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Her mom Nadine, forever in my heart...

Memorial created 06-11-2008 by
May 5 2007 - April 14 2008

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03-26-2015 3:02 PM -- By: Luna,  From: Butler  

THINKING OF YOU ON YOUR ANGEL DAY BUTLER! As the moon slides down past the mountain top a brilliant light appears, it's bright rays send warmth, as the gentle winds blow, sending clouds soaring across the sky ... as a new day is here! Luna jumps up and runs toward the deck, handing Butler a cup of coffee ... as they sit and marvel at the beautiful reflection of light drifting upon the waves rocking to shore ... sparkling like the midnight. Butler hisses, "what do you like more the stars or the brilliant blue skies" ... Luna smiles, shakes her head and shrugs, "Well both are nice and for different reasons. The cool moon lifts its head with a glow, an inner warmth, a tranquil time ... as the star flutter upon the sky, twinkling in delight ... then there is the sun which brightens up the day as it glow makes flowers bloom, grass green and casts  a luminous reflection upon the calming waters as the waves rush to shore ... Luna looks at Butler, "I choose both" The mutters as she walks in to the kitchen to make breakfast still trying to decide which one she likes more. As she is just about finished making the eggs, pancakes, French toast, bacon and sausages, as she is just about to pour the coffee there is a knock at the front door ... when she opens it EVERYONE is here!  She points to the deck where Butler is resting and leads the kids to enter through the garden where she has tables set up for the breakfast feast! As Luna unties her apron, Dale and Sammy help carry the trays as Luke seats all the guests. THEN AS THE WINDS BLOW BUTLER GETS A STRANGE FEELING, LOOKS UP and she can see her mom, a calm comes over her as she putters and spurs, arching and stretching then jumps to her shoulder and rests upon her head, Miss Jules begins to smile. She nuzzles her head in to her neck as they begin to walk along the beach, eyes looking at one another while the glow from the babbling ocean follows them, they walk and walk, and talk ... Times passes slowly, it seems like hours but when Butler climbs back down she notices they are back at Luna's place,  standing at the entrance by the garden is Luke boasting a huge smile, when Butler turns she notices that all that is her mom surrounds her, not just on the surface but in the air, like the wind ... Butler looks at the bright light from the beach and smiles, "I LOVE YOU MOM" ... and the light rises to the sky and shines upon the bridge ... When Butler enters the courtyard al her friends are there, place setting set up for a fabulous meal and the aroma of fresh coffee ... she hisses then smiles, "LETS EAT!". Knowing how much you think of your girl, how times seems to be the only thing that separates us ... know we think of you often, and KNOW our angels are here and always watching! Many hugs, Luna & her mom Nadine

03-24-2015 8:11 AM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and little Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Nadine, precious Luna, Lily and Opal ... now that the New Mexico Legislature is over .. I have time to come visit my dear friends.  Never think, though, that you were not thought of during this time .. because I thought of you all and many friends the entire time.

Hoping all is well your way and that things are going well.

Luna, oh, Luna ... how I love looking at your pictures and reading your pages that your wonderful momma created just for you.  Luna, I know you and Sammy and all your friends are having lots of fun up at Rainbow Bridge .. BUT .. always remember that we LOVE and MISS each of you very much.

Let us see you shining brightly each night during the nights.  Love to all.

03-17-2015 7:57 PM -- By: Kassandra,  From: California  

Thank you for your amazing poems on my Lucky's guestbook. ♡ They make me feel so good reading them. I cried a little going on Lucky's page today just seeing his pictures. I hope later on it will make me feel happy to see them. I know the time you had with Luna on this Earth was very short. But she must have been one amazing little dog because you keep her loving memory to this day. Also it was nice to see all the memebers on the Critters FB page too. ♡ to little Luna & you. Kassandra 

03-14-2015 3:15 PM -- By: Kassandra,  From: California  

Hi Nadine. Today I was on Facebook and came across your message back from September. Unfortunately they put in the "others" which I guess means junk mail. I felt so annoyed I didn't respond sooner but I did now. Anyways hope all is well. ♡ from now windy Cali. Sweet Lucky & Kassandra   

03-05-2015 4:47 PM -- By: Brenda,  From: Miami, FL  

Thank you Nadine and Luna for remembering Cindy on her special day.

