Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 04-27-2007 by
Michelle Harvey
Princess Baby Girl
April 9 1993 - April 2 2007

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04-02-2010 11:24 AM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Stopping by in remembrance of Princess Baby Girl's Third-Year Angelversary. May the memories you carry within your heart of Princess Baby Girl continue to bring you peace and comfort. Though time has past .. it never gets any easier as our love will never die for our babies.

Princess Baby Girl, always know that you are loved and missed.

04-02-2010 10:34 AM -- By: Vicki, Misty Rose & Cuddles,  From:  

Hi Michelle and precious Princess BAby Girl. Thanks for stopping by and a Happy Easter to you too.

Computer problems kept me away for a week biting my nails. Back on now but not quite up to par yet. Hugs to both of you.

04-02-2010 9:31 AM -- By: kia,  From:  

this was left in our guestbook ......No matter how life changes, No matter what we do, A special place within our hearts, Will always be for you. fitting for this day in remembering Princess

04-02-2010 9:25 AM -- By: kia and deb,  From:  

Stopping by honor and remember Beautiful Princess on her 3rd "Angel-versary. just a beautiful angel, my thoughts are with you Michelle for she will always be in your heart

04-02-2010 8:56 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Hi Beautiful girl,

It is me again. So many of our friends have already stopped by in honor of your angel day. I am sure you have met many of their kids where you are. You are in my thoughts today and I know you are nudging me here in the direction of joy as usual! Thank you Princess.

Love, Mom

04-02-2010 2:30 AM -- By: glenise,  From:  

me again, I'm very sorry, please forgive me I meant Angel day; but the rest of the message is right and you have made a beautiful tribute to her

04-02-2010 2:26 AM -- By: glenise,  From:  

Happy Birthday to beautiful Princess! May she enjoy all her favorite dishes of: fresh caught salmon, free range chicken and organic veggies with all her RB friends today.

04-02-2010 2:10 AM -- By: Skye,  From:  

Stopping by to honor and remember precious Princess on her 3rd "Angel-versary". What a truly beautiful Golden girl! And what a wonderful life she lived thanks to you and all the love you gave her! Princess certainly was a very lucky dog to have such special people in her life who loved and cherished her so very much. Clearly, Princess lived a life filled with lots of attention, fun, and great doggie adventures! The years of love and joy you provided for Princess was the everlasting gift you gave to her that she will carry with her forever in her heart. May your beloved Princess spend today joyfully running and playing in beautiful sun-drenched meadows beyond the Rainbow Bridge with Marquisea, Jolean, KitKat, and all of her new friends... while the angels watch over her and blow her sweet kisses on the wind. :) And may the joyful memories of your sweet, precious Princess always bring you peace, comfort, and a smile to your face. My thoughts are with you today, and I wish you well.

BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS -- We Celebrate You Today! :)

"What we have once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose. For all that we love deeply becomes a part of us."

~ Helen Keller

04-02-2010 1:47 AM -- By: lauri,  From:  

Happy angel day princess hope today is not too much for you, Try to remmebr the good memories she will alaways be with you no matter what. huggss thinkign of you today.

04-02-2010 12:25 AM -- By: Linda,  From: NJ  

Stopping by to honor your girl Princess. She is truly a very beautiful girl. I love the picture of her with the yellow flowers. I'm sure her day will be filled with many flowers, friends & much sunshine to celebrate her 3rd year in the heavens, so pretty!

04-02-2010 12:23 AM -- By: jules,  From:  

came to honor our dear friend princess baby girl. who's face melts your heart with love. you are missed. it is an honor to have you as a friend. hugs jules and butler

There is a bond that you can't see for it's not bound with twine. It's formed from strands within our souls, this love that's yours and mine.

When I went home to be with God, you must now understand, I took with me this bond of love and I still hold that strand.

So look now at my photograph. The smile, you'll quickly see. But only hearts can see the strand forever binding You and Me.

Enjoy the precious memories although we are apart. We'll share more joys again one day. I believe that with all my heart!

