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Her mom Nadine, forever in my heart...

Memorial created 06-11-2008 by
May 5 2007 - April 14 2008

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01-14-2009 1:27 AM -- By: Simon,  From:  

Hi my precious Luna (Simon blushes) I have a special gift for you for your 9 Month Angel Day... It'a a pink rhinestone collar with a heart shaped locket and it has a picture of your mommy inside, it's engraved "Mommy Always In My Heart". I hope you like it, It will look beautiful on you. I also got you a pink rhinestone tiara to match so you will look like the little princess that you are.

Thank you for being my friend luna!!! I love you!!!

Luv, Simon

01-13-2009 7:27 PM -- By: Gerardine - Brandy & Chica's mommy,  From:  

Thank you Nadine for your kind words and for visiting my Brandy & Chica's page.

Thank you Luna for being a great friend to my furr babies! I know you are having a great time there and even though it's a blast there, you do remember us and send us a warm feeling in our souls when you think of us.

Nadine, may God's blessing be bestowed upon you today and always.

- Gerardine, Brandy & Chica

01-13-2009 7:04 PM -- By: LeAnne Sehnert,  From: Pacific, MO  

Thank you so much for your kind words on Daisy's birthday.  Even though it has been almost 3 years since I lost her, I know you understand that it doesn't feel that way.  My heart is there for Luna and I hope that Daisy and her are playing up there just waiting for us to join them again.  Namaste.



01-13-2009 10:46 AM -- By: Lauvern and Luke,  From:  

Hi Luna and Nadine. I just wanted to wish you a HAPPY ANGEL DAY  tomorrow Luna. I know i will be quite busy tomorrow as i have my first few furbabies coming to the shelter. I want to take the time to show them their new home and make them feel welcome. I  see you are having a pool party. That sounds greattttttt. i bet Luke willbe in the water at the crack of dawn as he loves swimming. I think he is part fish. LOL. Hugs sweety. Hi Nadine .Hope all is well with you. Hugs.


01-13-2009 10:26 AM -- By: Greta always moms girl,  From:  

What an awesome idea Luna!! You are the best friend and so clever, your mommy is so proud I bet!! I have a wonderful idea for a present for you but I am not telling, Nope, don't even try it..not telling...I already made Dusty promise too!!! I love you Luna, and your mom too!!!  Greta, your bestest Rainbow Girlfriend always!! P.S. what are you gonna weaar to the pool party???

01-13-2009 8:33 AM -- By: minn,  From:  

Psst!  Luna-Loo?  Are you awake or did you already go to breakfast at Christian's with Buddy?  I opened my Swim-Swim Shop just for your Angel Day!  If you want a new swimmie suit, come on in and we will find you something really pretty to wear tomorrow, kk?  I love you, Luna-Loo (and Nadine, too)!


01-13-2009 6:10 AM -- By: Buddy & Polly,  From:  

BRRRRRR....need I say more?  C'mon Luna Loo, Miss Matipom...time for our BACON, pancakes with blueberry syrup and toast with raspberry jam...good thing we don't have to worry about how much we eat here!!  Yes, mom got busy with company last night and then she had to get some it was didn't get to bed til after 9 and when you get up at 3:15am that's just way too late!! truck sure was screaming this morning and tomorrow it's going to be even colder...brrr...have to heat it up for over a half hour...thank goodness for the remote starters...then Buddy barfed in his kennel this was a ton!!  thank goodness mom was right there and he didn't walk or lay in it....yukkkkkk.......tomorrow we party!!  I like Pucks idea...he has such an imagination.....Buddy sings with Puck..."aruba jamaica ew i wanna take ya to bermuda bahama c'mon pretty mamma key largo montigo baby why don't we go down to kokamo...."   xxoo love you Miss Luna and Miss Nadine xxoo....buddy boo...

