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06-25-2014 1:03 PM -- By: Donna, memorial:   Git Ander Memorial
 Do all photos automatically get created into a slide show? If not how do I create the slideshow? Also how do I post to my Facebook page? Thank you

12-04-2012 11:14 AM -- By: Rebecca Taylor, memorial:   Missy Taylor Memorial
How do I change my email address on here?  I had to go to my  yahoo email address as I had to cancel my comcast account.  I sure do not want to miss any guests that have written on my memorial.  Thank you

02-27-2012 11:46 AM -- By: Katy, memorial:   Gilligan McCauley Memorial
Do I need to create the Birthday Memorial or is that automatically done by you ? If I do, than how do I do it? Thanks

04-27-2011 2:28 AM -- By: marie,    Pet's name:   blacky
Blacky someday we will cross paths again i hope you are okay in rainbow heaven mama will always love you i will never ever forget you.......

04-03-2010 12:39 PM -- By: ,    Pet's name:   
Dear Wendy,
Warm wishes out to you today on Laddie's anniversary.  Her photo / link doesn't appear on the anniversaries page because her memorial is not sponsored.  The free memorials don't show on the birthday's or anniversary pages.  Those pages are our way of thanking families for their support of Critters.  (Many of the free memorials here don't have any content / photos / duplicates made in error etc. so we cannot display all the memorials) 


04-03-2010 9:24 AM -- By: wendy, memorial:   laddie Memorial
dear critters,

 laddies doe not apear to be entered on angelversarys page, his photo isnt there

 his angel day is today

 yours wendy

03-17-2010 9:54 PM -- By: pat and fayeroe,    Pet's name:   
I do not like the review of the posts before it appears on someone's page. I am aware that someone came here last year and we dealt with it.

If I can't self-monitor then I shouldn't be here. When I'm in the moment, I'd like for the post to show up.

Exactly what happened to cause this process to be put in action here?


12-21-2009 8:45 AM -- By: Sherri, memorial:   MADDIE Memorial
To: Sharon & Mark,

Wishing you both the most wonderful Holiday season. Plenty of Health, Happiness and fun!!! And maybe wealth? Isn't THAT supposed to be in there somewhere with THAT ???

Thank you for this wonderful site called Critters. So good to connect with others who have suffered similar loss and also are putting their world back together with new pets....not only are we sharing  grief, but there is the sharing of ideas and advice with new pets, as well. Oh yes the humor...there is the humor, just to keep your spirits up. This is NOT JUST a memorial site you have created, it is a way of life for many grieving pet owners, putting their world back together with plenty of friends to welcome new fur-babies. This site is NOT just sadness, it is also so full of life.

Thank you, Sherri Havener, Maddies mom   (Maddie My Maltese)

07-29-2009 8:09 PM -- By: Henry, memorial:   Gretchen and Bailey Bleichert Memorial
I think the lower forums are mixed up. The humor one should be visit my memorial, then that should be dealing with the holidays ,and that should be when it is time for another animal.

04-14-2009 3:34 PM -- By: Michelle, memorial:   Princess Baby Girl Memorial
I see some of you have figured out how to add color to the captions on the left hand side of the screen.  can anyone tell me how to do that?



04-10-2009 4:35 PM -- By: David Pearson, memorial:   Cosmo Pearson Memorial
Thanks Sharon, I think I got it now.

04-07-2009 1:12 PM -- By: sharon, memorial:   Critters Memorial
Hi David

Yes you are doing everything correctly - type in just the # of the mem id then the password you use to edit your memorial - make sure your all caps are not on and your password matches excatly.  We have this in place to prevent others from attempting to post a comment under your pet's name.  Sadly we had this happen once

04-07-2009 1:08 PM -- By: David Pearson,    Pet's name:   Cosmo
I am having trouble with leaving the thumbtack pic of my pet on peoples guestbook.  I have entered the memorial ID and the password but not leaving the pic and telling me that the password is invalid.  This is the same password that I am using to edit my pets memorial page.  Is the correct password or is there a problem otherwise?

03-16-2009 9:12 PM -- By: Laura, memorial:   Dale Memorial
Asked about this before.  Zoe's (4343) first Angel Day was yesterday but it wasn't acknowledged by anyone because unless you happened on her site, you wouldn't have known.  Surely an Angel Day or anniversary page can be created, such as the birthday page, to acknowledge ALL pets' yearly angel dates???  Thanks so much and thanks for your site!

03-12-2009 5:20 AM -- By: Carole, memorial:   Ebony Turner Memorial
Hi Sharon or Marc. I wanted to let you know that when I select the "Angelversary" page tab on the main page I am directed to the birthday page. Again, I thank you for such a wonderful place where I can keep my babies memories alive. Hugs,

03-05-2009 9:09 AM -- By: June, memorial:   Obsidian Memorial
How come all the Angelversary pages are not listed the same way the birthday's are. Today is Obsidian's Angel Day and there is no way to link to it, I am very disapointed at this as I'm sure others are too. If you can do it with the birthday's you should also be able to access all the Angel Day's too. Thank you.

03-04-2009 10:21 AM -- By: Laura, memorial:   Dale Memorial
I know there is a "birthdays" page but is there any place to see all anniversaries for a particular day?  I've looked and looked.

