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01-16-2009 12:19 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
... LUna walks by and notices four in the bed, and little Hammy said, "roll over, roll over", and they all rolled over and Puck fell out, there were three in the bed and the little one said, Roll over, roll over", and they all rolled over and Greta fell out, there was two in the bed and little hammy said... "Good Night". ... as he snuggles close with Simon and srapped himself up in his fur ... zzzzzZZzz! Puck stands up and scratches his head, what just happened?  Greta looks around, "where are we" ... Puck covers his mouth and laughs ... and tiny flakes of oats flutter to the ground, Luna just walks by smiling ... i THINK YOU BOTH NEED A VANILLA LATTEE...hahaha. As she gets dressed to visit MN with Buddy and search for sundogs she smiles and says, "want to come with?"

01-16-2009 10:09 AM -- By: Hammy sagar, memorial:   Hammy Sagar Memorial
oopps wrong ID...sorry too many to remember

01-16-2009 10:08 AM -- By: Hammy, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Hey wait, scooch over Greta your laying on me, besides I want to lay next to Simon and Puck.....Hammy says with Oat filled pouches (oatmeal is a hamsters favorite y'know!)

01-16-2009 8:03 AM -- By: Simon, memorial:   Simon Bagley Memorial
Greta is that you?!?!? (Simon awakes to find Greta snuggled in asleep on his cloud) Did you take my blanket?!?!? Sorry Simon, I didn't get any pj's cause I slept allday and this was where the trail of  oats I found ended... (Simon looked around after realizing he didn't have a pillow anymore either and there was Puck sound asleep on his fluffy pillow with oats still in his hand) Puck did you take my pillow?!?!? Sorry Simon, I stopped by to get you to help me lead Greta to the slumber party clouds and I must have fallen asleep... (Good thing for Simon the clouds are soft and warm... the 3 of them start eating the oats that Puck had left) That should hold us over until breakfast Greta says as she lays her head on the unattended pillow, ZZzzzzZZZZzzzz... Simon and Puck snuggle in with her and all 3 are fast asleep again on the pillow and sharing the blanket...ZZZzzzzzzZZZzzzzzz

01-16-2009 2:17 AM -- By: puck , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
(puck wakes up stretches and yawns)....hmmm where is Greta?!   greta...grETA....GRETA!!!   WAKE UP!   maybe we should move party around her oatmeal?  hmmmmmmm   ORRRRRR...i could leave a trail of oats ..... she could follow......(puck takes each little oatmeal flake one at a time in such a strait line....and very carefully gets them the same amount of space when greta...wakes up she will follow....)  pretty soon he is like kramer from seinfeld...walking all over the place and soon becomes a very windy path....THUNk! then noise..........wooof wooooooof wooooooooooo ZZZZzZZZzzzzzZZzzzZZzzzzzZZzzZZzzz

01-15-2009 10:41 PM -- By: An observer,    Pet's name:   
Greta is still sound asleep in her oatmeal at the table from breakfast...Would someone PLEASE wake her up!!! Thanks  ...She wouldn't wanna miss the slumber party.

01-15-2009 10:33 PM -- By: puck llewis, memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
steak and potatoes....ymmmmmmmmm love you all so very very much!  thanx for makin mom smile....ZzzZZzZZZzZZZZZZZzZZzzZzz nite nte everyone.

01-15-2009 7:15 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Luna goes up to the clouds and sits, it's beautiful, as she lies on her fluffy soft pillow in her nice comfortable pajamas she fall asleep ...ZzzzZ..ZZZ..zzzzZZZ..zzzzzZZZZzz......zzz.z.zz...

01-15-2009 6:43 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Silly angel, we're all invited to the slumber party ... YES, you can go (a smile appears on Angels face), after you're finished with your meal an angel wil give you your new soft comfy jammies and escort you to the slumber party in the clouds ... 

