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09-09-2008 8:30 AM -- By: Minnie, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Let's have a party for all of the birthday babies today!  I love birthdays!  All that cake (OOPS, I wonder if that is how I got so "pleasantly plump" as my mommy liked to call me?)!  Oh, well!  It doesn't really matter up here, does it?

09-09-2008 1:53 AM -- By: Angel, memorial:   Angel Memorial
Greta is getting frisky, those boyz are looking mighty fine!!  And they are coming this way, Luna your tail waving the invite did the trick. Hey look...there is handsome Luke.  We must have a serious talk with him as he has tried to contact us in regards to a birthday party tomorrow for Buster Turner...what do you all think, pool party with all the trimmings for Buster?  And maybe a game of hide'n'seek as he is now sighted again (I know what that is is good seeing the boyz hot bods again so I'm sure he'll enjoy seeing us beauties hehe).  And music, we need music.  Let me know what you think.  Luna, coookie please....hmmmm, so good! 


09-09-2008 1:37 AM -- By: Taffy & Patches, memorial:   Angel Memorial
Minnie, we finally made it so you are not alone...we are the "cute catz" contingent!!  No, we  "don't do'"water either...but if we lounge by the pool we do look sexy.  Ooooh, and you in your purple Minnie...the boyz won't be able to take their eyes off you.  Let's get case the boyz give those hiney scratches hehe!

09-08-2008 9:48 PM -- By: greta, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
I think I will pick Fire engine red for my Peticure as I am feeling very naughty after looking at the boys all wet and sweaty all day  I sure wouldn't mind a hiney scratch about now either...heeheee...Luna you make the bestest cookies in the whole  wide world....Quick!!!! Where are my shade I don't want to be busted looking at the boys...see if you wear your sunglasses they can't see you looking at them...but I guess I don't look very inconspicuous if I am drooling though...heehee...

09-08-2008 5:07 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Yes, purple coming right up, here you go, Wow, you're right ... purple is your Color!!! ... and look over there on the couch, that's Taffy and Patches, Angel is their sister, and Minnie, Look Over There, and There (Luna points), you're not the only kitty, and look over there, this place is huge... We'll,  my mom used a comb too, with rotating bristles so my hair would never get stuck, and it felt wonderful when it glided across my skin, no rough and scratchies here! Look Minnie, look at Angel's pretty pink toes, do you wanna go for a pawicure later, I'm game! (Luna smiles) ... my tosies need a little attention. Minnie you make me so happy when you ask me for my cookies, I love baking all of you your favorite cookies, it makes me so happy when you really enjoy them (Luna spins), ... and if you want the boys to scratch your hiney, I'm sure they will blush but I bet they will be right over to oblige ... Luna blushes, look over there, some cute guys approaching, (Luna waves her tail, cute guys approaching, cute guys approacting...munch munch munch, yummie yummie yummie I've got some love in my tummy, Hi boys, anyone have a fre pair of hands, us girls need a little attention, oh and help youself to a cookie or two...

09-08-2008 4:53 PM -- By: Minnie, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Angel, are Taffy and Patches going to be here soon?  I am the only kitty, I feel lonely.  This water thing is NOT natural for me at all.  What is a brush?  It looks funny.  My mommy used to comb out the knots in my fur every so often 'cause I couldn't reach all my fur when I bathed myself.  If I get my fur combed here, will it hurt?  I do like hiney scrathes!  Do you think the boys will do that for us?  HEHE

Luna, don't forget how I love all things purple!  Do you have a purple wrap for me?  Pretty, please!  Yum, Yum, how I love your cookies!  You make the best!

09-08-2008 4:26 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
laughing ... whew, here you go, pick the color you want, how about the pink, it will match you nails and you do look good in pink, but you pick (LUna shows her the selection). What's make-up? (Luna looks closer), wow, your eyes are beautiful, is that make-up? No it an't be, you're just very pretty, and I love the polish ... Ineed a pawicure?? Where did you get one? oh ok ladies, here come the boys, every comfortable, how's my tail? (Luna swooshes it left an right) is it still fluffy??? MY mom always combed me twice a day... 

09-08-2008 4:19 PM -- By: Angel, memorial:   Angel Memorial
Greta...oh my, I remember that thermometer all too natural for me, too!  It will show off my pink nails better anyway..just got a pawicure yesterday and picked HOT pink.  Luna, no I don't do the swimming underwater...have to keep the head out so I don't ruin my make-up.  I know,I know...make-up at a pool or beach...ever hear the song, "You're So Vain" hehe!  Oh my, the boys are buffed...I need a cookie.  Wow, loud whistle Greta....maybe the boys will come over and strut their stuff for us ladies :)  Wait...where is my wrap (blush)!!


09-08-2008 4:09 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Luna blushing as the boys look her way ... Oh Greta, you didn't, (Luna blushes again) ... We'll here, have another cookie cause their heading our way ... oh Greta, I can't whistle hahaha But I sure can smile, they look good, I mean reall good ... Luna winks at Greta and puts out her cookies on a tray bythe table they are sitting at n hopes the boys wil come over for a chat and a snack ...  

09-08-2008 4:06 PM -- By: greta, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Oh between the between weather,  the sun and a full belly I am so happy!!! Oh, the boys do look good!! Pass me another cookie Luna please??!!  (she lets out a big wolf whistle between bites of cookie and points to Luna when the boys look that way...) Ha Ha!!!!!  Wasn't me....

09-08-2008 3:55 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Oh look, the boys are leaving the sauna and they are heading this way ... Wow, they look so buff, so steams wet, ahhh ... so handsome! Luna flutters about and spins, the sun feels so warm I think I'll take a dip 

09-08-2008 3:50 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Oh Greta, Luna shows pretty turkish cover-ups, here you can pick the color of you choice, after you get wet wrap up, it keep you warm and it's lightweat and made of cotton, Here, we also have towels if you really get wet!!! How chic ... Luna spins and eats another cookie, wow, today is really beautiful! 

