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Her mom Nadine, forever in my heart...

Memorial created 06-11-2008 by
May 5 2007 - April 14 2008

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01-24-2009 6:20 PM -- By: Luna,  From: Miss Zoe Ann's 1 Year AD Party  

... the day started with a cool breeze blowing in the air ... was is a breeze or just Luna rushing around making the necessary preparations for her friends Miss Zoe Ann's 1 Year Angel Day.

Puck greeted her this morning and surrounded her with petals from a rose, pink and red and covered her from head to toe ... the smell from the flowers quikly filled the air and sent her mind soaring  ... her Angel day is here!  As she sighed as she took yet another breath, and she smiled and thanked him for the special way he started her day.  

There was a note from Luna to meet her at the spa after breakfast ... all of a sudden she could hear the raint ring of a bell (tingle, ling a ling, tingle, ling a ling),  3 little kiddie cats raced in with bathrobe and slippers. She put on her robe and the slippers on her feet, she she turned around just a few feetaway was horse drawn carriage waiting to take her to the town square. As soon as she stepped in to the carriage she could hear the faint sounds of a distant melody as i filled the air ... once she arrived ... The doorman greeted her and said please follow me ... your Angel Day Breakfast awaits ... 

Once she entered the hall you can see the tables set with tall glasses for juice, clear plates and bowls, and mugs fro cappuccino, latte or coffee. It's a beautiful brunch, served with blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes, (silver dollar of course), chrispy bacon, eggs of any kind made to order, granola, yogurt, fresh fruit, an assortment of cheeses and breads, to the right was a freshly  squeezed juice bar  with orange juice, apple and cranberry, there was pineapple,  mango and a bowl full of cherries. After all the little ones  filled their plates and their tummies, Miss Zoe Ann stood up, she was smiiling and happy and thanked everyone for joining her today. They ate, talked and watched Miss Luna rushing about ... Instructed to enter the spa, as each one did they saw a tub filled with flowers, and bubbles, candles graced the tables and chairs, there were pillows, blankets and places to sit and relax, the music was playing but no words could be heard, ... it was very tranquil ... they relaxed as they sank in the tub, each was given a full body massage, their hair was groomed and they got dressed and met Miss Luna at the rink at Lunetta's.

Each little angels was give ice skates, scarves, mittens and hats, little coats or jackets, sweaters or fleece, the choice was theirs ... as Luna smiles, we aim to please ...  as each little one darned their choice and headed to the ice  ... First one was Miss Zoe Ann escorted by Puck our special furry little man, a true master on skates that's why they call him Puck, hand in hand they began to grace the ice, they glided, spun and twirled about, then all the little ones joined them and spun about. We had Greta, Dusty, Dollie and Ginger, Peanut, Shabba, Luna and Angel Patch, Minnie, Willow & Inky,  Ebony, Buddy, Simon and Buster, Rocky, Mossey, Toby and Luke, Gretchen and  Baily,  Klaus, Lil Joe and Killer,  Coco, Little Bitty,  Suzie Wong and Chiquita, Fergi Butt Heidi, Hammy and Angel, the line continued but Miss Luna lost count, too many little ones, too many to count ... one by one  all the little angels took to the ice, as each child spun like little angels. Up above in the center of the rink was a sphere lik no other, Yes it was the New Years ball from Times Square, Luna thought as long as they were not using it there, she could use it here,  she borrowed it for this special occasion, Miss Zoe Ann's 1 year in heaven. 

