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We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.
-Immanual Kant.


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03-22-2008 9:19 AM -- By: Joyce,    Pet's name:   
For some of us, this will be our first holiday without our pets.  How different it will be, not having that furry body around to celebrate with.  Houses will be a little less joyful and tears will be shed.  Let us pause for a moment and remember, as Christ is Risen, so too are the loved pets who have gone before us and rejoice in the promise that we will be together again someday.  And to everyone on this site, I extend warm wishes for a Happy Easter.   

03-22-2008 12:08 AM -- By: Mary, memorial:   Sparky Memorial
Thank you so much for the encouraging words. This is the second Golden that I have lost in the last 10 years....but I would do it all again just to have them in my life.

I consider it to be a good day if I don't cry for an hour....when I am work it is easier because there is so much else going on...I still cry....but I push it back better so I can function...but here....well...I am just getting to the point where I can start to vacuum up hair he left me....his legacy. I still put fresh water in his bowl....and I expect to see him on the bed we shared...or in one of his boxes....on his couch...I still trip over his toys....hearing the hedgehogs grunt at me....well...I miss that sound...I guess I am like the mourning pet...who needs to ease out of the companionship in order to move forward.

Hard as it always is to lose them, I wil become a forever dogmom again soon. I am at my best when I have a dog to remind me that it's not all about to.


03-21-2008 11:00 PM -- By: Cheri (Coco's Mom), memorial:   Coco Memorial
Wishing everyone a beautiful Easter and my prayers for those who are suffering......that they may find peace and comfort in the promise of God's love.

03-21-2008 3:33 PM -- By: Tracie Lil Joe's Mommy, memorial:   Lil Joe Memorial
To All My Amazing Friends:

I want to send out a Special Easter Wish to all of you.. Since I will be gone on Easter Day...

Hugs to you All...

03-21-2008 10:18 AM -- By: ,    Pet's name:   
Depression is a terrible thing..;(

03-21-2008 9:12 AM -- By: wicki, Sheba's mom, memorial:   Sheba Memorial
Sheba and I would like to wish all the babies and their loving families a happy and blessed Easter. We love you all!

03-20-2008 11:22 PM -- By: Dana, memorial:   Sadie Lynn White Memorial

Who among us here has the power to say that the spark of a soul is any less significant because it resides in the body of a pet?   - Author Unknown.


Just wanted to share this....

03-20-2008 11:19 PM -- By: Dana, memorial:   Sadie Lynn White Memorial
Wishing everyone here and their beloved pets - both still with us and those waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge - a beautiful, peaceful and joyful Easter.  Thank you to everyone here at Critters.  This site has been such a blessing to me.  Love and peace to all of you.

03-20-2008 4:20 PM -- By: April, memorial:   Dallas Memorial
I found Dallas memorial ID!!!  I am so proud!!

03-20-2008 4:18 PM -- By: April,    Pet's name:   Dallas
Happy Easter to all that have lost their fur babies.  May you find comfort in your wonderful memories.    There is not a day does by that I do not think of my Dallas (and cry) but I know she is thinking of all the love and the wonderful life I gave her and I am sure your pets are doing the same.  May you all find peace in your memories.

03-20-2008 12:47 PM -- By: buster mommy, memorial:   BUSTER Memorial
Hello to all on Critters ,

Just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Easter and to thank  you all for being there for us all,and to wish all our babies up over rainbow bridge a Happy Easter with a lot of fun on the Easter Egg Hunt, and a Happy Easter to all there mommies and Daddies down here on Critters,


And a special candle for Easter Sunday in memoryof  all loved ones, .

03-20-2008 11:12 AM -- By: Lauvern, memorial:   Luke Memorial
I want to wish all the babies at the Rainbow Bridge a Happy Easter...Happy Easter to all  their human Mommys and Daddys.This is my first Easter without my Luke,i will miss him as i always hide treats around the house for my babies and have a "Easter egg hunt"...Luke was very good at finding them.I am sure he watched me hide them.ha-ha...HAPPY EASTER TO ALL... HUGS.

