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We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.
-Immanual Kant.


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11-10-2007 11:42 PM -- By: jennifer, memorial:   Fergi Memorial
Oh my goodness! Thankyou sooo much Mayor Ted for the great job of emcee for the talent show! It sounded like so much fun, I could actually picture it, thanks to your wonderful discriptions. Well done! Put a big smile on my face...... Big hugs and kisses your way!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooo Fergi's Mama

11-10-2007 6:38 PM -- By: Kimm, memorial:   Boedy Memorial
Mayor Ted,

The talent show sounds like it was tons of fun and thanks for the stories, that made my day. Kimm

11-10-2007 5:13 PM -- By: Mayor Ted,    Pet's name:   
Welcome back everyone! We all hope you enjoyed the first half of our show, now if you'd like we'll continue...up next is Luke,Jake,Junior, Klaus, Killer, and Rusty...Everyone up of your Paws for the"Sunshine Boys"....."Who let the Dogs out....Woof Woff Woof Woof Woof!' Who let the Dogs out? Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof! ....Who let the Dogs out??? all6 of the boys are down on the floor doing break dancing...the crowd just loves it...they're chanting...Woof Woof Woof Woof Woof...over and over again as they spin all over the floor! Let's hear it for the "Sunshine boys" Yeahhhhhh! next up is "The Golden Girls" Blossom, Copper,and Breeze ..."Thank you for being a friend...I've traveled round the world and back again, Thank you for being a freind....And if they threw a party,and invited everyone you knew. You would find the biggest gift would be from me with the note attached that says...Thank you for being a friend........These ladies are such close and loving friends...the song just fits them so well. Ok, folks....Boedy is up next he's playing piano and singing...L is for the way you look at me...O is for the only one I see...V is very very extraordinary...E is even more than any one that you adore....Love is all than I can give to you to you. Love is...... Who knew that he could play the piano that great??? The audience loves him!!!! Next up is our newly crowned Queen..."Queen Sheba"...she approaches the mike and sings..."How much is that Doggie in the window, the one with the waggely tail? How much is that doggie in the window? I do hope that Doggies for sale..... Lil' Joe just ran up on stage with a sign on him saying "FREE"....He brought down the house with that, I'm telling you folks...He's our Lil Jerry Seindeld! "Queen Sheba" never expected that, she loved it! Oh no watch out ready to dance's Spaz,Hammy, Carrie, Chaz, Stuart, and Flaky doing......"The Hamster Dance"...........oh if you could only see the crowd joining in...they're all in unison..wait now they're all doing the "Cotton Eyed Joe"......who knew we had great country line dancers up here?????Okay everyone, catch your breath...Blossom Girl is up next...she says this is for her Mom...."Somewhere out there Beneath the pale moon night, someone's thinking of me and loving me tonight Somewhere out there someone's saying a prayer that we'll find one another in that big somewhere out there.......I love you Mom. Blossom just got a standing ovation for such a touching song to her Mom. Next up is WorNoops and Ebony....just look at how beautiful they look folks Warnoops has a white tux on and Ebony has a Black satin dress on...they choose such a fitting song to do....Ebony and Ivory live together in perfect harmony...side by side on my piano keyboard oh, Lord why don't we????We all know that people are the same wherever you go there is good and bad in everyone we learn to live, We learn to give each other whatever we need to survive together ....... The crowd keeps on clapping..............Ok, Okay folks Fergi is up next...whatever you do please not and I repeat DO NOT crinkle up any paper as she will lose her train of thought.....(LOL) "Some where over the Rainbow..way up high, there's a land that I've heard of once in a lullaby......birds fly over that rainbow, why then oh why can't I????? Our silly little Fergi just got a standing ovation for her rendition of the song...and thank you all for holding on to you programs while she sang!!! Now we have our little "Sweetheart" Dollie, who is dedicating this song to her Daddy....."Oh my Papa, to me he was so wonderful...Oh my Papa, to me he was so good. No one could be so gentle and so wonderful. Oh my Papa, to me he understood. Gone are the days that he would take me on his knee and with a smile he's change my tears to laughter. Oh my Papa, so funny, so adorable always the clown so funny in his way.Oh my Papa to me he was so wonderful. Deep in my heart I miss him so today!!!! I love you Daddy!!!!! Now folks we have everyone on stage for our Finale.....Everyone is linked arms over each others shoulders rocking back and forth...."Keep smilin' Keep Shinin' Knowing you can always count on me...That's what friends are for. For good times and bad times. I'll be on your side forever more...that's what friends are for...Keep smilin' Keep shinin'.... Good Night Folks, this is your "Official Emcee of Rainbow Bridge" wishing everyone a wonderful night..Sweet Dreams Everyone..... Mayor Ted (I love you Mom).......Okay everyone it's party time out on the concourse ....oh, are we still on??????????

