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Charles - loving dad of Sammy

Memorial created 05-13-2008 by
Charles Padilla
February 14 1993 - April 7 2008

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04-07-2010 6:08 AM -- By: Dana,  From:  

Stopping in to honor your handsome Sammy on his second year Angel Day. Charles, I'll be thinking of you today and hoping that your memories of your sweet boy will bring comfort.

04-07-2010 3:44 AM -- By: glenise,  From:  

Coming by in honor and remembrance to your sweet Sammy on his 2nd Angel day.  So very many precious years and treasured moments between you and your Dad.  Such an eternal never-ending Love. What a beautiful bond you share. We want you to know Charles and sweet Sammy that we are thinking of you and keeping you foremost in our prayers,  Bless Sammy and his Dad on this day,   Your friends, glenise & daisy

04-07-2010 1:27 AM -- By: Linda,  From: NJ  

Stopping by to honor you Sammy on your second year in the heavens. You are such a handsome, kind boy and a very, very good friend to your Dad. Your Dad has created such a beautiful memorial to his son that you could feel the love in his words. May your day be filled with so much love & celebration with all your friends at the bridge & may you always run those fields in eternal happiness you good boy.

A Special Gift

They're a very special gift; to be cherished and loved
You're chosen for each other; by God Himself above
It's a match made in heaven; so it can't be wrong
You're tied together by a bond; that's oh so strong
All they'll ever ask from you; is to be loved and fed
And at night make sure they have, fresh water and a bed
In return for so little; the rewards are so great
You'll get a companion for life; with some very special traits
When you are lost; and the end seems so far away
They'll walk by your side; they'll help you find your way
When life gets you down; they can put a smile on your face
As they run you in circles; with their fast pace
You'll share the good with the bad; you'll be happy and sad
And through it all you have a friend; the best you ever had
You're time together; will be special and unique
It will be as priceless to you; as a rare antique
Then before you know it; the day will arrive
When suddenly your life; takes a steep dive
The furry friend who's been with you for all of these years
Has now passed on; and left you in tears
As you sit and wonder; what did I do
Why is this all happening to you
Into each of our lives; a little rain must fall
And you must be strong; to answer the call
Your little one's spirit has flown home on the wings of a dove
To a special place that awaits them; in heaven above
St. Francis will meet them; when they get home
He will take them to a meadow; where they're free to roam
There in the meadows; down by the pond
Your furry friend will remember his loving bond
He'll look into the water; then you apppear
He can see you're frightened; he can feel your fear
Through the bond that still ties you; from heaven above
He looks down upon you; he sends you his love
Because you loved him; and because you care
Whenever you need him; he'll always be there
There in the meadows; they patiently wait for the day
When you will celebrate your life together; each and everyday
Waiting for that day; when you come walking back home
When together for an eternity; through the meadows you'll roam.


04-07-2010 12:12 AM -- By: jules,  From:  

To Dad

When I was rescued I came to know
about the man that I love so.
He was always there at the end of the day
no matter how tired he always would play
or tell me a story and sing me a song
or listen to me not matter how long.

The things he taught, so much to learn
my happiness was, his only concern.
His smile was broad and always for me
his laughter was warm, his hugs were free.
He showed me how to share and give
all of the love in the lives that we live.

Love, Sammy


04-07-2010 12:06 AM -- By: jules,  From:  

my dearest charles and sammy came to honor the very handsome sammy and give hugs

jules and butler

04-06-2010 11:45 AM -- By: jules,  From:  

sammy and sammy's daddy have a good day


jules and butler

04-05-2010 1:45 PM -- By: glenise,  From:  

Dear Charles, and as always handsome Sammy, cute Gabby and sweet Bob,   What can I say, but a bd would not be complete without your coming.  Thank you so much for all the kind words and thoughts on daisy's special day.  You have been good friends.  Daisy said that it was quite the sight to see when the whole group was dancing to "Who let the dogs out"   She said several of them kept requesting that song.   With Love, glensie & daze

04-04-2010 4:21 PM -- By: Janice G.,  From:  

Happy 2nd Year Angel Anniversary to you dearest Sammy.  With much love, hugs and kisses to you.