03-19-2008 2:02 PM -- By: Joyce,    Pet's name:   
Vikki---Thank you so much for letting us know about the Light A Candle website.  I have lit a candle already and today sent out Easter cards from it.  I'm so happy to have found this much needed spiritual website at this time in my life.  May our hearts be uplifted as Spring is ushered in and Easter Blessings to all. Joyce

03-19-2008 2:44 AM -- By: Carolyn Davidson, memorial:   Panda Bear Memorial
It seems like such a short time ago that we lost Panda and just when I thought that my heart could take no more hurt. While I was still reeling from losing her everything came crashing down on me. My world fell apart again. Saint Patricks Day will never be the same for my family as my beloved mother passed away.  I know that Panda was there to escort mom to the rainbow bridge where mom was met by her family that has passed on before her.  I wonder and wish I knew if the hurting ever stops if the pain of loss ever goes away. Will my heart ever heal after losing my fur "kids" and then losing my mom on top of it. Granted I have not yet shed a tear that anyone can really see but inside my heart is screaming tell me this is all just some bad dream that I am dreaming.

03-18-2008 11:48 PM -- By: claudia, memorial:   Otis Memorial
Dana, thanks and I think we all feel here that we wish we could do more for animals. If each person on this earth had the kind of sweet heart that you and so many others have, and could just love and cherish maybe 1 dog and 1 cat each, think of all the suffering of these animals that would come to an end! Theres a whole bunch of people on this earth! Unfortunately only so many of them care about animals. So we sometimes feel like we have to take up the slack of everyone. Hence more guiilty feelings!  Because theres no way that we can do it, as good as our intentions might be. I once had 5 dogs and 2 cats, a ferret, and 2 birds living in my house! I had just got my own place with a fenced yard, and went and rescued a bunch! Something as a kid I'd swore I would do if I got on my own. I guess you can imagine how it turned out. =\

It was hectic, thats for sure. No, it was a nightmare!! I couldn't possibly give them all the love and attention they needed. Not and work and pay for their food!! And housing. ha..I had to give a few away to family and friends after about 1 month. They got out of the fence, they chewed up EVERYTHING! Including the walls. (and I was renting)!! I loved them dearly, but some of them HAD to go. They needed individual attention! Anyway, once I get to talking(typing) it seems I just go on and on. So I was off to bed when I stopped in here. Thanks for the sweet note Dana. ~rubs Sadies sweet head

Goodnight everyone! May we all sleep with our sweet peas dancing in our heads!

03-18-2008 11:32 PM -- By: claudia, memorial:   Otis Memorial
April, I admire you for volunteering at the shelter. It's so horrible for me to even visit one. I want to bring them all home with me too. Or set them free, or something! But free in this world today, as a dog,is really no place to be anymore. I'm sure it does comfort you alot to be near all those sweet animals. You have a lot of courage and compassion for doing so. I hope your days are getting better, and you are finding peace. I find when I keep busy I am better. But give me a day off! =( I cry all day. So I have to stay busy on my day off too! Or give into depression, and I know I can't afford to do that. This site is great to help give me an hour or so on those off days to read, and correspond with others.It really does relieve alot of anxiety for me. I'm so glad there are people like you on this earth April! I pray God surrounds you with the love and happiness you deserve. Take care..

03-18-2008 1:41 PM -- By: April,    Pet's name:   Dallas
You know I volunteer now for Homeless Pets Foundation, it is a place that saves animals from high kill shelters or animals that are injured at shelters and to be honest it just warms my heart.  I wish I could bring them all home but just knowing I bring them love the time I spend with them makes me feel better and I know in my heart Dallas is wagging her tail and is proud of me.  She LOVED all creatures big and small.  If you can not find it in your heart to get another pet yet, volunteer at a local rescue group, some of those animals have never known love.  They need it so!  Volunteering I have seen some horrid things but I have also seen some animals go to wonderful homes.  Bless you all that are trying t o get over your loved ones, I KNOW how hard it is.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of my baby girl.  There are many a day I still weep but I know in my heart she is no longer suffering.  She was truly my angel and the love of my life.  Thanks for always being here yall.

03-18-2008 1:41 AM -- By: Vikki Goedmakers,    Pet's name:   Shadow-Goedmakers
 I would like to let everyone know that I have found a wonderful website that is a very comforting way to remember our dear family members.  It is called Light a Candle...You can post a messege and light a candle in rememberence of our dear loved ones.