Sitting around the rink in tables and chairs was some of the little angels watching as our little ones flutterd about, they sparkled like the grace of newly falled snow ... they shimmered as they moved with their legs extended gliding on one blade,  ... after skating and dancing and gliding on ice, they headed toward the patio it rest and sit on a swing, a hammock, a lounge chair or two, from there you could see everything. Some decided to race their snow mobiles along the wooden path filled with trees, others decided to walk in the garden past the evergreens.  You could see Luna and Dollie with a few gals still still busy in the kitchen making  last minute preparations ... the cyrstal ball above the rink shined brightly as it rose hight above rainbow bridge and cast it's shimmering irresident light, the rays could be seen for miles and as each child gathered around, they entered the dining hall where their meal was to be found. Bobo, Christian, Daisey, Blossom, Dollie, Happy  and Luna greeted all with a smile, as each little one took their seats the meal was served.  After dining for a hour or two, they all pat their tummies to make room for you know who ... the cake that they have been dreaming about and as the lights dimmed, Miss Zoe Ann eccorded by Klaus walked up to the cake, and all the little angels gathered around holding hands, it was 7 tiers of white cream adormed with little ruby red roses and wines of mint green, it has white colored Lily's with small fruit pieces and berries ...  each child bent their heads as Miss Zoe Ann Made her wish, she calle out by name;  Mommy, Ellis, Aunt Susan, Snow & Joy Joy ... I'll  love you always, but do not feel sad ...  I know you miss me but I'm in heaven and I can see all of you, one day we'll be together again, but for now you just hav eto hold me close in your hearts where i've always been ... tomorrow when it comes I start to plan for our lives together, the one that I will create for you here with me, ... she took a deep breath and blew out the candles but the flame did not go out, but rose to the center of the room and make a great big light, it floated up to the heavens, the highest height and dispersed like millions of stars the ones that will shine brightly tonight, then all the little children made their wishes too and if you hear the rush of the wind or the dust from newly fallen snow, it's our angels sending us their gentles kisses in the breeze, because they love us so.  

To MissDebbie and her family ... she will always be alive in our hearts.

From Luna and her mom: We LOVE YOU, ONE AND ALL and don't know how we would have made it this far if not for the love and support  you have extendd to each of us.  Although it is one year apart,  it's one day closer to a dream, a dream where we will all be together again, happy and whole ...  it's only a few steps away, and heaven awaits us ... as for our little ones, their love is always with you.

Hugs, Luna and her mom  

01-24-2009 6:16 PM -- By: Zoe,  From:  

Sweet Luna! Thanks so much for the hugs and love. I could take your hands and spin around and around laughing as we throw our heads back in laughter.

You and your mom are my great frieds. I  Love you!



01-24-2009 4:58 PM -- By: Angel,  From:  

Luna, according to my Mom1969 was a very good year...maybe we should have a party sometime with a '60's or '70's theme.  You know, shag carpets, lava lamps, bell bottoms, peace symbols...haha!!  See you at Miss Zoe's party later...don't you just love the fun we have here??  Our parent's miss us but they could never keep up with us (wink wink)...xoxo Angel


01-24-2009 1:11 PM -- By: Buddy,  From:  

Hi Luna!!  Tell your mom that mine sent her something...can't tell you what it is but should be there next week one day!!  haha...ANYWAY, my mom's going to the store now...gotta find some stain for the new steps....they're getting built and mom has to help...just a little bit!!!  BRRRR, -21 right now.......rather stay home in bed....Buddy number 2 came and woke us up this morning...forgot to lock his kennel last night when I went to bed...woke up to him looking at us....he's a funny guy.......  

01-24-2009 11:35 AM -- By: ,  From:  

HiYa Luna-Do. Since I haven't been around as much lately, I'd like to hang out with you today if that's ok??? I know that if I'm with you it'll be a GREAT day. I love you SO much. Bug..;)

01-24-2009 5:23 AM -- By: Angel, Taffy & Patches,  From: Rainbow Bridge  

Luna...haha, what fun we had on Puck's Angel Day!!!  Hey, we just woke Puck up to get in the hot tub...come join us.  Yeah, it is early but us California girls never stop partying :)  We LOVE you, Luna (and your Mommy)...xoxo Angel, Taffy & Patches


01-24-2009 12:55 AM -- By: Ginger,  From:  

Luna...lets watch our mommies tonight!  They miss us soooo much.  I love you Luna!!!  Thank you for being my friend!!!  Love...Ginger

01-24-2009 12:53 AM -- By: Michele - Ginger's Mommy,  From:  

Nadine...thank you for thinking of me, and your kind words.  Your stories always bring a smile to my face, and I just want to say thank you for including Ginger in means so much to me.

