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Memorial created 07-4-2008 by
Shabba Lou
June 6 1994 - June 30 2008

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10-01-2008 2:51 PM -- By: Calebs daddy & Jasper,  From: Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania  

Little Shabba,what a beautiful, beautiful tribute your mommy Carole wrote for you..You Blessed her life as much as she Blessed yours Shabba,and now, together with Ebony,you can both Bless her with those special shared memories only you knew together.. when i lost my Caleb,i didn't know how i was ever going to survive in this world without him because the emotional emptiness was shared 13 wonderful years and those memories must now see mommy Carole through those most difficult times when she is missing her babies most,and it is in the remembering of every single moment of that time that mommy Carole will know--> she needen't say she was Blessed,for it just was,and her heart was the better for knowing this,as mine was with my Caleb...what a world this would have been if we had never known either of you...your memories and our love will never, ever fade,or grow old with time.. now we can both picture our Beloveds as young and enjoying renewed health once more,and illnesses such as congestive heart failure and kidney failure do not exist in either of our worlds,and you are free,happy and romping with many,many new friends and on those special days,you surround us with your Spiritual Peace,and our hearts rest easy..for now,Calebs daddy will say to rest well and know Peace in that love that your mommy Carole is sending your way on "butterfly wings"..each one a treasured memory,for each one is well beautiful little Angel,rest well.....Carole,our babies are all together,safe,and in Peace.....

10-01-2008 2:37 PM -- By: Nadine & Luna,  From:  

Happy 3 Month Angel Day Shabba Lou ... I didn't realize when Luna gave you that soft loving kiss from your mama that you've been away from her for 3 whole months ... I'm sorry Carole. I know you miss your boy, I miss my girl too, and what you said about loving them more and doing more, I can relate, I wish it too, but I know both of your precious angels are keeping close tabs on my little one, just as we care with eachother ... Know thoughts of you, your precious babies are always in my thoughts and in my heart. Love always, Nadine & Luna

10-01-2008 2:29 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Shabb-ba Loooooou, Luna sings, I Lovvvve Youuuuu! Come on handsome, let's take a stroll ... (they sit under the big oak tree on a blanket), there ya go, I brought a bag of cookies along w/some hot coco ... I love you! Luna

10-01-2008 12:02 AM -- By: Melissa-Koochy's Momma,  From: Rapid City, SD  

I am just checking in on you. I read what you wrote below and it brought me to tears. I know how you are and you gave plenty of hugs and kisses. I feel the same way though, that we could have overwhelmed our babies with them. I gave Koochy a lot but still think I could have given more. I sure miss her just like you miss Shabba and Ebony. Its almost been 10 months without her. I worry about Cosmo, but soon I will be home with him again, when baby comes. Baby is due next week. Take care and keep in touch.

10-01-2008 12:00 AM -- By: Annette (Stimpy's Mama),  From: New York  

Hello Carole and little cutie, Shabba Lou! Thanks for stopping by Stimpy's memorial and leaving such a sweet message. It's so nice to know I have caring friends to help me through the tough times. I hope I can be as helpful to you when you need it most. God Bless you and your little baby, Shabba. Take Care! I love you sweet Shabba! xoxo

09-30-2008 11:09 PM -- By: Broken hearted mommy,  From: the path of grief  

Today marks three agonizing months without you my little teddy bear. Shabba I love you so much honey, and I miss you more with each passing moment. I hurt so bad right now Shabba. I think about having to make that heart-breaking decision to relieve you of your pain and suffering. I really don't know what's worse...a sudden loss or having to make that dreaded decision. I've felt them both now. I can't get over you and your sis being gone.

The holidays are almost here again. My heart is already breaking, and the tears roll when I think about "two socks" that will be left untouched this year. If only I could have one wish or prayer come true...I'd turn the clock back and wish both you and Ebony back here with us. I'd do things so different...more kisses and hugs, you'd hear mommy say I love you so many times you'd probably get tired of it...more treats...more walkies...more everything.

