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We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.
-Immanual Kant.


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08-16-2008 2:55 PM -- By: Bessie, memorial:   Heidi Memorial
Just wanted to say hello to all of you here at Critters.  Thank you to all who have visited Heidi's memorial.  And my heartfelt sorry to all of you that have lost your sweet fur-babies.  We love and miss them so much and when we loose them a part of our hearts are lost.  Thankfully we do have our memories and this site to help comfort us.  Heidi hasn't been gone quite two months but it seems like such a long time.  I miss her terribly still.  Anyway, sorry for all of your loses.  Just remember someday we will be with them all again.   God Bless you all, Heidi's mom, Bessie

08-15-2008 7:36 PM -- By: angie, memorial:   Rocky Memorial
Rocky, my baby, you've been gone for six weeks now. I miss seeing your beautiful face and it is still so hard to let you go. You're constantly in my mind, I miss everything about you. I love you with all my heart and soul.


08-15-2008 2:48 PM -- By: , memorial:   BUSTER Memorial

Hi Everyone at Critters. This is Lauvern {Luke's mommy}...August 17 will be Buster's Ist  Angel year. Would you all please take time to visit his tribute...Thankyou all. Hugs.

08-15-2008 2:26 PM -- By: Pat, memorial:   Bijou Memorial
Hello all,

It has been a long time since I visited this page. I was pleasantly surprised to see birthday wishes to my beloved Bijou. She was on my mind all this month. She was a Leo like me. I retired last week after 34 years of city service. It was a bitter sweet day. I am happy to be free to start a new life. I am sad because I will be leaving great people and I miss my B. I had hoped she would be here with me and know what it was like for me to be home full time with her. Well it was not to be. Even after all this time I still have that hole in my heart that her death left. I have not gotten another fur baby. I am not ready. I know I will be in time.

Thanks again for the birthday wishes.

08-15-2008 10:41 AM -- By: Bev B, memorial:   Klaus Memorial
Dear critters friends,  My good friend Kerry recently had to say goodbye to her sweet kitty Rosebud. She has created a website for Rosie here at critters, so I would like to invite everyone to visit her. I know Kerry and her family could use some comforting words during this difficult time.  I had the pleasure of kitty-sitting Rosebud and can tell you first hand what a sweet soul she was. I know my Klaus was only too happy to finally meet his neighbor after all of these years and I'm sure he welcomed her into Rainbow Bridge with open paws.

08-14-2008 2:20 PM -- By: Cindy, memorial:   Daisy Memorial
What a beautiful memorial for Luna.  I wish I could say it gets easier with time, but - somedays are better than others.  Daisy's been gone since 7/3/07 and I still cry.

I have to keep telling myself that I will see her again.  Your Luna was a very lucky girl to have such a loving family.

God Bless,

Cindy (daisysmom)

08-14-2008 12:29 PM -- By: Nadine, memorial:   Luna Memorial


Tonight at 10:15 pm will be Luna's 4 month "Angel Day". Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers:

If I had a wish, it would be for everyone to be able  (without pain) embrace the love they had for their little babies and put it right back in the hole that was our heart so we can again feel all the joy they brought us…I know my little girl deserves that!

My dream is that every fur-angel appear to their parent(s) so we can set our minds at ease knowing they are being cared for, they are well fed and protected, and that one day (before we know it), we'll be with them again... like we never left.

 I’ll keep you close to my heart and in my prayers. Love always, Nadine & her little girl Luna


08-13-2008 10:52 PM -- By: Christy Gretas Mom, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
My eyes are filled with tears and my heart with love as I am reading all your posts, Thank-you everyone.....Much love, Christy

08-13-2008 5:57 PM -- By: Nadine , memorial:   Luna Memorial
To all my friends who are having a tough day...

Always remember: "Love is patient, Love is Kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no records of wrongs. Love does not rejoice in evils but rejoiced with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves"~

~I Corinthians 12: 4-7. 

Remember: A friend is someone who reaches for your hand but touches your heart. 