01-13-2009 12:25 AM -- By: puck llewis,  From:  

(puck stops by...very quietly......starts humming a tune.....and doing a like the hawaiian hula i mean...hawaiian DANCERS  .....a rythum in his head....starts humming.) then quietly...singing and words:

...oh....way down to kokomo.  aruba...... jamaica ooh i think we should throw..a.hawaiian part..te' and then we can all slip away.......oh take ....... to the .....beach....... some.....wwwwwhere ...... by grand more BURRRR-muda but ohh yeah...... bahama ....oh you have a pretty mama..(nadine) .....  lets get there fast.......way down to   ...    kokomo.......where ...

.we can have 2 .....pina coladas for each paw....we'll all set  with capn morgan....and

.we could  hang out all day in ...lunaritaville..... lunaritaville?    lunaritaville???   ... hmmm...(puck laffing QUIETLY).....

01-12-2009 10:27 PM -- By: Max,  From:  

Just stopped in to say hello!

01-12-2009 8:05 PM -- By: Carol,  From: Sewell, New Jersey  

Hi Nadine, Yes, I love all the things you put on for Luna.

All the lovely poems, glitter, etc.  Can you recommend the sites.  I am going this Wednesday to  pick up a necklace where Lady was cremated and the lady there will put some of Lady's ashes in the little urn for me.  That part I can't do.  Love to you and Luna.  Carol Anne

01-12-2009 4:34 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Hi Luna, the tribute on Dan's page was beautiful, and reading it made me cry, what he said about you, you were in short a miracle ...  and I wanted you with me always...oh little girl, you were perfect, not selfish, always shared, ... I miss you little one, how can my heart heal when I just overcame all the obsticles, you got better and then you were gone ... in a moment. .. my tears are falling and my face is all pink and puffy ... my heart hurts with the emptiness, who would have ever thought after findingg you I would be lost without your love. Forever and always, a part of me. I love you!!! Mom

01-12-2009 3:30 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

always and forever my little girl ... always and forever Mom

01-12-2009 3:00 PM -- By: brenda and buster,  From: united kingdom  

Hello my little girlfriend i just wanted to thank you for making Christmas so happy for all of us you are so a darling i love you so much and always will,

Hi Nadine hope you have had a good Christmas with your new little babies Lily and Opal, and wishing you all the love and happiness for 2009,

01-12-2009 5:56 AM -- By: Buddy,  From:  

LUNA LOO, WHERE ARE YOU?  Oh...I hope you aren't stuck this morning.....BREAKFAST TIME!!!...Pancakes, bacon and toast with raspberry jam...oh, and don't forget the blueberry syrup.......what shall we do today?  Want to go and hunt for a sundog???? to MN where it's cold and they have a blizzard warning.......xxooxxoo.......HI Miss Nadine!!  Good Morning to you guys.......BuddyBoo,..ARF!ARF!! 

01-11-2009 9:17 PM -- By: Simon,  From:  

Oh Luna I would never be afraid of you, you're way to cute to be scary. I love fiesty women, my sister Chloe' is fiesty. My mommy has redhair, so she's also is a little fiesty. 

I love you Luna, thanks for being my friend.

Luv, Simon 

01-11-2009 8:50 PM -- By: Buddy,  From:  

Hi Luna, Hi Miss Nadine!!  I missed you today....where were you hiding?  Didn't even see you at breakfast!...I thought you might be tangled in your blanket and couldn' t get out without me helping you...haha....I was watching my mom today...sometimes I just have to watch her and make sure she's ok without me around...and yup, she was talking to your mom when I was there and she didn't even see me sneak some brothers were barking cuz they wanted some too and my mom thought they wanted to go outside...silly's going to be very cold there this week so maybe she'll get to see another sundog...we better go there and wait Luna so you can see you...see you in my dreams..... 

