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02-04-2009 4:04 PM -- By: Shabba-dabba-do-Lou, memorial:   Shabba Lou Turner Memorial
BOO!!!!  Hi all my wonderful friends!!! My mom's computer at home is down for a week or two so she can only access Critters from work.  We love you all and just had to stop by real quick and say hi! Wow...look at all the stuff that's going on. Sorry...gotta back real soon...can't wait to play again.

My girl....o-o-o-o-o...talkin' 'bout my g-i-i-r-r-l-l (Shabba gives Luna a gentle peck on the cheek...he's never very far away from her) Oh look at him blush!!! Love you everyone!!!

02-04-2009 2:57 PM -- By: puck llewis , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
luna grabbs the checkered flag as buddy glides in...smiling pearly whites......YAY!  buddy high 5's and like all the drivers.....kisses his #88 


everyone chants....buddy buddy buddy......

02-04-2009 2:44 PM -- By: the angels at rainbow bridge,    Pet's name:   
all the kids are waiting for buddy to come back so he can cross the finish line and and  get the checkered flagg and hear the crowd roar so loud....

bet buddys mom can hear all the kids....

sending all our voises down to buddys mom so SHE knows how much we all love buddy and his visits and his funny-ness.

02-04-2009 2:14 PM -- By: Buddy, memorial:   Buddy Memorial
On Break from racing ... Buddy strolls around Rainbow Bridge in his Nascar tipping his hand out the window as he tours the countryside ... He presses a button and the top comes off the car to reveal the center crash bar, but now he's able to feel in wind in his fur and beneath his wings ... "as he rides along a big gust of air lifts him up and he feels at that moment all the love in his mommy's heart, he smiels as he lifts his head to the wind and whispers, " I love you Mom!"

02-04-2009 1:56 PM -- By: minn, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Wow, Buddy, what a day!  VVVVRRRROOOOMMMM!!!!

02-04-2009 1:24 PM -- By: puck , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
VRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM luna...this rocks.....buddys eyes wide as silver dollars........vroooommmmMMMMMMMMOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM  dusty....where are you?!   buddys car has the 88 on it.   PAWS-ONE!  

02-04-2009 11:33 AM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial




Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, I’ve got a beautiful feeling … everything’s going my way … Buddy yawns, stretches and finds little Luna Lou standing beside him, he looks down and notices he’s covered in a soft blue fleece blanket, he turns his head and notices a new fluffy pillow and stretches his head back … OH LUNA, No Wonder I slept so good, you got me all snuggly in a  beautiful blanket and pillow … thank you little girl, oh thank you … Buddy scrunches up in his new blanket and stretches  his legs, Luna helps him untangle himself and out pops a  little laugh, it’s pretty easy to get lost in there …


When Buddy get up he notices he’s sleeping amongst  all the little angels, oh Luna, you brought breakfast to me (HE SMILES), Luna arranged everything the night before. As  the kitchen doors open you see silver dollar pancakes dressed with blueberries and whipped cream, crispy bacon,  raspberry jam, Walnut Potica toasted with lots of melted butter,   hot cocoa, vanilla lattes, and fruits of all kinds … Luna walks over and opens  a special bread basket, as she lifts the napkin Buddy notices it’s filled with M&M cookies and Pumpkin squares … he smiles, Luna explains, “your mommy made these fresh for you last night!” His eyes water as he gazes upon all his friends, thank you all for being the best buddies a guy could ever have. After they finish eating they all rest and sit by the fire Puck started in the lounge … they sip hot cocoa or latte, all the children are now  wondering what Luna has in store for her best friends 6 year angel day … She walks over to the patio and gently pulls open the sheer curtain, stands to one side and points, “there, in the clearing, what do you see”…Buddy squints and says ”I’m not sure” … could it be, no you didn’t … Buddy gets very excited and looks at Luna as she smiles back, “Oh yes I did, you’re having a NASCAR PARTY!!! And the little electric blue number over there with silver stars whizzing along the sides is yours… Buddy can’t contain himself and jumps up and yells “Yippee!”  ... Luna hold up a matching blue jumpsuit and Buddy jumps right in … he starts pulling on the zipper and notices a key attached, you think of everything don’t you, she blushes, no silly …the keys are in the car … she gives him a little peck on the cheek, those are the keys to my heart … and gives him a big hug!!! HAPPY 6TH YEAR ANGEL DAY BUDDY, YOU ARE SO LOVED MY FRIEND, NOT JUST BY ME, BUT BY EVERYONE AT THE BRIDGE!!!


