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March 5 1993 - February 4 2003

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02-10-2017 8:02 AM -- By: Laura & Dale,  From:  


02-05-2017 2:51 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

 Hi Buddy and mom Miss Polly, THinking of you always, that's nothing new, you live on in our hearts, on our minds, in the memories of the says shared, and yes although you are missed terribly, we know your love SHINNES brightly with in our soul ... never far from our thoughts or our love. Thinking of you always, Luna, her mom Ndaine, Lily and Opal too

02-04-2017 9:39 AM -- By: Cinnamon & Bruce,  From: Rainbow Bridge & Ridley Park, PA  

Buddy & Family,

Bless forever & always adorable, gracious, determined, loving, faithful, compassionate, thankful, fearless, caring, benevolent, innocent, brave & kind young man Buddy, and his family, on beloved Buddy's 14 year angel day. 

Cinnamon & I are privileged to spend time with you on this very solemn and special day once again, Buddy, as we pay our respect, and celebrate you vibrant, unbroken, strong & gentle spirit, and the eternal life & love you share with your family, on your sacred 14 year angel day today.

My thoughts & prayers are with you & your family, Polly, and your unforgettable, dear & beloved son, best friend, mentor and angel Buddy, at this time. 

Bless guardian angel Buddy; Mom Polly & family, beloved Benji, Jr. and Moosey, and your universe of souls, on four legs and two, this day and all the days to come.

Cinnamon & Bruce

06-28-2016 6:39 PM -- By: Luna,  From: Devoted to Benji  

 A cool crisp wind blows the trees that bloom, shifting the clouds in the sky, as a path opens a bright light canbe seen and all the kids start rushing toward the light with excitement, in front is Buddy, Puck and Luna ... then you cansee a tiny fluffy lil pup with a wiggle in his walk and enthusiasm in his stance, then he notices Buddy, starts yelping and starts running ... in to his arms he flewwith a warm embace, as he looks up he notices the twinkle in his deep brown eyes and he is wagging so much his little body quivers, after all the introductions a bright light covers the brige and each little one can feel it's warmth, it's the love of their mama MissPolly who loves and misses her boys ever somuch, but knows their LOVE will follow her each and every step she takes till they are again in her arms, THEN off in the distancebright lightscan be seen,it's the loving thoughts and wishes of all her friends ... Benji walk to the clearing, sits tall and talks to his mom, his first words were "Thank you", "thank you for all those amazig years, the warmth of your love and your tender touches" ... "twas heaven with you!!! and I will carry your LOVE with me always" ... but try not to be sad, and I know how hard that is, with a smile he says, thank you for loving me so much ... then Buddy and Luna whisper in his ears, oh yeah, and can you make some pumpkin squares & M&M cookies ... and begins to wink, with his eyes wide open and ears listening to the windhe smiles and blows you kisses, so if oyu feel a cool crisp wind surround you know they are near showing you with their love always. Hugs, Luna & her mom Nadine, Buddy and Puck too

05-19-2016 11:10 AM -- By: Puck Llewis,  From:  

 Woof woof! 



05-06-2016 9:25 AM -- By: Luna,  From:  

 Hi Buddy and mom Miss Polly, Thank you for always being near, my mom says you have no idea how muh you help her just by  listening. Some days are harder than the rest, but then some days the memories bring on such joy that you can laugh, all the while knowing they watch over us still, sending signs to let us know they are near ... er, they really said they loved what you did to the cabin, Luna requested that you leave some Pumpkin squares on the counter in a glas cake holder ... and to make enough so they can share. Luna moves slightly to the left an Buddy lifts his head up and BLOWS YOU a HUGE KISS. Always with us. Many Hugs, Luna 7& her mom Nadine


04-14-2016 11:42 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

 Hello Buddy Boo and Miss Polly, The love will always remain, we find it in the thoughts we keep, the memories shared and the feelings we possess .... Know how much we appreciate your time and friendship. True love and devotion, we found it once, it survided and we will find it again. I know they watch over us, Hugs, Luna and her mom Nadine

03-05-2016 7:34 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY ... Luna walks right up to him and wraps her arms around himso tight and gives him a squeeze, then whispers, "I Love You!".... as they head out to greet all his friends, then Luna snickers as she notices Puck making shapes with the clouds, the in the clearing they see a magnificent light and they knew, it was Buddy's Mom Miss Polly. Thereis never a love greater . Know he watches over you with smiles and love, his eyesglistening in the moonlight, knowing how much he is loved, today and always. Hugs, Luna & her mom Nadine

03-05-2016 12:08 PM -- By: Mom,  From: northern Minnesota  

Kisses for my sweet boy.  I miss your sweet face and your funny personality.  Meet me when the time is right sweet boy.  I love you.

