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01-09-2009 4:13 PM -- By: Greta Abigail Memorial, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Don't worry Luna, the doggy chases him back and even snaps at him..haha. Good for you for sticking up for the other doggys though.. Gotta see mom off to work, see ya..XOXOXO

01-09-2009 4:08 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Luna sees the Great Dane running and both her and Dusty stand in front (LUna now MAD!!! ever see Luna mad? Humm, she stands righ tin frnt of the dog with Dusty on her side to protect her from his feet incase he kicks and the kangaroo sits quietly in the store. (Luna looks amazed), do you think he can feel us, she turns to Dusty and he's staring the kangaroo down ... Nobody's gonna mess with my girl!!! Luna walks over to the doggie and pats him on the head ... no need to fear, just because he's pushing his weight around, you have freinds in high places and the doggie smiles ... Luna gives him a kiss on the cheek, and Dusty shakes his hand, and then he turns to the kangaroo and says, "WE'RE WATCHING YOU! Straighten up bucko!!! 

01-09-2009 4:04 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Luna starts to get MADDD! He chased and kicks a doogie, and he's afraiDDD and the store owner does nothing ... She stands up, her chest out and grabs Dusty for a little road trip ...

01-09-2009 3:51 PM -- By: Greta, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
His mom must have kicked him outta the pouch too soon huh Luna??

01-09-2009 3:50 PM -- By: Greta always moms girl,    Pet's name:   
They have a great Dane that runs around and they said Mickey chases the Dog around the store trying to kick him even though the dog is so much bigger it was so funny cause the dog was scared of the little baby wallaby.

01-09-2009 3:48 PM -- By: Greta always moms girl, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Isn't he cute?? Mom couldn't get very good pics cause he wouldn't stand still, he was hopping all over the place, the only time he stood still was to bite her on the kneecap!! HAHA.. he only came up to her adorable!!

01-09-2009 3:47 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
... oh Greta, oh Christy ... (luna shaken) ... I would have been so scared and BARKING ... look at the claws on his tossies, he definitely needs a paw-i-cure ... you're lucky he didn't kick you ... you'd be missing your leg (LUna shakes from head to tow), and he's so Big ... Luna curls up next to Greta and puts her head in her lap  ... you can tame the beast in some men ... (Luna smiles and looks at Pucky, Buddy, Dusty, Simon, Luke, Angel, and  Hammy too) and smiles. ... Guess maybe he didn't get enough love? ...

01-09-2009 3:42 PM -- By: minn, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
OMG! Mickey (obviously, I love that name) is so so adorable.

01-09-2009 3:31 PM -- By: Greta always moms girl, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
The pics are up!! They are on my photo album page, its funny cause mommy actually got a pic of him biting her knee...hahaha, he is very soft and pretty!! I guess he is not too friendly though, he certainly did not like to sit still!

01-09-2009 3:21 PM -- By: minn, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Neat!  Oh, I am so so excited.....I never saw a kangaroo before!  Oh, Luna, you silly girl!  I didn't mean that the babies getting cold and frozen solid is a bad thing like they could get hurt (since that won't happen to us here), I just meant that they probably would just LOVE to be popsicles and with Patch and me being nervous mommies, we need to take them away from something they are having fun with, cause that is what mommies do sometimes, right?

01-09-2009 3:14 PM -- By: Greta, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Mom says she will put the pics up really quickly should be up on my page in 15 minutes..okay??

01-09-2009 3:04 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Greta, how big was he/she ... might have been scared of the flash ... or didn't like the taste of your showlaces ... see you can never have them drag on the floor, I keep telling my mom, even though I chew on them you have to retie them tee-hee.

... Maybe he saw you vanilla lattee and since you didn't share ... CHOPM!!! Glad you're ok. Did I tell you mom woke up with a swollen middle finger on her left hand, it hurt to press her nuckle, and it was purple in the center ... she doesn't remember banging it ... then she thought, it might have been when she tried to open a bldg door with 14 lb Lily in her right arm, while carrying 3 lb Opal in her left, and maybe that's when the latch didn't open and she pushed. but what a bruise, the following day her whole finger was purple, then her nuckle turned clean and the rest of her finger was still purple. It's back to normal today, she knew she didn't break it cause she could mov eher fingers ... silly mommy ... but Greta, you're takes the cake ... Chris-t-knee lunch ...

Sorry minn & patch, forgot you don't like the cold, but here ar rb we don't get chilly, but those fire do feel awful warm and toasty ...

01-09-2009 3:04 PM -- By: minn, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
How cool are the pet stores where Christy lives! I think the only things at my Mommy's petstore are hamsters, ferrets, guinea pigs, cats for adoption, and supplies. I hope we can see the pictures your mommy took, Greta, although she probably wasn't taking pictures when she got bot...teehee!

Thank you so much for the kiss kiss, Hammy!  I love you too, you are so so soft and your coloring is just GORGEOUS DARLING!  Don't worry, Puck, Dusty will be along shortly because Patch and I wanna take the babies to the spa to thaw out.

01-09-2009 2:59 PM -- By: puck llewis, memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
oh my...i got all wrapped up in sundog...hi hammy hi luna hi simon hi minn minn hi greta hi shabba lou and oh.....and where is dusty? is he back on the snowsled again?

01-09-2009 2:56 PM -- By: Hammy sagar, memorial:   Hammy Sagar Memorial
Hammy wipes his forehead out of relief and runs up Minnies leg and to her shoulder and gives her the tiniest little Hammy kiss..." Its Okay Minnie, I am just used to kittys trying to eat me, I didn't know it was an expression..Sorry,I overreacted..I wove you..kiss, kiss.."

