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mom and dad / love you 4-ever

Memorial created 08-27-2008 by
Lisa Halvorson-Schneider
Puck Llewis
October 16 1992 - August 23 2008

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09-23-2009 2:03 PM -- By: MOM,  From:  




09-22-2009 8:33 PM -- By: Misty Rose,  From:  

You are just toooo funny Puck. Ha Ha Ha.  Malt-eses!  Ha Ha Ha

09-22-2009 7:12 PM -- By: MADDIE,  From: The Maddtique,a few doors down from Lunettas  

VERRY funny Mr. Puckster!!! Have you tried late-nite t.v.?

Well, to be honest I am STILL "laffing".

You put a spring in my step Puckster-boy!

Luv ya, Maddie

09-22-2009 2:05 PM -- By: Christine Hudson,  From: Penn Run, PA  

Dear Lisa,

You have visited my girls websites so many times and left such nice messages.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I have not had a chance to finish Abby's and Katie's sites because I lost my dad and then my husband became ill.  But I wanted you to know that I read the posts and I came today to see your dear Puck.    He is a handsome guy and I know how much you miss him.  You are such a dear and special person to post to all the pets here like you do.  Thank you!

Christine Hudson

09-22-2009 2:01 PM -- By: Cuddles,  From:  

Hey Puck!  Gotta go to the humor page.  Dollie is really sad 'cause she doesn't have anybody to play with and it's been 27 months since she came up here.  I told her I would play but I think she really wants, as she says, Pucky.  See ya twin.

09-22-2009 11:44 AM -- By: mom and lucie llew ,  From:  

hey  my muffin puck.  we are back...with feathers...everywhere we went every stop...i found feathers.   i even picked up an eagle feather in marquette iowa.  how cool is that....was stuck to the windshield of the camper.   under the wiper blade...went in to see r o g e r came out and lucie was in your spot looking at the window....and there it was! 

beautiful...just beautiful!    

a funny thing happened tho on sunday ... everyone told me lucie reminded them of you....and the only difference is lucie-llew and ted were on the dock at the lake...the same one you jumped off of aug 07. jumped in the lake like . times...cause it was fun.  

anyway...lucie....went to each of the corners of the dock and looked over in the water...the last time she made a leap and little man...BLOOP.......SHE S U N K.   right to the bottom...everyone was laffing so hard...ted pulled her up by her leash and she held on to the dock with her 2 front paws with weeds hanging off her head...she had the'WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR'  it was so funny...everyone said that she did a puck jump.   but she sank.    then she went all crazy after she was retrieved.  wasnt that deep but that was the funniest thing all weekend.   good seeing dads relatives and brought pics of you and lucie was really good.  

i miss you so much little man.....we need to teach lucie how to swim tho...not sure she has ever been swimming...she avoids water at all costs so not sure what made her jump but she did....

my little man.  

i love you little muffin puck.....

09-21-2009 5:14 PM -- By: MADDIE,  From: THE ISLAND PATH  


Great that you wore your helmet! A concussion would ruin your game! That boom came swinging around!

Wasnt it great out on the water? A Hoy!!!!!!!

Luv, Maddie

09-21-2009 11:12 AM -- By: Mark,  From: MI  

Hi Puck and Lisa,

Just stopped by to say hello.  I know Puck and Max are playing today and having fun.  Max throws his toy so far that it takes a good run to find them!

God bless......

09-21-2009 12:20 AM -- By: Misty Rose,  From:  

Just stopped to say GOODNIGHT to you Puck.  I just closed the shop and stopped at Maddie's and Cuddles.  Couldn't forget you.  Sweet dreams.

09-20-2009 5:53 PM -- By: Cuddles,  From:  

Hey Puck, twin!  Thanks for going snorkeling with me.  Wasn't that fun?  So many fish and coral to look at.  Glad you missed getting tangled up in the jelly fish.  That wouln't a been good at all.  Gotta go get dried off and find what I did with my bandana.  See ya later.