03-05-2016 11:15 AM -- By: Cinnamon & Bruce,  From: Rainbow Bridge & Ridley Park, PA  

Buddy & Family,

Bless forever & always handsome, generous, determined, loving, devoted, understanding, wise, thoughtful, caring, grateful, innocent, courageous and kind man Buddy, and his family, on beloved Buddy's 23rd birthday.

Cinnamon and I continue to view it as an honor for the two of us to be able to visit with you on your special days, Buddy, as we pay tribute to and remember your strong, gracious and loving heart and soul, and the everlasting love you share with your family, on your 23rd birthday today.


My thoughts & prayers are with you and your family, Polly, and your remarkable, irreplaceable and precious angel Buddy, at this time.

Bless guardian angel Buddy; Mom Polly & family, beloved Benji, Jr. and Moosey, and your universe of souls, on four legs and two, today and always.

Cinnamon & Bruce

02-04-2016 6:40 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  


Oh Buddy-Boo, thinking of you on your angel day and ALWYAS ... as the sun brightens up the sky you see one little man running through the green grass they roam, all of a sudden he stops, walks over to the clearing and with a DEEP BREATH Blows ... then all of a sudden snow begins to fall and a sun doggie appears ... Luna is so happy she just spins and spins, Puck looks on in amazement, as he takes a sip of hia lattee, frothing at the mouth he lifts his paw and blows Miss Polly a Kiss. Know how much you mean, to each and every one of us, time is a simple thing that means wait a little bit longer, in our heart we know WE WILL MEET AGAIN! Then as Buddy turns his head he watches all his friends begin to gather ... Luna smerks, er, Miss Polly, Think maybe you're gonna get some more Snow ... and they each lift their paws and blow, a gentle breeze circles among the clouds as yet more snowflakes appear. Sending our love always, Luna & he rmom Nadine


02-04-2016 1:18 PM -- By: Cinnamon & Bruce,  From: Rainbow Bridge & Ridley Park, PA  

Buddy & Family,

Bless forever & always striking, adorable, gracious, loving, determined, faithful, knowing, caring, compassionate, smart, innocent, kind and brave man Buddy, and his family, on beloved Buddy's 13th birthday.

It remains nothing short of real privilege for Cinnamon and I to visit with you on your special days each year, Buddy boy, as we pay our respects, and honor your glorious, mighty, unbreakable and tender spirit, and the wonderful life and love you share with your family, on your sacred 13 year angel day today.

My thoughts & prayers are once again with you and your family, Polly, and your unforgettable and beloved son and angel Buddy, at this time.


Always, always, always moving and inspirational for me to visit with your dear Buddy here, Polly, and I can feel how everlasting the love and devotion Buddy shares with his people is.  There is nothing as truly 'forever' and the bond we share with his amazing souls.  

Bless guardian angel Buddy; Mom Polly & family, beloved Benji, Jr. and Moosey, and your universe of souls, on four legs and two, this day and all the days to come.

Cinnamon & Bruce

05-06-2015 9:33 AM -- By: Luna,  From:  

oh geez. here I am. Smile, and our love follows. Luna

05-06-2015 9:30 AM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hello Buddy and mom Polly, Thank you for your birthday wish, I think I got it years ago when I asked someone to LOVE me forever ... and Buddy, Luna winks, "I love my crown". Luna walks up to Buddy and gives him a great big KISS ... Mwah! Then turns and says, I glad were friends, couldn't imagine life here without you. All our love, always, Luna and her mom Nadine

