Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 04-27-2007 by
Michelle Harvey
Princess Baby Girl
April 9 1993 - April 2 2007

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10-26-2012 2:00 PM -- By: pa t,  From: oklahoma  

Good afternoon, Michelle and Princess! It is COLD here today. 46 at 9a.m. I've brought more wood in and Timmee, Lita and Clementine are parked in front of the stove and will remain there for the duration of the winter. :) Michelle, are you on MySpace? If you are, please do a search for "Colene" and leave a message.....xoxox Pat

10-25-2012 5:53 PM -- By: Brenda,  From: Miami, FL  


I fonally got yout poat. Thank you so much for remembering my little girl. Love you!

10-24-2012 5:14 PM -- By: Randy Hamel,  From: Upham,ND  

Michelle come see the latest of what princess is doing at the big halloween party Love Rowdy and Me

10-24-2012 4:50 AM -- By: Laura & Dale,  From:  

Just peeking in on Princess Baby Girl and saying hello to her mom!


10-23-2012 10:11 AM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and little Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Michelle and precious Princess .. just wanted to update you on the goings on here.

There are still some little issues between Cupcake and Bentley ... Bentley was asleep next to me on the table bench chair and Cupcake came up and sniffed him and he went at her .. I immediately yanked his collar back and scolded him very, very firmly and said "NO, YOU DON'T DO THAT" to which he lowered his head and I scolded him again making sure he KNEW I meant what I said. After that, things seemed to be fine.

I don't think Bentley likes being awakened .. but I have to scold him when he gets out of line. I truly believe he knows he was "saved" and he is trying to be on his best behavior .. but he still has issues .. as does Cupcake and Xander with him.

I know Sammy is proud of his dad once again .. and it is trying at times .. but I could not let Bentley be euthanized .. he is only 1 yr and 8 months old ... he has an entire life to live ... and hopefully a good life with us.

Hoping you are adjusting back to normal life after vacation. Give your furkids lots of hugs and kisses from us .. and one great big one for you, Michelle.

Always know you are close to our heart and our thoughts.

10-22-2012 2:02 PM -- By: Randy Hamel,  From: Upham,ND  

Hi Michelle,Princess and All hope you are fine and enjoying the fall weather now.i hate it cause we get that snow and 20 below stuff here.Princess will be the life of the Halloween party i know in her pretty costume and she is doing a couple dances i think i seen that on there. just have to wait and see what pat comes up with on her next posts talk again soon Michelle Love Rowdy and Me

10-21-2012 9:08 PM -- By: PAT AND THE SPOOKS,  From: THE SCARY, SCARY FOREST  

Dear Michelle: I just wanted to let you know that my email notifications seemed to be mixed up. Some days they come when they are written and lately, Charle's posts take at least two days. I wanted to be sure that you know because I don't want you to think I'm not writing. I finally got gas and we've had no more power outages. The last storm was really a bad one and my roof leaked. This situation is much harder than anything I've done before. Housing wise. Rowdy has more on his page about the party! xoxox Pat

10-19-2012 10:06 AM -- By: Stacy and Minnie,  From: PA  

Hi Michelle! I just wanted to stop by and see your precious the graphic that Vicki made for you! Life is so hectic these days...but I don't want you to ever think that I have forgotten about your Princess...MUAH!

Psst! Princess? It's me...Minnie! I'm so SO happy that Mommy stopped by...come on, let's go jump and play! I can chase butterflies while you frolic in the pond. We will have a great time! I love you bunches!

10-19-2012 9:31 AM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and little Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

My Dearest Friend Michelle and precious Princess ... so glad you had a great trip .. one you truly deserve for sure.

Well, yes .. another furkid Bentley and the first 2 or 3 days were really rough .. he was not feeling well from the trip .. having a brother and sister .. who wanted NOTHING to do with him .. BUT .. lately, they are ALL getting along very nicely. There has been a "few" little issues at feeding .. but that is corrected immediately ... they know I AM the BOSS ...

Michelle, Bentley is simply gorgeous in his daddy's eyes. I give them each their hug and kiss .. so as not to feel left out ..