9 months seems like an eternity...I know you feel the same.  We lost our babies just about a week apart.  It is still hard to believe that she is gone...I guess I thought she would be here forever.  I do find that I smile now when I think of the silly things that she used to do, or look at her pictures.  I know that my heart is healing, it is just such a long process.  I know that we will all forever miss our babies because they were such a huge part of our lives. 

About the snow pics...they were taken the week before Christmas.  We live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, so that was a very unusual scene for us, so just had to add the pics of her garden for everyone to see.

Take care, and thanks again for keeping us all posted on the events that our babies have at Rainbow Bridge.


01-23-2009 10:57 PM -- By: ,  From:  

thank you luna, for always including and remembering me. i could have never hoped for a dearer friend and i love you with all of my little heart. bf, always and forever, dot..;)

01-23-2009 10:34 PM -- By: pucks mom lisa ,  From:  

hey nadine...just a note.  to say...THANK YOU.  Luna and Puck are 2 peas in a pod...waves on the shore....leaves in the breezes.....flakes in the air on a cold winter day.....a bell and collar.


i can hardly type thru tears.  i thought i would be ok being lucies birthday..just going to give her her present and dogzert.  she is biting my pants leg just likek puck used to do when he wanted treats....he would do his best. 

love you so much.   there are no words but THANK YOU! 

you truly are an angel and i know why luna loves you so much.  i cant wait to meet you and meet little luna. 

again from the bottom of my heart with a peice missing...


01-23-2009 9:42 PM -- By: Luna ,  From: Puck's 5 month AD  

... after dinner the angels head out to Lunetta's where Puckie starts one of him famous fires ... as they sit around toasting marshmellows and singing a few tunes ... Puckie turns, and sitting beside him is Dollie gurl, she smiles and says, sorry I've been away so long ... but I wouldn't have missed your party for the world ... i've just been looking in on my daddy... Puckie smiles with all the love in his heart! I'm glad you're here 'lil gurl!

Luna puts out trays of cookies, all kinds, even ones shaped like little fish with big lips ... she calls them her puck-a-roos! He smiles, lifts his hand to cover his mouth ... laffing ...  all of a sudden they are instructed to head out to the patio, the night falls upon them and the stars grow bright, and yet brighter ... they are surrounded in the darkness but lumunous lights surround the sky like a ka-lide-a-scope ...  they flash around like shooting comets ... Puck looks up, do you know what they are? he responds, "they are the little angels that just arrived and are searching for their loved ones, they shoot across the sky at the speed of light to be near them ... Puck picks up his crystal ball and looks ... he wags his tail and holds it close to his heart ... looking and looking ... his mommy Miss Lisa arrears (smiling), he holds the ball close to his heart and can feel her love with him, and tells everyone, ya know my mommy told me that story, but it's true ... we're together in heart, we'll always be with them ... he gets a real warm feeling and starts to smile as he looks at his little sister Lucie Llew, "it's her 1st Birthday today...she's 3". All of a sudden she starts wagging her tail too ... (Puck smiles) ... I LOVE YOU MOMMY ...  but I guess you know that already! Puck turns his head and looks at Dollie, Luna, Ebony, Greta and Zoe and Suzie Wong in the kitchen, a few moments later the lights dim and a big beautiful cake is rolled out to the patio, on top sits sparklers that flicker like the lights in the sky, each finding their way home ... He stares as the lights, and says ... "Home is where the heart is mom, I'll always be with you" ... and blows her a kiss  ... forever and always! He takes a step closer with his finger sticking out, as he looks both ways to make sure he is going unnoticed, and then he takes a swipe and quickly stuffs it in his mouth and smiles at his lil gurl, thannnkks dolllliee ggurrlll, thiiiss frooosssttiiimnngg iss reallly terr---i--fffiiic--ccc! He takes one more swipe before the boys come and roll it into the kitchen to be sliced, he licks his finger again and holds his hand to the wind ... he can feel the air moving, the breeze, all the kisses and well wishes that are being sent to his mommy, daddy, sister, family and friends ... from all of us at the rainbow bridge ... WE LOVE YOU!!!

