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Memorial created 07-4-2008 by
Shabba Lou
June 6 1994 - June 30 2008

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06-30-2009 1:39 PM -- By: Tani,  From: Kentucky  

Remembering your sweet and beautiful Shabba on the day of his angelversary. I know the grief will never leave, just like you write in your memorial. But, that is only while we are on this earth. We can look forward to seeing our precious pets when we get to Heaven, and finally there will be absolutely no more sadness. May God bless you.

06-30-2009 1:25 PM -- By: Stacy and Minnie,  From:  

Hi Shabba Lou! Happy One Year Angel Day, sweetsie! Your Mommy, furbrothers and fursisters will love and miss your forever!

Carole, I am thinking of you as you travel through a surely difficult day. You always have such comforting words for the Mommies and Daddies who have lost their furbabies, that I wish I could say something to make your day a little easier.

Please know you are not alone, your critters family are here anytime you need a shoulder to cry on. Your babies, Ebony and Shabba Lou will never be forgotten! We love each of you bunches!

Stacy and Minn-Minn

06-30-2009 1:17 PM -- By: Angie and Rocky,  From:  

Hello Carole, Stopping by to wish your handsome boy happy first angelversary. My thoughts are with you and may his joyful memories brings you comfort.

06-30-2009 11:47 AM -- By: pucks mom lisa ,  From:  

i am at work crying. i cant help it. one of those days i guess. then going over pucks guestbook on page 5 there is beautiful shabba and ebony. one of pucks 1st friends. i miss my little guy so very much. i cant help but think back to those few days and weeks and time doesnt just learn to cope..i see pucks stuff every day and he is present. always in my broken heart. what you wrote i reference back when the days seem to linger. i dont know what i would do with out you and my critters family.... Carol you truly help in your own grief and heartache you reach out and help others i think more than you know. here is what you wrote from ebony...i thought i would share it with you...again... I read your post on the "Suggestions For Coping With Pet Loss" and my heart truly aches for you. I said good-bye to my angel Ebony seventeen months ago yesterday, and I still break down and cry. I miss her more now than ever. I had to attend pet grief counceling for four months after I said goodbye to Ebony. It takes a very long time to heal. I will never get over the loss of any of my babies.

It's unfortunate that people will acknowledge our grief, if the loved one we lost is a human, but they think we should heal quicker when we lose a pet. To be perfectly honest, I hurt worse over the loss of my pets than some of the human loved ones I've lost. I thought something was wrong with me for feeling like that, so I asked my counelor if there was something wrong with me, or if I was being too extreme. She explained that the love and bond we have for our pest is sometimes deeper than with humans because it is "pure" and "unconditional." They never mistreat us, leave us, judge us, etc.

We have every right to mourn and grieve for our babies as long as it takes. I've been told to get over "it", and all kinds of other things about the way I feel about the loss my darling Ebony. Yes, we move on, and eventually the pain lesssens, but the scars of our loss will always be there. They are our "adopted children."

Please know that I do understand how you feel, and my heart is right there with you. Your sweet boy is a doll! I've been a bit long-winded, but I wanted to let you know that you are not alone. Hugs to you both. thoughts are with you today. i am not looking forward to pucks 1 year coming up in august .. be there for me ok...Carol you truly are an anel as is ebony and beautiful shabba lou. Thank you from the bottom of my fractured heart.

06-30-2009 11:37 AM -- By: puck llewis ,  From:  

INCOMING!! hi shabba lou its just me puck llewis stopping by today on this your angelversary day. my mom thinks of you ebony and your mom EVERY day. you are one of my first friends. my mom was reading over your and ebonys first ever entry that you wrote to my is a little snippet your mom wrote;

It's me again Lisa, please visit my little boy Shabba Lou, if you have the time. I am hurting so heart is shattered in a million pieces. I said goodbye to Shabba June 30th, after 14 years together. I just want Ebony and Shabba back so bad. If we could only turn the hands of time back, I'd do it all over again knowing all the love I'd receive. Blessings to you Lisa and Puck. We love you little boy!!!! You are "truly adorable." shabba mom cried this morning going over it. she loves you shabba lou and ebony to. i am so glad we are friends and this is a ruff day for all of us. we miss our moms and dads so much...and you are so much sunshines in your moms heart both you and ebony. and i would like to think we all are the sunshine in her heart. my mom says its hard to think of me and not think of my friends to. and she does....i love you shabba lou. and ebony to....

06-30-2009 10:41 AM -- By: Vicki and Misty Rose,  From: Nebraska  

Just stopping by to wish Shabba a wonderful first year Angelversary. How handsome he is and you can be sure he has made lots and lots of friends at the Bridge. God bless and keep you forever in eternity.

06-30-2009 8:07 AM -- By: Kim,  From: Stroudsburg, PA  

Shabba Lou, Today is your one year Angel Day and you are being remembered by many people. Carole your tribute to Shabba is wonderful.