04-04-2010 4:09 PM -- By: ,  From:  


You, my friend, are one
great reason to celebrate
this Easter season.
Wishing you an Easter that's
as special as can be

Flowers blooming,
reaching out to touch
the morning sun, bring
promises of hope and joy
meant for everyone
If I've learned one thing in life it's:
You can't fight city hall,
but you can drive by at night and egg it.

I treat people like chocolate bunnies at Easter!
I bite their heads off.
Happy Easter.

The beauty of spring is
captured in special moments with you."

You're a springtime kind of person,
and there's sunshine in your smile.
There's warmth in all the gladness you impart.
And here's the special reason
you're so like this lovely season--
It's the springtime that you keep within your heart.
Happy Easter Happy Spring

As spring comes to the world,
bringing sunshine and gladness...
...this comes to you
bringing wishes for joy.
Happy Easter


Easter has a warmer glow,
Spring, a brighter touch,
Because I'm sharing them with you...
The one I love so much.


Like gentle spring breezes...
Thoughts of you at Easter
bring a special kind
of happiness to my heart.
Happy Easter

04-04-2010 3:36 PM -- By: Miss Karen Rameses and Brandy and Little Gar Mommy,  From: Harrington De  



04-04-2010 2:10 PM -- By: Carole and daughter "angel" Ebony,  From:  

HAPPY EASTER Charles, Sammy, Gabby and Bob M.

We will all be sure and watch over our families today. There will be quite a celebration, I am sure. Hugs!

04-04-2010 2:08 PM -- By: Carole and son Shabba Lou,  From:  

...this is a family affair.

HAPPY EASTER Sammy, Gabby and Bob M from Shabba and family.

04-04-2010 2:07 PM -- By: Carole and daughter Magge Mae,  From:  

HAPPY EASTER Sammy, Gabby and Bob M.

Charles, I will say a prayer for you as you and your baby Xander go through your surgeries on Sammy's secnd year angelday. I know he will be watching over you. 

04-04-2010 2:03 PM -- By: Carole and son Seville,  From:  

Hello Charles, thank you so much for stopping by to visit my son Seville and I. My heart is bleeding Charles. Oh my gosh I hurt so very bad. I wasn't planning on sayng goodbye to Seville. He had his own bedroom and I had to shut the door because I pass it when I go into my bathroom and computer room. I broke down every time I passed by his door. I know in time this gut-wrenching grief will eventually ease into a much easier path of fond memories , and again one day I wiull be able to smile when I think of him. For now...I am shattered into a million pieces.

It was so sudden. I took him to the emergency clinic Wednesday and told them I felt we needed to say goodbye. I was not in my right mind, and they told me he may pull out of it. I told them two or three times that I disagreed. I followed up with my regular doctor the next afternoon, and he agreed with me. I've contacted the director at the emergency clinic and found out that the doctor that attended to me and my boy was an intern. I believe the whole thing was handled incorrectly and Seville's condition was misdiagnosed. They charged me more than $800, and in my state of mind, I guess I was convinced that my baby boy would be saved...I was wrong...they were wrong...they were so wrong.

I know you understand how I feel with all the losses you've suffered so close together. I can hardly believe this has happned to me.  I can't seem to 'get a grip" today my friend. The tears...they are all over...I can't stop crying... I don't know what to do. I know the grief we bear is a very small price we pay for the unconditional love we receive from our babies, but the pain of losing them is overwhelming. I could barely get through making Seville's first page. I am taking it a step at a time.

My boy Buster may have to join his brothers and sisters next week. I almost lost him December 24th, and then I thought we were going to say goodbye Friday. I have to take him back to the doctor again Monday, and I can feel that our time together is around the corner. He's declining quickly. He's laying in my lap sleeping while I type. His kidney disease is winning the battle. My's beyond what I can explain in words.

I've been consumed with Busters care since December, and working so much that I haven't been able to visit my Critter's family like I want to. I've had to take Buster in for fluids, B12 boosters and dosses of amphogel every Wednesday and Saturday, and along with the care of all my other babies it has left little time for anything.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and please know that you and all your kids are very special to me! Thank you for all your support! I know Seville had a warm welcome when he joined all our angels. Big hugs to you all. Luv, Carole and "the pack."

04-04-2010 1:40 PM -- By: Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Sammy, Gabby and Bob M ... HAPPY EASTER ... kids.  I know you are having a great day today with all your friends .. eating lots of Easter eggs and candy ... don't eat too much, though.