I will write a separate e-mail hopefully this weekend .. BUT .. know all is well our way.

Sending much love and lots of hugs .....

10-18-2012 11:38 PM -- By: Margaret,  From: Virginia  


Princess is so pretty in her photos. I'm touched by your loving tributes to her and memories. Reading about your journey is a comfort to me as I just lost our Lily on Tuesday. I hope my Lily is on the rainbow bridge too.

Thank you for the Princess site.

10-15-2012 7:46 PM -- By: Lauvern ,  From:  

Hi Michelle and pretty Princess Baby girl. I just wanted to stop by and see how you are doing. I see by your post from Charles that you are away on a trip.I hope that you have a fun trip and please stay safe. I love this Autumn picture of Princess. She is such a pretty girl. Take care and know that you are never far from my thoughts. Hugs. Lauvern and all my Bridge kids.

10-13-2012 5:53 PM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and little Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Michelle and precious Princess .. when you read this you will have arrived back from your trip and hoping you had a fabulous time.

I am sorry I did not see your posting sooner before you left .. BUT .. I have good news ... I have adopted another furkids .. a Pit Bull that I named Bentley. He comes from Aurora, Colorado, and he is gorgeous.

I will send a private e-mail with all details .. but know I have had my hands full getting Cupcake and Xander to accept him and he them .. into their wonderful home.

Sending you many hugs and lots of love from all of us.

10-11-2012 4:41 PM -- By: Nala's Mom,  From: Sacramento  

Thank you for your sweet note about Nala. I'm sure she'll have fun at the party! I still haven't been able to get another kitty, just can't do it yet, but maybe one day. Our dogs still have her toys.....

10-11-2012 2:13 AM -- By: pat,  From: oklahoma  

Dear Michelle: We're all very excited about the big party that Rowdy is having. I understand that everyone is working hard and needing more helpers. Within the next day or two, another installment will be put up bringing the new workers in. I live on a ranch and use propane for my hot water heater. I've been out of gas for NINE days. My patience is really wearing thin. Today I was going to town, 30 miles, and waited all day because I was told that gas would be here this a.m. Whine......I need groceries!! Pat and gang!

10-08-2012 7:30 PM -- By: Randy Hamel,  From: Upham,ND  

Hi Michelle,Princess and ALL just came to tell you about the big party but i see Pat already did.Can you tell Lauvern about this cause i see she when private with lukes memorial.I love the New picture of Princess so take care Love Rowdy and Me

10-08-2012 11:48 AM -- By: pat,  From: oklahoma  


10-08-2012 11:40 AM -- By: pat,  From: oklahoma  

Oh, Michelle! I Love the new photo of Princess! Brought tears to my eyes. Michelle, I posted the long party story on Rowdy's page last week! The day I wrote to you. It was long and very detailed and I'm too trusting and I didn't copy it. It went into review then and I have no idea what happened. I wrote to Sharon the next morning. I'm sorry. I'll write again now if it isn't up. Pat

10-05-2012 3:18 PM -- By: pat,  From: oklahoma  

As you can see when the party plans get out of review and are posted on Rowdy's page, Princess is planning to dance. She is thinking about something along the lines of the style of Michael Jackson. Puck has ordered her some glittery gloves. Shhhhhh. Rowdy doesn't know the style of her dance. She wants to surprise everyone. xoxoxo Pat and Crew

10-05-2012 2:57 PM -- By: pat,  From: oklahoma  

Hi, Michelle and Princess! How are you today? It is drizzly here.

Rowdy is having a Halloween party and planning it now. The story went into review so it isn't up yet. I want you both to check on the big festivities. Watch Rowdy, he's an ankle biterif his plans are 'messed' with. :) xoxo Pat and Crew.

10-05-2012 8:29 AM -- By: Randy Hamel,  From: Upham,ND  


10-04-2012 1:23 AM -- By: Linda,  From: NJ  

Hi! Michelle. It was nice to hear from you and your doing well. Princess Baby Girl's picture is stunning with the pink roses. I love it. Hope you enjoyed your summer! XO

10-03-2012 4:24 PM -- By: Laura & Dale,  From:  

Peeking in with a quick hello for this lovely lady, Princess Baby Girl!

