Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 04-27-2007 by
Michelle Harvey
Princess Baby Girl
April 9 1993 - April 2 2007

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05-09-2010 6:42 AM -- By: Princess Baby Girl,  From: Heaven  

Mommy, I Love You

Mommy, I know you always loved me By the way you showed you care. You hugged me and talked to me softly; When I needed you, you were always there. Mommy, I’ll love you always From my heart, I want to say I’m so glad you were and still are my mommy; Happy Mother’s Day!

05-08-2010 8:38 PM -- By: gypsy rose,  From: houston  

Hey Princess Baby girl and Michele thank you both so much stopping by and wishing gypsy rose a heppy birthday, happy mothers day and bless you both, so cute princess is.

05-07-2010 11:48 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Dandelions from Heaven Mothers day is coming And I wanted to send you a sign something you can tell others; "Is from an angel of mine So I searched the heavens high and low for that perfect thing.... And low and behold I found it.... And a smile I hope it will bring.

So when you look to the heavens and see the yellow stars in the sky Just think of me .... your angel... in the heavens way up high And just imagine those stars; are dandelions up above. Yes! Dandelions are also in heaven; which you know how much I love.

So on this mothers day and you awake and feel blue.... You will notice those yellow stars... are no longer in view. So look to the meadows and the dandelions you see... Are the ones I've tossed down this mothers day from me.

And when you find a dandelion that has turned from yellow to white; Youre supposed to make a wish and then blow with all your might. For you will be blowing kisses to me in heaven above.... And I will be catching them and blowing them back sent with all my love.

Please know that l am with you.... on this mothers day.... And also in the days ahead.... God and I will never stray. We will be with you in the morning ....when you awake and see the sun.... We will be with you when you say your prayers when the day is done.

For God and I will never be very far from your side.... For I can now be everywhere.... and God will be your guide. So.... remember when you see dandelions it is your guarantee That I am always close to you.... for dandelions are free to roam just like me.

I will always be with you mummy.... Happy Mothers Day.... Love your angel in heaven.


05-07-2010 9:57 AM -- By: kia and deb,  From:  

Michelle, just stopping by with Mother's day wishes, and a note from your beautiful angel Princess, A Mother

A Mother is one who understands the things you say and do

Who always overlooks your faults and sees the best in you

A Mother is one whose special love inspires you day by day.

Who fills your heart with gladness in her warm and thoughtful way.

A Mother is all these things and more - the greatest treasure known.

And the dearest Mother in all of the world is the one I call my own.

05-06-2010 11:35 PM -- By: jules,  From:  

as told to butler from princess baby girl to you: I Love You Mom! Mom's smiles can brighten any moment, Mom's hugs put joy in all our days, Mom's love will stay with us forever and touch our lives in precious ways... The values you've taught, the care you've given, and the wonderful love you've shown, have enriched my life in more ways than I can count. I Love you Mom!

05-06-2010 10:53 PM -- By: glenise,  From:  

Okay, so the story goes, Daisy was taking a snooze on her cloud and felt a soft touch on her forehead. She noticed out of the corner of her eye the most beautiful lush reddish blonde fur and turned to see Princess Baby Girl sitting beside her. "Well," said Princess, "you know this Sunday is Mother's day and I need you to be a messenger for me. Tell my mom (Michelle) that "She is one of the Bestest Moms in all of Crittersville. Also leave her an angel feather, so she'll know I was there. And, leave this mother's day verse, and sign it: With Love, Your Princess Baby Girl." {{0}}

God made a wonderful Mother,A Mother who doesn't grow old. He made her a smile of sunshine,And a heart of pure gold. In her cheeks he placed fair roses, in her eyes, stars that shine. God made a wonderful Mother, And that wonderful Mother is mine

~ Happy Mother's Day ~

05-06-2010 10:14 PM -- By: Skye,  From:  

Hi Michelle.... I was just stopping by to deliver some doggie "Heaven mail" that Molly dropped off, and I understand Princess & Marquisea wanted you to have this poem for Mother's Day. Thinking of you....

To My Mother:

If I could give you diamonds for each tear you cried for me; If I could give you sapphires for each truth you've helped me see; If I could give you rubies for the heartache that you've known; If I could give you pearls for the wisdom that you've shown; Then you'll have a treasure, mother, that would mount up to the skies That would almost match the sparkle in your kind and loving eyes. But I have no pearls, no diamonds, As I'm sure you're well aware. So I'll give you gifts more precious My devotion, love, and care.

~(Author Unknown)

You'll always be in our hearts, Mom, and we will love you forever! Thank you so much for being OUR wonderful Mom! We Love You, Princess & Marquisea

05-06-2010 8:16 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Princess Baby Girl!!! Thank you for sharing my birthday ... I see you just celebrated your Birthday and 3rd Year Angel day. The parties here sure are something, but even though they are GRAND ... nothin comepares to the love within our hearts! Hugs always, Luna & her mom

05-05-2010 1:49 PM -- By: jules,  From:  

we came to see our beautiful friends princess baby girl and michelle and bring hugs jules and butler

05-04-2010 10:43 PM -- By: ,  From:  

"In the Candle's Glow"

Warm light coming from far below, Twinkling, sparkling is the candle's glow. All is well up on the ridge, The place we know as Rainbow Bridge.

