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Memorial created 12-9-2007 by
Melissa Hartley
November 1 1996 - December 2 2007

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04-13-2009 11:22 PM -- By: DEB,  From:  

YOUR MEMORIAL IS TRUELY BEAUTIFUL TO YOUR BABY ...I like you count the days I have marked each calendar  with how  many day my baby has been gone , I am so sorry  its to bad they can not be with us longer,what they share with us is priceless and we as humans have so much we can learn from them.I always told Kia that too bad more human were not like you  it be a better place,,,,,,,THANKS YOU FOR SHARING YOUR BABY

04-12-2009 11:51 PM -- By: Momma,  From: Rapid City, SD  

Hi Kuda Bear!!!! Tonight at 10pm is 71 Sundays since you left me. That is in 25 minutes. Today also marks the 2nd Easter without you....and it was a very very tough day. I put on a happy face for the Big Mom, Rusty, Eddie and Marlene but I was hurting and missing you very very much. I remembered how I felt last year facing it without you. I wondered if you were having a good day or not. Its ironic...Bev signed your guestbook and she said exactly what has been going on. She has had the same thing happen to her. You see the last 4 days I have thought of you BIG time. I always think of you, but the last 4 days has been EXTREME!! I also had you come visit me in my dreams...and they were wonderful. In the last 4 days I have heard your little feet walking across the hardwood floor too. I checked again and there was no way it was Cosmo since he was right next to me. OH HOW I MISS AND LOVE YOU!!! I was wondering if you know how much I miss and love you and how hard its been on me. I know I gave you everything you wanted and was good to you....but do you know you were my whole world and now that your gone I wish I would have done even more with you. I regret not spending even more time with you. I am sorry for that Koodie. I make sure daily that I spend LARGE amounts with Cosmo in letting him know how much I love him. I know I did that with you, but I am just wondering if you knew how much you meant to me and how much it hurt me to see you go and live without you. Its been the hardest thing of my life to let you go. There will never be another Koochy. I did get to see a chow mix the other day. You can see the resemblance too. I will never share or want to share what I shared with you and Cosmo with any other dogs. I will not be able to have any more dogs. First and'd be jealous. Bev said that all those thoughts of you and dreams and things were you telling me just how much you missed me as well. I believe that KOOCHY. Here I am living my life and I am unsure of how you are doing and if anyone knows your missing me and comforting you and giving you what you want. Its has to be devasted to be gone from me. YOu and I were inseperable. YOu constanly followed me....and it didn't take me moving far for you to get up and move to be closer. As I looked outside now, all of your lights are on in your memorial. Its your way of telling me you were here with me today. I sure hope so....I hope you can see the pain I go through. I will never be the same. YOu will always have a place in my heart and without you here its a huge vacancy that nothing can ever fill. I will one day meet up and come for you and we will be together again. Your memorial is beautiful as ever....there is still snow covering it so to see all the lights on is more than I expected this evening. I hope you are keeping an eye out on me, cause I need you to work with the Lord in seeing we are healthy, safe, and successful. Watch out over us. BE a good girl until I get there. I LOVE AND MISS YOU TONS PRETTY GIRL. WISH YOU WERE HERE FOR A HUG AND KISS KUDA!!!!

04-12-2009 5:40 PM -- By: Denise,  From:  

Happy Easter Koochy girl!!

04-12-2009 1:11 PM -- By: Deb & Toby,  From:  

Just stopping in to wish you a wonderful Easter!

04-11-2009 8:54 PM -- By: Bev & Klaus,  From:  

Hi Melissa and Koochy! Just stopping by to say Hello and to wish you and your family a Happy Easter. I know I haven't been in touch lately, but I do think of you and Koochy and hope you are doing better, but I know how hard it can be. I still miss my Klaus tremendously and there are time when I just ache for his sweet and often silly ways. Recently I've had dreams of him jumping up on me and licking my face, but then I wake up. I tell myself that's Klaus' way of sending his love and kisses and that he misses me just as much!   I'll bet Koochy is sending you those same messages too. She was so lucky to have a Mom like you who loved her so much.

