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02-07-2009 1:48 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Morning everyone, I mean afternoon ......Luna smile, I'm so glad you liked your party Minnie ... and Dollie girl of course, (Luna's eyes smile upon her little friend) as she holds her paws and spins, "The cake was absolutely fantastic, and the frosting ... delicious!!!" ... LUna sits for a moment ...  between all 2 action packed parties in the past 2 days, then the purple, the tent, the black light, glow-in-the-dark kitties, and all that cat nip floating in the air ...  She stands and smiles, It wouldn't be a party if all my friends weren't ther (she turns her head and blows one big kiss to them all). I love each and every one of you and I hope all had a wonderful time. Luna sits and re-thinks all the party features, humm, if I mentioned everything, we'd be reading the story for a day, but I know our parents knew what we were doing, well, atleast some of the time ... have to leave somethings left to the imagination! 

Luna looks at the time ... ohhh, did I miss breakfast again ... Patting her tummy she goes to look for Buddy to see if he's still sleeping ... maybe we can take a drive to McDonalds so something for McGrill cakes or somethin'??

02-07-2009 9:52 AM -- By: Luke, memorial:   Luke Memorial
Hi Everyone, Ohhhhhhhhhhh what a fun filled day we all had. Minnie sure looked like a little princess with her tiara. My mommy did not have cable through out the day ,but i saw her smile when she finally got cable back and read about the fun we all had. Thankyou Luna for keeping our mommies and daddies posted as always. My mommy likes to read all about what we are doing. Thank you all for being my friends. I saw you coming Angel . You looked so pretty when you laughed when i told you the story about when i ate all that catnip when i was still with my mommy. So remember NO CATNIP. I love you all. Hugs.

02-07-2009 12:03 AM -- By: Greta and her Mommy, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Nighty nite all, especially Minnie the angel day Purple Tiara wearing beauty..teehee. I love you all so much, don't know what I would do without you all these last 8 months. XOXOXO

02-06-2009 11:26 PM -- By: Angel, Taffy & Patches, memorial:   Angel Memorial
HAPPY ANGEL DAY MINN MINN!!!! We had so much fun and you look like a Princess with that gorgeous tiara....Angel, Taffy & Patches courtsey. Thanks for being our friend, let's blow kisses to your Mommy on the wind.....MWAH!!!!! We brought you a little gift, Taffy presents a tiny box to Minn Minn (purple wrapping paper, of course). Minn Minn opens it and is a purple choker necklace with a double sided heart pendant, on one side is a picture of Minn and the other side is a picture of her Mom. Patches puts it around Minn's neck and says, "Why don't you, Taffy and I go nibble on some Catnip. Minn nods in agreement then asks, "What about Angel?". Angel says, it's okay Angel Day Princess...I'll go look for hunka hunka Luke .  Minn nods and  back...give him my .  Will do, Princess Minn Minn!!  WE LOVE YOU!!

02-06-2009 5:10 PM -- By: minn, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Oh, what a wonderful day I had...I have the bestest friends ever!  Boy, am I exhausted from all of the activities!  Minnie walks toward everyone wearing her purple tiara, carrying her Mommy Crystal Ball (thanks, Greta, Dusty, Angel and Hammy!) and wearing her pawprint necklace (thanks, Luna!).  There is a slight problem though, both Willow and Inky want to be tinted purple forever now!  What to do?

Thanks so much to all of my RB friends who have made my first year here so so special:  Luna, Greta and the brood, Patch and Inky, Puckie, Simon and Kit-cat, Dollie, Blossom, Sheba, Angel and Taffy and Patches, Buddy, Ebony and Shabba Lou and Jessica, Wor Noops, Moosey, Little Bit, Peanut, Toby, Klaus, Miss Zoe, Fergi, Chiquita, Suzie Wong, Christian, Sammy, Roxy Girl, Luke, Obsidian, Daisy, Rocky, Buster, Mayor Ted, Sunshine, T-Bone, Ripley, Taz, Jessie, Trouble...and anyone else that I may have forgotten!  I love you all bunches!

02-06-2009 4:44 PM -- By: , memorial:   Dollie Gurl Memorial
Dollie wanted all to know that she attended Minnie's fist "Angel Day" get together also. And even though she wasn't mentioned as being a part of the festivities, she wanted it known that she had a great time celebrating with all of her friends and that she loves Minn-Minm and all of her precious, sweet friends with all her little heart and soul. Thank you, richard, Dollie's daddy.