They race out to the fields, we have 10 cars in play on an 6 lane highway, some sit in the stadium while others get ready to race, we have snack galore, chips, dips, burgers and fries, HOT DAWG! We have everything … even a birthday surprise! The little ones jump into the cars and race like it’s going out of style, Buddy in black with electric blue flame job, “ZOOM ZOOM”,  Greta in Yellow w/red pin striping... Varommm, Luna in Pink with white metalic waves ... she starts her engine, VaROOOM! , and getting ready for the next ride is Little Bit … it seems they like the same color … In Silver w/a wide black stripe is our very own Puck-a-roo, Dazzling Dusty in red w/Orange flake, Angel in 2-tone pale blue & yellow, Minnie in a Purple sensation with specs of Gold, (don’t let he size fool you, she’s all C-A-T! Patch in White with black under chassy, Simon the speedster in vivid Red w/black design, Dazzling Dollie in cream w/Gold metal flake and Noops in Bronze w/black trim ... the list goes on, all the children are ready in their starting positions and their off,  Puck screeches out with Dusty in hot pursuit, Simon slices by and then from the rear comes lighting Luna as she floors the gas peddle and shifts trying to take the lead, Buddy makes a sharp left turn and pulls into first place … lap by lap, and the checker flag comes down…They head to refuel and another angels takes a turn … Next up we have Mooosy, Little bit, Shabba, Ebony, Toby, Klass, Zoe, Peanut, Una, Ginger, Sammy, Coco, Killer, Buster, Kit-Kat, ergi Butt, Sheba, Zeke as all the children line up, Chiquita, Daisy, Blossom, Bobo, Susie Wong, Christian, KC BEar,  Major Ted, T-Bone, Heather, Socks, Scooter, Scooter Bug, Alexa Rose,  ... all the way up to Willow, Inky and Hammy who opt to ride in the smaller go carts along with Roxy Girl, Taffy, and Patches. The races continue till late afternoon, al the kids cheering each one on as they race around the speedway ... while they are revving it up, a special group of  angels are tending to the BBQ to make sure it’s delectably sweet …


The children all a chatter as they walk to the Spa talking about the race, they take off their suits and step into the mineral spring to relax, they are all given a gentle massage to help them relax after such an eventful afternoon…then  for a nice shampoo and blow-dry … One by one they emerge from the spa with  smiles on their faces … they gather at Lunetta’s in the patio and the gates swing wide open reveal  a beautiful setting on the beach, cushion lounge chairs, tables, tents, canopy beds and lights, a most comfortable and tranquil setting to say the least. They gather, eat and smile, their hearts overflowing with joy … and as the night comes upon them … as they look up to the heavens they see in its midst a spray of glittering sparkling light that flutter from the sky, and as it cascades  from the heavens all of a sudden the bright Northern lights appear shining brighter than ever before … and the moon shifts to center stage surrounded by the stars and with one brilliant burst of color opens to reveal the most beautiful light, it shines as if it has no beginning and has no end, it’s endless just as our love for you …


On Buddy’s 6th anniversary angel day the sky opened up and the sun shared it’s space with the moon, almost like a Luna-eclipse … as each child stares with amazement at such a spectacular sight, each one was touched by the warm from the heavens. We’ve been told God loves all his creatures and holds a special place for all the angels at the bridge, they can feel his warmth as they watch the beauty of their reflections grace the sky. As the bight begings to fall, all the magic seemed to emerge in this tiny little sphere which Luna hands to Buddy, this my friend is for you, but it doesn't even begin to capture the true light of your heart and spirit, as Luna hands it to Buddy is eyes start to sparkle. Thank you Luna ... !



