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Memorial created 12-9-2007 by
Melissa Hartley
November 1 1996 - December 2 2007

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01-25-2009 6:29 PM -- By: Kelly,  From: Brooklyn  

Hi Koochy Baby Just stopping by to say HI and to tell you that you are so missed and so beautiful I hope you are still playing and running with my baby Socks I hope you guys formed a bond like me and your mama did. Please continue to look over your mommy because I can see she misses sooooo much.

I love you guys


01-18-2009 11:14 PM -- By: Momma,  From: Rapid City, SD  

Hi there Kuda are ya honey?  Well tonight marks the 59th Sunday since you have been gone.  I MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH!  I think about you each and everyday.  I so wish you were here.  Each and everyday you have been gone I think its going to be Cosmo's last day with me.  It scares me to death to think how I will live without the 2 of you forever.  I need him so very much even with the new baby.  He is my escape from my stressful life.  I absolutely LOVE our walks everyday.  Today when I got out of the shower I looked out the bathroom window and had to do a double take.  I mistaked Cosmo for  you.  He had your exact stance pretty girl.  It brought me to tears thinking about you and picturing you here.  Its been so very very long and hard without you and it will always be.  I think you know just how special, important, and loved you were by me.  I would have done anything to save you and keep you here.  I know you are here in spirit, but its just not the same.  LIfe will never be the same for me.  I sometimes wake up as a stranger.  Each day I wake up to the problems of my life, but the first thing I think of is how your not here to help me face the day.  I go to bed at night and your the last thing thats in my mind as I drift off to sleep.  Oh how I miss you.  You knew life would be hard for me and that I'D MISS YOU!  JUST LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL MEMORIAL MADE FOR YOU!  There will never be another Kuda Bear and I will never try to let a dog replace you or fill that vacancy in my life.  I don't want to do that.  I will continue my journey with Cosmo and all those human kids knowing when it ends I get to be with you.  I look forward to that day, to hug and kiss you Koodie.  I still talk to you everyday and I know you listen.  Since you have been gone, times have been very tough too.  I still break down and cry and I know I always will.  You be a good girl and play hard with all those furry kids pretty girl.  LOVE AND MISS  YOU TONS KOOCHY!

01-11-2009 11:45 PM -- By: Momma,  From: Rapid City, SD  

Hi there my pretty girl...I sure miss you! Well tonight marks that 58th Sunday you have been gone from me. I miss you as much as the minute you left me. I have been thinking and crying a lot on my walks with Cosmo about how I really thought I had spent a lot of time with you but now that you are gone I wish I would have spent even more time with you. I wish you were here to hug and kisss Kuda Bear. I know you know I was very very good to you and got you all you wanted and you loved me dearly just like I loved you. I sooo wish you were still with me. I have had a very hard new start to the new year.....nothing is going our way here at this house....which it never does. I hope you are watching out over all of us and trying to ensure us of a good successful new year with many blessing and not much stress. I guess whats the point in being negative its not doing anything or getting us anywhere. I hope you are really watching Cosmo, because I need him. He is my little stress reliever and has helped me survive after you. I sure hope you know just how much I miss you and how my life has changed. Its almost like I'm a stranger to my own life trying to adjust. I really am not even enjoying Karlee as much as I should be! I am very happy about having her! Cosmo loves her. I sure wish you could have seen her. I still believe you had something to do with her coming to me. I hope you have adjusted to your new home....something tells me you haven't since I'm not there. I will join you someday..I promise, so you play hard until I get there. Be a good girl Koodie...I love and miss you lots!

01-04-2009 9:22 PM -- By: Momma,  From: Rapid City, SD  

Hi there pretty girl.....well tonight at 10pm marks the 57th Sunday you have been gone from me.  I miss you so very very much.  The holidays have come and gone along with the 2008 year and I am sooo glad!  Dec 07 to Dec 08 proved to be the hardest year of my life besides having Karlee.  I know I strive to be positive but its so hard when I have been sailing on this sea of depression for sooo long!  I hope 2009 is better but I am not holding my breath!  It seems its not in the cards to have any good luck around here at this household.  I am very very tired of it!  I hope you and the lord have it planned for some relief come this new year.  Tomorrow is back to reality and the grind.  I love my job, but I also love being home with Karlee and Cosmo and not having a schedule and sleeping in too.  Its wonderful now when we leave Karlee here cause the Old Mom comes and watches her and Cosmo.  He hates to be left and I hate leaving him as well.  If its really possible about looking over me, I have you noticed how bad I am hurting and how much bad luck we have had?  I hope you and the Lord have something better planned.  I know you would want me to be happy but its hard to be happy without you here with me.  I try to be happy about having Karlee and still having Cosmo.  You leaving me has been so very very hard on me.  I know you can see me missing you and I will until I see you again Koodie.  I have been thinking about your life a lot and you came to me in my dreams.  It really put a smile on my face.  I wish you were here.  This was the second Christmas without you and with everyone being sick my time off wasn't the best.  YOU PLAY AND RUN HARD KOOCHY UNTIL NEXT TIME.....I LOVE AND MISS YOU VERY VERY MUCH PRETTY GIRL.