Furbabies sleeping in heaven's light, Tended by candles in the night. Peaceful dreams be theirs to keep, As they slumber in this night so deep.

Hearts on earth that miss them so, Take comfort in the candle's glow. Watching for them in skies above, Bound eternally by a cord of love.

05-04-2010 10:07 AM -- By: ,  From:  

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.......Thank you for all The countless, caring ways You' filled my life with love

05-03-2010 10:06 AM -- By: Wendy,  From:  

Thank you for your kind words on Tabitha's page.. She was very special and very well loved by the whole family, relatives and all... The Golden breed is a wonderful breed that I will always love. They are such beautiful dogs. Princess is a very beautiful girl. It is still so hard to belive that she was taken from me. I was the luckiest person to have such a wonderful dog and I know that is how everyone here feels about their own beloved pets...

05-01-2010 12:47 AM -- By: jules,  From:  

we came to say have a good weekend and we send princess baby girl and you hugs jules and butler

04-30-2010 11:07 PM -- By: Stephen,  From: Richmond  

Thanks for visiting our dear Schartzie on his 13 birthday! We have only the fondest memories of his time with us. Your Princess is a lovely girl!

04-30-2010 4:17 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Sorrow fills a barren space; you close your eyes and see my face and think of times I made you laugh, the love we shared, the bond we had,

the special way I needed you - the friendship shared by just we two. The day's too quiet, the world seems older, the wind blows now a little colder.

You gaze into the empty air and look for me, but I'm not there - I'm in heaven and I watch you, and I see the world around you too.

I see little souls wearing fur, souls who bark and souls who purr born unwanted and unloved - I see all this and more above -

I watch them suffer, I see them cry, I see them lost, I watch them die. I see unwanted thousands born - and when they die, nobody mourns.

These little souls wearing fur (Some who bark and some who purr)are castaways who - unlike me - will never know love or security.

A few short months they starve and roam, Or caged in shelters - no one takes home. They're special too (furballs of pleasure), filled with love and each one, a treasure.

My pain and suffering came to an end, so don't cry for me, my person, my friend.

But think of the living -those souls with fur some who bark and some who purr) - And though our bond can't be broken apart, make room for another in your home and your heart.

--- Caro Schubert-James

04-29-2010 9:38 PM -- By: ,  From:  

"How long will the pain last?" A broken-hearted mourner asked me. "All the rest of your Life," I have to answer truthfully.

We never quite forget. No matter how many years pass, we remember. The loss of a loved one is like a major operation. Part of us is removed, and we have a scar For the rest of our lives.

As years go by, we manage. There are things to do, things to care for, Tasks that call for full attention. But the pain is still there, not far below the surface.

We see a dog or a cat that looks familiar, Hear a voice that echoes, See a photograph we put away, See a landscape that once we saw together, And it seems as though A knife were in the wound again.

But not so painfully, And mixed with joy, too, Because remembering a happy time is not all sorrow; It brings back some happiness with it, too.

How long will the pain last? "All the rest of your life." But the thing to remember Is that not only will the pain last, But the blessed memories as well.

Tears are proof of life; The more love, the more tears. If this be true, then how could we ever ask That the pain cease altogether? For then the memory of love would go with it. The pain of grief is the price we pay for love.

04-28-2010 10:46 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Remember me in quiet days While raindrops whisper on your pane. But in your memories have no grief, Let just the joy we knew remain. Remember me when evening stars Look down on you with steadfast eyes. Remember if once you wake To catch a glimpse of red sunrise.

And when your thoughts do turn to me, Know that I would not have you cry. But live for me and laugh for me, When you are happy, so am I.

Remember an old joke we shared; Remember me when spring walks by. Think once of me when you are glad And while you live, I shall not die.

04-27-2010 10:17 PM -- By: Brooke Murray,  From: Brooks, AB. Canada  

I am truly sorry for your loss of poor Princess. She is in a great place now, watching over her family.She shared a great life with you, I know how hard it is to lose a pet. They are part of your life. I miss my dear Gizmo and my beloved Sheaba just as much as you miss Princess. May she RIP

04-26-2010 9:19 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Our Special Angel

God chose a special Angel when he took your paw in his… He ended all your suffering with sorrows own sweet kiss…

You worried about our welfare, so you lingered a few nights more… Assuring yourself that we would be fine before you entered Heaven’s door…

The angels said, “We will be waiting here”, “Just lets us know when you are ready”… Your soul whispered back, “I cannot leave yet”, “I am not sure their hearts are steady”…

On the shores of both heave and earth, stood loved ones from past and present… Your heart was literally torn in half having to choose between your deeper sentiment…

Seeing the conflict in your eyes, we knew what must be done… In all of our agony, we failed to realize, that we were being the selfish ones…

So, in one final selfless act, we told you to take God’s paw… So that together, you and he could cross over to the promise land…

In one final breath filled with your passion so deep and true… You took God’s hand and left behind all of those who truly adored you…

Our only solace is knowing, that now you are free of pain… And when God comes to take our hands that he will lead us back to you again…

04-25-2010 12:38 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Feel no guilt in laughter, she knows how much you care

Feel no sorrow in a smile that she’s not here to share

You cannot grieve forever, she would not want you to

She’d hope that you can carry on, the way you always do

So talk about the good times and the ways you showed you cared

The days you spent together, all the happiness you shared

Let memories surround you.

