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mom and dad / love you 4-ever

Memorial created 08-27-2008 by
Lisa Halvorson-Schneider
Puck Llewis
October 16 1992 - August 23 2008

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07-18-2011 11:47 AM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Morning Puckie Poo ... Luna stops, looks at Puck and gives him a great big kiss, as she licks the frothy whipped vanilla lattee from his moustache and smiles ... then they each wave to Miss Lisa ... smiles as bright as the sunshine, and eyes that sparkle like a billion stars in the moonlight ... WE LOVE YOU!!! ... with their paws up ... w a v i n g! Luna & her mom

07-17-2011 11:07 PM -- By: mom ,  From:  

hi babin boy...just stopping in..was showing your pics tonight and had to stop in .... i have to say i have found quite a few feathers; for that i thank you..i always pick them up.  lucie has even started finding them.  hasnt picked any up yet but she lets me know where you put them.....

i love you little man so  much.   the moon and rainbow bridge torches were beatufiul last nite.  THANK YOU! 

i love my heart safe and sound ..

07-12-2011 4:43 PM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Lisa and handsome Puck ... just wanted to stop by and look at Mr. Puck's pictures ... Puck, you are simply beautiful ... and I want you to know that we love you .. all the way from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Puck, I also want to Thank You for helping all the Rainbow Bridge kids with the "New Mexico Rain Dance" as we need so much rain to put these wild fires out.  We've had some pretty bad fires .. with lots of smoke and all.  But, with some rain, the fires will be put out.

Puck ... always know that we love you and most of all .. your mom loves you so very much.  Lisa, thank you for the friendship .....

07-04-2011 10:27 AM -- By: mom,  From:  

hey little man.  well a hot one out the camper today.  thank you for all the feathers lately!  beautiful!   happy 4th little man. 

i miss you so much!  oh guess what i found this morning..i was in your room and found a piece of elmo!  havew seen it in such a long time....wasa good find...

i love you little man.  

07-04-2011 8:00 AM -- By: jules,  From:  

handsome puck and mom lisa came to wish you a happy 4th of july.


jules and butler

07-02-2011 1:05 PM -- By: Henry,  From:  

Puck and Lisa I want to thank you for the hugs and kind words you left on Tippy's Angel Day. It so helps to have such good friends at sad times like these.

06-26-2011 7:55 PM -- By: debi,  From:  

Just stopping by to say hi to you puck....and of course your mommy.. i see your a big hockey fan...thats great!!  Hope all is well at the bridge..say hi to my murphy for me...take care puck!

06-24-2011 10:45 AM -- By: ellie and chara,  From:  

hey little man just popping in, give a great big hug to your mommy , xxxx ellie and chara

06-22-2011 11:44 PM -- By: mom,  From:  

just stopping in little man - thank you for the feather must have heard me when i said i hadnt seen a feather in a few day. 

and there one was yesterday.  i love you little man.  so very very much...

furever and furever

06-16-2011 3:08 AM -- By: Skye,  From:  

Hi Lisa & adorable little Puck....
Just wanted to drop by to say I was thinking of you and hoping that you are doing well.  I just love that photo of Puck on his face page where he is dressed in the colorful outfit -- he has the sweetest eyes in that photo.  And in the photo above, he has the cutest doggie "smile".  It is not hard to see why you fell in love with him.  Take Care.
Best Wishes to You,

06-15-2011 6:21 AM -- By: jules,  From:  

handsome puck we came to bring hugs and say what a stanley cup finals this is. even though our teams were not in was everything a hockey fan could want. sending positive thoughts your way always.


jules and butler

06-14-2011 12:29 PM -- By: Luke,  From:  

Multi colored Paw prints. HMMMMMMM. Little Buddy Puck. I did see a few little red white and blue ones. They were there shortly after you went running by my condo. Were they yours?

I woof you little buddy.

06-14-2011 9:26 AM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Lisa and Mr. Puck .. thank you for your visit.  We are doing fine .. except for the fire in Arizona is bringing us so much smoke here in Santa Fe .. it is sickening.  There is also a big fire in Northern New Mexico/Colorado border which is also out of control.

We have not gotten any rain yet .. so we need so much rain .. it is sad, because either we will dry up or we will burn ... it is truly scary and very sad.  All these trees that took many years to grow .. burn like a match stick.

Mr. Puck, I keep asking you and all the furkids of Rainbow Bridge to please keep dancing the "New Mexico Rain Dance" .. perhaps we will get rain soon.

Lisa, thank you for always putting a smile on my face.  You and your handsome Puck mean the world to me .. and words cannot express my gratitude to you both.

Sending each of you many hugs ....

06-12-2011 3:19 PM -- By: ???????,  From: New England  


GUESS WHO???????

Hint: tiny&Fluffy & ponytailed and VERY white....surrounded by tiny red 's

3 guesses and you are out!

06-10-2011 7:00 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Puck Lewis, I can just picture you and Dollie rollin' around in the grass down by Merry Meadow. What a hoot you two are. I hope that you two have a unbelievably great day. Knowing you two, you will. I love you Little Man. I don't worry about Dot if I know she's with you. Have a GREAT DAY.......Unk.. ;)

06-09-2011 3:10 PM -- By: Luke,  From:  

Puck??????? little buddy, What what what????I was busy painting. ya know!!!!!!!


