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Her mom Nadine, forever in my heart...

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May 5 2007 - April 14 2008

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01-27-2016 9:36 AM -- By: Cupcake's, Sammy's, Gabby's and Little Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Nadine, precious Luna, Opal and Lily .. THANK YOU .. from my heart to your's .. for your visit and wonderful posting.

Knowing that my baby girl Cupcake, boy Sammy, my other girl Gabby and little kitty .. little Bob M are all watching over us ... puts my heart at ease.  Oh, Luna, baby girl .. how I miss Cupcake so.  My heart is shattered into a million pieces .. but as long as I know you are there to help guide her, I am going to make it through these dark days.

Nadine, Thank You so much for ALL that you do to comfort me and so many others.  I remember the first time you posted .. and the magnets of those pit bulls you sent .. I still have them on my refrigerator and every time I see them .. I think of you .. so THANK YOU for the years of friendship.

Carole Bond and I talk quite often and she speaks highly of you as I do.  You are loved Nadine.

Sending hugs through the miles.

Luna, please continue to watch over Cupcake, Sammy, Gabby and little Bob M .. because they tend to get into mischief .... Love you Luna.

01-19-2016 9:29 AM -- By: Cupcake's, Sammy's, Gabby's and Little Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Nadine and precious Luna, Opal and Lily ... just wanted to stop by to tell you all how much I appreciate you.

Nadine, you have been a special Lady in my life ever since Sammy and now with Cupcake. 

Luna, can I ask you a favor .. to please let Cupcake know that her daddy misses and loves her so much.  That I ask her to please watch over us .. especially her brothers Xander and Bentley who truly miss her too.

Luna, you always put a smile on my face when I see you and when I read your momma's postings.  You know, your momma is a great Lady and am so thankful to her.

Sending hugs to all.

01-13-2016 9:12 AM -- By: William Santagata,  From: New Haven, CT  

Your Luna is such a beautiful girl. She was blessed to have such a loving Mom. May her and Cosmo comfort each other and enjoy endless happiness. Thank you for the touching post to Cosmo's guestbook

12-24-2015 1:31 AM -- By: Skye,  From:  


I wanted to stop by to wish you and your family a beautiful Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year.  Best wishes to you!

12-16-2015 5:58 AM -- By: Randy Hamel,  From: Fargo ND  


 Hi Nadine,Luna and All your sweetheart past and present.Just came today to wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New year take care now and God Bless

With Lots of Love Rowdy and Me


11-03-2015 3:38 AM -- By: jules,  From:  

 luna and mom nadine thank you for butler's birthday story it was beautiful as always. hugs jules and butler

10-15-2015 2:02 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  


The hills are alive with laughter, you can see from the mountain tops 1000’s of balloons in all colors of the rainbow … but attached to each one is a feather, Luna looks at Puck as he smiles, “t’s so they will float better”; with that he released one and it soared right up to the heavens, as it began to spin and then slowly the feather floated to the ground. You can hear him sigh, “Just like the leaves that flutter softly to the ground”. He noticed you in the garden yesterday, watching the clouds, looking at the sky and marveling at those beautiful sunsets … he SENT them especially for YOU! Those amazing blues, pinks, oranges and golden yellows … Puck thinks for a moment, digs around in his man bag and finds a paint brush … not just any paintbrush this one has artistic abilities … as he sways it upon the clouds they begin to change color … he runs through the bridge for all to gather and hands them each a paint brush. No two strokes the same, no exact color painted twice, just the easy flowing LOVE that surrounds our little ones, the LOVE we share with them … a special kind of Love!  Look toward the sky and KNOW he is watching YOU, at this very moment thinking of you with a smile, as he releases yet another balloon … Know how much you are thought of an so deeply loved. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUCK, a day like no other, although no two the same, it’s filled with the soft comforts of YOUR LOVE which is everlasting. Hugs, Luna and her mom Nadine  

