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Memorial created 07-4-2008 by
Shabba Lou
June 6 1994 - June 30 2008

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06-06-2011 9:13 AM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Carole ... just stopping by to wish your precious Shabba Lous a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Shabba Lou, may your day be a beautiful day filled with lots of fun and lots of goodies.

I know that all the furkids at Rainbow Bridge will be celebrating today with you. We love and miss you all. Shabba Lou, always let your mom know that you are well .. send her those signs.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY .... Shabba Lou

06-06-2011 9:05 AM -- By: Laura & Dale,  From:  

Shabba Lou, I know your birthday will be so special at that Rainbow Bridge because you are so loved here . . . love flows!!

Carole, hope all is well with you . . .

06-06-2011 8:27 AM -- By: Michelle & Princess,  From:  

Hi Carole, Stopping in with big hugs for you and birthday wishes for Shabba Lou. Remember your boy with the love and joy he would want you to on his special day today.(((())))

06-06-2011 8:25 AM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Hi Carole. Just stopping by to wish handsome little Shabba Lou a Happy Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHABBA LOU.

06-06-2011 5:39 AM -- By: Henry,  From:  

Happy Birthday Shabba Lou. Have a great day today playing with all your Angel friends.

04-24-2011 10:29 AM -- By: Luna,  From:  

.... being Easter and all, all of a sudden you hear a knock-knock-knock, and when Shabba answers there is his girl Luna dressed like a bunny with big pink fuzzy ears and a cotton tail, supporting a nice basket of home baked goodies on her arm wrapped up in a festive cotton napkin ... He greet her with a big Kiss, and sniffs at the basket, Luna giggles and hands it to him saying, "I made these especially for you". As he looks inside he sees suggar sprinkled egg and bunny shaped cookies ... lifts one and takes a bit, and smack his lips together again and his head rocks side to side as his eyes close just a little and the words, "scrumptious" comes to mind. All our love always, Luna & her mom Nadine

04-03-2011 8:41 PM -- By: Michelle & Princess,  From:  

And one more for you and Shabba Lou!

02-15-2011 10:42 PM -- By: Laura & Dale,  From:  

Handsome little Shabba Lou, just peeking in on ya', guy!

Hi, Carole - hoping all is well with you and sending warmest of thoughts!!!

01-19-2011 1:25 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Shabba, the most handsome little gentleman with a smile to melt your heart. We haven't forgotten you, little man. Please don't forget us. We love you to pieces. Dollie and daddy... ;)

12-25-2010 10:22 PM -- By: Lucky's Mom,  From:  

Merry Christmas Shabba Lou & Carole!

12-25-2010 8:29 PM -- By: KC Bear's mama,  From:  

Merry Christmas Shabba Lou!

12-25-2010 12:47 AM -- By: Laura & Dale,  From:  

The angels are smiling and shining above . . . Sending sweet Christmas wishes filled with their love!


12-12-2010 8:40 PM -- By: Nayda,  From: Toa Baja  

My condolences to you for the loss of Shabba Lou.

11-25-2010 10:58 AM -- By: Michelle & Princess,  From:  

Could not forget to wish Shabba Lou a happy turkey day too. I am sure all the kids are enjoying all they can eat today too.

11-01-2010 3:30 PM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Carole and all the gang .. so wonderful to hear from you. How I've missed your postings .. you surely put a BIG SMILE on my face, Carole .. thank you.!.!.

I am sorry to hear about all that is going on in your life. You will survive, Carole, you are a fighter. I will keep you in my daily prayers that things "will look up" for you .. have the faith and believe.

All your kids from Rainbow Bridge are sending you much love and kisses ... know that.

I, Cupcake and Xander are sending you hugs and kisses from Santa Fe through the breezes .......

11-01-2010 3:01 PM -- By: Gina (Saada's mom),  From:  

Hi Carole and precious angel Shabba Lou - Thank you so very much for stopping by for Saada's Angelversary and for your very kind thoughts and words. It really meant so much to me! I am so sorry you are having a tough year, I do hope things get better. Shabba Lou and all your fur angels are so sweet and precious, I know they are keeping my girl good company at the Bridge. Sending you and "the pack" warm wishes. Many hugs & best wishes, Gina & Saada & Juji xoxo

10-31-2010 3:23 PM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Carole and all the gang ... just wanted to say "HI" and to let you know I was thinking of you. I haven't seen you or any postings and just wanted to make sure you are doing well.