08-13-2008 4:02 PM -- By: Christy Gretas Mom, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial

Today has been the hardest one yet. As most of you know I am also dealing with my fathers pending death and was awakened this morning by a phone call from his doctor at 7:30 this morning. I requested last week that they do a CT scan of his brain as he has had significant neurological changes recently. His doctor told me he has suffered yet another very massive stroke to most of his brain. I had a very difficult decision of going against my mothers wishes (she and my father are separated, and she is very neglectful of him) to do compassionate weaning, basically to terminate life support and administer medication to keep him comfortable while he stops breathing. I figure if we are able to put our pets out of their suffering, shouldn't we at least be able to do the same for our suffering family? I am struggling with this though.. not the decision, because I know it is the right thing to do, but the fact that I cannot be there for him because of financial reasons, If I had any way to be there I would in a heartbeat, but I simply can't. He has now been like this for 6 months and 4 days and I just think enough is enough, he wouldn't want to live like this. I have a half sister, my dads first daughter that I recently just located last week, I met her once when I was a child, I have not been in contact since but I have been looking for her for a long time now, unfortunately she is not able to get closure either as she is terminally ill with stage 4 cervical cancer. I feel like I am totally falling apart at this point....I have been speaking with her alot but I will be losing her soon as well I am afraid. Thanks for listening everyone, I love each and every one of you.. and Thank-you for all your prayers for me, Greta and my family!!!

08-13-2008 12:11 PM -- By: Brandi's Mom, memorial:   Brandi Memorial
Monday was one year without my soulmate and love of my life.  I can't believe she has been gone that long after being with me for so long.  My heart breaks over and over again...

08-13-2008 5:01 AM -- By: Joy, memorial:   Angel Memorial
I want to thank everyone here at critters who has been so nice and stopped by my page for Angel which also has tributes to her felines sisters,  Patches and Taffy.  Angel was a very special girl to me and she passed in 1999.  She was followed by Taffy in 2005 and Patches in 2007 (we have another doxie, Brandy, and a kitty, Pumpkin).  Brandy is 8 and we have to restrict her diet as she has pancreatitis.  Pumpkin was diagnosed in November with early stage Chronic Renal Failure but is holdong his own so far.

I found out about this site from a friend and stopped by to read tributes.  I realized that with so many things (too long to list) going on in our lives from 1999 till now that I have never fully grieved their passings although I knew they were in a better place running frere and healthy.  Maybe a part of me did not want to face tne grief.  Also,our animals mean so much to us but if one was sick or passed family and friends would make remarks about how much we spent on "a dog" or "a cat" or would wonder why we were still upset "over an animal" and I  know I shoved feelings aside just because I didn't want to deal with the "just an animal" mentality.

As I read the tributes, I realized so many others felt the way we did and that we were not alone.  I cried many tears, some for my losses and some for others as I knew and still know their pain.  But I also found there is not just pain...there is so much love and many happy times that are shared and that is when I decided to post a tribute.  It has a long way to go but I feel so glad that I can share the lives of our babies with the world and with others who care.  Each of our fur babies is one of God's creations, they touched our lives while alive and they can continue touching others from The Bridge.

Again, thanks to all who have posted to me or stopped by and read my fur babies memorials.  I have been trying to "give back by posting to those who are new.  My wish for all is to be able to work through the grief, each in their own way, and one day there will be more smiles than tears...I believe we can do that by working through our losses together.  {{{Hugs}}}....Joy (Angel, Patches & Taffy's Mom)





08-11-2008 4:02 PM -- By: Nadine , memorial:   Luna Memorial
Hello,  Most of you know my little girl Luna, My family & friends say I have to move on, she's not here anymore, I don't have to forget my little Luna but I have to move on with my life, but I still can't  let her go.   I know Luna would be  worried about me, I lost my drive, my ambition, i'm not the same, my spirit is so sad, I wish my little girl could tell me everything is going to be alright, or that's she's waiting for me and that we'll be together again. I don't like hearing she's gone, in a moment my life changed and without warning I could not save her. it seems after she left all the things I loved most about her are now hiding behind my loneliness and sadess ...  I need  to find an inner peace and let me be with her in mind and spirit  instread of dwelling on her not being there physically.