11-10-2007 3:19 PM -- By: Mayor Ted,    Pet's name:   
Good Afternoon everyone!!! Welcome everybody to our first attempt to showcase all the wonderful talent we have up here in "Rainbow Heaven" Actually I need to give the credit to Lil'Joe, he's actually the one who came up with the idea of it.He has seen so many talented creatures up here that he insisted we must show them off....First we'd like to start off with a moment of silence for all the loved one's we left behind............. OK folks with out further's SHOWTIME!!!! I will act as your unoffical Emcee this afternoon....Wait a minute the crowd is going wild....what, what's that??? Oh my goodness, the crowd just declared that they insist I become not only there Mayor but their "offical Emcee" for all events up here. Oh, thank you so much folks...(I love my job!And I love you Mom!) Lil' Joe is standing next to me telling the crowd..."thank you, thank you very much!" Anyways here we go.......Nvwati will sing our anthem...Amazing Grace" along with myself Junior,Killer, and Mac playing the bagpipes! Oh, there's not a dry eye in the crowd, he and the boys did such a wonderful job. Next we have the entire cast on stage to sing ..."Overture,curtains, lights, this is it, the night of night. No more rehearsing or nursing a part. We know all our parts bt heart.Overture, curtain lights, this is it we'll hit the heights...and oh what heights we'll hit...on with the show this is it!" The crowd is so pleased they're hooting and hollering!! Okay first up is non other than Lil'"ELvis" Joe singing a song to his Mom and all the other furry females out there..."Love me tender,love me sweet,Never let me go. You have made my love complete and I love you so..."at the end of his song he walks up to the edge of the stage and throws out 3 scarfs he had around his neck to 3 lovely ladies in the audience. One of the little ladies reaches up and kisses the ring he has on his finger and with that he says..."I'm Elvis honey, not the Pope"...that's our Lil'(Jerry Seinfeld) Joe for you...between the applause and the laughter the crowd just loves him!Next to keep the crowd hopping he have our own "Sweetheart of Rainbow Bridge" Miss Dollie up on stage to do her world famous "Hokey Pokey".....Ok, everyone up on your paws...."you put your right paw in, you take your right paw out, you put your right paw in and you shake it all about...You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around....that's what it's all about!!" You put your left leg in.........Oh my gosh if you could just see them all here following Dollie's's so cute some of them are confusing their lefts with their rights and are laughing like crazy.....Let's hear it folks for our gurl...Dollie!!!Next we have Fred the fish...he's being rolled onto the stage in a large fish bowl of water from "Puppy Dog Tails Lake"...he swims so great!! He does a jump and pulls himself up on the edge of the bowl and clears his throat and then proceeds to sing...."Down by the meadow by the little pool, Swim 3 little fishies and their Mama fishy too..Swim says the Mama fishy , swim as you can..and they swam and they swam right over the dam. The crowd is singing Boom Boom Didum Datum Wattum Choo..... They love Fred!!!!!! Next we have Klaus and Boedy singing...Row , Row , Row your boat. Gently up the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, is but a dream....(hey weren't they the Skipper and Gilligan for the Halloween Parade...Yar, I thought so..!!!) What a roar of applause they get!Next on stage we haveFamous Amos,Demonito,Neko, "Queen Sheba", Cocoa,BeeGee and Levi singing and dancing to "Stayin' Alive" ooh, ooh, ooh, ohh, stayin' alive, stayin' alive...Not only do they sound great, they look great all dressed in white tailored suits. Once again the crowd loves them. Gypsy Rose is up next...she's singing.."Blue Skies, smiling at me, nothing but blue skies do I see....." she curtsies as she finishes her song. What a beautiful song for a beautiful girl...Now up is Miss Daisy, the crowd goes wild when she walks on, they know she one of the barkery ladies!!!!She's got a white tux jacket on and a white top hat...Oh my goodness she's a magician, "Queen Sheba" is her assistant....She puts her top hat on the table in front of her and out of nowhere appears a white wand, she taps the hat three times and look...she pulls Prissy out of the hat....the crowd is in awe! She passes Prissy to "Queen Sheba" and she puts it down and taps it's bum and off Prissy goes hopping "Queen Sheba" hands Miss Daisy 3 scarfs....Miss Daisy twirls them around in front of her then folds them all up in her hands and undoes them and...look!!!!! Out of them flies Califur, Tika and did she do that????The crowd just goes wild again.Next we have Cinderella and Toto tap dancing to "Me and my shadow" look at them they don't even miss a beat, they're fantastic!Our next act after which we will have a short intermission is "Hairy Legs" along with Hairy is Fergi doing the hand gestures for the song...."The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout...down came the rain and washed the spider out...out came the sun and dried up all the rain...and the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again!!!! Perfect, Hairy, Perfect Fergi!! The crowd is so pleased with the show so far....everyone is so talented..Right now we're going to have a short intermission, there's light refreshments out in the lobby so as we all take a break , we'll be back with the rest of our Talent Show shortly...Thanks, Ted

