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01-01-2009 4:03 PM -- By: Hammy, memorial:   Hammy Sagar Memorial
shaking my widdle booty..go shabba..go shabba!!!

01-01-2009 4:02 PM -- By: Greta always moms girl, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
WOW!!! SHABBA LOU, Will you teach me how to do the Moonie walk ?? I am not very graceful though I am all paws....

01-01-2009 3:52 PM -- By: Shabba Lou, memorial:   Shabba Lou Turner Memorial
As all the BIRTHDAY KIDS and masses of their friends are gathering, after eating birthday breakfast.......Shabba Lou z-z-z-o-o-o-o-m-m-m-s in out of no where (butt spiked after Hammy slept in it all night) doing his spectacular backward moon-walk dance. Hey everyone I seem to be coming out of my shell...h-m-m-m-m. Anyway, I really did moon-dance when I was at home with mom. What are ya all laughing about...I DID...I REALLY DID. When I moon-walked I'd dip my head down, in between each push backward so it really looked like moon-walking. I remember the best dance I ever did for mommy was when we lived in a house back in 1997 that had slick shiny wood floors. I moon-walked backward for 11 feet...I saw mom measure my distance while she was laughing hysterically! (Shabba hears gasps, giggles, o-o-o-o-o-h-s and a-h-h-h-h-s from everywhere...11 feet???) Anyway, mom was so silly...she did hand signs and this silly little bunch of words...she used to kinda' talk-sing, to get me goin'. She'd say (in a really weird voice), "c'mom Shabba Lou...moon-walk Shabba...mooner Pappa...c'mon moon Poppy....mooner Pops...mooner Pappa....and away I'd go with mom coaxing me every inch. Mom gave a whole new meaning to "mooner". LOL...LOL. Luv ya mom!

Everyone starts cheering Shabba on, to show what he's really got, so he starts his backward moon-walking. He stands up real tall (only a few inches) puffs his chest up all manly, and shakes his "Hammy messed up hair" out 'cause he sees Luna gazing at him with "that look" in her eyes...he feels like a star...and away he goes!!! He was doin' surprisingly good taking into consideration he was "moonin' in the grass, and then he started showin' off and shoving backward with his front paws really hard and fast. All of a sudden he backs himself to the edge...and down the hill he goes. He does a couple cart-wheels while he was screaming y-i-p-p-p-p-e-e-e-e-e...trying to make it look like this was all part of the act. He started out being a "cool dude" and ended up being a "cool dud." He lands at the bottom of the hill (his puffed up chest taking on a more suttle a mess again) and sees all the kids gather at the edge of the hill giggling and laughing hysterically...rolling all over in the grass. The only thing hurt was Shabba's "manly" pride. In deep thought, he in the world am I ever gonna' live this one down? Golly, they all saw me.

All of a starts playing...all the kids get up...line up...and start doing the electric slide along the edge, at the top of the hill. PUCK pushes to the front of the crowd with Hammy sitting straight up on his back feet...on top of Puck's head...holding a HUGE sunflower seed between his front paws (silly boys says Greta and Dusty...hang on Hammy!) Hey Shabba says Puck, c'mon pal...maybe ya 'otta come join us and stick with the electric slide for now (Puck in deep thought...WHEW...sure glad it wasn't me at the bottom of the hill.) Shabba meekly struts back up the hill and takes his place in line (tail tucked between his legs...keepin' an eye out for Luna) and joins in on "the slide."

Oh look...Buddy steps out in front of the crowd (he wants center stage now) with a microphone in his paw...singing at the top of his lungs to drown out "the slide" music. Everyone stops in their tracks...they change the music to Happy Birthday...WOW he sounds like Elvis!!! Buddy sings while he's shakin' his bootie...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Brundel Seth Burke, Chelsey, Duke Owen, Cassie, (WHEW) King Le Masurier, Meisen, kitty Mufasa, Tai-Chi, (Buddy comes up for air) kitty Precious, Alfie, Rayne, Maguire, (Buddy gasping for air) KLAUS, Garbo, kitty Gilhoolie and Scooter...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Buddy drops to his knees and says (in his Elvis voice), "thank you everyone...thank you very much! They are all taken back by his performance and break out in an unforgettable applause heard throughout the land.