Puck, I have to tell you EVERYONE LOVED those straws, Luna lifts one out from the box and places it in Puck's beverage ... she smiles ...  THEY WERE A HIT!!! I mean HOT!!! and so were yu, she touches her paw to hi shoulder, you're still hot ...sizzle...ouch! hahaha. Be sure to get a steak, you look like the many meat eaters ... and Luna point to the grill, Buddy waves PUck on and makes hm a sizzling steak!

01-15-2009 6:13 PM -- By: puck , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
puck very dramatically strolls around the table dancing with his plate held out in front of him. WHOA!!! ..We feel good...we knew that we would now...we feel good...SO GOOD...BUM BUM...SO GOOD...BUM BUM...HEY! we feel sugar and spice...UHHU...BUM BUM...OH YEAH...BABY...holds his plate out...more potatoes please.

01-15-2009 5:59 PM -- By: puck , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
everyone? can i come? hi angel angel smelled food...i thought i heard the word food. or was it FOOD

01-15-2009 5:55 PM -- By: angel, memorial:   Lonely Angel Memorial
Do I count as a baby, too?  Can I go to the slumber party?

01-15-2009 5:39 PM -- By: luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
were having a Party, a slumber Party ...

01-15-2009 5:30 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
mornin puckie !!! (Luna smiles), you were really somethin', all of rainbow bridge is talking about your performance ... (Luna smiles) ... and helps him fix his plate .....

01-15-2009 5:21 PM -- By: puck , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
did i hear the word food?

01-15-2009 4:19 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Luns smiles and digs around in the box left-overs from yesterdays party and she pulls out the glow in the dark straws, she gets help from Rocky, Toby and Shabba setting up the pillows and turning on the lights from yesterday ... their is an air of mystery as the children ... one by one disapear ... the angels tap each child on the shoulder and ask them to follow them ... since they all had so much fun yesterday the angels decided on giving them a slumber party ... after dinner each child was escorted to the clouds, as they arrived they were given a nice pair of soft pajamas ... "the little ones jump for joy" ... we're having a slumber party !!! YEAHHHH

01-15-2009 3:53 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Hi Angel, SURE DO! (Luna hands him a palate, "do you want everything on it", and he nods, "some vegetables, he shakes his h e a d  yes, (his mommy is watching, yes, come corn please ... Do we have potatoes, SURE!, Some butter, ok ... would you like steak, YES!!! Thank you ... Angel take shis plate but doesn't sit too close to Dusty, he doesn't wan t him sharing his food, he looks over and sits next to Hammy, "humm, small cheeck), Hammy says, HAY!!! I've got feelings ya know ,,, and moves over to make room, Angel smiles ... I meant it in a good way ... and places his plate besides him and starts to eat... all you can hear is the sounds of our little babies chewing their food ... chew, chew, chew, chew, chew chew ... chew, chew, chew .... Burb! Oops,   excuse me!

01-15-2009 3:33 PM -- By: Angel, memorial:   Lonely Angel Memorial
Do I smell food?

01-15-2009 3:26 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Luna looks at Minnie and starts to cry ... smile, Yes, I know she heard you!!! With tears in her eyes she looks off to the distance and sees Willow, INky and Kit-Cat bouncing on Dusty's back, yelling "yippie", hahaha, she looks to the beach and Simon is watching Buddy cook the steaks ... "in line for the first one", while Luke is flipping burgers on the grill;  Noops and Greta are wrapping the corn on the cob in foil for roasting, ... ANYONE HUNGRY!!! The dinner bells rings, Yep and early dinner for everyone, it seems we all missed breakfast today ... COME ONE COME ALL....COME AND GET IT!!! They all line up with smiles on their faces and love in their heart...

01-15-2009 3:20 PM -- By: Greta always moms girl, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
aaaaahhhh, so much better...thanks your the best!!! XOXOXO

01-15-2009 3:18 PM -- By: minn, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Thanks for the tail wagging help, Luna!  Mommy heard me, you know how I know?  She has tears in her eyes!