04-15-2015 1:46 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Polly and so precious Buddy Boo. Thank you for you post on Luna's 7th angel day, so hard to believe so much time has passed, but we thank you for always being there for us, with a smile, a kind word or gesture ... and it was all because of this sight that we became good friends, that in itself makes me smile ... and of course your precious angel Buddy and all the boyz at home. I've found a place just on the other side of heaven called the Rainbow Bridge ... our little ones are there, waiting for us. Many Hugs, Luna & her mom Nadine

03-05-2015 12:52 PM -- By: Cinnamon & Bruce,  From: Rainbow Bridge & Ridley Park, PA  

Buddy & Family,

Bless forever handsome, wise, loving, gracious, giving, determined, devoted, caring, innocent, courageous and gentle man Buddy, and Mom Polly, on beloved Buddy's 22nd birthday.

Cinnie and I were fortunate to be able to visit with you on your 12th angel day just one month ago, Buddy, and again on your 22nd birthday today, as we take a moment to pay tribute to your noble, generous soul, and the love you and your family share forever.

There is nothing else in the world, Polly, as you know, exactly like the mutual devotion and unconditional love we, as people, are blessed to share with amazing spirits like your unique and unforgettable Buddy.   

Bless guardian angel Buddy; Mom Polly & family, beloved Benji, Jr. and Moosey, and your universe of souls, on four legs and two, forever and ever.

Cinnamon & Bruce

03-05-2015 11:53 AM -- By: Luna,  From: Happy Birthday Buddy  

you always, Luna


03-05-2015 11:52 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Thinking of you Buddy as always, alive in our heart your soul rests in our smiles … till the day we meet again.

… Looking off in the distance Luna notices a few flakes of snow begin to fall. She JUMPS UP and Yells, “It’s SNOWING!!!” … and runs to wake everyone! Puck is already up sitting next to Buddy relaxing by the fireplace sipping his vanilla latte with extra foam … but as Buddy takes a sip if his coffee a tiny smile appears,  He looks toward the sky and smiles … he knows his mom is thinking of him at this exact moment, he can sense her with him. Luna walks up and leads all the kids to the dining room, she wants to make sure everyone eats their breakfast … as the doors open the room is filled with FOOD! , a feast fit for a KING … as Luna winks at Buddy. They sit and Buddy gingerly smiles as he takes a bite of his sausage link and a spoonful of eggs, then tosses in a slice of Poticia and sips his coffee, hummm hum good! Luna looks at him and smiles; your mom sent that and laughs.  As all the kids are getting ready to play Luna walks up to Buddy and hands him a tiny gift, as she puts her hand in his it begins to glow … Buddy looks at it and marvels what is this? She says, “IT’S A STAR!”  I captured it from the heavens; you can share it with your mom. Then Luna winks, as she pulls back the curtain, “This is what I got you for your Birthday!” …  there glistening in the snow is an enclosed  4 wheel drive snow mobile but it looks more like a race car.  He’s not sure what to think, but as he walks around the mobile he notices it’s a beautiful royal blue with white metal flake paint job … It shines like the stars in the heavens.  As he places his paw upon the car the doors open and they slip inside. There are plush leather seats, as he turns on the engine  the console lights up, he turns to Luna and says, “ are you ready!” …. they begin to pick up speed racing through the snow and within moments  they begin to soar through the sky, twirling and spinning as they stretch across the heavens. Buddy laughs, “This is amazing … I Love It!” Her eyes begin to sparkle; she can feel the happiness within.

As Buddy lands all the kids are waiting, they too are getting rides. So if you see a bright star off in the distance, know it’s your Boy Buddy playing among his friends and is happy … He feels your love within him always, and shares it freely among  his friends … as they soar through the sky you can hear Buddy shout, I LOVE YOU MOM!  Forever and a day, so we don’t have to spend one moment without them. (Hugs always) Luna and her mom Nadine


02-04-2015 10:39 AM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Thinking of you on your ANGEL DAY and always! Love you BUDDY!