02-06-2009 4:16 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Glad I could help ... Luna blows kisses to Christy!!! ...feel better!

02-06-2009 4:06 PM -- By: Greta, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Thank you to whoever put this up. I don't know how to copy and paste. Minn would say..

02-06-2009 3:53 PM -- By: Greta, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Minnie, I have something for you..Gretas paws are behind her back...pick a paw, any paw..okay here ya go! Greta proudly hands her a beautifully wrapped box. Minnie opens it, her eyes widen but she is not surprised as Greta has spoken to the angels and had gotten special deliverys for her very closest friends to have the "Mommy Crystal Ball" delivered for angel days...oh but this one is VERY special as its base is done in very fancy purple, Minns fav color. Hammy steps forward and drags along another box and tells Minn this one is from him and Dusty and Angel, But he really picked it out..teehee. Minn opens this one too and it is an absolutely stunning Purple Fancy Tiara with glistening crystals..Minns eyes well up with tears because she knows that now she can see her mom with the mom vision ball and she loves her friends for thinking of her. Hammy gets a lift from Dusty and he places the Tiara on Minnies Head, ohhhhh Minnie  You look likke a Movie star...Hammy reaches in for a kissy...awwww, I do don't I???? If only my mom could see me now. She can Miss Minnie, she can!

02-06-2009 1:35 PM -- By: Greta and Hammy, and dusty, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
We wrote on Minnies guestbook but I can't rewrite it here cause mom is feeling well, so if you want to read what we got her can you go to minns page...moms gotta go lay down as she can't breathe..thanks

02-06-2009 1:35 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial

Minnie’s 1 Year Angel Day … Luna’s been up all night getting thing in place … she can feel in her heart how much her mommy is missing her and wanted this day to be extra special!


Its early eve and Luna walks quietly through her patio and garden, she flies up high holding a little bag of seeds and sprinkles it’s contents over the rambling roads of the Rainbow Bridge … as she flutters out of sight she whispers to the angels.” you know what to do”… the evening is upon us and the seeds lie to rest … she bends down on her knees and prays, “may you find within all the strength you need to bloom”.


The morning arrives and the birds ready as they sit on top of the branches, when the suns begins to rose and greet the day the birds begin to tweet-tweet-tweet” a beautiful melody, not loud to wake you but softly to send you off to a tranquil sleep … the tiny chirps and softly spoken melody drifts through your mind and soul and leaves you in a gentle slumber. The day’s sunlight begins to shine and Minnie wipes the sleep from her eyes … she “Gasps, could this be?” … she turns her head left and then right and yells, “LUNA!!!”   Minnie jumps up with excitement as she cradles Willow and follows a green path of luscious purple flowers and trees … she’s tickled with excitement, oh how trilling!  Luna transformed The Rainbow Bridge into a Tropical Paradise. As they reach the entrance to the patio they are greeted by two men in a top hat, as they turns she can see it’s Toby and Puck, she smiles shyly as they say, “this way ladies”, they enter a huge pitched purple tent surrounded by big fluffy pillows, in walks the servers carrying trays of fresh fish; Tuna, Salmon, White Fish, Lox, even Bagels, No not Simon Bagley, “BAGELS!!!” Luna touches her paw to her head and points to the refreshment bar where Simon and Greta are smiling whipping up frosty drinks or hot cocoa and lattes, as Minnie enters the tent she is surrounded by all her friends, Hammy wearing a big smile, Dusty holding Willow, Patch along with Inky to name a few, all in a row are her tuxedo friends and Miss Sunshine too!  Christian & Bobo emerge with Blossom, Daisy, Luna and Happy … “if there is anything you need … you only need to ask” … they bow humbly before their guests as Minnie takes her purple throne with a lil’ one next to her for Willow.  Her eyes bright with enthusiasm as she smells the lovely food that was prepared especially for her.  With the suns rays now streaming in from above it casts a beautiful electrifying light against the walls of the tent … Minnie is very pleased because her favorite color is “purple”.


