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We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.
-Immanual Kant.


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06-09-2010 2:22 PM -- By: Tim, memorial:   Annie Girl Memorial
It has been 3 months today that my annie Girl left me and everytime i think I am doing better, the flow of tears start, I miss her so much and I thank everyone who has been so kind to me, even though I don't know most of you I feel so much better with all of your support. The pain is so large but the memories make up for it, i find myself talking to her every day as if she was still there Humm i guess she is ...  

06-08-2010 8:08 PM -- By: caren, memorial:   Gypsy Rose Memorial
Happy Birthday to all the June babies that i missed, i'm not getting on everyday so i do not want to leave anyone out. Bless you all. Also to all the angel days in June, Bless each and everyone of you. Gypsy rose..........

06-08-2010 4:22 PM -- By: Tim, memorial:   Pinecone Cupp Memorial
It has been 3 months today that my annie Girl left me and everytime i think I am doing better, the flow of tears start, I miss her so much and I thank everyone who has been so kind to me, even though I don't know most of you I feel so much better with all of your support. The pain is so large but the memories make up for it, i find myself talking to her every day as if she was still there Humm i guess she is ...  

06-08-2010 1:19 PM -- By: Rebecca , memorial:   Whisk Memorial
Critters has helped me alot so far, and I am extremely thankful that I found this site. Since my Whisk went to sleep, I have not felt like doing anyrhing.  I do not even feel like going to work, but unfortunately that I must do.  I don't feel like reading or sewing or doing things that made me happy.  I don't even feel like emails and internet.  But critters has given me the will to start again.  As sad and as difficult as it is for me, I visit Whisk's memorial everyday.  And I make sure to visit Birthdays and Angelversity too, to pay my respects to others like me.  My heart is still empty, but I am trying. 

Thank you to everyone who has sent me kind, loving words of support.  And thank you  I love you Whisk - you will NEVER be forgotten!

Love & Prayers

Rebecca & Whisk

06-06-2010 9:55 AM -- By: Jon, memorial:   Circe (Kitty) Memorial

As the one year mark has passed since my Circe crossed over, I've decided to do what I've been thinking about doing for some time now, and that is to make her memorial a private special place just for the two of us. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and support during the past year, the most difficult time of my life. You all are truly wonderful and I wish the very best for each and every one of you.

06-06-2010 5:18 AM -- By: Lu, memorial:   Kiddy Zhang Memorial
I'm also happy to find Since Kiddy passed on unexpectedly in the early morning of May 18, most of my activities have been writing "Letters to Kiddy" to cope with the deep loss. I didn't know any online pet memorials site, so I posted my letters on my professional Web site. I was ridiculed and even attacked for writing the letters at an anonymous site. Saying goodbye to a 12-year daddy-daughter relationship with unconditional love has been extremely difficult. I'm happy to find this community. My Kiddy is playing happily with all of your fur-babies in the Bridge now...

06-05-2010 10:50 PM -- By: db,    Pet's name:   Bigfoot
I lost my Bigfoot tonight. The home is so empty without her. She gave me joy beyond imagination.

06-05-2010 6:20 PM -- By: Tim, memorial:   Annie Girl Memorial
I am so happy to find this site, I am truly loss without my Annie Girl, life is not the same without her, so was my partner for 13 years and I miss her so much, when does the hurt go away.

06-05-2010 6:44 AM -- By: Mychael, memorial:   Hunny Memorial
I had another dream about Hunny last night!!! :)

06-04-2010 9:40 PM -- By: Leigh, memorial:   Little Bit Memorial
To all my freinds and family here,  As you all know, I have had a really tough time with the loss of my baby girl Little Bits, and since her passing, we have been through more rough times, more so than normal.  With the murder of our nephew and other tragedys.  Today I have another hardship to endure.  When we lost our sweet Little Bitty, we  were always comforted with her little sister, Raven.   After many trips to our vet, tests and treatment attempts, we were told we are going to lose our sweet little Raven now.  Its only been a hair over 2 years since we lost Little Bit and with Raven , we have had a little baby in our lives for 20 plus years.  My Raven has a large nasty tumor that is not treatable with surgury  on her left kidney.  During our  treatment plan, instead of the tumor reducing in size, it almost doubled in a weeks time in size.  Raven is like Little Bitty, a toy poodle and only weighs 8 pounds.  The tumor today is the size of a grapefruit.   This will not take a long time.  It will be soon.   I have decisions to make again, I dont want to do this again!  