Vikki-Shadow Goedmakers Mom

03-18-2008 1:33 AM -- By: Dana, memorial:   Sadie Lynn White Memorial
Claudia - I want to thank you for sharing your story of "Sweet Boy".  I know that had to be a terrible thing for you to go through.  I appreciate that you took the time to honor the sweet dog by telling us his story.  And, I want to thank you for reminding us about feelings of guilt.  We can so easily get wrapped in the what-if's and wishing and hoping we could have, or would have done more.  But as you so sweetly reminded us, we have loved our animals with all our hearts and provided them a wonderful life.  The thing that bothers me is wishing I could do more for more animals.  Maybe some day my circumstances will change and I'll have the opportunity to do that.

Thank you for being so caring, so compassionate and for feeling secure enough to share with us here on critters.  Take care,  Dana

03-18-2008 1:27 AM -- By: Dana, memorial:   Sadie Lynn White Memorial
Carole - thank you for posting the poem "Lend Me a Pup" - it is so beautiful.

03-17-2008 11:49 PM -- By: claudia, memorial:   Otis Memorial
Hi April, I think what your Father did for the baby opposum taught you so much and led you to love all creation. That is so important in lifes lessons. I've felt it since I was a young girl, a kinship you might say to all living things. If anyone thinks saving a baby possum is silly, they should hear my story about a big black ant I once ran over with my bike by accident when I was about 8. I couldn't stand the thought that I killed it. It was still moving! I put it in a matchbox, and tried for the whole day to doctor it up. (thats probably what actually killed it =\!) But I did try.

I admire peoples compassion for animals so much. I grew up in the country with so called cowboys( including my brothers) all around, it seemed like they had no compassion for critters. I actually thought there was something wrong with me because I couldn't think like they did! I feel priviledged to have found this site, and to have found so many who are so loving towards animals. I know their are many out there, I just never knew the depth of their hearts, as this site reveals. Like yours for instance. I love to hear stories like yours. It warms my heart so. And I can imagine how God smiles at every instance of human compassion towards his critters. I can almost bet you and your Father have been blessed many times over, without realizing why, for such loving actions. Thanks for sharing that story with me. It eases my soul to know there are people like you out there!

03-17-2008 8:21 PM -- By: Brenda, memorial:   BUSTER Memorial

Just popped in to wish you all a happy St Patricks Day and thank you all on critters for always being there for every body with warm words of comfort,

I will be putting some more photo,s of the new babies Ozzie and Gizzie on Busters site soon, I have to say they are a real hand full but so lovly

Love and big hugs to you all x  brenda

03-17-2008 4:02 PM -- By: April ,    Pet's name:   Dallas
Claudia, I read what you said about the dog you found hit in the road.  You are so right.  I know that Dallas lived a wonderful, so much better than some, but I still miss my Dally girl.  It is kind of funny you brought up oppossums.  When I was younger my father passed a oppossum that had been hit in the road, he saw something move on the poor mutilated body and like you he had to stop, if to do nothing more than to move the poor critter off the road.  Well once he stopped he realized what he saw was a very tiny baby trying to nurse from its dead mother.  My father being the animal lover that he is picked it up and brought it home.  We weighed it and took it to the vet and the poor baby weighed in at just shy of 4 ounces.  She was tiny.  We bottle fed her for severla months, and we got her up to 4 pounds and then we let her free on 400 acres.  I will always feel great about that.  We never once tried to make her a "pet" or socialize her b/c we knew that is NOT what she was put on this earth for.  It was truly a wonderful experience.  Oppossums do not carry rabies, they are only scavenger b/c that is what is there.  They love raisins and all veggies.  She also LOVED her bottle.  I went to a local wildlife refuge and did lots of research.  Also, we did bury its mother and siblings on the same property we let her go on. 

03-17-2008 3:17 PM -- By: wicki, Sheba's mom, memorial:   Sheba Memorial
Happy St. Patrick's Day to all the sweet babies and their loving moms and dads! God bless you all.

