Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 04-27-2007 by
Michelle Harvey
Princess Baby Girl
April 9 1993 - April 2 2007

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01-09-2014 8:27 AM -- By: Randy Hamel,  From: Fargo,ND  

 Michelle,Princess and All hope you are doing well.Thanks for your recent visit to Rowdys memorial and Thanks so much for the new doxie calendar (just love it).The winter has so bad but it can alway be worse so no sence in complaining i guess take care Michelle thanks again 

With Love Rowdy and Me

01-02-2014 8:07 PM -- By: Bev & Klaus,  From:  

    Dear Michelle & Princess, thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and remembering us on what would have been my Klaus' 20th birthday!  We still miss our boy so much and think of him often - although he is no longer with us, he can still bring a smile to our faces as well as a good chuckle, and always warm our hearts. We were truly blessed, as you were with beautiful little Princess, to have such wonderful furbabies in our lives!  Princess' memorial is such a fitting tribute to a great Golden. Although it saddens me to read the memorials, it also makes me happy to know that there are so many good-hearted people like yourself who provide the love that our furry ones so richly deserve.  

Godspeed my friend and hope the New Year brings you much joy and happiness.

12-31-2013 3:40 PM -- By: Maureen,  From: Hull UK  

True friends are like mornings,
You cant have them the whole day,
But you can be sure,
They will be there when you wakeup tomorrow,
Next Year And Forever…..

12-30-2013 11:37 PM -- By: Laura & Dale,  From:  

Just dropping off some love for Princess Baby Girl! 

Michelle, thinking of you with love -

12-25-2013 3:48 PM -- By: jules,  From:  

dearest friends princess baby girl and michelle bringing merry christmas wishes your way filled with love


jules and butler

12-25-2013 1:39 PM -- By: ♥Maddie/Lizzie/Sherri,  From:  


Thank you for your entry in ♥Maddies GB.

I want to wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New year. You are right--we HAVE been connecting for a long time here @ Critters and soon it will be through Eliza Belles(Lizzies) GB as well when I have the courage to go through all the pics. and get them ready for her memorial.

Thank you for beinbg there.



12-25-2013 4:08 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

 Dear Princess,

Your tree has lights this year! They will not last too long as they are battery operated but I could see them from the kitchen. There is not a Christmas that goes by that I do not think of you and how you were the essence of the season with love and joy for all not only on this one day but all year. I still miss you very much Baby Girl. Merry Christmas

PS Your stocking is hun on the banister. 

12-24-2013 11:20 PM -- By: Skye,  From:  

Dear Michelle:
I hope you and your family have a truly wonderful Christmas, and I hope that 2014 is a year filled with many blessings and much happiness for you!  Thank you for the support you have continued to show me & Molly despite my medical absence from Critters -- please know that it has been greatly appreciated.  I hope you are doing well.  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

12-24-2013 5:11 PM -- By: Cinnamon & Bruce,  From: Rainbow Bridge & PA  

Michelle and Family,

Stopping by to wish you and your family, Michelle, here and in heaven, will as this holiday season comes to an end.

Thank you, and your beloved angel Princess, for coming to the emotional aid of so many of us here at Critters, and for respecting and honoring the amazing souls and angels who are our reaon for being here in the first place.

Bless you and for family, Michelle, and may your holidays be filled with good fortune, good health, and happiness, now and next year, as well.   

Cinnamon & Bruce

12-21-2013 9:15 AM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Dear Michelle and family.

Stopping by to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and All the Best in 2014.

Wishing pretty girl ,Princess and all your Bridge kids a Merry Christmas at Rainbow Bridge.


12-15-2013 10:09 AM -- By: Randy Hamel,  From: Fargo,ND  

   Hi again Michelle,Princess and All.Just came by alittle early to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.Have a safe Holiday season with family and friends take care Michelle thinking of all my Critters friends and there fur babies on this holiday season


With Love Rowdy and Me

12-12-2013 3:15 PM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Hi Michelle. I did post to you but must have said something wrong as my post went to review. I hope it shows up soon, if not I will do it another way.



12-12-2013 3:12 PM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Dear Michelle and family.

Thank you so much for your visit and kindness as always. What a wonderful surprise your husband had planned for your BD."Happy belated Birthday". I am sure it is alot warmer in BC then it is here. The weather here is way below normal temps for this time of year.The windchills make it seem so much colder too . We did have a couple of snow storms before the extreme cold came in. The forcast is for warmer temps for the next couple of weeks. I certainly hope they are right.

How are the furkids doing,especially Kit. I hope he is doing much better as I know how much of a concern it is for us when our furkids are not doing as well as we would like.

