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02-04-2012 12:20 PM -- By: Janet, memorial:   Ezekiel(Zeke) Memorial
I lost my baby boy Zeke, on April 8, 2011.  That's when my heart collapsed from being broken.  He was the love of my heart and all the kids he worked with at school.  Both my husband and I agreed no more dogs for a few years.  Well, he saw me crying so much about Zeke that he decided it was time.  I was not ready.  I felt like I would be betraying Zeke.  Nevertheless, my husband kept encouraging me to "look into it".  Well, I did and we ended up adopting two precious pomeranian puppies...together the size of Zeke's head!!!  They are now six months old and jsut precious lovers.  They will never take Zeke's place, but they help us cope with his loss.  My advice is to just have an open heart and a precious baby or adult dog/cat will find its way to you.  janet

01-17-2012 10:54 PM -- By: Dan (Tony's Daddy), memorial:   Tony Memorial
My wife and I have discussed the idea of when we may want a new member in the family. But our rule has always been that when a little one finds its way to us, then that is the right time. We were drawn to Tony because he needed comfort and love to help him through his illness right to the end. It's not about us. It's not about what we think we can handle. It's about being ready and willing when another creature needs us. Whenever that happens, we will give the critter all we have for as long as they stay with us. I know when it's time, that Tony will lead a needy furry soul to our door. Until then, we keep our hearts open and remember him and all the joy he brought, and we give the children we still have all the love they deserve.

09-01-2011 9:42 PM -- By: Brian, memorial:   Xena Memorial
I lost my little girl Xena just today.  I told myself after I lost her brother Oz 5 years ago that I would not put myself through that again.  The pain of losing your pups is just so very hard.  Up until today it was just Xena and I.  I don't have family close and very few friends.  So it was just her and I.  I'm not sure that I can go on without a companion.  So, even though Xena could never be replaced and I will forever miss her, I will probably start looking for another dog or even two in a few months.  I just can't see my life being anything but empty without a pup.

I love my little girl like crazy and I know she wouldn't want me to be sad.  She tried very hard when she was alive to keep me from being unhappy.  I think the pain of their loss is worth the joy and happiness they bring, even for the short time they're with us.

06-10-2011 9:13 AM -- By: Maureen Craven, memorial:   sweep Memorial
After losing the love of my life, Sweep I went on to rescue 4 more fur babies in honour of my darling boy. Although no dog will ever match up to my boy. The dogs ive rescued since losing Sweep have brought me so much love & so much joy. I would do it all again x

05-20-2011 8:56 PM -- By: Nancy, memorial:   Picaso "Picky" Kelly Memorial
I lost my precious Picky on Sept 9, 2010. 7 days later due to insermountable anguish my mom bought me another dog. Picky was a chihuahua and now I had this  3 month old papillion puppy named Toby. Mom had got him for me because my grief over the loss of my Picky was so hard, that I could barely breathe, or sleep. I was destraught. Something I dont remember. Since Toby we adopted another chihuahua who is a toy one named Charlie. Together Toby and Charlie keep me busy and entertained but there has not been ONE d ay that I have stopped crying over the loss of my precious Picky. I feel torn and my heart still feels broken. I just cant throw away 15 years of memories to make new ones. I am doing my gentle best to be a good mommy to Toby and Charlie, but my devastation and grief over Picky has put a guard on my heart and soul. I dont think there is any "perfect time" to get another pet. Thats impossible to measure. Instead I think it depends on the individual person. I love my Toby and Charlie and I miss my Picky desperately.

Nancy, Pickys "Momma"

09-10-2010 6:26 AM -- By: Regina, memorial:   Precious Memorial
I lost my baby girl this past Monday. It is very hard not having the sound of her in the house. My husband once said that when something happened to my Precious, we were not getting any more pets. Well, I think it cuts him just as deep that she left us so suddenly, even though he would never show it. He told me the day after she died that when I felt I was ready for another fur baby, to just do it. I told him I hoped he will remember he said that, because when I do feel healed enough to get another baby, he just might come home from work and get a surprise. lol

07-27-2010 8:33 PM -- By: Patt, memorial:   Gretel Memorial
 I am with Rob.  There is no one size fits all answer.  We had gotten our other dog, Dozer, just 5 months before our Gretel crossed the Bridge.  I love him dearly but he can in no way replace my Gretel Girl.  He has his own personality and they are nothing alike.  I am going to do volunteer work for one of the local animal shelters as a way to honor Gretel and will set up a donation in her name there.  Since Gret was a rescue puppy, that's the least I can do to honor her.  

