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Charles - loving dad of Sammy

Memorial created 05-13-2008 by
Charles Padilla
February 14 1993 - April 7 2008

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04-21-2010 4:23 PM -- By: Judy Green,  From: Flag Pond, Tennessee  


Sorry its been a while since i been on Critters..How are you??  Its so sad, the memories just don't go away..When are you gone to add me as a Friend on Facebook???..


04-21-2010 12:52 PM -- By: Shawn E,  From: Las Vegas  

 Hi Charles, Sammy, Cupcake and Xander - 

Thanks for always thinking of Marley and my apologies for missing Sammy's 2nd angelversary.  My 2nd year without Marley is coming up soon also, and I can say that the 2nd is harder than the 1st.  It's just hard to imagine it's been 2 years.  It also hurts to know that the longer we go, the more distant the memory becomes...that is the toughest thing to deal with for me. Fading memories are tough to deal with when it comes to someone you cherished so much.  Hopefully Sammy is keeping a watchful eye on Marley up there at Rainbow's Bridge.  Xander is such a cute guy now that he is all grown up!!


04-21-2010 12:08 PM -- By: jules,  From:  

just us coming to say hello and check on our boys have a great day


jules and butler

04-21-2010 10:11 AM -- By: Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

My Dearest Sammy, Gabby and Bob M ... just stopping in to say "I Love and Miss You" kids very much.

You welcomed a Capone, another American Pit Bully to Rainbow Bridge ... please take good care of him.  He is a cutie ....

Sending lots of hugs and kisses you kids ..... Dad

04-20-2010 9:14 AM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Hi Charles and kids. I want to thankyou from the bottom of my heart for posting about my loss of KC. His death was so sudden and unexpected .My mind was in a fog as you can imagine. It  certainly helps knowing others understand. Thankyou so much for your kindness and thoughtfullness ALWAYS.

Sending hugs all around.

04-19-2010 10:27 PM -- By: Linda,  From: NJ  

Charles, Sammy, Gabby & Bob M.

Thank you all for stopping by to honor my boy Sam today I truly appreciate it. There are so many nice people here and you are one of the top of them. Hope all is well and thanks for your kindness!

04-19-2010 2:10 PM -- By: ,  From:  

(Grace E. Easley)

Memories are heartbeats
Sounding through the years
Echoes never fading
Of our smiles and our tears.
Moments that are captured
Sometimes unaware
Pictured in an album
Or a lock of hair.

Images that linger
Deep within the mind
Bit of verse we cherished
Once upon a time.
Through the musty hallways
Of the days we knew
Ever comes the vision
Beautiful and true.

Memories are roses
Blooming evermore
Full of fragrant sweetness
Never known before.
Life must have a meaning
Goals for which to strive
Memories are lights that burn
To keep the heart alive

04-18-2010 8:22 AM -- By: ,  From:  

rememberMe with Love...
Author Unknown

As years pass by, and others rarely mention my name,
remember me with love.
take a moment to say my name out loud.
If tears fall, let them.
Wherever you are, know that I am.
I live in your heart, mind and soul.
Don't worry, you will never forget me
and we will be together again.
I have taught you many things
in a way nothing else possibly could.
Don't waste this lesson,
use the love you still have to give to others.
Comfort others who have had a loss, do it in my memory.
A little bit of me, lives on in each person you touch.
You have the power to make my legacy,
one that I would be proud of.
Light a candle, buy a rose, perform an act of kindness.
Our love is so great,
no remembrance could ever be large enough
to show how much you love me,
for true love has no boundaries.
And don't forget, I love you too.
Look at a puffy cloud, flower or bird and have no doubt;
my angel spirit is.
Contemplate the many gifts I've left,
how I've affected your life in a good way.
I've shown you how precious life is
and given you a greater appreciation of it.
I've let you discover how strong you really are.
I hope my short time here has made you discover what is really important
Has it made you a better person? I hope so!
Your faith has been tested, and hopefully it has strengthened.
I hope your heart is filled with peace.
Most of all, know that our love is eternal.
If you think of me today, I will be rejoicing from above.
To know you have remembered me 
Remember me with love!

04-17-2010 12:44 PM -- By: Skye,  From:  

Hi Charles... Thanks for stopping by.  And yes, it is definitely wonderful to see Winter finally come to an end and to see some sunny days and warmer temperatures move in (though here in the mountains, we are having nice warm days in the 70's and then freezing temps at night, so we can't really plant anything yet).  Thank you for stopping by Molly's memorial on her Angelversary -- your kindness was appreciated.  I do hope that you and "the kids" enjoy your weekend.  Take Care.

04-17-2010 10:53 AM -- By: ,  From:  

I'm not gone...not really.
I haven't gone away...I've only gotten bigger.
My eyes, so bright, now shine among the stars.
My voice sings with the wind in winter, as I leap
And dance among the tree tops.
I stalk the blown leaves in autumn, and brush the
Flowers gently in the spring.
I come to you in dreaming, on feet grown dreamtime soft,
And lay my cheek against yours, and whisper:
"Peace be with you."
Someday we will play again together, you and I, among the stars.
'Til then, fear not to love, for your love gave my life meaning.
And I return that love to you...a hundredfold...a thousandfold...