I'm sorry I have to go boy...I cannot see through my tears. I miss you...oh how I miss you. Be sure and catch all the kisses I blow into the sky sweety...please share some with Ebony. Luv your proud momma.

09-30-2008 6:49 PM -- By: Joy,  From:  

We couldn't stop by Ebony's memorial and not stop by to see handsome Shabba Lou!! Don't ever forget we love you (and your Mommy) Shabba Lou...xoxo Joy (Angel, Taffy & Patches Mom)

09-30-2008 3:14 PM -- By: Katie,  From: ohio  

sry 4 ur loss

09-30-2008 2:22 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Shabba Lou, Oh Luna you've got that look in your eye, Yes Shabba (Luna walks closer), have you heard anything lately Luna, Yes Shabba I did,(Gulp), was it a message from my mom? Oh yes it was, (Shabba begins to blush), and butterfly kisses? Yes, indeed, Luna wraps her arms around Shabba Lou and gives him a warm embrace, and such a soft gentle kiss ... his eyes open, was that it? YES, wow, so soft and gentle, TAHNKS MOM!!! THANKS! Come on Shabba, let's take a walk and look at the clouds, the sky is so blue today ... Love you you alwyas, Luna & her mom

09-30-2008 1:35 PM -- By: Linda (Ceeses's mom),  From:  

Shabba Lou, you are darling. So lucky to have such a wonderful mom like Carole who loves all her critters so very much. Carole, I so much appreciate that you stop by and see Ceese.

Ebony reminds me so much of my Greta who is now over 11 and showing signs of nearing the end. I often visit Ebony for comfort on Greta's bad days. Linda

09-30-2008 10:55 AM -- By: Buddy,  From:  

Hi Shabba Lou & Carole, Just stopping in to see how you are both doing. I know you are missing both your babies and wish there were something I could say to ease your hurt. Everyone here at RB loves them & you too!! xxoo Buddy & his mom

09-30-2008 9:03 AM -- By: brenda and buster,  From: united kingdom  

Hello Carol and Shabba i just poppedin to tell you we love you and always will,


09-28-2008 3:53 PM -- By: puck ,  From: rainbow bridge by way of st michael mn  

hi shabba..just checking in to say you puck llewis

09-28-2008 1:15 PM -- By: Toby,  From:  

Hi Shabba! Just wanted to stop by and tell you thanks for the birthday wishes! I had so much fun last night at the fall formal, and my birthday cake was great!!!! Thanks for singing "Yappy Birthday" to me!! Love you buddy!!! Toby

09-28-2008 3:44 AM -- By: Nadine & Luna,  From:  

Hi Shabba & your Mommy Carole, I want to thank you again for always being there for me, I know you were working today and took from your day time to help me, I appreciate that more than you know. It's always nice to know you have someone you can count on, thank you again my friend, and your precious Shabba is with you, he watches over you, and he's brought us together, thank you by,ho wdid you know I needed a friend to talk you. I love you Carole, Nadine & Luna

anytime of the day, I'll always be there if you need warms my heart knowing your there tolisten, whenothers have given up, I'll never forget my baby and she'll always be a part of me, thanks for sharing and caring.

09-28-2008 12:50 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Hello my little Shabba Lou. I need you so bad honey! I am hurting really bad right now. My heart is broken. If only I could bury my face in that soft neck of yours. Oh Shabba I wish I could hold you again. Things that happen day-to-day can bring all that "raw pain" to the surface so easily. I try to be so strong for everyone else, but I guess underneath it all...I am still so very fragile. Thank you for being my boy...I love you baby, and miss you more than you could ever know. Please come visit me in my dreams honey...oh how I need you tonight.


I am sorry if I don't grieve correctly.

Please share with me the standards you use to judge.

In the beginning, if I held my emotions, it wasn't enough.

Yet now you do not wish to be reminded of what I can never forget.

How can one judge someone else’s emotions?

Who are they to say what is correct.

Where does one find the expiration date for grieving their loved one?

Is our pain any less as time goes by?

We are able to get through our good and bad days.

We have had practice now in how to put on a act.