06-09-2011 11:51 AM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Morning Miss Lisa ... Luna creaps up on Puck's doorstep and ties to the plant by his window a sun and dream catcher made of beautiful tumbled sea glass adorned with lots of beautiful feathers ,.. and as the wind makes it twirl the chimes leave a suttle melody ... Love you!!! ((Hugs)) Luna & her mom 

06-09-2011 9:40 AM -- By: Christy,  From:  

Thanks PuckLlewis (said all in one giagantouius word..LOL) as always you made me laugh, smile and cry , happy tears of course, as I read your entry on Dustys page. Little man you are one special angel and I am SO glad Greta, Dusty and Hammy have you on the other side..kiss between the ears...Christy

06-08-2011 11:38 PM -- By: mom,  From:  

hey little man. i miss you so very much.  

too the moon and back....

nite nite little man.....did you see me wave tonight??  that was me and monkey....

my little man.  how i miss you


06-05-2011 10:18 PM -- By: Desta,  From: Los Angeles  

Hi Puck

Just thought I''d stop by to say Hi.  Have a good summer and play hard....

06-02-2011 2:18 PM -- By: pat, tippy, fayeroe and teddyjack,  From: texas/oklahoma  

© Breena C. Park

Thank you, Lisa, for being our friend. It is always comforting to know that I can reach out and you will be here for me. I'm glad that you stopped by on Fayeroe's birthday. Lauvern outdid herself with the photograph of TeddyJack and Fayeroe!!

Pat and Beasties


A friend is like a flower,
a rose to be exact,
Or maybe like a brand new gate
that never comes unlatched.
A friend is like an owl,
both beautiful and wise.
Or perhaps a friend is like a ghost,
whose spirit never dies.
A friend is like those blades of grass
you can never mow,
standing straight, tall, and proud
in a perfect little row.
A friend is like a heart that goes
strong until the end.
Where would we be in this world
if we didn't have a friend.


06-01-2011 7:06 PM -- By: Luke.,  From:  


Ohhhhhh  Puck "my little buddy" thankyou for flying by... YESSSSSSS NHL.  I wuv you little hockey buddy.



Hi Lisa, I hope all is well out your way and that the nicer weather has come your way. We have had a few nice days but this has been a very wet spring. Lots of rain and flooding around. I am hoping for a better summer.

Take care.



06-01-2011 3:52 PM -- By: Saada and mom,  From:  

Hi there Lisa and precious Puck... just stopping back with big hugs for you and of course Lucie too!!! Hope you are all doing well. P.S. Puck is so handsome in his hockey picture... very cute!

06-01-2011 9:57 AM -- By: butler,  From:  

handsome puck dear friend. hockey was good this year. stunning games for both our teams. alas though tampa went out but put up a good game. always next year. we love hockey too


butler and her mom

06-01-2011 9:45 AM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Lisa and the most handsome guy, Puck Llewis.  Thank you for your visit.  Hoping all is well your way.  Things here in Santa Fe and New Mexico in general are just windy and very dry.  No rain in sight and we surely need it.

Seems like not too many visit Critters much any longer but on Facebook .. but I keep stopping by Critters each day to post to the new-comers and for birthdays and angelversaries .... because this is where I can come and visit my kids' memorial and those of other's.

Puck, how I love you my friend ... you always know how to put a smile on my face .. and I thank you for that.  I also want to thank you Mr. Puck for always being with my Sammy and always making him feel happy.

Puck .. always know that you are so loved.  Always watch over your mom as she is a special Lady ...

06-01-2011 8:37 AM -- By: Randy Hamel,  From: Upham,ND  

HI  Lisa and sweet little Puckster thanks so much for your visit .just love it when i have a visiter from critters but most of the time it makes the tears run down my cheeks but its a good cry and make me stronger every time Thanks so much Lisa and what a pretty smile you have PUCK LLEWIS

06-01-2011 6:30 AM -- By: phatgirls mom,  From: Tennessee  

Thanks for stopping by Puck Llewis!  You always make me smile!

 Have a wonderful summer Lisa!

05-31-2011 10:06 PM -- By: Brenda,  From: Miami, FL  

Puck!!!!!!!   I have missed you terribly! Where oh where has that little Puck gone? (  Cindy smiles at the thought of that song running through her head). I am so glad that you stopped by!  Was getting kind of boring around here!

I'm so glad to see you are OK. Please stop by more often if you can. I love you Mr. Puck!  ( Cindy winks, waves and blows Puck a kiss)......

05-31-2011 9:39 PM -- By: Michelle & Princess,  From:  


Long time no hear from, thanks for stopping by. I could not help but notice Puck's lovely hockey frame. We were in Vancouver last week when the Canucks beat the San Jose Sharks in double overtime. QuIte a raucous party afterwards. Party on Puck!

05-30-2011 6:01 PM -- By: mom,  From:  

remembering you today little man.  as always. 

love you to the moon and back


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