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We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.
-Immanual Kant.


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08-22-2010 5:45 PM -- By: Natalie, memorial:   DaVinci Memorial

Hi Everyone, I see my picture of DaVinci did not come up, however, maybe it's because I'm in Ireland!!!  I can't believe that I'm actually visiting Ellie, Chara's Mom- from who is from Ireland , and I'm here in Ireland at her home, all because of Criiters.This is an amazing experience, and I'm just soo happy to be here, but most of all I want to thank  our babies, DaVinci and Chara, if it not for them, we would have never met and they are the ones who brought us together.I think that tis was a way of telling us, how much they love us, and they know how much they are loved and truly missed!! I just want to say, I love you DaVinci, and thank you for this very special gift, also Chara, beautiful babies, missed and loved forever and always!!! And thank you my very special friend, critters and all my critter friends, xoxoxoxoxxo Love Natalie!!!

08-22-2010 4:10 PM -- By: Michael Kendrick, memorial:   Gizmo Memorial
Today 1 year ago I lost my dearest friend, Gizmo. Since his passing things just haven't been the same. Today was a day of sadness of course, but it also brought smiles to my family and me, as we sat around sharing our memories of Gizmo and the joy he gave each of us. I  want to thank everyone within the family who gave there love and support for my family and me during our time sadness. Not a day goes by without thinking of my precious Gizmo. I feel in my heart that he would want me to get another pet. Not a replacement, but something to ease the pain. I want Gizmo to know he can never be replaced.


08-22-2010 8:51 AM -- By: Janice G., memorial:   Duke Memorial
Hello all my critters friends and family,

I want you all to know that I have not forgotten you.  You mean a lot to me as before, but I have been going through a lengthy trial of up's and down's (mainly down's).  Please forgive me for not spending much time on critters as I use to.  It doesn't mean that I don't care or that I have forgotten you b/c I haven't.  Hugs to all.

08-19-2010 8:03 PM -- By: Linda, memorial:   Bailey Memorial
Hello All,

Tomorrow is my Bailey's third anniversary date. I can't believe how fast time went! I know I will feel sadness tomorrow but I know he is no longer suffering and that I will be with him again one day.

08-18-2010 1:11 PM -- By: Nadine & Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Time is not measured by distance, by length or in days; ... but in heart felt dreams and wishes, like the love we shared with our precious little some ones.  Be it weeks, months, or even years ... when you are fortunate enough to find that special love you somehow know, and the bond will follow us where ever we go.  They are never far out of reach in our minds, our thoughts, or our hearts.  … They will always be with us. We will always be AS ONE … and one day I know we will see them again, and every tear we shed will be replaced with our love and happiness, and every moment apart will seem like a distant memory … I try as best I can, knowing she waits for me, with faith … all things are possible.  

When I first found this site I was at my lowest point, my heart ached more than I could bear, and you all helped me go on with your words of kindness, encouragement, and support; letting me know I was not alone. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.   



08-17-2010 9:03 AM -- By: Charles, memorial:   Sammy Memorial

Dear Critters Family ...

Always know that each of you means the world to me .. for it was each of you who was "there" for me when Sammy, Gabby and Bob M passed on to head to Rainbow Bridge.  I will never forget your thoughtfulness.

May everyone find inner peace and love ......

08-16-2010 1:40 PM -- By: Laura, memorial:   Bullet Memorial
It doesn't matter if you had your pet for a very long time or not, I had Magnum for 11 years and my pony Brandy for 33 years, and the pain is worse for Bullet and I only had him for 4 and a half years but it felt like I had him all my life, so it hurts no matter how long

08-16-2010 1:26 PM -- By: Laura, memorial:   Bullet Memorial
My memories of Bullet still make me cry, he wasn't supposed to go yet, I think I'm being punished for loving him too much, I played favourites, I was closer to him then my others, he was taken from me to soon because of that, it isn't fair, I thought if I was going to feel the presence of one of my animals it would be him, but I haven't, I will never see him again

08-15-2010 2:13 PM -- By: Sharon,    Pet's name:   
Oh my goodness YES people can leave any sort of kind message for each other  - that is what the guest book is intended for.   The social networking that is not allowed is the sharing of personal information.  Do not post any email addresses / phone numbers personal information or make contact with people met online via email / phone etc.  Email support can be very helpful and a wonderful service it's just not something we provide via  If you would like grief support via email please join a site like where there is wonderful group email support with email moderators and information is verified.

Comments that are kind and compassionate have always been and are always wonderful to post.  Please follow the old principal -- "If you don't have anything nice to say - say nothing at all."  And contact us at support should there be anything anywhere on the site that is inappropriate.

08-15-2010 2:05 PM -- By: ,    Pet's name:   
Very vague comment by Sharon "Social Networking"
Need clarification on that. 
Are we are allowed say morning to people, good night? Allowed to talk on a subject pertaining to hows your day? Or if they are ill can we say hope feel better. Too vague need clarification please.