03-05-2015 11:55 AM -- By: Luna,  From: Happy Birthday Buddy  

Thinking of you Buddy as always, alive in our heart your soul rests in our smiles … till the day we meet again.

… Looking off in the distance Luna notices a few flakes of snow begin to fall. She JUMPS UP and Yells, “It’s SNOWING!!!” … and runs to wake everyone! Puck is already up sitting next to Buddy relaxing by the fireplace sipping his vanilla latte with extra foam … but as Buddy takes a sip if his coffee a tiny smile appears,  He looks toward the sky and smiles … he knows his mom is thinking of him at this exact moment, he can sense her with him. Luna walks up and leads all the kids to the dining room, she wants to make sure everyone eats their breakfast … as the doors open the room is filled with FOOD! , a feast fit for a KING … as Luna winks at Buddy. They sit and Buddy gingerly smiles as he takes a bite of his sausage link and a spoonful of eggs, then tosses in a slice of Poticia and sips his coffee, hummm hum good! Luna looks at him and smiles; your mom sent that and laughs.  As all the kids are getting ready to play Luna walks up to Buddy and hands him a tiny gift, as she puts her hand in his it begins to glow … Buddy looks at it and marvels what is this? She says, “IT’S A STAR!”  I captured it from the heavens; you can share it with your mom. Then Luna winks, as she pulls back the curtain, “This is what I got you for your Birthday!” …  there glistening in the snow is an enclosed  4 wheel drive snow mobile but it looks more like a race car.  He’s not sure what to think, but as he walks around the mobile he notices it’s a beautiful royal blue with white metal flake paint job … It shines like the stars in the heavens.  As he places his paw upon the car the doors open and they slip inside. There are plush leather seats, as he turns on the engine  the console lights up, he turns to Luna and says, “ are you ready!” …. they begin to pick up speed racing through the snow and within moments  they begin to soar through the sky, twirling and spinning as they stretch across the heavens. Buddy laughs, “This is amazing … I Love It!” Her eyes begin to sparkle; she can feel the happiness within.

As Buddy lands all the kids are waiting, they too are getting rides. So if you see a bright star off in the distance, know it’s your Boy Buddy playing among his friends and is happy … He feels your love within him always, and shares it freely among  his friends … as they soar through the sky you can hear Buddy shout, I LOVE YOU MOM!  Forever and a day, so we don’t have to spend one moment without them. (Hugs always) Luna and her mom Nadine


02-18-2015 3:16 PM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and little Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Nadine, my precious Luna girl, Opal and Lily ... THANK YOU for the visit and ALWAYS your kind posts that ALWAYS put a smile on my face.

Luna, baby girl, how is it you know when I am sad and missing my boy Sammy.  For some reason, today I have thought and am missing him more than ever.  I know he is with you and all his friends ... but always tell him that his daddy said "I LOVE YOU Son" and will "ALWAYS MISS YOU." 

Luna, you keep an eye on your beautiful and wonderful momma and your sisters Opal and Lily.  I send you much love and many hugs and kisses ...

02-18-2015 2:39 PM -- By: Luna,  From: Sammy  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMMY ... Luna looks at the sky and notices the sky is a bright PINK and notices Sammy sitting in the field of dreams watching the morning sky ... she notices the sky part and a shining star appear and he gets very excited. He knew it was is dad ... their LOVE shining as brightly as it always has ... knowing they are with us always!!! Luna runs around and places upon each fur angel a hat with a HUGE heart on it ... but as they run and play, when they think of their loving parents back home a light twinkles from the heart like a bright star ... so when you see the kids playing , the stars bouncing, and the sky more beautiful with every glance you take ... know they are their smiling, happy and thinking of YOU! Many hugs and tons of kisses, Luna & her mom Nadine

02-15-2015 12:14 PM -- By: ruthy,  From: england  

such a beautiful memorial for Luna. sending love from across the pond. ruthy and family x

02-10-2015 3:21 PM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and little Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Nadine, precious Luna, Opal and Lily ... thinking of you all today.  Hoping that all is well your way.  Things here are busy with the NM Legislature .. but all is well than that.