01-15-2009 3:12 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Luna looks at her friend who is in serious need of a super duper triple expresso shot in her coffee, PUCK GASPS, "a triple shot", he starts to get weak in the knees ... and then walks over to Greta, can Itry a sip of that? Ahhh, Luna, (Greta eyes wide open, ah hum, that surely hit the spot, ... Puck crawling and begging Luna on both knees, can I pleeassee haveee onneee oofffff thooossseee! PLEASSSE! Luna looks at him and says, "OK, but justy one ... ok?" Sure lUna, thanks, Luna whipps him up a Special Puckie Delight, he carefully walks it over to the table and sits it down ... she stares at it, Luna walks over and asks is there anything wrong, Puck gasps, I get just one,. and I want tomake it last ... OK, silly boy, drink up befor eit gets cold, take baby sipps, all yu could hear is "sip, ahhhh, ..... s i p ,   a hh hhhh, SIP! Humm, he looks at the bottom of the cup, and smiles, "we'll, maybe another tomorrow!" Yup, he's up and pulls out the glow stick and starts singing ...

Minnie cries out, "I can see her, I can see her, Waving frantically, she said, HI MOMMY, IT'S ME!!!! ... MINNIE!!!! I can see her, and smiles. She looks behind her and Luna is holding her tail, she stops what she'sdoing and smiles ... we'll, atleast it worked!!   

01-15-2009 2:58 PM -- By: minn, memorial:   Minnie Memorial

01-15-2009 2:49 PM -- By: Hammy sagar, memorial:   Hammy Sagar Memorial
More hugs please, I feel so much better, but more hugs would make me feel EVEN better..

01-15-2009 2:48 PM -- By: Greta always moms girl, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Oh thats better...more latte please...plop, right back in the oatmeal...does anyone have an IV latte???

01-15-2009 2:43 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Hammy you silly little fella, "SURE YOU'RE HOT!!!" Luna giggles, and turns around, we're all HOT HOT HOT!!!" hahaha, I'm hot, she hot, we're all HOT HOT HOT!!! Luna starts dancing and Greta picks her head up and then "PLOP" right  back in the oatmeal ... Humm, Minnie, I don't know, that's what Greta said, can't you wiggle it just a little ... humm, ok try holding the balland twitching yur nose, "huh", "what do you see???"

... meanwhile the natives are getting restless, Simons looking for another BBQ, and the boys ... we'll their always hungry ... Luna turns up the music and everyone starts dancing ... Greta picks her head up again and smiles ... "Does anyone have a Lattee?" Puckie rushes to her side and shares his, "here you go, take a sip" ... that must have been some date last night, "wink, wink" ...

Luna smiles, Minnie, how's it going, and I'm glad you like your necklace, I'm kinda fond of mine too! Willow finds dysty and goes for a horsey back ride, "giddie yap Dust, giddy yap" ... Dusty spins around and plops the kiddies on his back and takes off SWOOSSHHH. Yippie ...

The fire is ready and the grilling has begun, the scent fills the air and everyone gathers on the beach ... time for some serious BBQ'ing!

01-15-2009 2:29 PM -- By: minn, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Hammy!  Come here, baby, and give me a hug!  Oh, will someone please get Greta out of her oatmeal?  Hey...wait a minute!  I bet that oatmeal is acting like a facial!  Nevermind, leave her there, she will thank us later when her face is a clean and glowing!

01-15-2009 2:26 PM -- By: Greta always moms girl, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
YAWN!!! Boy Mommy watching is so tiring, what a party, greta falls asleep right in the middle of brunch in her plate of food..teehee...

01-15-2009 2:24 PM -- By: Hammy sagar, memorial:   Hammy Sagar Memorial
I am SAD, Puckie didn't say I was HOT, HOT, HOT...Hammy looks at his widdle tail....I am Hot aren't I ????? sigh.....

01-15-2009 2:23 PM -- By: willow,    Pet's name:   
.....i dont need babysittin right now, but me and inky can play wit kit-cat now.....ball of yarn or dusty-horsie?


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