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01-08-2015 7:22 PM -- By: Cinnamon & Bruce, memorial:   Cinnamon Precious Costa Memorial
To the Critters Family,

Bless you for your support over the two years, as of today, that my beloved little Dachshund Cinnamon has had a memorial here at Critters.

Cinnamon and I would like to thank, in advance, her special friends Storm, Mandy, Paris and Presley Aaron who share their birthdays with Cinnie every January 9th. I know for me, the passage of time, no matter how you measure it, will never break the bond of mutual devotion and unconditional love Cinnamon shares with her family here on earth.

I also ask that even as we honor the amazing angels with January 9th birthdays and angel days as they are memorialized here at Critters, we remember all the loving parents who celebrate, respect and honor their departed canine and feline, furred and feathered family members here at Critters every single day.    

Cinnamon & Bruce

09-09-2014 1:35 PM -- By: Ted Roberts, memorial:   Dusty Lass (Lassie) Memorial
I want to thank those who have viewed "Lassie's" Memorial and give speciasl thanks to those who have/will visit and leave comments in the GuestBook.  This site has provided a real catharsis for me in my time of loss and the feelings expressed do give comfort.  I wish happiness and peace to all who have lost a special friend.  Thanks, Ted

06-24-2014 8:22 PM -- By: Donna , memorial:   Git Ander Memorial
I have just found this beautiful web site. I lost my beloved retired guide dog, Git Ander, 2 years ago on June 28 2012. A very special puppy named in memory of a hero and destined to become a hero herself. She was my best friend and a part of me died with her that awful day.

03-06-2014 4:55 PM -- By: William Kuc, memorial:   Lucy Memorial
To the wonderful family of friends at critters...I'm sad  to say that I lost my rescue Boxer "Baby" to a heart attack on 3/2/14 ..Sunday morning. Once again my heart is shattered with this loss. Baby helped me almost if not more in getting past losing Lucy. Anyway, I have posted a new page in Lucy's Memorial honoring Baby and invite all to stop by for a visit. thanks, Bill

01-29-2014 3:21 PM -- By: donna,    Pet's name:   lexi
im new here just loss my baby December 23 my heart is broken my friend shared this site with me..please visit my lexi thankyou.

01-08-2014 6:52 PM -- By: Cinnamon & Bruce, memorial:   Cinnamon Precious Costa Memorial
To friends, beloved souls and their humans here at Critters,

Cinnamon would never approve, but because I, as her Dad, had a difficult time completing her memorial, tomorrow, January 9, 2014, is really the first time her memorial has appeared on the main Critters 'Birthdays' page.

I know Cinnamon has many wonderful friends at Rainbow Bridge, and would like to invite everyone to the Critters birthday celebration for my Cinnie and fellow angels, Pressley Aaron, Paris, Mandy and Storm, with whom Cinnamon shares her January 9th birthday.

Thanks for listenting.

Cinnamon & Bruce

11-26-2013 5:28 PM -- By: Christy, memorial:   Sophia Rose Memorial
 I am missing my little girl so much my heart is shattered. Her brother, my 8 year old lab is still veery depressed. Its hard when the seasons change and you have to move on without them, thank you in advance for those who visit, it has been a little over 2 months. Christy

09-23-2013 7:27 PM -- By: Christy,    Pet's name:   Sophia
 Just lost my 14 year old Black Lab, I am lost without her, she was a wonderful dog especially after growing up as a Puppy Mill mom for 8 years, I had 6 wonderful years with her but miss her terribly, Thank you

08-26-2013 2:54 AM -- By: Maria, memorial:   Lennon Memorial
 Hello Everyone,

Three days ago now I had to put my 4 week old kitten, Lennon, down due to kidney failure. I bottle fed this kitten and in the short time we had together I never knew I could fall in love with something so hard and so fast. All his toys and bottle are still out and I just can seem to be able to even touch them, with the exception of his toy mouse I keep at my bedside. Lennon was an amzingly sweet kitten who I miss terriably and made everyone who met him fall in love with him. It would help me feel better knowing that Lennon is still in people's hearts besides my own and won't be forgotten anytime soon so if you have the time, please take a gander. Thank you soooo much.