Luna, baby girl ... how I just LOVE to see your picture.  You always bring a smile to my face no matter what a day I'm having.  I know you and Sammy and all your friends are having lots of fun up at Rainbow Bridge.

Always remember, though, that you are so missed and very loved.  Always watch over all of us.  Luna, tell Sammy that his daddy loves him so very much and that his daddy misses him lots.  I think of my boy Sammy every single day of my life.  Thank you baby girl Luna.

Sending hugs and kisses to everyone of you.

02-05-2015 11:25 AM -- By: Luna,  From: Buddy  

Thinking of you on your ANGEL DAY and always! Love you BUDDY!

It's the early part of the morning, as the angels quietly eat their breakfast and sip their coffee ... Buddy gets up and looks out the window, then his eyes open wide, he starts to get excited ... toes start a tapping! The others look out the window and see a beautiful SUN-DOGGIE, filled with frost and light ... Luna knew it was from his mom, but before she let the children out she made sure they were all dressed ... seems the air dropped a few degrees in a matter of moments. Luna stopped Buddy and opened a box ... "I got this for you!" He smiles as she places upon his head a warm fleece hat, then she pulls out a beautiful fleece wind-proof yellow snow parker and he slips it on, as they make the last few adjustments she stands on her paws and gives him a gentle kiss as she looks in to his beautiful brown eyes and says, "I Love You Buddy". Then you can hear the foot stomping of all the children as they run towards the door, as it opens that sun doggie fills the sky, Luna blushes and begins to smile, she knows his mom sent that to him. Where the heart has known love, the love will always remain, when thoughts of you fill our mind, those loving memories are as if you were standing right here, when we look to the sky and see the beauty of the light that surrounds us, WE KNOW you are still with us. All our love Luna & her mom Nadine

01-14-2015 8:19 AM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and little Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Nadine, precious Luna .. Opal and Lily ... been thinking of my Special Friends .. and you fit the bill.  Hoping all is well out your way.  We got 5" of snow yesterday and it is terrible driving.

As the New Mexico Legislature begins next Tuesday, I will be busy and just wanted to let you know we think of you friends who have meant so much to me over the years.

To Luna, baby girl ... how I LOVE YOU SO.  You have always put a smile on my face and your wonderful momma always being the great friend that she is.  Luna, please give Sammy, Gabby and little Bob M lots of hugs and kisses from their daddy .. and tell them that I miss them so much.  Tell them their sister Cupcake and brothers Xander and Bentley are doing great .. and I thank them for watching over them.

Sending lots of hugs from here to there.

01-09-2015 8:42 AM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Hi Nadine, precious little angel, Luna and Lily and Opal,

Well here we are over a week into the New Year and I finally am able to visit friends on Critters this year.  I have been sick with the flu bug for over a week now, but I am begining  to feel some better.There has been so much sickness around here that I was unable to avoid it. During the holidays,i was forced to be out in public where many were sick. That along with not much rest finally caught up with me.

The weather here has been very very cold and windy with power outages everywhere but I did not lose power in my area. Thank goodness!! Some people had no power for days but the city did set them up in hotel rooms as well as many took people in to their homes which was a good thing. The humane society took in the pets that had no place to go and gave them shelter until they can reunite with their owners and go back home. Everything seems back to normal now. "I hope". I hope you and the girls enjoyed your holidays. I am sure the girls were spoiled real good.

Although I was too ill to post, my friends here at Critters were always in my thoughts.

Wishing you and the girls a VERY PEACEFUL AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

 We know our kids at Rainbow Bridge are always at peach and happy."smile".


01-08-2015 2:51 PM -- By: Kassandra,  From: California  

Hi Nadine. Your story made me smile reading it Thank You.  I've always wanted to visit New York. But 10 degrees that freezing cold weather. Here in California right now it's 70 degrees. Anyways I'll be back to write on here again. Sweet Lucky Boy & Kassandra  

01-07-2015 12:22 PM -- By: Kassandra,  From: California  

Hi Nadine. Just stopping by your precious Luna's page again. I still read your sweet stories and words you wrote on Lucky's guestbook. They mean the world to me because 4 months have passed and I still cry for my Lucky. I miss him so much. This time it's just a little painful. Lots of Love ♡ Sweet Lucky & Kassandra. Oh Happy New Year.

