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Memorial created 03-28-2008 by
jules s
October 31 1993 - March 28 2008

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12-21-2011 5:04 PM -- By: Lisa and Mandy,  From:  

Jules and  Butler.

Mandy wanted to drop in as she follows Moochie and wish you a Merry Christmas and All the best in the new year also.


12-21-2011 5:02 PM -- By: Lisa and Moochie,  From:  

Jules and sweet Butler.

Dropping in to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.


12-21-2011 4:24 PM -- By: Luna,  From: Christmas 2011  

As Luna sits on her deck watching the stars dance upon the sky, she notices a shooting star flash past her; she jumps up and gets very excited, then quickly closes her eyes to make a wish. When she opens them tiny stars are flashing around her, when they subside and she stops spinning and notices she is dressed in a beautiful “Pink” Santa outfit and begins to glow … She mutters, “Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas”, and when she does she hears a hoof tapping from behind her and sees a sleigh with 8 tiny reindeer … her eyes sparkle brightly and her nose twitches just a little and she mutters, “OMG, I’m Santa!” She spins in delight and quickly jumps on the sleigh with a flick of her wrist she mutters, “We’re off” …. And you can begin to hear the sleigh bells twinge and jingle off in the distance.
She begins to circle all of Rainbow Bridge leaving a pink trail of sparkle dust beneath her, all the angels at the bridge point. Marvel and shout, while gathering up lots of good cheer … they shout,” Hey Luna, Come on, give us a ride” … she nods and makes a graceful landing.  
As she takes each fur angel to their house, near or far and all those in between … each time they land the angel elf jumps off quickly and quietly enters the house … and gaze upon their loving parents fast asleep … when Luna emerges with her sack she quietly places under the pillow of each one sleeping a tiny gift, … “tis a tiding of great joy and all warm wishes”, ... then she turns to lets the angels bond with their family as she heads off to the kitchen or living room to see if any cookies were left for Santa.
When she finishes taking her last sip of milk you can see a glow coming from the room, and when she returns she can feel the warmth of them wrapped in the arms of those they love. With a smile on her face and all the love in her heart she whispers to the darkness of the night and the stars that sparkle so bright, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night”!


12-21-2011 4:23 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  


High in the hills, just a little past the ridge sits a tiny fluffy cat name Butler … as she stokes the raging fire then nestles herself in her comfy chair surrounded by a soft plush blanket … the warmth of her mothers’ love surrounds her. You can see the glow of a tiny string of lights set upon a tree, her Christmas tree, the one they created together.  As her bright sparkle “B” is proudly hung among the glittering lights you can hear the wood crackle as the warm of the blaze warms her soul and reflects on their life … the one they created together.  The sweet smell of pine lingers off in the distance from the tall evergreens, the stars twinkle above … tis a day to remember, a lifetime of happiness.
All of a sudden from off in the distance you can see pink shimmering lights cast their reflections off the dark blue sky … as you hear sleigh bells sing … It’s Santa Luna ... packed with lots of festive edible delights, fun games and all their friends … as Luna lands her sleigh, thump, thump, thump …  she smiles and  graciously takes a bow.  Butler looks at her all shimmering in her “pink” Santa outfit, then  notices in her left paw a tiny elf costume and quickly shakes her head, “ NO” … then Luna goes to the back of her sleigh and pulls out a tiny black and white fluff Santa outfit  …  and  Butler hisses with glee  then quickly puts it on.  Butler supports a big smile as she gives her friend a huge HUG … then out pops from the sleigh, one after the other,   a long line of their “elf” friends.  Butler holds her mouth closed as she snickers pointing to their little elf shoes, curled booties with a tiny bell on each pointy toe and laughs. They greet their friends one by one and as they do a gentle sigh can be heard after their warm embrace … They give thanks for the many friends they have, the ones they have yet to meet, and the love of their moms and dads that surround them always … then they help  quickly set up the site for a feast.
Surrounded by comfortable seating and a roaring fire, the larger boys Sir Dale and Luke help pitch the huge tents, and Sammy helps tend the fire while the gals help set up the banquet table.  Then off over the mountain tops, past the light of the moon you can feel in the warmth of a gentle breeze, it’s our love and it surrounds them always. The hills are alive with laughter, food and song … but alive in each of them is the spirit of their moms and dads, for it’s their love that keeps them warm.
Thinking of you both during the holiday season, knowing it’s their love that keeps us strong.
Sending all our love always, Luna & her mom Nadine

