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Memorial created 05-21-2008 by
Stacy Allen
Minnie "Minn-Minn" Allen
May 18 1998 - February 6 2008

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01-12-2009 11:11 AM -- By: Dan,  From:  

Hi, Stacy, you post on Una's guest book exactly while I was working on that new page. Una bring me some news about our friends, so I wanted to share as soon as possible.

Please come back to our "home" and you will have a nice surprise, I hope.

Thanck you so much for beeing here for Diana and Una in those difficult times. My girls are together and happy now, for me it's a little hard, beeing here, alonwe ...

A hug for Miss Minnie from Una, Diana and Dan

01-10-2009 1:22 AM -- By: Rose,  From: Mtb. Ca.  

Minnie sounds a bit like Odie. He was picky about who his friends were and who was allowed to pet him and for how long. They are two spunky kittys and I hope they are together playing and waiting to see us again some day. It is very hard without Odie and thank you for your kind words. Perhaps someday I can think of him without tearing up. I'm so sorry for your loss of Minnie but you were so good to her . God Bless    Sincerely, Rose (Odie's mom)

01-09-2009 2:50 PM -- By: Greta, Dusty, Angel, and Hammy,  From:  


01-08-2009 1:05 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Minnie, That Marla is one cuite kitty ... Luna walks over and puts Willow on her knee ... and asks, "so what would you girls like to do today?", as Minnie sits sipping her hot cocoa looking in on her mommy making sure she feels better ... WE LOVE YOU STACY!

01-07-2009 5:30 PM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Stacy and Minnie ... just stopped by to say "HI" and to let you know that you both were thought of today. 

Minnie ... I hope you and my son Sammy are having so much fun with all your friends.

Remember that we Love All of You ... and Miss You too ...

01-06-2009 9:13 PM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Happy Angel Day Minnie. Visit your mommy in her dreams kk sweety? I know she misses you so so much, HugsHi Stacy, just popped in to say hello and let you know you have not been forgotten. I have been quite busy at the shelter so have not been on here. I will write more when i get a bit more time. Hugs.

01-06-2009 12:26 PM -- By: Patch,  From:  

OMG Minnie, HAPPY ANGEL DAY. I sure could use a trip to the spa for a head and belly rub and then to Christians for lunch. Then to the meadow to lay in the sun. Don't you just love the sun?

Stacy, such good news about Stimpy. Hope the worst is over and she can just be a happy, spoiled kitty.

My MRI showed a tear in my rotator cuff?? and in my Labrum??. I am supposed to try physical threapy for 6 weeks- so far it's done mothing to stop the pain, nor has the cortizone shot done much but some. The recovery time is 12 weeks and my daughter is getting married May 2 this year so the surgery will just have to wait until after that.

Kristen, that same daughter, and her kitty Tweeter are both recovering for a pit bull atack on Tweeter. Seems she found the dog along side of a rural road and put her in the car and took her to the clinic wher her husband to be works. they cleaned her up and brought her home where her first meeting with Tweter was fine. However a few days later the pit bull grabbed Tweeter by the left hind leg and clamper down.  Finally Joe began to choke her to make her let go of the cat. Meanwhile the poor cat has no clue what is happening and bit Kristen who had him bu the shoulders trying to get him free. Ends up, Tweeter has many puncture  bites and a broken leg and Kristen is at the hospital where she is a nurse getting herself treated.

AS of yesterday Kristen is fine but Tweeter has had 2 surgeries, a blood transfusion, antibiotics and fluids for dehydration. He still is not eating or drinking much, but his blood work looks better.

