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09-30-2008 3:17 PM -- By: Greta..Forever Mommys girl, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Who's next??Climb aboard...just promise not to kick me in the sides to make me go faster or slap me on the Hiney to make me go...teehee.. Ride em Cowboys and cowgirls!!!!!  Alright small emphasis on SMALL latte to go with your I said before maybe we need an intervention...haha

09-30-2008 3:15 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Hey Greta, did you put espresso in my hot coco??? I'm feeling very energetic!!!  Yahoo, Giddie yap, Giddie Yap! ... Luna slips off and goes to rest on the blanket, she picks up her hot coco and takes another SLIRPP ... she looks over at Dollie and asks, are you enjoying the rise, Greta is pretty gentle, WOW< look at teh boys, Ouch, their honeys are gonna be sore!.

09-30-2008 3:15 PM -- By: , memorial:   Dollie Memorial
Yeeeee-Haaaaaa  ~~

09-30-2008 3:14 PM -- By: , memorial:   Dollie Memorial
Now Puck, listen here, young man. You can ONLY ride if we double. (I promise to hold on to u REALLY, REALLY tight.)  ^.^ ~~ teehee

09-30-2008 3:11 PM -- By: , memorial:   Dollie Memorial
Sure Buddy, diddy'll be more than happy to give you a "horsey." Climb aboard, my handsome lil' friend..;)

09-30-2008 3:10 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Sure Buddy, come on, who's next ... (Luna SLIRPS a sip from her hot coco), Buddy's next he wants a ride, and Puck  too!  Oh boy, here come the boys, they'll give you a buckin bronco ride, here, luna puts a blanket on their back, now rest easy and you honey won't get to banged up, Giggie Yap Horsie!!

09-30-2008 3:09 PM -- By: , memorial:   Dollie Memorial
Gosh Greta, I'd LOVE to take ride on ur sweet, soft back. Will you promise to be gentle? 'member, I'm a teeny-tiny little Dot..;)

09-30-2008 3:08 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Funny lil puck, here's your Latte w/extra foam, and you only get one, but it's a big cup! ok!!! The tuna oes in the sock instead of a bone? Christian's daddy came up with it, hide a bone in a sock and throw it against the wall, or twirl the sock till the bone flies out, then Minnie thought about tuna and I said oh, sticky smelly if no one eats it ... you're welcome to any pieces you fine lying around, it's solid white albicore!!! Well I've tried some and it's not bad, not bad at all...

Giddie Ya horsie!!! ome on, who's gonna give me another ride ... ok, I'll wait till after my hot coco, SLIRPP!

09-30-2008 3:07 PM -- By: Buddy, memorial:   Buddy Memorial
Do you think somebody would give me a horsey ride?  It's not like real horses is it?  I'm scared of real horses.  My mom's sister has a horse, Skittles, and I'm afraid of those hooves!

09-30-2008 3:01 PM -- By: puck, memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
`is it latte flavoured tuna?   vanilla tuna?  hmmmmmmm

luna hands puck a bib because of the drool......

09-30-2008 2:59 PM -- By: PUCK , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
can i play?  .....  what are ya playin....?   is there lattes involved?   vanillaey type latte things?

09-30-2008 2:55 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Hi Puck, what's the matter, OK, come on now gals, let's not cut him right off, give the little man a real cup of latte, just put some extra milk in it...ok Purk, and Christian, I love the sock with Tuna, Tuna on the wall and I'm not telling who put it there, stinky smelly if someone don't eat it before it get's hard ...hahaha

Oh Christian, I loved laundry day, before and after, the night before when mom was organizing, if she didn't find me in the bedroom, she went to look and see what treasure's i found, she would always find my head in the laundfry bag and when I pulled out anything I heded straight for the living rooom and put it on my bed, ...  I loved socks, too! BUt I think getting them was more fun, even when she was trying to put everything away ... when I woul dbe sitting quiet she would say, oh not, not those, ... I guess I wasn't exclusive to socks teehee!    

09-30-2008 2:51 PM -- By: Minnie, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Come on, Dollie!  We are about the same size, if you aren't scared than I'm not scared either.  Besides, I am used to Greta's rides, we play submarine!  You should try that!