Simon, Kit-cat, Chiquita, Sheba, Minn-Minn, Willow, Noops, Luke, Zoe, Little Bit and a few other friends break away from the crowd, join hands and start skipping around in a circle singing...zippity do da...zippidy day...oh my goodness what a glorious day...zippity do da...zippity day...yippity yu ya...yippity yeah! What a wonderful day this will be...a new year has begun...and so many HAPPY BIRTHDAYS. Our families love us..honor us...remember us...what more could we ask for???

Suddenly, as quickly as this short celebration started...silence falls over the crowd, as all the kids take a moment to remember their families and siblings that they had to leave behind (for now). They are all angels now, and will forever be able to send their love, blow kisses through the wind and perch on their loved ones shoulders...whispering sweetness in their ears. We love you mommies, daddies, siblings and friends!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

01-01-2009 11:22 AM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Luna walks up to Dusty and gives him a big kiss ... MWAH ... "Happy New Year Dusty", and gives him a plate and napkin smiling ... Dusty blushes ... "morning Luna" ... She bends down to look at Hammy who is all confused., "No Hammy,  ham is not come from hamsters silly boy... and we don't eat our freinds here ... Luna looks at Dusty, cause Hammy's fur is all a mess ... Dusty smiles, "morning Luna", nope, he's like that cause he slept on Shabba last night, honest ... Luna touches his paw as she serves him his meal and he bends his head and blushes, "thanks Luna" ... heart pumping a few extra beats 

01-01-2009 11:15 AM -- By: Dusty, memorial:   Dusty Memorial

Who invited him????

01-01-2009 11:14 AM -- By: Hammy, memorial:   Hammy Sagar Memorial
oh mommy don't  b so silly, wow am I a hot mess this morning...haha...GASP!! do they make HAM, OUT OF HAMSTER????? I SEE HAM ON THE BREAKFAST TABLE  WHAT IF ITS MADE OUT OF ME!!!!

01-01-2009 11:11 AM -- By: Greta always moms girl, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Oh sooo tired but never to tired to eat, yummy.. mommy wrote a little poem on the grieving page for New years day if ya wanna read it. She couldn't put everyone on it so please don't get hurt by it, she had to go with what she had, okay?? She tried really really hard to fit, but had to put what she could that was most important like Angel on there.

01-01-2009 10:52 AM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Luna stretches and goes to look for Shabba Lou, when she find him she nestles over and gives him a kiss, "Happy new Year my freind" ... all of a sudden Hammy pops out and steals a little kiss too ... and then blushes, "morning Luna, can you take me for breakfast? That is, if your heading that way. I've gotten so used to being carried around." All of a sudden Shabba wakes up because Hammy is moving around in his back and he smiles when he sees Luna, "good morning Luna" ... (blushing) she asks him to join her for breakfast, come on ... EVERYBODY UP!!! We have 12 Birthdays today I think, (she starts counting on her paws ... there are so many ... (as she rolls over and counts on her toes) ... there are so many ...ha-ha! Big party today. 

Luna walks over and wakes up Buddy, "Buddy, oh Buddy" ... she nestles in and wispers in his ear "Wake Up, it breakfast time" ... Luna has visions of blueberry pancakes, toast and raspberry jam floating in her mind, and throughts of Christy bacon (tee-hee).