A word someone may say

Will suddenly recapture a time, an hour, a day

That brings her back as clearly as though she were still here

And fills you with the feelings that she is always near

For if you keep these moments, you will never be apart

And she will live forever locked safe within your heart

04-25-2010 8:32 AM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Hi Michelle.I just wanted to stop by and say Hello as i was out visiting some tributes as i try and do whenever i get free computer time,which is not too often. I hope all is well with you. As i look back at Luke's guestbook i see that you were one of the first to welcome us to Critters. I lost Luke exactly two months after you lost Princess. It will be three years for me on June2. Where did all the time go? Although they both are no longer with us in body,we will always have them in our hearts. Take care and have a good Sunday. Hugs

04-24-2010 10:11 PM -- By: jules,  From:  

i'm glad it was ok i'm still learning how to make them. i love princess baby girl her face just cheers me up. and i send good thoughts to you and her daily. hugs jules and butler

04-24-2010 6:25 PM -- By: jules,  From:  

michelle, i made princess baby girl a gift. it's in butler's under gifts from friends. i hope you like it. i read about her love of the beach. just click and save is for you friend. hugs jules and butler

04-24-2010 5:43 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Remember me with love, not tears, and think of all of our happy years.

When I was sick, you were at my side

Your tears and fears, you tried to hide..

I know you did your best for me,

but God above was calling me.

The tears with time, will go away,

but the love we shared will always stay.

Now the Lord has set me free,

that is how I want you to remember me...

One day in the future, just over the ridge,

I’ll be waiting for you, standing on Rainbow Bridge.

That gentle breeze that made the wind chimes sing?

That was me, I was there with you.

The gentle snow falling upon your tears?

That was me, I was there with you.

And that little beam of sunlight that danced on the

otherwise shaded deck that day?

That was me, I was there with you.

Until we’re together, never more to be apart.

Remember me with love, I left my paw prints on your heart.

Wherever you are going and whatever you may do,

Just look down right beside you, I will be there next to you.

Remember and Believe

04-23-2010 11:24 PM -- By: jules,  From:  

we came by to say hello to our friends michelle and beautiful princess baby girl. have a good weekend. hugs jules and butler

04-23-2010 1:45 PM -- By: ,  From:  

A quiet night

It is a quiet night As I try to sleep I think of you You are in my heart where no one can see you Your soul is as pure as the falling snow outside my window I hold you in my arms and I feel so safe The stars are shinnig this quite night I see the moon, I feel your beauty in the flower, butterflies The parks with the smell of the fragrant of God's creation It is so peaceful in the quiet of this night I can hold your dear hand and kiss your sweet lips I pray to God to help you with whatever you do I can find no wrong in you You are so good and I am so proud With God's wishes, I can say I love you now.

04-22-2010 9:09 AM -- By: ,  From:  

No Goodbyes I am standing right beside you And I wonder why you cry, I see such pain and sorrow I see the hurt that's in your eyes. Do not wish me back for one last kiss Please don't wait for me to wake, Just know how much I love you I wish no longer your heart to ache. You need not ever let go of me Your friend forever I will be, I'll be always by your side The tough times together we'll see. So to my friends I bid you An oh so great farewell, Time stands still but for no one Go and live your lives and tell. Tell all those that you meet The old friends and those new, Although you lost a friend today You'll get chance to see him soon. The world knows that I've gone today But do not mourn for me, I am happy here just watching All the world I can now see. To my family sitting here And those so far away, How proud I am of all you do In each and every way. I will watch you as you sleep tonight Be with you all the days, I’ll be there through the good and bad My love shall never fade. Live your life without regrets And be happy everyday, For knowing you has made my life So special in every way. My time has come to go now But this is no goodbye, If you ever need to talk to me I am always by your side.

04-21-2010 11:05 PM -- By: ,  From:  

The Presence of You In momentary times of calm I hear you call my name, And turn to catch a glimpse of you … Through weary eyes I strain.

Dimension lost to timeless realm, Illusions persevere, Through trickery of mind or light, I see your presence near.

Though lost to life, not memory, I feel you manifest, And bring to mind the love I knew Too often long repressed.

You rise to meet me on this path, The one I walk alone, Not ghostly, nor ethereal … No trepidation known.

You bring to me, tranquility, A peacefulness sets in … I linger in the twilight found From low the depths within.

In parallel, we saunter down Our lane of memories, Conversing on the life we shared Before these boundaries.

I greet you as if yesterday We strolled in tandem here … Though in the score of truth and time, ‘Twas long ago my dear.

04-20-2010 9:37 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Though many miles may separate us I feel close to you in my heart Though I can't reach out and touch you, I feel like we're never apart. Author Unknown


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