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mom and dad / love you 4-ever

Memorial created 08-27-2008 by
Lisa Halvorson-Schneider
Puck Llewis
October 16 1992 - August 23 2008

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04-20-2009 3:10 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Puckie, I had the angels install a sprinkler system, and just tomake sure the kiddies don't go stomping on all the strawberries and red raspberries I've also installed a water park for them, just like in the amusements park...hey, look at this ... All of a sudden luna turns the nobb and jets of water some bursting though the ground, she yells, "take cover" and runs through the rain drops ... Gee, this is fun and so refreshing, plus the kiddies won't be getting muddy or stomping on the fruit, we couldn't scrape up the berries and put them on toast ... hahaha. Many hugs,  Luna



04-20-2009 2:42 PM -- By: ,  From:  


04-20-2009 1:55 PM -- By: mom,  From:  

hey little man.  lvoe you so very very very much. 

04-20-2009 11:58 AM -- By: Gina,  From:  

Oh Lisa! I love what you wrote to Duke for his Angel Day. It did bring tears to my eyes envisioning all his friends yelling Surprise!!... I could just see Duke, the quiet little guy he was, just a little unsure, but so happy all his friends came to help him celebrate. That was soooo sweet! Hugs to you and little Puck too!

04-20-2009 9:17 AM -- By: Luke,  From:  

Just checking in on my little buddy, Puck. High paw up!

Hi Lisa, I just want you to know,even though i don't get much time on the computer,you and all my Critters friends are always in my thoughts. I know you are still hurting bad and i wish i could take away the pain. Just know precious Puck is in no pain and you will see him again one day. Stay strong. Hugs.

04-20-2009 7:16 AM -- By: Buddy,  From:  

Puck..twin bff and Miss Lisa...hope you will be feeling better today..some days are so hard to get thru when you miss somebody so much. We're supposed to get a bit of snow this afternoon???  What the heck!!..Hey Puck, did you see the Twins game on Friday night??  ...a single, a double, a triple...a GRAND SLAM!!  He did it all...what a game!!....ok, Puck, a little more sleep and then breakfast wit ht he gang... I love you!!  xxooxxooo  Buddyboo

04-20-2009 12:11 AM -- By: mom ,  From:  

i love you liitle man so very much....i miss you so much.  was good to talk to dukes mom today...on this is 1 year angel you little man so very much. 

04-19-2009 11:14 PM -- By: Little Bitty,  From: heavens softest cloud  

Oh PUCK,,,,,,,  Hey big boy, where has my bestest boy freind been lately?  I miss you.  I see you have been having a Blast with pretty Miss Luna .  Where is my share of the berrie?  I would of loved to come along with you and Luna, Buddy and such to help pick them.   Hey, Mom is getting so excited cause its finally warming up some and she is looking forward to going out to our cabin at the lake soon!  I love our cabin, There is a big water there and lots of fish, birds, frogs, deer, and all kinds of critters to search out! My favorite thing to do at the lake was to hunt the mice in the wood shed.  I feel so big and brave then.  I dont like to swim though, but I do like to play in the sand on the beach!  You have got to come along sometime with me and I will show you around our cabin!  You would love it Puck!  Mom thinks it would be great for some of our Mommies to have a met each other at the lake too sometime.  Hmmmm, Maybe you and I can convince them and work something out. They are not all that far from each other and it would be grand for them to meet, dont you think?  Well Handsome,  I hope to see you soon , I miss you and how you make me smile,    Here comes a BUTTERFLY Just for you Puck!  
Little Bitty

04-19-2009 5:58 PM -- By: mom,  From:  

hey little man.  dukes AD today but you know that....cant type thru tears...having a ruff day you muffin puck

04-19-2009 12:02 AM -- By: mom,  From:  

hey little man.  momma feeling a bit better tonight.  one of those days i guess.  i miss you little much.  

love you my little muffin puck.  

04-18-2009 10:59 PM -- By: Micheala and her momma,  From: Tenessee  

Angel kisses

04-18-2009 1:05 PM -- By: Bond,  From:  

hey Puck!  it's a beautiful day where mommy lives let's go check out both of our mommies today

04-18-2009 9:48 AM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Miss Lisa, Good Morning Puck,

PUCK!!! ... time for breakfast ... Puck jumps up out of bed and wipes the sleep from his eye, Luna notices an empty cup that was filled with a vanilla latte sitting beside his bed, come on Puck, Luna gives him a great big hug and kisss ... LET's go Fill-ER up!!! ... Buddy is waiting too, thinking of the fresh strawberreies and whipped cream too, on top of a crisp belgin waffle. No Puck, we picked the strawberries yesterday, all we have to do is eat...once a farmer always a farmer! Come on, our day awaits ...!

Hi Miss Lisa,  It's amazing how two hearts could connect as one, you can always tell what they are thinking just by the expression on their face, or the way they would move ... Look the the sky today Miss Lisa, it's bluw in NYC ... it is such a beautiful day!  I know every day I think ...  how blessed we were to have shared such a special love, and I know they can see us, and when we're quiet or think of them with a smile in our heart, I know it is then that they are with just, just a thought away. Yes sometimes the sadness comes, we loved them with every inch of our being, tis it any wonder why we miss them so. Our life is but a journey  not a destiation, but one that we will bring them along ... and  when it's our time I know they will be waiting for us, to our forever home.  We love you, PUCK  and Llucie Llew. ...and it's not he size of yur heart that matters, but the moments that make your heart sing. Luna & her mom Nadine

PS: Mom said to call her anytime you want, she'll always be here for you.  