01-09-2009 2:54 PM -- By: Greta always moms girl, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
She was at the Pet store getting my Hermit Crab that I sent her a new shell and they had a Baby Wallaby that had been out of the pouch for 4 months running around the store and they let mom take pictures of it and it was chewing on her shoelaces and reached up a bit her on the knee, no she is fine, didn't break the skin just a little bruise, just really really funny. It was SO cute!!

01-09-2009 2:51 PM -- By: minn, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Don't worry, Hammy! I am sorry, I was just kidding! I didn't even catch and eat mice when I lived with my Mommy. It was just an expression...please, I don't want you to be scared of me.

01-09-2009 2:50 PM -- By: minn, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Patch, what a wonderful idea!  Let's get the babies from Dusty, they are probably frozen solid by now!  Then we can get our bellies rubbed at the spa, get a not hot cup of cocoa, and lay by the fire until our furr is on fire, or just seems like it...teehee!

Greta, where in the world did your mommy go that she got bit by a kangaroo!?!  I bet it was hysterical to see but is she ok?

01-09-2009 2:48 PM -- By: Hammy Sagar, memorial:   Hammy Sagar Memorial

01-09-2009 2:46 PM -- By: Greta always moms girl, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Here I am Luna Lou..I am laffing my hiney off...hahaha..mommy got bit on the kneecap by, get this..A KANGAROO, A BABY KANGAROO AT THAT..greta rolling on floor ..thats so funny..haha, I just peed myself should have seen was priceless!!!

01-09-2009 2:44 PM -- By: Patch, memorial:   Patch Memorial
While you doggies are out in search of sundogs an dmoondogs in the frozen tundra of MN. we kitties will lay by the warm fire and lounge with some hot cocoa. What ya think Minn, Kit Cat? Maybe a quick visit to the spa for a belly rub.

01-09-2009 2:44 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Luna's jaw drops open, Buddy lifts it up so her breath won't freeze, Puckie shakes her ...  she just stares ... so beautiful, the glow in the sky i mean ... she turns left, a slight rainbow, she looks up and the lumination spreads like a shere around the sun ... WOW!!! aMAZING! so this is a sundog ... Mom, google sundog photo, ahhhh. Beautiful ... Luna breaks open the trailer and sets up the tent, she puts out the hot cocoa and cookies ... Thanks Puck, Buddy, for explaining ... who would have ever known ...

01-09-2009 2:35 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial

01-09-2009 2:26 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
... I'm just so amazed, who would have ever thought something like this existed (Puck sticks his hiney out again showing Luna the moo) ...Not your sweet cheeks Puckie, the sky ... Humm, two vertical rainbows having a beginning and no end ... Or is it one split...Luna trieds to pictutre this in her mind but can't comprehend the beauty ... Come On!!! Hurry Everyone ... I've gotta see a sundog!!! PLEEZEEE! Greta rushes up to Luna because she thinks something is wrong ... Luna taps her toes ... come on, I don't want to miss it!!! Dusty comes by with his smowmobile and  Puck with the limosled and their off ... a smile appears on her face ... "it must be beautiful ..."

Hot cocoa packed for later with some of Dollie's ciing cakes (shhhh, don't tell Puck yet), he drives fast enough! hahaha VAROOM!!!

01-09-2009 2:16 PM -- By: minn, memorial:   Minnie Memorial
Oh Hammy!  You are cute as a button...I could just eat you right up!

01-09-2009 2:10 PM -- By: Hammy Sagar, memorial:   Hammy Sagar Memorial
Whoopps, I called my sissy bad..I don't think we look alike do you??

01-09-2009 1:59 PM -- By: puck and buddy, memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
luna...i think that is why they are called sundogs....cause it kind of looks like 2 ears  and a nose ( ' ).   some are really pretty and some just look like bright white lites on the side of the sun.  sometimes to a moon dog is ice crystals that you can see on either side of the moon (full moon...) not this (puck sticks his tootie buns out) but a moon moon.  

01-09-2009 1:50 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
COME ON " EVERYONE HURRY AND FINISH BREAKFAST!!!" ... I want to see a sunDoG, or Diamond dust dog ... Let's head out to the frozen tundra of MN where THE AIR IS SO cold that the snow freezed in mid-flight suspended ~ forming such beautiful delights! ... HURRY EVERYONE, finish your breakfast we're off to MN!!! ... PIck up your polar parker over here, don't forget your goggles ... YIPPIE, we' off.

 Miss Polly keep an eye out, you too Miss Lisa, and Miss Leigh, we're on our way ... YIppPieee!

01-09-2009 1:42 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
... humm, I don't know? ... a thought just came to her, you walking in, tossing keys on table, holding cup of vanilla lattee with your teeth because you couldn't bear to put it down without a sip, so you take a big SIPPPP, and then place it on the table, take of your jacket, pick it up and walk over to the computer ... and whola, I'm here talking to you...Luna waggs her tail ... Nice to see you Christy!!!

Dusty just took Willow and Inky for a ride, and Hammy was spotted in Simon's hair just a few minutes ago munchin a cookie ... but he stepped out ... (Luna turns her head), yup, he's sitting on the counter, right over THERE!

01-09-2009 1:34 PM -- By: Hammy Sagar, memorial:   Hammy Sagar Memorial
Here I is Mommy... Hammy sticks his widdle head out of Shabbas Hair, Love you!!


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