01-23-2009 9:36 PM -- By: Luna,  From: Puck's 5 month AD  


The day is sunny, and a bright rainbow appears over the bridge … all the little ones gather in the town square to have breakfast. The talk and chatter seems to be about a road trip, they have plans on visiting Atlanta today and touring the aquarium. Simon is pleased because he’ll be able to see his mom because she’s working at the very spot they will be dining for lunch. Breakfast is finished and all the little angels gather, Puck is next to Simon with his man-bag, he opens it, checks it once, then twice, he digs around and  notices there is something extra inside, he opens the little box and smiles, all the children gather around, and they smile too … you see today is Puck’s 5 month angel day, his mom and all their friends have been sending him warm thoughts and well wishes which he’s been collecting, although you can not see them, you can feel their warmth. First on the list is the aquarium, Luna brought along a little brown bag of crumbs to feed the fish. It seems yesterday while Shabba Lou and Puckie were dancing at Lunetta’s they passed out from all the excitement, and when she returned with her tray of cookies she dropped them cause in the middle of the lounge was Puck and Shabba with both legs straight in the air, when she walked closer she could still see Puckie dancing … silly boys, so she gathered the crumbs and fed them to the birds, then she tried one and they were so good she started to spin, we’ll all those crumbs found their way to the water and the fish were eating them … so she thought she would bring some today. Although Puck is persistent in making fish faces to try and get some of the bigger crumbs cause the cookies were so good, Luna just insisted he’ll have to wait til later … but he managed to get atleast one piece.  The aquarium was amazing, they even walked under one arch with all the water and wish swimming around them … Luna couldn’t figure out how to get her crumbs inside without breaking the glass so she flew to the top of the aquarium and sprinkled them in … all of a sudden everyone rushed to the tanks, the fish, dolphins and sparks were smiling and flipping around like no one has ever seen … all the little ones smiled cause they knew they had something to do with it. Luna said these cookies were extra special because they were made with love, all our love!!! As all the little ones continue, the angels are behind carrying out Luna’s wishes for later.


The day continues and they meet up with Simon’s mm Karen, she doesn’t know why but she could tell they were with her … and the kitchen all of a sudden had a run on food!!! Hahaha, the little ones were hungry … they ate and left a kiss on her cheek as a thank you as they headed toward the Stadium … the day continues  but Luna went back early to put the final touches on the surprise…


She planned a huge dinner (of course), with all the fixings, but she has something special in mind. When all the little ones returned from their tour she gathered up everyone, and then handed the ones that wished to play outfits and sticks … Yes, Luna has developed her own Hockey teams. The Waving Vikings, and the Glamour Gals … now don’t be fooled by their size, these zesty ladies really know how to pack a punch … the boys better beware. On the girls team we have Rocking Greta Garbo, followed by Courageous Coco, Zanies Zoe, Mustang Minnie, Doll-face Dollie, Angelic Angel, Lighten’ Little Bitty, Electrifying Ebony “dunk ‘em” Turner, Patch Master,  Lickitly Split Luna, Pumping’ Peanut, Vibrant Kit-Cat, Fierce Fergi-Butt, and “Go-Get ‘em Ginger. And one the men’s team we have Puck “razzel dazzle” man of steel, Luke “the Duke” Boxer, “Move over” Moosey, Dustin Dusty Whiplash,  “leave ‘em cold Angel, Iceman Buddy Budders, Tank ‘em Toby two shoes, Blazing’ Rocky, Zippety Do Da Shabba, Klaus as “Mr. Freeze”,  Lil Joe “Sonic Rocket”, Simon “the slicker”, Hammer-Head Hammy, and  Wildman Noops Wops.