04-08-2009 11:44 PM -- By: Denise,  From:  

Hey Koochy and Melissa,

I hope all is well with you.... I am sure she is watching over your and your family.....I just spent my first Wallace bday without him - was a hard day, but I made it through - very emotional....God bless you always -


04-05-2009 9:40 PM -- By: Momma,  From: Rapid City, SD  

Hey there pretty girl!  Well tonight at 10pm marks the 70th Sunday you have been gone.  That's 490 days Kuda Bear, and it seems like just yesterday you were here.  We had friends over last night and you would have LOVED the attention.  You were always center of attention when people came over.  I MISS YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH!!!  I cannot believe how much time has passed.  IT does feel like forever since I hugged and kissed you Koochy.  I know Cosmo boy misses you too.  He loves to lick everybody and Karlee too.  I sure wish you could have seen her.  I know your here in spirit but its just not the same.  We have had 3 blizzards in 2 weeks and you would love the snow.  Cosmo has to have a path made and you would just hop through it.  I wish you were here doing that. I remember the last time you were here for all the snow.  My life, our life, our home, the environment and surroundings are just not the same without you here.  It will never be the same.  I keep you in my thoughts and heart everyday and will continue until the day I meet up with you again.  Won't that day be wonderful.  You are such a pretty girl.  I watched a few shows the other night about dogs and I thought of you and Cosmo boy the whole time.  I cried too. Oh yes, Koodie I cry for you often still.  I honestly know 50 years from now I will cry for you.  I sure hope you are watching out over all of us and keeping us healthy, safe, and happy. I need the Cosmo Boy. So much time has passed Koochy and I want you to be here for it all.  Sunday coming up is Easter, the first for Karlee and the 2nd for you being gone.  It will be another sad day missing you.  Well I better go....I am feeling the tears coming.  It makes my heart feel so warm knowing the bond you and I shared and that no one, NO ONE, will take that vacancy that exists in my heart.  You were one very very special girl.  I LOVE and MISS YOU LOTS!!!!!!!  BE a good girl. 

03-29-2009 9:35 PM -- By: Momma,  From: Rapid City, SD  

Hi there my pretty girl, how are you honey? Its been 69 Sundays since you have left me at 10pm (its 9:30 now). It seems like just yesterday that you were here and left me. I am surviving, cause that is what I must do, but I think of you, miss you, and love you everyday that passes. I would love to hold you in my arms again. This weekend has been very depressing. I thought of you a lot and talked to you, and I know you hear everything I say. Gosh Koodie, I want you back. It still all seems like a LONG nightmare waiting to wake up, but I won't wake up until my journey is over, then I can see you. I can't wait for that day, it might be awhile though, so you should be playing hard. Everyday I talk to you and every Sunday I sign your guestbook with what has kind of been happening since the last time but, all I really want to say is I MISS AND LOVE YOU LOTS. I WISH YOU WERE HERE. I WISH I COULD HAVE A HUG AND KISS FROM YOU. You and Cosmo were my whole world while going to school and providing for myself. You were my stability, and I enjoyed so much coming home to you. You were always good to me and listen to everything I had to say. Looking back on all that time spent away and out with friends, I wished I would have stayed with you guys and just hung out. YOu lived for 11 years, 1 month, 1 day, but it wasn't long enough. I really thought I had another 4 years with you. You could have seen Karlee at 4 years old. You would have loved her. Cosmo loves her. He kisses her like he did you. We are still going on our walks and everyday I say how you are missing out to Cosmo. Remember all those walks you and him went on. I still can't figure out why it was your time to go...why not in 4 years??? Why were you taking from me so fast and quick. That awful moment of you taking your last breath will linger in my mind forever. It was the hardest day of my life to have to let you go. I still cry everyday for you. You see I am not embarrassed to tell or show how much I loved you, its just that EVERYBODY assumes I should be over it, so I just cry alone or with Cosmo and Karlee. Cosmo always listens to me, just like you did. I know Kuda when you look down you see me in pain and sad. IF you were here, my world would be perfect. Please watch over me, Cosmo, and Karlee, we need you to be our and the lord help us in safety and health and provide us wiht success and happiness this year. Be a good girl Koochy...I LOVE and MISS you LOTS!!!!!!!! Until next time.....

