Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 06-25-2007 by
Richard Cothran
October 16 1994 - June 22 2007

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08-07-2008 1:15 AM -- By: ,  From:  

g'nite my precious little bug. i love you so, so much. daddy

08-07-2008 12:10 AM -- By: Annette (Stimpy's Mama),  From: New York  

Richard, AMEN! Well said. You ARE truly Blessed! As am I. Take Care. You and Dollie are forever in my prayers!

08-06-2008 11:52 PM -- By: Paula (Ava's Mom),  From: NV  

Hello Dollie & Richard It was so nice of you to drop in and visit Ava's memorial. As you are always in our prayers and thoughts as well! Dollie you are so precious! just a ray of sunshine!! I hope all is well Richard TAKE CARE AND GOD BLESS = )

08-06-2008 11:27 PM -- By: Kim,  From: Florida  

Richard, Thank you so much for remembering Rusty today on his anniversary. It really means alot to me. I hope him and Dollie "gurl" are sharing doggy kisses at the Rainbow Bridge. Be sure to look in on daddy from time to time ok gurl. God Bless you! Love, Kim & Rusty

08-06-2008 4:19 PM -- By: Stacy Allen,  From: Reading, PA  

Richard, thank you for thinking of me on this very difficult day. It means a lot. I wish I could look to God for comfort as you do, but unfortunately, I can't get past being mad at him for taking both my mother six years ago and my Minnie six months ago. He does work in mysterious ways, doesn't he?

Your post in the forums the other day about Dollie was beautiful. I am guessing no truer words were ever spoken.

I hope that Minnie and Dollie are the best of friends, and Minnie lets everyone play with the balloons I am sending to her tonight.

Again, thank you so very much for being such a good friend to me. I really appreciate it. Take care!

Hey Dollie Bug! I love you too!


08-06-2008 4:13 PM -- By: Tobus,  From:  

Hi beautiful! Just stopping by to tell you I love you! Tobus

08-06-2008 2:17 PM -- By: Edna (Heidi's Mom),  From: Michigan  

Dear Richard,

Thank you for the sweet words about my Heidi Bear. It's approaching the 2 month mark since her crossing, and the loneliness is very painful. I can't tell you how many times I've looked at Dollie's memorial and could have sworn that I had sent you a message before. Looking back on the entries, I see that I hadn't and I appoligize. It's been a rough time here for me, and my thoughts seem to float away fairly often now. Your sweet Dollie was/IS too cute for words. Looking at her pictures call back a time for me that holds some long ago pain. Years ago my Mom had a Yorkie named Toto. He came to her as an aging old guy but she took him in just the same. He loved to go for car rides! One day I was visiting her and as I was leaving he somehow managed to sneak past us without anyone seeing him, (He was a very little old guy). As I was backing out of her driveway, I hit him. We rushed him to the vet and although he had no serious injury, he had gone into shock and passed within the hour. Very heartbreaking thing for me to live with. He looked like he could be Dollie's brother. Same beautiful face. Losing Heidi is still unreal to me. I keep expecting to see her running to me. My old cat has been a huge comfort during this pain. I dread the day that I know is coming when she too will cross. She's almost 17 now, in good health, but I know age is catching up with her. God love these precious creatures that we were so bless to have in our lives. They touch our souls in a way that no human can. They love us completely unconditionally, and accept us for what we are. Thank you again Richard for not only your kindness to me, but to the many others here on Critters that so badly need support to get through some very dark and sad days. One day our souls will reunite with our sweet little soul mates. Kindred spirits always stay connected. God Bless

08-06-2008 1:05 PM -- By: Cheri (Coco's Mommy),  From:  

Richard, I just read your most recent post on the Forums page. You have such a wonderful way with words. You express so many feelings that we all feel in such a beautiful way. Thank you so much for being a voice for us who love our little ones beyond description. Love and hugs to you and sweet "Dollie bug".

08-06-2008 10:42 AM -- By: Rebecca,  From: Sarver, PA  

Dollie and Richard, thank you so much for the birthday wishes for Vegas. Dollie you are just the sweetest and most adorable and Richard, how kind of you to think of us. I hope you are doing well. Yesterday was a tough day. Vegas would have been 14 and I missed him all day long. Take care and keep in touch.

