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Her mom Nadine, forever in my heart...

Memorial created 06-11-2008 by
May 5 2007 - April 14 2008

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01-29-2009 10:41 PM -- By: puck denver...or maybe puck hagar,  From:  

cause i cant drive sunshine on the water looks so i mean.....lovely...tee hee

puck denver.  your are funny....

love you!

hi nadine!...


01-29-2009 6:04 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Luna, I love you my little angel, my shining star ... always, Mom

01-29-2009 6:01 AM -- By: Buddy Boo & his mom,  From:  

g'morning miss maltepom!  pssst. wake up...(buddy whispers)...are you sleeping??  What should we do today?  heat wave at my mom's...14 above zero this morning!!..brothers still don't like those stairs...they never will till the carpet pieces get attached!  I'm hungy (imagine that).  Today I'll have toast with cinnamin sugar on it and LOTS of butter too...and maybe some green tea..i LOVE hot green tea...zzZZZzz...maybe I'll just sleep on my beanbag with my fuzzy blanket today....ZZZzzzZZZ....dream of when my mom comes over the rainbow to find me at the end...her pot of gold.......I love you....xxooxxoo    

01-29-2009 12:16 AM -- By: Little Bits,  From: Heaven's softest cloud  

HI Luna!!  Oh I am so happy to be here with you all!  It is so much fun.  What a neat place!   boy oh boy, Hope there is some neat shopping places,  I love to shop!  I think I would like to find a toy just like the one you are holding in your picture here.  That looks so fun, is it  your favorite?  Thanks for letting me come along,  Hope it doesnt rain much and the weather turns NICE!  The weather channel shows some winter storms this way.  Thankfully, we angels are not affected.   Have an awesome evening Luna and I sure do hope your mommy feels better soon!
Little Bits

01-28-2009 10:41 PM -- By: lucie llew phelan schnedier ,  From:  

Dear Luna. 

my mom has called me puck llewis 5 times today.   do you know she also called me luna ?  not once but wice tonight.

just thought i would let you know....GOOFY MOM. 

give puck llewis huggs from me and my mom...

your friend,

lucie llew phelan

01-28-2009 8:42 PM -- By: Angie,  From:  

Hi Nadine and Luna, Just thinking and missing my boy so much today. It is his 7th month angel day  and I miss him terribly.  Won't you give him a big hug for me, Luna. Love you both. 


01-28-2009 3:26 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Luna, I love you little one, I want thank you for my terrific friends, I know you had a part in that, and thank you for Opal, she's so loving and always looks for me the way you did... sometimes she she does things that reminds me of you, I start to remember and cry cause I miss you so. All my love my sweet baby girl, I LOVE YOU! Mom

01-28-2009 11:21 AM -- By: puck llewis ,  From:  

We are comin Luna!   lets go visit your mom ... got my man bag and ready for the trip back to NYC!  I told Buddy we could get the NYC dog...the ones in the street stands by Rockefeller.  not sure they are there today but lets look.  maybe to china Buddy and I are on the way.  oh yeah..invited Little Bit to. if that is ok...c'mon Luna...we could then stop by my moms house and get Lucie-llew all excited.  


01-28-2009 6:09 AM -- By: Buddy,  From:  

pst....Luna....time for our pancakes, BACON, and toast with raspberry jam.......mmmm....yummy good!  Your mom's getting a storm?  Let's go play at her house today...she's sick.......better take care of her...lots of juice and sleep and NO BEING SAD Miss Nadine!!  Try to smile today....your babies don't like when you are unhappy....none of them!  Not Luna & Buddy either...Oh, my mom sent you some should get it one day this's from a bakery in Chisholm, which is about 20 miles from my mom's house...they send it right from there so hope it arrives in good condition..good can share with Frank if you want, but you don't have's -18 here this morning.......Buddy sings...."we're having a heatwave, a tropical heatwave...lalala..." ...good old MN heatwave.......let's go looking for sun doggies, moon doggies any kind of doggies.......xxooxxoo...buddy boo.......

01-27-2009 5:15 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

... just a dream my little one, to see you walking up to me with a smile, to tap your toes or brush my arm with your paw ... to see you playing with your freinds, anything ... I want to see you! ...  to let me know you are there! I found a penny in front of the pet store today, and I kep finding coins but I need more, I need you! all my love, Mom

01-27-2009 12:45 PM -- By: puck llewis,  From:  

HiYa Luna Loo - high paw up!  Q T! 