I love each and every one of you and your sweet furbabies, I  wanted to let  you know what is going on.  My life has turned upside down since Little Bits departure.  Will it ever end.  Now I have to find some strength somewhere and do it all over again.  God the pain. 

Bless each of you and your babies!
Leigh  Mommy of Little Bit and Raven

06-04-2010 2:20 PM -- By: Sally, memorial:   Chance Memorial
Last week I finally had the strength to clean the hair from Chance's brush.  I placed it outside by the bird feeder thinking maybe the birds could use it for their nests.  This morning I noticed a pair of cardinals with bits of Chance's hair and they were flying into a bush near the house.  So one of god's creatures was able to provide for his little birds.  I see this as proof that life goes on and we can find joy in the smallest things.  Chance has been gone for over month and I can still bring up a mental image of him running in the back yard.  He would always come running so fast when I would call for him, he was absolutely the prettiest dog I had ever seen.  There will be no other like him for us. 


06-03-2010 7:35 PM -- By: glenise, memorial:   Daisy~Mae Memorial
I just wanted to mention, that if anyone ever gets a few extra minutes, every month there are pets under birthdays and angel days with a 0 date, for the day.  for instance June 0,  birthdate.  This month, i believe there were a dozen or more.  I usually try to catch them.  I am afraid if they go unnoticed, people forget to visit.   Thankyou to everyone who reads this.  Thankyou for your time.   Love to all, glenise & daisy

06-03-2010 7:02 PM -- By: Patt, memorial:   Gretel Memorial
 Thank you to every one who has visited Gretel's memorial pages.  I continue to write, as it hurts so bad to be without her.  Rebecca, I know exactly how you are feeling.  I cry daily, sometimes softly, sometimes sobbing for my girl.  I know that she is around me but I really want a sign from her that she is ok and that I'll be ok too.  I have Dozer and I love him, but it is not the same.  Our love is different for each of our Fur Babies.  I had her in my life for 11 years and he's been with us for 6 months.  Can't compare.  I know the pain is lessening but it is still so prominent when I'm alone.  The hurt of missing her unbearable at times.

Thank you every one for all of your kind words and support, I definitely need them.  My sister commented on the lovely things people have written and Misty Rose's Mom's lovely pictures.  It helps, believe me :-(

06-02-2010 11:45 PM -- By: Mychael & Hunny, memorial:   Hunny Memorial
Monday evening I was outside and I asked Hunny to let me know that she was ok. last night I had a dream about her. :) my Hunny did just what I had asked her to do. I'm sure also she was checking on me o make sure I was doing ok too. But it was nice to spend time with her again. I just hated when I woke up, but I know she will be back soon!!! :)

06-02-2010 7:23 PM -- By: Lauvern, memorial:   Luke Memorial
I want to say Thankyou to all who have visited and remembered Luke's 3rd. Angelversary .Thankyou for your kind words and support in the past three years. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated always.



06-02-2010 11:31 AM -- By: Rebecca , memorial:   Whisk Memorial
It has not quite been a month since Whisk went to sleep in my arms and I am still having a very very hard time.  I cry almost every night, to myself.  When will this heart wrenching pain leave?  I have other kitties at home that need me too, but I haven't been the same for weeks.  It this normal?  Am I ok mentally?  Does anyone else feel this way too?  I love you Whisk and I know you will always be in my heart, but please help me ease this pain.

06-02-2010 9:29 AM -- By: Kent Holse, memorial:   Ginger Memorial

Thank you to everyone for all your support. This is a wonderful place to remember our furry, feathered and scaled friends at a time of loss. Life is short and all our loved ones will be waiting for us when the time comes. Until then remember them fondly, maybe even with the occasional tear but do remember them and they will always be with you.  

06-01-2010 11:52 PM -- By: Patt, memorial:   Gretel Memorial
 Just want to say thank you for all of the comfort and support that you all have been giving me in the loss of my Gretel.  It's so hard but having you all as support really helps.  I still cry daily - it's the little things that set me off...she should be getting her puppy snacks with Dad, the thunder would have had her in bed with us.

I try to write a little something daily to Gretel.  I find it cathartic and soothing.  

Thank you all again, you are so appreciated and loved by me .

06-01-2010 11:58 AM -- By: Phatgirls mom, memorial:   Phatgirl Memorial
Thank you to everyone that stopped by on Phatgirls 3 year Angelversary!   Our friends here at Critters mean so much to us!