She looks at the time and walks over to Lunetta's and pipes in some soothing music to wake up all the sleepy angels who partied and danced till the wee hours of the morning ... GRETA! GRETA! Time to get us. (she thinks to herself, humm, some extra Christy bacon for her) she danced her socks off shaking what her mama gave her ... Whew!!! She smiles at her friend and says "you go girl." Greta smiles and wipes the sleep from her eyes ... Luna stands up and says "BREAKFAST!!! All of a sudden you hear the clattering of tiny little feet, Dusty first in line with Angel right behind him wagging his tail ... then follows Buddy strolling in, Puck glides in with a smile (seems he still has some moves going on), Klaus walks in sporting a party hat laughing, don't the birthday boy get first place in line? ... and Dusty greets his friend with a manly hand shake, sure Klaus, as all the other birthday angels clammer for position including Miesen who is so tickled that the party will begin right after breakfast, even though the cake will not be suerved until the afternoon ... they all begin to lick their lips knowing they have another party going on... YIPPIE!!! Everyone lines up with a plate in hand, it seems there is a special breakfast today, the birthday of all their friends and a new year to dream ...

01-01-2009 12:00 AM -- By: (Shabba) Dabba Do (Lou), memorial:   Shabba Lou Turner Memorial
Shabba Lou helps Hammy untangle himself...he was really nestled good in Shabba's fur. Hammy is used to the "hair" thing...he already had experience with Simon's hair (smile).

Better be careful Hammy or we're gonna have sunflowers sproutin' up all over around here. Actually...that would be pretty cool huh? Then you'd have plenty of fresh seeds. Do they really come from sunflowers? I never was much of a garden pro. I saw mom eat sunflower seeds once in a while...but never knew where she got them from...duh. I feel like such a big man taking care of a little bitty boy like you. Don't worry Ham-cakes (Shabba puffs up his chest), I'll protect ya too buddy. You sure have a lot of bodygaurds around here angel. See ya later little Hammy hampster.

G-o-o-o-o Buddy. You sure can sing pal!!! Oh, and there's Luna and her expertise party planning (Shabba blushes 'cause he's got a secret crush on Luna)...well, the secret's out. Gosh, look at all the friends that play here. This is really fun!

Patch, please keep us informed on what the outcome on the results of the MRI your mom got. Maybe she could post for us on the main forum. You know we all care and love you and your momma. XOXOXOX

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! Hugs, Shabba and family.

12-31-2008 10:17 PM -- By: Hammy Sagar, memorial:   Hammy Sagar Memorial
Oh you so funny Mr Shabba Lou, I am laughing so hard I threw up some of my sunflower seeds....hahahaha, Thanks for the ride...still laughing so hard,   uh! oh! here comes the sunflower seeds again...........

12-31-2008 9:03 PM -- By: Buddy, memorial:   Buddy Memorial
Buddy sings.........lalalala

Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and days of auld lang syne?
For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we'll take a cup of kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and days of auld lang syne?
And here's a hand, my trusty friend
And gie's a hand o' thine
We'll tak' a cup o' kindness yet
For auld lang syne

12-31-2008 8:38 PM -- By: Shabba Lou (aka Pops...Poppy), memorial:   Shabba Lou Turner Memorial
...Hello everyone, I've been trying to get my mom to write for me on the humor page forever. WHEW...finally! Hey guess what, Hammy heard the rumor somehow that my nickname was "pony". I went blind a few months after I got sick, and I couldn't see where I was going. Well, when mom took me to the clinic I used to walk around in circles while we were in the waiting room the whole time mom and I were there. Jessie (one of the clerks) was the one who nicknamed me. She said I looked like one of those carousel ponies at the fair. Did mom ever kid me about that! In fact sometimes she even called me her little pony.

Anyway, all of a sudden...out of nowhere...I saw Hammy come flying across the field, and he asked me if I would give him a carousel pony ride. He said he was used to going in vertical circles, but would settle for horizontal circles, if I'd agree. Well, that was a few hours ago...and we're still going in circles. I sure am glad I'm going slow or else I would have gotten dizzy...and who knows what else.