08-05-2013 10:11 PM -- By: Henry, memorial:   Skeeker Memorial
My beloved Skeeker passed away this past June, and I just can't seem to stop grieving for him. I've owned many cats that have passed but this one I just miss so much. I would find it comforting if I knew that other people would "visit" my Skeekie and leave me a comforting word or two. Thank you so much.

06-02-2013 11:05 PM -- By: Bruce, memorial:   Cinnamon Precious Costa Memorial
I'd like to give thanks to all of the wonderful people, and to the beloved and special souls who have inspired the neverending devotion and love of their humans, as the first anniversary of the passing of my families beloved Cinnamon Precious Costa draws near. 

Bless fellow Critters residents who share a June 4th Angel day with Cinnamon: Bogey, Duncan, Toby, Alexander, Dagul, Sassie, Angel, Lily, Ramses and Toby Tucker; as we celebrate the amazing life, devotion, courage and everlasting love Cinnamon Precious Costa blessed her family with for more than 13 wonderful years.  

Thanks for listening. 

05-24-2013 3:40 PM -- By: Rosey's Dad, memorial:   Rosey Memorial
 Hello Everyone, I would like to invite everyone to visit Rosey's Memorial page.

We miss her so much. It has been 21 days since We had to say goodbye, We are

just devastated. I came downstairs this morning and i could smell her, she always smelled kinda like Hay and Shampoo. It breaks my heart everyday that I wake up without her in our home. So stop by if You would like. Thanks

03-17-2013 5:10 PM -- By: LAURAIE ROGERS, memorial:   BLACKIE Memorial

02-26-2013 1:47 PM -- By: Jennifer, memorial:   Jazzy Bell Memorial
Hello Everyone, I am new to this site and just created a memorial for may baby girl, Jazzy Bell, who passed away 16 days ago. The heartbreak that I feel right now is unbelievable and I hope that chatting with individuals that have experienced the same heartbreak will help. Thank you for taking time to see Jazzy Bell! She had a beautiful personality and fully of love and life! God is luck to have to her!

02-16-2013 4:26 PM -- By: Hilda Hancock, memorial:   Ziggy (Wiggy) Memorial
Please stop by and visit Ziggy's(Wiggy's) memorial.He has been gone to Rainbow Bridge for 10 months now. I miss him so terribly. You folks who have lost your beloved pets know how I feel. God bless you all. 

02-11-2013 11:37 AM -- By: Christy, memorial:   BJ Memorial
Hello all!  Please visit BJ's memorial.  I am feeling so alone without him and am in much need of some support from those who understand.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.~Chrsity

01-27-2013 11:03 AM -- By: Bill , memorial:   Buster Memorial
Today is the 4th Angelversary for my Lucygirl who I miss every day still. Time has diminished the pain somewhat but not the loss..never will. Lucy helped me through some tough times way more than anything I ever did for her. She was literally my best friend for 11 years. I miss you girl...please stop by and say hi if you can, Thanks, bill

10-23-2012 12:07 PM -- By: Monique , memorial:   Toaster Memorial

My Lena, mother of baby Toaster, had to be put to sleep on Sunday (October 21). I am beyond devastated! Please visit Toaster's site under "Toaster's feline friends and family" to see Lena's memorial and her video. I could really use some encouraging words right now. I know you all really understand. 


07-25-2012 4:08 PM -- By: Anna,    Pet's name:   Nala

Please visit our Nala Bears memorial.  We love her and miss her so much!!! Forever in our hearts.

07-02-2012 6:37 AM -- By: bernie, memorial:   wyatt Memorial
please visit wyatts page .  comment sign guestbook help stop animal abuse. we are pet lovers can and must make a difference and stop animal abuse...........

05-02-2012 2:47 PM -- By: Joe and Efren, memorial:   Rocco Diamond Phillips Memorial
I want to say thanks to everyone who has visitied my little guys sites over the years.  Today is 4 years that my Rocco has been gone. I know in my heart that he is in a better place safe and free of pain and suffering. I loved My Rocco so very much. Today has been a very hard day for both myself and Efren. We miss Rocco, Rocky and Henry very much.

Please stop by and visit Rocco's site on his 4 angelversarie. Once again thank you all for all the kind words. We love every one for all the support over the years.