06-01-2010 6:11 AM -- By: Mychael, memorial:   Hunny Memorial
My Hunny has been gone a week now but it seems like forever. I come here everyday many times a day to visit her. The people that have came by her Memorial and the things they have said to me has been a great comfort, and I thank you all for the kind words you have put there. I still feel so lost without her. But, as many of you i'm sure you know what I'm talking about. I still find myself crying, but I know in time and as I heal the tears will stop. As they say...."Time heals all". I also want to thank the While Angel again for sponsoring Hunny for me. That was really kind of you. :)

05-31-2010 11:41 PM -- By: jules, memorial:   Butler Memorial
been thinking i want to say this in butler's honor. we all are on critters for the same reason we loved and love our children. it does not matter , a color, a breed, short, tall, cat or dog. we simply loved and love them. i never see breeds or colors i see the love each of us have towards them. after all they never judged us as humans by origions they just loved us. something to think about.

hugs to all,

jules and butler

05-31-2010 12:28 PM -- By: Richard, memorial:   Dollie Memorial
I posted a poem that I wrote. I'm sorry if it offended someone.

05-31-2010 10:42 AM -- By: Deb, memorial:    ~ Kia~ Sophia~Murphy Memorial
 I have posted poems to this forum with out my name  if  this has cause problem  I am so sorry

05-31-2010 10:04 AM -- By: ,    Pet's name:   
 Please post poems to your own memorial only or on the poems section of this message board.  Poems that are posted need to be the complete poem and have the author of the poem posted along side the poem.  All poems are copyrighted and can only be posted on a website including memorials when permission is given.  

05-30-2010 5:44 PM -- By: Mychael Barnette, memorial:   Hunny Memorial
I don't know who it was that sponsored Hunny's memorial for me but I want to thank you for doing that for me. Since my lay-off i just don't have the money that I once had. I didn't know this was done until someone mentioned it in Hunny's guestbook. whoever you are again ty for doing this for Hunny. This is such a great site and since Hunny has died and I found this site the people here have been wonderful that didn't know Hunny or myself for that matter. It's wonderful to know that there are so many people out there who loves their pets, well the furry family members as much as I do Hunny!!! :)

05-30-2010 2:04 PM -- By: erica, memorial:   Licorice Hargett Memorial
I thought I was doing better but then I read her memorial page just sent me down into a spiral.  I did great at the party but them Tom and I were cleaning up and I said where is Licorice and I knew it as soon as I said it.   My son is sleeping so awful lately just waking up screaming and I think I probaly psychologically have effected him because of things I have said, He said whats in the box and I said Licorice and then he said he wanted to go inside.  I feel awful, He is three and it is probaly hard for him to understand....I just want to hold her one more more more day.A birthday celebration today, how can I celebrate when I have lost my baby.  My friend she feels hurt and fragile about the time its taking to build her house and I said I still have to bury my daughter what are you complaing about??

05-30-2010 11:30 AM -- By: pat,    Pet's name:   fayeroe and tippy
Please remember Dr. Brian Allgood, my nephew, who was shot down, along with 11  other officers, over Iraq, January 20, 2007. He had hitched a ride on a Blackhawk to go to Baghdad to check on a patient. Please  also offer up a thought for the 11 and their families and friends. Thank you, Pat

05-30-2010 8:50 AM -- By: Sharon,    Pet's name:   
  Hi Mychael,

Your memorial doesn't go away, it converts to our free memorial.  We host thousands of free critters memorials.  The sponsorship is for a full featured memorial and those funds help run the site.  As you may imagine servers/ Internet access / backups/ maintenance/ software aren't given to us free, they all cost and it seems to actually cost  more and more each month to keep the site up and going.  The kind words you have received will not be lost your tribute will remain here.  We often extend the trial time for a full sponsored memorial for months at a time due to someones financial situation just email us if you need assistance but in either case your memorial will not go away.   Critters is our passion we are and will continue to do all we can to help, we are all volunteering our time here and hope the site brings some comfort...
warmest wishes

05-30-2010 5:18 AM -- By: Mychael Barnette, memorial:   Hunny Memorial
I'm glad that I found this site. Already people on here have helped me a lot with their thoughts and words of comfort. The only thing that I don't like is the people that run this site want you to pay to keep your memorial up. I don;t feel that this is right. In this time, most people just don;t have the money to give them, due to being laid-off from their job or what have you. So in 13 days I'll lose all these kind words and the comfort I have gotten here from all of you wonderful people. Sites like this should be free for everyone to use.

05-29-2010 11:58 PM -- By: Janice Giampaoli, memorial:   Duke Memorial
Wishing all of you a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. 


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