I saw Ebony and hundreds of her friends running across the meadow together, and yelled out hello to all of them. Hammy started laughing so hard at me that he fell off my back (only a few inch drop)...on his back...feet straight up in the air kickin' like crazy...(a few minutes later)...Hammy is still laughing. bark sounds like a duck quacking, and Hammy said he was looking around for a duck...then when he realized it was me...he lost it. He said he'd never heard a doggie bark like me. H-m-m-m-m...have you ever heard a hampster laugh? It's a funny little sound. He kinda sounds like a little funny! Now Shabba and Hammy are both on there backs...side by side... laughing out of control "hammin'" it up. A few mintues later they both regain their composer, and Hammy hops back up on Shabba's back. Shabba has nice long hair so Ham can get a real good grip. Now they're going to drink a nice warm cup of Luna's cocoa (Shabba sighs), and go look for a nice warm spot to snuggle up and saw some Z-Z-Z-z-z-z's for a while. They walk away together, as Shabba fluffs up his soft fur for Hammy to nest in.

12-31-2008 3:16 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial

As each little angel greets the day, they sit and relax, take in a spa day and get dressed for their party, the biggest one’s they’ve seen this year! Hip Hip Hooray, it’s almost A New Years! … And do you know what that brings, one more year to dream of being with you …  


… all the little angels dressed up in their formal wear, the girls in pretty ivory satin dressed with scoop necklines draped with a strand of pearls, the boys dressed in tuxedo’s and satin top hats …  they head to the main  parlor through the garden  towards the formal dining room where their dining experience awaits them.  Bobo, Christian, Blossom, Dollie, Luna and Happy take center stage and bow gracefully as the hostesses begin to serve the appetizers. Each guest is escorted to their tables dressed with crystal stem wear, napkins sit on top of their plates and  a candle opera grace the center of each table surrounded by little tea lights that sparkle and shine, as servers fill their grasses with bubbly and take their orders, the dance floor lightly lit and each child gladly takes the hand of a special little lady and glides them across the floor, the music is playing and the their little hearts beat as one, you can feel it inside as you watch them glide across the floor, hand in hand, toe to toe, a few kisses exchanged, and bashful eyes sparkle by the moons light-beams flickering light. They kick up their heals and send their grown cascading in a free flowing motion as they flutter and spin across the dance floor. The dimmed alights grew brighter and each child returned to their seats. The servers carried out trays filled with T-bone steaks, mash potatoes with lots of butter and sour cream, there was salmon, tuna steak or white fish for our feline friends, and choice of lamb chops or chicken breast, but no matter they were all seared or sizzled to perfection.

In the center of the dining hall stood a huge crystal ball, it  descended in the center of the room shining ever so brightly white dinner is being served, then after it flew up high to the ceiling and it’s light cascaded around the room setting a somewhat romantic mood. As the day grew on a few walked to the patio, the garden, the beach or the lounge,  they laughed and told stories, even hummed a few tunes, as each one walked up the path they could hear the sounds from the musicians who were playing by the beach … The decorations were beautiful, so elegant and refined, each child felt special not just by the clothes they wore, but by the company they shared, they have more than they could have ever asked for … the music they heard lingered in their minds as they walked the star-studded path hand in hand.


They returned to the main dining hall and all were amazed … right in the center was a light glowing brighter than they have ever seen before, as they all gather around it grew brighter than ever before, as they looked up it lifted to the heavens, the light cascading through the sky for the whole world to see .. they sparkled like rainbows bouncing off stars, the light was light fireworks but better by far, for this was not created by man nor machine, it’s the love our children hold inside that shines so bright, it shines by day although we can not always see but I can feel their warmth inside of me, and by night and the close of a day, brings us one step closer to where our heart resides, next to our children, our love of our live … Each child runs and dances at the clock strokes Midnight, lots of kisses and hugs and noise makers of all kinds, glowing sticks flashing as they wave them to the air, it send out sparkles that seem to float in the air, it’s magic you see and it all because of you, you gave them your love … they will always love you.


They tilt their glass and lend a shout … HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! As they kiss and hugs that simple gesture sent that rainbow soaring to new heights, up, up,  over the rainbow” where only angels fly … caught amongst the wings of angels,  in the hearts of all who love you,  they dance and they sing, spinning and twirling to the wee hours of the day … as they walked along the beach they looked up and wished upon a star, and they said we’ve in heaven, but it won’t be home till you’re here and join us … in the whisper of the winds you could hear each one say, “we love you”  as they sent us kisses spiraling our way … not just to the parents but friends and those they have come to know … with a loud roar they scream … HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! We love you, night-night!


