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Her mom Nadine, forever in my heart...

Memorial created 06-11-2008 by
May 5 2007 - April 14 2008

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02-17-2009 4:24 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Hi Luna, I love you with all my heart! Always, Mom

02-17-2009 3:27 PM -- By: Rocky,  From:  

Hi, Nadine,  Luna and I just went for a nice stroll along the beach like we always do and I just want to say thank you for keeping my mom in your thoughts always. We love you and  I know that you can  feel the love that  me and your beautiful girl send to you though the breeze. Rocky

02-17-2009 11:26 AM -- By: puck llewis,  From:  

thank luna my bestest gurl-friend ever.  thank you so much for haning with me and for the party.  mom hasn't been in the valentiney mood lately.  poor kory ann she was just 19 years old.  sad ... at best mom is 'ok'.  if that.  she is sad.   but told me to stop by to lovey lunas and thank you for haning with me yesterday.   anyway love you so much and my mom got a package on saturday and made her smile....lucie-llew!  she put it at the bottom of the fridge.  funny.  she used to that for me to.   lucie-llew had accid yesterday dad found it when they got home from fargo.   same spot.  her 1st accident she ever had.  hmmmmmmm didnt get halo yesterday maybe that is why.   anyway luna...tell you mom thank you so very much.   what a good you my purr-ty (puck blushing) gurl-friend for everything and for being here for me....

love you......sending huggs and kisses on the breezes to nadeine....



02-17-2009 5:07 AM -- By: Buddy,  From:  

...shh..still nighttime....can i sleep by you and Puck??  I was at my mom's but Puck needs us more.......hope your mom had a good time at the show with her sister.......we'll go and eat in a few hours..first more ZZzzZZzzzzz.......Buddy boo....xxoxxo

02-16-2009 6:12 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Luna, I love you baby girl, always and forever ... you are my heart! Mom

02-16-2009 5:17 PM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dear Nadine .. and Beautiful Luna ... Thank You again for always visiting Sammy's memorial.

Nadine .. I've sent an e-mail to you with the address. 

To Luna ... You are simply gorgeous .. I have to thank you Luna for always taking care of my son Sammy.  He is my special boy that I Love and Miss So Very Much ... but am glad that he has so many good friends like you.


02-16-2009 5:16 PM -- By: Mindy lacheen-Heiser,  From: NJ  

 I thank you so very much for your kind and gentle words you expressed in MR. Cloudy's guest book.  Yes my son MR. Cloudy did take allot of my geart with him, and I am glad that Luna is taking very good care of my boy for he was and is loved so very much, I sincerely can not wait to meet with MR. Cloudy again.  I am very sorrry for your loss of Luna  your memorial shoed me how much love you have for Luna.


02-16-2009 9:59 AM -- By: Sammy,  From: Rainbow Bridge  

Dear Luna ... just wanted to tell you how much I loved my birthday party and spending Valentine's Day with you and all my friends.  It was Great ... the spa, the food and the fun ...  I cannot thank you enough.

Luna, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ...  Luna, let us send BIG KISSES to your mommy and my daddy ... because they love and miss us so much.   Muah ... Muah ... Muah ... sending our love to you .....

02-16-2009 6:04 AM -- By: Buddy,  From:  

psst, psst... Luna?...are you awake?  Look, you aren't even tangled up today!  I'm going to go and stay at my moms this week til my dad gets back from his trip..sleep at the foot of the bed...glad we never got as much snow as those pictures your mom sent.  Oh boy!  Everyone would be crying!!  Ok, I'm just gonna snuggle up next to you til we go to breakfast.......I'm still so tired....ZZzzZZZzzZzzz....Buddy dreams about the race yesterday and th big wreck....always happens at Daytona....xxooxxoo...Hi Miss Nadine....waving....another manic monday.......we love you.......

02-16-2009 12:31 AM -- By: lauren,  From:  

thanks for the kiss and the partay lol. I wish we could party with are human mommies, well one day we will get to.  Yummy food. {: 

02-15-2009 4:46 PM -- By: Greta,  From:  

Oh No!!! Greta is crying big tears..., I missed saying Happy Angel day to you Luna Yesterday...I am soooo sorry Luna, you had such a crowd of boys and girls, insert mom was gone from 7a.m. to 6a.m. this morning here..(haha), I couldn't even hardly see you!! She dries her tears and says I guess it doesn't really matter what day I say it because you know I Iove you and your always in my heart right?? I hope so! She gives Luna a BIG Hug and ...wasn't Valentines day fun? Hammy sure loved his first birthday at the bridge, he's still walking around with his chest stuck out..haha. Love to you and your mom from me and my mom. XOXOXO

02-15-2009 10:45 AM -- By: Buddy,  From:  

VAAROOMM...let's go!  What a weekend...oh, I see my mom is making pancakes this morning...want to go to her house and sneek some????? haha...I love you!  Hi Miss Nadine...I love you too!  And Lily and Opal too!  xxooxxoo...BuddyBoo...

02-15-2009 7:58 AM -- By: Luke,  From:  

Hi Luna. Wowwwwwww that sure was some party yesterday. Thankyou for doing all the planning. You sure are good at that. Thankyou also for keeping my mommy informed what we were doing as i saw her smile when she read all about our day. Hugs


02-14-2009 9:56 PM -- By: Little Bitty,  From: Heaven's softest cloud  

As usual, I am late again, maybe my nickname should be miss latey little bitty?  Hmm, Anyway, I want to tell you Happy Valentines Luna!  I hope you know you are loved by all!

