Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 05-21-2008 by
Stacy Allen
Minnie "Minn-Minn" Allen
May 18 1998 - February 6 2008

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05-19-2014 8:00 PM -- By: luna,  From:  

 Happy Birthday Minnie ... your love continues to shine like the brightest star in the heavens ... surrounded by the love of many. HUGS Luna and her mom Nadine

05-18-2014 5:26 PM -- By: Gina & Saada,  From:  

Happy Birthday to you, sweet Minnie!!

Stacy, thinking of you and precious Minn-Minn today. Sending hugs and special thoughts your way.

05-18-2014 3:43 PM -- By: Michelle & Princess,  From:  




               HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! 

05-18-2014 1:35 PM -- By: Laura & Dale,  From:  

Happy birthday, Minnie! 

Stacy, thinking of you today as you continue to carry little Minnie in your heart! 

05-09-2014 8:01 PM -- By: Nancy,  From: Yelm Wa  

Honoring your precious Minn-Minn as her special day up in Rainbow Birdge approaches. I know how much you love and miss her

Bless you

Nancy, PIcky and Snowys "MOmma" :0(

02-08-2014 9:56 AM -- By: Henry,  From:  

Dear Minnie I hope you had a lovely Angel Day and played in the beautiful fields above. Your Mom loves you very much.

02-07-2014 8:19 PM -- By: Cindy,  From:  

02-06-2014 7:32 PM -- By: Laura & Dale,  From:  

Remembering Minn on her Angel Day today and sending big love and many hugs to Minn's mom! 

02-06-2014 7:00 PM -- By: Vicki,  From: Nebraska  

Wishing you a very fun filled day today on this your 6 year Angelversary. I know your mommy still misses you like crazy and this is a very sad day for her. Be sure to watch over her, Minnie.

02-06-2014 6:59 PM -- By: Brenda,  From: Miami, Fl  

Stacy: Prayers and thoughts going out to you on this special day. Hugs to you my friend. <3 <3

02-06-2014 4:21 PM -- By: Denise and Morgan,  From: Midrand South Africa  

 Beautiful Minnie - you are stunning. Have a wonderful Angel Day, 

02-06-2014 2:12 PM -- By: Patt,  From:  

 Sweet Minnie girl!  You're Momma loves and misses you so much.  You were such a great gift to her.  Send her kitten kisses   {{HUGS}} Stacy

02-06-2014 1:29 PM -- By: Michelle & Princess,  From:  

 Dear Friend Stacy,

What a lovely gift your sweet little angel Minnie gave to us...the gift of friendship even after her crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Years of companionship then continuing friendships from all over the country. Who knew one little tuxedo kitty could do so much?!

I know these are tough times for you personally so I hope today is filled with only the happiest memories you have of your time with Minnie. Hugs my friend.

02-06-2014 10:38 AM -- By: Charles--Sammy's, Gabby's and little Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Stacy .. stopping by in remembrance of precious Minnie's Six-Year Angelversary. Though time is passing we will never, ever forget our beloved furkids.

Minnie and Stacy .. thank you for the years of friendship. If I remember correctly, you two were some of the first Critters Family to welcome my Sammy and I will always cherish and remember that.

Minnie, I know you and Sammy and all the other Rainbow Bridge furkids are having a grand time ... waiting for that day that you will see your humans coming over that beautiful bridge ...

02-06-2014 9:18 AM -- By: Marcia & Kelly-Girls,  From:  

 Stopping bye to wish sweet Minnie A Happy Angel Day!   Hugs to you Stacy!!! 

02-01-2014 7:33 PM -- By: Nancy,  From: Yelm Wa  

Here to honor your sweet Minnie on her upcoming 6th year Angelversary. I know how much you love and miss her still. Please know you are in my heart and prayers.

Bless you

Nancy, Picky and Snowys "Momma" :0(

05-21-2013 1:46 AM -- By: Linda,  From: NJ  

Happy Belated Birthday sweet Minnie!