01-11-2009 7:45 PM -- By: Carol ,  From: Sewell, New Jersey  

Thanks for the lovely message.  It was a little sad this holiday without Lady....Miss her terribly.  I bought a litlle parakeet and named him Marley.  I just love having a pet in the home.  I am not ready for another dog at this time, maybe in the future.  Where do you get all the extras to put on your site.  They are just beautiful.  Carol Anne

01-11-2009 11:30 AM -- By: lauren,  From:  

aww so sorry for your loss. My baby died in march sorta close to yours. i love that song that you have on here its i know ill never love this way again, made me cry didnt think it would. Great song and a buetiful baby you got. Luna looks so prescious. i had chrissey only  for a year tooo and dont feel werid cause yes you can have a very special bond in just those few years or few months. Hang in there and nice to meet you.

01-11-2009 10:46 AM -- By: Michael,  From: Texas  

Thank you so very much for stopping by my precious Miss Mindy's memorial.  It means so much to know that there are others out there that understand the pain of losing a baby.  Yesterday was probably the hardest I ever endured, constantly reliving the trip to the vet , expecting a sprained shoulder and simple treatment, and being told of the cancer.  But she is in my heart, and they cant take that away.  Luna is such a sweetie pie.  I truely understand the pain you are feeling.

01-10-2009 3:50 PM -- By: Angie and Rocky,  From:  

Hi Nadine and  Luna,  Stopping by to let you both know that we're  always thinking of you. Hugs and Kisses. Angie and Rocky

01-09-2009 10:56 PM -- By: Rose,  From: Mtb. Ca.  

What a cutie!  I'm so sorry at your loss. I know  what you're going through I miss my Odie so much. I'm sure we will all be together again and you will get to hold your precious Luna again.  Sincerely, Rose (Odie's mom)

01-09-2009 5:16 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

I love you Luna! Mom

01-09-2009 6:09 AM -- By: Buddy Boo,  From:  

xxoo...LUNA!  LUNA!!!  BREAKFAST!...oh, stuck again!  here, I'll be right there to get you out!  Whew...I thought you might never get out of that one....haha...guess what?  here comes the cold!!!  brrr....-18 at my mom's right now...Buddy sings..."we're having a heatwave...a tropical heatwave..."  gotta love tropical minnesota...hey, want to go sledding today up at Giants Ridge?  lot's of snow there and lots of fun hills....we could try snowboarding!!  or we could go up by my mom's cabin and go snowmobiling...gotta love the sled!!  yay!!  fRIDAY...did you see mom saw a sundog yesterday?  it was very pretty and yellow.......HI MISS NADINE!!!!!  have a good day.....bacon time!!!  xxoo

01-08-2009 7:05 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

... I love you Luna angel!!! Mom

01-08-2009 1:25 PM -- By: puck llewis,  From:  

VRMMMMMMM.....VRMMMMMMM!   snowsled! 

love you!

01-08-2009 12:29 PM -- By: Christy always Gretas mom,  From:  

Oh My Gosh, how weird!!! I got your message on Gretas page and about choked on my VANILLA LATTE THAT I HAD JUST COME HOME WITH !!!! Your mommy must be psychic Luna tunes..teehee..I love you both so very much how about a little adventure of some sort for the girls today??

01-07-2009 11:26 PM -- By: Greta,  From:  

I think if I sat on mom she would HAVE to sit still as I bet I am back up to 90 lbs. since I have been to Rainbow Bridge, Greta looks back at her Hiney...yep...its getting bigger by the minute...teehee...Love you Luna and Nadine XOXOXOXO

01-07-2009 3:40 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

I love you mommy! Always ... Luna

01-07-2009 2:30 PM -- By: Angela,  From: NY  

Thank you for the b-day wishes. I hope Molie and Luna are running around together under the Rainbow Bridge!

01-07-2009 1:12 PM -- By: buddy & his mom,  From:  

snow, snow, and more snow....i am tired of are the boys....they don;'t like it...but after this snow comes the cold and they dislike that even more...haha...out come the booties!!


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