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Charles - loving dad of Sammy

Memorial created 05-13-2008 by
Charles Padilla
February 14 1993 - April 7 2008

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07-18-2010 1:00 PM -- By: Shawn,  From: Las Vegas  

 Hi Charles, thanks for stopping by Marley's page today.  I do stop by myself a few times each month.  I posted a note on my guestbook, things aren't going so well and now Roscoe is sick, it appears like I have another dog with cancer.  I can't believe this is happening...we get the test results back today or tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed.

07-18-2010 9:44 AM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Hi Charles and kids. I am taking advantage of having access to a 'real" computer as we are at my brother inlaws and not depending on truckstops and text messaging to keep in touch with the world. Ha-Ha. I see you have been busy with home repairs,etc. These chores never seem to end . it looks like it will be a hot and humid day here today so we are off to the lake to get some boating and swimming in. My boys love to get in the water and swim. The only problem i have is to get them out of the water .Ha-Ha. We are working our way back home and should be there by the end of the week. Thankyou for visiting as i always appreciate your visits and kind posts.

Have a great Sunday with the kids and stay cool.

Sending hugs all around.


07-18-2010 9:30 AM -- By: Vicki Willis,  From: Missouri  

Please excuse the very poor typing, I was trying to see the keyboard through the tears. 

07-18-2010 9:29 AM -- By: Vicki Willis,  From: Missouri  

Thank yiou so much for your guestbook posting. I know that ony those of us who have had been loved unconditionally by a pet know the extreme loss we feel when that pet is gone.  You will always have a special place in your heart for your beloved Sammy, and that is as it should be.  Dogs are indeed God's creation to give us comfort and teach us the true meaning of loving abd beubg kived by another being.  Again, thank you for taking time to visit my tribute to Cody.

07-18-2010 8:47 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Thank you Charles and Sammy.  Pac and Karen

07-17-2010 1:43 PM -- By: jules,  From:  

thank you charles glad you did not fall. hope you have a great weekend. stay cool.


jules and butler

07-15-2010 10:37 AM -- By: jules,  From:  

morning all. hope you have a beautiful thursday and charles hope you are ok? thank you for my card it made me smile. watch over him sammy.


jules and butler

07-14-2010 1:03 AM -- By: jules,  From:  

coming say night and bring hugs. getting a little worried about you charles.


jules and butler

07-13-2010 11:29 AM -- By: Skye & Molly,  From:  

Hi Charles.... Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Birthday.  Hope you have a wonderful day!   :)

07-13-2010 10:05 AM -- By: All The Angels,  From: Rain bow Bridge  

A birthday surprise
especially for you
It doesn\'t come in a box
and it\'s not brand new

It\'s a birthday blessing
with love to you from me
Hope this is one of many
brighter days you\'ll ever see

May God\'s special blessing
touch your heart in every way
Not only on your birthday
but every single day

07-13-2010 10:04 AM -- By: All The Angels,  From: Rain bow Bridge  

07-13-2010 8:33 AM -- By: Sammy, Gabby & Bob M.,  From: Rainbow Bridge  

It’s your special day today, Dad,

And we wanted you to know

How very much we miss you

And, oh, we love you so . . .


But we're here with our friends now

And these friends, they are so true,

They’re right here with us sending

Birthday wishes just for you . . .


So you have fun today, Dad,

And check the skies tonight . . .

You see, we're watching over you,

For you our star shines bright . . .



07-13-2010 1:09 AM -- By: jules,  From:  

as told to butler from sammy, bob m, xander and cupcake for you charles

Happy birthday to the best dad I know,
A father I love and respect,
A dad who fulfills all his duties
To teach, to guide, to protect.

If everyone had such a father,
A really good dad like mine,
The world would be so much better,
It would look like God’s own design.

By Joanna Fuchs


Best Dad

07-13-2010 1:03 AM -- By: jules,  From:  

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dearest charles happy birthday to you

hugs and love

jules and butler

07-13-2010 12:03 AM -- By: Vicki, Misty Rose and Cuddles,  From:  

So. tomorrow is your birthday.  Hope you have a great one. 

I stopped to say hi and to tell you there is a new page on Misty's memorial about the movies.  Check it out when you have time. 

As always,  many many hugs

07-12-2010 10:08 PM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Hi Charles .  Just stopping by to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow. I know all your kids will be with you.


Sending hugs all around.


07-12-2010 1:22 PM -- By: jules,  From:  

good monday morning boys and girls. hope you are ok charles and did not fall from roof.


jules and butler

07-12-2010 12:48 AM -- By: jules,  From:  

coming and hoping you are ok charles and got off roof safely. big hugs night


jules and butler

07-11-2010 7:44 PM -- By: Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

To My Beautiful Sammy, Gabby and Bob M ... just wanted to post to you and let you know that I love each of you so much.  Always watch over your dad and your sister and brother, Cupcake and Xander.

Sammy, you brut .. please watch over me as I work on the roof this next week .. you know how clumsy your dad can be ... he has fallen off the roof before ... remember.

Take good care of me and guide me and watch over me.

I Love You Kids ...... With All My Heart and Soul .... Dad

07-11-2010 3:21 PM -- By: jules,  From:  

charles? becareful please while on the roof . asking sammy watch over daddy.


jules and butler

07-11-2010 12:39 AM -- By: jules,  From:  

bringing our hugs good night hope your day went well and you stayed cool


jules and butler

07-10-2010 11:28 PM -- By: pat and fayeroe and tippy,  From: the wild, wild west  

Hey, Sammy! What is happening at The Bridge tonight? I know that everyone is very safe especially since you and Henrietta took over the security force. Thank goodness you are there to keep everyone feeling calm and serene. We'll never tell them that there aren't any real boogie men at The Bridge because we know how much you two love your jobs. Sometimes Henrietta can get a little brash so keep a good eye on her. :-)

Love you Sammy......tell my gang that I will seen them all one day. xoxox Pat

07-10-2010 1:03 PM -- By: jules,  From:  

morning all have a beautiful day we love you sammy, cupcake, xander and bob m as well as your daddy :)


jules and butler

07-10-2010 12:30 AM -- By: jules,  From:  

coming to say night and hugs the handsome men and girl here good night


jules and butler

07-09-2010 8:46 AM -- By: Kent & Ginger,  From: Ft. Wayne, IN  

Hi Charles and all the beautiful Pitbull babies, 

Just wishing you all a wonderful day. I'm sure Ginger is having a great time with your buddies right now as she did with her Pitbull buddy Cinnamon here at home. You take care and keep warm memories of those pups in your heart. 

07-09-2010 12:32 AM -- By: jules,  From:  

hoping the moon is bright tonight to fill your eyes with love. hoping stars guide sammy to watch over you. good night dearest charles we love you


jules and butler


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