It’s almost time for bed, each one washes up and combs their hair and brushes their teeth and snuggle in their blankets with the heavens still a glow … Buddy smiles as he looks upon each one of his little friends he says, “as we sit and wait for our parents who will come and join us one day, his smile gets bigger and he continues, I am so happy, you have touched my life so and I want to thank each one for joining me today and making it so much fun!!! With the wave of his hand he bids a mighty fairwell, I LOVE YOU ALL, AND TO ALL A GOOD NITE! …he walks up to Luna, picks her up and gives her a mighty spin,  thank you my little party planner, my very special girl … she blushes and smiles …  all the children smile cause they fell the same, we’re one big happy family and one day our parents will be here to  join us once again.  


As the starts grace the sky once more they close their eyes to sleep, all except for one tiny light that still flickers, is Luna as she kneels down  to pray, Thank you God for all our blessing, and this special place we call home. Protect all our loved ones here and at home, may their minds never wander father than your love can protect them … amen. Good night!

Sending all our  always, Luna & her mom

02-04-2009 11:32 AM -- By: PUCK , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
puck pulls up to buddys place in #88 Dale Eearnhart jr car.....(a small version cause puck couldnt reach the pedals) pulls out for buddy a faux leather racing suit.   #88!   buddy looks at puck....COOOOOOL!   that is awesome!!!!   .....(puck looks at buddy)   DUDE.   that is PAWS-ome.    (puck and buddy take off in the #88 n a s c a r vehicle and start racing around.....(buddy looks at drive slow) gimme the wheel.....(puck and buddy change places...puck buckles himself in and puts his little helmut on....) buddy goes....on our mark...get set.....goooo......luna and greta at start are watching shaking their see em kicken' up dust in the mellow meadow and on the field of dreams....(puck goes lets pick up simon and  and i bet we could race dust-man no problem...

whooooooooooo - its almost like thelma and louise but only puck buddy simon ..... they are off to pick up friends......

02-04-2009 12:04 AM -- By: , memorial:   Dollie Gurl Memorial
I love all you sweethearts. nite-nite. lady bug..;)

02-03-2009 11:47 PM -- By: simon, memorial:   Simon Bagley Memorial
Hey Puck & Luna!!! Can I come along for Buddy's Angel Day celebration??? PLEEEEEZE???

Luv, Simon

02-03-2009 11:24 PM -- By: puck llewis , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
we will see our moms and dads....again..its so nice to be loved and surronded by some PAWS-ome friends.....where is moosey lately...? 

nite and smores and cocoa and luna.....can i you know pick buddy boo up 2morrow...if that is ok

love you all!  

02-03-2009 8:58 PM -- By: Samantha, memorial:   Bingi Memorial
                                                         A Story for Cats and Dogs

                                     Dediacated to Bingi my Love-Bug!

"Are you ready?" Said the Lord. The Cat (Named Charlie) and Dog (Named Mac) took one last look at Earth."Yes we Are" said the pets. The Rainbow Bridge opened up, There was a meadow, healthy water, and everything was just like Spring."This where you belong, The Rainbow Bridge" Happily said the Lord. The Cat and the dog Looked all about, they had a Wonderful time there. "I miss my owner", said the Dog."Well", She Said with sigh."WE need to stay and have a good time". They ran all around the place.

A couple years Later a Woman and a Man Came to Heavon."Welcome, would you like to explore", Said the lord."Sure", Said the Woman. They wanted to look At the Rainbow Bridge, they opened the gate and entered."Mac!!"she yelled."Charlie!!!" he yelled.  They Didnt come.They called there name once more but sadly they didnt come."Where are they?" she said Sadly.They turned back and opened the gate so they can leave. Right behind them they heard a Cats Meow and Dogs bark, they turned around and ran to them. They hugged them and loved them."I missed you so much!I love you!" said the woman. Now they were never separted.

                         This Story Might happen to you once when you get There in Heavon!