I have been busy shopping as well as baking,etc. for the holiday season when I get home from the shelter. This is a busy time of year for all, I am sure.The traffic at times is almost impossible but we manage to get through it somehow.

Thanks again for your visit as I love to hear from my friends here on Critters. Stay safe this holiday season.



12-10-2013 10:19 AM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and little Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

My Dearest Friend Michelle and precious Princess .. it seems like forever that I've written and I so apologize.  Things here have been busy with my Auntie and with work and with Cupcake.

Cupcake injured her front legs somehow and was limping real bad since last week so she's been crated.  It seems like she is getting better and not limping as much as long as I keep her crated and on a leash when we go outside.

It has been so cold here .. last night .. 2 degrees with wind-chill of -12 ... burrrr

Hoping you all are doing well and things going good.  Though we might not hear from one another often .. YOU ALL are ALWAYS in my thoughts.

Sending hugs through the miles.

11-25-2013 7:03 PM -- By: Cinnamon & Bruce,  From: Rainbow Bridge & PA  

Marquisea, Princess & Michelle,

It is I who owe you and your beautiful angels an apology, Michelle.  Seems no matter how well intentioned I am, the calendar always catches up to me. 

I'd like to pay tribute to your dear Marquisea on her 6 year angel day on November 24, 2013,, too.  And how kind it was of Princess to suggest that you put a picture of Marquisea as the first photo on the memorial!

I know, as you said, Michelle, that losing a beloved soul like Marquisea, or Show Girl, around any holiday makes all future ones that much more emotional.  You know that they are all so unique, special and unforgettable, and each one of them comes with a million or so different holday memories. A very tough time of year.

We're having the first 'cold' weather of the year now around Philly.  With Thanksgiving here and Chrsitmas around the corner, it's hard not to think about our beautiful little Cinnie even more than usual.  Our little girl loved people food, and oh how she loved the excitement around the holidays, especially opening her stocking and presents.     

I keep Kit and Bailey, and their health and happiness, in my prayers, Michelle, and I hope you and your family have a safe, joyous and memorable Thanksgiving.  We truly never stop loving them, and missing them, do we? 

Thanks again for being loving irreplaceable part of the Critters famil, Michelle, and to your Princess Baby Girl for being one of those angels who shows us all the way. 

Cinnamon & Bruce

11-25-2013 1:34 AM -- By: Skye,  From:  

Hi Michelle
Stopping by to THANK YOU so very much for the recent birthday greeting you left for my beloved Molly.  I have really appreciated your continued support despite my necessary absence from Critters, and I apologize for any milestones I may have missed for your furkids in my absence.  I do want to take an opportunity to acknowledge the Angel Day of your beautiful Marquisea -- I am sure you still miss her a great deal. Marquisea looks a lot like my Teddy Joe, and I can tell she was a precious little soul.  I hope you are doing well, and I want to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful upcoming holiday season.  THANKS AGAIN!   :-)

11-24-2013 6:45 PM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Dear Michelle and family. Thank you so much for your visit. I have been thinking of you and hopeing all is well. With the holiday season being here, it seems to be a busy time for all . Stay safe in all the hussel and bussel of the holiday season.

Our weather is not too bad although we did have a couple of days of blowing snow but it has stopped now and the temps are not too cold, which is a good thing. 

I  love the headstone you have gotten for your precious Marquisea. She is such a beautiful girl, just like your precious Princess. I also love the picture of their Rainbow Bridge.'just beautiful". Thinking of you today and wishing you a day filled with all the wonderful memories you have of your Marquisea on her 6th year Angel Day.



11-24-2013 5:24 PM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and little Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

My Dearest Friend Michelle ... Thank You for your viist and your posting.  No need to apologize for not visiting because the same goes for myself.  I have been busy with work and taking care of my ill aunt.

Anyway, I see today is Marquisea's Four-Year Angelversary.  Though today brings many different memories for you .. always know your friend here sends lots of hugs your way.

Time passes by but we will never forget any of our furkids.  I love the headstone you got for her.

Michelle, we got over a foot of snow here last night and today .. so been busy shoveling .. but the furkids are having lots of fun running and playing.

Sending hugs through the miles.