12-21-2011 3:44 PM -- By: butler,  From: pirate island  

sir dale, laura and family my mom and i wish you all a happy holiday knowing your mom is watching over with sir dale. i too shall stand by upon my ship to salute you each for being good loving friends. know my mom and i are with you always in our hearts.

hugs and love

oops my bad butler and her mom

12-21-2011 1:29 PM -- By: Kim,  From: Bird's Hill,Mb.  


Hello Jules and Butler. I see my sidekick has already spoken for me  as I asked her to,but I'm going to double up on the thanks. Thank you much for your Christmas wishes and for all the puter stuff help you have given to me and my sidekick..You don't know how many times this puter almost went out the window when we couldn't get it to do as we wanted , so thanks much for saving this puter and always being our answer to our problems.

~May your Holiday Season be blessed with peace,love and joy.~

Sending you my heartfelt wishes with joy that never ends.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year Jules and Butler.

12-21-2011 1:13 PM -- By: Vicki,  From: Misty Rose and Cuddles  

I just want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I hope 2012 is a prosperous year for you and your family.  And Merry Christmas to all the furbabies at Rainbow Bridge.  I'm sure they will all be gathered together to celebrate not just Christmas, but also the New Year.

12-21-2011 8:13 AM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  


Good Morning Jules and precious Butler. Stopping by this morning with fresh hot coffee and freshly baked  gingerbread cookies and to thank you so much for the beautiful greetings and kind words as always.Your kindness does not go unnoticed . Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I think we are going to have to send the search and rescue team looking for Charles this time but I do hear he is getting alot of snow. I wish he would send some snow my way as we have none here. We just have to have snow for Christmas or it won't feel as if it is Christmas in my part of the world.

Kim says "Hello" and Thank you for your holiday wishes.

Sending love and hugs ALWAYS.

Lauvern and my crew.

12-20-2011 11:08 PM -- By: Gina & Saada,  From:  

Hi Jules and precious Butler, Thank you so much for your visit and thinking of us. I also want to send you many warm wishes for a Blessed and Joyous Christmas. Sending our love and big hugs, Gina & Saada

Precious Memories
May this holiday season
leave you with precious memories:
A Christmas filled with love and light,
perfect gifts, delicious foods,
love and joy all around.
A New Year with continuing blessings—
friends, family, good work, great fun,
and delightful surprises.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

By Joanna Fuchs

12-20-2011 6:22 PM -- By: Michelle & Princess,  From:  

To believe in making wishes and have faith they can come true,
to believe that you can find some joy in everything you do.
To believe in giving gladly for no reason, just because, to believe in love...that's what it means to believe in Santa Claus.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2012 and heartfelt thanks for continuing to be a wonderful critters friend.

12-20-2011 2:21 PM -- By: Laura & Dale,  From:  

“That special place in our hearts feels so empty at this time of year.  But we realize, as time passes, that animals have a way of teaching us about loving, about loyalty, joy, and friendship.  And whatever we've shared in their presence can never really be lost.”

We thank our furbabies for that and wish them a very . . .


12-20-2011 1:35 PM -- By: Tani,  From:  

Stopping by to say Merry Christmas to you and to your sweet Butler. May God bless you. - Tani



12-20-2011 1:26 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

... as she gets back in her sleigh, she lights her head, smiles and says, 

Happy Holidays to all, and to all a Good Night!

