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We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.
-Immanual Kant.


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08-11-2009 2:38 PM -- By: Ebony & Shabba,    Pet's name:   for their new RB angel Maggie Mae
Hello everyone, as some of you may know our beloved MIss Carole lost another of her fur babies today Miss Maggie Mae. Although I know Miss Carole will be working on a  new page for her little angel, please send your thoughts and messages to her sister Ebony Turner and/or brother Sbabba Lou Turner, as this came as a quite a shock  and she is still in tears ... remebering the life they shaerd together. Please stop by and let her know we're here for her, and we understand. Love Luna

08-11-2009 1:44 PM -- By: Joe, memorial:   Rocco Diamond Phillips Memorial
Please say a prayer for my Rocky today he is having surgery on his teeth and I am so scared. Because he is old 14 yrs old and well I just need support. Thank you all

08-11-2009 11:10 AM -- By: ,    Pet's name:   
I ask everyone to remember Ebony and Shabba Lou Turner's mommy, Carole, in your prayers today. She had to say goodbye to her precious Maggie girl less than an hour ago. She's devastated, to say the least. May God bless you all. Thank you, Richard and Dollie.

08-10-2009 9:51 PM -- By: Leigh, memorial:   Little Bit Memorial
Hello all my freinds!  An update.  Miss Lizzies new higher dose of medicine seems so far to be working for her  but I dont want to get my hopes up too high as it takes time to see if this is going to last or not.  The seizures have quieted down to just some small peti mals right now and that  is a huge improvement over the grandmal cluster seizures.  I am worn out with stress and worry and of course my heart is torn again.  I dont think I will ever recover from the loss of Little  Bit  and now on top of this we have to worry about a young German Shepherd puppy who was   born of apparently  bad breeding and she will never know a life of no pain and now the seizures.  I wonder what next.  Its too   bad as she is such a   beautiful girl too.   Its not fair for her.  She was of a litter of 9 and I wish I could contact the other  buyers to see if they any of them have problems.  Although my vet told me that with the severity of her hips and the seizures and who knows what,  he would expect most of the litter to have issues.  He had never seen such  degree of  bad hips in his years of practice as Lizzie has.   We on the other hand will do what ever needs to  be done to help Lizzie have as much a normal life , painfree and all as humanly possible and she will stay loved!  She knows we love her too and she is always ready to kiss me to pieces!   Thank you all for your support and checking in and visiting with Little  Bits for me as I have not been able to for some time.  God  Bless all of you and your sweet little angel furbabies!


08-10-2009 8:13 PM -- By: Suzie, memorial:   KETO BOY Memorial
Yesterday was my babys 8th angel day. It has been a long time since I held him in my arms. Not a day goes by that I don't remember how much he meant to me and how much I miss him. Keto is the best of me. He always knew my heart and will forever be with my soul. He completed my life and I await the day I see him again. I love you Keto, today and always.  Mmmie

08-08-2009 8:07 PM -- By: Deb, memorial:    ~ Kia~ Kuvasz ~Murphy Memorial
I would like to Thank each and every one of you for stopping by on Kia;s eight month angel day,  It was a hard day, seems like the months are getting harder, She was my world  and she was not my dog,  she was my little girl,as I never had children, We had over 15 years together and I cherished every minute ,To My Critter Family   you will never know how grate ful  I have been since that day I came to the Critters site  and decided to do a tribute for Kia, each one of you that have become my family  you are all pure gems ,,Thank you from the bottom of my heart.......

08-06-2009 9:20 AM -- By: Rain bow Angels, memorial:   Kelly Memorial
Hello Mom and Dads, we have a favor to ask, we know how hard it is for all of you with out us, we miss you too,  and each marker day is tough, Our friend Kelly' 6 month marker day is Tomorrow Aug 7 could you stop by and just say hi To her Mom and Dad for her and all of us,,,,,,,,,Thank you all ...........Keep my memory with you,
For memories never die;
I will be there with you,
When you look across the sky.
I will be there in the clouds,
In the birds that fill the air;
In the beauty of a fragrant rose,
You will find my memory there.

You will feel me in the tenderness,
Of a tiny baby's touch;
You will hear me if you listen,
In the twilight's gentle hush.
When your hearts are heavy,
And you feel that you are alone;
Just reach down deep inside of you,
For your heart is now my home.

I will always be with you,
I will never go away;
For I will live on in your hearts,
Forever and a day.