11-10-2007 2:29 PM -- By: Judy..(( Blossom's Mom )), memorial:   Samantha Melissa Memorial
Two days from now it will be Samantha Melissas birthday..Better get busy girls..

11-10-2007 10:53 AM -- By: , memorial:   Junior Jadeja Memorial

11-10-2007 10:51 AM -- By: judy, memorial:   Junior Jadeja Memorial
Hey come on...Lets send Junior Jadeja birthday cheers. TODAY IS JUNIOR'S BIRTHDAY

11-10-2007 9:08 AM -- By: Luke, memorial:   Luke Memorial
Hello everyone.My mommy got a new puppy.I tried everything to get her to adopt another baby as i know she was sad and crying all the time.I know i broke her heart when i left and now i am waiting to see her again.I keep telling her i am ok here and i have no more cancer and have met alot of friends,but i know she is still sad.I know she loved me with all her heart and still does.I am watching over her and i do go and visit her in her dreams.I hope her new puppy can make her as i happy as i know i did.Take a look at him ,he is on my tribute. got to go play, see you later.

11-10-2007 6:56 AM -- By: Richard,    Pet's name:   
Hey ya'll. What happened to all the chatter back and forth here? Parties, talent shows, birthdays, etc. I miss it..;(

11-09-2007 8:14 PM -- By: Kimm, memorial:   Boedy Memorial
Hi all, Just wanted everyone to know that I finally put Boedy's final resting place pictures on the memorial and did another page called we miss you. I cant believe it has been almost 1 month. Does the hurt ever go away? Take care everyone....Kimm

11-09-2007 7:28 PM -- By: Judy..(( Blossom's Mom )), memorial:   Junior Jadeja Memorial
Don't forget tomorrow November 11th is Junior's 1st Birthday in Heaven..Blossom, Dollie and Daisy are preparing for the Big Day.

11-09-2007 5:42 PM -- By: Mayor Ted,    Pet's name:   
Greetings everyone! Just have a couple of announcements to make...Tonight at 7PM is dress rehearsal for the talent show tomorrow.Everyone competing should be in full makeup, and dress for tonights run through. And second I have a proclamation that was signed today that I'D like to read. The proclamation reads....On this day the 9th of November 2007 I , Ted Hogan, mayor of Rainbow Bridge, do declare that from here on "Sheba" is offically crowned our "Queen of Rainbow Bridge" and will from now on be referred to as "Queen Sheba" it is signed by me Mayor Ted and dated 11/(/2007 (I just want everyone to know that I had been presented with a petition from all our residents up here that they signed requesting it to be proclaimed.) See you all tomorrow at the show. (I love you Mom!) Mayor Ted

11-09-2007 8:53 AM -- By: wicki, memorial:   Sheba Memorial
Amber, I'm so sorry about Bobbi. Nvwati will look after her, and will always have someone there to love on him until you can be reunited. You're in my prayers.