03-23-2009 10:51 AM -- By: pat,  From: texas  

Melissa, your page for Koochy is beautiful. Your relationship was Koochy was one of those priceless gifts that we are given one time in life with a dog. Tippy and Fayeroe were mine. I feel the same way that you do about getting to The Bridge and being greeted by those who are waiting there. My daughter rescued a "Katrina" dog and she looks alot like Koochy. Her name is Marie LaVeau...she is a greatest girl and I can see where she gets the "attitude" after reading about Koochy.

I still cry over Tippy and he left me in 2001. Check his page, please. It isn't unusual for us to still hurt and cry after they leave. When the foundation of one's life has to leaves us feeling broken and unsteady. Nothing there to hold us up like we're used to being held. I don't know what killed Fayeroe and I still have all of those "what ifs" racing around in my weary head. She didn't "take over" for Tippy but she was getting more like him in temperament every day.

Koochy's spirit is all around you. She wants you to be okay and to know that she's fine.Restored to health and always thinking of you and looking into the distance to see if you're coming to get her.

Take care, Pat

03-23-2009 12:31 AM -- By: Momma,  From: Rapid City, SD  

Hi there Kuda!!  I SURE MISS YOU!!!!  Its been 68 Sundays since you left me. I have found myself crying a lot lately for you.  I hear all these people talking about getting puppies and it makes me sad.  I remember you as a puppy.  YOU were the best puppy anybody could have asked for.  I don't want a puppy or another dog I just want you.  I still cry and weep at your is just soooo sad without you.  I find myself happy one day and then shedding tears wishing you could be here and my WHOLE world would be perfect.  I find myself calling Karlee, Koochy often.  I promise you one thing....we will meet again and until then I will miss you and remember you each and everyday.  No dog will ever take your place or fill the vacancy thats in my heart.  YOU WILL BE IN MY HEART FOREVER....and then one day when my journey is over we will meet up and have so much to catch up on.  Honestly we probably won't even care except that we are together.  OH Koodie I can just imagine you running to me and being so excited just like you were everyday you greeted me when I came home.  I MISS that sooo very much.  There will never come a day that I don't miss you or think of you.  I think your spirit lives on in Cosmo...cause he seems more and more like you.  He is so aggressive towards other dogs on his walks, just like you were.  I want you here Kuda.  I WILL SAY IT AGAIN ....I MISS AND LOVE YOU LOTS, AND MY LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME WITHOUT YOU.  THERE IS SOMETHING MISSING IN LIFE AND THATS YOU.  I picture you here playing everyday.  The hear of your name brings tears to my eyes and always will.  YOU were one of a kind and are greatly missed.  Please keep us safe and healthy.  YOu know I need Cosmo and he needs me.  He loves Karlee and misses you.  Be a good girl until next time. 

03-20-2009 9:38 PM -- By: Kelly Socks mom,  From:  

Hi Meliisa & Koochy

Hi Melissa How are you doing these days? It's been rough for me lately Missing my girl so much Pain still as it was the day she left I am sure I dont have to tell you that  feeling. How is your baby Karlee she must be getting so big...... Sorry I have not been by more It's just so hard for me to read all these stories.please keep in touch and I hope you are doing ok

Hi Koochy  Love ya Baby I hope you are being good and please give my Girl a kiss for me and continue to look over your MOM AND DAD & YOUR BABAY SISTER


03-16-2009 12:23 AM -- By: Michelle & Chakka,  From:  

Dear Melissa,

I know you're hurting and sad today... so I wanted to stop by Kuda Bear's memorial page to see her and to leave you a message. Please know that I am thinking about you during times like now when the pain cuts so deeply... I know Sundays are not good for you. The tears are also running down my face as I see within your photos the love and bond that the two of you shared for each other. She misses you dearly, Melissa!  Keep her memory shinning brightly within your thoughts and words! !  We're sending our love and hugs to you and Koochy on this 67th Sunday apart from each other's arms... Your friends, Michelle & Chakka