 We have 9 on the field and the bell rings, Dusty takes the Ice with Puck behind, the start formation, the girls lead off with Rockin Greta Garbo rushing down the field, she passes to Mustang Minnie, Luke the Duke Boxer comes from behind and slices it … while waiting in the warm up is Courageous Coco, Lickety Split Luna, and Go- get ‘em Ginger … the boys take the lead with Toby 2-shoes leading the way, they hit, they score. Inky and Willow keeping score … okay, one point Waving Vikings.


They regain formation the bell rings and Luna jumps to the ice, she starts tapping her stick and eyes  “Move over” Moosey as he makes his way  down the ice, she slips the puck to Ebony “dunk ‘em” Turner, she hits and scores … yeah … Glamour Girls one point … the game contines, we have a line formation rushing down the ice is Lighten Little Bitty, Patch Master and Zanies Zoe, tossing the puck back and forth, with electric speed from behind  comes Fierce Fergi-Butt, she slices it, and SCORES!!! Hammy sits there shaking … “we didn’t have a chance." They play all day the girls against the boys, all the while the puck is sliding across the ice … little slivers of ice is scraped from the rink, as the little ones rush back and forth … gliding, slicing, and scoring … Willow and Inky keeping up with the score. Waving Vikings 3, Glamour Girls 2 …

As we reach the final quarter. Puffin' Puckie gaining speed as he hits and scores!!! The crowd roars, all the little angels are stomping their feet chanting his name, “Go Puckie, Go Puckie, Go Puckie, she glides across the ice with a faint smile and he tips his head and waves his hand … mean while back at the gate, we have Angelic Angel ready to take the ice with Pumping Peanut. Mr. Freeze Klaus is ready for tee off and is a ‘SMACK” and Lickety Split Luna is racing down field as Iceman Buddy Budders slides up from the rear. She hits and scores!!! Luna sliding by with stick in air as the crowd is chanting, Go Luna, Go Luna, Go Luna … she heads back to the gate smiling.  


It’s nearing the final round, and the bells ring, the girls powering up with Doll-face Dollie, and Puck toe to toe, she smiles and Puck loosed balance and slides into the net … GONK! No score, penalty flag is thrown … and little Dollie slides back to the gate.

Zippety Do Da Shabba and Simon the slicker man take the field and dig Puckie out of the netting … all you can see on his face is a smile. He sits out one frame and Tank ‘em Toby 2- shoes gets in to play … the race across the field, each angel with pucks slapping and gliding, all the while little bits of ice fill the sky… at the end of the inning the bells sounds and it’s Fierce Fergi-Butt and she scores!!! If you look over Willow and Inky are playing with the numbers, of who scores in who’s net,  Minnie and Patch pick them up on their shoulders and chant, “our littlest angels” the rack-a-tiers!!! Oh mummies, tee-hee, we had fun …

… This was not the end of the evening, score was not the important part but the laughs, smiles, and giggles that filled the air, by the nights close all the shivers of ice filled the sky, it floated high and sparkled like the brightest diamond in the sky.


They once again graced the dining room for cake and deserts, but this time the little angel boy was greeted by a special little gurl, his little Dollie gurl … his heart skipped a beat or too and he gazed in the eyes of all his friends. Taws’ a day to remember, thank you one and all.             

01-23-2009 9:36 PM -- By: dawnmarie,  From:  

Hi Luna!! How are you doing after all that partying?  What a day you all had with Suzie Wong and Puck and the rest of your friends.

Nadine, I love your little stories and parties. LOL!! So cute!

Dawn-Marie (suzie's mommy)  Sending hugs and kisses your way


01-23-2009 8:34 PM -- By: puck llewis,  From:  

(puck sprinking thousands of rose petals everywhere) PINK rose petals.......spells out the words 'THANK YOU LUNA...I LOVE YOU AND SEND GOOD WISHES AND KISSES AND THOUGHTS TO YOUR MO) oh no....he thinks to himself...1 big rose short.  ... he gathers up a few of the pink petals and gets his duct-tape out of his man bag and puts 9 little rose petals together to make 1 bigger rose...)  M.  MOM.  there...puck looking rather proudly at his sign.....hope Luna Loo likes it!   she really made my mom smile...specialy the Hockey game...puck stretches and does a wrestler like HOOO YA....uh.....signs and thinks he has the best friends ever!  mom to.   