They finish their breakfast they head out to the patio, and through the garden and when they look they notice they are standing in a field of luscious “Cat Nip” … Yes Luna Hammy prepared a “Cat Nip Garden” with the help of the angels and some friends. As  all the felines passed they took a whiff or sampled a small morsel …  The little ones head  off to the meadow to frolic in the sun,  as they pass through the tall green grass tiny little butterflies dance in circles overhead while their wings whispering to the wind a song to make your heart sing … ALL OF A SUDDEN from the tip of the mountains edge you see mounds of  Bubbles, Yes Bubbles … upon closer inspection there is Ebony in the mineral spring soaking in a tub full of bubbles, they started rushing in with the trickles of the water forcing them way above the tree tops to the cliffs up above, … “oh, what a pur-ty sight”. As all the children walk toward the beach they notice a cave? Hesitant to walk in they gather, single file and enter one by one … from the main chamber you can see a purple light, as each child enters they notice they are glowing … “a tiny shade of purple”, as Willow walks through she turns to Minnie and says, “look mummy, cool” . Luna installed a black light and as each white or tuxedo angel pass through they take on a purple hue. As they reach the wall of water Luna signals the angels to drop in a few morsels and all tiny fish gather with beautiful fins in all shapes and sizes … “You’ve heard the tail of the Rainbow Fish” … One had beautiful shiny  fins and no one would play with him, but when he shared one fin with each of them they all became friends, as they pass through the wall of water empties in  to a stream, they have crossed through to the other side of the mountain and all your eyes can see are rambling hills filled with lush green lawns packed with tiny little flowers … as the wind blew amongst them they begin to sway … “Oh, I couldn’t have asked for a more tranquil setting”. We have kites, toys, games and picnic blankets, as the heat of the sun warms their spirit and the gentle fragrance from the flowers releases a calm over them all … as they sit and watch the clouds move forming shapes like diamonds … Minnie sits back and sips of her tuna latte Greta made for her … I can’t believe it, a day to rest and relax … IN THE SUN!


Zoe looks to the horizon and calls everyone to come quick … you can see something forming, as they get closer you can see a purple haze drifting toward the sky,  PURPLE, LILAC with a hint of gold shimmer … It must be Minnie’s AD candle, her mom must have sit it  … As Minnie closes her eyes she can feel all the love in her mommy’s heart and smiles, it’s as if she was right there next to her …  Minnie smiles, and all of rainbow bridge says, “Happy 1 Year Angel Day Minnie!”


There is plenty of fun going on throughout the day, you can hear music in the hills, and the warmth of the sun on your back and the cool green lawns beneath their tiny toes, a purple haze covers the mountainside where the little bubbles grace the sky like diamonds.   Minnie tilts her head back and blows kisses to the wind, she whispers Mom, let your mind wander, feel me within; I’ll always be with you!


As a calm settles over the bridge a big cake is wheeled into the tent, they all gather as Minnie is presented with a white frosted cake with tiny purple rose buds and flowers, on top are 12 candles symbolizing each months she has been here …as she stood in amazement she says, “I can’t believe it’s been a year already, and I want to thank each one of you for making me feel so loved and welcome!” As she blew out the candles they all smiled … you see when a fur angel reaches their 1st year; it is then that they start preparing their house for the life they will share with their parents, and when it’s their time we’ll all be there to welcome them home … a lifetime of happiness.


Luna walks over to Minnie with a tiny little box, as Minnie opens it she smiles … OMG, a tiny paw print just like mom wears but mine has 12 clear crystal rhinestones! …when she holds it to the light the sparkles reflect in her eyes, … Oh Luna, as Minnie puts it on she can feel all the warmth of her mothers love and that of all her friends at the bridge … and says, “I  LOVE YOU ALL!!!”


With Love and special appreciation for all you do, Luna & her mom

02-06-2009 1:08 PM -- By: minn, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Let's go look at all the colorful fish, Puckie!  Your fishy face is adorable!  My Mommy is done working for the day, her boss is taking her out to lunch for her 20th anniversary day today (lucky Mommy!), so a lazy day sounds great for me!  Look out fishies, here we come!

02-06-2009 12:35 PM -- By: puck , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
we could go fishing...sit out in the sun...stroll by the lake...see if we see any purpley fisheys...(now puck puts both paws up on either side of the mouth...and mimics a fish...puck doing his best puckfishlips)  minnie says last time you did i recall your lips got stuck.