01-01-2015 8:30 PM -- By: Bev B & Klaus,  From: So Cal  

 Dear Nadine and Luna, Klaus and I want to wish you a very Happy New Year and also to thank you for coming to Klaus' memorial to honor him on his angelversary back in July.  I meant to respond then, but the last half of last year was very busy and hectic for us. We still love and miss our Klaus and think of him every day. Thank you for always thinking of us.

01-01-2015 5:00 PM -- By: Luna,  From: Happy New Year  

Sweet Cinnamon and Dad Bruce, Thank you for your kind post. Know there was a party at the bridge. All the kids collectively closed their eyes and sent all their wishes and well thoughts to the heavens forming a brightly colored rainbow sphere in the sky, but at the stroke of midnight those lights flashed across the horizon to all they love and who love them. When you look in to the eyes of those you love, it comes back to you as a dream ... know they are there waiting. (Hugs) Luna & her mom Nadine

12-31-2014 11:47 AM -- By: Cinnamon & Bruce,  From: Rainbow Bridge & Ridley Park, PA  

Luna & Nadine,

Stopping by to thank you, Nadine, your family and precious Luna, for the support, caring and compassion you share with the Critters community throughout the year.

May you have a peaceful, safe and joyous new year in 2015, and know that we honor and respect Luna, and the forever love you share with her, every day.

Cinnamon & Bruce

12-28-2014 8:58 PM -- By: Debby and Toby,  From: Texas  

just stopping in to thank you for wishing Toby a happy angel day today. So hard to believe it's been 7 years. I appreciate your friendship and thoughts.. <3


12-25-2014 3:17 PM -- By: Michelle & Princess,  From:  

Dear Nadine,

I hope that Christmas is full of joy, peace, fun and relaxation and that the New Year brings to you only the best that life has to offer. I count my blessing daily and thank YOU for being a wonderful and supportive friend from across the miles. Though we have never met, I anticipate that we may some day and that I hope you know I treasure your friendship more than I can say.  

12-24-2014 5:57 PM -- By: Kassandra,  From: California  

Hi Nadine. Just stopping by your beautiful Luna's page. I hope you have a great Christmas with Lily & Opal. (I really hope I got all your dog's name) Pomeranians are just amazing. When I still cry for Lucky I go to his guestbook and your words have really helped me. I really appreciate them. I miss Lucky so so so much.  I got him 2 picture frames and they are hanging on my drawer its beautiful. ♡ Kassandra

12-22-2014 7:06 AM -- By: Skye,  From:  

 Dear Nadine:

Just thinking of you and Luna this holiday season and wanting to wish you a very beautiful Christmas and a bright, happy, and healthy New Year.  Thank You for your continued support, especially over the past 2 years -- please know that it has always been greatly appreciated.   :-)   Happy Holidays!

Best Wishes To You Always,

12-05-2014 2:39 AM -- By: Kassandra,  From: California  

Hi Nadine thanks for responding back. I see you came across the poem "Old Dogs Don't Die" on Lucky's guestbook? It is a very special poem because my Lucky passed from old age. And it could also have different meaning to others. Your holiday story brought a huge smile to my face it's so cute and precious. I would have thought you were a major in English or something to be able to come up with those stories. I have no idea how I am going to feel without my Lucky on Christmas. I hope Lucky made some nice friends at the Rainbow Bridge because he is a very shy quiet boy. It is so nice talking to you Nadine about my Lucky and your Luna. Honestly no one understands that after 4 months I still cry for Lucky especially looking at his adorable crooked teeth pictures. He was the most weirdest dog I ever came across. But he was my weird dog. I really didn't think of myself as his mom but more like we were bestfriends. I'll come back to Luna's page again because it's so nice.