07-12-2010 5:55 PM -- By: Rob, memorial:   Scarlett Leigh Easterday Memorial
   You will know when the time is right. There is no one size fits all answer.  Please do remember that there are alot of wonderful ,loving, unique animals out there that need the love and home you have to offer. If you can't adopt get involved with or donate to a rescue group in you pets memory. Foster for a rescue group. Do something positive with your grief. There are too many animals that need help in this world.

01-17-2010 3:57 PM -- By: Deb, memorial:    ~ Kia~ Sophia~Murphy Memorial
Kia ,has been gone over a year and I still  find I have no interest in getting another dog, 

01-14-2010 12:34 PM -- By: Kathleen, memorial:   Moose Memorial
We tried at 6 months and that was too soon and we tried again at a little over a year and it still was too soon. I think that the void you feel may never be replaced.


12-19-2009 8:17 PM -- By: Devonda, memorial:   Shadow Memorial
When my beloved Shadow passed away suddenly I had a very hard time dealing with his death.It took me around 6 months to stop crying.One day my mother and i took some dogfood to the animal shelter so I decided to go in the dog kennels to look at the dogs.I seen quite a few i liked especially the blonde chichuaha/beagle mix dog who kept wiggling her butt like shadow the next day i went back to the shelter and adopted her.she has been a wonderful dog,just like Shadow but will never replace him.No matter how much I grieve over an animal I could never imagine my life without a dog.I have alot of love to give to animals and i want to share it with other dogs just like i did for my Shadow.My advice to anyone out there thinking about getting an animal .Please go to the animal shelter first.They will give you so much love back for saving their life.

12-17-2009 5:06 PM -- By: lauri, memorial:   Chrissey Memorial
you should wait at least 6 months or a year to love agian.

12-05-2009 11:35 PM -- By: Caren, memorial:   Gypsy Rose Memorial
I still can't stop crying all the time. I have my other dog tinker that is helping me thru this alot, but that doesn't make it any easier having to say goodbye, i think l day i would like to get tinker a friend, but i'm still having a hard time and gypsy is not replaceable. I feel guilty thinking about it. I just needed to  get my feelings out and see if or when it is ok to know when the time is. CC

08-25-2009 7:07 AM -- By: Laura, memorial:   Dale Memorial
I've been asked about our new little addition so here's a little about her.  I had been looking at many pictures my friends kept sending me to adopt a new little one - I'd look, think of my angel, Dale, and think, no, not yet, just can't do this again.  Well, my neighbor sent a picture towards the end of July - one look was all it took!  She was mine!  Carley is a Catahoula Leopard dog, 7 weeks of age when we got her, now 10 weeks.  I can hear Dale chuckling - the more appropriate word would be laughing - all the way from Rainbow Bridge.  First puppy I've had in many, many years since Dale was already grown when we found him - and here I thought my baby days were over.  You can see her picture on Dale's 6-Month Angel Day page if you'd like to take a peek!

Little Carley has truly brightened my days!  She is definitely a handful but now in puppy classes, which she desperately needed - or should I say "I desperately needed!"  My very special angel, Dale, is doing what he can, I'm sure of that, so this little girl will grow to be another angel - and one day, I sadly know, she too will join my buddy up at the Bridge!  But until that time comes, I can rest, knowing that she is another Godsend in my life and was just "meant to be."

Thinking of my entire Critters family (as I nurse my poor chewed up arms - lol) and thanking each and every one of you AND your angels for welcoming me and my buddy, Dale, to your family over 6 months ago now.  BTW, as I sit here typing, little Carley is getting into her daddy's photo supplies - gotta run - HUGS TO ALL! 


08-07-2009 3:25 PM -- By: Donna, memorial:   Maggie Mae Memorial
I think the decision to get a new pet is very individual....once it took me 5 years but when I lost Maggie I cried so much my husband talked me into going to the local shelter to " just look"  1 month after losing my girl....they had only one kitten  and he had been ferral, he had had some socializing but was still afraid, but had the sweetest face I ever saw... ...well long story short he came home with us......I still missed Maggs but I found Scooter would make me laugh and it did help.....I still have times I cry over losing our girls but I have learned my heart is big enough to love many other furbabies as well and since then we have added Teddy to our family...our 6 year old girl, Tootsie, is so much better with the boys than she was with the I guess it was meant to be......and Scooter still doesn't like to be picked up..he comes to me and cuddles against my arm..he has his very own ways about him but we love him very much..he was meant to be part of our family....hope this helps some what..

08-01-2009 8:57 AM -- By: ,    Pet's name:   
When is it time for another animal?