08-05-2009 11:17 PM -- By: Cheri (Coco's mommy), memorial:   Coco Memorial
 I agree, Laura. Our little ones left quite a legacy behind. They gave us so many dear, lifelong friends. Such beautiful gifts they left us with. Their love lives on in our friendships. They live on in our friendships. And someday we'll all have a wonderful reunion, connected by the special love of our babies. And to those of you who are new to this painful experience, please know that you will meet some of the most important people in your lives that will comfort, encourage, understand and become some of your dearest friends forever. Let them give you strength to get through the pain. There is an understanding beyond description among those who have suffered the same kind of loss. Allow yourselves to grieve. You are most definitely not alone.

08-05-2009 6:17 PM -- By: Laura, memorial:   Dale Memorial
What can I say except thank you?  Thank you to my entire Critters family that has helped me make it thus far through the loss of my very special "Picnic Island stray" who came into my life 8+ years ago and left it 6 months ago - my heart remains broken and one day - and I have absolutely no doubt about this, none whatsoever - I will see my buddy again and we will have that same connection that we had here.  In the meantime, I see him twinkling in the stars and feel his love right through the sun's rays!  He has all of your precious angels as friends and, like Dawn tells me, he did give me one final gift as he left - and that was my new Critters family.  The most amazing, the most caring, the most loving group of people I have ever known!  If you are new here, please hang in there . . . if you are not new, thank you so very very much for sharing your life AND your angels with me and my Dale!  Hugs!!!

08-05-2009 8:55 AM -- By: Tracy White, memorial:   TUFFY BRAZUE Memorial
Our Tuffy was having strokes and after doing a sonogram we were told she had a mass on her liver.  We went holistic and gave her everything we thought would help her.  She was amazing and bounced back from every stroke and obstacle put in her way.  She was diagnosed in Feb. and she passed away on May 1st  after a horrible night of pain and suffering.

She was brave to the end just like her sister Charly Bear who passed away March 25th the previous year.  I only hope when it is time for me to die I have the strength and fearlessness that my beautiful girls had.  The things they taught me when life was slowly fading will never be forgotten.  Our brave girls are missed, loved and NEVER forgotten.  

08-04-2009 11:12 PM -- By: Lisa, memorial:   Sheeba Memorial
I am back again as I am every night about this time to browse the site, read guestbook entries and to end my day looking at  pictures of my baby.  I don't always write often but I feel truly lucky to have found such great people to help me through this tough time.  People ask me why I come here "torture" myself and I try to explain that after I come here to read guestbook entries and spend five minutes here at critters ultimately I feel a little better.  I almost feel as if Sheeba is around me telling me it will be okay.

Thanks again for helping me to try and get through this very tough time.




08-02-2009 11:59 PM -- By: Lisa, memorial:   Sheeba Memorial
I want my baby back so bad!  It's only 4 days since I last held her and thanked her for the almost 15 great years but I still hear her walking through the house and picture her at the foot of my bed.  I have never hurt so much before and wonder when I can think about her without sobbing uncontrollably. 

I constantly come to to see her pictures.  I know that everyone here is experiencing the same loss and I also feel a sense of comfort here because of that.  Life seems so different now, there is an overwhelming emptiness in my life.  I have a husband and two children that I love but none of them give me what Sheeba did and that is the unconditional love and happiness that She brought. 

Lisa-     Long Island, NY




07-31-2009 12:20 PM -- By: Sherri, memorial:   MADDIE Memorial
Hi to Deb & Kia,

Just TRYING to leave a thank you for noticing and visiting my little Maddie. I KNOW you said your site was torn up and gave me a set of#s to respond BUT it STILL rejected me saying I need a password! Just thought I would let you know the set of#s does NOT work. and thanks again beautiful Kia and her mom, Deb.               Sherri from Ma. and Maddie,  someplace up there.

07-30-2009 9:33 PM -- By: Deborah and Kia , memorial:    ~ Kia~ Kuvasz ~Murphy Memorial
First Laura    Dale's  mom ..... Thank you for sending out all the angel  yearly dates   that took a lot of work, and for sending Sharon the suggestion  and Sharon Thanks to you   for the angel day page. now no ones    baby will be left out on that day

07-30-2009 4:00 PM -- By: Gina, memorial:   Saada Memorial
How wonderful to see an "ANGELVERSARY" page!

Thank you so much and Sharon, it is great!