Your a lovely lady and an even beautiful angel! I'm sure your day was grand and lovely as you are!

Bless you now and aways sweetheart!

05-20-2013 10:30 PM -- By: Laura & Dale,  From:  

Wishing a belated birthday wish to a very special kitty -

Hi, Stacy, sorry we're late, can hardly keep up any more!  Sending love and hugs! 

05-19-2013 9:29 PM -- By: Michelle & Princess,  From:  

 Oh dear,

I even forgot the HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Good thing we are friends. 

05-18-2013 4:04 PM -- By: Michelle & Princess,  From:  

 Sorry I am so inept at keyboarding. Cannot even blame autocorrect here! "Sweet" and "Your". 

05-18-2013 4:03 PM -- By: Michelle & Princess,  From:  

 Dear Stacy,

Wishing you wonderful memories of your weet girl  as you think of her today. How special that upon her passing she brought me a new friend. Thank you for your friendship over the years, thank you Minnie for that gift. Though I never knew you I know how much you meant to you Mom and therefore to me as well. Hugs my friend.

05-18-2013 12:25 PM -- By: pat,  From: oklahoma  

We sit beneath the night sky
by the whisper of the wind song...
in the quiet of darkness.
And they are never far.
Those we have loved and cherished,
those who have changed our lives
in some small or profound way
are closer than we know,
because it is their light
that shines on our world.
It is the brilliance
of their souls
that makes our night sky glow.


05-18-2013 2:47 AM -- By: Vicki,  From:  

Just wanted to stop and wish Minnie and great day today.  It's your special day Minnie and make the most of it.  You are the center of attention today. Have fun and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

05-17-2013 9:09 PM -- By: Brenda,  From: Miami, FL  


Sending every possible amount of hugs, support, love , prayers, comfort and compassion on this special day.

05-11-2013 8:07 PM -- By: Nancy,  From:  

Here to honor Minnie and her upcoming birthday up in  Rainbow Bridge. I know how much you love and miss her every day.

Bless you

Nancy, PIcky and Snowys "Momma' :0(

02-11-2013 10:39 AM -- By: Minn-Minn,  From: Rainbow Bridge  

Today’s your special day, Mom,

And I just want you to know

How very much I miss you

And how I love you so!


But I’m here with my friends now

And these friends, they are so true,

They’re right here with me sending

Birthday wishes just for you.


So you have fun today, Mom,

And check the skies tonight

You’ll see I’m watching over you,

For you my star shines bright!



02-07-2013 4:44 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Miss Minn Minn and precious mom Stacey ... We had computer issues, sorry for the delay.

Thinking of you on your Angel Day.  The heart beats stronger knowing you watch over us, as our minds drift off to a time and place we travel long ago ... absen from our touch but forever on our minds and in our hearts ... the touch of your paw, your eyes looking back at ours, the quiet whisper you make as you call out to us, and the smiles that appear on our faces knowing you live within our heart ... ... May the love you share be with today and always as you walk though each day, taking a piece of us with you ...  waiting ... till we meet again! Minnie smiels, rolls over on her belly letting the warmth of your love warm her belly, her eyes gaze up at yours ... "smiling" ...  ((hugs)) Luna & her mom Nadine

02-07-2013 1:44 AM -- By: Vicki,  From:  

Stacy, I am sorry I missed Minnie's Angelversary.  I had it on my calendar for the 7th.  Don't ask me why.  I hope Minnie had a fun filled day today with all her friends. 

02-07-2013 1:12 AM -- By: Linda ,  From: NJ  

Hope you had a great Angel Day sweet Minnie! You are such a sweet girl who takes wonderful pictures. I know your day was grand with all your new friends and I know you are watching over your sweet Mom with everlasting love

God bless you always Minnie!


Linda & Milo

02-06-2013 10:51 PM -- By: dawn,  From: geneva, il  

Remembering Minnie on her Angel day.  Send sweet kissies on the breeze to your mommy Minnie.  Hugs Stacy, all of our fur angels are comforting Minnie.


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