02-06-2009 12:31 PM -- By: puck , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
(runs to minn minn.)...HADDY ANTHDEL DAY (with his tongue sticking out...talking jebberish...puck still trying to talk with his tongue out)....thuna....thuna....dhish ithsh hawd...( minnie gives puck a b o n k on the head) snaps him out of his delerium...tuna minnie...tuna and toast...sound good for breakfast?  minnie looking at puck...shaking her head...(when you see your page minnie you will understand why puck is crazy.)

02-06-2009 11:47 AM -- By: minn, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Hey Puckie! Thank you so so much. Are we the only ones awake? What do you wanna do today?

02-06-2009 10:58 AM -- By: puck llewis , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial


02-06-2009 1:33 AM -- By: Hammy, memorial:   Hammy Sagar Memorial
Pstt...Hey Simon, yeah down here, its me Hammy...don't tell anyone but you have my favorite head to ride on, have that really cool wave thing going on on top and I can always go incognito if necessary..high five Simon!! Love ya!! Sorry if I leave any sunflowers in your beautiful mane, I try to clean up my mess but sometimes I fill my pouchies too full and I spill...hhhmmm hhhmmm

02-05-2009 9:41 PM -- By: Simon, memorial:   Simon Bagley Memorial
My friends know I would NEVER pass up a day at the spa.... I didn't even stay in the fluff dryer too long this time, aren't ya'll proud of me??? Can't be looking crazy, gotta look handsome for Minn Minn's Angel Day tomorrow....

P.S. Hammy you know you can always catch a ride on my head....

02-05-2009 5:35 PM -- By: Patch, memorial:   Patch Memorial
Hi everyone! Yesterday was so much fun. Back at mom's house I HATED riding in the car but here  it is different. Helmets would be nice next time . Mom's such a worrier!

I'll go to the spa with you guys...a massage sounds so good.then some supper and get ready for Minnie's day tomorrow.

02-05-2009 4:50 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Luna wakes und doen't see anybody ... she snuggles in her warm towel cause she's too tired to move ... not to worry thre is an angel overhead and as soon as she's rested she'll carry her an tuck her in for a nap...zzzz..

02-05-2009 4:39 PM -- By: Greta, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Moms got to go to the hospital before work, I will go to the spa with you guys and girls though..Greta waves to mom and blows kisses..

02-05-2009 4:38 PM -- By: Hammy, memorial:   Hammy Sagar Memorial
Hammy does a flip..and another, and another and another and another...teehee..I love that kitty cat

02-05-2009 4:36 PM -- By: Greta, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Very gently Minn, very gently...haha...antibiotic in one cheeky, steroid in the other..go sit on a pillow mom. She's got to go to the hospital for a breathing treatment before work...bad mommy, shes going to work anyways. Somebodys got to feed that big, fat sister of mine..haha

02-05-2009 4:35 PM -- By: minn, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
MUAH teehee

02-05-2009 4:34 PM -- By: Hammy, memorial:   Hammy Sagar Memorial

Hammy blushes 999 shades of red because secretly he LOVES Minnie so very much...okay Minnie, I can't wait for your special day tommorrow, its going to be beautiful..just like you

02-05-2009 4:32 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Luna sleeping in her chair, gets rolled into the massage room and lifted on the table ... ahhh, hummmm ...  ohhh, yes ... right there ....hummmm

02-05-2009 4:12 PM -- By: minn, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Ouchie!  How does she sit down now?  H-A-M-M-Y...where are you? (Minnie looks down) Oh, there you are, come on, I will take you to the salon.  Hop on!

02-05-2009 4:09 PM -- By: Greta, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Moms back from the doctor...she got a shot in each booty cheek... haha mom, don't drink too much water or you'll spring a leak...teehee

02-05-2009 4:08 PM -- By: Hammy, memorial:   Hammy Sagar Memorial
Oh me too..I could use a good fluff out..yeah, count me in! Can I hitch a ride on someones head?? My legs can't keeep up with all you BIG kids...PLEASE!!

02-05-2009 3:49 PM -- By: puck , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
should i get my nails polished?  (buddy simon shabba look at puck......- all together...that is for gurls .  goofy....) i know....well what about clear - might be kind of nice.   prevents chipping cracking.   simon and buddy...just shake their heads.....

if ya get will never hear the end of it from dust-man....


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