03-15-2009 11:46 PM -- By: Momma,  From: Rapid City, SD  

Hey there Kuda Bear how are ya?  I sure miss you.  Its been 67 Sundays since you have left me.  ALL I KNOW....ITS BEEN A VERY VERY LONG TIME!!!!!  I want you here with me so your not missing out on my life.  I wish you were here for Cosmo and Karlee too, and so you could greet me everyday upon returning home.  Each and everyday I picture hugging you and feeling that fluffy fur against my skin and cheeks.  You had the most gentle kiss to.  Gosh I wish you were here.  My heart will always belong to you and I can't wait until the day I see you again.  Everyday I think about how I will get to see you and that is what keeps me going.  I will never forget you.  You will be in my thoughts and heart each and everyday no matter where I go.  Cosmo has really been enjoying the weather and hanging out with the Big Mom and Karlee.  He tries to lick her ears just like he did you Koodie.  I know he misses you.  I hope you and the Lord are keeping Cosmo safe and healthy.  YOU KNOW I need him Koochy.  I think about you everyday.....right when I wake up and right when I go to bed your on my mind and always will be.  I hope its true that your waiting at the bridge and having a good time until I join you.  I do believe thats where you are.  I wish you could have seen Karlee...she is beautiful and she will be starting to crawl any time now.  I still have my moments where I break down and cry for you...missing you.  Those moments will never go away.  You know I will keep my promises and be loyal to you and Cosmo only Kuda Bear.  The unconditional love you gave me was the best thing imagainable.  Feel good about that and how much I loved you and miss you.  Its been a very very long year and 3 months without you and will continue to be a tough road.  Be a good girl, pretty girl and play hard.  I lOVE and MISS YOU LOTS!!!!!!!

03-08-2009 11:21 PM -- By: Momma,  From: Rapid City, SD  

Hi there pretty girl.  Tonight at 10pm marks the 66th Sunday you have been gone from me.  I miss you sooo very much as you know.  Even though you have been gone from me this long, I still miss you and think of you throughout each and everyday.  I always will too.  I picture hugging and kissing you too, while I talk to you at your memorial.  I know you have seen me stressed out and depressed....The thought of you or the mention of your names still brings tears.  I cry a few times a week wishing you were here.  I know I will see you again, its just thinking of when and the long wait until then and wanting you here now, so your not missing out. Cosmo misses you so very much.  He loves Karlee so much and kisses her too. I know you miss him kissing you Kuda Bear.  He used to kiss you everyday.  I wish you could have met Karlee Madison.  She is beautiful and a lot like you Koodie.  I hope you are playing hard with all the other furry kids and someone is loving up since I am not there.  I wonder if you understand you will see me again and how bad I am hurting over you.  I tried to keep you here as long as I could.  I still replay those last few hours of you being here and they just tear me apart. For some reason I can visualize those moments so very very well.  You were taken from me in just a short breath, and gone, gone forever.  I have prayed that you are okay and understand you are the one and only and that my heart will always belong to you and Cosmo only.  NO more dogs to try in take your place.  I hope you visit often and look over us. I know you answered our prayers over Dad getting a new job.  Keep watching over us and Cosmo....I need him.  Keep Dad safe on his trip the next four days too.  I LOVE AND MISS YOU KUDA!!!!!!!  BE A GOOD GIRL UNTIL NEXT TIME!

03-04-2009 8:01 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Melissa....I just stopped by because your Koochy reminded me so much of my Kozmo, (he has a memorial here too)  I'm so sorry for your loss.  We still cry and miss our Kozmo as I know you must for Koochy.  I hope however that you find somfort in your memories and in knowing that they watch over us! 

Hugs! ~Autumn

03-04-2009 8:00 PM -- By: Autumn - KOZMO's Mom,  From:  

03-04-2009 7:58 PM -- By: Autumn - KOZMO's Mom,  From: Omaha  

03-03-2009 12:14 AM -- By: Kelly,  From:  

Hi Melissa and Koochy

How are you ? Thank you so much for stopping by and visting my Baby I always enjoy reading what you write to us sorry it has taken so long to reply but coming here to Critters is so hard for me I can not help but cry I think I am missing her more and more the hurt is not healing  it continues to grow the emptiness only grows more I wish I could find some peace even a little but it hurts still so much and I am sure you know that feeling.I hope all is well with you and your family and I hope you are being strong for that beautiful baby girl of yours.please stop by again.

Hi Koochy Hello baby I hope you and Socks are being good and are still the best of friends look over us ok

love you guys

03-02-2009 7:54 AM -- By: Michelle,  From: Roanoke, VA  

God Bless you Koochy ! Have fun at Rainbow Bridge!