Always know that you are thought of and hoping things are going well out your way.

Sending hugs today and always.

10-24-2010 9:14 PM -- By: Kim,  From: Newberry,FL  

Thank you so much for your kind words on Bo's birthday month. I really appreciate your kindness. It is so hard to think about him without tears welling up, STILL. Shabba looks like a very special little friend, I'm so sorry for your loss, but happy for you that you had such a friend!

10-15-2010 11:37 PM -- By: puck llewis ,  From:  

shabba lou shabba are you?? i just had to stop by and say woof woof and high paw up to you..thank you so much for the wishes on my yappy barkday!! mom smiled...always when she sees you and bubbles and maggie mae to! alwyas always...woof to you and of course your mum and the pack! dude to dude ... you rock shabba dabba lou :)

09-23-2010 3:32 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hello Shabba and Miss Carole, I wa just thinking abot Luna today and thoughts of your precous boy came to mind. We think about you always, know how each of you have touched our lives ... we love you! Luna & her mom

09-19-2010 5:26 AM -- By: cindy,  From: wv  

your memorial is so touching. what a beautiful eulogy you wrote for shabba he was lucky to have you as well as you were him God bless you

09-16-2010 5:50 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hiya Handsome, as Luna grabs his paw and they walk along the hillside ... overlooking the beach, waiting for the sun to set,holding paws, kicking the sand beneath their paws, they smile as their eyes look upon the water, an their thoughts are of you ... know how very special you are and how your love has touched us beyond where the heavens can reach ... All our love always, Luna & her guy (and their mom too)

09-10-2010 8:20 PM -- By: Lauvern ,  From:  

Hi handsome little boy Shabba Lou. I just had to come and visit you and see that sweet face of yours. Hugs

08-14-2010 4:39 PM -- By: brenda (bustersmommy),  From: united kingdom  

Hi Shabba just popped in to say even thoe im not on critters as much as i would like to i do always think about you and your special mommy sending you hugh hugs and kisses x x

07-25-2010 10:07 AM -- By: Muskaan,  From: India  

Hey It was very touch . I just fell in love with Shabba

06-30-2010 11:32 PM -- By: Skye,  From:  

Stopping by to honor and remember precious Shabba Lou on his 2nd Angel-versary.

Somewhere over the rainbow.... a sweet shaggy boy runs with joy and plays in a beautiful, peaceful place with a heart filled with all the love he gathered while on the earth -- love that was bestowed upon him by his loving Mom. And thru this great love, his spirit sprouts wings and soars with joy just knowing that he really mattered in this world, especially to one very special and beloved woman. And as he remembers his Mom today and the wonderful life she gave him, he does so with great love in his heart and with a big doggie grin on his face, knowing that one day he will run to her once again and smother her in sweet kisses. :) Carole -- My thoughts are with you today, and I wish you well. Take Care, Skye

SWEET SHABBA LOU -- We Celebrate you today, Sweet Boy! :)

06-30-2010 11:19 PM -- By: Angie and Rocky,  From:  

Hi Carole, Stopping by to wish your precious boy happy second Angelversary. Sending hugs to you and Shabba Lou along the way today and always. take care. Hugs, Angie

06-30-2010 8:38 PM -- By: Linda,  From: NJ  

Carole- Stopping by to honor your precious boy Shabba on his second year in the heavens. Shabba, you are such a nice, friendly looking young man. I hope your day was filled with magic and fun spent with Buster, Maggie, Ebony, Seville as well as all the other friends you have met at the bridge. A celebration that Im sure will go into the night! Here is to you Shabba Lou, you little angel.

06-30-2010 7:34 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Thinking of you today, Shabba Lou, and your mommy, as I so often do. I salute you on your second Angel Day. You've always been her "little gentleman" and will continue to be so always. Looking forward to being reunited once again now seems to have taken on a new reality since Caleb's daddy, Charlie, joined you little monkeys. The reality of how "real" reality is. Enjoy your special day little boy. Shabba, you still have the sweetest little face, little smile, ever. I hope to see it first hand soon. Many hugs and lots and lots of love. Uncle Ricky


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