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We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.
-Immanual Kant.


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10-19-2007 2:06 PM -- By: Kimm, memorial:   Boedy Memorial
I am so thankful I found this site. All of you that have visited Boedy's site and signed the guestbook are helping me more than words can say. Bless you all

10-19-2007 12:22 PM -- By: kathy, memorial:   daisy Memorial
i have a problem can any one help me out.. i hear the music on my computer but i hear it on no one eles.. what did i do wrong??? if any input on it please feel free to email at thank you so much....

10-19-2007 11:33 AM -- By: Amber, memorial:   Nvwati Memorial
Wicki I just visited Sheba's Memorial. She was so precious! It just goes to show that regardless of how long they have been gone, our precious furbabies remain close to our hearts.

10-19-2007 11:28 AM -- By: Amber, memorial:   Nvwati Memorial
Lee and Kimm I just visited Boedy's Memorial and signed his guestbook. He was a sweet sweet guy and I know he will be greatly missed. Take care.

10-18-2007 10:48 PM -- By: Lee & Kimm, memorial:   Boedy Memorial
We lost Boedy on October 14th and I have een online ever since trying to find anything that would ease the pain in my heart. I found this site on October 17th and sat for hours working on our tribute. The hurt is not going away but the site has helped me express what I feel. My parents never told me that loosing a pet would hurt this deeply.

10-18-2007 2:40 PM -- By: wicki, memorial:   Sheba Memorial
I came across this site a few months ago and left a few messages for some of the precious pets/humans who loved them. I didn't get around to putting my pretty girl Sheba on here til a few days ago. She's been gone for 19 years now (the length of her life) and I still miss her all the time. My heart goes out to the human families of all these precious, sweet babies. I certainly sympathize and share in your sorrow. I only have computer access at work, and there were times I would read a memorial, then get myself together before I could go back and leave a message; all their stories of loss are so heart-rending. It's easy to see why all these babies were so loved.

10-18-2007 11:09 AM -- By: Ann Earnshaw, memorial:   Wor Noops(Snoopy) Memorial
I would like to thankyou all from the bottom of my heart who have left kind messages on my boys site.It means so much to me.I only wish i'd found this site sooner to help in my grief.I often felt i grieved alone for Noops.Im now divorced and kids bounce back so quick(A Good Thing)! I don't really have many doggy owner friends so people don't understand. Christmas last year lost a lot of sparkle because i lost Noops. Thankyou all once again.No one can take away the pain but knowing your not alone goes a long way. Im making my way around the site reading all your stories x

10-17-2007 10:21 AM -- By: Richard Cothran, memorial:   Dollie Memorial
We'd like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone that visited little Dollie's memorial page yesterday on Her 13th birthday. We were completely overwhelmed by your most generous (and humorous) outpouring of support, care, and love. On a day that would have been, otherwise, sad and lonely, we were instead able to focus on our blessing, rather than our loss. Everyone of you that left a footprint on Dot's page began your day today with a prayer from us. A prayer that your needs will be met, your desires realized, and your hopes fulfilled.

Again, thank you for the bottom of our hearts. May God bless you all with His very best. Richard and Dollie..;)

10-17-2007 10:08 AM -- By: Amber, memorial:   Nvwati Memorial
RIchard Bless you!! for bringing some much needed laughter to us with Dollie's Party. I have a little something for you. Please go to . I tried to copy the song onto this post but I dont live in USA so I was unable to upload it they said. Take care

10-16-2007 8:35 PM -- By: ,    Pet's name:   
If you want to read some funny stuff and have a big laugh, go to Dollie's guestbook and read all the entries about her birthday party. OMG!!! :)

10-16-2007 3:22 PM -- By: brenda turner, memorial:   BUSTER Memorial
Hi to all, Let me just say i am so please i found this memorial\\ and it was only by chance/// when we had to let Buster go i was looking for a urn for my little boys ashes, i just wanted some thing a little diffrent something that would not make me cry every night when i looked at it to say good night,I came across,and it as been the best thing ever, and even though we live diffrent parts of the world we all feel the same pain and love our fur friends the same,and to all of you thank you so much for helping me through the loss of my Buster with your encouragement and kind words,and specially when you are all going through the same pain, Richard, Carol, you two have brough me back from the brink of giving up, God bless you both, and God bless you all on Critters you have give me hope, love and hugs to all of you, THANK YOU CRITTERS MEMORIAL WEB SITE,

10-16-2007 12:21 PM -- By: Amber, memorial:   Nvwati Memorial
Oh Dollie what a lovely poem for your daddy! I'm sure it will bring him comfort. Today might be a hard day for him eh? but give him time. He will soon realize you are with him!