11-09-2007 7:59 AM -- By: Amber, memorial:   Nvwati Memorial
Hello all. Just found out a friend of mine passed away. Bobbi was about 45, lived alone and had daily contact with her daughter. When her daughter hadn't heard from her in a few days she called police and they found Bobbi dead in her apt. Autopsy is not done yet but they think it may have been a seizure that killed her. Bobbi always seemed troubled but Nvwati was always able to cheer her up by his loving her and singing with and for her. Bobbi and I drummed and sang at a Pow wow A few years ago. I will be busy next few days helping to organize her Funeral, Feast and drumming for her Spirits journey. I KNOW Nvwati met her at the bridge.... and I was unable to contact her when he passed away so I know she will be pleasantly surprised to see an old friend there to greet her.

11-09-2007 7:56 AM -- By: Nvwati, memorial:   Nvwati Memorial
Oh Lil Joe's Mommy don't worry. He was just a bit confuzed cuz there is sooooo much to do up here. He says to tell you that he isn't going to be tinker bell in the holiday pageant! He is just the friendliest lil guy I tell ya. He sits still to practice all the time and every critter just loves him to bits. Ahhhhhhhhhh now I see why he had a part blue eye. How amazing was that!!! AHoooooooooo ( off to catch a few zzzzzzzz's as I worked the night shift greeting new critters and I am tired )

11-08-2007 10:29 PM -- By: Lil Joe's Mommy, memorial:   Lil Joe Memorial
Oh Lil Joe you don't want to be tinker bell, I'm glad they talked you out of that... Sing your little heart out for your mommy, I know you'll do great, I always loved to hear you and your brother and sister sing. I miss you so much.. I look for your star everynight sweetie to see wear you are playing at, I hate cloudy nights. But I'm so thankful that you have so many wonderful friends, I hear you have competion for the candy canes, Christmas is going to be so hard for me and your daddy this year, but we will make the best of it for you sweetie and for your sister and brother. Your Sister has to go to your Dr. Sat. to do blood work so make sure you are with us baby, mommy can't handle any bad news, but we are only thinking about you and I want you to sing your little heart out and make us proud... My Lil Joe was 1/2 border Collie and 1/2 Australian Shepherd that is where he gets the 1/2 blue eye and it was such a pretty eye, both eyes would just make mommy melt.. Well kids keep up all the good work and sing and dance all night. Love you all, and hugs to you all.. Joeys' Mommy Love you Sweetie.XOXOXOXOXO

11-08-2007 9:37 PM -- By: Boedy,    Pet's name:   
I wanna to be in the holiday pageant. I have been practicing my song for the Talent Show...Love my mommy and my daddy xxooo Boedy Bo Bo

11-08-2007 8:51 PM -- By: Dollie, memorial:   Missy Memorial
Hey, ya'll. I've got a friend that's got a birthday coming up soon and her mommy is sorta sad..;( Anywaz, could ya'll remember to drop her a note? Her name is Missy and her birthday is Nov. 25. I'd hate to see her get left behind.

Toot-A-Loo, Dot..;)

11-08-2007 1:13 PM -- By: jean- teds mom,    Pet's name:   
to the angel who keeps ted alive to me with him being the mayor and leaving these messages for all of us and telling me he loves me, i just want to say thank you! i come a hundred times a day to see whats going on and to say hi to my boy! it just makes my day that someone cares enough about us! thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart!

11-08-2007 12:39 PM -- By: wicki, memorial:   Sheba Memorial
Thank you so, so much to the angel who helped send me a message from Sheba. It brought tears to my eyes because it was so sweet. Sheba would love to be in any pageants, shows, etc. She loved to show off! If anyone would like to see something pretty, I just added a bunch more pictures of her.

11-08-2007 12:18 PM -- By: jennifer, memorial:   Fergi Memorial
Fergi would love to be in the Hoilday Pageant! She (like Daisy) my get side tracked by whats ON the Christmas tree. She has been known to knock off bulbs to play with them and occasionaly chew at the lights. Her favorite is to nap under the tree. Hopefully with the help of all her new friends she will focus on the pageant. Ferg Butt tends to have that wild child come out at times!!! :) Looking forward in hearing about all the fun events coming up!! Hope everyone is doing well!!! Fergi's Mama

11-08-2007 11:58 AM -- By: Lisa,    Pet's name:

I askyou to join me in wishing my Sam a happy birthday,her birthday was/is/always will be...November tuesday..She passed away due to a stroke almost 4 months ago,and a day hasnt passed that i dont miss her,,and wish i could have been granted more time.Butinthepast four months ive also seen more clearly then ever,just what a blessing she was tomylife,At times we can truly take for granted even those things we have so near and dear to us.