03-02-2009 12:17 AM -- By: Momma,  From: Rapid City, SD  

Hi there pretty girl!  Well you know what it is....the 65th Sunday you have been gone from me.  I MISS YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH!  I cannot believe you have been away from me that long.  I also want to thank you and the Lord for answering our prayers for Matt to get that job.  That was amazing Kuda Bear.  I had prayed long and hard for that one.  I know your watching out over me.  Today when I visited you I told you how I would love to put my arms around you and hug and kiss you just like old times Koodie.  Gosh I miss that.  My life would be totally perfect if you were here.  I know you know that too.  I know you know how hard it is on me.  You should feel very special knowing that I will never let another dog take your place or fill that emptiness I feel in my heart.  My heart belongs to you.  I will never forget you no matter what. It makes me feel warm inside knowing I had you in my life and the special bond we shared and how special you were to me and I was to you.  You still are in my heart and always will be.  I cried the other night missing you and telling Dad how very long it had been since I walked you.  I hope your missing me just as much.  I am truly hurting inside for you still.  I go on because I must and Cosmo and Karlee need me.  When my journey is over I will be so glad to have you at my side.  Please continue to watch out over us always...we need you and I need Cosmo with me. He loves Karlee. I so wish you could have been here for her.  You would have loved her.  She is a lot like you....wanting all my attention.  You play hard until I get there.  I miss and love you lots.  I wish you were here.  I will continue to remember you and think of you each and everyday.  Keep us blessed. 

02-23-2009 12:14 AM -- By: Momma,  From: Rapid City, SD  

Hi there my pretty girl....I sure miss ya! Tonight at 10pm marks the 64th Sunday I have been away from you. That is in 3 minutes. GOSH I MISS YOU SOOOO VERY VERY MUCH!! I dread the 10pm time every Sunday knowing you took your last breath and left me. I really truly believe you didn't want to go, wondered how I would go on without you, if I'd get another puppy, and wondered how you would go on without being able to be with me. Oh Koodie I wonder so much each day about you. I miss you terribly and always will. Everyday I remember how it felt to kiss and hug you and have you near. I picture me hugging you and how I felt. Gosh it felt good. I also tell myself that I will see you again and that you are here in spirit. If I find out different I will be crushed. I think thats what keeps me going everyday. I know you want me to be happy but it so hard without you here Kuda. Even the sound in my voice isn't as up beat and cheerful as when you were here. I know I will never be the same. My mind is constantly on you and wondering when Cosmo's last day will be. Your missing out on sooo much Koodie. I wish you could have seen Karlee. Cosmo loves her so much and likes to lay by her. One good bonus is when we get a sitter Grandma comes and he doesn't have to be left alone. I love it, he loves...everyone loves it!! I sure hope you are watching out over us cause we need you! I hope you and the Lord are going to bless us this new year and give Dad that new opportunity. We need some success and happiness Kuda Bear! I will never forget you or quit talking to you everyday. Be a good girl until I get there. I love and miss you.....

02-16-2009 11:33 PM -- By: mary,  From: michigan  


just wanted you to know  you and koochy are always on my mind just been so busy still trying to put life back together after rocky i miss him so much and am having some rough days still i just can't believe its coming up to a year already.  hope all is well with your family and you are never far from my thoughts.   rocky's mom ,   mary

02-16-2009 9:22 PM -- By: Kiana,  From: Green Bay,WI  

What a beautiful dog! I lost my dog recently, a huge German Shepherd Simba. Your memorial brought me to tears and you will see her again....No one really knows the grief , the deep void and loss of unconditional love. Your memorial to her and your memories will keep her alive until you meet again Kiana

