the letter Boedy wrote to me and wanted them to see all his friends but Dollies page wont let me in. It said it was a private memorial. If you have it private could you e-mail me how I could get in my e-mail is Thanks Richard and take care.

10-28-2007 9:14 PM -- By: ,    Pet's name:   KC Bear

10-28-2007 3:36 PM -- By: Amber, memorial:   Nvwati Memorial
Insensitivity I had to share this with you all because you of all, will understand. I notified Nvwati's vet in email that he had passed away. I received a response saying "don't forget to bring Nvwati and Mkwaa in towards the end of July for their next shots." This was the Vet who cared for him for what seemed forever. The Animal Hospital who lovingly told me he had died, who carried him a block to the animal hospital, and who had him cremated for me was not his vet and THEY sent me a sympathy card! Needless to say Mkwaa and Yukon will NOT be going to the old vet. How insensitive was that eh?

10-28-2007 3:18 PM -- By: Amber, memorial:   Nvwati Memorial
Hello all. I just stopped by TED's Memorial and see that Nvwati posted there. I am tired after today's Celebration of Life/Memorial Feast that was held for my beloved Nvwati. There were tears and laughter and stories galore to be shared. Mkwaa sang her little heart out. (She doesnt usually sing!) so I know she was guided from above. Poor Yukon Jack stayed home as he didn't know Nvwati and I didn't feel he should be there. Immediately after we finished though we came in and brought him out to meet everyone.Everyone adores him. Then we went to the park where I took pictures of Yukon. I will have them developed and post pictures soon. I promise! Mkwaa was on her best behaviour, enjoyed the feast food afterwards and she and Yukon helped me put the Spirit Plate of feast food out by a tree in the park. This is something we do at all Native feasts.

10-28-2007 11:21 AM -- By: ted's mom, memorial:   TED Memorial
to the angel who wrote a letter from ted, thank you from the bottom of my heart! what a surprise it was to see his letter and of course i cried and cried! it made me feel connected to him again! thank you thank you!!what great friends we are here ! never met anyone but there is a bond between us! i come here every day to see my boy and i know as you all do that we miss them unbelievable! the parties that that throw are so nice ! i hear the laughter in their words! what a great place they have up at the rainbow bridge! ted made so many great friends! he loves it there! he runs and runs like he used too and is so fast but mostly he loves to just hang out with great friends!thank you again angel!!

10-27-2007 8:08 PM -- By: Judy..(( Blossom's Mom )), memorial:   His Faithful K-9 Partner DiOGi Memorial
Please take a look at a Memorial for a K-9 HERO NAMED DiOGi..HE DIED TRYING TO SAVE HIS PARTNER WHO DIED BESIDE DiOGi.

10-27-2007 6:57 PM -- By: Blossom's Mom,    Pet's name:   Zeke
Zeke just had a Birthday but went to heaven a few days later..Lets welcome Zeke Home to Heaven..

10-27-2007 6:52 PM -- By: Blossom's Mom, memorial:   Scooby Doo Dexter Memorial
Scooby Doo Dexter is new to critters and his first Birthday in Heaven is November ?..He is also Adorable..Lets all welcome Scooby and wish him a Happy Birthday

10-27-2007 6:33 PM -- By: Angie, memorial:   Scooby Doo Dexter Memorial
I want to know if anyone out there has anyway to help me get rid of my guilt. I so feel responsible for the death of our beloved Scooby. I let her out during my lunch break, ran inside for no more than 3-5 minutes, came back and someone had hit her and just left her laying in the road. Thankfully she didn't suffer, but I can't quit thinking about why did I do that, why didn't I tie her up, why, why, why??? She never ever left the yard and what possessed her to do so last Wed. I'll never know. My children are a mess, I'm a mess and I feel as if it is all my fault. If anyone has any way to make me realize this was meant to be I would so appreciate it. I can't eat, sleep or anything because of the guilt.

10-27-2007 4:07 PM -- By: bella, memorial:   daisy Memorial
if any one just needs to smile or maybe a laugh come see what i have done for my sister daisy for on the happy halloween page to daisy xoxo bella.. and have a happy halloween every one

10-27-2007 12:30 PM -- By: wicki, memorial:   Sheba Memorial
Of course Asti wants to go out with Dollie. What red-blooded little boy wouldn't? Just shows his innate good taste. He may have to stand in line.....I'm sure she has no shortage of prospective suitors. Such a pretty girl!

10-27-2007 12:14 PM -- By: kimm, memorial:   Boedy Memorial
I received a message today on my buestbook from Boedy. I guess they had a great party and Boedy is the skipper on the yacht and in the choir. This is the 2 weekend now without him here and that message made my heart feel better. God bless you all and I am glad that they are having such a great time...Kimm

10-27-2007 9:58 AM -- By: Dollie, memorial:   Dollie Memorial
Umm...daddy, I, umm, I think that Asti wants to go out with me. His birthday is Wednesday and he wants me to be his "birthday date." I, I know that I've never dated before but, gah, I am a teenager now, daddy. Oh daddy, will you think about it? Please? Pretty please??? I love you, daddy. Dollie

10-27-2007 7:39 AM -- By: ,    Pet's name:   
Everyone please go to Klaus's site and read the wonderful letter he wrote his Mom , he's now the offical "party DJ" and Captain of the new yacht they have up there.

10-26-2007 5:39 PM -- By: Ann&Wor Noops, memorial:   Wor Noops(Snoopy) Memorial
Thankyou.....Thankyou.......Thankyou for Noops birthday. You all give me a vision of my boy in a happy fabulous place at the bridge! And you all made Noops centre of attention,and Noops loves that! Always has!!! I laughed and cried reading about his birthday. I always knew it, but each and every one of you have comfirmed....the BEST PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD ARE DOG OWNERS. Thanks again from Ann and of course Noops.


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