Michelle, please keep me posted about Bailey - will keep Bailey and you in my prayers!!! xoxoxo

10-03-2012 1:04 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Dearest Princess,

As I was sitting the the waiting room at the vet's last night I thought of all of the times I sat with you and the Ma Dog in that same room. How you loved going anywhere and everywhere while Ma was so scared.

I hope Bailey's diagnosis will be a good one. Please send whatever healing vibes you can our way so she can stay with me longer.

Love and miss you so much, everyday.

10-01-2012 9:14 AM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and little Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Michelle and precious Princess .. just stopping by to say "HI" and to let you know I was thinking of you. Hoping you had a great weekend.

I had a "miss my Sammy day" on Saturday and was a total wreck .. but I made it .. as Cupcake and Xander would not leave my side .. they knew something was wrong with their dad .. I tried to keep my tears from them .. but they saw and knew .... they are smart.

Anyway, my dear friend .. hoping you and your furkids are doing well and things going good your way. Things seem to have settled down here with those complaints .. but you always have to be on your toes ....

The leaves have all changed here and the evenings and early mornings cooler. We need lots of snow to fill up our water tables as the water situation is pretty bad here. My "old" well has gone dry that I used for watering the trees and shrubs .. so have to haul 500 gallons every weekend .. and that is a chore.

Anyway, sending all our love and many hugs and kisses your way. Have a Grand week our dear friend.

09-27-2012 10:28 PM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Dear Michelle and pretty girl Princess. I just wanted to stop by and let you know you were in my thoughts. I hope all is well out your way and that you are enjoying the beautiful fall weather. This is my favourite time of year. I have been spending my days at the shelter as well as trying to fix up my kids memorial pages. I still find it hard to look through pictures but I will work on it as I can. Have a grand weekend and know that my Critters friends are never far from my thoughts. Hugs

09-27-2012 9:10 PM -- By: andrea,  From: michigan  

thank you so much, it means so much to me. im so sad. it's so hard

09-25-2012 9:09 AM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and little Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Good Morning my dear friends Michelle and precious Princess .. sorry I haven't responded in a few days .. but been busy at home trying to "dog-proof" the fencing and ordering "privacy fencing" to put against my wire fence which faces my neighbor in hopes that it keeps Cupcake and Xander from being able to see down below to the neighbors so "he" doesn't complain that they are barking, etc.

It has been really upsetting to me .. as I have said, I've lived here 39 years and have always had dogs and with Cupcake for 4 and Xander for 3 .. and NOW I get complaints .. just doesn't make sense.

I will do whatever it takes to keep my furkids safe. I ask that you keep them in your prayers that they be safe while I'm at work as I do constantly.

Sending all our love and many hugs your way.

09-22-2012 8:52 PM -- By: Nancy,  From:  

I just was visiting Princess and I just wanted to leave you amessage on how beautiful I think she was. I know you must miss her so terribly. She was such a sweet sweet soul. No doubt welcomed my Picky and Snowy into Rainbow Bridge. You are in my heart and prayers

God bless you Nancy, Picky and Snowys "Momma" :0(

09-21-2012 4:46 PM -- By: Ana,  From: Spain  

Thank yuo so much Michelle and Princess for your sweet message on Lucas's help ease the pain...5 years have passed but it doesnt is endless.

09-21-2012 1:28 PM -- By: Lauvern and JoJo,  From:  

Dear Michelle and precious Princess Baby girl. I want to thank you so much for all of your kindness and support in my most recent loss of JoJo. Losing two of my kids within two weeks has been very difficult BUT with all of the support that I have received from my TRUE friends and family,I will be ok. I know I have a long road ahead as you all know how much I love my kids but I take comfort in knowing that I did all humanly possible to keep them with me but when I lost out , I could not be selfish and let them suffer just to have them with me. I know they are no longer in pain and I will have to deal with the pain of having to let them go. Thank you again for all of your kindness and support.I will not forget. Sending hugs. Lauvern and JoJo.


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