My little girl was a constant rememinder of what unconditional love looked like, eyes warm, tail wagging, heart full of sass,,spunk and love.

Sam we come up on what would have been your 14th Birthday,,I thank you and celebrate you...your life,,, your unique and wonderful traits,,and even the crazy stubborness you possessed as well..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM.....join me if uwouldin celebrating her life ,say a prayrfor all who lost someone dear,,remember the memories that you and your beloved had together,smile and cry,,blessing them for adding light and love to all the days you had the opportunity to share together...

Please visit sams site and wish her a very happy birthday with me....

Thank you for all of your support and encouragement over the past 4 months.This site has been a blessing to me and a source of hope and strength during a very difficult time. Your prayers and wordshave truly left a mark of kindness and compassion on my heart.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM.....I love you.. and miss you more then any words could ever say....Lisa

11-08-2007 10:37 AM -- By: Sue, memorial:   Famous Amos Memorial
I'd like to thank all those of you that have responded and left messages for me in this time of personal pain. I appreciate all that you have said and its in some small way a comfort to know that there are others who are experiencing pain and loss as well as I. What I mean is, that I am not alone with my feelings. Often people don't understand how you can be so attached to just a "animal". But when they have been a important part of your life it is a profound experience that you often feel alone and isolated with. God bless and keep you all and may you all find joy and comfort in the memories of your beloved pets..memories that help sustain you until we cross over the short bridge that seperates us now.

11-08-2007 9:35 AM -- By: mommy, memorial:   daisy Memorial
daisy would really enjoy the holiday pageant.. i just hope she stays away from the christmas tree.. she always like to eat all of the candy canes off of the tree.. daisy if your in the holiday pageant please please please dont eat all of the candy canes save some for the other babies..ok? i love you daisy.xoxo

11-08-2007 8:30 AM -- By: Nvwati, memorial:   Nvwati Memorial
Mayor Ted and Lil Joe ( who is being very focused by the way!) are busy lil critters I tell ya. Bless Lil Joe's heart... he wants to be TINKER BELL of all things at the Pageant but Mayor Ted helped me convince him that Tinker Bell is in Peter Pan and not Holiday Pageant! By the way Lil Joe I notice you have one blue eye. Do you have some husky in you? Yukon has one blue eye and one amber eye. Striking with two different colours of eyes.

11-08-2007 8:27 AM -- By: Nvwati, memorial:   Nvwati Memorial
Oh Gypsy Rose . You are one very talented lil gal but I saw another talent in you that will be put to good use at our Pageant! Shhhh it's a surprise though ok? Ahooooo

11-08-2007 8:26 AM -- By: Nvwati, memorial:   Nvwati Memorial
Ahoooooooo I have been practicing the Canadian National Anthem ( Oh Canada!) in my little medley of it being sung in the two official Canadianlanguages English and French )AND Ojibway! Ahoooooooooo I can't wait to perform this at Heaven's Got Talent!

11-07-2007 8:40 PM -- By: Lil Joe's Mommy, memorial:   Lil Joe Memorial
Mayor Ted you are a blessing, I know my Lil Joe can get side tracked, so I'm hoping he will sing something beautiful for you all, and twinkle that beautiful blue for you all, that I miss so so much but I can see him everynight in my dreams happy as can be with you all. Bless each and everyone of you..... Especially since Ive been under the weather.. I haven't stopped thinking about any of you. You are my life line, I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for making me smile.....

11-07-2007 7:01 PM -- By: Mayor Ted,    Pet's name:   
Hi Everyone, I just want to take a minute to let you all know that everyone who signed up for the "Heaven's Got Talent" contest has been rehearsing hard everyday...but they love every minute of it. We even have a few surprises for you of late signers who'll be performing. You're gonna love it. I've been dancing a jig all over the fields up here cause I'm so happy that this is all coming together. gotta run, there's always someone to kiss or someone's paw to shake...(Gosh, I love my job!)See you all Saturday!!! Your "MAYOR TED" (I love you Mom!)

11-07-2007 4:52 PM -- By: Amber, memorial:   Nvwati Memorial
Nvwati's been busy singing Happy Birthday to Socks and guiding me in uploading pictures (FINALLY!) on his Memorial page.......... pictures of his beautiful urn and his huggables urn. Go peek!


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