04-17-2010 1:57 AM -- By: jules,  From:  

came to give hugs and say have a good weekend back to you charles. love yah.


jules and butler

04-16-2010 8:29 PM -- By: Maddie/sherri,  From: Ma. USA  


Thank you for visiting Maddie's guest book. It is always nice to hear from you.

We are having bad weather AGAIN. Rain & Cold. Last week we had one day that was 90 but 2 nights later it was UNDER 32 and now they say a coating of snow this weekend! BAH-Humbug to THAT! Open the windows/close the windows. Turn the air on/turn the air OFF. Turn on HEAT!!!!!

Well, I GUESS that is N.E. for you!

Take care. All for now.

Maddie&her mom, Sherri


04-16-2010 2:58 PM -- By: ,  From:  

poem For Bob M,

Remember Me Always


Remember me always, but do not grieve for me too long. I have tried always to comfort you in times of sorrow, and have made every effort to add joy to your life. I never wanted to cause you pain.

Peace for me is certain now, and I suspect I will have eternal sleep in the earth I have loved so well.

Please, after your period of grieving for me, make room in your heart for another. You are the kind of human being that should always have a friend like me to love. Your kind and gentle heart should not be wasted on my memory for too long. Give love to another. I know your new friend will never take my place, because we had something very special.

It may not be quite the same, but a new devoted and loving companion will in time, become special in their own way.

You loved me very much and I loved you. My spirit will always be with you, and no matter how deep in my sleep, my grateful heart will always be purring for you.

04-16-2010 2:19 PM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Hi Charles, Kids and Angels. i wanted to stop by as you and Sammy were in my thoughts. I want to share with you what just happen about an hour ago , here at the shelter. I had just set my lunch down on my desk which was a tuna salad sandwich and a tossed salad and went to get a coffee in the next room.When i got back with my coffee,Samantha was just finishing off my sandwich.ha-ha-ha. I said "SAMMY" you just ate my lunch,she looked at me with a silly expression on her face as if to say that's not my name"I'm Samantha".ha-ha-ha and continued to finish off my sandwich. That was the first time i ever called her Sammy, i don't know why but who knows maybe  that was some sort of sign which i may learn about. That seemed so strange as i never call her Sammy and neither does Doris. That was my experience today. I had a salad and Doris's cookies for lunch. Ha-Ha. Doris tells me i spoiled Samantha because i always share my lunch with her.I guess i was taking too long getting my coffee so she just helped herself. Ha-Ha. We are suppose to get a nice weekend so the shelter babies will be happy as they can get outdoor play.

Take care and i hope you have a great weekend.

Sending Hugs all around.

Lauvern and all at the shelter.

04-16-2010 2:09 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Hello From Heaven

It's me again from Heaven With a message from above Feel my spirit all around you... As I sprinkle you with love

I have watched you, as your tears flow I have heard your silent screams I know you sleep with visions... Of me visiting your dreams

I have come and sat beside you Placed my paws upon your face Wiped away the many teardrops I so wish I could erase

I have watched you every day now Seen such pain within your eyes I just wish that there were some way I could help you realize...

I am happy up in Heaven In this peaceful loving place Where I will be here waiting To welcome you with my embrace

You will join me here in Heaven When your time comes you will see Leave your Earthly cares behind you Travel on to where your free

I have heard you ask to go now... but there is more for you to do I promise I'll be waiting In your time to come get you

Until that day does happen Feel the love I send your way Every single moment... Of every single day.


04-16-2010 9:14 AM -- By: Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

My dearest Sammy, Gabby and Bob M ... I thought I'd leave you a little posting ... just to tell you how much I Love and Miss Each of You so much ....  You are always on my mind daily.

Always watch over me, Cupcake and Xander .... guide them and let them know you are always near ....

Sending each of you special and BIG HUGS up to Rainbow Bridge.  Dad

04-15-2010 10:33 PM -- By: Gina & Saada,  From:  

PS... hope you all have a very wonderful weekend!!

04-15-2010 10:31 PM -- By: Gina & Saada,  From:  

Hi Charles, Sammy, Gabby & Bob M, thank you so much for your visit, it is always good to hear from you. And thank you for visiting the page for Brutus and Jessica, they passed on long ago, but they will always be close to my heart. They were both sweet dogs. I have been doing well, just very busy with work lately.... but that is a good thing!! Today was the first day of sunshine and warmer weather after a few dreary days of rain, it was soooo welcomed. I love the sunny days, it really lifts my spirits. Hope you are all doing well and hugs to you, and precious Cupcake and Xander.

04-15-2010 9:23 PM -- By: ,  From:  

The Rainbow

 for Critters    as we all have lost beautiful souls


Feeling down in the dumps
no where to turn
the rain pouring down
upon a face.

Feelings are low...
standing here
in the pouring rain

A heart is broken,
Lord what can you do.
A friend gone away...

The rain has stopped.
the sun shone...
reflects, upon a sad face.

The bow came out...
in between the clouds.
reminded me one of God's covenant...

