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01-15-2009 2:17 PM -- By: minn, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Silly girl, Luna-Loo!  Kitties don't usually wag their tails, unless we are mad at something and I could never be that here!  Does only tail wagging make this thing work?  How about if I wiggle my whiskers?  I love my pawprint necklace.  What a co-in-ke-dence!  My Mommy has one kinda like this and when she wears it, she thinks of me!

01-15-2009 2:14 PM -- By: Simon, memorial:   Simon Bagley Memorial
Did someone say food??? Me and Kit-Cat are ready to eat.... Sorry we're late, we were looking in on mommy. Hey Greta, how about some mimosas??? Minn, Kit-Cat would love to babysit Willow for you sometime....

01-15-2009 2:11 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Hi Lauverne, look Minnie, I think Lauverne's watching us too??? hahahaha, Oh, she's checking in on Luke, Sorry Lauvern, your "little fish" is still sleeping ... but you were right, he never wanted to get out of the water ... Did you see him with his shades on, quite the movie star ... and he danced and danced till he could dance no more ... all the little angels are pooped! Luna smiles ... "Good Party!" hahaha.

01-15-2009 2:08 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Sure Minnie, and I see your wearing your charm, (Luna smiles) ... tiny paw prints but filled with so much love ... MInnie, come here and take a look ... Hold it up to your heart and wagg your tail ... "yes, that's is ... now look ...  Minnie looks in on her mommy, I can see her, "Hi Mommy, Minnie smiles ... I love you! Luna this is great!!! Can I use it too? Sure Minnie, sure!!!  ... Luna thinks, humm, I wonder if it w o r k s ... ahhh, look, there's Dusty, hahaha,  he's at the barkery looking for some samples ... hee-tee. wait till I tell Greta!!! WATCH OUT WORLD, we've got you covered!!

01-15-2009 1:54 PM -- By: Luke, memorial:   Luke Memorial
Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww. What a fun party we all had. Didn't the guest of honor "Luna" look pretty?Wowwwww. All the girls were pretty and the boys were all handsome but most of all we all had a great time.. Thankyou Luna's mommy for letting all of our mommies and daddies know about all the festivities we here at RB are having. Thankyou Puck's mommy for the HOT list. My mommy had a laugh of that. Thankyou  all for being my friends..Gotta go watch over my mommy now as she is receiving a few more homeless babies {as she calls them} at the shelter today. I know when they all meet my mommy ,they will love her and i know she will spoil them all too.Hugs to all my friends and their mommies and daddies. I love you all. Luke

01-15-2009 1:50 PM -- By: minn, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Luna, you are still so full of "bling" you look GORGEOUS, DAH-LING!  And, by the way, pretty neat crystal ball, huh?

01-15-2009 1:05 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Morning Minnie, Hiya Willow, hi ante luna, what a great party! and they all join everyone for breakfast! Luna bends over and gives Minnie a special hug and kiss, thank you so much for all your hard work yesterday, everyone looks wonderful, and my suit was prettier than I could have ever imagined ... Luna shows Minnie, she's still wearing the sparkle charm belt with little glitters stones and smiels, "I just love this"!, and my whole outsifit was beautiful, and so were all the others, you really outside yourself, you all did!!! Munch, munch, munch ,... 

01-15-2009 1:00 PM -- By: ,    Pet's name:   
Good Morning ... Luna sits up and wipes the sleep from her eyes, Wow!,  what a night! She cuddles  her pillow and smells the fresh rose petals all around her, when she turns her head left the beautiful Roses Shabba Lou gave her sit in a vase next to she bed ... When she looks right she see's the most beautiful rainbow over the bridge and it cascades for miles,  guess it's because of all our hopes and dreams ... yes, one day. Luna turns looks at the side of her bed and notices the crystal ball Greta gave her and YELLS "GRETA!!! " ... Luna starts shaking the ball, oh look, it's  a snow globe ... Greta looks, no silly, it's snowing by your mom's house silly" ... Luna asks, "can I look anywhere?" Greta responds, "Sure you can!" Luna sits and concentrates, "Ah ha, look at this", Luna looks a little closer ... "and she can  see the steam rising out of a cup of Vanilla latte, Greta,  either it was a "very late night" or  Miss Christy coldn't wait to get her vanilla latte this morning" ... Luna laughs, I've got my eye on you Christy! She sees Buddy walking toward her to make sure she's ready for breakfast, this time she's awake and not tangled up in her blanket, she gently touches the pink Rhinestone heart necklace Simon & his mom gave her and smiles, OK, I'M READY For r Breakfast, brunch, ... EATS!!! After a few moments the scent of freshly brewed  Hot Cooca fills the air and all the little ones still sleeping  pick up their heads, Buddy notices Luna's feet, she's wearing the little red fluffy fleece booties he gave her and smiles, she turns to Buddy and says, "they are so comfoprtable I can't seem to take them off" (ha-ha), and they head to breakfast where Puck and a few freinds are already waiting ... They sit at the counter and start to eat ... Luna smiles remembering all the fun from yesterday ... ahhhh, what a day, AND WHAT A PARTY!!! Thank you everyone, and the cake ... it was so yummie!!! Luna turns her head and calls into the kichen, "any leftovers???" ... hahaha, I thought not!!! (Tee-hee). We must have polished off cake off yesterday. She licks her lips as breakfast is served, what a day!   Thank you! Luna

