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Memorial created 08-27-2008 by
Lisa Halvorson-Schneider
Puck Llewis
October 16 1992 - August 23 2008

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09-08-2009 5:50 PM -- By: Brenda (bustersmommy),  From: united kingdom  

Hello Puck's and Lisa you are both sweethearts thank you lol x x

09-08-2009 3:47 PM -- By: Sammy, Gabby and Bob M,  From: RB  

Hey Mr. Puck ... thank you for stopping by .. and for giving us that fuzzy dice .. and Bob M ... jumping like a spring ... too much kat nip I think.

Puck, I, Gabby and Bob M .. and I know my Dad and Cupcake .. LOVE YOU LOTS ... thank you for always being with us .. celebrating one thing after another.

Puck ... we need to send hugs and kisses in the breeze to your mom and my dad and Cupcake and all the other moms and dad .... ready ... 1, 2, 3 .... MUAH ... MUAH ... MUAH .. we Love .......

09-08-2009 2:04 PM -- By: Luke,  From:  

Hey little buddy, now i know why i couldn't find you in the last few days. You have a different look as well as you must have been playing hockey. Right???. I love you little buddy. Ya know dude to dude.


09-08-2009 12:58 PM -- By: Lauvern and Luke,  From:  

Hi Lisa and Puck. I just wanted to pop in and say Hello. I hope you had a great long weekend. Puck, i just love your knew picture,you look so cute,but then you can't help but look that way,can you? You are such a precious little man. We love you Puck.


09-08-2009 12:21 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Puckie, I just love this photo of you, all bright eyed and smiling ... I see you have some hockey equipment too, humm, maybe we can get an ice hockey game going this year ... we can freeze the lake by the pond. Hugs always little one, all our love, Luna, Nadine, Lily & Opal

09-07-2009 9:09 PM -- By: Cuddles,  From:  

Look Puck!!!! I got a man bag like yours.  I still have to figure out what I want to put in it though.  Milkbones would be nice.  I used to eat a lot of those.  Misty used to eat a lot of Jerky Treats, maybe I should have those too.  Don't want to get hungry.  What do you think?

You look paw-some in your new picture.

09-07-2009 1:12 PM -- By: MADDIE,  From: HUMOR PAGE  

PUCK!!!!! PUCK!!!!!!!


Jus tryin to find you .......

Little Maddie sits down on her little red&white hearts pillow and begins to write with a tiny pink pen on a scented piece of paper(Pucks from his MISSING TRAIL)-

"Dear Puck.......

09-07-2009 1:03 PM -- By: DEB AND KIA,  From:  

When a dog offers you his heart
Accept it with a smile
For his love will last a lifetime -
Which is such a little while.

When a dog offers you his heart
Take it gladly and with pride
For he will be a faithful friend
Ever by your side.

A dog loves you because you're you -
Not for how you speak or what job you do
You could be short, tall, thin or fat
Or ugly as sin, he doesn't care about that.

A dog knows if you're good or bad
He can see inside your soul
When he decides you're okay
To earn your love is his main goal.

When you're sad, he'll comfort you
And kiss away each tear
You may even wake up in the morning
With a cold nose in your ear.

When eventually the time comes
And the lights in his eyes dim
A new star will shine in Heaven
In remembrance of him.

You'll gaze up at the midnight sky
And you will hear him say -
"I'm so glad you were my human
We'll meet again some day!"

So, if this poem has caused a tear to fall
That's because you love the dog who's giving you his all
Go travel on together, happily paw in glove
He's the only one who'll ever give you unconditional love.

When a dog offers you his heart
Accept it with a smile
For his love will last a lifetime -
Which is such a little while.