08-14-2010 9:27 PM -- By: Sharon,    Pet's name:   
Some people have begun to use as a social networking site which it is not. This is a reminder to all...
Please do not give out your email addresses / phone numbers or any personal information on any website including is intended as a place to honor our beloved "babies" and share their stories.  The guest books offer a way to post and receive messages of kindness and understanding from our friends and family or others who have endured a similar loss.  Please report any comment anywhere on the site that could be interpreted as upsetting to will not tolerate rudeness of any sort so please be kind and tender with all comments everyone here is enduring immense sadness.  Thank you for your support and compassion...

08-13-2010 5:48 PM -- By: Phil, memorial:   Inky Memorial
I just wanted to thank all of you for your support. Losing my little feline pal has been a rough experience. Knowing that there are other folks out there that feel something similar towards their pets has been very helpful.


08-13-2010 11:37 AM -- By: lisa - pucks mom , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
i cant believe i am coming up to Pucks Angelversary is hard to beileve that it has been 2 years.   2 years ago today he had a really really ruff night.  it all comes rushing back....i realized he was trying to tell me something.......

i know he has so many friends and family at Rainbow do i...for all of you here have helped out so much...more than you will ever know.   i have an extended family here that i never even dreamed of.  

as i type thru tears  i know the circle  will be whole again when my little man meets me ...  there are so many fur babies i cant wait to hugg and hold along with my little man again...

for now i have all of you and knowing puck llewis has his many many friends gives me comfort and grace to get thru the days......

thank you all so much for being here.....i also thank lucie-llew phelan  - i still think ins ome way puck had a paw in having her find her way to me....

thank you lil man...i miss and love you so much....

keep sending your feathers and rainbows

and keep coming to me in my many to count..and all are a pleasure to see you again.....

thank you for always keeping  lucie llew on her feet and barking and looking at those phantom shadows that only she can see and once in a while i feel a breeze when its completely still.....lucie feels them to...


that makes mom smile to....





08-13-2010 1:35 AM -- By: Maryann, memorial:   Sir Toby Memorial
It is never easy getting over a loved one.  Time heals.  I understand what all of you are feeling.  Maybe in time, you can give your love to another little one that may be in need. It would make your lost loved one very proud. They want you to share your love and not grieve.  You gave them the best life.

08-13-2010 1:30 AM -- By: MaryAnn, memorial:   Sir Toby Memorial
My heart goes out to all of you.  I understand the emptiness you feel after losing a pet. Especially, if you had the animal for a long time. Their undying loyalty never leaves us even after they are gone.  In time, the pain and emptiness will pass but there will always be that hole in your heart even when another animal is adopted. You never forget them. They won't let you. Just remember that they are waiting for us on the other side.  All you can do is let them know that they were loved.

Please Sir Toby a message on his memorial.  Thank you!

08-13-2010 1:19 AM -- By: MaryAnn, memorial:   Sir Toby Memorial
My heart goes out to all of you.  I understand the emptiness you feel after losing a pet. Especially, if you had the animal for a long time. Their undying loyalty never leaves us even after they are gone.  In time, the pain and emptiness will pass but there will always be that hole in your heart even when another animal is adopted. You never forget them. They won't let you. Just remember that they are waiting for us on the other side.  All you can do is let them know that they were loved.

Please Sir Toby a message on his memorial.  Thank you!

08-12-2010 6:41 PM -- By: Bailey, memorial:   Zoe May Memorial
I want to thank everyone here that sent me well wishes! It helps to know that I am not alone in how I feel losing my beloved furry family member. Zoe May has been with me through my divorce, my raising of my children, my good times and my bad times - she went through it all with me! I have truly lost my better half and that is what makes this so unbearable!  Thank you all for your wonderful blessings to me - Zoe was VERY special to me as your fur babies were to you - THANK YOU ALL!!! Bailey 

08-11-2010 1:08 PM -- By: Sherri, memorial:   MADDIE Memorial
Hi! everyone,

I do NOT post much these days on Critters, but the people I did become good friend's with through Critters in the loss of my little Canine daughter,Maddie, will forever be in my heart.

I did want to say that respecting other peoples property, such as a home, a car, an item, OR a memorial IS a very important thing......BUT what IS MORE important is respecting the feelings of A PERSON. Sometimes HURT feelings can NEVER be repaired and the loss of a friend OR a 'potential friend' is a big thing, for HOW many 'friends' will we have in life? Even WITH the VAST internet and ALL kinds of 'social networking'-HOW many can we actually call 'friend'? HOW many GIVE us  'something',(a gift, a chat, etc.) straight from the heart? Maybe we do NOT always agree on WHAT was said in the 'chat' or 'the gift' that was given,or the message on a card ...In THAT particular instance-- privacy(so rare in these internet day's ) is a MUST.

 Life is SO short , as our little baby, fur angels have shown us. We have come here in sadness,why be here NOW in 'Madness'(anger), let us stay on this special site that **Sharon & Mark have given us-- for friendship-the REAL & lasting kind.

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful summer, albeit a HOT one for most folks!