... as she eats she notices little tiny sparkles, as they come closer she see's it's all her friends at the bridge and they are all wearing the tiny crystal paw print she gave them ... and she smiles! You're the bestest friends ever!!! She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath and sighs, 'tis heaven here with you!"


01-15-2009 12:43 PM -- By: Minnie and Willow, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Y...A...W...N!  Wow, Willow, look at the time!  We really slept in today, didn't we?  Well, let's go to Christian's for brunch and see if we run into anyone else, kk?  ...otay momma...les go!

01-14-2009 11:56 PM -- By: Greta always moms girl, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
I have something very special for your angel day Luna, Greta has her paws around her back....I wanted to wait until it quieted down a bit to give it to you, here..Greta hands Luna a beautiful Crystal ball , this is a very special crystal ball Luna....I had the angels bring it just for you. Whenever you are missing your mom all you have to do is hold it to your heart and wag your tail and you will immediately be able to see your mom whenever you want to!!! Its like a Mom cam...haha!! Do you like it Luna??? Lunas eyes fill with happy tears, I love it Greta now whenever i go to sleep at night I can lay down and hold it next to me and its like my mommy is right there with me!! Luna reaches up and wraps her little paws around her friend..Love you!!

01-14-2009 11:00 PM -- By: puck llewis , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
ZzzzzZZzzzZZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzZZZZzzzzzzzZZZzzzZzzz   love you all!  paw print.  PAWS-ome.   nite nite ZzzZZzzzzZZzzz

01-14-2009 10:56 PM -- By: Simon, memorial:   Simon Bagley Memorial
WOW!!! Luna's party was a blast!!! We're all gonna have to sleep in tomorrow. We'll have to have brunch instead of breakfast. Maybe Greta will make us some mimosas. 

I'm so glad you liked your cake Luna, we had to get something HOTT, HOTT, HOTT  for you because you are so special. We love you Luna Loo (& Ms Nadine).

Luna, you make Rainbow Bridge such a special place and your mom makes things on earth a little brighter for our parents when they are missing us.

Fun day!!! Love to all of my friends

Luv, Simon

(Mommy had to catch up, just got home from work)

01-14-2009 10:33 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Luna looks to the stars and smiles, I love you, remember ... I'm always with you, I'm only a moment away ... she stands at the beach with all her friends casting their thoughts, dreams and wishes to the wind in hope of them finding the hearts of those that miss them ... We love you!!!  Luna Angel ... you're an angel to me.          Happy 9 Month Angel Day!!!

01-14-2009 9:27 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Luna eys Puck, Buddy, Luke and Simon sitting by a tree, Puck is sleeping standing up, Luna bends sideways and listens, she can hear him snoring, ... a few feet away in the grass is Toby Rocky, Dollie, Little BIt and Coco looking up at the moom and watching the clouds move ... Humm,  ... a calm comes over  rainbow bridge, as each child sits and dreams, some awake with their minds wandering ... It must have been Luna's wish when she blew out the candles, "to dream ... how special!"

Before each child heads up to their cloud to sleep this evening, the angels help Luna put a little gift under their pillows, it's a paw print with glistening crystals that shine as bright as the stars, you see here you've left your own set of foot prints, I eman "paw prints" on our hearts, keep this with you always, it's filled with all the love we share at the rainbow bridge so you carry a piece of each of us with you ... always. Luna smiles, something so simple, but so heartfelt ... (she smiles)  ... She blows her wish to the wind so when each child see it they will understand ... Luna walks quietly to the beach and looks to the stars ... it's almost 10pm mom and I'm here waiting. I know you hold me close in your heart  like you've always have, know that I am with you ... I know you are probably crying now missing me more than life itself but in my eyes there was no love greater, no heart strong than the love we each shared ... one day, it's just a dream, and only a moment away ... I love you, always. Luna 

01-14-2009 9:09 PM -- By: ,    Pet's name:   
Why is everyone laying on their backs in the sand and grass...legs straight up to the sky...dreamy eyes (some already sawin' Z-z-z-z-Z-Z-Z-z-z-z-z-s...with such big happy puffy tummies? LOL ... H-m-m-m-m...what a party Luna gal!