Kids .. this coming Thursday .. is Sammy's Second-Year Angelversary .. and though I don't want it to come because of the memories of that day two years ago .. it will come.  Though, Sammy, I know you are happy and restored to health and are having a great time with all your friends.

On your Second-Year Angelversary, son, I will be going through major dental surgery .. and your baby brother Xander will be going through neutering surgery ... please watch over us ... guide the surgeon's hand for Xander and for me .. and take care of us.

Always know that your daddy LOVES and MISSES .. each of you so much.

04-04-2010 9:11 AM -- By: Brenda (bustersmommy),  From: united kingdom  

Hi Sammy just popped in to wish you a HAPPY EASTER with lots of choclate eggs,

Happy Easter to Charles, cupcake and xander love and big hugs to you all x x

04-03-2010 8:09 PM -- By: Vicki, Misty Rose and Cuddles,  From:  

Hi Sammy, Gabby, Bob and Charles:  Thanks for stopping at my memorial.  Mom says for you to also have a great Easter.  She said they got a taste of Spring and then it was taken away.  Cold and damp today.  Hard to believe it's cold down there, but I guess the weather has been bad all over this year.

04-03-2010 3:57 PM -- By: maureen,  From:  

Hi sweethearts!!

This special Easter greeting
Comes across the miles today
To let you know you're thought of
In the very warmest way.
Lots of love and many hugs Maureen xx

04-02-2010 9:54 PM -- By: Skye & Molly,  From:  

Hope you have a happy and blessed Easter and a beautiful Spring.

04-02-2010 8:10 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Guardian Angel

You say you are pale, for I think it is pure.
I am often confused, yet you make me sure.
You are an Angel to help me get through,
so I do thank God the most for you.

As you guide me through until the end,
I see you show your shining colors
beyond a true friend.

I keep saying your will is strong,
you keep enduring never showing any wrong.
You have always seemed to just know
how to get through things and then let go.

So, when I do have my final rest,
I will kindly tell God what I liked best.
My Guardian Angel, whom I love so dear,
whom always knew of no such thing as fear.

Her flame so bright, shining with love.
Yet I can tell it was her so far above,
with words not made for the eloquence of one.
She did everything, even prepare me
for my time to come.

So as to love and then live,
or to live and then love,
always remember to look,
for your Angel high above.


04-02-2010 4:18 PM -- By: Linda,  From: NJ  

Charles, Sammy, Gabby & Bob M.-

Thanks for stopping by. May you have a blessed holiday as well. Hugs to you and your fur babies!

"Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life"
-S.D. Gordon-


04-02-2010 3:22 PM -- By: Maddie/Sherri,  From: Ma, usa/heaven  


Sending Easter blessings to you and your crew.....

-Maddie is teaching Sammy the fine art of Easter Egg coloring.......

Sammy seems to be "ALL THUMBS"!!!!!!!


04-02-2010 2:04 PM -- By: kia and deb,  From:  

Charles, Sammy, Gabby, Bob M,. Miss Cupcake and Xander, Easter Blessings to you also, its  going to be in the 80's here this weekend,, A gift from Heaven above,

04-02-2010 1:10 PM -- By: glenise,  From:  

Dear Charles, sweet Sammy, Gabby and Bob M,

Thankyou for stopping by to see us.  Charles, your tribute to your babies is beautiful and straight from the heart.  If there were only more like you in this world.   May you all have a very safe and Blessed Easter.  I imagine in the heavens the celebration is magnificent.

04-02-2010 12:28 PM -- By: jules,  From:  


S is for sharing your life with me

A is always there for me

M is for many memories

M is for many hugs

Y is for your love and friendship

04-02-2010 3:34 AM -- By: jules,  From:  

hi sammy came to wish you happy easter


jules and butler

04-01-2010 6:02 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Thank you for the birthday wishes, it means alot, god bless you and Sammy.

04-01-2010 2:50 PM -- By: Gina & Saada,  From:  

Hi Charles, Sammy, Gabby, Bob, Cupcake and Xander!! Just wanted to stop in today to let you know you are all in my thoughts and to wish you a Happy Easter! Hope you are doing good. Hugs to all. Gina

It means so much at Easter time
To keep in touch with friends
To wish them happiness and cheer
And joy that never ends.
That's why this brings a warm "hello"
Especially for you
Together with best wishes
For a happy Springtime too.


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