Luna closed her eyes … and says, “I love you; each one of you from the bottom of my heart, now we are happy and whole and one day you will be too! Luna looks to the water and send all the parents a wish, “the love that grows inside each one of us … also grows in you”. All the little angels gather around and send off lots of little kisses  and warm heartfelt wishes …  all our love now and always … from your little angels above, we love you always, forever in our hearts. As each child climbs in to bed the stars rise above, forever and always … you’ll be a part of us. 

12-31-2008 3:13 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Oh Hammy, come with me, I have something special for you, she spins and hold up a perfect little tuxedo ... only God could have mad eit better and he tries it on .. mom I look special and runs to join everyone ...

COme on, let's get ready ... soon we'll be dining amond the stars... 

12-31-2008 3:09 PM -- By: Hammy Sagar, memorial:   Hammy Sagar Memorial
Hi Everybody...Happy new Year!!! Look, Mommy got me my own Memorial!!! Aren't I cute?? Blush, Blush..

12-31-2008 2:38 PM -- By: Greta always moms girl, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Luna, I don't think we have a tuxedo small enough to fit Hammy, do you think maybe just a bowtie and tophat would work for him??He is crying because he thinks he looks like girl Hamster after he got his fluff and dry...

12-31-2008 2:36 PM -- By: Hammy Sagar,    Pet's name:   
I look like a girl!! Oh no!!!

12-31-2008 2:20 PM -- By: Luna, memorial:   Luna Memorial
Luna walks in, no this will not do ... She walks over to Simon and one of the stylists and says, "here, make it sweep like the wind, and hammy, where is the little rascal, tame that main a little ... Luna looks up, oh funny guys, you left the chair before they were done with you, now go sit down, we want to look our best done we ... Luna rubbs her brow ... could you imagine ... the work here is sensational ... I was wondering what was going on, ladies, ladies, help the boys to their seats, the stylists are not done with them yet ... who wuold have thought, wash them and blow them cry and they leave ... we need our hair stroked awhile and put in shape, ahhh, much better... LADIES, If you haven't done so, pick up your dresses and shoes, GENTLEMEN your tuixedo's have been pressed and don't forget yout top hats ... seeyou at the party!!! 

PS: Buddy, thanks for gettign me for breakfast, love that raspeberry jam ...

12-31-2008 2:08 PM -- By: Kit-Cat, memorial:   Kit-Cat Bagley Memorial
OH NO!!!!! Hammy may get lost in Simon's hair....Teehee!!!

Simon probably dosen't know what Aqua Net (in the white can) is but I do I remember it, LOL.

I think you should go back down to the fluff Puckie, you could get your hair sculpted into a 20 and Simon could get his sculpted into a 09. Boy woundn't you guys look festive...

XOXO, Kit-Cat

12-31-2008 2:00 PM -- By: Greta always moms girl, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Greta is hysterical...Oh pucky, you can't just go knocking on Yorkies heads...rolling on floor, oh my sides hurt..hahahahaha..

12-31-2008 1:59 PM -- By: Patch, memorial:   Patch Memorial
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  I'm back! Mom got the results of the MRI Monday and it is not so good but more about that later... tonight is party time. It's been so long since I had a spa visit, I'll go too and get a massage and pedicure. Sounds so relaxing!!!

Luna, is there anything in your closet that would great on me tonight. I've been busy with mom that I reallt didn't think about gettig somethig for the party. Also, can Inky come? hen we had our fall ballparty she was too young.