12-29-2008 12:04 AM -- By: Michelle - Chakka's Mama,  From: Harrison Township, MI  

Dear Koochy,
I wanted to stop by and say hi to you and to let you know that I think your mama is a very special person!  I know just how special you were to her as well! I would have loved to have met you. You sure are a beautiful little fur baby!!!! Have fun up there and I hope you and Chakka have met and keep each other company like your mama and I. Love you, Koochy! MIchelle, Chakka's mama xxoo

12-29-2008 12:03 AM -- By: Momma,  From: Rapid City, SD  

I MISS YOU KUDA BEAR! Tonight (right now) at 10pm marks the 56th Sunday you have been gone from me. Its been the hardest thing in the world. I know you miss me. I hope you are playing hard up there with all the furry kids of all the Moms on critters. Today has been 1 year since Chakka has been gone from her Mom. Her Momma misses her very very much. I hope you two are keeping each other company. Her Momma is a very special lady and Chakka was very special to her. Cosmo got a bath today. He has had a few since you have been gone. The only thing is, we bought a shower sprayer that comes down now so it makes it much easier. I also put a towel in the tub for him. You know how he was scared to death of baths and water. It was a beautiful day out today so we went on a long walk.....he loves his long walks. Lately its been so cold that we haven't been able to go on such a long one. Tonight at 10pm I was on your site and Chakka's Momma had signed your guestbook, thats so ironic. She had a very hard day today just like I did on your 1 year mark. I sure hope you are watching out over all of us here cause we need you to be our angel. I am still sailing on the sea of depression and it looks as if it will continue into the new year. I was thinking our luck would change. I sure wish you were here. I would give you a big big hug with all that fur of yours and a big Kuda Bear kiss. Cosmo would kiss you and lick your ears. Cosmo loves the baby. He kisses her a lot and when she cries. He sleeps a lot by her bassonette too in our room. I ask him if thats his baby a lot. I so so wish you could have seen her. She is beautiful just like you. She is like you in a lot of ways. Please watch over her and Cosmo. You know Momma needs Cosmo...he is my stress reliever. You are a great role model for your little sister. I LOVE AND MISS YOU VERY VERY MUCH! BE A GOOD GIRL UNTIL I GET THERE KOODIE! PLAY HARD WITH ANNA CAKES!

12-27-2008 11:54 AM -- By: Denise,  From:  

Melissa, Oh my goodness I just realized that I missed Koochy one year mark... I am so sorry that I didn't write to you on that day. This whole time I have kept that in my mind to be the one thing that I don't forget and was to let you know that I was thinking about you...  :*(   It is just so hard... I guess with Windsor being sick I just forgot.. i am so very sorry....  please forgive me......



12-27-2008 11:44 AM -- By: denise,  From:  

Hi Melissa, I hope you had a nice Christmas. Things have been a little tough here. We suspect that Windsor has Melanoma. He is having surgery on Monday...I couldn't wait to get this year behind me to hopefully take some of this heartache and with a new year it be different... looks like I'm going to be up against another battle, only this time I'm not going to choose Chemo for Windsor because of his age. I will bring him home, love him and then he will go be with Wallace. I will have lost my two best friends in more than likely a year of each other...that has always been my biggest fear.. My heart is aching so much. Windsor is my oldest, most loyal friend. He is just over 13 and we have been through so much together, even more than Wallace and I. Please keep us in your Thougts and Prayers.....I thank you from the bottom of my heart...Denise

