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mom and dad / love you 4-ever

Memorial created 08-27-2008 by
Lisa Halvorson-Schneider
Puck Llewis
October 16 1992 - August 23 2008

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04-23-2009 7:18 AM -- By: Buddy,  From:  

Today is the day PUck.....and i don't know really what it means, all i know is that you love me, in my dreams.......  hAPPY 8 MONTHS PUCK!!  We love you very much.......xxooxxoo 

04-23-2009 7:16 AM -- By: ,  From:  

g'morning wolfgang puck. love, love, love, love...

04-23-2009 2:49 AM -- By: Joy,  From: California  

Dear Lisa...I wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts as it is Puck's 8 Month Angel Day.  I want to thank you for being such a good riend, I never knew when I joined Critters I would find so many wonderful friends and I feel blessed to know that my fur babies are in the company of so many sweet and fun friends like Puck (the life of the party!!).  Big hugs...xoxo Joy

We Love you, Puck!!  Joy, Angel, Taffy & Patches


04-23-2009 2:44 AM -- By: Angel, Taffy & Patches,  From: RB  

Hey Puck...Mom is having a meltdown (literally) because it is soooo hot this week.  Let's see if we can hit up the Schwann man for some ice cream and fly it over to her...that may sabotage her diet but about now we don't think she will care  hehe!!  Hey, while we are at it...let's get a treat for ourselves.  It is always nice to have "connections" :)  MEOWOOOF...xoxo Angel, Taffy & Patches

04-22-2009 11:44 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Puckie, Thought I might find you here, I see you're lookingin on your mommy tonight, can I sit with you. My how the days seem to pass, you'll be coming up on your 8th month angel day soon. Luna holds Pucks paw as they stare off and count the stars and their many blessing and say, ... "WE LOVE YOU!!!" ... ! and Puck, I want to thank you for being such a good friend, Luna gives him a little kiss and a big HUG!!! Always with us right, and he smiles

04-22-2009 10:53 PM -- By: mom,  From:  

hey little man.  well its almost the 23rd.  i miss very very much.   nite nite little man.  in my dreams......oh to dream.......

04-22-2009 5:53 PM -- By: Brenda,  From: Miami, FL  

Hi Puck!

Thanks for stopping by! Dont worry you'll get the hang of those wings in no time!  You did look so cute up to your whiskers in berries! Thats one of the many reasons why I love ya... you're always into some new, fun adventure!

I miss my mom so much, but your friendship since I came to the bridge, has made it bearable until I see her again.

And I know that my mom still alternates between smiling and weeping everytime she looks at your page. It is just so sweet and full of love!

Thanks so much for being my friend and for you and your mom to continue to remember me!

Your friend,


04-22-2009 2:46 PM -- By: Vicki and Cheyanne,  From: Illinois  

Hi Puck!!  You angels must really hear everything, including thoughts!!  I was just thinking this morning that I wanted to stop in and say HI to you!!  Thank you so much for being Chey's friend, she really likes playing with you.  It does my heart good to know she has such wonderful friends at the Bridge!!  I hope you two are having a great time today!!!  XOXOXOXOXO Puck!!! 

04-22-2009 12:33 PM -- By: eleanor,  From: ireland  

My mom is not so good as she lost her baby lately and she has not been around. Please say some prayers for her and mike to help het through this hard time.

I know chara and puck will look after my little one . elie

04-22-2009 8:37 AM -- By: deb,  From:  

hey Puck,,,,,, My mom is leaving a poem for your mom today,,,,see ya later......Now and then we make a friend
Who touches us in a way
Who's always continuously giving
and we never see the end

A friend like this is hard to find
we often seem to wonder why
by the things they often do
you know way deep down this freind
is certainly one of a kind

You know that friend is true
from the beauty they have inside
Knows just how to lift you up
when your heart is feeling blue

Everything happens for a reason
Our fate of love till the end
the unexpected love in your heart
That is when you know, You
have met your special angel friend

04-22-2009 7:13 AM -- By: ,  From:  

to my twin bff forever......I love you!! face and all!!

04-22-2009 2:37 AM -- By: Corrie,  From: Canada  

Hi Lisa and the Ever so Special Puck,

You know that saying that people look like their pets or vice versa....well, I have to say....You, Lisa and Puck had to have been joined at the hip. You are both truly wonderful and are helping so many people on this site it is crazy. I know your Angel Day is quickly approaching Puck and I send you a bottle of glitters to shake on your wings and shall match your glowing awesome personality. Lisa...thankyou so much for always typing word for word what Puck is dictating, it is truly amazing what an awesomely smart baby he is. Puck...Max says high paw up! and he can't wait for more fun and games tomorrow. Today April 21 was his Day 28 since he went to play at the rainbow bridge and he is having so much fun with his friends, especially you Puck. Thank you both for helping both Max and I, I only wish I could help you just as much. Take good care Both of you.

04-21-2009 11:55 PM -- By: Blossom Green,  From: @the Barkery  


I Love You..Come on over to the Barkery..There's alot of Birthday's today..and there's gone to be some Bluegrass Music..


04-21-2009 11:30 PM -- By: Little Bitty,  From: Rainbow Bridge  

OHHHH, you all wet Puck!  Here!  Grab a nice warm towel and dry off!  You silly boy you!  You just love to come and tease me dont you!  I'll get you back yet!   My mommy always said she doesnt get angry, she gets even! HA HA!  I do the same!  You are such a hoot Puck! How did your mommy ever keep up with you ?  Silly man!   But you are the bestest!