09-08-2008 3:49 PM -- By: ,    Pet's name:   
our girls are soooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!! But I love them anyways... I am cracking up so bad!!!

09-08-2008 3:47 PM -- By: Greta, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
A thong!!!!!!!  i don't want anything that goes up my hiney....reminds me too much of going to the vets office and getting my temp way jose'.....I think I will just brave it and go au naturel just tell me if those bys show up will ya

09-08-2008 3:36 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Oh Angel, you're funny! A submarine!!! hahaha. Can you swim under water???  Does the water rush up your nose? and don;t worry, you can splash and shake all you want here, look atthe nice bamboo mats, it's all about us ... and why yes? (LUna opens her bag of cookies), please have one, or maybe two, nothings to good for my friends. I love you all!!! Luna  

09-08-2008 3:33 PM -- By: Angel, memorial:   Angel Memorial
Greta, remember up here we have no cellulite (or at least we aren't supposed to).  I'll go topless with you...and get out that thong as NO CELLULITE!!  We will keep a wrap nearby just in case those boys come around...we have to leave soemthing to their imaginations hehe.


09-08-2008 3:33 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
I love a good hiney massage, the spot right above my tail, whew, it can send shivers to my spine... 

09-08-2008 3:30 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
then later we'll  have to go for another body massage, I just love when they rub me from my head to my toes, and everything in between  ... tee hee hee

09-08-2008 3:29 PM -- By: Angel, memorial:   Angel Memorial

What a serene environment!!  The last time I went swimming, someone called me a "submarine" because of my long body...not sure if that was a compliment but it was funny!!  Because my hair is so short, I never went to the groomer but I did enoy being bathed with the oh-so-good smelling shampoo Mommy used but I would shake my head and my long ears would send water flying everywhere...I promise to behave here.   (sniff, sniff)...mmmmh, smells like cookies.  Luna knows we can't resist those cookies...nom, nom, nom they are so so divine!!  Time for a nap and, Minnie, my feline sisters (Taffy & Patches) should be here soon...they aren't keen on water, either, but this is sooo different that they may at least get their paws wet.  Let me know if the boys arrive...they are sooo handsome and I want to check out their "six pack" abs hehe!!

09-08-2008 3:23 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Ladies, there are many places to relax, we can sit on the flat rock and dip our toes in, and Greta you can wear your suit if you like, it's so pretty!!! I never had one caue my hair is so long and I love to feel it shooshing around under the water, like a mermaid ... Wow, we couldn't have asked for a better day! 

09-08-2008 3:09 PM -- By: Greta, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial

09-08-2008 2:55 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Oh it's more like a tranquil spa retreat rather than just an ordinary pool, there are flat rocks to lie on and let the rippes of the waves touch your toes (ahh, so relaxing), and you can float on a raft and just sail free in the breeze, we have unbrellas, lounging matts, and yes Greta, I've got a bag of cookies (Luna open the bag and gives everyone some) ... come on, it's so relaxing? Greta & Minnie, think of the pool as the bath you wish you always got, first class treatment, and the brushing, it is so wonderful, I had one before and let me tell you I stretched and stretched, yep, think I'll go for another one. ... and yes minnie, cats are invited for sure, everone is welcome! Here Minnie, I have some treats for you too (Luna opens her bag as Minnie approaches, Oh Luna, there are my favorites...and Greta, in a spa you can go au natural, no suit needed ... hehe. Boys are welcome too!

09-08-2008 2:25 PM -- By: Minnie, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Is the pool just for doggies or can the kitties join too?  I never really liked water before but I am willing to try anything once!

09-08-2008 1:52 PM -- By: greta, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
ooopppps...that last one was me my paw slipped...

09-08-2008 1:51 PM -- By: ,    Pet's name:   
P.s. I hope my teeny weeny polka dot bikini still fits me in the hiney....heehee

09-08-2008 1:50 PM -- By: Greta, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Oh will there be free cookies too...Yowza!!! If there is count me in..I will skip the pool part but I certainly would like the brushing part, I haven't had a good brush out since I left my mom...Do we need sunblock up here??? I don't like water but I loooovvvveee lounging in the sun..wanna go Luna??

09-08-2008 12:10 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
While we're working on the sauna, I just wanted to let everyone know the "POOL IS OPEN"!!! It's a fresh water pool so no need to worry about the chemicals ... come on  jump in, the water's fine!!! 

Also for your convenience there is a hot & cold outdoor shower fully stocked with shampoo and conditioner, blow drying service is available for those that don't like to dry naturally ... Come on in, the full service spa will be opened soon ... Free hair brushing daily, Come one, come all!!  

09-05-2008 3:09 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Hi Greta! (Luna bouncing about wagging her tail), here I am, here I am!!! Luna stops in front of Greta and they both sit down on the lush grass, yes, I've been thinking we need to visit our parents today so they can feel us close to them. MOM, OH MOM, WE'R HERE, We NEVER REALLY LEFT ... LOOK TO YOUR HEART, That's where we've always been and that's where we'll always stay. We Love You!!! Luna & her pal Greta 

09-05-2008 12:19 AM -- By: Greta, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Luna Oh Luna where are You?? can you come walk with me...My mom needs me tonight...Lets go send our mommys kisses with the breezes...

09-04-2008 11:05 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Oh Klaus, that good to hear, I had fun helping you (getting down & dirty) it was fun! When we finish the mudd bath you'll be the first one to jump in !! Wet warm mudd all over you, It feels so comforting. Ever try it?  I think you'll gonna like it ... and your welcome to more cookies any time!!!  Luna


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