07-25-2009 8:09 AM -- By: debi, memorial:   Murphy Memorial
I lost my baby mUrphy on may 28, 2009...i also sid never EVER again will i get a dog..i was and still am devistated...but as i thought that was said in sadness...i love dogs, yes mu murphy can never be replaced and i wil never try, but i do not like being home at nite son is going off to school and we have decided to get a pup at the end of aug.. I feel sad and excited...i am alittle worried about how my true love will feel about this..i do know that i have lots of good love to give to a puppy and i know my murphy knows this and i hope he knows he will never be forgotten..I love you murphy....

06-13-2009 9:10 PM -- By: Jeanne, memorial:   Holly Memorial
It was 1 year ago May 23rd that I brought my black lab Nora home. I said I'd never get another dog after loosing Holly. But, I learned that life is much more pleasant with a dog. I missed the wonderful companionship they give.

05-11-2009 5:34 PM -- By: Bill, memorial:   Lucy Memorial
Tomorrow, Tuesday it will be 16 weeks since my Lucy left me....and it still tears me up when I think of her. But about 2 months later I found out about a rescue Boxer named "Baby" who had been terribly abused and hurt. The thing was she looks just like Lucy as if she was one of her babies. I had thought that I would never have another dog....but Baby  desparatly needed help so I brought her home on April 11. It hasn't been easy as I have never known a dog that has never known anything but terror and fear...she never wiggles her tail...doesn't know how to play or have fun and is always sikittish and terrified of everything. She has a permanent tilt of the head and has never made any sound probably due to the collar that was so tight on her neck they had to surgically remove it.  We definatly have a long, long way to go..but whenI see her asleep on my bed covered with her quilt sometimes snoring away and totally at peace it makes it all worth it,,,, and I do see little bits of progress and she has put on some weight.  I had 11 years of total  love,joy and companionship with Lucy...Baby will never be Lucy....but I get something different with her and it will grow as our bond grows Right now I have a companion but not companionship just yet. She has given me a purpose and a distraction which is beneficial to both of us right now......and I know Lucy had a hand in this...somehow...someway ... she is still helping me! Thanks Lucy-girl, love forever Daddy.

05-09-2009 10:50 AM -- By: Amber, memorial:   Nvwati and Yukon Jack Memorial
When I lost my sweet Nvwati I couldn't imagine ever bringing another furbaby into my  life.  Then just a few weeks later, I learned of Yukon Jack who was desperately looking for a furever home. It took Mkwaa and I just a very very short while to bond with this amazing boy. It took Yukon Jack even less time to wiggle his way into our hearts.

Then sadly, 8 months later we lost Yukon Jack.

Mkwaa has lymphoma, and thank God is still healthy, not in pain. I am grateful for this every day.

Although from time to time I find myself looking at rescue websites I am not there. I honestly don't know if I have it in me to open my heart once again and risk the tremendous pain if "something goes wrong."

I feel torn at times because there are so many furbabies needing a furever home.


Perhaps if I were healthy. Perhaps if Mkwaa didn't have cancer....... perhaps........ I keep telling myself.

04-04-2009 9:32 PM -- By: Kari, memorial:   Rylee Memorial
Rylee was my first dog I ever owned by myself. Everyday evolved around him, and I never even thought about my life without him. When he got sick (cancer) at just 4 years old, I was told he only had a month to live. My world went crashing down. Rylee gave me 6 more wonderful months before I had to let him go. It was the worst day of my life. Almost a year later, I still cry all the time and think about him constantly. I also told myself never in a million years was I going to own another dog. No other dog will EVER amount to Rylee, which is true in its own way. But after Rylee passed, I couldn't even stand to be home anymore, without having a little furry child around. It was only 2 months later that I decided to rescue another dog, and a couple months later I rescued another. Putting a time period on when someone should get another animal just isn't possible. Its always up the person and the circumstances. Everyone grieves in their own way, and everyone will be ready in their own time. Almost a year after Rylee has been gone, I am a happy owner of 2 pugs....but Rylee, my beloved boston terrier, will always, always hold a special place in my heart. I love you Rylee Roo!

03-27-2009 2:53 PM -- By: Lisa, memorial:   Theo Memorial
We lost Theo in December and our hearts were broken.  Each night I would dreadfully climb the stairs and get ready for bed without my precious boy.  All the things I used to do were not the same because he was no longer there with me.  I said I was NEVER going to get another dog because no other dog could be like Theo.  What I learned was that that is true no other dog will EVER take his place, he is my Angel.  But I came to realize in my heart that I needed to give my love to another dog and there are so many out there that need love.   My husband and I adopted two, a boy and girl pomerainian and they have certainly helped heal our hearts. 

Theo is still with us, all around us we can feel his love as we believe he led these two little dogs to us to help us through our grief.  Please visit Theo's site if you get a chance and see what a precious boy he was. 

Bless you all and I pray for all that have lost a precious pet.

