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Loving Memories: The Grieving Process forum is a place to share thoughts and feelings and support each other during such difficult times.

We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.
-Immanual Kant.


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07-17-2013 1:13 PM -- By: Diana, memorial:   Leya Memorial
The love and support from our Critters family just can't be measured. I want to thank everyone who has stopped by to visit Leya on her birthday or angelversary, and for all the kind, understanding words left there for her and I.  I'm constantly amazed by the outpouring of support and comfort from you all. Sending a special thank you this year to Kevin for stopping by. Also thanks to Bruce and your precious Cinnamon for all of your prayers and blessings. Your memorial to Cinnamon is truly a work of heart. I plan to spend more time reading about her and your wonderful life with her.   Also I want to send special thoughts and prayers to Nancy and your soul mate Picky. Again, the memorial you have created for Picky is just the most beautiful and loving. There are no earthly words that can describe the love and bond you and Picky share. Even with all of the difficulties you are dealing with, you take time to send love and hope out to others. You are truly amazing. Thank you again  for remembering Leya. It truly means so much to me.

07-12-2013 11:57 PM -- By: Henry, memorial:   Skeeker Memorial
Tomorrow will mark one month since you left us dear Skeeker. I'm a grown man and not a day has gone by which I don't miss you so that it brings me to tears. Every night you used to sleep curled up between my legs. I still wait for you even though I know you won't be there. Wherever you are my dear Skeeker, I hope you find peace. You'll be forever in my heart.

07-06-2013 2:49 PM -- By: frankie, memorial:   Tygra Memorial
not a day goes by without thinking of you tygra, you was the best cat a human can have, thank you for the 14 years of memories, i miss you every day, i have your paw prints on my heart forever, love you always my dear friend tygra

06-22-2013 11:06 AM -- By: Wayne, memorial:   Zoie Memorial
I am so thankful for discovering  What a wonderful site allowing us to not only honor our beloved pets with a memorial, but also to offer words of comfort to others who are grieving for the loss of their pets. It was an honor for me to share some memories of our precious Zoie with friends and family but also with some who never had the pleasure of spending time with our Zoie.  God Bless you all.

06-12-2013 1:29 AM -- By: pat, memorial:   fayeroe Memorial
Dear Critters Family: Due to an unusually large rainfall, our area recently suffered unbelievable flooding. Please keep the farmers and ranchers in your thoughts as they are out night and day trying to find their livestock. Everywhere I look there are flyers and newspaper ads. Some of the animals belonged to children who were raising them for club projects. Naturally, these children are devastated. There is always the possibility that that pet could be found. Please keep them in your thoughts. Thanks, Pat and Family

06-05-2013 12:52 PM -- By: Bruce, memorial:   Cinnamon Precious Costa Memorial
My thanks to all in the Critters family who visited with my beloved Cinnamon on her first Angel day on Tuesday, June 4, 2013.  You need not leave an entry to have honored and respected my amazing little lady.

Cinnamon and I would like to again bless fellow Critters residents who share their June 4th Angel day with Cinnamon: Bogey, Duncan, Toby, Alexander, Dagul, Sassie, Angel, Lily, Ramses and Toby Tucker; as we celebrate the amazing devotion, courage and everlasting love you precious souls shared with your families. You will remain in their hearts forever.

05-29-2013 3:38 PM -- By: Bruce & Cinnamon, memorial:   Cinnamon Precious Costa Memorial
Bless beloved feline son Jules, and his Dad, as innocent, devoted and loving Jules deals with a future not of his own choosing.  I know Jules will remain with his Dad for all time, and will be there for him, in spirit, as surely as they have been and are there for each other throughout their shared life.  I am terrible at goodbyes, Jules, but I know you will look into your Dad's eyes one day soon, and he will know that your love will remain with him forever.  

For the very special Pat, bless Jules and his Dad, and grant them both some measure of peace, and strengh, at this difficult time.           

05-27-2013 12:30 AM -- By: pat, memorial:   fayeroe Memorial
Dear Critter's family:  One of my friends has learned that his cat, Jules, is dying. He and Jules are all they have...just one another. It really scares me to think of his being alone. Please send  the love and  the strength for my friend to say goodbye to the love of his life. Thanks, Pat

05-23-2013 9:15 PM -- By: Rosey's Dad, memorial:   Rosey Memorial
 My dearest Rosey, We miss you so very much.