12-26-2008 11:12 PM -- By: Momma,  From: Rapid City, SD  

I miss you Kuda Bear!!!! Christmas Eve and Christmas Day came and gone and it was a very depressing time. Obviously from the simple fact you weren't here with me for the second year. I can't believe its been 2 years, just because you died right before the first one last year. Cosmo loved opening his stocking. We actually put our decorations and tree up this year, for the simple fact we now have a baby in the house and that would only be the right thing to do for her. We had no family over or went anywhere because everyone was sick and we didn't want our baby Karlee sick. So it was very very depressing here, just the 4 of us. That sounds weird cause with you here it was just the 4 of us. And just think its still a girl and boy for the kids:) I MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH KOODIE! Since you have passed I have been in a deep depression not living for myself but for everyone else. I guess thats all I know to do through all of this. The only good thing in the last year was Karlee being born and having Dad and Cosmo in my life, otherwise its been very sad. Last night I pictured you in the house again, which I always do, but I kind of was in a phase. I miss you coming up to me, sitting pretty in front of me, me asking "what do you want Kuda Bear" and you pawing as if to say "come follow me Momma and I'll show you." I would say that to you too, "Show me what you want" and I'd follow...wish you were here doing that. I missed you opening your stocking too. It was hanging up and always will. Cosmo enjoyed his treats and all the ham he got to eat. Remember the last Christmas Eve you were here, we had ham and you loved it. Cosmo has been opening a stocking 11 years now, I think he pretty much has it down. He was real anxious while I opened Karlee's for her too. I think he thought it was yours. Remember you each used to snoop in each others stockings after opening your own. I wish you were here to give me a BIG Kuda Bear hug with all that fur and one of those special kisses. I have prayed and prayed for the Lords help and for you to watch over us and I hope you two are but as for the guidance, I think I will just let it run its course, because at this moment in time I am not sure what God had in store for us. I can't imagine 2009 will be any better. You be a good girl until we meet again and play hard with all those new furry kids and all those furry kids from the Old Mom's house. I miss and love you dearly pretty girl!!

12-25-2008 5:43 PM -- By: Cheri (Coco's Mommy),  From:  

Merry Christmas, sweet Koochy. Have lots of fun at the big celebration.

Melissa, I hope that you are yours have a beautiful, peaceful holiday season. I know it is special, having a new little one in your family, but I know you still miss your other girl, too. She is there....watching over Karlee....always. ((HUGS))

12-25-2008 12:02 PM -- By: Tracie Lil Joe's Mommy,  From:  


Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..Thinking of you Always.. Hugs Tracie


12-25-2008 2:21 AM -- By: Michelle & Chakka,  From:  

Merry Christmas, Koochy!!!! You girls have a lot of fun today! Congratulations also on being a big sister to Karlee Madison...! She is the cutest baby ever! Please watch over your mommy and baby sister. Please let Chakka know I miss her so so much! We love & miss you, Kuda. Michelle (Chakka's mommy)

12-25-2008 2:00 AM -- By: Michelle & Princess Baby Girl,  From:  

I want to wish you and Karlee a wonderful Christmas.  We have both seen two Christmasses without our beloved furchildren.  It is not that much easier this time around is it? Regale little Karlee with stories of Koochy and keep her memory alive.  Teach her to love all of god's creations, especially those without a voice.  


All the best for 2009.


12-24-2008 10:29 PM -- By: Ebony & Shabba Lou's mom, Carole,  From:  

Hello Kooch and Melissa, thank you for also remembering my sweet Ebony. I miss her no less than the day we said goodbye. Isn't the bond and love we "sahre" with our babies amazing? They effect our lives and the lives of others all around the world...even after. My heart is with you and your family this Christmas...our second Christmas without our girls. Hugs and blessiongs to you all, Carole and "the pack,"

12-24-2008 10:26 PM -- By: Shabba Lou & Ebony's mom, Carole,  From:  

Hello Melissa, thank you so much for stopping by and visitng Shabba Lou and I. We want to wish you a very blessed holiday season. What a blessing to have your new bundle of joy Karlee...she is so beautiful! Give hugs and kisses to her for us. Also give a smooch and hug to Cosmo. Thank you for being our friends. We've been around for a while now, and I don't know what I would have done without all of you. You, Kooch, Cosmo and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs to you all!

12-24-2008 11:29 AM -- By: Deb & Toby,  From:  

Just stopping by to wish our friends a very Merry Christmas and the Brightest of New Years! We love you guys!  Deb and Toby

12-23-2008 9:44 PM -- By: Amy,  From: CA  


I was reading your entries in Koochy's memorial and I see that you are really having a difficult time.  I so know how you feel.  I hope that you are doing better today.  Today was hard for me, but hopefully the days will get easier.  Melissa, please try to have  the best Christmas you can with Karlee and know that Koochy is up there, watching...wanting you to be happy.  I know it's hard.  Good luck to you, girl.  I totally get it.