I'm trying but I don't know how to ... how do you go on when someone touched your life so sweetly and then in a moment their gone? I wish I knew how to find the strength to stand up for my little girl and embrace her memory and all she meant to me instead of just feeling lonely and missing her...any words of advice. Thrusday 8/14/08 will be Luna's 4-month angel day.  I will be heading out to my twin sisters for the weekend and need things to reflect upon. The love we shared is ours alone and can not be duplicated,  how do you make the heart go on without them??? or  Nadine (Luna's mom)

08-11-2008 11:43 AM -- By: Christy Gretas Mom, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Hello everyone, Sorry I haven't been able to get back to everyone like I usually have, I have been extremely busy with all thats going on with my dad and I started working more hours last week also. He is still with us though the doctors cannot believe it, that night that he was doing so poorly they did not know that he was a "do not rescucitate" order and did CPR and shocked his heart anyway, he made it and is hanging on by a thread. Today is my parents 44th anniversary and I tend to believe that he really wanted to make it to today and then maybe he will go to God. Thanks to everyone for your support and kind words and I am so sorry I haven't been able to get back with anyone as it seems all my time is spent on the phone to the hospitals and doctors. Hugs, Christy

08-11-2008 4:25 AM -- By: brenda , memorial:   BUSTER Memorial
Hello all,

Its Busters first year, and on the 17th Aug, and im finding it very hard to put together his 1st angle year, i know a lot of my friends on here have gone through this and know the feeling, im putting a garden bench in the meadow that we overlook and where Buster spent the last few months of his life wandering round there when he went totally blind he felt safe in there we just use to sit on the grass in there and i always use to just talk to him about anything and cuddled him and tell him i love him so much, so this Sunday 17th im letting off a balloon with i MISS YOU BUSTER on, and with that im going to try and let go,because iv got to try and pull my life back together and i now Buster would not want me to crying always. Please bear with me if iv not been popping in on your babies iv been trying to do Buster memorial page together, which you all know is quite painful but all your babies are always in my thoughts. Thank you all so much for all your comforting words and all the special friends iv made, love and hugs to you all,

08-10-2008 11:19 PM -- By: Lauvern, memorial:   Luke Memorial

Hi Everyone...I found the poem above and thought i would share it with you..After working at the humane society for almost a month now,i have learnt alot about why so many dogs are given away or put down.The poem above says it all...I wish that parents who are thinking about getting a puppy for their children would realize this puppy takes alot of time and patience for training and showing him whats ok and whats not.,Teaching him wrong from right,etc.Most of all showing him love.This puppy will also grow up.I have saw alot of dogs been brought back to the humane society to be put down because of owners neglect to take time to teach them right from wrong or the puppy made a BAD Mistake and grew up,or the kids don't like him anymore ,they want a different dog. In my opinion this is definately not called for and the parents are diffinately at fault. My suggestion would be there are all kinds of toy stuffed animals. That would be a nice gift for the children and when the children don't want that one anymore,throw it out and get them another one.These toys don't grow up or nip or chew things when they are teething like all puppies do.they don't play with kids and go to grab them all in play like all puppies will do.So please people if you don't have time for a puppy,please get a stuffed animal for your children. That way there would not be so many unwanted animals that sometimes have to be put down through NO FAULT of their own.    Thankyou for reading.I hope that i would see less dogs and cats coming into the humane society only because they were bought as a toy for children and not wanted anymore. My only wish would be to see NONE of these precious fur babies coming in to be put down because of owners neglect.. Thank you for reading.  Hugs

08-10-2008 10:58 PM -- By: Lauvern, memorial:   Luke Memorial

I AM YOUR PUPPY".---------I am your puppy and I will love you until the end of the earth,but please know a few things about me........I am a puppy,this means my intelligence and capacity for learning are the same as an eight month old child.....I am a puppy.I will chew EVERYTHING I can get my teeth on.This is how I explore and learn.It is up to YOU to guide me to what is mine to chew and what is not.I do not know the difference between old shoes/furniture/clothes and the new........I am a puppy.I cannot hold my bladder for longer than 1-2 hours.I cannot feel that I need to poop until it starts to come out.I cannot tell you that I need to go.I cannot have full bladder and bowel control until I am 6-9 months old.Please do not punish me if You do not let me out for 3 hours and I go in the house.It is YOUR fault.Since I am a puppy,it is wise for you to remember that I need to go potty after Eating,Sleeping,Playing and Drinking and every 2-3 hours in addition.If you want me to sleep through the night,then do Not give me water for at least an hour before my bed time.A kennel will help me to learn to housebreak more easily and will avoid you being mad at me......I am a puppy,accidents will happen!Please be patient with me!I will learn in time.I want nothing more than to please you...........I am your puppy.I like to play.I will run and chase imaginary monsters,and chase your feet and toes and "attack" you,and chase fuzz balls,other pets and small children.It is play----it is what I do.I need to learn to be calmer as I mature.Do not be mad at me or expect me to be sedate,mellow,and sleep all day.If my high energy level is too much for you perhaps an older rescue pet would be a better choice.....My play is beneficial,use your wisdom to guide me in my play with appropriate toys and activities such as chasing a rolling ball,gentle tug games,and plenty of safe chew toys.....I am a puppy......I am YOUR puppy..................