01-27-2009 8:45 AM -- By: MJ,  From: Reno, NV  

Dear Luna,

Thank you so so much for visiting my Chloe and me too. It meant so much to me. You were a lucky dog to have such a thoughtful and caring Mom. Thanks and take good care of all our furry loves in heaven. Love, MJ

01-27-2009 7:02 AM -- By: Buddy,  From:  

LUNA!!!...pst...LUNA...brr....-27 at my mom's house.....glad I didn't sleep there last night!!  The dogs still don't like those new steps...that's cuz they don't have carpet like the others did.....and this morning jr. was shaking like a leaf when he looked at them......hmmmm....what to do......they better get used to them!!!  The phone was charging last night but I saw you called before I went to computer wouldn't work this morning so I had to use the one at work......better get to the grindstone.......

01-26-2009 8:58 PM -- By: minn,  From:  

Oh Luna-Loo!  A candle just for me.....and it's purple?  I can't wait until Mommy sees it!  If you think it is appropriate for my Angel Day then Mommy is sure to love it!  Thank you so so much for your mommy and your support, always!  We love you guys bunches!


01-26-2009 5:43 PM -- By: Toby and Deb,  From:  

Oh Luna, my mommy and I love you and your mommy so much! Thanks for all your wonderful help and support. We love and appreciate you so much!

01-26-2009 4:59 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Thank you Luna, and your mom, for your neverending support and encouragement. You are two very, very special and dear friends and we love you both with all of our hearts Sincerely, Dollie and daddy..;)

01-26-2009 2:17 PM -- By: Lucie-llew Phelan Schneider (Puck Llewiss' sister,  From: my kitchen in MN - i cant get the door open  

Dear Luna,

Is there any way to get my moms fridge open so I can get at the jar of HALO treats in the refridgerator door?  Is there any way you and Puck and Simon and Buddy can help with this problem?  

I know where they are...I know I can get the top off to get them out..I just cant get the door open.  I think there is a huge padelock on it cause when I pulled the towel haning from the handle it wont budge. Then, to make matters worse mom moved the towel. 

If you are able to help please do so.   Give Puck Llewis a hugg cause my mom misses him SO much. 

Thank You Luna,

woof to Puck.

there has to be a way in......

01-26-2009 12:08 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Hi my sweet little baby girl, I love you and with each and every passing day even more. I know how all the mommys and daddys are hurting, all to well, but I know one day God will erase every tear we've ever shed ...  once I open my eyes and see you there next to meevery pain I've ever suffered will be erased, I will hold you tight within my arms where you've always belonged ... my heart will be so overjoyed that I'd just assume take flight and soar through the clouds with you.  All my love sweet baby girl, Luna I 'm always going to love you!  Mom

01-26-2009 6:04 AM -- By: Buddy,  From:  

Good morning Luna!  Oh, stuck again??? did you manage to get so twisted up in that blanket?  It's tied in a knot!!, I'll get you go around the other way and step thru here.......YAY!!  your're out!!  I'm still so tired....I think I'm going to go sleep a little more before I go to Christians for brothers are sooo silly...they won't go up or down the new stairs....they have to be carried up and down.......afaid of new things!!  hmph.......nitey nite....just for a few more hours!!...ZZZzzZZZzzZZZzzz.......xxoo.......Hi Miss Nadine!!!!!!!

01-26-2009 12:22 AM -- By: Little Bitty,  From: Heaven's softest cloud  

Hey Luna! Hi girlfreind!  What you up to?  I know, Its late. I cant help it, I am a nite person lately.  Want to join me for a hot cocoa and sugar cookies over at the Chocolate Star Shoppe?  I asked a few of my freinds to come and it wouldnt be the same with out you too!  You are looking good today... as usual. You always do!  So come along if you want to, and I will see you there.  I hope you had a great day and sweet dreams to you tonite!
Little Bitty

01-25-2009 1:01 PM -- By: Rocky,  From:  

Hi Luna and Nadine,  Just want to let you know that my mom do read the humor page and she's glad that your mom always find the time to visit. She feels comforted knowing that you're always by my side and  you know something. She's very grateful that I get to know you and your mom and that I have someone so amazing, my little princess. Love to you both always. Rocky

01-25-2009 12:53 PM -- By: Stacy,  From:  