10-15-2015 1:41 PM -- By: Luna,  From: Puck's Birthday ... painting the sky  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUCK!!! The hills are alive with laughter, from high above the hills you can see almost every color of the rainbow ... but there is one who stands out... PUCK,  holding a paint brush. As he lifts his paw left and sweeps his arm across the sky beautiful colors appear ... then as all the kids begin to gather he hands them a brush as well, soft strokes just as graceful as leaves fall to the ground, he turns his head and watches a feather drift upon the clouds and swooshes it with his brush making it dance ... RED, Blue, Bold Green and violet dance upon the sky ... no two strokes the same, no exact color painted twice, just an easy flowing love that surrounds our little ones, the LOVE we share with them, a special kind of love! Puck steps back and marvels at the brilliant beautiful sky and waves his paw ... Know he is watching over you, at this very moment thinking of you with a smile ... Luna walks up to him and hands him a balloon, he twists and tugs as he ties a feather to the tip and releases it to the wind ... he winks, watching the balloon twist and twirl in the sky as if it were dancing. Although no two the same, it's the soft comforts of THEIR LOVE which is ever lasting. Hugs, Luna and her mom Nadine  

10-06-2015 10:42 PM -- By: Kathy C.,  From: Easton, MD  

Thank you for stopping by on my Luna's angelversary.  I still miss her after  nine years.  I can see you loved your Luna and probably miss her, too.

09-30-2015 6:30 PM -- By: michelle & Princess,  From:  

Dear Nadine & Luna,

Fall is here and Princess is all decked out in her animated autumn splendor thanks to my dear friend Lauvern (unfortunately I am not so talented with the composites so I get help from a critters friend.)  I want to take this opportunity to wish you a beautiful season filled with brightly colored leaves and crisp days. Just the kind of weather Princess loved. Marquisea, our rescue lab, on the other hand was all set to curl up in front of the fire and chill out. She would get so hot it was hard to touch her fur. Eventually she would get up and move away only to come back again. The wonderful memories of fur children leave us!  I am sure Luna left you with many too. 

09-04-2015 2:52 PM -- By: Kassandra,  From: California  

Hi there Nadine. I just wanted to say thank you for stopping by on Lucky's 1 year Angelversary. I was going to come to Luna's guestbook sooner but it's still not easy for me to come to Lucky's memorial. A year has gone by and I still miss him so so much it's still hard. What keeps me in a happy place is Lily Jane the puppy I got 2 months ago. She is a hyper energetic fun little girl always chewing everything and loves getting attention from strangers. And she grew so fast in a short amount of time. Anyways thank you again for your sweet kind words on Critters and the group it means so much to me. I'll talk to you soon. Sweet Lucky & Kassandra

08-26-2015 1:04 PM -- By: Linda,  From: NJ  

Hi! Nadine & Precious Luna-

How are you? Thank you so much for stopping by on Milo's Angel day yesterday, it meant a lot to me. I can still remember that day as clear as anything. Hope all is well with you and your pooches, (they are so adorable) Sending you,Luna, Lily & Opal great big hugs!

XO Linda & Milo

08-20-2015 2:55 PM -- By: Luna,  From: For Puck's AD 8/23/15  


Look not where I was

For I am Not There

My Spirit Is FREE


PUCK, Thinking of you on your angel day and always...

As the clouds gently drift upon the sky, thoughts of you continue to full their minds as the love YOU share will always remain in their hearts. Luna looks up to the sky and smiles, then she notices Puck pulling and shaping a few clouds before he sets them free to drift among the clouds ... she giggles, know he is always with you. As the day becomes night, thoughts of you continue to fill their mind as he is joined by many, many friends, but before the stars come out the Sky begins to turn many beautiful colors ... to let you know how important you are!  He sits among the babbling brook in the field of dreams watching the sky, then he tosses some bird seed up in to the air, and those feathers gently fill the air as he sits back and watches them gracefully fill the sky, till they make their way to you yard. He giggles, it will take her a lifetime to catch all of those", and smiles a sheepish grin ... but when Luna looks in to his eyes you can see the LOVE remains and its growing. He is oh so very proud of his bird garden home, he knows what a labor of love it is to maintain, HIS BIRDS, PUCK'S BIRDS. ... As they each walk toward the clearing to watch the stars come out, ONE BIGGER and BRIGHTER than all the rest, twirling among the heavens, as thoughts of him fill your mind and heart with a smile. but ... as you lift you head you can see so MANY stars drifting among the sky and know Puck's friends send their LOVE TOO. Puck smiles ever so BRIGHTLY!!! ...  it was to YOU he gave his Heart. know he is with you and we will meet again one day. All our love, Luna and her mom Nadine

