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mom and dad / love you 4-ever

Memorial created 08-27-2008 by
Lisa Halvorson-Schneider
Puck Llewis
October 16 1992 - August 23 2008

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02-10-2013 8:29 AM -- By: pat,  From: oklahoma  

Lisa, please go to care2dotcom to the petition site. search for the words leflore county. you will find my work. dog/horse.   please pass on. thanks,Pat

01-28-2013 3:13 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Hey Mr. Llewis. 

Zeb and I were just writing to Dollie Bug which is a rarity, and we just Couldn't leave without saying sumpin' to you, you little monkey head. 
So, how's everything goin', Puck Llewis? Do you still have a handle on all the goings on up there? Goodness, what a silly boi question. I know that you've still got it all in control, from top to bottom and left to right. YOU'RE just that type of little man, you are. Dot, as always, is like "Puck this..." or "Puck that..." That little rascal really does love you, son..  :-) 
Well, my Special little buddy, it's about time to lay down and talk to the Almighty and then sleep a while. I hope that you rest really really well, Puck Llewis. And oh, by the way, I can't thank you enough, and your sweet mommy, too, for all that you two have done for, and ment to my Sugar Gurl. She Adores, and loves you both very, very much. So does her daddy..  :-) 
I'll see you soon, you handsome man you. I love you to pieces, Puck Llewis. Yep, I sure do.  
Forever, Unk Ricky 


01-19-2013 5:41 PM -- By: Randy Hamel,  From: Upham,ND  

Hi Lisa , Puckster and All just came by to see how the winter is east  of us.Had so cold days so far and maybe 8 inches  snow and lots of icy roads.well hope thngs are good your way god bless you all 

Love Rowdy and Me

01-19-2013 1:13 PM -- By: pat,  From: oklahoma  

Hi, Puck and Lisa! How are you? The sun is shining here and that always makes a good day!

Tippy, Henri, J.J. and Smutty are cooking a special brunch tomorrow in honor of all Critters. Puck selected the menu and Fayeroe is the hostess. TeddyJack has designed the centerpieces and Amsu is playing his violin for music during the meal. Beauregard is security. Not that any will be needed, but you know Beauregard. Cagney and Thelma  are providing the bugs for snacks before the meal.

Puck picked a very ambitious menu as every meal    is vegetarian at The Bridge. Spinach lasagna and enchildas. The salads are made with watercress and a mixture of baby greens. Tofu stir fry with onions, garlic, baby peas, bell peppers, carrots. Breads of all kinds, from all over the world. Iced tea and juice. No plastic bottles in heaven! Dessert is Patti LaBelle's famous chocolate/apricot cake, lemon chiffon pie, buttermilk pie and lemon souffle.

Every creature who has been at Critters will be there and   it could be called a reunion of sorts.

 Have a nice weekend, Lisa!! Pat

01-18-2013 6:17 PM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and little Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Lisa and handsome Puck ... after not visiting for a few weeks .. as I was dealing with my oldest brother's illness and then death .. I have decided to come visit my friends and their furkid's memorials .. and you certain are my friends.

Mr. Puck, how I love reading the beautiful pages your mom created.  I know you and Ms. Luna and all the other beautiful furkids of Rainbow Bridge are just having a grand time.  Each night I look up and see all those brightly-shining stars .. and I know they are all of your porch lights on .. twinkling in the dark sky.

Know I send many hugs to all ... I will try to visit more often ...

01-08-2013 1:15 AM -- By: Bev B,  From: Calif  

 Dear Lisa and Puck, please know that we haven't forgotten you though it's been a while since I've visited.  I want to thank you for your visits to my Klaus' memorial site and for always remembering him. It's so nice to know our friends at critters still care.  I hope all is well.  Puck is still as cute as ever and forever in our hearts...

01-04-2013 2:30 PM -- By: gypsy rose,  From:  

 Thank you and Puck for stopping by on christmas to wish me and gypsy rose a merry xmas and a happy new year. Were in the processing of packing to move and i havn't gotten on the computer for awhile.Bless you and Puck and a very belated merry xmas and a happy new year.

12-27-2012 2:51 PM -- By: ???,  From: ♥East Coast♥  


I misspelled Signature.


12-27-2012 2:48 PM -- By: /////????????,  From: ♥East Coast♥  

Jingle Bells, Jingle bells.......

Jingle all the way.......

Jaunty pony tail popping up and down.......Singing away.......

Heart shaped Holiday cookies with sprinkles left in a basket on Pucks front porch.......

Tied with a big red ribbon.......(ok, so it is actually a pony tail holder...)


GUESS WHO???????

Hint: I am small and white, I hop like a bunny but Canine is my KIND. I wear a pony tail at a jaunty angle and RED is my Fav. color.......

The heart is my signiture shape.......


12-27-2012 6:57 AM -- By: Kim,  From: Stroudsburg, PA  

Hello Puck and Lisa, Thank You for the visit. It is always nice to hear from you. May the New Year bring you peace and joy !

12-26-2012 1:41 PM -- By: Gina & Saada,  From:  

Hi Lisa and sweet Puck! How nice it was to see your message!!! Hoping you had a very Merry Christmas and a wishing you a Yappy New Year!! I am sure our fur babies at the Bridge had a wonderful joyful day, and were watching over us and sending their love. Hugs to you, Puck and Lucie. xoxo

12-26-2012 9:27 AM -- By: chara,  From:  

 oh i felt the breeze all right, things have not been good, give an e mail as skype not working , xxxx to puck and dell is gone also, elle

12-25-2012 8:33 PM -- By: Henry,  From:  

Lisa I hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas and have a wonderful holiday season. I know our babies had a great time singing Christmas songs and smiling as they watched over us today.