Sweet dreams and if you need any more warm towels, I can get you some as long as you don't mind pink ones. Its kinda cold down on earth today , I think I will go take my warm blankie with me  while I do a little watching over mom tonight.  COme along if you wish, Else, nitey nite and a butterfly for your sweet dreams.
Little Bitty 

04-21-2009 11:14 PM -- By: Angel, Taffy & Patches,  From: RB  

Hey Mr. Puckman, three-paws up...and one-paw up for your Mom.  Uh-oh, SPLAT!  No paws left to stand on...guess we'll have to lie here and look at the stars :)  We love you and your Mommy...xoxo Angel, Taffy & Patches (our Mom, too)


04-21-2009 11:08 PM -- By: deb,  From:  

Thank you so much......time heals I know but in my case as yours no... she was my life, my little 110 pound  baby girl, I miss her so much ,  her spirit in the last year was so unreal     she had to have us with her when she walked holding her up but did she care  no she just got bossier wanting us to wait on her  I did not go out during the day for over a year had to be with her and I would do it all again ,,Puck looks so much like the little poodle that lived next door, he was Kia's best friend  , they were crazy together  the site of the two of them together you had to laugh. he had rather lived with us than the owners,   Thanks for sharing PuCK and I know him and Kia are having the times of thier life with the whole crew

04-21-2009 10:59 PM -- By: mom ,  From:  

hey little man.  i miss you my precious muffin puck so bad.  i am trying to find a song for your 237th angel day.   8 months little man and i am still counting in days.   i miss you so much...every second of every minute of every day. 

i am so glad you so many friends little man....thru you i have met so many wonderful mommies and daddies and caregivers....who would have thought....

love ya little muffin puck or as dale would say hush puckie

04-21-2009 10:29 PM -- By: Dot,  From:  

...and I love you, too, Puck.

04-21-2009 5:14 PM -- By: Rachel,  From: Uk  

Hey Puck, just stopping by to say hi and let you know I was thinking about you. I am really really missing Poppy tonight give her a sloppy kiss from me. Love Rachel x

04-21-2009 4:49 PM -- By: Toby,  From:  

Hey Puck, I'm getting horse from barking! Lets go chase the girls. hehehehe (I love it when Luna and Dollie scream!)

04-21-2009 2:16 PM -- By: deb,  From:  

When you feel a gentle breeze
Caress you when you sigh
It's a hug sent from Heaven
From a loved one way up high

If a soft and tender raindrop
Lands upon your nose
They've added a small kiss
As fragile as a rose

If a song you hear fills you
With a feeling of sweet love
It's a hug sent from Heaven
From someone special up above

If you awaken in the morning
To a bluebird's chirping song
It's music sent from Heaven
To cheer you all day long

If tiny little snowflakes
Land upon your face
It's a hug sent from Heaven
Trimmed with Angel lace

So keep the joy in your heart
If you're lonely my dear friend
Hugs that are sent from Heaven
A broken heart will mend

04-21-2009 1:19 PM -- By: Brenda,  From: Miami, FL  

Hi Puck! Was just thinking about you! Fruit picking sounds like fun! Lets go! Can we bring Skipper too, maybe?  He was my golden retriever "brother" and he can help carry the fruit baskets and even help pick!

Love you Puck-man. I am so lucky to have you as a friend!


04-21-2009 1:05 PM -- By: Toby,  From:  

Hi Puck, it's me Toby! Just thought I'd stop by to see what waz up! High paw up dude!!!!!

04-21-2009 9:49 AM -- By: deb,  From:  

well Puck you sweet boy whats up on the list today ,ITS POURING AT MY MOMS HOUSE  i loved the  rain, snow what ever but hot weather  did not like it at all   too much hair,,,,,I was like the mail man neither rain , sleet or snow stopped me, made my mom go out for walks in all kinds of weather, meet up with you later Kia girl

04-21-2009 8:06 AM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Oh Puckie, your so funny, everyone is ALWAYS INVITED! Humm, looks like you planted a few more hundred rows of raspberries ... Huh, how did you know ... hahahaha, the hills are alive with little red budding berries, that's how ... Love YouLuna

PS: Today is Ebony Turner's 2Yr AD, see you later. Hugs'

04-21-2009 7:10 AM -- By: twin bff,  From:  

Buddy runs up to Puck''s cloud laughing and smiling...Look at me Puckie!! stache and funny teeth just like mom says we look good with red mustache and and red!  Let's go back to Lunas garden and get more strawberries today....she will share with us...Hi Miss Lisa and Lucie Llew...buddy waves all four paws....we love!! 

04-20-2009 10:27 PM -- By: mom,  From:  

nite nite little man.   love ya little man   more than words....

04-20-2009 10:19 PM -- By: Little Bits,  From: heavens softest cloud  

Hey PUCK!  Wow, what fun,  I eat so many berries! I turned my white fur around my mouth all purple!  OPPS!  Its is stained all up now. What am I going to do?   I saved some for us for later too, but I think I am too full now.  Puck, you are the BEST!  Winkie Winkie and a butterfly for you!
Love ya
Little Bitty

04-20-2009 10:06 PM -- By: Saada,  From:  

I love berry picking... I used to help my mom in her garden and eat everything... 

04-20-2009 9:40 PM -- By: Skye (& Molly),  From: NC  

Right back at ya, sweet Puck!  Thank you so much for always stopping by to let me know that I have not been forgotten.  Much appreciated, my friend! 

Hugs & Dog Kisses,  Molly


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