08-17-2015 5:06 AM -- By: Busters mommy ,  From: United kingdom  

 Just popped in to say hello little Luna what a little sweetheart you are love you 💕💕💕

08-10-2015 7:34 AM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and little Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Nadine and precious Luna, Opal and Lily ... have been thinking of you all for a few days and just wanted to stop by and say "HI" and to make sure you all are doing well.

Nadine, hoping your summer has gone well and you've been enjoying your time.

Things here are moving along.  Busy with work and with the furkids .. but all in all, we are fine.

Sending hugs through the miles.

Luna, baby girl ... you always make me smile when I see your picture.  I know you and Sammy and all your friends are having lots of up at Rainbow Bridge.  Let us see those brightly shining stars so we know it is you all.

06-03-2015 7:43 PM -- By: Lauvern and Luke,  From:  

Hi sweet little angel, Luna and mom Nadine.

Thank you for remembering Luke on his 8th. Angel day and your comforting post as always. It was a day of mixed emotions as we had friends that knew Luke over as we looked at pictures and talked about the silly things he did. I don't know where the eight years went as sometimes it seems like its only months since he left. How time flies!

Thank you again and Thank you for your continued friendship.


Lauvern and Luke.


05-21-2015 9:43 PM -- By: Lauvern and Luke,  From:  

Hi sweet little angel Luna and Mom Nadine.

Thank you for visiting and your beautiful, comforting story of Luke's birthday celebration. Precious little Luna, I know everything is just perfect when you join into the celebrations. You are such a sweet little girl!!

Thank you again Nadine and precious little Luna.I love reading your stories as always.


Lauvern and Luke.


05-20-2015 11:45 AM -- By: Luna,  From: luke's birthday  

Luna shakes her head side to side, then opens her arms and raises her paws, Luke bends down as she gives him a great BIG Hug any some tiny kisses ... Oh geez, mom did not post on your birthday ... with that Luke picks up Luna and flips her on his back and says, she is always here ... as Luke starts to Run, Luna holds on tight yet lifts her face to the breeze as Luke takes bigger and bigger strides, then they sit near the babbling brook in the field of dreams. Luna gently gets down as Luke lowers his head, she spreads out a big blanket ... then from the hills you see Dale, Sammy, Butler, Princess Baby Girl, Milo, and Toby is leading the way ... before you know it picnic blankets are placed adorned with soft plush pillows, umbrella are arranged and lit with tiny lights, as the cool crisps winds flow their hearts beat as one ... knowing each day we think of them. Luke spreads out on the blanket as Sammy and Dale make a fire, all the little ones tell of stories, times and remembrances that make them each smile, then as the day turns to night, after all the food has been eaten, under a blanket of stars a huge white cake is wheeled out covered on one side with tiny flowers and candles that glow on each tier, Luna looks upon Luke and says, "where you have faith, love and hope, you will find friendships, memories and OUR LOVE ... even when all seems dark, that is when we shine the brightest. Luke walks over to his cake, smiles a little grin and blew out all the candles ... as their lights flickered like flames from a sparklers, then up, up, up, to the sky they flew then BURST in to million of tiny stars ... as Luke made his wish ... HE shares his love with everyone but especially his MOM who he adores and finds it hard to find the words, to express just how much ... so even when the sky is full of stars there will always BE ONE who is BIGGER and BRIGHTER than the rest ... The stars may be in the heavens, but our LOVE lives within your heart ... till we each meet again. All our Love, Luna and her mom Nadine

05-10-2015 7:50 PM -- By: Skye & Molly,  From:  