Christian, how is missile bone going?  Do we need some more socks, my Mommy just did some laundry and we could steal some of hers!  Can we change to tuna soon?  The tuna won't dent the wall but I may have to lick it off after the game is over!

My Mommy just whispered in my ear that I must stop talking now, but I am still gonna play with everybody!  (Thanks to Mommy's tired eyes, Minnie will be seen and not heard, and will be quiet as a mouse the rest of the day?) TEEHEE


09-30-2008 2:41 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Hold on Dollie, let's see, if I hold on right here we won;t fall off...OK, let's go!!! Giddie Yap! Giddie Yap!! Wooooow horsie!  Come on minnie, it's fun, here sit between my legs so you won't slip off! Come on, Giddie Yap Horsie!!! ,

09-30-2008 2:39 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Hey, I want a horsey-back-ride!!! Me too! Me too! Easy now, not to many bumps on my hiney please, I've never riden a horse before! Giddie yap! Giddie Yap!! Come on, show me what you got!!!

09-30-2008 2:28 PM -- By: Greta..Forever Mommys girl, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
If your scared Minnie I will give you a horsey ride on my back, you can have a ride too Dollie! I love giving horseback rides I give them to Minn-Minn all the time. But you have to hang on tight to my ears cause your in for a wild ride!!

09-30-2008 2:28 PM -- By: Minnie, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
KK!  Let's go!  Whee!!

09-30-2008 2:24 PM -- By: ,    Pet's name:   
No, no Minnie. You don't fall all the way down. Diddy'll catch you and scoop you up b4 you "bump ur bunky," silly girl. Wanna give it a shot???

09-30-2008 2:14 PM -- By: Minnie, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Greta, can I have some coco too?  Then I want to try this horsey thing...Dollie, do we really fall or are you pulling our paws?  I have no trouble falling 'cause I have a little extra cushion TEEHEE!

09-30-2008 1:59 PM -- By: Bug..;),    Pet's name:   
My diddy and I used to play this ALL the time:

ride a little horsey, goin' to town. you better watch out, or you'll fall D-O- O-O-W-N..;) YAY,YAY YIPEEE!

(Come on ya'll. Daddy'll give you a ride. He loves it! So do I! So will you!!!)

09-30-2008 1:50 PM -- By: Greta..Forever Mommys girl, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
One slurp of vanilla latte for you Puck..then your cut off, we don't want a repeat of yesterday, I promised your Mommy I would look after you after all.

09-30-2008 1:49 PM -- By: ,    Pet's name:   
Tuna????????????  Plain tuna??????????  Christian, you are a genius. let's play!!!

09-30-2008 1:48 PM -- By: Greta..Forever Mommys girl, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
One Mexican cocoa for Christian and one regular cocoa for patch coming right up...anyone seen Luna lately..I am worried about her, Haven't seen her around much lately...

09-30-2008 1:10 PM -- By: Christian, memorial:   Christian Memorial
Can I get some Mexican Cocoa? I love the cocoa with the spices. Anyone can play the game. Maybe instead of the bones we can use chunks of tuna. It may stick to the wall.

09-30-2008 12:39 PM -- By: patch, memorial:   Patch Memorial
So thats what happened to all the socks that went in the laundry as a pair an donly one came back in the basket! And how the dents got in the wall. Thanks Christian, cause now I know. Can Kitties play? But first how about some coco,please.

09-30-2008 11:51 AM -- By: Minnie, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Oh no, buddy boy!  I heard what happened yesterday!  I think you should stick to straight coco, don't you Greta?  If Puck is on lattes again today and he plays this missile bone game, won't that be just a tad bit dangerous?

09-30-2008 11:42 AM -- By: puck, memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
oh GRETA?????>>>>>>>latte please?  maybe not so ginormous today tho....

09-30-2008 11:28 AM -- By: Minnie, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
OK!  I am ready, now what?

09-30-2008 11:21 AM -- By: Christian, memorial:   Christian Memorial
Everyone can play. The real fun is watching our families trying to find the socks that we will use for this game. They always wonder where that matching sock went to.

09-30-2008 11:20 AM -- By: Buddy, memorial:   Buddy Memorial
Can I play too?  I love to play with  kitties as much as other dogs.  Missile bone sounds like a fun game to learn! 


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