I cry every day when I get home and so does your Mama, It has been 20 days since we had to say Good bye.

Our lives are lost without you, We cant sleep,cant eat, dont know what to do. Everyone says we will get better but it doesnn't feel like it.. We LOVE YOU ROSEY BEAR!!!

says we will get better 


05-22-2013 10:26 PM -- By: Vicki, memorial:   Misty Rose Sullivan Memorial
I am just writing to you all to please keep the animals, dogs, cats, horses,birds etc. that were caught up in the Moore/Oklahoma City tornado, in you thoughts and prayers.  These animals are normally the last ones they think about in rescues, but they need out prayers and help in any way you can.

05-22-2013 7:40 PM -- By: Bruce & Cinnamon, memorial:   Cinnamon Precious Costa Memorial
I'd like to give thanks to Pat's crew of amazing and beloved Guardian Angels for watching over Pat and her earthbound crew.

I'd also like to give thanks to all of the special guardian Angels at Rainbow Bridge, who protected Barbara Garcia and her beloved Schnauzer Bouncy, during the terrible storm that devastated Moore, OK.  Find and watch the video Mrs. Garcia's interview with CBS.  God bless our amazing animal friends, they are so very, very special.  Our lives are made better in a million ways when we share them with these precious, irreplaceable souls.

05-21-2013 3:50 PM -- By: pat, memorial:   fayeroe Memorial
Dear Critters Family: I am okay. I am about 200 miles from Moore, Oklahoma. As I'm sure you've seen on television, the loss of life and the damages are horrible in Moore. Please keep the victims and survivors in your prayers.

We have lost electricity, internet and satellite power here intermittently.I lost all of it last night so couldn't get to Critters or write my friends here. All my animals are fine. We don't have anymore 'warnings' here. Just severe storms.

To my family here  who have checked on me, thank  you so much. 

Pat and Crew

05-18-2013 12:15 AM -- By: Erika,    Pet's name:   Bryce
Bryce, my heart is broken every day when I wake up and not find you by my side. A piece of my heart will always be with you, my love.

Until we meet again.

05-09-2013 11:29 AM -- By: Bruce, memorial:   Cinnamon Precious Costa Memorial
Just wanted to express my thanks to the wonderful folks who volunteer their time, and money, in support ot the wonderful Critters web site.  As was the case in life, being able to visit with my family's beautiful little lady Cinnamon, and her friends, is a gift of incalculable vaule that I treasure every day.  Bless you all. 

05-05-2013 12:54 PM -- By: pat, memorial:   fayeroe Memorial
Dear Critters Family: I have  very sad news today. Lacey died suddenly on Friday. She is 8 years old. I understand that most hens live to be 3-4 years old. Lacey was the highlight of our little family in the yard. She sang endless songs about her home and her friends. She was the first to grab a worm out of the freshly worked earth. I could hardly dig in a flower bed or garden because she stayed right under me waiting for a morsel.  Lacey is a Rhode Island Red and was, indeed, one of the most beautiful hens in our county. Her body was very plump and sturdy. She reminded me of my old aunts who had big bosoms and wore those beautiful rayon dresses when I was a child. Lacey was noble and yet always ready for a good laugh. I carried her around a lot and she always cocked her head and looked at me with her beady little golden eyes.

 A certain pizazz is gone now from us now.  I know Cagney and Thelma greeted her with love at The Bridge.  Send a litlle Critters love that her flight was   good when she left her earthly home..where we loved her so very much.

Louise won't leave the porch as Lacey preferred sleeping in a small dog crate and that is where Louise last saw her. I'm feeding and watering her there. In time I know she will accept that Lacey is gone   and be back to her foraging and singing. It's just really sad to see her sitting by the empty crate talking.

I will add her story and photos  to Cagney and Thelma's soon.  