02-15-2009 10:34 PM -- By: Momma,  From: Rapid City, SD  

Hi there my pretty girl!  I sure miss you!  Tonight at 10pm marks the 63rd Sunday you have been gone.  YOUR MISSING OUT KUDA!  I still visit you everyday and participate in the candle lighting ceremony on Mondays at 8pm.  You are thought of, loved, and missed each and everyday too of course.  There will never be a day that you aren't.  This was the second Valentines Day since you have been gone too, and it was very hard.  I got Karlee a stuffed dog that looks a lot like you.  I told Dad its a girl and when she gets older I hope she is attached to it and wants to take it everywhere she goes.  I told him, her name is then Karlee will have you in her life too:)  I MISS YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!!  I am sure you know that!  Life is hard without you and always will be.  I wish you were here with me Koodie!  Its ironic...the other night instead of your solar star being on in your memorial, the one landscaping light was on.  It kept flashing at us just like your solar star.  The last time I looked before going to bed it was on very steady and bright and very slowly it faded to off.  I stared and weeped.  Even 20 years from now...I will cry for you.  You are the last thing I think of when going to bed and the first thing I think of when I wake up.  JUST REMEMBER NO DOG CAN TAKE YOUR PLACE AND NO ONE CAN FILL THAT VACANCY I FEEL IN MY HEART WITHOUT YOU!  You and Cosmo will always have my heart.  I will never be the same cause a part of me went with you when you left.  What we shared was unique and special and your life will be kept alive through all those memories.  You play hard until I get there and be a good girl Koochy.  I love and miss you lots!!!

02-09-2009 12:01 AM -- By: Momma,  From: Rapid City, SD  

Hi there pretty are ya? I sure miss you!! Tonight at 10pm (in 10 minutes) marks the 62nd Sunday you have been gone. I wish you were here each and everyday. I had a wonderful dream of you last night. I so want to hug and kiss you again....its been a very LONG time Kuda Bear. The dreams of you are so real and then I wake up kind of sad but yet happy that I got to feel those feelings again of you next to me. I know you miss me very very much. I still wonder what you were thinking as you left me. Did you know it would be hard on me? Did you know I would miss you and not want anyone to replace you or fill that vacancy in my heart. Those are my feelings....for some reason it was your time and I told you to go ahead and go and I would survive. Thats exactly the word to describe me currently...surviving. I love having Karlee around and Cosmo too, but I miss you terribly...I so wish you could have met the baby and seen her get bigger. I still look forward to my alone time with Cosmo boy and our walks too. I will always want that time. You and him were my world, my everything, and my closest family of all. The unconditional love you gave was so heart warming too. I was thinking how I loved going out with friends knowing when the night ended I came home to you and Cosmo....and you were always just waiting for me to arrive. That made me feel so good inside. I thought of you all the time while being gone and still do actually. We had to leave Cosmo the other day and I thought about him the whole time and how lonely he probably was without me near. I knew you'd be watching over him. I sure hope you and the Lord are working together to provide success, happiness, and guidence in this new year...cause we need it. I hope you are watching out over all of us are our angel Koodie. I miss holding you, going for walks with you, having you in the car, kissing you, I MISS EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU OF COURSE!!!!! I will admit like I did before....Life is very very hard without you here. Life will never be the same and I will miss and love you each and everyday and look forward to seeing you when my time ends. Until then Kuda you be a good girl. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU LOTS!!!!!!!!!

02-01-2009 11:06 PM -- By: Momma,  From: Rapid City, SD  

Hi there my pretty are ya?  Tonight at 10pm (8:40pm now) marks the 61st Sunday I have not gotten to go to sleep with you.  Today was also the super bowl so the big Mom was here watching Karlee.  We came home early and I was happy to come home to Cosmo and Karlee.  I MISS YOU SOOOO VERY MUCH!  I was talking to you today remembering you here and missing you.....I know you knew I loved you very very much and that life would be hard for me.  I wonder if you thought it would be easy for me to continue on or if you knew I would be very very sad.  Well here I am....tomorrow marks 14 months you have been gone and I miss you just as much as the day you left.  I hope you know I am living my life cause thats what has to happen....but I so look forward to seeing you again when my journey is over.  I cried yesterday as I sat and looked at pictures that were saved to my flash drive.  You were playing on November 24th of 2007 and December 2nd died on me.  I just didn't really see you that sick.  Gosh I relive that moment over and over.  I try to remember all the good but sometimes find myself remembering you leaving me.  I replay that whole weekend and moments in my mind.  Things are getting pretty stressful here.....the economy is bad, we must decide what Dad will do about his business and what will happen to us if things get worse.  I am thankful I have a job but there are no promises.  On Friday after school I started to shed tears thinking about you knowing you weren't at home for me and were missing out.  If you are here Kuda....please give me a sign other than just dreams.  I love those dreams but please watch over us and help us.  We need you to be our angel.  You will always be the number one girl and no one will ever replace you.  My heart will always belong to you and Cosmo only.   You were my babies that kept me going and going and now when times are tough only Cosmo sees me through.   Please guide us in the right path.  I LOVE and MISS you tons Koodie.  I wish I could give you a big big Kuda Bear hug and kiss.  You be a good girl.....until next time play hard with all those other kids. 