09-07-2009 11:10 AM -- By: Kelly,  From: TX  

Puck thank-you for remember Jed on his Angel Day-Lisa I Love the new picture, Puck is a very handsome man. Much Love Kelly

09-06-2009 7:18 PM -- By: Twin,  From: Mn ya know  

Buddy looks all over for Puck, can't find him so puts pencil to paper and leaves a note:  

To my best friend...want to come to MN with me?  My mom is baking the M&M cookies and we can pack up your man bag....I'v looked all over and don't know where you've gotten to..maybe with your very own mom...I hope you find this note on your beanbag...Luna will come too..she likes to go to my moms house and see what goodies she can find on the in MN today!!

09-06-2009 9:25 AM -- By: mom ,  From:  

hey little muffin puck....just wanting to say i miss you ... i love you more than words can say

09-05-2009 6:36 PM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Hi Puck ... I told YOU .. YOU WERE HANDSOME.  How I love that new picture of your's.  Puck .. thank you for always visiting me .. and keeping Sammy, Gabby and Bob M busy with all the festivities up at Rainbow Bridge. 

Knowing that you are watching over them and all the other furbabies .. gives me great comfort Puck.  Always be with your mom as she loves and misses you so much.

Sending BIG HUGS to you all the way from Santa Fe ......

09-05-2009 5:12 PM -- By: Maddie,  From: Ma. usa&up there  

Norwegian version:

"WHO let the dogs out , who let the dogs out, woof, WOOF DA"! xo, M.


09-05-2009 2:47 PM -- By: mom,  From:  

hey little man.   miss you.

09-05-2009 12:24 PM -- By: Miss Karen Rameses 's Brandy and Garfield 's Mom,  From: Harrington De  

Hi Puck and Lisa

Thank you for stopping buy and sending my Rameses Birthday Wishes it was so nice of you. Puck we love all the picture your Mommy has on your Memorial. you are just to cute. hugs Karen Rameses Mommy

09-05-2009 9:22 AM -- By: debi,  From:  

Hey Puck love the new look!!  I bet my murphy does too..Hows things? As you can see we got a new addition to the family..i think murphy is o.k. with it..can you ask him please? He must be cause he led a very good puppy to our house, alot like him.. Hes stilled missed every single second of the day and Cabo (new pups name) is alot like him. Thanks for being his buddy...and your mom for being my friend. Have a great day puck!

09-05-2009 8:35 AM -- By: Gina & Saada,  From:  

Hey Puck, you have a new look! You are such a cutie and I love your new picture.

Hi Lisa, just wanted to stop in and say Hi and hope you have a great Labor Day weekend. Big hugs to you and Puck and Lucie! Take care. Gina

09-05-2009 2:00 AM -- By: Janice, Duke & our furbabies family,  From:  

Puck and Lisa,

How very good to hear from you.  It made me feel happy.  I am so glad you think of us as friends b/c I always thought of your mom that way.  Of course, as for you Puck, I've always adored you.  Is this picture from Misty Rose's mommy?  It looks new.  I just love it!  I could eat you up Puck, I think you are so darn cute!!!!!!   I would kiss you to death over and over again.  That face!!!!!!!  I just love that face!!!!!!  Well, I know all is going well with you Puck, and all your angel fur buddies.  Love you Puck.

Lisa, I hope  you and your husband have a wonderful labor day weekend!  Big kisses to Lucie Llew!

09-04-2009 11:04 PM -- By: mom,  From:  

hey little man...i miss you so!   thank goodness for friends and family eh?  

my little muffin puck....

09-04-2009 9:55 PM -- By: Vicki and Misty Rose,  From:  

Forgot!  Meant to say Happy Labor Day to you and Puck.  Hope it's a good one.

09-04-2009 9:41 PM -- By: Vicki and Misty Rose,  From:  

Thanks!  I'm glad you liked them enough to use one on Puck's main page.  I wasn't sure, I'm not a pro at this.  Pretty much just learning.

Misty say Hi Puck.  No you didn't scare me with the Hockey stuff.  I'm not really into that but it suits you just fine.  Really Cool!  And Silly Puck.  Trying to confuse me and make me think it was Cuddles when we met yesterday.  You two look so much alike.  Just put some Hockey stuff by Cuddles and WOW!  Love ya Puck and Love ya Lisa.