Yes, the world is a stage and I am an accomplished actress.

I am playing the role of my life and I must give it all that I have.

Nobody wants to see my tears now.

No one wants to acknowledge that I still hurt.

Everyone wants life as it used to be. Can't they see that so do I?

Where are the books that tell us when we can feel and when we cannot?

Is there a set formula that we must follow?

Will there be a test we are expected to pass?

Why are we not allowed to have my own feelings?

Until the end of my days I will grieve my losses.

I am sorry if you think I am doing it wrong.

It will be done at my own speed.

They were my children, and not yours.

Please...allow me my grief! ~ author unknown ~

There are many emotions we are hit with in life. Grief is the hardest, filling our hearts with wrenching pain. No one can know grief, until, they lose their loved one. To never hear Shabba again, never see his sweet, sweet smile and sparkling eyes. There is no hurt like it. I wish there was a way I could tell him now how thankful I am that he loved me. I experienced a love and happiness with Shabba that words alone cannot describe...and sometimes not even family or friends understand. A piece of me died the day Shabba and I said goodbye, and another piece of me died when Ebony and I said goodbye.

So, let me grieve my way...give me my time…because I will never get over losing them. I can only learn how to live with this pain. Unfortunately, memories and pictures are not enough. Grief is an emotion that hits so deep, it cannot be explained in words alone.

09-26-2008 12:23 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Nite-nite sweet Shabba. I love you little sweetheart, Richard (and Dollie..;) PS: Quack-quack little man, quack-quack.

09-25-2008 7:31 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Handsome, Don't forget to pick up your shoes for the Fall Formal this Saturday, hope to see yo there in your formal wear...Love, Luna

09-25-2008 5:05 PM -- By: Judy Green,  From: Flag Pond, Tennessee  

A Dog For Jesus. I wish Someone would have given Jesus a Dog, as Loyal and Loving as Mine. To Sleep in His Manger and Gaze in His Eyes and Adore him for being Divine, as Our Lord grew into Mankind, His Faithful Dog,Would have Followed him all through the Day. While He Preached to the Crowds and Made the Sick Well and Knelt in the Garden to Pray. It is Sad to Remember that Christ went away to Face Death Alone and Apart, with no Tender Dog following close behind to Comfort its Master'a Heart, and when Jesus Arose on that First Christmas Morn, how Happy He would have been. As his Dog Kissed His Hand and Barked in Delight, For the One who Died for all Men. Well the Lord has a Dog now, I just Sent Hime Mine. This Old Pal so Dear to Me, and I Smile through the Tears on this First Day Alone. Knowing They're in Eternity.Day after Day, The Whole Day through. Wherever My Road Inclined. Four Feet Said "Wait I'm Coming with You!", and Trotted along Behind. Written By: Rudyard Kipling.

09-23-2008 6:06 PM -- By: Lauren,  From:  

Thnks for commiting on my page. She's a real farm pig. Thanks for the hug and the buetiful things you wrote. Your baby is precious, hes a doll. Chrissey and Shabba are probally playng togethr or have met. Hang in there cause you will see him agian just not right now.

09-23-2008 5:57 PM -- By: brenda and buster,  From: united kingdom  

Hi Carol, I had to call in and see Shabba he,s so much like Buster,i now they are hanging together and having lots of fun,Luna say,s Shabba and Buster have become a double act,they are always pulling jokes on all there friends, but dont worry Carol Ebony keeps them under control, What a special lady to care for 7 babies its a full time job for me looking after my two Ozzie and Gizzie but they will never be Buster, Always thinking about you love and hugs to you and all your babies, Love you Shabba,

09-23-2008 12:00 PM -- By: lisa pucks mom,  From:  

i just had to again say thanx for hangin with puck....

09-23-2008 10:38 AM -- By: Joe/Efren and Rocky,  From: EL Paso TX  

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts of Rocky during his illness. He saw his vet yesterday and well his illness is his arthrites a sudden inflamation from the early cold weather started off,his pain but with new medication (non-steroid) he can stay on it for a long time with out any side effects. But after he was given the medication he started acting like his normal self walk good and running so looks like all the prayers helped my baby out. I thank all of the people like yourself for all the prayers. Thank you so very much and you will always be in my prayers.