Nadine, thank you so much for your comforting words.  It is nice to think of Minnie now making herself a home for her and Willow.  If I know my girl, it would be very open and bright, so they can feel the soft breeze and lay in the sunlight, all high areas would have steps along side of them, so Minnie can climb to every nook and cranny imaginable (due to her slightly larger size, she was never a jumper), would have many catnip plants growing so Minnie can get wild and crazy every once in a while when the mood strikes her, lots of toy mice, which Minnie would sleep with (kind of like her own teddy bear), and every soft blanket she could find so she and Willow always have something nice to sit and lay on!  In the 5+ years I was blessed with this precious soul, Minnie was the most laid-back, kind of just hang out and enjoy her surroundings, type of gal.  She didn't demand anything of me, just a nice head rub every once in a while and she would purr for hours!  I hope these things have given Luna some ideas.  By the way, I really like the candle idea, thank you so much for thinking of me!

Minnie's Mommy, Stacy

01-25-2009 10:59 AM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Nadine and Luna .. thank you for stopping by Sammy's memorial.

Luna, a BIG Thank You for welcoming Gabby to Rainbow Bridge.  She was a "girl" all to herself ... she loved being outside .. never inside .. even when it was only 2 degrees outside.  Luna, please show her around Rainbow Bridge ... as she was very shy ...

Luna .. another BIG Thank You for always being there for my son Sammy .. and all the other babies ... always planning wonderful get-to-gethers up at Rainbow Bridge.

Luna ... remember that YOU ARE LOVED and MISSED.  Sending BIG HUGS and KISSES to You, Luna .. and to Sammy and Gabby and all the other babies.

01-24-2009 10:00 PM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Hi Nadine and Luna. Just dropping by to say Hello and let you know you have not been forgotten. How are your little girls Nadine?I bet they are keeping you busy.  take care. Hugs  Lauvern and Luke


01-24-2009 9:20 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Luna, I love you little girl, forever and always Mom

01-24-2009 6:55 PM -- By: pucks mom lisa ,  From:  

you are truly wonderous.   i am so glad luna found you and you found luna.  opal and lily are lucky. 

we love you nadine and miss luna to.

01-24-2009 6:20 PM -- By: Luna,  From: Miss Zoe Ann's 1 Year AD Party  

... the day started with a cool breeze blowing in the air ... was is a breeze or just Luna rushing around making the necessary preparations for her friends Miss Zoe Ann's 1 Year Angel Day.

Puck greeted her this morning and surrounded her with petals from a rose, pink and red and covered her from head to toe ... the smell from the flowers quikly filled the air and sent her mind soaring  ... her Angel day is here!  As she sighed as she took yet another breath, and she smiled and thanked him for the special way he started her day.  

There was a note from Luna to meet her at the spa after breakfast ... all of a sudden she could hear the raint ring of a bell (tingle, ling a ling, tingle, ling a ling),  3 little kiddie cats raced in with bathrobe and slippers. She put on her robe and the slippers on her feet, she she turned around just a few feetaway was horse drawn carriage waiting to take her to the town square. As soon as she stepped in to the carriage she could hear the faint sounds of a distant melody as i filled the air ... once she arrived ... The doorman greeted her and said please follow me ... your Angel Day Breakfast awaits ... 

Once she entered the hall you can see the tables set with tall glasses for juice, clear plates and bowls, and mugs fro cappuccino, latte or coffee. It's a beautiful brunch, served with blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes, (silver dollar of course), chrispy bacon, eggs of any kind made to order, granola, yogurt, fresh fruit, an assortment of cheeses and breads, to the right was a freshly  squeezed juice bar  with orange juice, apple and cranberry, there was pineapple,  mango and a bowl full of cherries. After all the little ones  filled their plates and their tummies, Miss Zoe Ann stood up, she was smiiling and happy and thanked everyone for joining her today. They ate, talked and watched Miss Luna rushing about ... Instructed to enter the spa, as each one did they saw a tub filled with flowers, and bubbles, candles graced the tables and chairs, there were pillows, blankets and places to sit and relax, the music was playing but no words could be heard, ... it was very tranquil ... they relaxed as they sank in the tub, each was given a full body massage, their hair was groomed and they got dressed and met Miss Luna at the rink at Lunetta's.