12-25-2012 5:45 PM -- By: Angel Sparkman,  From: Sparkman14  

 I forgot my I'd no.   Merry Christmas sweet puck and Lisa.  We appreciate you thinking of us.  Keep your Mommie well and safe my friend .  

12-25-2012 12:02 PM -- By: pat,  From: in the wet Oklahoma hills  

Hey, Puck! We haven't seen you since the Halloween party! We had a ball, didn't we?

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Puck. Stay warm and enjoy your presents today..xoxox Pat and Kiddos

12-25-2012 11:53 AM -- By: Linda & Milo,  From:  

Merry Christmas Puck and to your beautiful Mom Lisa. Have a wonderful day with all your friends young man!

Bg Hugs to you both

12-25-2012 11:46 AM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and little Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Lisa and handsome Puck .. what a treat it was to get your message on Christmas morning ... you truly made my day.

Hoping you all had a great Christmas .. as I know our furkids up at Rainbow Bridge sent us a beautiful White Christmas here.

Sending all our love .. and may your Holidays be festive and keep on cherishing those beautiful memories of that handsome Puck.

We are off for a hike .. me and my three furkids .. but not for long .. as I don't want them to drag me .....

12-25-2012 11:11 AM -- By: dawnmarie,  From:  

Hi Lisa! Hey Puckie!!!! Hi Lucie!! Merry Christmas to you all!! Wishing you a great day and a YAPPY New YEAR!! WOOF!!! hugs to you all!! Dawn-Marie and Suzie Wong

12-25-2012 10:39 AM -- By: Luna,  From:  

MERRY CHRISTMAS Miss Lisa, Puck, and Miss Lucie ... Luna notices the tree and places it back in the corner and plugs in it's lights. As they twinkle and shine she catches a glimps of shimmers on the floor, and knows they are crumbs from her Pucka-roo cookies and smiles ... As she walks in the kitchen she notices foam on the brim of the mug which held a vanilla lattee and all of santa's cookies are gone ... she gently looks out the window she catches Puck licking his lips supporting a white "foam" stash, and giggles, "he looks like St. Nick!"

Miss Lisa, precious Puck and adorable Miss Lucie, thank you for sharing your love, thoughts and friendship with us, you will always  have a special place in our heart! ((Hugs)) Luna & her mom Naidne, Lily and Opal too

12-25-2012 10:30 AM -- By: Brenda,  From: Miami, FL  


Merry christmas to you too!  I havent talked to you in so long!!  Please come by my little house to have some egg nog and Christmas treats!  Christmas Day wouldnt be rthe same without you!!  Love you Puckie!!!!  

12-25-2012 8:09 AM -- By: Randy Hamel,  From: Upham,ND  

 Hi Lisa,and Mr Puck Llewis almost another Year gone and what a year it has been.Im trying to forget about  most of it thats for sure but just came by to say thanks for your resent visit to Rowdys memorial and always very happy to hear from all  of MY special people from critters merry christmas lisa,puck and the whole  bunch and God  Bless you All 

Love Rowdy and Me


12-25-2012 7:28 AM -- By: mom,  From:  

hey my little man..

thank you for the feather i found yesterday...left work and there was on my car....

it is Christmas and i am sooo missing you...your stocking is hung next to mine with the candy cane rawhide still in side..

i just wanted you to know how much i love and miss you...

I am so glad you have a lot of friends for you all are Christmas Angels and i am very glad they are all your friends for through you mom has a  wonderous family..

Yappy Chris-mutt little man and all of the Angels on this Christmas Day..

may they bless their families with comfort

12-22-2012 6:28 PM -- By: jules,  From:  

merry christmas greetings puck and lisa.

jules and butler

12-22-2012 2:07 PM -- By: Michelle & Princess,  From:  

 Dear Lisa and little Puck Llewis,

Princess and I come bearing holiday greetings and best wishes for the upcoming year.

11-07-2012 6:19 PM -- By: ellie,  From:  

 hey little man popping in to send a great big X, ellie 

10-31-2012 3:16 AM -- By: Misty Rose and Cuddles,  From:  

Happy Halloween to all our Rainbow Bridge friends

10-25-2012 5:51 PM -- By: Brenda,  From: Miami, FL  


THANK YOU SOOOOO much for remembering my birthday and thanks for everything! I know my mommy appreciates you and your mommy too! You made my day, Puck. Thank you!

10-22-2012 8:14 AM -- By: Randy Hamel,  From: Upham,ND  

 Hi Lisa just stopping by to invite all the parents to the bridge halloween party so come to Rowdy's memorial pages to see what your sweetheart is in charge of { just look for pats postings on rowdys pages } 

Love Rowdy and Me

10-22-2012 12:15 AM -- By: Linda & Milo,  From:  

Belated Birthday Wishes to you young man! I'm sorry I missed your Birthday, Mr. Puck. I'm sure it was a grand time with all your friends! I LOVE your Mom's page for your birthday, very beauitful! Always, know I think of you sweet Puck Llewis!

God bless you always, Puck!

10-21-2012 6:12 PM -- By: pat and halloween gang ,  From: spookyville  



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