Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 06-25-2007 by
Richard Cothran
October 16 1994 - June 22 2007

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11-19-2008 1:32 PM -- By: puck,  From:  

silly stuff today....trying to make my mom feel better...i think. cutest DOT EVER!

11-19-2008 1:29 PM -- By: puck,  From:  

cutest little dot EVER!

11-19-2008 12:59 PM -- By: Noops,  From:  

Hey little Ladybug....I miss you. A lot of moms are sad at the min. I think it's because it's their babies first holiday away from home. I told everyone a christmas story to let them know how magical christmas is here at RB. Come and play Dollie, I love and miss you always.

11-19-2008 12:03 AM -- By: ,  From: blessed i am to have a daughter so precious. i love you little one, daddy..;)

11-18-2008 11:58 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Nighty nite lil bug! I love you, Luna

11-18-2008 8:48 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Miss Bug, how are you? Oh I see, you're still watchingyour daddy ... (Luna looks over her shoulder), what's he doing ... is he sleeping???

11-18-2008 3:54 PM -- By: Minnie,  From:  

Dollie! I miss you! Can I have a hug?

Love, Minn-Minn

11-18-2008 12:08 PM -- By: puck,  From:  

...QT... ;)

11-17-2008 10:29 PM -- By: ,  From:  

goodnight little best friend in the whole wide world. i love you more than ever, daddy..; )

11-17-2008 10:06 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Lil Gurl, come to Lunetta's, I'm having a fire and would like some company, ok? I have pillows and fluffy blankets ... Hugs, Luna

11-17-2008 12:13 PM -- By: puck-man,  From:  


Sweeter than candy on a stick Huckleberry, chimry or lime If you had a choice She'd be your pick

But DOLLIE mine (I will share with her daddy) Her kiss is sweeter than an apple pie And when she does her rockin' dance Man, I haven't got a chance


(puck bows and does his best Elvis impression....Thank you...thankyouvery much!)

11-17-2008 12:08 PM -- By: a very red faced puck,  From:  

tootie buns.....Cute tootie buns!

11-17-2008 4:36 AM -- By: brenda and buster,  From: united kingdom  

Good morning sweetie just wanted to say we love you and always will,

11-17-2008 12:45 AM -- By: ,  From:  

all my dreams would still be dreams, if there hadn't been you...i love and miss you with all of my heart. forever, daddy.

11-16-2008 10:39 PM -- By: puck,  From:  

QT 'cable' tee hee

11-16-2008 4:08 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi miss bug, if your about go to the humor page...

11-16-2008 12:41 AM -- By: ,  From:  

goodnite dolla-bill. i love you princess..;)

11-15-2008 2:00 PM -- By: ,  From:  

When I'm feeling pressured

And I want to feel serene

I close my eyes and visualize

My favorite quiet scene.

And when I'm feeling calm once more

And I feel God's presence near

In that peacefully state of mind I'm in

My little Dollie Gurl appears..;)

11-15-2008 12:09 PM -- By: Sheba,  From:  

Hi, Princess Dollie Bug! I got one of my Dogster friends to make a pic of us together. It's on my Dear Friends page if you'd like to check it out. Good morning, Mr. Richard. Love, Sheba

11-15-2008 1:26 AM -- By: Sally,  From: Australia  

Dollie was such a cute little sweetheart! Your memorial made me cry. My little dog died 3 days ago. It doesn't ever sound like losing a dear little dog gets any easier. It's nice to see that there are people like yourself who understand how devastating it is to loose a pet and who loved and cherished them when they were alive. Take care

11-15-2008 1:20 AM -- By: ,  From:  

goodnite tinkerbell. i love you so, so much. daddy.

11-14-2008 10:53 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

nighty nite tater tot!!!