Thank you for your time,

Sherri, ALWAYS Maddie's mom


08-07-2010 11:46 PM -- By: Caren, memorial:   Gypsy Rose Memorial
Happy Birthday to all the special angels in August. And i Also want to wish all the sweet baby's a happy angel day, I don't get on that much and do not want to leave any of the angels out. Bless you all.

08-04-2010 7:08 PM -- By: Tracie, memorial:   Lil Joe Memorial
To Everyone Who has Lost a Dear Baby and Has Found this Wonderful Site, It has Truly been a  Blessing To Me.. My Heart Goes Out to Everyone Here.. Thinking Of Each and Everyone Of You For The Loss That You Are Going Through.. Keeping You In My Prayers and Close To My Heart..

08-02-2010 7:25 PM -- By: Bailey, memorial:   Zoe May Memorial
It's been just too long since my beautiful Zoe May died in my arms. I still can't believe that I had a heart attack 1 week later from losing her. She would not want me at RB anytime soon!

08-02-2010 11:49 AM -- By: LAURA, memorial:   Bullet Memorial
Its been 6 weeks and I still cry like its the first day, in my lifetime I have had over 20 pets pass but I have never felt the emptiness as I do with Bullet, when my 43 year old pony died last Oct. After having him for 33 years, that took about a week for me to be ok with the loss, but I still didn't have the emptiness like now, my love for Bullet was so strong my heart stayed whole no matter what happened while he was with me, my love is stronger and I was closer to him then with my family or friends, when I was at work I couldn't wait to get home to him, now, its like, why bother since he isn't there, I feel I'm being punished, my love for him was to strong so he was taken from me, I told him I would protect him with my life but that tragic morning I didn't, I have never felt in this much pain ever, I feel I'm going to suffer for the rest of my life, I feel alone even with my other animals, I see my dogs and that's what I see, my dogs, I looked at Bullet and I saw my life, when he slept I would lay my hand on him , now I lay my hand on his ashes but its not the same, he is gone and I feel like my soul is gone,

07-28-2010 9:38 AM -- By: Lauvern, memorial:   Luke Memorial
Hi All. To those of you who have posted to Luke and it is not showing up, I am so sorry . I  have posted all that came through. I have Luke's memorial set for personal review before posting and have posted all that i had received. I am so sorry if your posts did not show up. Thankyou to those that have emailed me letting me know the posts were not showing up.

Again , please accept my apologies.



07-21-2010 8:07 PM -- By: linda, memorial:   Bailey Memorial
Hello all,

It 's been a while since I have been on here. I would like to thank those who have posted messages on Bailey's page, they are appreciated. Bailey's third angelversary date is coming in August, I can't believe it is almost three years since he passed!!  Although time goes by fast and the pain lessens, the memories are still there. I was looking through his page tonite, and the tears started falling. My daughters and I will always miss him. I hope all of you are well and for the new losses, my sincere condolences. Hang in there and cherish the memories.


07-21-2010 7:42 PM -- By: Laura, memorial:   Bullet Memorial

I am so glad I found this site, thank you for visiting Bullets page, he died 1 month ago today, it is still so very hard, im still crying everyday and I have been looking at his page over and over and still in shock that he is gone, he was only 4 and a half. When he left, my soul left with him, I feel so empty and alone, my other pets try to comfort me and I care for them alot but the connection and bond with Bullet makes it hurt more that they are not him, my life will never be the same.

07-20-2010 6:28 PM -- By: caren, memorial:   Gypsy Rose Memorial
Again, i would like to thank those that send those wonderful poems, they mean alot. I would also like to thank the wonderful people that visit my site and  check in, they know who they are. And to anybody i have missed a birthday or anniversary Please bless you all.

07-19-2010 7:51 PM -- By: Karen, memorial:   Pac Macavelli Memorial
 Hello Everyone, I want to thank those of you who stopped by to wish PAC a happy birthday.  Your happy wishes for Pac and me are very much appreciated.  

07-19-2010 6:05 PM -- By: caren, memorial:   Gypsy Rose Memorial
To all those precious babies that have passed away i want to express my sym, I dont get on the computer as much and want to say bless you to all of you and your loved ones that have passed on and into the next world awaiting to see us one day. It's very hard and this site will help alot, write someone or come to forum area and post. Bless you all.


07-18-2010 1:59 PM -- By: Rob, memorial:   Benny Memorial
Thank you for all the messages we received honoring Benny's first Angelversary.  I cannot tell you how appreciated and welcomed your kind words and thoughts are.  Wishing you all the best....Rob and Benny

07-18-2010 1:15 PM -- By: pat and tippy, memorial:   fayeroe Memorial
Fayeroe has a new page titled "Fayeroe's Favorite Things". If you're cruising around today we would love for you to look at it. So many friends have made beautiful photos of Faye and I have them on this page. I apologize now if I've left one out. I think at times my brain is older than I am. :-)

The heat here in Texas is almost unbearable this weekend. If it  is hot where you live, be careful and don't get too much sun.

Thanks to everyone who prayed for Connie. We are greatly relieved that she is okay. Take care, Pat, Fayeroe and Mr. Tip


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