09-23-2008 8:47 AM -- By: lisa - pucks mom,  From: saint michael mn  

oh my dearest Shabba....your mom is heartbroken as am I, the one thing that makes this comforting is to know my little Puck and are not alone. not cold, hungry, sick or sad. i know you have found puck and and all the other are a beauty shabba and I know Puck is smitten with you! I know that! Your mom is sad. I am sad. The heavens are brighter I dont see stars..I see diamonds..shining down. watching...waiting.. watch over your mom..My heart is heavy to....Take Care of my Little Puck Man its been 30 days since he went to RB... love you little shabba and Carole...i am so sorry for you loss. i know what you are going thru. I miss my little man so heart is broken to. lisa - i am so very sorry.

09-22-2008 10:36 PM -- By: Cheri (Coco's Mommy),  From:  

Stopping by to visit sweet Shabba. I would never forget to visit him, too. Such a precious boy. Carole, I know you are still struggling with grief and heartache. Please know that you are in my prayers and your babies are a part of my thoughts and memories. Love and hugs.

09-21-2008 9:15 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Shabba, come sit with me my furry little man (Luna rests her head on his shoulder), Just look at the stars tonight, they are absoluetly beautiful, the sky is so clear, look how many there are! Look here comes your sister with Dollie, come join us please! Look at this amazing sky, look at all those stars, it's as if the heavens were lit up for us tonight! (They sit and watch, all the while, more and more freinds come and sit, now Buster, Buddy, Minnie, Sheba, and Coco, Klaus, Joy and Greta, Daisey, Gracie, Christian & Puck, Ginger, Toby, Patches & Taffy, Peanut, Scooter, Lil Joe and Scooter Bug, they keep coming, each one begins to hold the others hand, they bow their heads in a simple prayer ... "May God shed his grace upon thee, and heal the hearts of the ones we left behind, we might be out of sight but we are never far from their thoughts, comfort them in their time of need, and let they know they were truly blessed ... and for some more than once. We love you Carole, all our brothers & sisters in heaven and earth ... and one day before we all know it we'll be together again just as if we never left! All our love, Luna & the entire Rainbow Bridge Family ... and to all a good night! Sweet Dreams Carole...We Love You!

09-21-2008 8:17 AM -- By: Buddy & Polly,  From:  

Hi Shabba Lou! Thanks to you and your mom Carole for visiting me. I know we are going to be pals and do lots of things together at RB. I've been here for along time but my mom NEVER forgets to think about me and loves me so much! I was lonely til Luna introduced me to everyone and now I've had so much fun. I know your mom misses you and loves you so very much. It won't be long and they will come to get us. Until then we can all be bestest of friends! Your new pal Buddy

09-19-2008 2:55 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Shabba, I would like you to meet my friend Buddy, although he has been absent from her sight he was never far from her mind, please take a moment to welcome him, I put up a link on the grieving and the humor page...Have to run. I love you! Luna

PS: My mom just posted the two new pictures to her remembrance page. She loves the songs and will have to add them next week cause she has to get back to work, oh my, it's almost 3pm, Whew, how time flies ...

09-19-2008 10:15 AM -- By: Toby,  From:  

Hi Shabba! Just wanted to let you know that a couple of us fur angels are swimming today at noon. Thought you and Ebony might want to come! It's going to be fun! Puck is teaching us to do the backstroke! Hope you can make it, and don't forget to bring your HOT sister Ebony! Toby

09-19-2008 9:19 AM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Carole .... I just had to post again. I just went through your entire memorial ... again ... picture by picture ... posting by posting ... and it still brought tears to my face. The love that you shared with Shabba Lou ... and also with Ebony ... just shows how "beautiful" YOU are.

It is amazing how our babies can have an affect on our lives ... and they know we love them forever.

Stop by my son Sammy's memorial when you can .....


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