The colours of the bow shone so brightly across the sky
reaching from one side to the other..

As a prayer said for God's Grace.

The Rainbow is a sign of a Eternal promise.


04-15-2010 5:17 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Charles, How how much all of us love you too!


04-15-2010 3:50 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Charles, Sammy, Bobbie M and Gabby ... thank you so much for stopping by on my 2nd angel day. I can't believe it's been that long, in my mind I can remember everythign as if it were yesterady. I finally finished her page and I think she would be proud. Although I am not surrounded by people who feel as I do, it's a comfort to know I have my critters family who understands.

Only a heart so giving and pure would know what a special gift thier love was. Hugs, Nadine & her little girl Luna


04-15-2010 12:59 PM -- By: jules,  From:  

hi charles and handsome sammy we are doing ok wifi here is icky so i hope my message gets through. hugs to you all.

jules and butler

04-15-2010 11:43 AM -- By: ,  From:  

The Greatest Gift


I always knew this time would come
From the very first time our eyes first met
How I loved you then! How I love you now!
I made a promise then and I keep that promise now.

You will not suffer from a pain that will not heal,
You will not know the loss of a life remembered, now gone.

It is for me alone to make this decision.

The price for the bright joy and pure laughter.

You brought me during the time we shared.

I am the only one who can decide when it is time
Just when I need you most, I must let you go.
It is for you alone to tell me when you are ready,
For without your guidance, I will not know
When to lay my grief, my guilt, my anger,
My sorrow and my selfish heart aside
And give you the last gift, the greatest gift.
Your eyes will speak to mine, and I will know.

The pain of this moment is excruciating,
Tears stream down my face in a river of sorrow,
And my heart drowns in a pool of grief.
For you have spoken and I have listened
And unlike other decisions I have made,
This one brings no peace
For if there's one thing I have learned...
Unconditional love has a condition after all.


I must be willing to let you go when you speak to me,

I must accept my pain so you can be free of yours.

Go easily now, go quickly now,
Do not linger here, it is time for you to leave.
Go find the ones who have gone before you.
You are free to leave me now, free to let your spirit soar.

I pray I will find comfort in my memories...
In the dark and lonely days ahead
I cannot say I will not miss you,
I cannot say I will not cry,
For only my tears can heal my broken heart.

But I promise you this...
as long as I live...You will live
Alive in my mind, forever in my heart
And this will be my greatest gift...
Sending you away
It is the measure of my unconditional love...
For only the greatest love can say
“Goodbye, go find the Rainbow Bridge
and yes, we'll meet again.

Loving you has been the greatest gift of all.”

Karla Bertram....

04-15-2010 11:10 AM -- By: Kia and deb,  From:  

Charles and Cupcake ,Xander, and Sammy, Gabby and Bob M,  Thanks for stopping by Charles . I hope you are starting to feel better, mouth surgery is the worse. Funny what you wrote about  Xander,   bouncing back so soon,  glad all is going ok with him, its been crazy here  with a dump truck of mulch,  been   working in Kia's gardens  May you have a enjoyable rest of the week and good weekend

04-15-2010 9:54 AM -- By: glenise,  From:  

Dear Charles, Cupcake, Xander, sweet Sammy, Gabby & Bob M.      You sure have a fine looking family, Charles.    Yes, beautiful weather here!  I'm lovin' it!  So sick of the dreary, dark winter months.   Sorry it took me couple days to write.  I am in community theatre and wer'e getting ready for production this weekend. 

Thank you, Charles, for visiting us.  Thank you for reading again about Daisy.  That is very thoughtful of you to take the time to do that, but I also know that is the kind of person you are, always thinking of others.  As coincidence would have it----I was reading your pgs, also.  It was on your Sammy's 2nd Angel day.  May I say once again that you have such a touching, deep-loving, heart-felt tribute to your son.  I love your journaling. Just beautiful, the love flows and flows.  Again, I want to Thank you for stopping by.  I don't know what we would do without our Critters Family.  Your all #1 in my book!!    Sincerely, Glenise & Daisy

ps   hope your healing well, sounds like you are.

04-14-2010 8:58 PM -- By: Lauvern ,  From:  

Hi Charles and kids. Just stopping by to say Hello as i  had some free computer time. I hope you are recoveringwell from your surgery.We have had beautiful weather here for the past few days. The shelter fur babies have been spending their days outside and loving it. Of course Samantha ,Tyson and Toby are enjoying the outdoors as well. All i need now is to get my allergies under control which should happen after all the trees bud,etc. I am looking forward to working in my flower gardens at home as well as on the shelter grounds. That will be another couple of weeks before i can do that though. Hope all is well with you.

Hello Sammy, Gabby and Bob M. ......Sammy we have a few kennels open now so help Luke keep watch over Fur babies that might need my help and send me signs. KK?

Charles , there is always lots of  Granny's cookies around here. LOL. My desk at the shelter has a big tray of different types of cookies daily on it. I never know what kind we are all getting that day till i get there but they are always good. I think granny wants me to put on weight or something. LOL.

Sending hugs all around.

Lauvern and all at the shelter.



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