03-22-2009 3:25 AM -- By: Stephanie, memorial:   Papa Memorial
Tomorrow we will probably be getting another kitty. Although I am excited about it, I am worried how my other cat will take to it, as she's been without her partner for awhile. I know it'll take some time for her to get used to another cat.


I miss my Papa soooooo much every single day. The night I had my car accident, he came to me in my dream to comfort me. Nearly every day he gives me a sign telling me he's still here.

I just can't believe how painful it really is to lose a pet.

02-22-2009 6:20 PM -- By: Tanya, memorial:   Sadie Memorial
We adopted a kitty this week, which did feel very soon after the loss of Sadie and our foster boy Balki but...for me I knew that I needed to bring another little soul into the family to help me grieve the loss of our other kids.  Yoko is her name and she is a sweet gray and white kitten (since we adopted Sadie as a Senior, I thought I would try a little baby this time to balance out all of the love).  She is 6 months old and was born with a birthdefect...which I purposely went out searching for a special needs kitty.  Her defect doesn't slow her down much she was born with only 3 toes on her front paws and her little claws don't retract.  She looks like she has permanent peace signs (hence the Yoko name...hee hee).  She is still in isolation from our other kitty of the house (the princess Trigger) but already we have fallen in love with little Yoko.  She is quirky like our Sadie and has some other Balki traits but when it comes down to it she is just herself.  Oh, by the way when she meows which isn't very often she goes "Meow KO" she is saying her name.  We named her before we heard her voice how adorable is that.  I know that Sadie is happy about her little sister and would snuggle up with her and purr her pigeon coo purr in her ear.  For me I needed to fill the hole in my heart and home...certainly Yoko does not replace our little angel girl Sadie but she helps the continuum of love.

02-12-2009 5:19 PM -- By: Cheryl, memorial:   Chloe Clover Memorial
I adopted Logan, about 1 month after Chloe died.  I would not have thought that I could adopt so soon, but he needed a home.  His litter was abandoned near a dumpster...he had a surrogate mom and was bottle fed.  He won my heart.  When I brought him home, he sleep with me that first night, across my neck, practically.  It was like he could not get close enough to me.  His purring filled me with joy, I cried, and I felt that for the first time in a month, I could relax and sleep. 

I am not saying that a new pet is without challenges, Logan and my other kitties had to get used to each other.  That was not fun.  But they are all friends now.  My Chloe's death was horrible.  On a trip into the pet store for cat litter, they had many there for adption, that is there I found Logan.  I was reminded that there are so many animals that need homes. That thought helped me to make the decsion.  But, It is different for everyone.

02-03-2009 8:30 PM -- By: Samantha, memorial:   Bingi Memorial
MOrgan is my new Pug, she is cute and sweet around others but when shes is with me and my family, she trys to rip the blanket. But I still love her, She is only 2yrs old. she is my first dog ever! I'm diffentily putting Morgan's Memorial on

01-30-2009 8:33 PM -- By: Samantha, memorial:   Bingi Memorial
I have a new Dog named Morgan and we had her since Bingi went away

01-05-2009 3:04 PM -- By: Elyssa, memorial:   Popeye Memorial
I got a New baby Kitty the same day i lost my Popeye.. I told the lady when i called that i wasnt trying to replace him.. But we needed a friend for Oreo the BFF that Popeye left behind.. I cry when i Hold Luke. I dont know wheather to be happy or sad.. I made a Big picture from with 8 pictures of popeye and put it on my mantal and i look at it every min or so.. I love my new baby luke but  its not the same as my Secial boy Popeye

01-02-2009 10:43 AM -- By: Anna,    Pet's name:   Jade
My beloved Jade passed away July 4, 2008.  The house was so quiet that it was deafing.  I didn't think I would get another dog but I would look inpet stores just to hold a boxer puppy. .  Then one day someone at work showed me a newspaper with a boxer litter available.  I called and after a few minutes realized that her new litter would be Jades' niece!  How could I pass up this opportunity!   I brought home my new fur baby the following weekend  That was September 2008.  Its been wonderful having ZOE in my life BUT its very hard training a new puppy when its been a long time since the last one.  Zoe has the same features but is clearly a different dog.  I am gald she came into my life.

12-03-2008 12:10 AM -- By: Karen, memorial:   Simon Bagley Memorial
I got another dog 4 days after I lost my precious Simon, way sooner than I ever thought I would. I don't regret it by any means but I was soooo exhausted  between grieving and caring for a new puppy, I don't know how I made it through the first month. Please visit my " Skylar, My Gift From Simon " page and you'll understand why I ended up with another dog so soon. Best Wishes, Karen (Simon's Mommy)


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