01-23-2009 6:04 AM -- By: Buddy,  From:  

FRIDAY!!!  Buddy does a happy dance and sings..."it's finally friday...."   Let's do something fun for Pucks angel day Luna!!  He wants to go to Atlanta and see the olympic stadium....we could do lots of stuff there....have our own olympic day.......gotta run.......xxooxxoo.....BREAKFAST....Hi Miss Nadine!!!!!!! 

01-22-2009 11:13 PM -- By: Little Bitty,  From: Heaven softest cloud  

Psst,  hee hee, that was me who just wrote!  Love you!

01-22-2009 11:12 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Hey there Luna!  How you doing girl?  Looking good as usual girl!  Moms been busy writing up more on my anniversary page but she wanted me to tell you that she just adores you too and is so happy to know that I have such wonderful freinds here !  Any my size too!   But I like my big friends too!  Everyone is so fun and great here and hey, we dont have to put up with the cold anymore. WOO HOO! 
Nadine, I hope you are doing well, I cant thank you enough for all your support  you have given us through this also and I hope you know how much we love and think of you and Luna.  She is included in my prays each nite.  You have done such a beautiful job with her memorial here.  I cry, I laugh, It warms my spirit and Little BItty s too.

01-22-2009 3:42 PM -- By: Buddy,  From:  

how about the party for PUck has something to do with hockey or baseball...puck=hockeypuck, or puck=kirby puckett=baseball.....hmmmm, but what could we do?  Play hockey or play baseball?  go to dyersville, Iowa and play baseball in the field of dreams????  it's a thought......xxoo.... 

01-22-2009 7:11 AM -- By: Buddy & Polly,  From:  

Good morning!!  I got my message this morning on my phone...I must go to sleep too early cuz I keep missing my phone calls!!  Seems like I;m busy busy busy til it's bed time for some reason.......hmmmm.....not sure about Puck's angel day tomorrow and lucie's bday.......what kind of a party?  How about a Hawiian Luaou or however you spell it...haha....the girls could wear grass skirts and have a hula contest......and blow in konch shells and  the boys could wear their best Magnum PI clothes......and they could have all the Hawaiian food.......??? ...Just a thought!!  

LUNA!!  LUNA!!!!  BREAKFAST.......can you get out of your fleecey blanket by yourself??  I saw the pictures of the northern lights!!  They have those in MN you know...and the other one in the clouds looked almost exactly like the sun dog my mom saw.......hmmmm.......xxooxxoo 

01-22-2009 12:27 AM -- By: Michele - Ginger's Mommy,  From:  

Hi Luna...just wanted to stop by and say hi, and let you and your mommy know that you are in my thoughts.  Sweet dreams!


01-21-2009 11:08 PM -- By: Shabba Lou & (mommy) Carole,  From:  

Hello Princess Luna...we love you loads girlie!