01-30-2009 7:08 AM -- By: Garret,  From: DFW, Texas  

01-25-2009 10:43 PM -- By: Momma,  From: Rapid City, SD  

Hi there pretty girl! Tonight at 10pm marks the 60th Sunday you have been away from me. When I visited your memorial I told you how someday I would be standing there saying its the 600th Sunday or the 6000 Sunday....well I am not sure on the math there. I really don't care to think about how I have to live my life without you. Gosh I miss you so very very much Koodie. I have been trying to keep my spirits up and having a positive attitude but its sooo hard to do. I know I must for little Karlee. We have done some more home projects here and you are missing out on them. I try to keep my mind busy. The last few days have been very very cold so Cosmo and I haven't gotten to go on our long walk...just a short one. I carry him if his paws get cold too:) I love our walks and am just as disappointed as him if we can't go for a long one. I wish you were here. Its been very very hard and I think you know that. You came and visited me in my dreams and I so LOVE that, but of course I walk up to being sad realizing you aren't here with me. Cosmo has been sheading so much lately. He really didn't shead much, but this times its a lot. I told him how it was about as much as the Kuda Bear! That is one thing I can assure will always be thought of, talked about, and remembered for as long as I live. No one will ever take your spot or my heart. Karlee sometimes stares at your picture and I tell her about you. She is starting to notice Cosmo too. Cosmo loves her. I so wish you could have met her. How I wish those dreams were real of hugging and kissing you just like you were here. I sure hope you are watching over all of us trying to steer us in the right direction and be successful and happy this new year. I know your my angel now pretty girl. I need that Cosmo boy. You play hard with all those furry kids....and if you see Bubsey Annie NO FIGHTING. Be a good girl for Momma...I can't wait to see you when my journey is over. I LOVE AND MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH!

01-25-2009 6:29 PM -- By: Kelly,  From: Brooklyn  

Hi Koochy Baby Just stopping by to say HI and to tell you that you are so missed and so beautiful I hope you are still playing and running with my baby Socks I hope you guys formed a bond like me and your mama did. Please continue to look over your mommy because I can see she misses sooooo much.

I love you guys


01-18-2009 11:14 PM -- By: Momma,  From: Rapid City, SD  

Hi there Kuda are ya honey?  Well tonight marks the 59th Sunday since you have been gone.  I MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH!  I think about you each and everyday.  I so wish you were here.  Each and everyday you have been gone I think its going to be Cosmo's last day with me.  It scares me to death to think how I will live without the 2 of you forever.  I need him so very much even with the new baby.  He is my escape from my stressful life.  I absolutely LOVE our walks everyday.  Today when I got out of the shower I looked out the bathroom window and had to do a double take.  I mistaked Cosmo for  you.  He had your exact stance pretty girl.  It brought me to tears thinking about you and picturing you here.  Its been so very very long and hard without you and it will always be.  I think you know just how special, important, and loved you were by me.  I would have done anything to save you and keep you here.  I know you are here in spirit, but its just not the same.  LIfe will never be the same for me.  I sometimes wake up as a stranger.  Each day I wake up to the problems of my life, but the first thing I think of is how your not here to help me face the day.  I go to bed at night and your the last thing thats in my mind as I drift off to sleep.  Oh how I miss you.  You knew life would be hard for me and that I'D MISS YOU!  JUST LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL MEMORIAL MADE FOR YOU!  There will never be another Kuda Bear and I will never try to let a dog replace you or fill that vacancy in my life.  I don't want to do that.  I will continue my journey with Cosmo and all those human kids knowing when it ends I get to be with you.  I look forward to that day, to hug and kiss you Koodie.  I still talk to you everyday and I know you listen.  Since you have been gone, times have been very tough too.  I still break down and cry and I know I always will.  You be a good girl and play hard with all those furry kids pretty girl.  LOVE AND MISS  YOU TONS KOOCHY!


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