08-06-2008 12:53 AM -- By: ,  From:  

i love "the gurl"..;)

08-05-2008 7:14 PM -- By: ,  From:  

I have heard of men that have walked the face of this earth who possesed great wealth; men of vast knowledge of things that are way too complex for me to even try to understand. I've heard of those that have aquired a social status that is beyond my comprehension. But I thank God that He chose to bless me and my life with something far, far more important than any of these men could ever envision; He blessed me and my life with the love and companionship of a three and a half pound baby gurl named Dollie. And because He chose to do so, I consider myself to the richest, most blessed human being that has ever lived. I am Dollie's daddy..;)

08-05-2008 6:56 PM -- By: Nadine,  From:  

Thank you Richard, your post today was beautiful. You are truly blessed, we all were! I've been having a few bad days and today was not any easier. I posted 2 pages to my girls site; how we met and my life w/Luna ... it was painful but it seems to help (a little). I've enjoyed reading your posts, I'm able to find a lot of strength in your wisdom, God has truly touched your heart. Thank you, Nadine

Hi Dollie, I miss my little girl Luna very much, if you see her can you give her a big hug and kiss; tell her I miss her but I'm trying and that I love her very much! Her mom

08-05-2008 10:39 AM -- By: Jackie,  From: Philadelphia  

Dear Richard,

When you get a chance, please visit Little Guy's site, I would like you to see our new addition.

You were so kind, visiting LG's site more than once, it meant a lot, if you read the letter, you were o ne of the true inspirations.

Thanks, Jackie

08-04-2008 11:11 PM -- By: ,  From:  

hey dollie. i found five new pictures of you today sugar. i'm so thankful and happy..;) i also found one of your chew sticks that i had sneaked away from you once it got too short for you to have. needless to say, i thought of you lovingly all day. i sure wish that i had more than just memories of you sweetheart..;( well, goodnite lil' gurl. i love you bunches, daddy.

08-04-2008 1:41 PM -- By: Linda,  From: North Carolina  

Thank you for creating this beautiful memorial for your Dollie. I just lost my little girl, Chi-Chi and my heart is breaking but your memorial to Dollie makes me see why I am feeling the way I am. I loved my little "baby girl" with all my heart and she loved me the too. I miss her so much.

08-03-2008 11:31 PM -- By: ,  From:  

nite-nite lil' best friend in the whole wide world. i love you sweetheart, daddy..;)

08-03-2008 11:26 PM -- By: Susan Bassett,  From: Redwood City,  

Your baby is adorable and I feel your pain. I have lost many of my best friends over the years and have just gotten my first Yorkie in the last year and a half. My hubby and I absolutely adore her. Her sister is a Cocker Spaniel and I think the love is a bit lopsided - Zoe loves her Gracie more than Gracie (the cocker) loves her. They are however, inseparable, and I have to tell you your baby, Dollie, is precious. I hope you have gotten yourself another partner to share your life with - I know it is hard to do, but trust me, it is the best remedy. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Susan

08-03-2008 3:30 PM -- By: KC Bear's Mama,  From:  

Just stopping by to send some KC love to Dollie and her Daddy - This is the most awesome tribute site, I stop in often....(((Hugs)))

08-03-2008 12:31 AM -- By: ,  From:  

thank you for the greatest memories of my life tinkerbell. i love you, dad,,;)

08-02-2008 11:56 AM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Dollie's Daddy, Do you think it would be ok if I joined you tonight during the big thunder storm that seems to be brewing? I think if I were sitting next to you with your arms holding me maybe I wouldn't be afraid??? Oh, I should ask; if this is a quiet thing that you did only with your li; girl, I'd understand ... Wow! Look at all that rain, it's pouring out!! Thinking of you, Luna

08-02-2008 11:48 AM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Dot, Looks like we might get rain tonight, the sky is turning grey, did you hear the thunder? I've never been in a real big thunder storm, my mom usually kept me inside ... I never liked getting wet. When I was 4 months old I was afraid of umbrella's, so mom had to walk without one hahaha. Do you think maybe we can visit you daddy later on today if it rains? I know you both used to sit on a bench that was safe, and watch the rain & the thunder, I know you said you were never afraid ... I think yur daddy's arms are big enough to hold all of us. I Love you Dot! Your gal pal, Luna

08-02-2008 8:45 AM -- By: brenda and buster,  From: united kingdom  

Hello Dollie,

Hi Dollie did you now there was a song about you and its called HELLO DOLLIE and it was played the other day and the words are very fitting to a great girl like you, it made me smile could i could just imagine you danceing around to it, you are a little danceing Queen,Buster tells my you are always running around and danceing every time you hear music,he say's you are a real sweetie, so when you catch up with your daddy ask him to listern to that song Hello Dollie im sure it will make him smile and happy, the words are so you, so you take sweetie love and big hugs to you and your special daddy, WE LOVE YOU DOLLIE.