03-13-2008 11:57 PM -- By: claudia, memorial:   Otis Memorial
Hey Leigh and Little Bit, I agree with you , I don't know how I would have muttled through this hard time either if it hadn't of been for all you folks here. Including you Leigh. Thank you all for your support and thoughts. For the most part I know you through your tributes to your babies. I see their familiar pictures everyday when I come home and come directly to this site. It's a place of security and warm feelings. Our babies come ALIVE here don't they!!? Even though I've read the memorials, and I've cried while doing so, it's like they are here, alive and well. Through all of you. I admire your love,  strength, and most of all compassion to others as they grieve. Even though you all are going through the same feelings. To be honest, I don't think 2 months ago, that I would have had the courage to read through these memorials. I chose rather to live in denial of death until it hit me head on. Thank God I found this site. I would sure be in a deep depression by now. Thanks yall, have sweet dreams tonight of your sweet ones lying right next to you all snuggled up.

03-13-2008 10:51 PM -- By: Leigh and Little Bit, memorial:   Little Bit Memorial
It is now 2 months since I lost the love of my life, My sweet little girl , Little Bit.  It seems like forever, and it sure hasnt gotten any easier yet.  After 18 + years of being together and so very close to each other, one can't just let it go. 

Little Bitty,  I miss you so very much,  My heart is still broken apart  and there is such a huge void in my life now.  It is very painful not having you with me anymore.  I will love you baby girl forever and ever.  And one day we WILL meet up again in Heaven and I cant wait!

To all those on Critters here I have met, corresponded with and those who have been so kind as to sign Little Bits guestbook , ALSO the freinds I have made here that come by every so often to see how we are doing,  Hey,  I want to Thank each and every one here from the bottom of my heart ,  I never would of made it through this painful ordeal if it had not been for your kindness and compassion.  I only hope that I can help others as much as you have helped me .  I love each of your babies also,  I have been honored to know you and your babys, and I know also that my Little Bit has some wonderful freinds , big and small to play with and be close to while they are all waiting to be with us again one day.

Once again, Thank you!  Most of all,  God Bless you all.


03-13-2008 6:15 PM -- By: Kendra, memorial:   Twister Memorial
Just a friendly note: I added a new song to the song page where I write songs for Twister, its called 'Just Listen to the Sweet Sound of My Heart'  Please feel free to check it out. Kendra (twisters best pal

03-12-2008 2:51 PM -- By: Cheri (Coco's Mom), memorial:   Coco Memorial
Thank you, Carole, for another comforting poem. These really do help us get through our pain. There are new pictures on Coco's page. Hope everyone will take a look.

03-12-2008 7:47 AM -- By: , memorial:   daisy Memorial
to all my friends here at critters and far away.. i really would like to thank each and everyone of you helping me and my mommy get through today.. i know my mommy heart is still broken because i'm away from her but i just know that today and everyday she has so many wonderful friends that have helped her with her pain.. thank you each and everyone one of you.. now it time to eat some of my birthday cake so gotta run.. and thankyou again... lots of love daisy xoxo

03-12-2008 1:24 AM -- By: Carole, memorial:   Ebony Turner Memorial
This is beautiful!

Lend Me a Pup

I will lend to you for awhile,
a pup, God said,
For you to love him while he lives
and mourn for him when he's dead.
Maybe for twelve or fourteen years,
or maybe two or three
But will you, 'till I call him back,
take care of him for me.

He'll bring his charms to gladden you
and (should his stay be brief)
you'll always have his memories
as solace for your grief.
I cannot promise he will stay,
since all from earth return
But there are lessons taught below
I want this pup to learn.

I've looked the whole world over
in search of teachers true
And from the folk that crowd's life's land
I have chosen you.
Now will you give him all your love
Nor think the labour vain,
Nor hate me when I come to take my Pup back again.

I fancied that I heard them say
"Dear Lord Thy Will be Done,"
For all the joys this Pup will bring,
the risk of grief we'll run.
We'll shelter him with tenderness
we'll love him while we may
And for the happiness we've known forever grateful stay
But should you call him back
much sooner than we've planned,
We'll brave the bitter grief that comes,
and try to understand.
If, by our love, we've managed,
your wishes to achieve
In memory of him we loved,
to help us while we grieve,
When our faithful bundle departs this world of strife,
We'll have yet another Pup and love him all his life.

-author unknown


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