12-01-2014 10:20 PM -- By: Kassandra,  From: California  

Hi Nadine. Just stopping by Luna's page and hope you're doing well  I just wanted to say when things get really tough for me I go and read Lucky's guestbook and your heartfelt words. They really helped me and make me realized Lucky was a huge part of my life. I miss him so much and it's always painful to know he no longer here with me but still watching over me. Anyways I'll be back to write on here and I know you're always missing Luna.  Love from California. Kassandra

11-27-2014 1:42 AM -- By: Pat and family,  From: Oklahoma  

 Dearest Luna and family! Happy, Happy Thanksgiving! 

11-25-2014 3:46 PM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Dear Nadine, and sweet little angel Luna.... Lily and Opal.

Stopping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful, safe holiday season.

I hope all is well out your way and that you were not in the middle of that huge snow storm they had out your way. I don't come here much anymore but my Critters friends are never far from my thoughts. ... I know our little angels are safe where they are and I am sure sweet little Luna is entertaining them all."smile".

Stay safe in the rush of the holiday season.{{Hugs}}

Lauvern and my furkids and  precious angels.


11-23-2014 12:22 AM -- By: Skye,  From:  

Dear Nadine:

I want to THANK YOU for stopping by Molly's memorial to honor and remember our precious girl on her recent birthday, and for leaving your kind and supportive message.  Please know that your continued support has been greatly appreciated!   Despite the years that have passed since Molly's departure, I still really miss my dear old friend and think of her often --- and I suppose part of me always will.  I hope you are doing well and that you are enjoying the last bits of autumn before winter "officially" swoops in (that is, unless you are living somewhere that has already been getting its share of snow).  I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a beautiful & peaceful holiday season.
Best Wishes To You & your sweet Luna

11-15-2014 4:43 PM -- By: Ebony and her mom,  From: oru hearts  

Hi Nadine and Luna, It took my mom and I a long time to write this, but you always write such awesome stories, that we thought we’d give it try just for you.

Luna looks out from the cliff at the landscape, her eyes wide with amazement. “Does it stretch past the horizon?” she asks. Ebony smiles and jumps up a ledge in the path. “Yes. Much further past it.” Ebony stops in her path and looks back at Luna. “You will see everything, and more.” Ebony’s mouth slips into a mentoring smile. “Why are we walking?” Ebony doesn’t answer right away, continuing on the path. “Because if we flew up this high, you would have wandered off to chase the horizon, and I would have had to chase after you.” Luna pouts, trotting up closer to Ebony. The path ends abruptly just short of the peak, and they stand on it, looking out at the horizon over the ocean. Ebony’s features soften, and she leans her forehead against Luna’s.  Luna thinks for a moment. Her eyes gaze into Ebony’s eyes, whose muzzle rests against hers. Ebony wordlessly pulls away from Luna and steps out to the path’s edge, her legs spread and her eyes glowing. The shadows on the ground move, and Luna watches in silent awe as the sun lowers over the horizon, light and color playing across the land as it descends.

Luna looks up at the empty night sky. She lies down on the path, crossing her paws over one another as she thinks. Ebony patiently waits. Nothing moves, nothing stirs, as the two lay opposite each other, Luna staring at the ground, and Ebony staring at her. Then, Luna looks up. “What if there were a landscape sitting in the night sky?” she asks, looking at her “big sister”? “A landscape in the sky?” Ebony asks with a smile. “What do you mean by that?” Luna cranes her neck back to look up at the night. “A place just like where we are now, only up in the sky.” “And that is what you wish?” Luna hesitantly nods. Ebony simply stands and looks up, her gaze focusing on one part of the sky, as her eyes begin to glow.