04-01-2010 10:54 PM -- By: Tracy,  From: St Paul MN  

Michelle, Just wanted you to know you are in my thoughts. Just as I know Princess is with you, close to you today, bringing strength and love always to you. The romping pleasure is all I can see, all I want to see when remembering those so dear, your Princess. With love, light and healing... Tracy and ~V~

04-01-2010 9:24 PM -- By: Henry,  From: NY  

Princess I hope your Angel Day tomorrow is filled with lots of fun, and friends to share it with and maybe you can send down kisses to your Mom who really misses you. Maybe even a dream or two.

04-01-2010 8:51 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Hi Princess,

I know I am jumping the gun but I had to be the first one to remember you today (tomorrow.) There has not been one day in the last 3 years that I have not thought of you. Your pictures are in the car where you loved to be. I have you lifegem to wear when I go out and your portrait presides over the kitchen your second favorite place in the whole wide world.

I learned many things over the past year, one of which is that you did not blame me for going against your wishes and taking you to the emergency room. That act of selfishness on my part has haunted me for 3 years but now I know that if I had not taken you I would have beaten myself up too! It was a lose lose situation and one you hold no grudge against me for. Not that you ever held a grudge!

Thank you Princess for bringing me so many wonderful friends through this website. Thank you for blessing my life with your love and joy. I love you Princess and I always will.

Love, Mom

04-01-2010 1:57 PM -- By: glenise,  From:  

Dear Michelle and Princess: Thank you for your Easter thoughts and wishes, and returned visit. May Spring bring us all brighter days ahead. sincerely, glenise&daisy

04-01-2010 12:01 PM -- By: Bev B.,  From: So Cal  

Happy Easter Michelle and of course to your adorable little sweetie, Princess Baby Girl, we wish a Happy Easter as well. I just love looking at Princess's picture. I know my Klaus and Monie are best of friends with Princess and will be busy hunting for eggs this Sunday! Thanks for thinking of us, we really appreciate your kind friendship!

04-01-2010 10:18 AM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Michelle and Princess Baby Girl .. Thank You so much for stopping by and your very kind words .. beautifully said.

Michelle .. I thank YOU for being part of my Critters Family and always being there for me when I needed your encouragement to keep on going. I have always said "If not for our furbabies .. we would have never met." How true of words.

May you have a blessed and happy Easter and always know your friendship is truly cherished.

04-01-2010 12:04 AM -- By: Gina (Saada's mom),  From:  

Hi Michelle and beautiful Princess. Thank you for your kind words in Saada's guestbook! That was so thoughtful and I do appreciate all your support and friendship during this difficult time with the loss of my girl too. I see it will be another angel day soon for your Princess and you are certainly in my thoughts. I do hope you have a nice Easter and a beautiful Spring.

03-31-2010 10:57 PM -- By: Lori,  From: PA  

Your sweet words meant so much today. What a kind looking dog you are, when you see Max at the bridge let him know how much I miss him.

03-31-2010 8:51 PM -- By: Bob,  From:  

It makes me feel good knowing I have friends that I have never really met but somehow know and understand how we all feel about the loss of our special pets. I realize you hold the warm memories of Princess so close to your heart as I hold the memory of my girl to mine. Have a happy and safe holiday and always remember Princess.

03-31-2010 6:54 PM -- By: JO,  From: Castle Rock, CO  

Dear Michelle and Princess...Thanks for taking the time to help make my Scooter's BD special. I too miss all the msgs. from Critters people, but I guess there's so much love to spread around. If I didn't have this special place to come and talk to Scoots and meet lovely babies like Princess, then I'm not sure what I'd be doing. Princess is beautiful and her eyes show so much love that she has for you. I wish you well, and want to thank you again for writing us. JO Scooter's mom