08-09-2008 4:51 PM -- By: Jenny Robinson, memorial:   Toby Robinson Memorial
Hello, everyone,

Two weeks ago, my mom's dog, Toby passed away. The following day, I created Toby's memorial page on this website, which I am so grateful to have found. My mom has been having a hard time coping with the loss of her dear companion, who was always at her side for the ten years that he lived on earth. She has been comforted by the many kind words and messages left by people on this website who visited Toby's memorial, and signed the guestbook.

In the past week, we have not had many new people stop by Toby's site. I just wanted to let you know, if you have a moment to stop by and leave a message, we would greatly appreciate your words.

Also, I wanted to say, to all of you who have lost pets either recently or some time ago, they are obviously still with you in spirit, and I hope that you can find peace and comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone in your sadness or heartache. Grief is a process that can take time, and hopefully, for everyone here, the passing of  time will make the loss somewhat less painful than it is in the beginning. I hope that it works that way for my mother as well. Best wishes to all of you and your families and pets! Take care, Jenny Robinson

08-07-2008 11:00 PM -- By: Christy Gretas Mom, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Another terrible loss is soon on the horizon, My dad has been in the hospital since February 9th of this year and he has been suffering tremendously. I got a phone call tonight from his doctors in Chicago that it is not likely that he will make it through the night as his heart rate is 300 to 400 beats per minute at times and this is with a pacemaker. My father suffered a terrible stroke on September11th 2001 and has not been well since but has been doing very poorly since this last hospitalization. I pray that he goes quickly and does not suffer anymore and that greta is there with tail wagging to greet him. Please pray for me, both of these losses are taking there toll on me, Christy.

08-07-2008 9:59 PM -- By: Charles, memorial:   Sammy Memorial
Dear Friends of  I just found out today that my co-worker and very good friend, Pauline, had to put her beloved girl Osa to sleep.  Please stop by Osa's memorial and post a message for Pauline.  Pauline is the best lady friend anyone could possibly have.  She is very generous and kind-hearted and loves her animals with all her heart and soul. Thank you for visiting Osa's ... and my son Sammy's memorial.

08-06-2008 11:38 PM -- By: Kim, memorial:   Rusty Memorial

I just wanted to thank everyone who stopped by Rusty's memorial today and left very touching messages.  This is his second anniversary at the bridge and he is still so missed. What a wonderful angel he has been.  Thanks to all  God Bless!   Love, Kim & Rusty.

08-06-2008 6:43 PM -- By: Roberta, memorial:   Tessa Memorial
I cannot express how much your comments and kindness have affected me.You are all such a comfort to each other,just an incredible out pouring of love for our little ones and us, who must learn to go on without them.I was feeling I must be losing my mind,as I cannot seem to get past my grief.But you have all shown me that how I'm feeling is OK,and that we are all going through the same emotions,sadness,and hope for more peaceful days ahead.I don't share my grief with most of those around me,as many seem to feel "it was just your dog and cat".The day I stumbled upon your wonderful place,I  realized there are people who understand,and loved their little ones as deeply as I do;you have all been such a comfort and I could never thank you all enough for being right there.You are truely amazing,and I am so proud my little Tessa and Butterscotch have been fortunate enough to become a part of everything you represent,kind souls who are reaching  out to people thousands of miles away,and sharing your memorials and grief with us all.I am so grateful to you all,it makes me cry.But I don't feel alone any more,since my girls and I found you.I'm saying a prayer each nite for all of us and our little babies,that  God give us strength and courage to face the days ahead.God Bless each and every one of you for being who you are,a miracle in human kindness.Here's a huge hug for everyone who needs it,you are all in my thoughts tonite.

08-06-2008 3:50 PM -- By: Stacy Allen, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Boy, this is really a hard day to get through. I can't get Minnie off of my mind. I have felt like I was going to throw up all day today. I can't stop crying. I can't believe she is gone!  Why did she have to leave me?  I don't understand why God takes our babies from us.  Doesn't he know that we need them with us forever?

I thought I would share the words I was finally able to put together to be placed on Minnie's picture when I release it to Heaven tonight.