It starts off as a speck, looking like a piece of dust in the night sky, but it begins to grow and take shape. Ebony hears Luna gasp and stand to her feet. Out of the corner of her eye, Ebony sees Luna’s mouth hang open as she watches the speck in the sky grow. The speck grows to an orb of pale light, perfectly spherical, and the same size as the sun, but dimmer, glowing a pale yellow where the sun shines on it from the other side of the world’s sky. Luna looks up at the sky, a crescent moon hanging in it, and the light from it sparkles in her eyes. “I...” Luna closes her eyes and smiles. Ebony turns back to look at the night sky, gazing at the moon along with her. The light from it casts a very faint glow on the rock that appears almost magical. Ebony turns to leave, walking back down the path. “Wait!” Luna says, staring at her. “Where are you going?” “I like being up here,” Luna says, blushing. “The view is beautiful from up here.” Ebony feels a weight against her side and looks down to see Luna resting her head against her shoulder and looking out at the distance. “What is it you see?” Ebony asks with a slightly curious tone. (Luna is silent. Her tail dances behind her, and Ebony can feel it brush against her side.) “My mom.” Luna lifts her head to look up at Ebony. “I see a place with my mom where I can make anything that I dream come true.” “Anything I can dream...” Ebony says, growing silent. Ebony’s eyes widen and she looks down at Luna. She laughs and reaches down to nip Luna’s ear playfully. “Where do you get such ideas?” Luna flicks her ear in irritation and pouts. “How would I know? Probably from my mom. She is always good at telling beautiful stories” she says, looking away. Ebony says, wrapping herself around Luna. “And I do enjoy basking in the light of your.” Luna’s pout breaks into a smile. “Really?” “Yes,” Ebony simply answers, feeling Luna rest her head against her once more. Tiny Dancer, “you had a busy day today”.

Ebony waits for Luna to wake as she stares at the crescent of light hanging in the sky, rarely blinking and never tearing her eyes from it. The moon just sits there with her, lighting the night sky and staring back at her. An idea grows in Ebony as she stares at the moon. Carefully retracting her arm around Luna and setting down little Luna’s head to rest on the Sandstone, Ebony stands with confidence and purpose.

Ebony’s mouth slips into a triumphant smile, and she looks to the opposite horizon to see the sun about to rise. The sky over the horizon becomes beautiful and pink. It becomes soothing and tender, and it causes Ebony to feel a wave of warmth wash over her. It is the feeling of being wrapped around Luna, and falling asleep next to her. Ebony lays her head against the sandstone and looks out off the cliff, watching the sun come up. The pink gives way to red, gives way to orange, gives way to yellow, as the sun peeks over the edge of the world. The two sit in silence and watch the sky change, long shadows trailing on the path behind them.

The sun continues to rise, and the colors disappear and return to blue. Ebony stands, and Luna rises quickly after her. As a curtain of cloud creeps from the horizon and makes its way across the sky, it conceals the sun and eventually blots out every trace of blue. The air begins to pick up around them, blowing in a harsh wind that howls in their ears. “You picture what you desire,” Ebony shouts over the wind, which steadily grows louder and faster. “And it will happen.” Up above, the veil of white darkens, and Luna looks up with awe as jagged bolts of light dance through the clouds, creating echoing bangs as they arc through the sky.

Something small falls and hits Luna on the nose. She flinches, crossing her eyes and looking at the tip of her nose to see a drop of water. Another falls next to her, and she jumps back, looking at the tiny dark spot on the sandstone where it landed. Then an ocean of drops falls from the sky. The drops soak their coats as though they had just gone swimming, cooling their bodies, and turning the mountain rock gray.

Luna lifts a paw, watching the drops splash against it. “This is...” She’s at a loss of words, watching it fall. “This is Rain,” Ebony says, deciding then and there to call it that. Luna’s mouth eases into a calm smile. “It is soothing.” Ebony turns and walks over to her, tearing her gaze from the rain. “Magic breathes life into desire,” Ebony says, turning to look around them. “And anything you will, it makes happen.” Ebony turns back to Luna and sees her eyes light up, the familiar look of her forming an idea.

“We need to fly downward...near earth,” Luna says, an almost excited gleam in her eye. She snaps her toes and dives off the cliff. Ebony simply chuckles, shaking her head before following her down the cliff-side through the rain, drops of water pelting her coat as she speeds after Luna. As she races past, she notices the water trickling through the cracks in the sandstone, like hundreds of rivers, back to the ocean, and they are following them there. Ebony stands and walks to the shore, stepping on the newly altered ground. It’s soft, and it shifts out of the way of her paw prints, unlike the sandstone. “It is very different.” Luna opens a pained eye, her breath coming in short pants. “I call it sand.” She struggles to sit, and Ebony rushes over to help her. She looks around, a frown slipping onto her lips. “How are we to change all this?” She sighs, her ears drooping. “This is such a small part of the land I changed, and I feel exhausted.”