07-30-2009 2:23 PM -- By: Jacqueline Daniels, memorial:   COSMO M. DANIELS Memorial
Dear critter family, today seems to be a very very bad day. I miss my baby so much and the pain is unbearable. He was the only family i had, and the guilt is killing me. I had to watch him take his last breath. I quess its been rough because his birthday is coming up, and its been on my mind. but i don't know how i'll make it throught this day and weeks to come with out him.

07-30-2009 10:21 AM -- By: Sherri, memorial:   MADDIE Memorial
Hi! and a BIG thank you to Sharon for all her help due to the crazy probs. of my pc. from Maddie and her mommy, Sherri.

Also thanks so much to everyone who visited last night and this morning. I THINK I have gotten back to everyone.

I did leave a message on the board yesterday but it came through as TILLY MEMORIAL instead of  Maddie. Dont know what happened.

I was hopeing to meet some of the Maltese babies and the moms and dads, but, just as Maddie would have it, most of her visits were made by the larger breeds and the moms and dads. Maddie was amazed by larger dogs, she thought she was big, and fell madly in love with a lab at the vets once!

I Love the Maltese breed, I have had two maltese babies, Maddie & baby scruffy,[in the christmas card photo] But I also love almost all other breeds,as well, as Maddie did.

I have been looking for another Maltese baby or MAYBE maltipoo, just dont know if I can do this . I still miss her, little Maddie, SOOO much. I have loved ALL my dogs, many diff. breeds , over the years BUT that little girl, Maddie took a  a chunk of my heart when she parted this life. I really doubt that she was canine, I think of her just as you would think of a human.

Anyone with opinions on getting the SAME breed of pup again? Would it be too painful? I am just drawn to the little white furballs with the BIG personality. Maddie, what do you think?

All the best,

Sherri, ALWAYS Maddies Mommy

07-29-2009 8:14 PM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and Bob M's Dad, memorial:   Sammy Memorial
I just wanted to thank Sharon and for creating an "Angelversaries" page ... We've been wanting this and now we got it .. so a BIG THANK YOU ......

07-29-2009 2:20 PM -- By: Sherri, memorial:   Tilly Memorial
Hi! My little Maddie girl,

Well, your photos are up, thanks to a wonderful angel named  Sharon,[also, mommy Sherris REAL name!]

Hi! also to all your wonderful friends up there. Please invite them and the mommies and daddys left

behind to look at your wonderful memorial site that Sharon helped me with. Tell them you are a NEW

site and you are Maddie, 1996-2008. Please ask them to sign your guest book so mommy knows that

you have been "noticed"

Love to my little "Baby Dog", Maddie from a still sad Mommy

07-29-2009 9:53 AM -- By: Vicki, memorial:   Cheyanne Memorial
Thank you for the Angelversary page!!! YAY!!! 

07-29-2009 8:21 AM -- By: Laura, memorial:   Dale Memorial
An angelversaries page!  How wonderful!  How absolutely grand!  Thank you, Sharon, and - we've been waiting for this one!  You guys are the best and God bless each and every one of our critters family and our angels who smile down on us! 

07-28-2009 12:01 PM -- By: Lauvern, memorial:   Luke Memorial
Hi Everyone.  I just wanted to thank all who have visited Luke's memorial and left such comforting poems and comments as well as all the email.  I will get back to all of you as soon as i get back home. I will be away for a few days.  Although it has been over two years since Luke left me,not a day goes by that i don't think of him. Having others visit him means alot to me . I truely do appreciate it.  Thanks again. Hugs to all.   Lauvern


07-28-2009 10:19 AM -- By: kathy daisy's mommy, memorial:   daisy Memorial
hello everyone i know its been some time since i came here and wrote about all my feelings.. its just so sad knowing that all the fur babies that we love and miss so much are no longer with us but watching over us from above now.. i want to take the time to say thankyou for the bottom of my heart that their are so many people in this world that have lots of love and caring hearts.. today is now two years since my daisy became an angel watching over us from above.. i sure miss my sweet girl so much but know that she is no longer sick and is happy with all her new friends in heaven.. one day i will hold her in my arms again and i know that anyone that has lost someone special to them will hold their babies again.. missing you daisy so so much and hoping you get your message that are on your balloon.. once again thankyou everyone for having kind and loving hearts.. we love you xoxo   loving you daisy always and forever xoxo ♥ xoxo

07-27-2009 11:03 PM -- By: Special angel at the Bridge, memorial:   Lassie Memorial
 Hello all Critters  Mom and Dads  , we  all have a special request.   our Friend Lassie's  Mom needs all of you to help support her as Wed she will go to court to tell what happened when she and Lassie were attcked ,,,,,, so  could you all stop by and give her some support ...we love you all  your Angels

07-27-2009 7:49 PM -- By: Jeanne, memorial:   Holly Memorial
Thank you everyone for remembering my Holly on her 2nd angelversary!