12-23-2008 9:33 PM -- By: Amy,  From: california  

Hi Koochy...

I just wanted to come by and say hi to you.  I hope you and Sadie are together up there somewhere, running and playing and having fun.  You are a beauty....

Amy (Sadie's mama)

12-23-2008 6:03 PM -- By: claudia,  From:  

Theres that sweet face Koochy. I know you just went through your anniversary from losing dear Koochy, and I know this time of year has to be so hard. It is for me too. I found Otis' stocking while trying to decorate. I cried all night. I knew it was coming. But they are so much better now, young and alive and vibrant. I hope you have a good Christmas Melissa. Take care , and hugs to Koochy

12-22-2008 3:06 PM -- By: wicki, Sheba's mom,  From:  

Hi, Melissa! Thank you so much for visiting Sheba's page and for your sweet note. I haven't been visiting here much either lately. Of course Sheba and precious Koochy will have a wonderful Christmas in Heaven, but I'd like to wish you and all your family one as well, and a safe, healthy and very happy new year!

12-22-2008 1:47 PM -- By: Judy Green,  From: Flag Pond, Tennessee  

Have a Merry Christmas in Heaven Koochy..Your Mommy found me on My Space..She Loves you so much that she added Pictures of you..You're hard to forget..I wish I would have known you and been your neighbor..I would have watched you and Cosmo while Mommy worked..

Have a Merry Christmas too,

Missy Matt and Karlee


12-22-2008 1:00 PM -- By: Stacy and Minnie,  From:  

Hey Koochy!  Merry Christmas!  I just wanted to say thanks for being such a great friend to me since I got here to RB and that I love you very very much!  Knowing that I have so many new friends here makes my Mommy feel better about us being a part.  Happy Holidays to your loving family as well!



Melissa, I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you.  I just finished reading your 1 Year Marker to Koochy.  I understand that it is difficult to enjoy your daughter, Karlee, watch Cosmo get older, and not think of Koochy.  Please try to stay strong during these difficult days.  I am sure 2009 will be better!  Take care!


12-22-2008 11:32 AM -- By: mary,  From:  

melissa,   you must have so many mixed feelings being without Koochy but yet celebrating your daughters first Christmas.  All my friends on critters are always on my mind even though i can't spend as much time on this site as i have in the past.  this holiday is especially hard for me since it is such a reminder of everything i was going thru with Rocky last year, what i would give to have that time back knowing now that is would be his last Christmas with me.  I just dread Christmas morning I don't know how i will get thru it, especially with family all around me i don't feel they will understand my feelings of sadness.  i am planning to wake up before everyone and go to my computer and watch my last years video clip of Christmas with Rocky and try to get all my tears out in private.  I wish you and your family a happy holiday and I will light a candle for Koochy along with Rocky's on Christmas morning.  mary

12-22-2008 2:13 AM -- By: Amy,  From: CA  

Through tears I just want to say Marry Christmas, Melissa.  I know we all get on with our lives.  Today I went the whole day without crying and then when I thought I about it, I felt guilty.  Like I never I loved her.  It's so not true, but it's just a way to torture myself, I guess.  I did, do and always will love Sadie, just like you will Koochy....Merry Christmas to you, too.  Thank you for the thoughtful message.  Good luck to you and your new pup. 

Amy  (Sadie's mamma)

12-21-2008 9:53 PM -- By: Bev B.,  From:  

Melissa, as we approach the holiday season, I wanted to wish you and yours the very best.  I know your beautiful Koochy remains forever in your thoughts and heart just as my Klaus remains in mine. I hope the pain has eased with time and hopefully the coming New Year will bring you more joy and less tears with the arrival of your new baby girl. Take care and know that you and Koochy will never be forgotten.