11-24-2013 12:41 PM -- By: Michelle & Princess,  From:  

Dear Marquisea,

The house is a lonelier place without you stealth dog. Today we are putting out your new grave marker. I will post a picture a little later.  I hope you have found the peace and security you never seemed to find on earth and I hope you are still staying close to Princess. You were a very good girl and you are missed. Love Mom

11-24-2013 8:29 AM -- By: Randy Hamel,  From: Fargo,ND  

 HI Michelle,Princess and All hope you are well.Stopped by to honor your sweetheart Marquisea on her Angelday at Rainbow Bridge.HAPPY ANGELDAY MARQUISEA God Bless you ALL take care Michelle (P.S i send you a thank you post and i see you never received it for the beautiful thanksgiving card so thanks so much and Hope you and your family have a safe and happy holiday

With Love Rowdy and Me

11-15-2013 7:07 AM -- By: Randy Hamel,  From: Fargo,ND  

 Hi Michelle,Pretty Princess, and All hope you are doing well michelle.The days are going by the holidays are coming up again and not really looking forward to none of it again this year.Love that new pic you have on princesses memorial well Michelle take care have a great Thanksgiving God bless YOU all today and everyday

With Love Rowdy and Me

11-14-2013 1:56 PM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Dear Michelle and pretty  Princess Baby girl.

I just wanted to stop by as I was on the site and let you know I have not forgotten you and precious Princess. As you know, I don't come here much if at all except if I get notified that I have had a visitor to my kids memorial. Although I do try and remember Bd's and Ad's of friends furkids but I know I have missed a few.

How is sweet Kit doing? I hope he is doing alot better with the special care that I know you are giving him. How is your weather holding out? We are having above normal temps and no snow in sight as of yet which is very unusual for us at this time of year. I certainly hope we get snow before Christmas as it just wouldn't be Christmas without it.

Take care and know you are never far from my thoughts and please stay in contact..I hope all is well out your way.

Sending Hugs across the miles.

11-14-2013 12:31 PM -- By: ♥Maddie/Lizzie/Sherri,  From:  

Michelle & much loved Princess Baby Girl,

Thank you for your continued support and the birthday wishes for my baby Girl,♥Maddie-also often known as ♥Maddison Baby dog. They will always be our babies and I am sure ♥Maddie has introduced Our newest baby to the Bridge, Lizzie(Eliza Belle), our little KCC- to Princess and all 3 babies are now friends.

Take care,

♥Maddie& Lizzie and their 4 ever mom, Sherri


11-05-2013 11:24 AM -- By: Audrey,  From:  

 My dear friend I dont know how to thank you for that beatifull git that you send me , you realy make smile !!! , two days ago I was dreaming with Sebastian and in the midle of the night I began to cry because I miss him so much , I wish to leard to deal with the loss of a family member but I can ! , I still cry for Tesoro , and now I cry for Sebastian too !!!! , in your git I see all those faces that I adore , and you dont know how much I thank you for always be here for me , you are a great person , the best friend , and I wish we have more people in this world like you !!!. With all my love: Audrey. 

11-04-2013 10:55 AM -- By: Laura & Dale,  From:  

Just dropping off a little love!    and LOVIN' the picture!

11-01-2013 2:59 PM -- By: jules,  From:  

sweetest princess baby girl and michelle thank you for celebrating butler's birthday with us. you have always shown such kindness to us and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for that. hoping all is well at your end.


jules and butler

10-29-2013 11:35 PM -- By: Gina & Saada,  From:  

Hi Michelle and precious Princess, Thank you so much for stopping by on Saada's Angel Day and for your kind words. Your visits are always appreciated and mean so much. Thank you for all your support over these past years. ((Hugs))

10-24-2013 8:29 AM -- By: Brenda,  From: Miami, FL  


Thanks for remembering my Cindy on her special day. Your continued support and friendship mean more than you will ever know.

10-22-2013 5:50 PM -- By: Randy Hamel,  From: Fargo,ND  

 Hi Michelle,Princess and All hope you are doing well.Just love the new picture on princesses memorial (GREAT) Just came by to say Hi.The month of October is almost gone already is time flying by or what.Not much going on now but sitting in my recliner looking out the patio door but someday soon i need to quit that and go somewhere but not sure where yet well take care Michelle got you all in my thoughts and Prayers

Love Rowdy and Me 

10-20-2013 5:05 PM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Dear Michelle and pretty Princess Baby Girl. Thank you for your visit and kind post as always. I am sorry I have not been on here as it seems I had caught a flu bug and have been sick for a few days. I am begining to feel better but not as I should be as of yet... I know Kit well soon be feeling better as I know he is getting special care from you. ..We are getting our first dusting of snow today but the temps are still not too cold to enjoy the outdoors. Dozer can't figure out what that white stuff falling on him is but he tries to catch every flake that comes down. I think he was scard of it to begin with as when he first went out this morning he ran back in the house and watched the snow through the window. HaHa. I had to send Tyson out but even with Tyson out there he hesitated for a bit before he ventured out.I don't know what he will do when the ground is completely covered but I am sure it will be fun to watch.

Take care and know you are never far from my thoughts.......Hugs


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