It's the early part of the morning, as the angels quietly eat their breakfast and sip their coffee ... Buddy gets up and looks out the window, then his eyes open wide, he starts to get excited ... toes star a tapping! The others look out the window and see a beautiful SUN-DOGGIE, filled with frost and light ... Luna knew it was from his mom, but before she let the children out she made sure they were all dressed ... seems the air dropped a few degrees in a matter of moments. Luna stopped Buddy and opened a box ... I got this for you! He smiles as she places upon his head a warm fleece hat, then she pulls out a beautiful fleece wind-proof yellow snow parker and he slips it on, as makes the last few adjustments she stands on her paws and gives him a gentle kiss as she looks in to his beautiful brown eyes and says, "I Love You Buddy". Then you can hear the foot stomping of all the children as they run towards the door, as it opens that sun doggie fills the sky, Luna blushes and begins to smile, she knows his mom sent that to him. Where they heart has known love, the love will always remain, when thoughts of you fill the mind, those loving memories were standing right here, and as we look to the sky and see the beauty of the light that surrounds us, WE KNOW you are still with us. All our love Luna & her mom Nadine

02-04-2015 10:13 AM -- By: Kassandra,  From: California  

Happy 12th Angelversary to your beautiful Buddy. I know he is loved and missed very deeply. ♡ Sweet Lucky & Kassandra

02-04-2015 7:24 AM -- By: Dave, Judy and Sage,  From: NC  

A visit on this all important day, We remeber the great times we had, as we deal with the sadness of seperation. But in the end there will be a reunion that result in an unending life togehter.

02-03-2015 6:08 PM -- By: Cinnamon & Bruce,  From: Rainbow Bridge & Ridley Park, PA  

Buddy & Family,

Bless forever distinguished, dignified, loving, generous, steadfast, knowing, faithful, caring, innocent, brave and kind man Buddy, and Mom Polly, on beloved Buddy's 12 year angel day.

Always and forever a true honor, dear Buddy, for Cinnie and I to be able to pay our respects to a noble and deserving fellow such as you on this, your 12 year angel day. 

As I know to be the case with me and my family, Polly, the passage of time matters not one bit, the unbreakable bond shared with a special soul like your Buddy remains a part of whom we are forever, and we cherish and love them for the rest of our lives.

I continue to believe that the sharing of life, home and love with an amazing spirit like Buddy is one of the most magical and spiritually fulfilling things a person will ever experience here on earth.

Bless guardian angel Buddy; Mom Polly & family, beloved Benji, Jr. and Moosey, and your universe of souls, on four legs and two, this day and every day.

Cinnamon & Bruce

02-02-2015 3:42 AM -- By: Nancy,  From: Yelm Wa  

Here to honor buddy as his 12th Angelversary arrived. I know how much you love and mis shim

bless you

Nancy, Picky and Snowys "Momma" :0(

11-01-2014 8:51 PM -- By: jules,  From:  

sweet buddy and mom polly thank you for being there on butler's birthday.


hoping all is well out your way. sending positive thoughts.




jules and butler


10-31-2014 10:54 PM -- By: Mom,  From: home  

Sweet Buddy...

05-06-2014 4:09 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Thak you Polly and sweet Buddy for sahring Luna's birthday with her ... know our love continues to shine, past the tears and longing ... one day again in our arms. Luna looks at Buddy and gives him a great BIG KISS, then hands him a goodie bag. As Buddy looks inside he notices it is filled with edible treats, lip smaking gourmet candies, a blue and white pet blinkey light for his collar, along with an "I Love NY Tshirt" which he proudly puts on with a smile ... as they are surrounded by our love and never ending dreams.   Luna & her mom Nadine

04-14-2014 5:10 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Miss Polly and Buddy Boo,

Know how special we think you are, your friendship means the world to us ... Sharing, caring and dogs barking in the background ... it's just what heaven is like! Sending our love always, Luna & her mom Nadine

03-30-2014 3:33 PM -- By: jules,  From:  

hello sweet buddy and mom polly thank you for coming to see butler on her 6th year angelday. we know what you mean about critters being messed up. took 8 minutes to get here

but we made it to say we love you both and hold you in our thoughts and hearts.


jules and butler

03-06-2014 12:26 PM -- By: Laura & Dale,  From:  

Belated birthday wishes for Buddy Buddy - wait, our buddy, Buddy! 

Polly, sending love and hugs and high paws all around!! 

03-05-2014 8:20 PM -- By: jules,  From:  

coming with happy birthday wishes for sweet buddy.


jules and butler


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