12-21-2008 9:32 PM -- By: Momma,  From: Rapid City, SD  

Hi there my pretty girl.  Well tonight at 10pm marks 55 Sundays you have been gone from me.  I MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH!  I wish you could have been here was Karlee's baptism.  I sure wish you could have met her. Cosmo loves her and enjoys getting to kiss her.  Life is about the same here...struggling emotionally without you here to comfort me.  The old Mom misses her Anna Cakes very much too.  Have you seen her yet?  Please remember no fighting....but let her know her Mom needs her very very much.  The holidays are coming up very very soon and it will be the second year without you here.  GOSH I MISS YOU!  I hope you know just what I am going through....I could say it everytime but I know you know Kuda Bear.  I do need you to be my angel and look after me.  LIfe is very very hard and I need you to continue through it.  I put on that happy face for others but really I am suffering inside.  I miss you so very much. I know Matt knows how much I miss you but I am not sure anyone else does.  I need you so much.  I sure hope you are having the best time you can have without me until I get there.  Watch over Cosmo boy he needs you as well and misses you too.  I want you to be happy and I know you want me to be happy but its very very hard Koodie.  I want you here.  I am so so depressed!! I am continuing on knowing thats the only choice and I have a baby girl and Cosmo to provide for and need me. LOSING YOU IS INDESCRIBABLE BY FAR....NO WORDS CAN SOME UP WHAT I AM GOING THROUGH! Be a good girl and you and the Lord guide us in the right path. Love and miss you Koochy.

12-20-2008 5:00 PM -- By: Momma,  From: Rapid City, SD  

Well Kuda Bear today marks the 12 year I got you.  I remember that day just like yesterday.  Its was 1996.  Your furry Mom was at the dog pound and was having puppies.  If you bought a bag of dog food you could have a puppy when they were old enough to be taken.  I had chosen you.  You sat in the corner very shy and then came running over to me.  I told you I'd be back on the 20th of December.  You rode home in my lap as I drove.  You were the best little puppy.  I sure wish you were here right now.  I miss you so very much.  Its been a very hard week.  Bubsey passed away on Wednesday and we buried her on Thursday.  Remember you used to fight with her.  My finger is messed up from one time.  Her Mom, the old Mom misses her very very much.  Please watch over all of us and her and welcome her at the bridge.  No fighting though pretty girl. You be a good girl.  THE BATTLE OF STRESS CONTINUES AND THE HOLE OF MY LIFE IS GETTING DEEPER AND DEEPER.  I AM UNCERTAIN HOW WE WILL DIG OURSELVES BACK OUT.  The second Christmas is coming and will pass and no excitement exists besides having Karlee's first Christmas.  I sure hope she enjoys it.  I almost would rather be working to ease my mind and get out of the house.  Please watch over us Koodie and know that the battle of the depression still exists over you and life hasn't gotten any easier.  I LOVE AND MISS YOU KOODIE....UNTIL NEXT TIME......

12-19-2008 3:00 PM -- By: christine,  From: ct  

Im so very sorry for your loss. i know how you feel. i just lost my baby 3 weeks ago. i had her for 16 and half years. she was my first and only cat. the hardest thing in my life was having her put down. i cry for her everyday. theres not a day go by i dont think of her. my htoughts are with you. god bless you and your family and of course, Koochy.

12-15-2008 12:33 AM -- By: amy,  From: california  

I had no idea that Koochy passed away exactly one year before Sadie.  I just happened to look at his memorial and there it was...the date that my Sadie passed.  Wow.  I know that you feel the same way about Koochy that I did and do about Sadie.  I am so sorry for your loss, Melissa.  God bless you and good luck to you....I know you will see Koochy again one day, just like I know Sadie and I will be together again one day, too....


12-14-2008 7:25 PM -- By: Momma,  From: Rapid City, SD  

Well Koodie its been 54 Sundays since you left me.  It has not gotten any easier either.  It seems since you have passed life just keeps getting harder and harder.  I am very stressed out and am not sure how things are going to turn out at this house.  I sure hope you are doing your best at watching over all of us, because we need you. We finally put the Christmas decorations out.....didn't really want to but Karlee doesn't deserve to start out with no celebration of Christmas.  I thought maybe it would cheer me up some but it hasn't.  I worry everyday about Cosmo.  I picture you here with me everyday as well.  Oh how I wish I could wrap my arms around your big furry coat and get a Kuda Bear hug and kiss.  I am so depressed.....and holidays coming makes me even more depressed.  You came to me in my dreams the other night.  It was wonderful.  This Sunday coming up is Karlee's baptism.  I wish you could have been here for the celebration.  Please look over us.   Also Annie has been sick....and I know you never got along with her but you and the lord must make her better.  The old Mom is very worried about her.  I have so much stuff on my plate anymore I am not sure if I can keep up.  They say things could be worse or I am just being tested but when is it enough before it gets better.  I sure hope you are enjoying yourself as much as you can while not being around me.  One day I will come Koodie and you can show me all around.  That day will be wonderful....until then you play hard pretty girl.  I LOVE AND MISS YOU LOTS.  Watch over me from above!


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