12-20-2011 1:10 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Morning Miss Jules and preciosu Butler!!!

Luna jumps off her reindeer and quietly digs in her sack, Butler looking on all confused ... then she mutters as she digs "I know it's in here someplace" ... then she jumps up and lifts out a tiny gift wrapped in silver paper and a purple bow, Butler purs next to her mom as Luna gently slips it under Miss Jules' pillow ... "it's all our love and tidings of great joy" ... may you feel us with you always.  Butler reaches over and rubs her mom's, then nudges her cheek and gives her a tiny kiss. Luna looks on in awww ... then fixes her hat and jumps back on her reindeer as his nose begins to light ... "Ready Santa" Forever and always ((hugs)) Luna & her mom Nadine, LIly and Opal too  

12-20-2011 6:37 AM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Good Morning Jules and precious Butler. I am  glad you were up early and made coffee and coffee cake as I had trouble getting out of bed to make my own. These cool days make it so hard to get out  from under the covers. Not to mention the late nights as I try to catch up with Christmas last minute  things.LOL. Thank you much.I know I can always count on you.

I love Butler's Christmas page. I love the song also. Just Beautiful!

Have a good day and stay warm.

Sending Hugs and Love as Always.

Lauvern and my crew.


12-20-2011 12:57 AM -- By: Linda & Milo,  From: NJ  

Hello girls! Thanks for stopping by. We would never forgot our friends on Christmas. Heres to wishing you a beautiful, beautiful Christmas and may all your dreams come true. Love Butlers Christmas picture, so beautiful and love the pictures Lauvern did on the Christmas page. Hoping you are both well and wishing you the best always.


Linda & Milo

12-19-2011 6:50 PM -- By: gypsy rose,  From:  

 Merry Xmas and Happy New Year Butler and Jules.

12-19-2011 4:10 PM -- By: Randy Hamel,  From: Upham,ND  

 Hi Jules and Pretty Butler thanks so much for your visit and christmas wishes.Dont have any thing planned this year so probably stay home by myself.So You and your family have a great holiday and a safe new year.I will be thinking of all YOU beautiful people that i have met over the last couple years bye now and take care

Love Rowdy and Me

12-19-2011 3:40 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

 yup it's me, sendin our love, .   Luna & her mom Nadine  

12-19-2011 3:38 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Luna smiles as she hops on the bike, flips her fuzzy pink scarf over her shoulder,, fixes her  pink Santa hat and rearranges her pink goggles ... then with a Ho Ho Ho she says, We're off!

Where they travel their being is surrounded by only cool, calm, and serene thoughts ... within us lives the love we share, they hold on to it tightly knowing how much we love them still. ((hugs)) Luna "pretty in Pink" and her mom Nadine  

12-19-2011 2:45 PM -- By: ,  From:  

A very Merry Christmas to you too...Jules and Butler.   You are so kind and thoughtful.  I hope this Christmas season is full of love and peace as well as the coming new year. 

12-17-2011 11:11 AM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Jules and Butler. I came back to tell you, I certainly agree with Charles. We are here for you as I have told you MANY times.. THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR.So now you know that you are not alone and these things happen and please know that the next time you are in trouble ,you know who to call on.

No need to burn the furniture or cold potty seats.LOL.


12-17-2011 8:26 AM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Good Saturday Morning My Dearest Jules and precious Butler .. so good to hear from you .. BUT .. I am so very, very sorry that your furnace went out and with these freezing temperatures, my gosh my dear .. I am so thankful that you are doing good.  And, as you said, no more frozen potty seat .. hahahaha

Jules, if I would have known your furnace went out .. I WOULD HAVE flown you here to stay with me, Cupcake and Xander .. please, never hesitate to ask your friends for anything ... Jules, our dear friend Lauvern and I would DO ANYTHING for you .. so please know that.   Ok.