04-25-2012 1:50 PM -- By: Joe, memorial:   Rocky Diamond Phillips Memorial
Please stop by and visit Rocky's memorial on April 26 its his Birthday please sign his guest book. Thank you all so very much.

03-13-2012 1:31 PM -- By: Efren Saavedra, memorial:   Baby Henry Ross Memorial
Thanks to everyone here for all the nice words. Henry came to me because me and my Mother found him ( you will read the story very soon) he was my mom's dog and on April 19th of this year will be one year my mother passed away. So I know Henry is with my mother now and she is watching over him. So it has been a very hard year for me. But I have a good (Joe) friend that helped me get through the rough times. He took care of the my pets since I did not have a place to care for them I thank him from the bottom of my heart taking care of 4 dogs is not easy. Especially when several have special needs as did Henry. I know God has a special place for Joe. I ask you to please stop by and visit Henry's memorial and also visit my best friends babies also if not for him Henry would not have lives for as long as he did. Because Joe kept fighting and when Joe said it was time and gave me the time to spend my last days with Henry I thank him for that. I love you Joe so much for everything you did. Henry your free of pain play now with your freinds at Rainbow's Bridge and one day we will cross paths again to live in Paradise forever. I love you and miss you, you will always have a special place in my heart.

03-03-2012 2:20 PM -- By: erica, memorial:   Snickers Memorial
Hi Critters, My Licorice (black lab) died May of 2010, and her sister, Snickers died this past Monday and it wasnt easy or peaceful as I had hoped.  I was hoping that some of you can stop by.  I have asked for a sign but in do time I will get it.  My husband and I went to church and lite a candle for her but  the words of comfort does help.  I know in my heart they are together and that gives me some much needed comfort. 

01-29-2012 12:05 PM -- By: Bill, memorial:   Buster Memorial
 Last Friday (27th) was Lucy's 3rd year angelversary and it would be great if some of you folks could stop by and say hi to her. She was such a fantastic friend and companion..we almost communicated without any sound. I still miss her everyday but now only think of the good times that we had ....and after 11 years....  there were many. Love you Lucygirl you will be in my heart forever. Daddy 

01-17-2012 6:11 PM -- By: JOE, memorial:   Rocky Diamond Phillips Memorial
I finally finished the design Rocky picked out from rainbows bridge and is now on my arm. His ashes are all the black ink. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it on my arm. Love you little Buddy for ever friends.

12-21-2011 9:10 PM -- By: Gloria, memorial:   Jasmine Elizabeth Alexandra Wiles Memorial
Dear Friends,  I welcome you to visit my Memorial to my beloved Jack Russell Terrier, Jasmine Elizabeth Alexandra Wiles, and hope the music, the written words or pictures bring you some peace.  Jasmine was a very special dog, and I'm sure your family member was as well.  Wishing you Peace, Joy, Love & Comfort.  --Gloria

12-15-2011 6:53 PM -- By: Joe , memorial:   Rocco Diamond Phillips Memorial
Please visit my memorial my daddy Joe put a new song in and we dedicate it to everyone here at         With lots of love.

                                                   NEVER BE FORGOTTEN

Please enjoy the song from all of us at Rainbow's Bridge to our loving families. We will never forget you.

12-07-2011 11:37 AM -- By: joe , memorial:   Rocky Diamond Phillips Memorial
Hi everyone I am asking you all to stop by and visit my memorial. I have decorated it for the holidays. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We at Rainbow's bridge are watching as you prepare for the holidays what a beautiful site from here. Happy Holidays to all from all your loved ones at Rainbow's bridge, God bless you all.

11-19-2011 10:00 PM -- By: Susan, memorial:   Colton Ash Memorial
 Hi everyone.  I am just hurting a lot now.  I lost my baby boy.....Colton Ash.....back in April.  He was hit by a car when we left him with some friends for a night.  I've had lots of pets through the years, but I am taking this one especially hard.  He was my rock, my joy, and my strength through the worst of times.  I know God has him and I will see him again one day.  Of this I am sure.  But the pain doesn't go away and there are days I'm just not sure how I can go on without him.  We have a new little girl in our life now, though.  Her name is Milly.  And I want to be the best mom I can to her.  She has so much love to give.  But I miss Colton terribly.  How do I learn to cope?


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