06-30-2009 1:08 AM -- By: karen tomczak,  From: Harrington De  

Happy Angel Day Shabba Lou . We love you . Hugs Karen Rameses , Brandy and little Gar's Mom

06-30-2009 1:08 AM -- By: Lea,  From: Ky  

Stopping by to say hi on your One Year Angel Day. My thoughts and prayers are with your mom. Have fun playing with my Sally at the Rainbow Bridge.

06-30-2009 12:08 AM -- By: Gina (and Saada),  From:  

Hi Carole, I am stopping by in honor and remembrance of your dear Shabba Lou's One-Year Angel Day. I know these angel days are so hard and you miss your sweet baby very much. I am sure Shabba Lou and Ebony are celebrating together at Rainbow Bridge with all their wonderful friends. Carole, keeping you in my thoughts and prayers on this Angelversary of Shabba Lou's. Take care. Hugs, Gina

Bridge Called Love.... It takes us back to brighter years,
to happier sunlit days
and to precious moments
that will be with us always. And these fond recollections
are treasured in the heart
to bring us always close to those
from whom we had to part. There is a bridge of memories
from earth to Heaven above...
It keeps our dear ones near us
It's the bridge that we call love. Author Unknown

06-29-2009 8:07 PM -- By: deb and KIA,  From:  

Carole, Special thoughts to you tomorrow from my heart. I know what your babies mean to you and that our hearts never get over our lossing them, we just learn to adjust to live with out them ... Happy Angel Day Shabba Lou Turner may you soar with the angels. An angel's first year in heaven. Please don't weep for me no more Don't let grief consume your life. For I am in a state of bliss No sorrow or no strife. For death is not the end of all It's but the very start. I have left my love with you To hold within your heart. It's not a year without me It's been a year with God and glory It's not the end of a life But the beginning of my story. For I have not left you I am with you everywhere. All the things we used to do I'm by your side to share. For I am always near. So the loneliness that you feel Please try to turn around. For the author of my life Has brought me to hollowed ground. My life among the angels Was what God planned for me. Please accept that He knows I'm where I'm suppose to be and will be there to greet you Mom on your arrival day

06-29-2009 4:43 PM -- By: Lauvern and Luke,  From:  

Hi Carole. I just wanted to stop by while i had some computer time which has been very scarce lately. Know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers,especially tomorrow on precious Shabba Lou's First Year Angel Day.I know it will be a hard day for you but try and think of Shabba Lou healthy and young again and free of all earthly elements.I know you have many fond memories of him,try to remember all the good times with him and know that you will see him again one day.For now ,i am sure his big sister Ebony is looking after him .Stay strong.I am thinking of you. Hugs.

HAPPY FIRST YEAR ANGELDAY tomorrow Shabba Lou..... We love you.xoxoxoxo Luke and his mom.

06-12-2009 9:40 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Sahbba Lou and Miss Carole, (Luna blushes)as she shakes her fluffy tail with excitement, actually her whole body begins to quiver ... then she rushes up to Shabba Lou and nestles in his arms .... (ahhhh as she looks deeply in to his eyes), he begins to hold her closer and closer ... wait a minute, Luna turns her head, OMG I forgot my mom was back ... Both begin to blush as they wak off hand and hand to sit upon the beach and watch the waves ... WE LOVE YOU!!!!!! Always, Luna and & her mom

Hi Carole, It feels like i've been gone a long time, it began a few days before Luna's one year AD, and then her Birthday, and now I'm back from vacation??? ... time is noting more than time, and some days it passes by so quickly, but the love in our hearts are here to stay forever, and ever and ever.... I'm so sorry to hear that Gene's lost his girl, I know how your heart must ache yet again. I will speak to you tonight or tomorrow and play catch up. and I have to say I love Shabba Lou's new pages, so heartfelt and touching, it's as if your feeling crept right from inside you and positioning itself upon the page, it was your heart speaking. Many hugs and much love always, Nadine

06-12-2009 7:19 PM -- By: dawnmarie,  From:  

Hi Shabba Lou!! Hi Carole! Just stopped by to say hello to you both!! Hi pretty Shabba Lou. How have you been doing? We miss you all! Dawn-Marie (suzie's mommy)

06-12-2009 4:05 PM -- By: brenda bustersmommy,  From: united kingdom  

Hello Shabba Lou Im so sorry sweetheart i missed your birthday, i would never mean to do that,Iv been so tied up down here with Buster's two legged big brother he's been really poorly for a few months and im trying to get him better which is really hard going but he's my little baby, like you are your mommies little boy and you are so much loved, so please forgive me sweetheart for missing your birthday, Im send you so belated big kisses up to you, big hugs to you Shabba x x

Carol, All i can say is im so sorry for missing Shabba's birthday, Iv not been on Critters so much in the last few months all my time is taken up with helping Spencer, I do hope you are keeping well and once again im truely sorry for missing little Shabba's birthday, love and hugs to you and your babies, x x

06-12-2009 12:31 PM -- By: deb and kia,  From:  

CAROLE, SHABBA LOU, EBONY, WE ARE HOPING CARA IS DOING OK, and we thought we would stop by and leave a poem for you Miss CAROLE.