                                                                Paw to PAw

                                                Love Always and Peace

02-03-2009 7:26 PM -- By: puck , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial

02-03-2009 7:26 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Here you go Puck, a vanilla latte just for you ... sip slowly now and don't forget ... breathe!!!

02-03-2009 6:07 PM -- By: puck , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
oh what to do....(puck f a l l i n g AGAIN...) willow....luna....

02-03-2009 6:07 PM -- By: puck llewis , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
(willow looking at puck......puckie....bweav...bweave!)  wuna.....(luna bends over puck upside downish....)  oh puck....breathe in and breathe out....slowly.....willow tickling puck till he starts getting the f e e l i n g back in his l i m b s - what to do - potica...think minn would like that.   we could make some sort of fish dish and buddy.  decorating?  can i help with something? 

02-03-2009 5:59 PM -- By: PUCK, memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
still lying on the back but regaining feeling in his limbs from being up in the air for awhile..l..... (willow tickling his paws.....making sure feeling coming back)    willow looks at puck llewis....yo halfa ....bweav....puckie.......bweave.................luna stnading over him..........breath  in ..... breathe out......uhhhhhhh whoooooooo  puck looking at luna peering over him....upside downish and sees willows worried look willow peeking at puck..........i am ok........gets up with bag in tow.....what  what doing for buddy....we gonna need like help decorating?   or uhhhh...maybe make some potica....think minn minn would like that can i make some for minn minn and friday......oh maybe some little lanturns....and candles for minn minn...oh the excitement......puck falls over AGAIN!   

02-03-2009 5:12 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Hi Miss Bug, I see Puck notices you're here ... Luna hands Puck his paper bag, ok breathe ... Not to worry, I have Buddy's party we'll under way ... 

02-03-2009 4:55 PM -- By: willow,    Pet's name:   
...watsa matter, puckie? u need sum help there? maybe sum big doggie to help u up?

02-03-2009 4:50 PM -- By: puck, memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
simon?   kit cat?   patch inky willow little bit blossom shabba lou ebony una?  anyone? 

02-03-2009 4:49 PM -- By: puck, memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
uhh....luna?   i is stuck,,,,dollie...?  minn minn?   anyone?  greta dusty hammy angel?  moosey?

02-03-2009 4:11 PM -- By: puck , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
(puck is still laying down with all 4's in the air....breathless at dollie.....) i am hangin ..oh my.....oh i meant haning.....u dear...... bag!

02-03-2009 2:53 PM -- By: , memorial:   Dollie Gurl Memorial
Hello Luna-Tuna..;)

02-03-2009 2:51 PM -- By: , memorial:   Dollie Gurl Memorial
HiYa Puckie. I'll give you something to do. You can hang out with me if you'd like. I know that I would. (Dollie turns 144 different shades of red)

02-03-2009 2:46 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Hi Puck, Hi everyone, Luna waving her paws and her tail ... think we should have  a party, how about a NASCAR PARTY!!! Look, Luna points to a clearning in the field .. we can set up a driving course, and have many colors and numbers ... Humm, think Buddy should be blue, I want pink, ... whatcha think ... I know his mom is a fan...  

02-03-2009 1:39 PM -- By: puck , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
what to do....what to do.......

02-03-2009 10:58 AM -- By: puck llewis , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
its uh...buddys 6 year angel day tomorrow. 

02-03-2009 10:56 AM -- By: puck llewis, memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
guys?  guyses and galses?  what to do for minn minns angel day? 

02-03-2009 9:17 AM -- By: minn, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Hey everybody!  I am so so sorry for not having been around much lately.  As most of you know, Mommy has been very sick and blue, and missing me bunches!  Anyway, I wanted to let you guys know that Mommy finished my One Year Angel Day page if anyone wants to check it out.  She worked really hard on it and would like to know what people think.  Hopefully, soon, instead of watching over herfrom my cloud every day, I can start to hang out with you guys again.  I MISS YOU ALL SO SO MUCH (and so does Willow, of course)!


02-03-2009 12:29 AM -- By: puck , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
(sigH) nite nite!  love you you minn minn!   watch over your mom!  


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