Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 06-25-2007 by
Richard Cothran
October 16 1994 - June 22 2007

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07-30-2008 2:11 PM -- By: Tracie Lil Joe's Mommy,  From:  

Hi Richard and Sweet Dollie... As you well know the days seem to be so long with out our babies, but I believe with all my Heart that they are watching over us, until we are called home to be with them again forever.. I to never thought I could love someone so uncontional but my Lil Joe gave me everything, just as my Kooter and Sassie do to, but Joey was my Special Huckleberry he new me so well, I think better then my husband, pretty crazy as it seems, but he just knew when I needed him just to sit with me, or to nudge me and look at me as if to say, It's going to be Ok Mom, you can do it.. But I know you know what I mean, because your little Dollie was the same way.. I know our babies are best of friends in Heaven and are taking care of each other. So I truly want to Thank you for having a wonderful Gurl to be with my Lil Joe, Just as I am so so Thankful in having a GREAT Friend in you.. Sending you Hugs...

07-30-2008 1:33 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Dollie gurl, I heard you singing last night, you were wonderful! What was that song? Did you daddy sing it to you? oh, it sounded just beautiful. What? Where are you going? Sure, I'd love to come ... thanks Dollie

07-30-2008 9:36 AM -- By: Toby,  From:  


07-29-2008 11:35 PM -- By: ,  From:  

hey pretty gurl. dot, you know how excited i get when you get a new guestbook entry? well, imagine how it was today sugar. you went over fifty pages of entries...50 pages...i'm so proud of you dollie. people all over the world know you now and, hopefully, have been blessed a little bit by your life and our time together. you're amazing sweetheart, to say the least. don't forget to put in a special request for Our Father's blessings on little bit's mommy leigh and her sister lizzie. k? well, i'll close for the night sugar. try and come visit me if you can. if not, i know you'll always be with me, in my heart. i love you dollie. forever, daddy.

07-29-2008 8:59 PM -- By: Princess Greta,  From:  


07-29-2008 5:03 PM -- By: brenda and buster,  From: united kingdom  

Hello Dollie, What a little sweetheart you are, i can see how you and your daddy were sole mates, the love you both share no one will every be able to take that away, you are inseperable,Buster tells me you are a daddy's girl and i can see why, you are like a little Angel. take care little sweetie love and big hugs to you and to your daddy x x

07-29-2008 3:20 PM -- By: Princess Greta,  From:  


07-29-2008 1:13 PM -- By: ,  From:  

unforgetable, that's what you are..;)

07-28-2008 10:43 PM -- By: ,  From:  

i love you dollie, so, so much. goodnite sugar.

07-28-2008 9:38 PM -- By: Vikki Goedmakers,  From: Jupiter, Florida  

Richard , Stopping by again....entered the wrong ID number but wanted to make sure you knew it was me. Love to you and Dollie! Blessings, Vikki-Shadows Mom

07-28-2008 9:31 PM -- By: Vikki Goedmakers,  From: Jupiter,Florida  

Richard, you are an absolute sweetheart to think of me and the family....You know your note could not have come at a better time...I was having a difficult day today and was thinking of my precious Shadow and how much I missed him. So I cannot thank you enough for your kindness! This has been a true blessing to get to know others who loved their furry family as much as we did. I love looking at your precious Dollie....What a beautiful girl! I am sending out to you happy thoughts...of times had with your precious girl! May God bless you Richard with the kindness returned for that is what you have bestowed on many others. Blessings to you, Vikki-Shadows Mom

07-28-2008 7:20 PM -- By: Devonda,  From: West Virginia  

Richard,Thank you for visiting my Shadow's memorial and for your kind words.I think your Dollie is so cute.her memorial site is so beautiful that it brings me to tears.I can tell how much she meant to you.I still miss Shadow so much and wish that we had more years together but I am glad for the 10 years we did have.God Bless You and your beautiful Dollie.

07-28-2008 4:51 PM -- By: Shawn E,  From: Las Vegas  

Richard, thanks for visiting Marley's memorial and taking the time to write. The last 10-days have been really hard for me, but the messages from people like yourself have really helped me cope with losing my boy Marley. I'll make sure he knows to take it easy on Dollie when they are playing at Rainbow's Bridge!