Happy Six Month Anniversary of your Angel Day! You mean the world to me.  You will always occupy a special place in my heart that no one else will ever touch.  We will continue to share a unique bond that nothing can ever break. I will never forget you and I will love you forever. Until we see each other again, lots of hugs, kisses, and head scratches!  Mommy

I hope to take photos of my ceremony.  Please stop by Minnie's memorial in a few days to take a look.  Thank you all so much for being here.  I am so glad I found this site, it has been really helpful to me as I grieve my precious Minnie Cat!


08-06-2008 12:23 PM -- By: Phatgirls Mom, memorial:   Phatgirl Memorial
My heart aches every day. I miss my sweet Girl so much. My heart also aches for each of you. My prayers and thoughts are with you always, until that wonderous day when we all meet again.

08-06-2008 10:23 AM -- By: , memorial:   Rusty Memorial
Hey ya'll. Could you maybe drop by and visit my good friend Rusty today? This is his second anniversary in heaven and I'm sure it would mean a lot to him and his mommy Kim.

Well, have a good day all. Toot-A-Loo, dollie bug..;)  (^.^)

08-06-2008 8:29 AM -- By: Amber, memorial:   Nvwati and Yukon Jack Memorial
I am so filled with a tremdous amount of grief these past several weeks. I miss my two sweet boys so very much it hurts to breathe at times. I try to stay strong and appear happy for Mkwaa's sake but she sees through me.

We will be moving soon and yesterday at the doggie park as she led me to her puppy's resting place I realized that she won't be able to visit her baby very often after we move, as we are moving across town. I am sorry now that we didn't have her cremated as well, and gently and lovingly placed on the fireplace with Nvwati and Yukon Jack's urns.

My cousin died this past weekend. She was brutally murdered here in Toronto and I know that Nvwati ran to meet her as she crossed over. She loved him so much! And he her. When will this pain go away? When will enough be enough? A very tired Amber.

08-05-2008 4:58 PM -- By: Richard, memorial:   Dollie Memorial
I have heard of men that have walked the face of this earth who possesed great wealth; men of vast knowledge of things that are way too complex for me to even try to understand. I've heard of those that have aquired a social status that is beyond my comprehension. But I thank God that He chose to bless me and my life with something far, far more important than any of these men could ever envision; He blessed me and my life with the love and companionship of a three and a half pound baby gurl named Dollie. And because He chose to do so, I consider myself to the richest, most blessed human being that has ever lived. I am Dollie's daddy..;)

08-05-2008 9:07 AM -- By: Stacy Allen, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Hi everybody, I just wanted to let you know that my Minnie's six month anniversary is tomorrow, so if anyone could stop by her memorial I would really appreciate it.  I was going to write a poem about how these months have been without her, but the words just won't come.  Instead, I am going to try to write a message to her on a photo and send it to Heaven on a balloon.  I will take pictures of my little ceremony and post them when I can.  You know, I have been doing pretty good, but now as the day approaches, my eyes fill with tears as I remember her.  Boy, does it get any easier?  Thanks for being such great friends to me.  I love you all.  Hugs--STACY

08-04-2008 6:55 PM -- By: Lauvern, memorial:   Luke Memorial
Hello Everyone at Critters. I just wanted you all to know i have not forgotten any of you or your precious babies.I have been working at the Humane society,helping place abused and unwanted fur babies.I really love the job and know i am making a bit of difference.I love to see the precious babies faces when they get to go to their new loving homes.I hope my boy ,Luke is proud of me as i am doing this in rememberence of him as he was abused for the first year of his life till he came to live with me.I am trying to visit all the precious babies on here tributes and i will do it as time allows me.Thankyou all who have continued to visit Luke's tribute.It means the world to me,and i will get back to your babie's tributes. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart. Take care all and stay strong.We will get through this loss together.Thankyou all for your support. Hugs to you all............Luke i hope i am making you proud of what i am doing in my spare time sweety. I will always love you.Hugs and.I will always miss you sweety.


08-04-2008 1:13 PM -- By: Christy Gretas Mom,    Pet's name:   

Hello everyone!! I cannot thank-you enough for the absolutely beautiful messages I have recieved already today, I love each and every one of you so much!!! If you can please visit my site as I have added pics from today that are AMAZING!! I recieved some wonderful signs from my baby today and am so grateful. I also added anew page telling about them, thanks again, you all are like family. Christy


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