Hi Nadine, Shabba and I wanted to stop by and let you know again how much we care. We also wanted to share a very special day that Shabba and Luna had.
...Shabba was taking a stroll alone through a beautiful meadow near Lunetta’s reminiscing about the everlasting love and wonderful life he shared with his mommy and all his siblings that are still on earth with her. He thinks about all the wonderful friends he’s met, and their loving parents. His eyes well up with “happy tears.” As he skips along in his blue-suede shoes, blue-framed sunglasses (and matching man-bag), he starts singing Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Zip-A-Dee-A. Oh my goodness what a wonderful day. Plenty of sunshine heading my way Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Zip-A-Dee-A. He looks ahead and sees Luna dressed in a beautiful pink sundress with matching “rhinestone adorned” flip-flops. She’s standing on the back deck at Lunetta’s overlooking the beautiful sparkling blue water (thought bubble floating over Shabba’s head...she’s an angel...she’s truly an angel.) Luna is looking up toward the sky gazing at a beautiful “almost transparent” blue and yellow butterfly hovering over the honey-suckle flowers that are in full bloom...covering the ground just below the deck.
Shabba’s heart starts fluttering the closer he gets to Luna.  He starts singing again...softly...but, loud enough for Luna to hear. My girl is the sweet scent in the breeze...she the wind that flows through the trees. My girl is the candlelight burning in my heart, my girl is in the stars that shine on a summer nights. She's everything that's dear to me. She smiles and turns cloudy days clear. Heaven is my oyster and I got the dainty little Luna girl. I've got sunshine on a cloudy day...I’ve got my girl. What can make me feel this girl? O-o-o-h-h-h...I need to stop and shout!!! Luna, this IS Heaven being with ARE an girl. Oh angel-baby when you’re near me, my heart skips a beat. I can hardly stand on my own “four feet.” I love you Luna-lu! The first time I looked deep into your beautiful brown eyes, I knew I was in Heaven. Everything about you is everything that I dreamed of. You see, dreams DO come true. And now, you're here beside me my honey-bunch.
Luna (grinning from ear-to-ear) grabs Shabba (eyes as big as giant marbles) and they start spinning around...waltzing from one corner of the deck to the other...they lose track of time...hours pass into the night. Shabba clears his throat (prepping his man-voice) and says, “Luna my dainty as a pink rose petal, it’s just you and beneath the twinkling stars. Suddenly they hear a hundred (too many names to list) voices shout...SURPRISE! Go Shabba...go Shabba...go Shabba Lou. Go Luna...go Luna...go Luna-lu. Little did they know a crowd had gathered...all their friends were inside Lunetta’s watching every move they made.
Shabba and Luna wink at each other...both knowing it was time to put on a real show. Let’s show ‘em girl!!! Shabba sweeps Luna up into the air while she spins in circles. He props her up on his shoulder (Luna still spinning) and moon-walks backward right into the main lounge (Luna still spinning.) He gently sets her down on the floor (Luna still spinning), and they give each other a BIG kiss. The crowd breaks out in applause...a standing ovation. They all do “the wave” for a couple minutes and then, everyone starts dancing...they dance and party ‘til the break of dawn. One-by-one the crowd thinned out...Shabba and Luna are alone once again. They are POOPED out so Luna leads Shabba over to a big plush pink pillow draped with a silk powder blue blanket; they give each other a loving peck on the cheek and fall fast asleep in each others arms. What a beautiful day...what a lovely night...what a beautiful morning...

01-21-2009 7:29 PM -- By: Rocky,  From:  

Hi Luna, Thanks for inviting me to join you. It sure is a beautiful day. We both need to send or mom extra hugs and kisses as they both needed them very much. 

The cocoa sure tastes great. Can I have some more, Luna .Hmm...mmm,it sure is good.  Love to you and your mom ..Rocky


01-21-2009 4:11 PM -- By: Silvia,  From: Santa Clarita, CA  

Thank you for all your kind words.  It helps my heart to know that there are so many kind people, who hurt as much as I'm hurting right now when they lost their beloved pet.  I have a Stellaluna here, that Parker left behind.  I'm sure he'll share with you.  Play with him, he loves his ball! 

01-21-2009 11:30 AM -- By: Lucie-Llew Phelan Schneider ,  From: St Michael I am Pucks fur-sister  

Dear  Luna.....

I am writing you this message because Puck told me to.  If i didnt write this message to you he would tell me something that would drive my mom burying my rawhide or my new HALO treats in her plants.  Although I really really like them and had 3 last night.  so this morning i was violent with my monkey.  my mom was wondering just how much protien are in those little treats.   tee hee.   they are good.