09-20-2009 11:35 AM -- By: mom and lucie llew,  From:  

hey little man listening to stompin tom and some crazy canadian music winnipeg rain is on visiting with family at the campground thinkin os you and grampa orrin oh i i miss you and grampa orrin love u little muffin puck

09-20-2009 9:42 AM -- By: Buddy,  From:  

Good morning Puck and Miss Lisa're off on a trip but we still see you!! mom found a HUGE feather in the Super One parking lot yesterday, from a Seagull, and she looked around to see if we, by chance ,had come for a visit.  I'm so excited to go sailing.  I loved to go to in the boat and go stay up at Vermilion with my mom and grandma and grandpa.  Now grandpa is gone too and my moms brother and sister,  they liked the cabin even more than me!...My mom loves your new picture here...looks like you're looking into the looking glass....we can stop by my mom's house this week and get pumpkin squares too...ok, let's get sailing...c'mon Luna lead the way...we'll follow your fluffy tail!!  xxooxxoooxxooo...Buddy twin BFF  

09-20-2009 8:45 AM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Puckie, Luna walks in still muching her toast w/red raspberry jam... Come On, we're waiting ... As puck checks his man bag Luna walks over and takes a peak, Puck, you're amazing ... i think you have everything in there, come on, everyone is waiting ... if you forget something I'm sure the angels will get it for you, he lifts his head and smiles. Wow, a sailing expedition, how exciting ... and the new dock, should be pretty interesting. As they step outside who's waiting with a nice vanilla latte, yup, your BFF Buddy Boo ... Hiya Puck, thought you might be needing one of these ... Puck tilts, leaves forward and takes a sip, ahhhh, you betcha! ...As he turns his head he sees everyone gathering, Maddie leading the way, he grabs his man bag and heir off ... a world of adventures await them

Miss Lisa, I see your on a trip with Miss Llucie Llew, i sure hope she haivng fun, you too...never fear, when you look up to the sky and you see the stars twinkling, that's just s dancing, moving and having fun ... we're always with you. Hugs, Luna, Her mom, Lily and Opal


09-20-2009 4:20 AM -- By: Janice, Duke & our furbabies family,  From:  

Hey there Mr. Man,

How's you doing?  No doubt you're keeping really busy entertaining all your friends at RB, and watching closely over your mommy and Lucie Llew.  Stopping by to send you love, hugs and kisses Puck man.  Hugs to your mommy too.  CUTE GUY!

09-20-2009 1:49 AM -- By: Joy,  From: California  

Puck, oh Puck...what mischief are you up to?  I promised your Mom I would check up on you while she was gone...are you hangin' with Angel, Taffy, Patches and Pumpkin?  Now that is four paws must be flat on our back :)  Love you, Puckman...xoxo Joy :)


09-19-2009 3:10 PM -- By: Saada,  From:  

Hey Puck... woof! woof! Love you bunches and big kisses... Saada

09-19-2009 11:00 AM -- By: Maddie,  From: HUMOR PAGE  



An ENTIRE weekend sail-EXTENDED weekend, that is-ALL the kids-just wait till you see this. The kids are building a deep water dock right now-SOON as you can just wave to us from the NEW DOCK we will pick you up when we "come about"!!!!!!! Bring your blankie, we sleep ABOARD!!!! Dont need the hocky stuff, BUT if you are afraid of the boom,(hitting your head when we come about, wind changing directions) then you can wear your HELMET!!! Might be safer that way, a lot of the kids are new to this sailing stuff.

Oh, Puck, it will be so much fun!!!!!!!" xo, Maddie

(Maddie puts her little pink pen in her poochie bag, folds up the note for Puck, tucks it under his door.......

09-19-2009 10:40 AM -- By: minn,  From:  


Love you bunches, and your Mommy, too!  Minn-Minn

09-19-2009 9:44 AM -- By: mom ,  From:  

well lucie-llews girly bags are packed and she knows something is up....she runs to her girly bags and is so excited...reminds me of you my little man....i am borrowing your canada man bag tho...for my self. 

i miss you little very much ...