It's been a horrible time for those two...

anyhow off to the spa and the rest of your angel day!!!

love you all

01-06-2009 12:17 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

... Happy 11 Month Angel Day Minnie!!! I'm so glad we're here playing together ... you know, everyone thought I was a cat at first caue I wa so small, black and fluffy ... and I can bounce like one too...I love you minnie and willow!!! and all the things you say and do ... you bring a smile to the hearts of those who love you ... me! Love Luna & her mom

Hi Stacy, Hope you are feeling better, the days, the weather, the cold, the chill, take care of yourself ... Spring is right around the corner, just take a look ... it's always Springtime where Minnie is!!! and it's all warm too!!! Not because of the weather, but because she lives inside of you. Hugs, Nadine  

01-06-2009 11:25 AM -- By: puck llewis,  From:  

MEOWYYYYY ANGEL DAY MINN MINN!       High Paw Up Minn-Minn!   ohhhhhh...(puck runs to give minn minn a hug) and look at little willow in a little tiny tiara in honor of mom minnie.....OH JUST MAKES A HEART GO PITTER PATTER!   i am sooooo glad we are friends minn make my mom feel all warm inside when you visit me and when we play and i can see why you love your mom so much!   i am so glad Stimpy is feeling better....that may help on a ruff - er i ahhhh tuff day!   we love you stacey!  we love you minn minn and willow and stimpy and i am done yapping now.     

01-06-2009 11:12 AM -- By: Kit-Cat,  From:  

Hi Minnie! Simon told me that it's your Angel Day and that we are having a party. I love parties!!! Especially when I get to hang out with other kitties.

Let's find Patch and head to the spa, shhhhh don't tell Simon, he dosen't know when to get out of the fluff dryer. I think we should have some girl time today.


01-06-2009 11:04 AM -- By: Simon & Karen,  From:  

Hi Minn Minn!!! Happy 11 month Angel Day!!! I am sooooo glad we are friends.

Luv, Simon

Hi Stacy! I just wanted to stop by and let you know you are in my thoughts today, I know it's going to be a hard day for you. I hope you're feeling better.

Hugs, Karen

01-05-2009 3:34 PM -- By: Kit-Cat,  From:  

Hi Minn-Minn!!! I'm Kit-Cat, Simon's sissy kitty. I wanted to stop by and introduce myself to you and Willow, I've heard alot about the two of you.

My mom hasn't seen your mom around lately so she hopes everything is okay.

I got here just in time for Christmas dinner. My mom is really sad that Simon & I are no longer with her but she feels a little better knowing that we are together again and that we have so many new friends here at Rainbow Bridge.


01-01-2009 4:23 PM -- By: puck llewis ,  From:  

yappy new year minn minn and willow to!   love you...just stopping by to say hello to you and willow and your mom thinking of your mom today!   

01-01-2009 5:00 AM -- By: Joy,  From:  

Hi Stacy...I wanted to stop by to wish you a happy, healthy 2009!!  I know my Angel, Taffy & Patches love hanging out and partying with MinnMinn and Willow (we should party so much!).  Is Stimpy doing better?  Hugs...xoxo Joy'

We LOVE you, Minn Minn & Willow...xoxo Angel, Taffy & Patches


12-31-2008 6:28 PM -- By: LUNA,  From:  

... Luna looks upon Stacy with a smile on her face, she nods he head and places her paw against her shoulder ... We'll watch over him, just as we do you, I sending you today my gentle love, know you're thought about daily and in the hearts of many. We love you, Luna & her mom

12-31-2008 2:44 PM -- By: Patch,  From:  

Willow, Stacy and Minnie,  We came to visit and wish you a happy, safe and healthy new year. I am so glad we met and that we are all friends as it has been a most difficult time.

How is Stimpy doing??? wellI hope an dthat she has a healthy new year as well.

Be safe tonight and we will have a great time at the party in RB.


12-31-2008 12:23 AM -- By: Annette (Stimpy's Mama),  From: New York  

HAPPY HOLIDAYS STACY and SWEET MINN MINN!  Wishing you and your family a very happy, healthy and safe New Year!  Minnie, you will always have a special place in my heart, beautiful kitty!  As always I will keep you in my daily prayers, God Bless!  HAPPY 2009!   

12-30-2008 3:29 PM -- By: Obsidian,  From:  

HAPPY NEW YEAR MINNIE! I'm so glad that your my friend too. Mom has been really busy so she hasn't had to much time to to say Hi to all her friends at Critters. I keep my eye on her just to make sure she doesn't work to hard. She added a new video and of course I'm the Star. She did include my brothers and sisters, but thier pale in comparison to me, take a look ok?