I want to thank you for the HALO treats....(lucie-llew stops and wipes drewl off her face) cant buy these in MN.  My mom Lisa (but you know that already) was thinking of ordering them but not sure if I would like them.  I know Puck would have loved them cause mom said she had a hard time buying him low carb, high protien treats cause he is diabetic.  He needs no needles now where his is at but i know my mom really really misses him.  I know his name when she talks about him.  which is pretty much all the day.   My mom thinks Puck talks to me.  I have heard her say we are so much alike.  (lucie-llew snickers)

Anyway Luna....with love from Minnesota and send messages down to your mom. Tell Nadine...... My mom (lisa) bought your mom something and does need to send it but waiting till the right time.  it has YOUR name on it.  she will send it in time.   she ordered it long ago even before I found my forever home.  She just got it last week cause well...I have said enough already. 

I love you Luna...and I really want you to give Puck Lllewis (Lucie-Llew does a head tilt) a hug from me.  I will see him in time but for now....I am in Lisa and of course Teds company. Tell Puck Llewis..... I will take care of her and try my best to keep her not so sad all the time.   

Its Pucks Angel Day on Friday and my 3rd birthday.   how weird is that...(lucie smiles knowing she is sharing the 23rd with Puck).  

I love you Luna and send your mom messages - we love her so very very much.....

with my heart,

Lucie - Llew Phelan Schneider..

(now if i could just get the fridge open-to get the treats out)    



01-21-2009 6:18 AM -- By: Buddy,  From:  

yup, my mom was in bed.......well, watching tv but fell asleep.......gotta leave work at 9am for the dentist...too bad gotta go back......a long day!!  c'mon luna, lets go and eat.......what should we do today?  i asked PUck to hang out with him.......he is my twin you know.......g'morning miss nadine.......i miss new york!!!   .......haha.......xxoo...buddyboo.......   

01-20-2009 10:54 PM -- By: Toby,  From:  

Hi beautiful! Just wanted to let you know I love you!!!! Your precious mommy too!  Toby

01-20-2009 4:46 PM -- By: Dagmar Kessler,  From: DuBois  

Hi Nadine and Luna,

Thank you SSSSOOOOO much for your kind words on CRUSADER'S Birthday, it brought tears to my eyes.

I love your memorial site. Wow what a great thing you two had and still have.

One day, we  all be together again


01-20-2009 4:33 PM -- By: dawnmarie,  From:  

Hi Nadine and Hi to Luna!  Nadine, how have you been? I have been th inking of you and Luna. Luna, play nice with my little Suzie and I hope the both of you are sending  me and your mommy down some extra hugs and kisses.  We need them! 

Dawn-Marie (Suzie's mommy)

01-20-2009 1:20 PM -- By: tami,  From: montana  

Thank you for the very sweet birthday wishes to Yukon.  I miss him so much - woke up this morning wishing he were were there (physically) next to me in bed... I know he was there in spirit.  You understand, I know.  Thank you!!  Luna's memorial is beautiful... such a sweet face!! 

01-20-2009 7:06 AM -- By: Buddy,  From:  

LUNA!!!LUNA!!!  WAKE-UP...We're at your mom's house!  I wonder if she made us any M&M cookies or pumpkin squares?  Or maybe she has Potica????  Or maybe we better just get back to rb and Christians....Puck will be waiting.......I had a very fun time in the big city Miss Nadine....THANK YOU...I LOVE YOU!!!   Yup, mom's a busy gal....she forgot her phone in her purse in the closet and never heard it ringing!!  haha....that shouldn't surprise you at all!  Another busy day at work today what's with the people who get to be off today cuz of the inauguration?  What's up with that?  HMMM!!  I don't get it...tomorrow I have a dentist appt. so I have to leave work for awhile but I have to come back....never get many days off...only 3 weeks vacation a year here for the next 5 years....At my other job I was up to 6 weeks a year.....bummer!!  Have a good day....and you ARE getting stronger....I know it's a hard road but having the 2 girls helps a bit I'm sure...not to replace but to keep you busy and for somebody else to love too.......Good bye Miss Nadine...I had a great day and night too....xxoo Buddyboo.......   



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