If all the stars fall from your sky, and you don't know what to do; Just reach down deep inside your heart, I'll be waiting there for you.

I'm as close as your next heartbeat, and within your heart I'll stay; I will be there when you need me, I will never walk away.

If your burdens become heavy, and they seem too much to bear; You know that I will share your load, I will always be right there.

Always in the background, and it is there I'll stay; Until the day you call my name, I won't be far away.

I will be there in the sunshine, as it shines upon your face; When you feel its warmth, remember me, I'll be waiting in my place.

I will be there in the soft breeze, as it dances 'cross your skin; So quietly I'll be there, like a whisper in the wind.

So if the stars fall from your sky, and you don't know what to do; Just look for me inside your heart, I'll be waiting there for you.

06-12-2009 11:03 AM -- By: Sheba and Wicki,  From:  

Oh, I'm sorry, I meant precious boy, of course!

06-12-2009 11:02 AM -- By: Sheba and Wicki,  From:  

Oh, sweet Shabba Lou, I'm so sorry I missed your birthday, little sweetsie. I hope it was wonderful and that you celebrated YOU with tons of loving friends. I love you, precious girl!

06-12-2009 9:33 AM -- By: Stacy and Minnie,  From:  

Hey big guy! We love you bunches too!

06-11-2009 8:20 AM -- By: Bettyann,  From:  

Dear Carole and Sweet Shabba Lou, stoppin by with a friendly Hello and sending Big Hugs your way.

06-10-2009 2:06 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

HIYA HANDSOME ... (Luna blushes) humm, as she snuggles in nice and close and lifts his hair from his eyes. I love you!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHABBA. Gee, I know I'm a little late with my post, but do you know while mymom was away she cried all day Saturday, remembering and missing me ... had a great time at your party. All our love always, Luna & her mom

06-10-2009 1:20 AM -- By: lauri,  From:  

Aww im sorry about your brother's dog that must have been hard. Hugs simba, for she's sitting on Gods lap waiting for your brother. Yes some dogs grieve that is sad im sorry.

Aww you didn't have to read how Chrissy died I know its arwful please dont cry. yes her boyfriend (lol) now there in heaven together im sure shes playing with him. Ill try to keep up the good work but I have lost some of my heart and it hurts. well hugss love your site too. Shabba is cuteeeee really he is. Any way please take care. BIG HUGS to you and your brother and alllllll your babbbysss {:

06-09-2009 5:57 PM -- By: Janice, Duke & Samuel,  From:  

Hi there Shabba Lou,

I had no idea that Ebony was your brother. What a sad story too; I had not read it before! Thank God you and Ebony were sent to such a warm, loving and caring mommy. We need a lot more people in this world who love fur babies b/c you guys are so perfect and filled with love! Kisses & hugs to you Shabba Lou.

06-07-2009 2:01 PM -- By: Bailey,Gretchen,Henry,  From: Heaven and NY  

Shabba I just want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY little man for tomorrow as I do not know if I can visit tomorrow. Have a great time but don't forget to send puppy kisses to your mom as I know she misses you so much.Bailey,Gretchen,Henry

06-07-2009 1:57 PM -- By: deb and kia,  From:  

Carole and Shabba Lou...I just got your beautiful message, Thank you so much,Today is Kia's 6 month angel day so my mind is filled with thoughts and memories of her,But I can not help but think of Cara, my heart hurts for all of you but more so for Cara, she is hurting for your brother and coping with her lost and at her age.My thoughts and prayers to all and a big prayer for Cara that she will make it ok,,,,,

06-07-2009 9:37 AM -- By: Bettyann,  From: PA  

Dea Carole and Precious Shabba Lou, I just wanted to stop by today and let you know I am thinking of you and your Precious Shabba Lou. What an adorable name, I don't know how you came up with his name but it most certainly seems so fitting, as I look into his adorable face. Dear Carole, please send my sincerest condolences to your brother, I am truly sorry for the loss of his precious pup. Take Care and BIG HUGS to all.

06-06-2009 7:20 PM -- By: karen tomczak,  From: Harrington De  


06-06-2009 2:36 PM -- By: Skye,  From: NC  

Stopping by to honor and remember Shabba Lou on his 15th birthday. How could anyone have ever suggested that there was anything "ugly" about that precious boy, for he is clearly beautiful inside and out, as is the love you two shared, and likewise, you have created a beautiful memorial tribute to your sweet boy. How very fortunate he was that fateful day when a special woman with her heart so filled with love walked through the doors of the shelter to claim him as her boy and gave him a second chance at a wonderful new life. You were his angel on earth -- Something Shabba Lou will be forever grateful for...and will love you forever for. My thoughts are with you on this day, and I wish you well. May you always hold the joyful memories of your sweet, precious Shabba Lou close to your heart, and may those memories always bring you peace, comfort, and a smile to your face....and may those memories also help to heal your heart along the way.

HAPPY BIRHDAY SHABBA LOU! We celebrate you today :)


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