08-02-2008 2:41 AM -- By: Donna,  From: TN  

Dear Richard and of course Dollie and the boiz....I was looking thru Dollie's site again and what you wrote about A Pet was exactly what I needed to read tonight....I was in tears over my girls and it sure helped....My new babies, they are so sweet and loveable and I am thankful to have them but I still cry for Maggie and marla....our little guy Scooter Chase was not well cared for before we got him and he would hiss and swat at us when we would try to hold him..he use to growl and stand over his dish when he ate..he has come a long way... he seeks us out now and cuddles in his own way..he doesn't want you to wrap your arms around him but he comes up and lays next to my arm and purrs and he hardly ever growls while eating now....but he still wants a ninny...he loves to suck on my shirt hem while he cuddles..the vet said it may take awhile before he out grows that...see what love can do..God knew to send him to someone like us who would love him anyway and win him over..all he needed was a warm secure loving home...Our other baby, Teddy Cashmere is also growing he is the sweetest most loving kitty and he and Scoot are such good buddys..he loves to cuddle like my Maggie did...well sorry to go on and on and Scooter is up here wanting some attention..God bless you Richard....for all the kind and caring words you leave for others..know you are thought of very fondly..Maggie Mae and Marla Marie's mommy

08-02-2008 12:55 AM -- By: ,  From:  

nite-nite little dollie; my baby, my princess, my angel, my nurse, my partner, my pal, my inspiration, my dream, my reason, my clown, my pillow, my confidant, my helper, my toy, my audience, my critic, my hero, my best friend, my daughter, my heart, my life, my little gurl. i love you teeny-tiny. daddy.

08-01-2008 5:29 PM -- By: Brian ,  From: marco island, fl  

thank you Richard. Your words mean a great deal to me. Dollie is a perfect name for that little girl. Looking at her face she is so precious. I do miss Roxy Girl and her life was short. She still is in my heart the same as Dollie is in yours. Two very small critters with 2 very large hearts. She took a huge piece of my heart when she died. Your site for Dollie is terrific. Keep in touch, Brian

08-01-2008 3:18 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Dollie, You seem relaxed. Did you have a nice nap...yes, good! The sun is really shining today, maybe if we have a sun shower we'll be able to see a rainbow! Did you wee The Wizard of Oz a few nights ago...I don't know what it is about that movie, the songs, the magical happenings, the mystery ... I just love watching it every time it's on TV. No, I have the tape, but there is something special when ever it appears on the TV. I'de like to float around in a bubble like Glenda, do you think they make a crown like that that would fit me? See ya later Dot. Love ya, Luna

08-01-2008 11:27 AM -- By: Toby ,  From:  

Hi beautiful! Just wanted to say I love you!

08-01-2008 10:18 AM -- By: Carrie,  From: Golden, CO  

Richard, your little gurl Dollie is such a sweetie! I am sure my Sugar met her on the Rainbow Bridge to take her under her little wings to comfort Dollie as she parts from her Daddy.

My thoughts are with you as you remember Dollie. I know you miss her very much with such a great memorial to her. Thank you for your thoughts.

08-01-2008 2:52 AM -- By: Joy,  From: California  

Richard, I just wanted you to know that your memorial to Dollie touched my heart...I can feel the love that is still going on between you and Dollie and always will. My *heart dog*, Angel, passed in 1999...she saw me through a chronic illness, our furry babies love us unconditionally and teach us the true meaning of love. May Dollie and Angel be running healthy and free at the Rainbow Bridge. Take care, be well and know that Dollie's spirit is always with you. Joy

07-31-2008 11:25 PM -- By: ,  From:  

forever, dad.


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