07-28-2008 12:47 AM -- By: ,  From:  

...alone again, naturally... i love you baby doll, daddy.

07-27-2008 10:11 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Dollie, We really had a good time last night, didn't we. Are you still thinking about your daddy, what? oh cause you're smiling ... I thought you were. He loves you so much lil' one and we all love him. Good night Dollie's daddy, we all love you! Luna

07-27-2008 3:25 PM -- By: Bethany,  From: WI  

Dear Richard, I had to look at your photos of your sweet girl again after reading your thoughtful message. She is such a little cutie and what a face! I hope you are having some smile-filled days knowing that Dollie and my Chester are playing up at the Bridge. You are such a loving and devoted daddy! Take good care! Bethany

07-27-2008 8:07 AM -- By: Denise,  From: Springfield,MO  

Hi Richard, Thank you for stopping by to check on me... Yes, the tears are still there, but the smiles are reappearing....I love to visit your Baby Dollie's page because it helps me find courage with the poems that you have written. It is the Folks here at Critters that have really helped me. People like you...You will never know just how much I appreciate you all. Thank you for caring..

Best wishes, Denise

07-27-2008 12:24 AM -- By: ,  From:  

g'nite lil' best friend in the whole wide world. sing sweet lullabies to the angels tonight sugar. and praise Our Father with all of your little heart, because He's certainly worthy. k? i love you dollie, daddy..;)

07-26-2008 9:37 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Dollie & her daddy, Did you see that display of twinkle star last night, we must have lit up the sky ... Did you feel that breeze today? We're sending all our love out on a gentle breeze. Today my mom walked through Central Park without me for the first time, she looked up at the trees, she listened to a few musicians, and while she watched a few people rollerskating ... a gentle breeze went by I saw her touch her face, she looked up; I know she was thinking about me, I could feel it! Dollie are you still thinking about those kisses, you're still smiling, let me explain ... last nite your daddy was dreaming, he wanted nothing more than to pick you up and smother you with lil' kisses ... so I did. YesI know yourface was all wet but my tail waswagging so fast you dried off pretty quicky. Dollie, you just stood there, you looked up at me and started wagging your tail .... was it cause you knew those kissses were sent by your daddy? I love you Dollie, you too Dollie's Daddy. Always, Luna & her mom

PS: u guys are just too funny sometimes! tee hee.

PS: Thank you for taking me under your wing, thank you for showing me you care, thank you for holding me when I'm scared, thank you for letting me know I am loved, and for being there when I need you ... remember i'm just a little girl, i'm sometimes i'm just scared... I love you all, Luna

07-26-2008 9:18 PM -- By: ,  From:  

richard--i read your forum post--you have helped and raised up so many heart-sick people, it worried me to read that...please take it to your heart quickly, that these little children, whether furry or soft skinned, never would want their family that loves them to suffer and have any darkness in their days..where they go, there is no dark, there is no sad, there is only gladness and most likely, much playing..dollie wishes you no sadness, and i could only imagine that a young child, fuzzy OR smooth, would be puzzled as to why any of us cries, i can only think that they would be giddy thinking of the happiness that awaits us at our time of joining them, whenever God should let us be called back..God bless you Richard-you dont know me, but i pray for you, for your friends here, for all the little children that we miss..a mix of sadness and joy is a common thread we all share here, and i hope your heart will lighten, because i think the devil may laugh when we start to falter a bit..Dollie is still a little sweetie, i believe that nobody ever stops, and she still needs you to be her tough but soft hearted pop...

07-26-2008 7:20 PM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Richard ... just stopped by to visit Dollie's memorial again and to say Hi to ayou.

I know you miss your little gurl as much as I miss my boy Sammy. Sammy and Dollie are good friends and friends with all the other babies at Rainbow Bridge.

I, too, am so thankful for all the wonderful people who have left messages on Sammy's memorial ... it comforts me to know that there are so many wonderful people who love our babies as we love their's.

Keep in touch ....

07-26-2008 4:54 PM -- By: Craig,  From: NC  

Richard, I read Dollie's memorial and it made me cry thinking of her and my son Zach and thank you your kind words. It is hard to believe Zach has been gone just over a week, how have you made it over a year, through the faith in our Lord and I am leaning on HIM big time. God bless you Craig

07-26-2008 12:36 PM -- By: Trinh,  From: Virginia  

Hi Dollie -

What a sweet and beautiful girl you are! Reading your poems and stories made me cry. :( See, I too have a little girl just like you - her name is Brandi and she is a cutie-pie Yorkie just like you.

