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10-06-2008 12:46 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Hi everyone, Down, lower,  doggie style fetch and play, stretch,  and up, climb that ladder stretch upward  kitty-cat!!! Ahh, I'm ready for my pancakes, silver dollars please, come on Dollie, Puck, Greta, MInnie, Buddy, Patch, Chrsitian, Toby, Buster, Luke, Angel, Patches, Taffy, Sheba, Shabba, Ebony, Sammy,  Rocky, Coco, Lil Joe,  Blossom, Bobo, Gracie, Daisy, and you too Happy ... ok, go round up the others, we're gonna go on a nature hike today, we'll chase falling leaves that spin in the wind, we'll watch them change color as they gently tumble to the ground, maybe we'll even chew on a few sticks or branches, watch the butterflies and birds, listen to their sounds,  we could have a pincin near a brook and listen to it babble, come on, Autumn is here!!! I've got the blankets and cookies, come on let's pack up the food and drink, I'm sure the angels can help us ... Let's travel light, it is for fun!!! Luna darts off to gather the creature comforts so the angels will help bring them to the site, so all the kids could just enjoy themselves ... then after they can all sit and smell the flowers and whister sweet nothing to their parents to they too will know we're neverfar from your thoughts or your heart ... WE LOVE YOU! Oh Stacy, (Luna pops her head in), can we borrow your tent?  hahaha No, only kiddin, I don't think we're gonna have a sleep over, just a day trip ...  

10-06-2008 12:41 PM -- By: Minnie, memorial:   Minnie Memorial

10-06-2008 12:39 PM -- By: Greta..Forever Mommys girl, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Come on lift those hineys high in the air now Patch and hold it...Good job!!! OOPS  Sorry, I guess I shouldn't have had that much bacon at breakfast...teehee, I farted!!

10-06-2008 12:37 PM -- By: Greta..Forever Mommys girl, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
its never too late for Yoga, come on I have a mat ready for both of you...

10-06-2008 11:15 AM -- By: Patch, memorial:   Patch Memorial
I'm here, Greta! Not to late I hope. Bring one the upward kitty!

10-06-2008 11:03 AM -- By: Minnie, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Yawn!  Am I too late for yoga, Greta?  I am ready for upward kitty!

10-06-2008 9:42 AM -- By: Greta..Forever Mommys girl, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Get up eveyone time for Yoga before we head for breakfast..up and at em!!!!!! Downward Dogs and upward Kittys...Come on Sleepyheads!!!!


10-06-2008 6:57 AM -- By: Buddy, memorial:   Buddy Memorial
Good Monday morning!  I can't play today so I will be watching from Puck's cloud.  Mostly I'll be sleeping and dreaming of my family and all my good friends here.  Maybe eating some goodies too!!              .....xxoo Buddy 

10-05-2008 9:26 PM -- By: puck, memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
 curling up by the fire..retiring early...g'nite buddy/greta/minn minn/christian/luna..and of course dollie gurl...

gnite all...snuggle up to fire...

10-05-2008 7:46 PM -- By: Greta..Forever Mommys girl, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Yeah shes a real weirdo....she can't even cook hamburger and then eat it grosses her out to see the blood..I say slap it on the plate and give it to me..haha!! I will eat just about anything, except vegetables, I am not picky..Oh, you know what sounds good right now Pucky??? A BIG stack of Pancakes with lots of syrup or strawberry syrup and lottsa whipped cream...YUMMY  !!! Wanna go to the shack shack..I can make them for us cuz I have a griddle?????? I can put whatever you want on them , you ever had pancakes?? my mom used to make me doggy shaped ones sometimes.

10-05-2008 5:39 PM -- By: puck, memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
hey moms like that too.   latte sounds good...never had carmel or caramel...before...

10-05-2008 4:09 PM -- By: Greta..Forever Mommys girl, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
I will make you a very special CARAMEL Latte today Puck..hows that sound?? No, you don't smell..not bad smell like coffee...hhhmmm wonder why ???? My mom would have cried and then up-chucked if whe had seen a deer hanging in the garage like that...she cries when she watches bambi and the mom gets whacked..Oh brother ..

10-05-2008 1:36 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Hi boys, (Luna lifts her head up), nice to see you, what are you having done today, Luna turns over for her back massage ... "I just love the spa, don't you!!!". ... Breakfast was terrific, love the bacon ... did anyone even try the sausage? I couldn't do it, it's probably very good, maybe if I saw Chrsitian take a bite and he looked as if her enjoyed it, maybe I would be willing to share a small piece ... ya never know till you try but I need a push ...when my mom's mom would say steak was for dinner and she didn't assign it a name like Rib-eye or flank or any "real" name  she wouldn't eat it, especially after her brother came back from hunting, hahaha, she wouldn't do it either ... I remember the day she walked into the garage and a big deer was hanging up ... that was all it took ... thank God for buychers, they make it look all nice and neat ... I love steak!!! I'm a meat lover ... I could go for another piece of bacon, maybe a BLT ... I love mayo too, even on french fries, every try horserassish sause from Arby's ... Humm good!!! 