Ebony looks around, before turning to Luna and smiling. “We travel,” she says simply. “And we craft it piece by piece, just as I did with the mountains and gorges.” Luna looks up with a pained smile. “You’ve been here much longer than I have, haven’t you?” Ebony nods and grows quiet, a distant look in her eyes. “Much longer...” The rain pelts them as they gaze at the stormy ocean. “The world is empty, Luna. Let us fill it.” Luna manages to stand, her legs shaking, and looks at Ebony with a smile, her coat matted and wet. She spreads her wings and lifts into the sky and out over the ocean.

A smile creeps up on Ebony’s lips, and she shakes her head, sighing, knowing she will have to chase to keep up with the little gal. Her wings snap open, rocketing into the sky after her and leaving a small crater in the sand. She gains on Luna quickly, being the faster flier of the two, and glides alongside her. The rain is uncomfortable to fly in, and it makes their bodies heavy with water clinging to their feathers, and the cloud cover disperses, breaking up and leaving only a few small white wisps in the sky.

Luna looks around wildly, and turns to Ebony. “Where do we go?” “It is your turn to wander. I will simply follow.” Luna goes back to looking around, biting her lip. She picks a direction and flies toward it, and Ebony angles her wings to follow. They fly through the sky, their coats drying in the wind and sun. They fly for days on end, towards sunrises and sunsets, seeing the world. Ebony finds herself smiling with nostalgia as they cross familiar places she wandered so long ago. And when Luna gasps at the deep chasms and peaks so high that they pierce clouds, it makes Ebony swell with pride. Luna gives her a grateful nod and closes her eyes, a midnight aura of magic enveloping her body. Shadows sweep over where they stand, and Ebony looks up to see gray clouds gathering overhead, though they are calmer than during the storm. For a while, the clouds just sit there, nothing seemingly happen, but then a single speck of white floats down from the sky, and lands on Ebony’s nose. It is getting cold. The white speck melts to water, just as dozens more come to join it. Then thousands. The magic surrounding Luna fades, and she opens her eyes. “It’s snow,” she states...just in time for the holidays.

Ebony looks at the ground, where the snow is beginning to stick and not melt. Soon, a thin sheet of white covers the ground where they are, and Ebony looks up to the mountains to see their peaks had turned white. Ebony turns to Luna and sees the other mare gesture towards the frozen expanse, asking an opinion. Ebony turns back to the frozen ocean. “It is cold.” Luna lifts a paw to suppress a giggle. Ebony looks at her, a smile finding its way to her own face as she lifts a paw to stifle her own laughter. “Shall we go somewhere warm, then?” Luna asks, a scheming light in her eyes. “Because I had an idea for something called a desert.” We. The use of the word is not lost on Ebony, and she nods in reply. “Yes, I think I’d like that.” The two of them snap their toes, and fly through the snow, filling the world with whatever they imagined, as they feel their mom’s love hovering all around them. We love our moms, and will watch over them forever. Thank you so much for stopping by and making our day.

11-07-2014 4:05 PM -- By: Kassandra,  From: California  

Hi Nadine and Luna. Thanks again for stopping my boy's page you made me feel happy. "The Scientist" by Coldplay on Lucky's main page is an emotional breathtaking song! I could listen to over and over again too. The words I wrote on Lucky's page really came from deep within because he mean't so much to me. I hope they were touching because I just miss him so much. I can tell you had bonding memories with Luna from reading on your page even though her life was quite short. And I do feel grateful to have had a special relationship with Lucky because the connection we had was so special. I oftentimes come to read Lucky's guestbook when it gets tough and your words really help me. I really appreciate it because I know people believe "it's just a dog" but Lucky's passing really affected me to the lowest point especially my emotions. Thank You and I again appreciate for you stopping by with your kind words.


11-01-2014 9:07 PM -- By: butler,  From:  

ms luna thank you for the birthday party. what a day.


heads still spinning from cat nip.


know we adore you and you are in our hearts always.




butler and her mom



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