Or maybe it is just pure coincidence that there is only one anniversary on any given day (shown on the home page)?  I'm not sure.

Thanks much and to whoever it concerns, thanks so much for this wonderful site!

02-26-2009 12:18 PM -- By: Charles, memorial:   Sammy Memorial
Hello, I have a request:  I would like to have a status message on Sammy's memorial page.  I have paid the $35.00 dollar fee and I did not know how I could get this completed.  The wording I would request to be listed is:  This memorial is sponsored by Sammy's Loving Dad Charles

Thank you so much.

02-21-2009 9:17 PM -- By: ,    Pet's name:   
Issue with "send email to friends" on guestbook was fixed.

02-14-2009 11:57 AM -- By: Samantha, memorial:   Bingi Memorial
I had a problem on my accout. I tried to comment someone else memorial but it said i needed my password. So I put in my password but it didnt work. I tried to get the password to my E-mail. I am really seriouse.

02-04-2009 8:50 AM -- By: sharon -,    Pet's name:   
Hi Carole,

So sorry I answered via email and missed that you had posted here too...

Your comments and suggestions are always greatly appreciated - thank you for letting us know - please email any time with any suggestion or thoughts!  We love hearing from anyone with suggestions for  Marc is changing the birthday and anniversary links so that when you click on either of those images it goes to the main birthday or anniversary page so that all pets with the same birthday / anniversary can be recognized.  You are correct it should have been going to the main birthday page all along.

The featured memorials are all labeled.  When you scroll over each image the name comes up - it just isn't under the photo until you scroll over the photo.  Some people were wanting more than the first name or something other than pet's name- story and some pet names were too long so they wrapped and caused the layout to be off and so we finally went with them the way it is now - only once you scroll over do you see the names.  We have added a little advertising under the main page in hopes that will help with the funding for the website - any click on those ad's helps
Many thanks

01-30-2009 10:02 PM -- By: Henry,    Pet's name:   
I see concerning Caroles question that at least with my computer if you put the mouse pointer over the picture it does tell the name of the pictured pet. Maybe you could print that on the page so people will know how to identify the featured pet.

01-29-2009 10:48 PM -- By: Carole, memorial:   Ebony Turner Memorial
Hi Sharon and Marc, Again, I want to thank you for Critters!!! I cannot even tell you in words alone what this means to me or has done for me during my grieving! I have one question and a couple issues to point out.

Question: Is it possible to label the featured dog's pics on the main page? They use to be labeled underneath the pic with (example: Ebony's Story.) Even if it were just their name under the pic, that would be wonderful, if at all possible. I've often told people here and at other memorial sites (including) virtual memorials that they can visit Ebony and Shabba...that their pics are on the main page...forgetting that the names no longer show.


1. "Birthdays." Now their is a picture of "one" pet that shows up on the main page when there could be numerous pet's that are having a birthdays. That could be the only pet that's acknowledged unless people are aware their is a special Birthday Forum.

2. Also, pets are appearing on the main page with their "Angel Day" date. I've noticed that people are confusing the two tabs and are leaving birthday wishes for what is actually an "Angel date". A new pet just passed away, and several people had signed their quest book leaving happy birthday wishes. This concerns me, as I would have been devastated to receive a "Happy Birthday" wish while It was actually the same day I'd just lost my beloved pet. The pet that is showing under the "Angel Day" is a newly added pet. Also, only one picture shows when there are sometimes more than one pet that was added.

01-20-2009 12:26 PM -- By: Christy always Gretas mom, memorial:   Hammy Sagar Memorial
I was wondering why Hammy never showed up on the recently created memorials?? I was kind of disappointed..Thanks!!

01-19-2009 6:19 PM -- By: ,    Pet's name:   
Chloe Bear, copy and paste what you like to your page, save the photos on you computer and re-download them, and copy and paste the text ... 

12-18-2008 9:12 AM -- By: Annette,    Pet's name:   Chloe Bear
I have actually made 3 seperate pages for Chloe Bear but i would like to put them onto the one i paid for could you please tell me how to do this.

12-15-2008 6:44 AM -- By: Brenda, memorial:   BUSTER Memorial
Hi Sharon, Iv just noticed on the front page Buster is no longer on the featured pets i did pay for twelve months  for Buster to be a featured pet would you please let me now what as happened, Kind Regards Brenda

12-05-2008 12:54 PM -- By: Ann, memorial:   Wor Noops(Snoopy) Memorial
Hello, im in the process of creating a second christmas page. On last years christmas page, i have falling snowflakes, now when i copy and paste the code, i only get text, not falling snowflakes. Not sure why, i'd appreciate any advice. Many thanks Ann

11-20-2008 10:59 PM -- By: Katie Casoni, memorial:   Bunky Memorial
Hello! I have a question. I would like to have a status message on her page! I didn't know how to do it and I paid $35.00 dollars and I didn't even get to to that. I want: This memorial is sponsored by: We love you Bunky! Love The Casoni's. From, Katie

11-14-2008 7:05 PM -- By: Debbie, memorial:   Miss Zoe Ann Memorial
My thumb-nail picture did not present on a post to the humor page. Only my id. Would you please change my id so that my identiy is secure?  I'm not sure why it didn't post. thanks.


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