12-31-2008 1:39 PM -- By: puck llewis , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
SIMON.....SIMON.....(puck knocks on a yorkie that he THINKS is simon...) are you in there???!! (puck looking worried) ....hello simon....?   (simon looks up...ITS ME PUCK...SIMON!)  (puck wipes his brow....WHEW.  thought we lost you for a minute)  ...look at your fluffy hair....I like it !!! are super fluff pomyorkie!   Kit - Cat...look at your brothers hair.....he could lose you on top and we wouldnt even know you are here.  JUST KIDDING simon...i like it....maybe i could go back and we wouldnt need top-hats...with aqua net they could shape it into a hat...tee hee

12-31-2008 1:37 PM -- By: Greta always moms girl, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Of course you can have your own Latte Simon, coming right up!! Lattes all around cause we are gonna be up late tonight I am sure anyways. OH !! NO!! DID someone say Hammy was being Blowdried???? Thats not good, he is a Teddy bear Hamster and he has REALLY long hair, like 3 inches is he gonna look funny...teehee!! he probably wont be able to even walk because he will be tripping over his own afro...greta laffing, teehee....

12-31-2008 1:25 PM -- By: Kit-Cat, memorial:   Kit-Cat Bagley Memorial
OH MY!!! Have you guys seen Simon's hair?!?!? It looks like he stuck his finger in a light socket!!!

The fluff and massage I got was soooo awesome. I'm going with the girls now  to get my nails painted, I'm thinking red... Then we're going to get our up-doos.

Puck can you please try to help Simon smooth his crazy hair down?!? Geez, he always over does the fluff...

XOXO, Kit-Cat

12-31-2008 1:16 PM -- By: Simon, memorial:   Simon Bagley Memorial
Oh no, I stayed in the fluff dryer a little to long again!!! I may need a bigger top hat!!! Can I have some of your latte Puck? Or better yet can, I get my own Greta? I want 2 shots of expresso and caramel in mine, I need the extra caffeine since we're gonna be up late ringing in the New Year. Yaaah!!! I'm so excited. HAPPY YAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE EVERYONE!!!

Luv, Simon

12-31-2008 12:04 PM -- By: PUCK , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
promise not to drink so fast!   Thanx Greta Girl...where is dusty and angel?  i see hammy getting all foofed up.....puck cops a squat by by simon and nanner and buddy and little bit and suzy wong and rosie and dollie (puck sighs) and miss zoe ann and luna and kit-cat .. AHHHHHHH  fur-fluff....and latte..yummmmmmmm.  pucks picks up the latest issue of RB news and peers over his latte ... puts the RB news down....Yappy New Years Eve  to us ... Yappy New Years Eve to us....Yappy New Years Eve  to the Bridge Kids...Yappy new Year to mommies and daddies to.

12-31-2008 11:33 AM -- By: Greta always moms girl, memorial:   Greta Abigail Memorial
Of course all are invited for a spa day today Simon and Kit girls need Up Ears and Peticures and the boys need Fluff and Dried.......massages for all maybe, gotta start the new year off relaxed, right moms and dads??!!  Yappy New Ear To All!!!!!  Oh almost forgot , here ya go Pucky Extra super duper vanilla latte for you Handsome!!!

12-31-2008 10:47 AM -- By: puck , memorial:   Puck Llewis Memorial
(stretching)  Greta...need latte with extra foam time...fluff and fur...

12-31-2008 10:08 AM -- By: Chiquita, Mama's Forever Baby Girl, memorial:   Chiquita Memorial
Delilah and Pepe and Chiquita and I would like to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year. I know all your wishes  won't come true, because I know what your wishes are. Mine are the same. But I hope in this New Year we all find happiness, peace and WHIPPED CREAM FOR EVERYONE!!!!

I love you all. You  have helped me through a most difficult time, and I could not have done it without you. I consider you all my friends, and to me "friend" is a most important word.

Bless you all and may the New Year bring you all health, happiness, peace and new loves.


Angel Chiquita, Pepe and Delilah the Puppy

12-30-2008 11:06 PM -- By: Kit-Cat, memorial:   Kit-Cat Bagley Memorial
I want to go to the spa too... Can I also wear a ivory silk dress? I love silk!!! For those of you who haven't meet me yet, I am Kit-Cat, Simon's kitty sissy. I've heard great things about all of you. I was so happy to see that all of yall have taken such good care of Simon, I missed him so much. I can't wait till the party so I can meet everybody.



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