05-10-2015 9:24 AM -- By: Mom,  From: to my little girl  

Luna, Thinking of you today, as always. All my love, Mom

05-07-2015 10:27 PM -- By: Kassandra,  From: California  

Hi Nadine. Sorry that me and Lucky are two days late for Luna 8th Birthday. Happy Birthday precious little Luna.  I know you made Luna a beautiful story from reading it below and she was well thought of on her special day. Hopefully Luna had an amazing time on her birthday at the Rainbow Bridge including with my Lucky. ♡ Hugs from here to there. ♡ Sweet Lucky & Kassandra 



05-06-2015 8:10 PM -- By: ,  From:  


05-06-2015 8:09 PM -- By: Tina Jane,  From:  

Hi sweet baby girl. I missed your birthday yesterday. Sorry twinkle-toes. Luna girl, no matter how long you are away from us we will never let the memories your momma has shared with us go away. Your mommy is day the beginning will be here again. I love you baby girl. Hugs to you Nadine. The years slip by, but our babies are always at the forefront. Hugs dear friend.

05-06-2015 10:59 AM -- By: Luna,  From: MOM  

Hello Luna, I Love you. I REMEMBER YOU as if it was only yesterday that I held you in my arms, how you showered me with your kisses and filled my heart with such happiness, my heart was smiling. Such a tiny girl and so eager to please, such a BIG girl who learned things so fast, I was always proud of you, and I knew you could do it even before you attempted it ... such devotion, but you had WISDOM with determination too ... ... you stole my hear from the first moment we met and you have it still. Happy Birthday Luna ... one day, and it will be the beginning all over again. All my love, always, Mom

05-06-2015 10:49 AM -- By: Luna,  From: To Laura and Dale  

Hello Laura and sweet Dale, thank you for sharing my Birthday ... YOU KNOW it was an AMAZING PARTY. ... but AS THE LAST STAR soared across the sky, it found it's way home to your heart ... that is where all our dreams are waiting. Look not only to the heavens but within, we are still with you. Sending HUGE HUGS, Luna & her mom Nadine

05-05-2015 8:42 PM -- By: Buddy & Polly,  From: Northern Minnesota  

Happy birthday Miss Luna Loo.....Best friend...Wishing all your dreams come true in your heart......Your mom loves you so much and so do we!  Time to party!!!

05-05-2015 7:00 PM -- By: Henry,  From: NY  

Happy Birthday dear Luna. As the day comes to an end I hope you had lots of fun today with all the angel babies.Your Mom loves you VERY much.

05-05-2015 5:18 PM -- By: Cinnamon & Bruce,  From: Rainbow Bridge & Ridley Park, PA  

Luna & Nadine,

Bless forever & always young, gorgeous, generous, loving, faithful, compassionate, gracious, innocent, grave and kind lady Luna, and her loving Mom Nadine, on beloved Luna's 8th birthday.

You are, sweet little Luna, in so many ways a beautiful example and the personification of why we as people are forever blessed the very moment we connect, forever, with an amazing spirit and soul like you. 

And you are so very wise, and generous, for such a forever young girl, Luna, to continue share your love with your Mommy Nadine and family, in spite of all of your Bridge related and heavenly obligations, you are a special spirit to be sure.

A thought easily understood and shared by so many of us parents here, Nadine, but the all too brief (here on earth) sharing of home, life and your heart with you little Luna, will remain a part of who you are until you are all together again.

Bless guardian angel Luna; Mom Nadine and family, beloved Lily and Opal, and your universe of souls, on four legs and two, this day and all the days to come.

Cinnamon & Bruce

05-05-2015 11:10 AM -- By: Gina & Saada,  From:  

Dear Nadine and sweet Luna... stopping by with BIG Happy Birthday wishes for Luna! I know there will be a great celebration at Rainbow Bridge in her honor. Nadine, thinking of you and your beloved little girl today and sending love and hugs your way!

Happy Birthday, sweet Luna!

05-05-2015 11:07 AM -- By: Laura & Dale,  From:  

It's party time!  Happy birthday, little Luna - you know we love you!!!   


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