09-04-2009 8:48 PM -- By: dawnmarie,  From:  

Hey there Puckie!!!  So Suzie Wong told me you guys had a blast at your angelversary,what a party that was!!!  I love this picture of you Puck, so ccute!!  Hey Lisa, how have you been? Love all the pics of Puck and the party they had for his angelversary!!!  Know that I am always thinking about the both of you!!

Dawn-Marie (suzie's mommy)

09-04-2009 7:23 PM -- By: Cassie,  From: Rainbow Bridge  

Hi Pucky!!!!!!!  You are sooooooocute.  I love your new pose.  Really nifty. 

Come see me.  Hugs to you

09-04-2009 4:37 PM -- By: Luke ,  From:  

Hi little buddy, where have you been? i haven't seen you around. Are you upto somrthing again? I love you little buddy. Ya know. dude to dude.


09-04-2009 4:31 PM -- By: Lauvern ,  From:  



Hi Lisa,Puck and of course Lucie. Lisa i just read through your memorial again. It is beautiful. This is the first time i read about Puck's Angelversary party also. We have been so busy at the shelter as well as guests coming and staying with me,i haven't had much computer time. Anyway  Happy Labor Day weekend. Hugs.

09-04-2009 3:46 PM -- By: MADDIE,  From: RAINBOW BRIDGE  



WOOF DA!!!!!!! Does it mean LUV YA????

09-04-2009 3:18 PM -- By: MADDIE,  From: Ma, USA  

"PUCK????? PUCK???????Puckkkkkkk.......?????"

"Hey is that you over there? YES! Isee the red "Man-bag"!!!!!  Lets you &I go to that new little malt shop Cuddles is running--O.K.?  We can organize your compartments in the bag, ok? PLEASE? It is right next to Maddtique, it WAS my storage room, Now Misty &I have moved the blenders in and put Cuddles with his blending skills at the helm. We EVEN have sugar free,[if thats better for you] P-l-e-a-s-e???"

Maddie looks up into her little friends eyes, "Missin mommy, huh? I KNOW the look, for it is the same with me".......

09-04-2009 2:57 PM -- By: MOM,  From:  

HEY LITTLE MAN....changed your picture....hope all like it...from cuddles and misty rose .. and mom vicki.....its is little hocky puck....

i miss you so much....

09-04-2009 11:27 AM -- By: eleanor,  From: ireland  

Hi puck my little man

Just to let you know i posted some photos of Roxy our rescued dog on page 4 of charas site if you would like to see her.

Hope all is good,  waving puck

09-03-2009 12:16 PM -- By: Janice, Duke & our furbabies family,  From:  

Hi there Puck,

My computer was down again for five days, and again, it cost me so much money.  Sorry for the delay in visiting you.  I love your first year angel day pages, they are wonderful.  I especially love the page re: signs from you to your mommy.  I saw the cloud figures in the sky, both of them, and they made me sob.  One looked so much like you, unbelievable as it is (well, maybe not actually).  Your mommy must have just loved that.  I have no doubt she cried hard seeing those cloud figures in the sky. Her image of RB is also very very beautiful!  Yes, I can imagine the afterlife is that beautiful for you fur babies, and for us too.  We will all be together again one day, thank God!  Love, hugs and kisses to you Puck!  Hugs to your mommy too. 

Lisa, haven't heard from you in a while.  What's up?  I have a million dollar question to ask you.  How do you have SOOOOOOO much time to be on critters?  Not being facetious, but do you have a lot of time at work to play around?   I cannot imagine spending so much time on critters to be honest with you (not meaning to be rude or deragatory).   Your site for Puck Llewis is beautiful; it truly is. 

How is Lucie Llew doing?  I bet Puck would want her to get tons of love, even though she is not him (and never could or would be).  Puck is, and was, his own special boy. 


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