04-18-2009 2:58 AM -- By: ,  From:  

hey little man....talking about you and showing pictures of ya....every one says luce has big shoes to fill. i miss you little man so very much. so much nite nite little man

04-17-2009 8:14 PM -- By: Kim,  From: Stroudsburg, PA  

It looks to me like Puck had the best mommy. This is the first i have smiled since i lost my boy, Looking at Puck's Pictures i couldn't help but smile. You loved to dress him up. I'm surprised by the amount of support from this site.

04-17-2009 7:24 PM -- By: MOM,  From:  

hey little man.  love you so very little muffin puck ... i am thinking  your page   for your 8 month AD of  maybe pics of your stuff.   room ... stuff.   love you little man....

ps....your stuff is still in their spot(S) lucie-llew hasnt touched any thing.  funny gurl.  she knows.  

i love you little man.  every second of every minute of everyday. 

04-17-2009 5:26 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Oh Puckie, you're so excited too, come on, let me slick you a big piece of cake to go with that latte ... I made a strawberry short cake with all the berries you picked yesterday ... Luna hands him a big slice with extra strawberries all over the plate ... This one's for you! Luna

04-17-2009 4:46 PM -- By: Bettyann,  From: Pa  

Thank You Lisa & Puck , for stopping by . Yes I was thrilled , just as you were when Puck sent to you the shooting star and the Northern lights. You would have thought I won the lottery . I called some of my friends and family and emailed the pictures, I know they probaby think Bettyann's really losing it . ( HEE-HEE) But the sign-nificance of the day I found it .....all I can say is I am so glad to get signs from Bonnie and hope I will get more in the future. Take Care of yourself and that Adorable Lucie Llew.

04-17-2009 4:36 PM -- By: Bonnie,  From: Rainbow Bridge  

Hiya Puck, Yeah I wanted to le tmy momma know i was OK , just like you did when you sent the shooting star and showed the northern lights. We can be pretty creative when we want to . WOOOF-WOOOF

04-17-2009 12:45 PM -- By: Rocky,  From:  

Hiya, Puck, You make my mom smile. Thanks for being my friend.  woof..woof.. Rocky

04-17-2009 9:51 AM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Puckie, it's FRIDAY!!! and Buddy's doing the happy dance for Miss Polly ... yes, it's friday, my kick off my shoes and relax awhile day ... Com on, Luna grabs Puck by the hand, we're off to the field of dreams to eat breakfast, we got it to go, and I have a huge picnic blanket, so if anyone wants to join us there's room, and the angels already said they will provide the extra fod, although I did bring some, Wow, imagine ... not a cloud in the sky, just blue skies ... and thank you sooo much for all your hard work in the farm yesterday ... I think they are magic seeds cause they are already beginging to grow ... unless you watered them with your latte ... teehee, then we should expect the strawberries by this afternoon ... Buddy revs up the engine, come on, times a waisting, jump in, he does and their off ... all you see in the distance is 3 heads bouncing as their faces are held up to the wind ...  you can hear them laughing ... we love you! Luna

04-17-2009 8:38 AM -- By: DEB,  From:  

04-17-2009 8:37 AM -- By: DEB,  From:  

HEY PUCK,MY MOM FOUND PICTURES OF ME STICKING MY TONGUE OUT TOO  LOTS of them  LOL,,hey we love the tux page my mom showed  our friend next door your picture in the tux and love the song  right up my mom and my alley .my mom and I  love rock music and we use to dance , when my mom turned it up loud I WOULD RUN TO HER AND WANT TO DANCE IT WAS COOL,she wanted to put free bird on one of my pages but it would not up load. I think I will hang out with my mom today she really misses me  see ya late r Kia

04-17-2009 7:20 AM -- By: twin bff,  From:  

my best friend puckie....yay, it's friday....what a good boy you are!  see, everybody loves you and misses you...even MY mom and she only knows you from these pages....she wants to have you come and live at her house....reminds her of me..same looks, just like twin bff's.......hope your mom has a good's the farm Miss Lisa????...nice weather today then here comes the rain and maybe if the bad s word!  but of course, it's the weekend, why would it be nice out????  maybe someday we'll be on vermilion but not for awhile yet!...xxooxxoo     

04-17-2009 12:13 AM -- By: Sally,  From: Ky  

Helloooooo Puck, lets go run through the meadow and chase butterflies.  Oh yeh, you made my mom smile, I saw her smiling as I was laying on a beautiful cloud.  I am glad.  I am blowing your mommy kisses.

04-16-2009 11:46 PM -- By: mom,  From:  

hey little man.  someone stopped lucie-llew on our walk and asked where the little black dog with the yellow bandana is...i told them you were playing at rainbow bridge.   then they complimented me on lucie...said she is beautiful but had some big shoes to fill.   Schwan Man came tonight he gave me a treat for you.  ..  its in your room.  lucie-llew leaves your stuff alone.  there is 5 treats for you ..

love you little man. so very very very much....too the moon and back

04-16-2009 4:24 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Puckie, please come help me ... I seem to have some sand stuck between my toes. ... (wanna play footsie...) Luna

04-16-2009 4:19 PM -- By: mom,  From:  

hey little man.  love you so very much.   better today...i put your wedding song...who let the dogs out on you ringbearer page.  i had to.  i heard that song on the way in to work and cried.  so i put a copy on here...thinking of doing our wedding song. not sure if it would fit but its a good one...well see...

love you little man...very very very much. as karley would say...TOO THE MOON AND BACK....

04-16-2009 3:46 PM -- By: Toby,  From:  

Hi ya Puckster! Thanx, you looked pretty dashing at festivities too! I scrubbed behind my ears and everything! My mom would have been so proud! Speaking of mom's, lets go see what ours are doing! It'll be fun! see ya in a few! High paw up dude!


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