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Memorial created 07-4-2008 by
Shabba Lou
June 6 1994 - June 30 2008

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05-07-2015 3:17 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Shabba Lou, thinking of you always. All my Love Luna. As Luna looks at her fuzzy little man, she smiles, lifts her paws and gently wraps them around him, then gives HIM a GREAT BIG KISS!!! Know no matter where I am, I know you are with me. Hugs, forever, your gal, Luna

12-31-2014 10:34 AM -- By: Kassandra,  From: California  

♡ Kassandra

12-31-2014 10:32 AM -- By: Kassandra,  From: California  

Hi Carole & Precious Shabba Lou. I just wanted to thank you again Carole for taking the time to write me a that extremely long heartfelt message on Lucky's guestbook. ♡ I know you don't visit this website often. But I'm really grateful to have found this site because dog owner's like you were able to express what I have been feeling with the grief Lucky's passing. He mean't the entire world to me having him since I was 8 years old. I know that us having Shabba Lou and Lucky for about 13 years how much they deeply touched and impacted our lives. But like you said their love stays with us forever and never dies. ♡ It took me a long time to realize and feel that Lucky's is in a good place at the Rainbow Bridge. When I am feeling sad I oftentimes go to Lucky's guestbook and read what you wrote because it's so beautiful and kind. Reading your memorial to beautiful Shabba Lou really reminds me of Lucky because they are both flat-faced with the sweetest souls. I find it so amazing that you rescued Shabba Lou when no one wanted him. I saw a sweet picture of Shabba Lou laying on the floor all spread out Lucky used to do that. ♡ I know that we are not the only one who wrote daily letters to our sweet babies because for 4 months it what has helped me get through all this. I am really happy to found this beautiful memorial of Shabba Lou and to read the heartfelt words you wrote to him. Anyways Happy New Year! Also love to your beautiful Ebony, Maggie Mae, Krystal Kay, Princess, Buster, Tina Jane & Seville. ♡ I know they are deeply missed with Shabba Lou.

11-01-2014 9:14 PM -- By: Kassandra,  From: California  

Hi Carole. Thank you so much for stopping by on my boy Lucky's page and don't worry I know who you are. I saw Shabba Lou picture awhile ago and had to stop by on his guestbook. I am sorry you were ill and hope you are feeling better now. Thank you for your long heartfelt words it made me feel so good reading them. It has been 11 weeks since Lucky has passed and I have my good and bad days. But it's really nice to know people on this website know EXACTLY what I've been feeling. I can tell Shabba Lou was a very sweet dog as you described him as a gentleman and you had him for a long time too. And your memorial to him is very touching also especially the eulogy and memorial service is so beautiful. The Last Day Page of Shabba Lou made me feel sad because our babies don't look like themselves as we remembered them. Our fur babies were definitely our bestfriends. The memories of remembering Lucky are currently the painful part and the saddest. Especially when I look at his pictures when he was his healthy self. But I know he's looking down on me. And hopefully time will heal and meet again. What a blessing you rescued Shabba Lou at the shelter and then he brought joy to your life and your other pets who also that have passed. Thank you again for the generous amazing words Carole! You are a very kind person. I will be back on here to write on here.


09-28-2014 10:58 PM -- By: Kassandra,  From: California  

I know it's been 6 years since your loving Shabba Lou passed. What an adorable cutie reminds me so much of my Lucky who I recently lost and it's extremely painful so I know what your going through.

07-22-2014 1:13 PM -- By: Luna & Nadine,  From:  

Hi Miss Carole, Shabba Lou, Ebony, and each and every fur-ever child awaiting at the bridge. Know their love surrounds us today just as much as yesterday and the memories in our mind remember each exact moment in time and drift through our thoughts like a gentle greeze, lifting our minds, hearts and spirits knowing they will forever be by our side, till the day we can hold them in our arms again.

Know I am here for you, call anytime. Showering you with our love and affection, as our little ones light up the sky with their wishes, hopes and dreams ... as each one wishes upon a star ... knowing near or far their love remain cradled in your heart. All our love, Luna & her mom Nadine

06-30-2014 3:52 PM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and little Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Carole and Shabba Lou .. I am so sorry .. I put Happy Birthday instead of Angelversary ... See what I get for rushing to post when I saw Shabba Lou listed. My apologies.

Hugs, Charles

06-30-2014 3:51 PM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and little Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes being sent to Shabba Lou up to Rainbow Bridge. I know there is a grand celebration going on.

Carole, hoping you are well and things going great. Hugs my friend as you cherish the memories of your precious Shabba Lou.

06-30-2014 3:05 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Shabba Lou, Thinking of you as your Angel Day is here... Luna places her loving arms around her man and gives him a warm gentle embrace, then looks in to his eyes and they begin to smile, as they say, these words, "always ... forever and a day". All our love, Luna & her mom Nadine

06-30-2014 2:11 PM -- By: Laura & Dale,  From:  

Remembering the very handsome Shabba Lou on his 6-Year Angel Day!