11-14-2008 10:08 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Dollie, come and sit with me tonight, you can put on your cute PJ's, they are so pretty and soft ... and we can watch our parents together ... "don't they realize we're closer than they know, and we will see eachother again". Dollie, what's a Hill Billy? Is that like a rug rat? or swamp thing, turtle dove, or sour puss? (Luna laughts) funny!!! We're here and we're watching! always, your friends, Luna & her mom

11-14-2008 7:49 PM -- By: brenda and buster,  From: united kingdom  

Hi Richard Please dont be upset and cry Richard we are all here for you and Dollie would not want you to be sad, You take care love and hugs to you and big kisses for a special little girl Dollie, x x

11-14-2008 12:28 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Dollie, I love you and your daddy too! Play with me today ok, cause my mom's gonna go to her twin sisters for the weekend, she's gonna try real hard not to cry, she's stayed away cause the memories of being there without me is so painful. Today is my 7 month angel day, mom can still picture me here, time is moving on without her but she's still in the day I left??? One day soon, like your daddy, we'll all be together again and our live will be complete! Hugs, Luna & her mom

11-14-2008 9:58 AM -- By: Dan,  From: Romania  

Dear Richard,

I'm Diana'husband, Dan. You can't imagine how surprise I was seeing that Una's Memorial is came back to live! I've decided to abandon him, because of my wife condition.I can't take care myself of this Memorial, I can't even look to the pictures with my two girls, knowing that Una is dead and Diana's condition is not good at all for the moment. That's why I've decided to abandon those pages and, when my wife gets better, if she will be able to, she will take care of the Memorial. But you gave me an extraordinary lesson of sensitivity and kindness and humanity. You are right, even if Diana is sick, Una don't deserve to be abandoned. Thank you so much, kind and precious man, thank you, Dollie, you, amazing girl with deep and good eyes. Thank you in Una's name.

Richard, this is Una's Memorial ID and password: dmorarasu (ID) and unameadraga(password). Please, if you feel like, and if you have a little time, made a page there for Dollie and Una, and all Una's friend's here, on critters. I have no strengh to watch those pages, I have no time, I'm between two countries (Austria, where Diana is hospitalize, and Roumania- where I have a business to run and a mother in law to take care of) so I please Dollie and you to be Una'guardians and companions untill Diana will get better. This is Diana's e-mail address that I check once a week: Please, Richard, write to me and tell me where do I have to send you the money.

Thank you again, Dollie and Richard, for your kindness. You are, both, two angels of God. Your grateful, Dan

11-14-2008 8:49 AM -- By: dot ,  From:  

Daddy..I am here...always every minute of every day...watching....waiting... I love you so much.....

11-14-2008 4:32 AM -- By: Ann&Noops,  From:  

Hi Richard, Are you ok? I read you had been crying all day. It's fast approaching 2 years since I had to let my boy go and i still have down days when i miss him more than ever. I think we always will. Dollie doesn't want to see her daddy upset, nor do your babies at home or your friends here at critters. I cant write any words here to take away your pain, other than let you know I understand and your not alone. I once read a fictious story about a little girl in heaven. When all the children reach heaven they are given a lit candle to shine always. Whilst all the candles shone brightly, this little girl's candle always went out. It went out from all her parents tears. She wanted her candle to shine brightly like the other childrens. Over time, her candle did stay lit and she was happy, knowing her parents shed many less tears.

11-14-2008 1:10 AM -- By: ,  From:  

dollie, although my heart is shattered, it'll always belong to you. i love and miss you (us) so much sweetheart. please don't forget your daddy. i'll never, ever forget you (us). we had a great ride together, didn't we sugar? i pray daily that The Lord will bless me with a new memory of you, of us, that had somehow been long forgotten. And every now and then He will. The Lord is good! He sure got it right when He placed us together, didn't He dollie? i'm ready to come home now baby gurl. i'm ready and i promise, daddy gives you his word, soon dollie, real soon. what a day that'll be. wait on me baby. i'm waiting on you, more every second of every day. until then, all my love, all my heart, all my soul, all my being. forever and ever, and ever, your heartbroken daddy.

11-13-2008 11:48 PM -- By: wicki, Sheba's mom,  From:  

Hi, sweet Princess Dollie Bug. I'm sorry I haven't been by for a while, but I think about you and pray for your Daddy every day, even when I'm not on this site. Thanks to both of you for being such great friends to me and Sheba. We love you!


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