Anyway, glad things are back to normal for you.  Know that you were dearly thought of AND worried about since we had not heard from you.

We Love You to the Moon and Back and Forth ... sending you many hugs and kisses our friend.

12-17-2011 7:04 AM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

GOOD MORNING JULES AND PRECIOUS BUTLER. Thank you so much for visiting as we have missed your posts. I love to see Butler's precious picture in Luke's guestbook and always feel like there is something missing when it is not there. And there is , it's Butler's sweet face. 

Butler, I hope the furnace never quits again BUT if it does, I need some new furniture..... and would be only to happy to send you mine to keep that fire going.LOL.

Have a great day and keep WARM.

Love and hugs as ALWAYS.

Lauvern and my crew.


12-16-2011 11:47 PM -- By: Laura & Dale,  From:  

It's a busy and hard time of year - we have angels watching everywhere!  The stars will dance - oh, wait, that's those furbabies shaking the heavens, sending their love!!! 

Jules, you have such a special place in my heart and I am sorry I haven't gotten on here as much to tell you so!  But know that it is true and know that your precious angel, Butler, is in good hands with Mr. Dale and all the furbabies watching out for her! 

And now it's on to that lovely fire Oops My Bad Butler has built - I think all those furbabies will snuggle together as they dream of days gone by and bask in the love that does indeed surround them! 

12-16-2011 12:56 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Luna smiles and Butler makes yet another fire ... then she sits back and rests comfortably watching the warmth of the flames, always feeling our special love in their heart, she motions to Butler, glad your mom is warm now ... then she nestles in her blanket for a cool winter's nap.

May thoughts of your little one fill your mind and your love will always cradle within your heart ... and the flames that roar are pale to the love shared with our tiny ones. ((Hugs)) Luna & her mom Nadine

12-16-2011 9:24 AM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Jules and precious Butler ... stopping by to have a cup of coffe from our dear friend Lauvern and some of Granny Doris's cinnamon rolls ... yummy ... yummy.

Jules, know that we love you very much and we worry about you.  Please keep safe and warm and know that we send lots of positive thoughts and many hugs to you always.

I will be off work until January 3rd so needless to say, I'm excited to spend time with Cupcake and Xander.  We are going for long walks and just spend lots of wonderful time together. 

We will have a white Christmas as we have snow on the ground and more to come Saturday.  Sending you many hugs and kisses my dear friend ....

12-16-2011 9:21 AM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Good Morning Jules and precious Butler. Stopping by with fresh hot coffee and Granny's  warm cinnamon rolls this Friday morning along with warm and positive thoughts. Take care in that cold weather Jules and please stay warm and most important of all, THANK YOU for you know what.

Its begining to look like Christmas around here. We are finally getting snow. Yesssssss!! The fur kids will all have alot of fun today as will i ,playing in the snow with them..

Have a good WARM Friday.

Sending our love and hugs ALWAYS.

Lauvern and my crew.


12-15-2011 9:35 AM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Good Morning Jules and precious Butler ... just stopping by to have some coffee with you from our dear friend Lauvern.  Jules, hoping you are well as we haven't heard from you .. and you know me .. I get all worried.

Please know that I keep you in my daily prayers and in my daily thoughts.  Please let me and Lauvern hear from you ... or have someone post and let us know.  You know, Lauvern and I worry so much about you .. because we Love you very much. 

As Lauvern mentioned .. we might have to send the search team to go looking for you *SMILE* .... always know you are loved and thinking of you dear Jules.

Sending you many hugs and kisses .....

12-14-2011 7:46 AM -- By: Lauvern ,  From:  

Good Morning Jules and precious Butler. Stopping by this Morning with Starbucks coffee as I slept in and didn't have time to make my own coffee. I hope all is well with you. I may have to send the search team to look for you soon.

Have a good day and write when you can.

Sending our love and hugs as ALWAYS.

Lauvern and my crew.



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