Carole, thinking of you as you remember Shabba Lou today - xoxo

06-30-2014 11:44 AM -- By: Cinnamon & Bruce,  From: Rainbow Bridge & Ridley Park, PA  

Shabba Lou & Carol,

Words are not sufficient to convey how very much you are loved by your Mommy Carole, Shabba Lou, so Cinnie and I will keep it short today. That, and it seems our long messages always wind up in Critters Review, never to be seen again.

So, Shabba Lou, Cinnamon & I are here to pay our respects on on your 6 year angel day, and to honor your tender, strong & loving heart, and your gracious, beautiful soul, and to celebrate the love and devotion you and your Mom Carole share for all time.

You and your angels are a part of the eternal fabric here at Critters, Carole, and so it will always be an honor to visit with your beloved Shabba Lou. You have always given voice to these most precious, amazing and unforgettable souls, AND the forever bond we share with them.

Bless guardian angels Shabba Lou, Maggie Mae, Ebony, Buster & Tina Jane Mom Carole & family, beloved Princess and Dezzy Dee, and your universe of soul, today and always.

Cinnamon & Bruce


06-30-2014 11:20 AM -- By: Michelle & Princess,  From:  

Hello Carole, We have traveled this journey together over the years and I know how much you still miss your Shabba Lou. Wishing you happy memories today and always.

06-13-2014 7:36 PM -- By: Cinnamon & Bruce,  From: Rainbow Bridge & Ridley Park, PA  

Carole & Shabba Lou,

I apologize for the delay, Carole, but I'm stopping by today to thank and your precious angels for visiting with my sweet little Cinnamon, to remember her life and loving spirit on her 2 year angel day last week. Between issues with the Critters site, and the emotional weight of Cinnie's angel day, it's been difficult to make honor the amazing angels here at Critters every day, and get the housekeeping I need done to Cinnamon's memorial. You are one of those special people here at Critter's, Carole, who puts the well being of our precious canine and feline kids first. To visit with any one of your angels here, Caro;e, puts fully into perspective the amazing amount of love, and generosity of spirit, they add when we are blessed to share life with them. Thanks to Shabba Lou and Buster boy for taking the time out of their angel schedules to personally accompany you, too. Finally, I'd like to offer my condolences once more on the passing of your beloved Tina Jane earlier this year. I'm glad I found her memorial, and that I was finally able to honor her this week. Thanks again for visiting with my Pookie, Carole. Bless you and your family, Princess and Dezzy Dee; and your amazing guardian angels Shabba Lou, Maggie Mae, Ebony, Buster & Tina Jane, forever.

Cinnamon & Bruce

PS And my first two messages to Shabba Lou on his birthday are still stuck in Critters review!

06-06-2014 5:11 PM -- By: Gina & Saada,  From:  


06-06-2014 12:40 PM -- By: Michelle & Princess,  From:  


06-06-2014 9:47 AM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and little Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Carole and precious Shabba Lou ... stopping by to wish Shabba Lou a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Shabba Lou, I know today there will be a grand celebration up at Rainbow Bridge. I surely hope that Sammy, Gabby and little Bob M and all the other beautiful Rainbow Bridge furkids are there to help you celebrate and eat lots of cake and ice cream.


06-05-2014 9:05 PM -- By: Cinnamon & Bruce,  From: Rainbow Bridge & Ridley Park, PA  

Carole & Shabba Lou,

Once again, dear friends, I am at a loss as now two messages intended for you, handsome Shabba Lou, on your 20tgh birthday, have gone directly to Critters review.

Bless guardian angels Shabba Lou, Maggie Mae, Ebony, Buster & Tina Jane Mom Carole & family, beloved Princess and Dezzy Dee, and your universe of soul, forever. Cinnamon & Bruce

06-05-2014 4:05 PM -- By: Luna,  From: Shabba Lou;s BD  


Luna sits quietly on the deck watching the stars as they appear, as she gazes upon the night sky she looks upon the brightest star in the heavens and makes a wish, … you can hear her say, “Star light, star bright, the first star a see tonight ... I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight" … she closes her eyes and whispers her thoughts to the wind, and the angels heard her.

Quiet and fast asleep in his bed is Shabba Lou, but he is not alone nor lonely … among him cradeled in softness are the wishes and dreams of many … knowing tomorrow is his birthday.

All through the night each fur-ever angel speak to the starts and twll stories to the the hearts of the parents who love them, letting them know how much we are thought of and so deeply loved. When Shabba awakes he finds his bed dusted with the stars of the heavens, and the sky is full of big bright twinkling stars … he begins to smile when he catches the aroma of breakfast being prepared in the kitchen, a grand breakfast ... as he sticks his head in the kitcehn he notices Luna busy away flipping pancakes, sizzling bacon, poaching eggs, toasting bagels, hot buns, preparing sweet juices and freshly brewing coffee … and places the HUGE tray on the table and puts a napkin on his lap, and gives him a gentle kiss ... "morning hun". ... he SMILES, then notices laid out on a chair is a beautiful shirt, pants, and a very stylish hat as he quickly gets dressed, but before he's done he noticed a pocket watch hanging from his vest pocket, and when he picked it up and turned it over; engraved on the back read, “Time, is on our side ... all we have is time" … he looks up at her with a joyful expression and hears a knock on the door, it's his sisters and brothers ... and when Luna opens the patio doors high in the hills from the ocean to the field of dreams all his freinds are waiting ... they let our a joyous, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHABBA LOU" ... and the party begins.