09-19-2009 1:00 AM -- By: puck llewis ,  From:  

nite nite little man....i love you sooooooo much...taking pictures to iowa...

my little my heart and in my soul 


09-18-2009 11:34 PM -- By: MADDIE,  From: I think its called "the bridge"  

"Puck? Puck? PUCK.......???????"

"Oh!, THERE you are. Asleep AGAIN in front of the t.v.! This is NOT good for your back.All scrunched up in your recliner.....

(Maddie goes into Pucks little bed room and folds down his soft little bed, Takes Puck by the hand,(paw) and leads him straight to bed, she gives him a little kiss on the forhead and makes sure she turns out the light before leaving and skipping down the path.....)


09-18-2009 8:16 PM -- By: pat and fayeroe and Tippy,  From: the wild, wild west  

Hi, Puck and Lisa! What a fantastic photograph of Puck@ How much more handsome could a man get? Thanks for stopping by to see us.....We're struggling but it will all work out......xoxo Pat

09-18-2009 12:56 PM -- By: Jeannine G.,  From: Staten Island, NY  

Hi Puck and Mom:

I am kind of jealous that you had 16 years together, while Snoopy and I had just 12.  I always thought he'd be with me longer, and didn't want to face it when he really started to show me the signs that he was sick.  Right now is not the time to get another dog.  I have to be ready emotionally, and don't know when for sure that will be.  I'm amazed at the love and length of your memorial!  He sure does look cute and very inquisitive and full of love in his pictures.  The eyes have it all!  One day my heart will be ready for another.  Right now, I must grieve for my beautiful Snoopy and I feel very alone in this.  Noone knew him better or loved him more than me. 


09-18-2009 10:44 AM -- By: ellie,  From: ireland  

Hey puck landslide came on the radio this morning and i was thinking of you all day

Love kisses.  ellie

09-18-2009 12:13 AM -- By: Karen,  From:  

Thanks Puck! You and your mom can always make me smile, even on a day like today.

Hugs, Karen 


09-17-2009 11:00 PM -- By: mom ,  From:  

hi little man....i miss you so much...every second of every minute of every day....

i still think you pages are cluttered...hmmmmmmm...i love ya muffin puck llewis...shwan man was just here and he left a treat for you...lucie-llew wont touch em...


09-17-2009 9:51 PM -- By: Donna and Samantha,  From:  

Hey Puck how's it going little buddy.... high paws up to you too... Thank you for saying I'm purr...ty. I think you're very handsome......I'm sure all the furry baby girls at rainbow bridge tell you that too...hehe. My mommy said thanks for stopping in, and she said when she feels a breeze she knows now it's us stopping by to say hello.......we have to make sure we stop in and say hello to your mommy too....c'mon puck lets go play with the other looks like they are having fun over there.......

09-17-2009 4:20 PM -- By: Cuddles,  From:  

Hi ya Puck!  Did you enjoy the two malts.  I made them special for ya.  Nothing but the best for my twin, ya know.

I'm gonna have to see if mom can change the color of my bandana to match yours.  Then we can trick everybody.  They'll never know who's who.  Won't that be fun?

09-17-2009 7:52 AM -- By: eleanor,  From: emerald isle  

ah puck my dear its so good to hear and see you, have been thinking about you a lot and wondering where you went to.

Roxy is rescued and has charas blood line, but a different dog to chara, she escaped been put down twice and was in a bad way when we adopted her, but she is back to full health now and is doing just fine.

I have been posting a lot of photos on charas page lately, at last i am fnding that i can do this, but as far as writing memories etc, im not there yet.All in good time.

Lovely to see you again my dear boy, keep waving and singing and smiling. xxxxxxx   

Bye her green banks i wander, where first i did meet, with you lovely molly, the rose of mooncoin.          & nbsp;oops i forget the rest of this song and its a kilkenny song.

Ellie and mike and all the gang .


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