03-31-2010 5:49 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Angels On Earth & In Heaven Heaven shines from up above, Sending messages down with love. They give us gifts of tender sight, Some fighting death with all their might. These gifts we call our precious children, For which we thank God for every day. So innocent and meek, So strong but yet so weak. A drift of sunbeam shining down, Uproots a smile from a frown. Some of their worlds tear them up inside, So many rules in life to which they abide. Soft whispers to them God shares, Drive away scary nightmares. Some lose precious battles, The lives on Earth it rattles. These we call our Angels in heaven. Some win the taunting fight, Which to lives brings cherished light. These we call our Angels on Earth

03-31-2010 5:16 PM -- By: Skye,  From:  

Hi Michelle... Thank you for that beautiful, kind, and thoughtful posting in Molly's guestbook. I greatly appreciate it. I thank you for the friendship and support that you have given me as well. I see that both of us will soon be experiencing milestones for of our beloved, precious girls once again. Just know that you will certainly be in my thoughts, and I wish you and your family a wonderful Easter and a truly beautiful Spring.

03-31-2010 5:15 PM -- By: Maddie/Sherri,  From: Ma, usa/heaven  

to princess baby Girl, michelle & family,

May your Easter day be beautiful amd Michelle, when you look at the sunset sky this weekend, our girls will be showing us all the rosy colors they have painted their a world far away but sometimes we know that just for a min. or maybe only a second or two, their world touches ours, by accident or design, I do NOT know, but I expect the mechanics of it is NOT important at all....

Maddie's mom, Sherri & family

03-31-2010 4:19 PM -- By: ,  From:  

The Easter Feeling

The Easter feeling does not end. It signals a new beginning, Of nature, spring, and brand new life, And friendship, peace, and giving. The spirit of Easter is all about Hope, love, and joyful living.

03-31-2010 12:33 PM -- By: kia and deb,  From:  

Kia and I are stopping by with Eater Blessings for you and Family, and a poem for remembering your beautiful girl .The Jelly Bean poem

RED Is for our love for you that will never sever. For love is not measured by the time we had together. But whats in our hearts forever.

GREEN Is for memories that we always will treasure. Although time may pass. Our memories will last Forever and ever and ever. time.


Is for Sunshine that you have gave to us. You brightened up our lives and made our world shine And will continue to shine brilliantly for the rest of

ORANGE Is for the candles flame we light in memory of you. Flame that glows so bright as we speak your name in prayer. Asking God to hold you close. Until we join you there.

BLACK Is for grief from our broken shattered heart. Taking each day one at a time. As we keep your memory alive. Life is different. I am different. But we can and will survive. PURPLE Is for tears we shed as we remember you. Precious memories you left behind. Preserved deep inside. You will always live on through our family. Forever by our side.

WHITE Is for our hope and faith in God above. The promise of resurrection. Knowing we will reunite. Above the clouds. Over the rainbow. In His everlasting light.

PINK Is for the signs you send from Heaven up above. Lighting our path wherever we go. And whatever we may do. We will ALWAYS love. And ALWAYS remember you. Remembering and Missing you on Easter

03-31-2010 4:59 AM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Hi Michelle. Thinking of you and wishing you all the beautiful blessings of Easter.

03-30-2010 3:00 AM -- By: jules,  From:  

A Pets Love

A is for always being happy to see them

P is for purrs in the night when we feel sad to help us

E is for errupting into tail wags at seeing us

T is for time shared

S is for souls of kindred

L is for loving them and they us

O is for outstanding friends

V is for victory in knowing they trust us

E is for everlasting love By Jules

03-29-2010 9:29 PM -- By: June,  From:  

Hi Michelle, I am so sorry it's taken so long for me to thank you for remembering Odsidians Angel Day. aia'ts been a rough couple months and I have not had a lot of time to spend on the computer. Also for some reason I am having a hard time finishing her and Ambers pages. I guess the hurt is still to fresh, especially losing Amber in December.I love your memorial site and what a beautiful girl Princess is.Thank you again for your kindness and for taking the time to remember my precious girl.

03-29-2010 3:12 PM -- By: JULIE POKRYWKA,  From: PORTLAND OR  


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