01-14-2009 8:57 PM -- By: ,    Pet's name:   
yummie, this is really good....

01-14-2009 8:49 PM -- By: the party continues..., memorial:   Luna Memorial
All the little ones are filling up on fun and festivities, the little ones are still playing by the pool, Dusty and Angel are watching over the little ones ... Did anyone see Greta, OH GRETA!!! Oh, I think she's in the kitchen with Noops making, making, baking some cookies ...... Whew, I could use a frosty drink right now...all of a sudden you hear the blender and it's Simon, and he spins up a frosty delight and tops it off with a cherry...Luna smiles, "My how pretty, thank you...slirrpp..Humm, Good too!!! YUMMIE! You're mom would be proud!  ... All of a sudden Luna looks and the cake box and it's gone ... OMG ... Where's the cake, ... Don't worry Luna they brought it to th kitchen, (Luna jumps up with anticipation), she begins to smile when the  lights dim ... the cake is rolled out ...IT IS A VOLCANO CAKE, A Red Velvet volcano cake with white icing!!! ...Luna jumps with delight, they light the cake all of a sudden smoke appears, a few moments later volcanic icing dripping down the sides, "the prettiest cake you ever did see",  ... tiny flashing lights surround the cake and candles as each child goes up to blow one out ... then it's Luna's turn, she stops, stand and blows our her candle and bends her head in prayer ... "tis heaven here with you, every one, thank you for making my life richer than I've ever thought possible" ... she picks up her head and smiles ... and waits as she stares in the eyes of each of her freinds ... then she yells, OK, LET'S EAT!!! She slides in a piece and her tounge licks the icing from her cake, thhisss iss sooo goood, hummm, you'vveee reaallly oouuttdidd youurseeelff ... as she slides another bite in ... she starts to sing, "Yummie, Yummie, Yummie. I've got some love in my tummy", and she begins to spin and spin ... I LOVE YOU!!!

01-14-2009 8:35 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Oh, I just can't wait to see the cake!!! Luna paces in front of the box, and then she notices Ebony looking at her, she smiles and says, "Does naybody know when their going to serve the cake?"

01-14-2009 7:37 PM -- By: The Orchestra, memorial:   Luna Memorial
The music slows down and trhe lights dim, a full orchestra rises up from the sand dune and starts to play Jay Black and the Americans, "Some enchanted evening ..." All the girls drool, oh, what a voice ... he turns his head, OMG It's Puck, ... as he sacheshes to the center of the room and really starts to sing ... he lights up not just the floor  but the hearts of everyone that can hear him, they all gather around ... ahhh, a man of many surprises ...

01-14-2009 7:31 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Hi Ebony, (Luna taps her on the shoulder) ... lookin' for me. tee-hee, Isn't this party terrific, look at everyone having such a grand ole time ... she moves in a little closer, "did you see my cake", I heard it might be a volcano ...  but I can't   q u i t e    s e e (Luna bouncing and then realizes there is a top to the box ... and tumbles to one side, whew, did you see how high I just jumped!!! Wouldn't ya know ... a top to the box!!! hahaha

01-14-2009 7:29 PM -- By: ,    Pet's name:   
Everyone here on the humor forum (parents & kids)...well, you are all s-o-o-o-o funny (smile...LOL) Gotta luv ya.

01-14-2009 7:17 PM -- By: ,    Pet's name:   
Go Puck...go Puck...go Pucky-Puck!

01-14-2009 7:14 PM -- By: Ebony (Ebby), memorial:   Ebony Turner Memorial
Gosh  I just never realized how big the party would many friends. They all look so beautiful. Thanks for getting me those pink knickers bro. I owe ya (grin.) I see...I just gotta get outta' the tub more often. This is awesome!!! Hey, where did little starlett Luna go? Did she bounce into the cake box?

01-14-2009 7:08 PM -- By: Shabba, memorial:   Shabba Lou Turner Memorial
P-s-s-s-s-t-t-t-t!!! Ebony, c'mon sis...outta' the tub! It's party time...ur...passed party time. Shabba my dear brother, I have a big hiney like Greta. My bikini bottom is a bit scantly clad. In a FLASH...all you see is a cloud of dust while Shabba takes off for the swim shop to get Ebby some pink knickers to match her top, flip-flops. In another FLASH and cloud of dust...Shabba's back. Here sis, now put 'em on and let's get to the party before it's over. I was there earlier, and oh what a blast!!! I don't wanna miss Luna's cake!

Shabba, smothered in his new tropical Man-dawg cologne, dressed in his yellow and bright blue shirt, yellow shorts and bright "blue suede shoes" (custom made), and sis Ebby "clad in pink" take off for the party. They can hear the music, laughing, pool splashing and all the kids talking. Look at all the friends...everywhere...hundreds and hundreds of them. WOW! Everyone is here. Look at the band-stand and dance floor...can you believe it? The disco ball is huge...and look at it sparkle all those "rainbow" colors! Amazing! Now, this is heaven (smile.)