12-30-2008 3:27 PM -- By: Debby and Toby,  From:  

Thanks for stopping by Toby's memorial and the kind words for his Angel Day. It's only been through my friends here at critters, that I've made it through this rough year. Please know we love you and appreciate you so much. We're here for you too, and you remain in my thoughts and prayers.  Deb and Toby

12-29-2008 1:07 PM -- By: Greta and Mommy,  From:  

Hi Stacy and Minn! OOPS!! Mom thought you had a little girl in the house still..her How is Stimpy doing?? I read that he was doing better but wanted to ask anyways. I hope you had a good Christmas and wasn't too sad about Minn. Greta and Minn had the best time with Dusty, Willow, and Amgel and all the others playing and eating Christmas treats. The best part was watching little Willows eyes as she saw the Christmas tree lights and Presents for the first time!! The boys too!!( Dusty and Angel ) they ate until they were sick! The kittens, Inky and Willow had a better time playing with the wrapping paper and bows and ribbons frome the presents than they did with the presents themselves! Minn, of course felt very kitten like herself as she batted around a few ornaments with Willow, like mother like daughter I suppose. Just a little recap on how happy they were on Christmas day, Much love..Christy

12-28-2008 10:06 PM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Hi Stacy. Just dropped in to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR, hugs


12-28-2008 3:03 PM -- By: T-Bone,  From: The Bridge  

Min-Min: I am sorry I did not say Merry Christmas to you ! You had so many friends around that I just did not want to push my way in. Instead I thought I would wait until a few days had gone by before saying hello and I hope that your first Christmas with us was filled with many new memories. I know you miss your mom and she misses you but you know that you'll get to see her again someday. In the meantime, you know you can count on me to keep you company and be your buddy ! I sure do love you Minnie !!


12-26-2008 10:35 PM -- By: Greta always moms girl,  From:  

Minnie, I am sure Fiona would be more than happy to part with hers..LOL. I picked it up at Target today on Christmas clearance, she is so tolerant! Poor baby, I will send it to you if you want it. Greta and her mommy.

12-25-2008 10:33 PM -- By: Simon & Karen,  From:  

Merry Christmas Minnie, Willow & Stacy. Just wanted to let yall know we are thinking of you and are so glad to have you all as friends. Love you guys!!!


Simon & his mommy

12-25-2008 7:09 PM -- By: Joy (pam),  From: texas  

Minnie,  Thanks so much for the birthday wishes.  I know it made my mama so happy.  Did you know many of my firends were cats?  I think we cn be special friends.  Thanks for making my day special.  My mama thanks you also.

12-25-2008 5:46 PM -- By: Cheri (Coco's Mommy),  From:  

Merry Christmas, sweet Minnie. Have loads of fun at the big celebration.

Stacy, wishing you and yours a beautiful Christmas and a blessed New Year. ((HUGS))

12-25-2008 12:03 PM -- By: Tracie Lil Joe's Mommy,  From:  

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.. Hugs  Tracie

12-25-2008 11:43 AM -- By: Vicky & Special,  From: Texas  

 Merry Christmas Minn-Minn and Stacy

Mommy and I stopped by to wish you both a Very Merry Christmas. We know how difficult it is on Christmas to be apart and are sending warm wishes this Blessed Day. Know that we Love you and you are in our hearts and prayers.

Stacy, when you feel that soft gentle touch on your cheek, that is little Minn-Minn's kisses. She will always Love You and be with you. {\0/}

Blessings and Love, Vicky & Special



12-25-2008 10:20 AM -- By: sherri ,  From: lowell ma  

thankyou so much for adding trouble to your page, i'm still learning how to do all kinds of graphics and things with this site, merry xmas to you and your family.

12-25-2008 1:55 AM -- By: Michelle & Princess Baby Girl,  From:  

 Wishing you a Christmas full of peace and happy memories of your dear Minnie.  I am sure she will be sharing the festivities from her special place.


All the best.


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