Remember ... all things come in in time. As Shabba flips open the pocket watch a gently melody plays and fills the air making our little ones smile. Luna leans over and gives Shabba Lou a great big KISS ... and with her eyes gazing upon his she says, "Thank you for always being there for me and showering me with your love, friendship, attention and affection" … she then smiles and Shabba begins to blush, and at that exact moment the sky begins to turns pink ... May OUR LOVE always surround you, till the day we can hold you in our arms again. ((BIG Hugs)) and moonlit wishes, Luna & her mom Nadine

06-30-2013 10:59 AM -- By: Bruce & Cinnamon,  From: PA  

Shabba Lou & Carol,

Bless gorgeous, devoted, smart, caring,courageous and gentle man Shabba Lou, and Mom Carole, on beloved Shabba Lou's 5yr Angel day.

As you know, Shabba Lou, I just met you officially earlier this month on your birthday, but I had heard about you, and the amazing love you share with your Mom Carol and your brothers and sisters, FROM your brothers and sisters.

Bless you, Carol, for being so genuine and loving with Shabba Lou and all of your babies, and for never, ever failing to share with them the tenderness and love they so richly and completely deserve.

Bless guardian Angel Shabba Lou, Mom Carole, Shabba's amazing Angel brothers & sisters, and your shared family of Angels and souls, on Shabba Lou's solemn Angel day and all the days to come.

Bruce & Cinnamon

06-30-2013 8:19 AM -- By: Michelle & Princess,  From:  

Dear Carole, I will try not to make a mess of this post! I hope you day is filled with beautiful memories of your sweet Shabba Lou. How our furbabies touch our lives while they are with us and then...forever after.

06-30-2013 12:03 AM -- By: Brenda,  From: Miami, FL  

oh lorddddd.I am soooooo sorry for the typo. That is obviously supposed to say 5th angelversary! Please forgive me!

06-30-2013 12:02 AM -- By: Brenda,  From: Miami, FL  

Carole: Stopping by a day early to wish precious Shabba Lou a happy 45th angelversary at the bridge. Please take tomorrow to reflect on all of the wonderful memories you two shared. I am sure he is doing the same.

06-06-2013 8:59 PM -- By: Laura & Dale,  From:  

Happy, happy birthday to Shabba Lou!!!!

06-06-2013 12:09 PM -- By: Michelle & Princess,  From:  

Well I just made a mess of the whole thing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Shabba Lou not angel day! ;o(

06-06-2013 12:05 PM -- By: Michelle & Princess,  From:  

Sorry, My cute little design did not come out as planned. Please erase it if you wait.

06-06-2013 12:04 PM -- By: michelle & Princess,  From:  

Dear Carole, Remembering you and your sweet prince Shabba Lou on his 5th angel day today. So much love wrapped in that furry little body. I know he is greatly missed today and always. Hugs, Michelle

.....)....... .....((....... .......) \....... .......( , )....... ......._ `|'_....... .......( """" )....... .......)/(/( \|....... .......() )()|| ...... .......| () ||....... .......|.....||....... .......|.....||....... .......|.....|....... .......|.....|....... .......|.....|....... .......|.....|....... ..____|__|____.. (_______)

06-06-2013 12:03 PM -- By: Bruce & Cinnamon,  From: PA  

Birthday blessings to handsome, faithful, strong, compassionate, determined, loving, brave and tender Shabba Lou, and Mom Carole, on beloved Shabba Lou's 19th birthday.

I know you know, Shabba Lou, that words can never adequately convey the beauty and permanence of the love you and your Mom Carole share. I am thankful that Carole was blessed with a wonderful, loving son like you to share her life with, and grateful that a beautiful spirit like yours got to spend most of your earthbound years in the company of a Mom, and your amazing brothers & sisters, who loved you unconditionally.

Bless guardian Angel Shabba Lou, Mom Carole, Shabba's amazing Angel brothers & sisters, and Carole's entire family, today and always.

06-06-2013 10:21 AM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and little Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Carole and precious Shabba Lou .. stopping by to wish Shabba Lou a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Shabba Lou ... I know there will be a grand celebration for you and all the other birthday furkids.


06-06-2013 12:16 AM -- By: pat,  From: oklahoma  

Hold on to what is good, even if it's a handful of earth. Hold on to what you believe, Even if it's a tree that stands by itself. Hold on to what you must do, Even if it's a long way from here. Hold on to your life, Even if it's easier to let go. Hold on to my hand, Even if I've gone away from you.

Pueblo Indian Prayer

06-05-2013 4:38 PM -- By: Brenda,  From: Miami, FL  

Carole: Just stopping by a day early to wish Shabba Lou a happy birthday at the bridge. Please take tomorrow to reflect on all of the wonderful memories you two shared. I am sure he is doing the same.


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