Each little angels was give ice skates, scarves, mittens and hats, little coats or jackets, sweaters or fleece, the choice was theirs ... as Luna smiles, we aim to please ...  as each little one darned their choice and headed to the ice  ... First one was Miss Zoe Ann escorted by Puck our special furry little man, a true master on skates that's why they call him Puck, hand in hand they began to grace the ice, they glided, spun and twirled about, then all the little ones joined them and spun about. We had Greta, Dusty, Dollie and Ginger, Peanut, Shabba, Luna and Angel Patch, Minnie, Willow & Inky,  Ebony, Buddy, Simon and Buster, Rocky, Mossey, Toby and Luke, Gretchen and  Baily,  Klaus, Lil Joe and Killer,  Coco, Little Bitty,  Suzie Wong and Chiquita, Fergi Butt Heidi, Hammy and Angel, the line continued but Miss Luna lost count, too many little ones, too many to count ... one by one  all the little angels took to the ice, as each child spun like little angels. Up above in the center of the rink was a sphere lik no other, Yes it was the New Years ball from Times Square, Luna thought as long as they were not using it there, she could use it here,  she borrowed it for this special occasion, Miss Zoe Ann's 1 year in heaven. 

Sitting around the rink in tables and chairs was some of the little angels watching as our little ones flutterd about, they sparkled like the grace of newly falled snow ... they shimmered as they moved with their legs extended gliding on one blade,  ... after skating and dancing and gliding on ice, they headed toward the patio it rest and sit on a swing, a hammock, a lounge chair or two, from there you could see everything. Some decided to race their snow mobiles along the wooden path filled with trees, others decided to walk in the garden past the evergreens.  You could see Luna and Dollie with a few gals still still busy in the kitchen making  last minute preparations ... the cyrstal ball above the rink shined brightly as it rose hight above rainbow bridge and cast it's shimmering irresident light, the rays could be seen for miles and as each child gathered around, they entered the dining hall where their meal was to be found. Bobo, Christian, Daisey, Blossom, Dollie, Happy  and Luna greeted all with a smile, as each little one took their seats the meal was served.  After dining for a hour or two, they all pat their tummies to make room for you know who ... the cake that they have been dreaming about and as the lights dimmed, Miss Zoe Ann eccorded by Klaus walked up to the cake, and all the little angels gathered around holding hands, it was 7 tiers of white cream adormed with little ruby red roses and wines of mint green, it has white colored Lily's with small fruit pieces and berries ...  each child bent their heads as Miss Zoe Ann Made her wish, she calle out by name;  Mommy, Ellis, Aunt Susan, Snow & Joy Joy ... I'll  love you always, but do not feel sad ...  I know you miss me but I'm in heaven and I can see all of you, one day we'll be together again, but for now you just hav eto hold me close in your hearts where i've always been ... tomorrow when it comes I start to plan for our lives together, the one that I will create for you here with me, ... she took a deep breath and blew out the candles but the flame did not go out, but rose to the center of the room and make a great big light, it floated up to the heavens, the highest height and dispersed like millions of stars the ones that will shine brightly tonight, then all the little children made their wishes too and if you hear the rush of the wind or the dust from newly fallen snow, it's our angels sending us their gentles kisses in the breeze, because they love us so.  

To MissDebbie and her family ... she will always be alive in our hearts.

From Luna and her mom: We LOVE YOU, ONE AND ALL and don't know how we would have made it this far if not for the love and support  you have extendd to each of us.  Although it is one year apart,  it's one day closer to a dream, a dream where we will all be together again, happy and whole ...  it's only a few steps away, and heaven awaits us ... as for our little ones, their love is always with you.

Hugs, Luna and her mom  

01-24-2009 6:16 PM -- By: Zoe,  From:  

Sweet Luna! Thanks so much for the hugs and love. I could take your hands and spin around and around laughing as we throw our heads back in laughter.

You and your mom are my great frieds. I  Love you!



01-24-2009 4:58 PM -- By: Angel,  From:  

Luna, according to my Mom1969 was a very good year...maybe we should have a party sometime with a '60's or '70's theme.  You know, shag carpets, lava lamps, bell bottoms, peace symbols...haha!!  See you at Miss Zoe's party later...don't you just love the fun we have here??  Our parent's miss us but they could never keep up with us (wink wink)...xoxo Angel


01-24-2009 1:11 PM -- By: Buddy,  From:  

Hi Luna!!  Tell your mom that mine sent her something...can't tell you what it is but should be there next week one day!!  haha...ANYWAY, my mom's going to the store now...gotta find some stain for the new steps....they're getting built and mom has to help...just a little bit!!!  BRRRR, -21 right now.......rather stay home in bed....Buddy number 2 came and woke us up this morning...forgot to lock his kennel last night when I went to bed...woke up to him looking at us....he's a funny guy.......  


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