10-05-2008 11:56 AM -- By: puck, memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
BOY...SPA TREATMENT>>>>ohhhhhhhhuuuuuhhh ...ohhhh fells good!!  do they have lattes or minty cocoa  there?   i could use on today...

10-05-2008 11:53 AM -- By: Buddy, memorial:   Buddy Memorial
Haha Puck, you're a funny little guy.  I bet you hated the antlers...I hated the santa hat and scarf but wore it to please the "rents".  No, you don't smell, but lets you and I go to the spa and get new hair dos and hang out for a bit?  Sound ok with you?  kk, let's go...........    

10-05-2008 11:36 AM -- By: puck, memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
everytime i come visit..everyone i smell funny.?  maybe i need a haircut

10-05-2008 10:43 AM -- By: puck, memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
i have antlers...with a bell mom used to put them on me at Christmas...i mean chris-mutt time...i didnt look like a deer..i just looked silly!  made my mom smile i put up with it....

10-05-2008 10:31 AM -- By: puck, memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
oh are funny...u make me laf! 

10-05-2008 10:30 AM -- By: puck, memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
did you step in any reindeer 'poop' ?  puck still lying down..clenching tummy...'poop' that word just cracks me up.......

10-05-2008 10:24 AM -- By: Greta..Forever Mommys girl, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Yeah sorry me too, I don't think I can eat Reindeer either..I like to chase deer though ..Once I almost got lost in the woods by moms house, boys  was she mad, because I went after a BIG deer on our morning walk together...I don't know what I would have done with him if I would have caught him..hhhmmm maybe make sausage..haha I crack me up..hahaha

10-05-2008 10:23 AM -- By: puck, memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
dont worry buddy...christian said he would eggs and potatoes and even bacon...i know i have had bacon dad used to sneak acon to me...

10-05-2008 9:53 AM -- By: Buddy, memorial:   Buddy Memorial
I don't think I can eat a reindeer.  What if it's Dascher or Dancer or Pracer or Vixen...or Rudolph?  We don't eat white tail deer at my house, nope, no Bambies.  I'll have to find something else to eat!  

10-04-2008 11:16 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Hi everyone, Luna positions her blanket bythe fire, there's plenty of room if you want to snuggle, Puck, Minnie, Buddy, Christian, Dollie, Greta, come on, Luna opens the blanket, it's huge, it's fleece, and oh so comfortable, anyone need a pillow? Puck, Puck...ZZzzzZZ. Comeone help me slip this under his head, (yawn), nite nite ya'll, opps, is seems a little southern hospitality is rubbing off. Nite Nite!

Christian, yes Luna, I'm not sure about a reindeer ... you've had them before? I'm not sure about rabbit, frogs legs, or reindeer? I'm scared, to real for me!!!  ... "oh bambi", Kermie, the hip hop ..., we'll???  

10-04-2008 10:15 PM -- By: Buddy, memorial:   Buddy Memorial
Hi everyone!  I'm pretty tired tonight too.....can we sleep on the blanket by the fire?  Let's look and see if we can see the northern lights.....I was with my mom all day.  She missed me and I stayed with her to make sure she was ok. 

10-04-2008 10:01 PM -- By: puck , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
never had reindeer sausage before..

10-04-2008 9:59 PM -- By: puck , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
you are more than welcome Christian to snuggle...kind of chilly tonight but nice by the fire huh......i missed breakfast this morning...cant wait for breakfast..


10-04-2008 9:53 PM -- By: Christian, memorial:   Christian Memorial
I am here also. What does everyne want for breakfast? I was thinking of reindeer sausage and potatoes. Eggs to order of course. Let me know. If I can cuddle also that would be great.

10-04-2008 9:47 PM -- By: puck, memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
hey minn minn...wake me for breakfast ok?

10-04-2008 9:44 PM -- By: Minnie, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Hey, Puck-Puck!  It looks like it is just the two us again tonight.  Cuddle at the fire till we go nite-nite?

10-04-2008 8:59 PM -- By: puck , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
hey all..building a fire..down at the beach....even if i am the only one to watch it....if i fall asleep someone wake me up for breakfast ok?


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