Hey sis, look at princess Luna over there twirling in circles...bouncing up in the air so dainty...still staring at that big box in the center of the dining hall that has her cake in it. H-m-m-m-m-m...looks like she's trying to make it look like she's just bouncin'. Watch her...with each bounce she gets higher and higher and closer to the box. I think she's trying to get close enough and bounce high enough to see over the edge of the box. Silly girl...isn't she adorable? Oh gosh we love you all so much!

01-14-2009 5:38 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Luna glances over the party with the sparkles of stars reflected in her eyes, she's spinning, she's dancing and she so very happy inside ... she looks down at all the beautiful pink roses and the petals that softly line the pink blanket as she eys Shabba Lou smiling at her, she invites him over to come and have a seat and "he does!" ... They sip yet another pina colada ... burp! oh, excuse me ... ... they are so yummie, She looks over to Puck, Greta and Simon and thanks them all for making such delicious drinks, and Buddy Boo ... she gives him an extra big hug, for just ... being you! Christian is working on the shrimp and tuna...Simon promises not to roll in it (tee-hee), Buddy, Rocky, Toby, Luke are working on the BBQ, Greta and Noops are bringing in the fresh fruit salad, topped with marichiano cherries (Luna's favorite) ...  Puck starts the fire, Klaus mans the DJ music, Little Bit, Peanut, Coco, Angel, and all the girls gather around and lite the tiki tiki torches and swet the mood to a hawaiian tropical island, the music tempo changes, and Minnie and Patch, along with Taffy and Patches release tiny lit candles surrounded by flowers afloat on the pond to set the mood, you can see them clearly through the patio and garden, the trees are draped with lit lumunous cray paper lamps that set the sphere a glow ... Puck lights the fire and all the kids gather around, fluffy pink pillows line the floor for all to rest on, passion pink, pale pink, rose pink and lavendar to mane a few of the colors, ... clearly this is a relaxing day for all to gather and have fun ... Dusty takes a mad dive to the bottom of the pool and rescures Pucks "drawers", he turns 38,889,998 shades of red as Dusty drapes them to dry by the fire ... but not too close, no hot toddies tonight! Luna slips away and gathers her midnight gifts to hand out to all, a glimmer of hope for the day to come and she puts them in her bedroom to deliver later on, ... Wondering about her cake as she notices a big box in the center of the dining hall, wanting to peak but fighting the urge to look, she smiles, "I just love these guys" ...

01-14-2009 4:56 PM -- By: minn, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Oh, boy, do these drinks taste delish!  I am worn out from all that swimmin, so I am just gonna lie back and take a cat nap.  Can someone wake me when it is time for our dinner feast?

01-14-2009 4:23 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
OMG Puck, do you think you lost your shorts when Ihelped pull out your tail ... she touches her paw to her head, I might have forgot to tie the sting??? us girls don't have strings, we'll string that need to be tightened, well, hump, guess ours shows on the outside ... didn't want to go poking around in their (Luna truning purple ... Yes purple ... (ok, just breathe), she had a case of embarassment along with brain freeze ... "Good one Greta, can I have an extra piece of pineapple!!! ... and an extra cherry too . Sure, Luna!!! Greta gives her three! and she smiles ... "Thanks Greta!!! ... I just love these" Gulp.chew, chew, chew. ahhh, yummie

01-14-2009 4:00 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Luna smiles and paddles her way to the center of the pool, she steps out and Greta greets her and mInnie with towels, you girls looks great out there, Greta points, "what's that", .... she eyes Pucks shorts sinking to the bottom ... we'll saving them for later, diving contest maybe (tee-hee). ... Luna sits back in the chair and lets the sun dry her fur, as the wangels gather around and blow a gentle warm breeze on them whilethe flutter of their wings comb the hair ... "This sure is heaven, isn't it!" and they all smile and sipp their drinks ... WOW PUCKIE< I LOVE THESE STRAWS!!! magic ... slirppp

01-14-2009 3:51 PM -- By: minn, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Puck, not to, we had some extra clothes out for anyone who didn't have stuff.....quick, before anyone sees, put thes new shorts on.  Much better, and look, there is a little string in the front. All we haveta do is pull real tight, make a bow, and you are good to go! There will be no moons out tonight (well, no furry moons, anyway) TEEHEE!Luna! Can you believe we are swimmin? Toby did a great job teaching us, huh? Hey Toby! Look at us, a couple of fishes!

01-14-2009 3:49 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
LUna turns left, then right, and notices Puckie pants sinking over to the left an point ... er ER ERRR PUCKIE, I think their heading south, grab them quick if yu can, LUKE!!! Help Pucky please...he's like a fish ya know. 


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