10-16-2007 12:20 PM -- By: Amber, memorial:   Nvwati Memorial
dear lori I am so sorry for your loss. Your Missy was sooooo sweet. Know she is ok where she is now. They are having another party up there today I hear! I recently lost my beloved Nvwati and the pain is still great but one day at a time I am learning to accept, to cope. It helps to have my Nvwati's ashes and memorial paw print here. Take care.

10-16-2007 12:20 AM -- By: Jeannie, memorial:   Gypsy Rose Memorial
I just wanted to thank everyone of you on this beautiful website for all of your kind and beautiful words. I miss my Gypsy Rose more than anything. My Mollie is a God send, just when I thought things wouldn't get any better, she came into my life. Things are starting to look up, and pain is somewhat bearable now. I can now talk about my Gypsy Rose and our beautiful memories, instead of dwelling on the last 4 days of her life. Mollie has let this happen with her beautiful spirit and silly antics. I think about Gypsy Rose everyday, some days are worse than others. When I'm feeling my worst, Mollie comes to the rescue. She has now gained 5 pounds and her respiratory infection is getting better, it is slow and even scary-as I am fearful something may happen to her. Even Gypsy Roses' daddy thinks our Mollie is truly something special, and is very thankful that she came into our lives. Mollies picture is on Gypsy Rose memorial-please take a look at the wonderful creature that came into my life when I needed something the most. I love you my precious Gypsy Rose, I will think of you always-thank you for bringing Mollie into our lives and thank you for being the most wonderful companion and for providing unconditional love and for making me a better person. I LOVE YOU GYPSY ROSE.

10-16-2007 12:18 AM -- By: Dollie Cothran,    Pet's name:   Daddy
Hi Daddy,

I just stopped by to post a poem I wrote especially:

I want everyone to see, How grateful I am, That you belong to me. ;)


I'm watching over Daddy, From glorious heaven's gate, Our love will last forever, 'Cause for Daddy I will wait.

I can see Daddy's hands. Folded silently in prayer, And reaching out to hold me, When he is in despair.

Years of work and worry, Have left their mark behind. But my Daddy's hands are softer, Than the finest silk you'll find.

I remember Daddy's hands, How they held me oh so tight, He stroked my little back, And rubbed my tummy every night.

When I was hurting Dad would hold me, Embrased in his loving arms, He was always oh so gentle, I was protected from all harms.

I will never forget the things, That I learned about that man, And I will always remember, The love in daddy's hands.

He sacrificed unselfishly, Just to keep me fed, If I could do things over, I would not have gone ahead.

I'd live my life forever, On earth or heaven's lands. Just to feel his love surround me, There was love in Daddy's hands.

10-15-2007 5:03 PM -- By: lorihughart, memorial:   Missy Memorial
Today its been 4 months. We went to your resting place yesterday. We miss you so much. You are always in my heart and I think of you a hundred times a day because you were such a part of my life. No one could ever replace you. I love you forever.....

10-15-2007 8:28 AM -- By: Amber, memorial:   Nvwati Memorial
Ohoh Dollie a teenager! now that IS scary! LOL........ Dollies' going to have a blast on Tuesday! I can't wait to hear all about it!Oh my goodness your birthday picture is ..... well........ priceless! And I promised I didnt laugh!