I'm so glad you had a wonderful and loving Daddy who obviously adores you and misses you dearly. Many thanks to your Daddy for sharing your adorable pics of of the sweet life you both shared.



07-26-2008 2:25 AM -- By: ,  From:  

i'm right here dollie. call me if you need me. k? love, daddy.

07-25-2008 3:20 PM -- By: Annie,  From: Largo Florida  

Just dropping by to wish you a blessed weekend.

07-25-2008 2:43 PM -- By: ,  From:  

if i ever saw a gurl, that i needed in this world, you are the one for me..;)

07-25-2008 11:19 AM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Dollie, I had a real blast last nite!I'm so grateful to have you as my friends ... Toby is a character, always thinking; I just wanted to make sure u knew incase u couldn't c but he I noticed he only has iii's for u. I have a love, his name is Mr. Ling, I had to leave him behind with my mom, I miss them so(see photos in my album). When we first met I had to wait a whole month till I was old enough and he was interested in me (I was only 4 1/2 months at the time), when when we hooked up there was no separating us. He was 14 months old and we've never been apart since. I remember when the buzzer rang one night, I raced to the door and went to sit in front of the elevator to wait for him, imagine my surprise when it was chinese food delivery, I walked right past him and looked for my best would have to pick me up and bring me inside, I would not take no for an answer ... she would call nancy and I would know that later on I would be seeing Mr. Ling. When we played outside, people would stop and stare are us, they never saw two dogs interacting like we did, one man looked atmy mom and said, "they should get a room", she laughed ... beacuse we were playing in front of a hotel in Midtown. teehee, he adored me and I loved everything about him ... now on his walks he still stops in front of my bldg and looks up, his mom tell him, "no sweetie, Luna's not there anymore, she in heaven now" and he continued on his way. I know it has been hard on my mom but I miss my best friend too. I would like to send him a special message to let him know that I'm here, I'm fine, and I'm thinking of him too! Love always, Luna

07-25-2008 10:59 AM -- By: jo,  From: AZ/CO  

Good morning Dollie! How are you today? I love your dad so much and I think someday we need to have a reunion with people from critters because it has united us as one! WE all know how the other person feels. You are just so sweet dollie. I have to tell you last night I took a Tylenol Simply Sleep because I haven't been able to sleep. I drifted off into a deep sleep and came across big green rolling hills with little and big dogs,cats running all around. I remember I was looking for my Scooter and I kept calling out his name but you all were running so hard and having so much fun, and several times little Yorkies would look my way...maybe you, Tater, Toby...I'm not sure, but I could sense my Scooter looking at me too. I felt he was saying he was ok and having so much fun. There were some people there too and one many took me to the top of a hill and when I looked down I saw so many animals and it was just beautiful. I wanted to chase and get my Scooter to bring him back but then I was escorted away..I woke once last night and then went back to the same dream. It was beautiful. All of you looked so happy in such a pretty place. dollie I got to pet a Yorkie yesterday and it brought so many tears. It was a little girl like you and about your size. The lady had 3 but one came to be with all of you, and now she has one older one and this little baby young one. It was so sweet and looked just like you. I wanted to bring her home, but then her mom would have been sad. Give my Scooter a puppy hug and let him know I think about him all of the time. I love you Dollie...Scooters mom JO

07-25-2008 1:04 AM -- By: Luna's mom,  From: nyc  

Dollie's daddy, Thank you for being the special man that you are, for sharing, caring and giving of yourself to help a friend in need, your kindness has touched the hearts of many, including mine. Thoughts of you, your lil'gurl Dollie, and all the wonderful friends & angels I've met at critters, I carry of piece of each of you with me. I feel very fortunate to have met all you wonderful people and in some small measure return some of the kindness you have bestowed upon me. All the parents and their little angels, always in my thoughts, always in my prayers ... Nadine (Luna's mom)

07-25-2008 12:24 AM -- By: ,  From:  

nite-nite dollie. i love you, dad.


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