 Pat, Pearl, Tim, Mike, Lita, Clementine, Dom and Dinah

04-28-2013 2:01 PM -- By: pat, memorial:   fayeroe Memorial
Dear Critters Family: Just a note to let you know that some members are having trouble logging to Critters. Some can get it and can't post. Some can't get in at all. We wanted to tell you know if you wonder where we're at. We're here and we're trying to communicate. Pat, Tippy and Fayeroe

04-15-2013 3:29 PM -- By: Skye, memorial:   Molly Memorial

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to everyone who stopped by Molly's memorial on her (and Keyshah's) Angelversary.  Your visits and kind messages meant a great deal to me -- Thank You!  I also wish to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have continued to visit Molly's memorial over the past year or so and who offered their support while I have needed to be away from Critters to tend to my health.  Your support, friendship, and willingness to help keep Molly's memory alive has been appreciated beyond words.  I send my warmest wishes out to all those who have lost a beloved pet --- May you always know that there are people who understand and who care, and may you never doubt that your pets will always know how very much you love them.
Thanks Again & Best Wishes

04-03-2013 4:20 PM -- By: Vicki, memorial:   Misty Rose Sullivan Memorial




I don't come to Critters much.  I think because it hurts to remember, but when I came here in 2009 when Misty Rose went to Rainbow bridge, I not only found others that were grieving their loss like me, but also made a lot of friends.  I keep telling myself I will come back to Critters and visit other Memorials, but time just passes and I seldom get here.  I know my two fur kids, Misty Rose in 2009 and Cuddles in 1994 both know I love and miss them and a memorial will never change that.   I know they are watching over me and will be waiting for me when my time comes.  I hope all who are new to Critters will take the opportunity to become friends with the others.  It really does help in the healing process. 

03-28-2013 9:28 PM -- By: Jennifer, memorial:   Peanut Memorial
I had to put my sweet Peanut down on Tuesday.  It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.  It breaks my heart that my husband wasn't able to be here since he's out of the country.  Peanut was our child, he had been with us since we started our lives together.  We Miss and Love You Peanut, rest in peace, sweet boy. xoxo 

03-25-2013 2:43 PM -- By: Ms.Rohini Singh, memorial:   Luana Memorial
Luana (lullu),  C 2day is your birthday. Baby I not only remember you 2day. Rather , I remember you each day. Becoz, my day had started from you & ended from you. Lullu, We always celebrated your birthday by cakes & caps. Though, your time period, was very short with me. But , inspite of that short duration of time , I was overwhelemed by your unconditional love & affection, best friend & companion. 

 I just want to tell you baby A very happy birthday to u.





03-18-2013 11:34 PM -- By: Debbi, memorial:   Maggie Memorial
Maggie my heart is broken. Even though it's been 7 months it seems like just yesterday that we lost you so suddenly. I miss you so much and still cry when I think of you.

03-17-2013 8:32 AM -- By: BILLYtheKidster, memorial:   All Creatures Great & Small Memorial

When you adopt a pet, two lives get saved by you.

The one you adopt and its replacement that gets rescued.

03-16-2013 8:14 PM -- By: LAURAIE ROGERS, memorial:   BLACKIE Memorial


03-01-2013 11:28 AM -- By: Jennifer, memorial:   Jazzy Bell Memorial
Missing my baby girl! I love you Jazzy Bell!

02-28-2013 9:52 PM -- By: Ian, memorial:   Lani Memorial
 2 weeks now Lani Girl...Can't believe it's been this long already. Still seems like yesterday you were running in the backyard... We all miss you girl and wish you were still here with us... Your memorial will be here soon and I can't wait til it's done. It will be beautiful. Missing you......=D

02-28-2013 11:31 AM -- By: Katy,    Pet's name:   Sasha
I lost my Sasha 4 days ago at the age of 14. I'm going to miss her big blue eyes and her sweet sheltie demeanor. She went in her pet bed. I'm supposed to be getting her ashes back today. Such grief I'm feeling.

02-22-2013 8:33 PM -- By: Ian Smith, memorial:   Lani Memorial
Its been a week ago today at 11pm that we lost Lani...She had every bit of preciousness you could have in a dog...A lot of the pain has subsided but it still lingers a bit. We now remember all of the good moments about Lani because that's the way we remember her now..I still look out the window thinking shes running around the yard acting like a goof as usual =) definitely miss that lol..We still miss you girl and hope you are in a better place at "the bridge". Luv ya girl..

02-20-2013 6:09 AM -- By: Ian, memorial:   Lani Memorial
 Miss you

02-14-2013 1:43 PM -- By: Charles, memorial:   Sammy Memorial

I just wanted to wish all the furkids who have a birthday today also along with my beloved son Sammy ... HAPPY VALENTINES DAY/BIRTHDAY to all of your precious ones.

.. and to the parents .. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.  Always cherish the memories your furkids left you with.

02-14-2013 8:31 AM -- By: Phatgirls Mom, memorial:   Phatgirl Memorial
Happy Valentines Day to all of our Critters Family!


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