10-15-2007 8:25 AM -- By: Amber, memorial:   Nvwati Memorial
Kelly, I too spent days crying til I thought my heart would explode. When we truly love our animals and they are like family to me it hurts in ways only those of who experience this can imagine. I think when its unexpected, as it was in Cal and Nvwati's cases its the SHOCK that is worse. Although shock helps "pad" us for a few days we still feel such sorrow. I have NO doubt that your little guy is with your hamsters and hermit crabs! And I know Nvwati would appreciate the sweet sounds of a bird in his choir up there! I had to laugh at your goofball dimwit dog because Mkwaa bless her little heart is much like that too! Listen, I know you feel guilty but please don't. Why Cal chose that moment to hang himself with his toy is beyond me, but it was obviously his time to go. Let me tell you a true story. I was outside in late May when one of my neighbours came out and started to cry. I of course put my arms around her and asked her why she was so upset. She told me she was visiting her mom with her bird, and as always, her bird was flying around. Her mom got up and made some tea then returned to the couch to sit down.A bit later they couldnt find the bird.. they looked EVERYWHERE. Finally they looked on the couch and saw that her mom had sat on the bird killing it and didn't even know! Too weird! Kelly know that your grief WILL change. You will always love and miss your little Cal but in time the pain will not hurt as much.

10-14-2007 9:05 PM -- By: Dollie, memorial:   Dollie Memorial
Hey ya'll. I just wanted everyone to know that I've seen all those Happy Birthday wishes in my guestbook. And I want to thank each and everyone of you. Why, I can't believe that I'm gonna' be a teenager this Tuesday. Gosh! Anywaz, daddy has my birthday picture posted down towards the bottom of my page. Drop by and check it out. But you'd Better Not laugh at me. (tee-hee..;)

I love you All and thank you for being my daddy's and my friend from the bottom of my little heart. Dot.

10-14-2007 5:57 PM -- By: Kelly, memorial:   Calcifur Memorial
Thank you so much Amber. I am sorry for the late response, I had to get out of the house and every time I see Cal's picture I start to bawl my eyes out. It's getting a little better but nothing I do can get that horrible image out of my mind of when I found him ( I really hope I don't freak anyone out or anything but he had strangled himself on his toy and I just had to walk in and find him ). Maybe it will fade with time. Maybe Cal met up with my two hamsters and hermit crabs I had in third grade too ( heh heh ). Hope he's having a good time. But I think something good has come out of this, as hard as this is to say. I am definitely appreciating the time I have left with my two wonderful, sweet cats and my goofball, dimwit (laughs) dog. I wish I could've at least said goodbye though. Oh and Nvwati is beautiful. Best of luck to you, Amber. I read a bit of your memorial and Nvwati sounded like such a sweet heart. Why must all good things come to an end?

10-14-2007 5:36 PM -- By: ,    Pet's name:   
Little Dollie has a b-u-n-c-h of b'day wishes. And she has a GREAT NEW SONG. Lets try and cheer her daddy up everyone! and remember sweet little Dollie.

10-14-2007 3:56 PM -- By: Amber, memorial:   Nvwati Memorial
I just visited Dollie's website again. She was soooooooo precious. Sent her Birthday wishes as well

10-14-2007 1:17 PM -- By: Amber, memorial:   Nvwati Memorial
Oh I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet little bird Cacifur. I found when I lost my beloved dog Nvwati a little over 2 weeks ago that building his website and connecting with others who lost pets helped me tremendously.I hear theres a special part of Rainbow Bridge just for birds and the dogs and cats on the Bridge don't bug birds.Know your Calcifur was met by our darlings when he got there.

10-14-2007 11:54 AM -- By: Kelly, memorial:   Calcifur Memorial
My precious darling bird. It's been but two hours since you've been gone and I can't stop crying. They say guilt doesn't help anything but why can't I stop feeling it??? You were far too young to go I don't understand what I did wrong. We were together only such a short time. It isn't fair. I love you so much even though I didn't even realize it entirely before. I will miss you so much. If only I could hold you one more more and hear you do that adorable wolf whistle I taught you. Maybe we will meet again some day my beautiful, sweet, darling bird. There's a ragged hole in my heart where you used to be. I hope you are happy I love you so much.

10-13-2007 7:26 PM -- By: , memorial:   Dollie Memorial
Little Dollies Birthday is coming up on October 16th..Lets not forget to send Dollie Birthday wishes in Heaven.