LIttle Bitty

02-14-2009 9:53 PM -- By: Michele and Ginger,  From: MS  


Nadine...My thoughts are with you today.  I know that your sweet little Luna is sending so many extra hugs and kisses your way.

Hugs to you and Luna...Michele


02-14-2009 9:13 PM -- By: Larry,  From: fla  

Luna  thanks for the birthday wishes and kisses.  Kisses to you and treats also.


02-14-2009 7:44 PM -- By: Shabba,  From:  

Happy Valentines day and Angel day to you little punkin". you are. (Shabba gives Luna the biggest kiss on the cheek ever) Luna, you will always be the sunshine of your mommy's heart...the light that brightens every day for the rest of her life...her "special angel" sent from heaven above. We luv you both so very much, and we will be forever thankful we have friends llike you. BIG hugs and loads of luv sent to you both on this very special day. Shabba and family. XOXOXOXOX

02-14-2009 7:19 PM -- By: Sammie & Marlene,  From: Silver Spring, MD  

Happy Valentines Day lovely Luna (and her Mommy Nadine)

02-14-2009 7:17 PM -- By: Angel, Patches & Taffy,  From: Rainbow Bridge  

Hi dear Luna...Happy 10 Month Angel Day and Happy Valentine's Day !!  What a pary for all occasions today, Luna you are THE BEST as a wonderful was had by all!!  xoxo Angel, Taffy & Patches

Hi Nadine...dear friend do you know how happy you make so many of us?  It is a gift and a loving heart that makes our babies come alive at the Bridge, thank you.  My thoughts with you on this bittersweet day BUT Luna Loo is always in your heart and is in good company till you are one day reunited.  We LOVE you...Joy, Angel, Patches & Taffy


02-14-2009 6:39 PM -- By: dawnmarie,  From:  

forgot my photo!!

02-14-2009 6:39 PM -- By: dawnmarie,  From:  

Hi Luna, happy Valentine's day sweet girl! And happy angel day as well.  I am sending you some extra hugs and kisses today.  Hi Nadine, HUGS to you!!!

Dawn-Marie (Suzie's mommy)

02-14-2009 6:21 PM -- By: Rocky,  From:  

To My Beautiful Girl,  HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY .

Happy 10th month Angel Day.  Love always, Rocky

Hi Nadine, Happy Valentine Day.


02-14-2009 5:55 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  


I don't know, my thoughts are all over today, probably shouldn't have eaten the whole box of pastries...but they sure were yummie! Have to go and relax now sweetheart, I'm thinking of you!

02-14-2009 12:19 PM -- By: lauren,  From:  

thanks those quotes are really good and meaning full. I will read them over and over. Lol yeah i can be stuborn too.  Yeah i guess we have to be grateful for have known them. They were good babys. i remmber laughing with chrissey and smiling i was just so happy with her. She would stare at me with her buetiful eyes now thta was presious when she did that. Sometimes i would just see her staring at me, i allways wondered what she was thinking when she was staring at me.  any ways

Happy Valentimes Day

02-14-2009 11:56 AM -- By: Simon,  From:  

Hi my sweet Luna, Happy 10 month Angel Day!!! I am soooo glad we are friends, I love you!!! I can't wait till the party starts, can you help me with my pj's??? You know us boys need help getting dressed...

I have something special for you... It's a dozen whisper pink roses, a heart shaped flossie and a gallon of the chicken treats you love soooo much. I thought you would like those more than chocolates.

Let's get this party started!!!

Luv, Simon

02-14-2009 11:47 AM -- By: minn,  From:  

Hey Luna-Loo!  Happy 10 Month Angel Day!  You are one of my bestest girlfriends and I am so so lucky and happy to have met both you and your Mommy, Nadine!  I know your Mommy misses you bunches, but RB is a much better place with you here with us!  We are gonna have a GREAT Angel Day for you, Birthday for Hammy, Sammy, and all the other babies born today, and Valentine's Day!  Wow!  A slumber party is gonna be awesome--it was such an inventive idea you had, Luna!  You are the bestest party planner ever!


02-14-2009 11:33 AM -- By: Lauvern and Luke,  From:  

Happy 10 month Angel Day Luna. I know you will have alot of fun today and be so busy with all the preperations for the pj party. Maybe you can take a moment to blow lots of kisses to your mommy as i am sure you always do because she misses you so so much. I know you already know that too.  Enjoy your day sweety. Hugs....... I love you Luna. From Luke


02-14-2009 10:47 AM -- By: puck llewis,  From:  

happy Angel Day my sweet gurl (puck blushing) and its also Valentines day....or as my mom always calls it VALENDOG day!  my mom has been sad lately got some really bad news but my mom told me to play with my friends. one less thing for her to worry about. 

Anyway precious mom doesnt know what she would do without you and your mom.  you make her smile.  that matters to me. 

i am excited for the party and the sleepover.   i cant imagine what you have in store for me but anything to make my mom laff!   you are one of my very bestest friends luna loo.  my mom loves you and your mom so very much.

i just wanted to stop by before our big day and wish you a very special angel day and of course YAPPY VALENDOG DAY


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