07-27-2009 3:40 PM -- By: Bill, memorial:   Lucy Memorial
  Today is Lucy's 6 month day and it seems like it just happened!  Whenever I think of my best little friend it still tears me up. I miss her so much it hurts. My rescue boxer "Baby" is making very slow progress but it is progress and it doesw distract me from Lucy for awhile....but not for very long. Like I said before...right now I have a companion...but not the compaqnionship I had with Lucy...not just yet anyway. About ten days ago I saw for the first time a fleeting spark of "happy" in Baby after she had finished her business outside in the morning. She had a happy bounce to her run instead of fear. As quick as it was it was great to see. I know that someday we will overcome her fear but I also know I will never get over the emptiness of Lucy not being by my side. If anyone has a moment please stop by and say hey to my girl I know she would love it. thanks Bill

07-26-2009 11:17 PM -- By: Annette (Stimpy's Mama), memorial:   Stimpy Memorial
Hello Everyone!!

I just wanted to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to all my  special friends who visited my boy, Stimpy's memorial and left such beautiful Happy Birthday wishes for him and many words of comfort for me to help me through this difficult day.  I am forever greatful for all the many caring friends I have made here at Critters since my boy's passing.  I seriously don't know how I would have gotten through those extremely difficult days.  God Bless you and your beautiful babies are always in my thoughts and prayers.  God Bless and take care.   

07-26-2009 2:36 PM -- By: June, memorial:   Obsidian Memorial
To all my friends at Critters. I'm so sorry that I haven't posted anyone for quite some time. My site has been down because of lack of funds. I was paying monthly and just could not swing it for a couple months. But I am happy to say it should be up again next week. To all the people who have lost a Fur-Baby these past few months my heart goes out to you, and to all whom have celebrated a birthday or angel day, I hope you had a huge celebration. Also the fact that it can be very, very sad to visit this site, not only for the Fur-Babies but for those who have lost one, I think about Obsidian every day and even after a year and 1/2 it's still painful. But anyway, I can't wait to see her beautiful face again once my site is back up. Hugs to all, June

07-25-2009 9:06 PM -- By: Leigh, memorial:   Little Bit Memorial
     Words alone can not even begin to express how all of you  who have  written  your words of encouragement, caring thoughts  and love for me , Little Bit and for Miss Lizzie   comfort us so much.    I am so very touched by your kindness and prayers.  Its been a hard journey for Miss Lizzie and I , we can only hope that her severe seizures can be brought under control.   Each time she suffers from them, we lose a little more of her.   You have each suffered such a loss yourselves but yet you have reached out to help us in our time of need,  God Bless each and everyone of you.   There are Angels on Earth too as I found many in our freindships here.  And all of the wonderful furbaby angels who are all comforting Little Bits and all praying together too for Miss Lizzie.  I wish to thank each and everyone of you and let you know that I  have a long list of prayers I go thru daily for all of our babies.  I also thank you for continuing your watchfulness over Little Bit for me as I have been not able to visit with her as often as I wish,   I feel so grateful she is remembered by all her freinds and their moms and dads for me.  We are trying a new medication now and since this is only day 4 on it, we have a way to go before we know if it will help stabilize Miss Lizzie or not.  This amazing girl has found her own way into our hearts and we love her dearly , we pray we dont lose her , but also that we dont do more harm than good.  

Once again, God Bless all of you my freinds and Thank you from the  bottom of our hearts!

Little Bit, Miss Lizzie and Leigh

07-23-2009 7:56 PM -- By: PUCK AND MOM LISA - AGAIN, memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
i again thank you for the note from Puck Llewis to me...

he has the bestest friends ever...

i thank you all for the notes and the wishes -

not only for my birthday but Pucks 344th / 11 month Angel Day.. it will soon be his 365th day.

this week has been very tuff...very tuff.....was thinking today.... 

How am I going to get thru next month?

we all will go thru some point..


then i thought...

that is what friends are for...

from the bottom of my fractured heart....


PUCKS FRIENDS! - priceless!


i guess i have some pretty great friends to...




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