10-13-2007 9:42 AM -- By: Amber, memorial:   Nvwati Memorial
Ohhhhhhh Auntee Mz......... Yes its like Nvwati is laughing at us saying "Here ya go.... you both need something to do now that I am not here to demand your constant attention". Little does he know... or he PROBABLY does, that he is rarely far from our thoughts if we are not speaking to someone about him. Its so hard because as we see people we haven't seen in a while, the first thing they do is ask "Where's Nvwati?" and it reopens that scar once again. Im glad you enjoyed your visit to Nvwati's page. Yes I am native so I guess the nativeness comes out eh? LOL..... Its still surreal. I was supposed to die before Nvwati......... or so I told him. .. over and over again. But I believe that he and Creator knew what was best and this happened for a reason. I can't afford to pay for this memorial so it will be altered today to text only. A shame since he was so beautiful that others won't be able to see his beauty. Hopefully I can still add to the site.

10-13-2007 9:09 AM -- By: Auntee Mz, memorial:   Cinderella and ToTo Memorial
Jeannie, you have been in my thoughts and congratulations on your new addition. Especially hope Mollie worms her way into your husband's heart to help with it healing.

Nuts! Missed Blossom's birthday party, did post some belated well wishes. Next year for sure.

Amber, fostering is a generous and great idea! Still get to hear the patter of little paws, which I so sorely miss. Hmmm - if Boxcar Willy and I don't connect, will give it much thought. Visted your memorial for Nvwati and I liked the nativeness and sense of spirituality surrounding it. I'm only sorry you are here because of the loss of your special loved one.

To all, blessings and hugs. I too so so miss My Girls -the companionship and friendship. This was my birthday week, their gift has been the memories and remembering their unconditional love.

10-13-2007 9:06 AM -- By: Amber, memorial:   Nvwati Memorial
Thank you for posting tis prayer. Its sooooo true! Unfortunately not all dog owners live up to the responsibilities or the needs of our beloved fur babies. To some a dog is........ well JUST A DOG! I am fortunate that I was raised to respect all living creatures be they furbabies or human beings and I at least don't carry guilt over how my beloved Nvwati ( Or Mkwaa who is still here with me thank God!) spent their lives. Its often not until a person loses their dog to death that they stop and say DUH Maybe I shouldnt have done so and so, or maybe I should have brought my dog to obedience classes or maybe I should have spent more time with my dog rather than being on my computer or on the phone or watching tv. I only wish that people who havent yet lost their dogs to death could find this Pets Prayer before its too late. Again, thank you!

10-12-2007 11:57 PM -- By: ,    Pet's name:   
Pets Prayer

Dear Lord: Please watch over our humans, they are so weak. They have no claws or teeth, they can't run fast or fly away, neither can they burrow or build a nest in which to be safe. They smell bad, do strange things that aren't altogether intelligent, have no real ability to communicate with us, although we are able to figure out what they want.

Lord, grant us the ability to watch over our humans, care for them, cheer them when they are down, make them laugh, smile, and shower them with our love. We pray that we can bring a little joy into their otherwise mundane existence.

Lord, please let them know that when we insist on getting attention, it is so we can check their emotional well being and boost their morale When we pester them for different foods, toys, etc., it's so they will learn to see us in ways they hadn't considered, bringing them closer and back into the fold ... which they are part of but keep forgetting about.

They expect us to know what they want even though sometimes they don't know what we want. Some of them really try and we know they love us but some of them are so dumb yet our love for them remains intensely unfaltering.

Lord, when we die, please make sure to send us ahead to where ever our humans are going to be, so we can pave the way for them, vouch for them and be there for them when they too die..

Please allow us to continue proving the humans are worth the effort. You placed these humans in dominion over us, but you charged us with the task of caring for them and showing them your love every day, through us.

God bless these mere mortal humans, they know not that we are their guardian angels sent in love to task them so that they may grow to be part of your plan.

10-12-2007 1:40 PM -- By: Judy, memorial:   Junior Jadeja Memorial
On November 11th, It will be Junior Jadeja's Birthday..Lets not forget to send him Birthday wishes in Heaven.


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