Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 10-17-2008 by
Janice G.
April 28 1993 - April 19 2008

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03-06-2009 3:50 PM -- By: puck llewis,  From:  

hiya duke man....just stopping by buddy.  high paw up....

03-05-2009 8:05 PM -- By: June,  From:  

Hi Janice, Thank you so much for stopping by Obsidian's Memorial it really meant alot to me. I see Duke has his party hat  on and is ready to woop it up at the Bridge. He really is beautiful. Thanks again for your kind words.

03-05-2009 8:01 PM -- By: Maria ,  From:  

Cody passed away on Febuary 20th he lost his battle with Cancer.

03-05-2009 6:21 PM -- By: Jerilyn,  From:  

Thank you for visiting Howard, it's so nice that people actually care.  Your baby is adorable, look at those beautiful ears and I love that hat.  Hope this finds you in good spirits.  Thank you again!

03-05-2009 4:19 PM -- By: Best friend & soul-mate,  From:  

Dearest Boy,

I had a terrible experience just now.  I went to a site inadvertently not realizing it was a High Kill Shelter, Mercer County. I'm not sure what state.  Two beautiufl labs, one older and one young had a death sentence.  Duke, I cried so so hard I couldn't breath.  I feel so helpless and powerless to be of assistance to these precious innocent animals.  It kills me Duke!  It's horrible for those poor animals, and I am unable to do anything.  Please comfort them when they get to Rainbow Bridge okay, and show them  a lot of TLC forever.  It is heartbreaking for me Duke!  Since you are there, welcome them with open arms okay!  I love you so much! 

03-05-2009 1:20 PM -- By: Soul-mate,  From:  

My dearest Duke,

Just want to stop by and give you my love, but I do that all the time anyway here at home.  I am in the process of creating a memorial site for your daughter Samantha.  It will be awesome.  I love both of you so much Duke, but you were my very special man, and always will be.

03-04-2009 10:16 PM -- By: Karen,  From:  

I would love an invite to the "Puppy Mill" benefit. We have a puppy mill rescue, Chloe'. She was a puppy mill moma. She was 4 yrs old when we rescued her, she turned 12 last month. I think what you're doing is awesome.

Hugs, Karen

03-04-2009 11:23 AM -- By: Juanita,  From: Chicago  

Your kind words brought tears to my eyes! While at work! LOL! And I sooo thank you. Wow. The animal communicator I used also put me at ease.  So grateful for her. And your Duke is sooo beautiful! Sorry for you loss. But now Duke can show Sasha the ropes at Rainbow Bridge and I am grateful. 

Thank you so much. Your words mean the world to me. Thank you.

03-03-2009 10:57 PM -- By: Paula,  From: California  

Hello are you today? What a cutie you are.  I know that Karley, Cole, Aker, Ursa, Mandy, Lady Wendy, Bucky & all the other bridge kids would love to play with you. 

Check out that party hat.  You the bridge, there's ALWAYS a party of some kind going on. 

I will make sure that I visit you.  You know that I am busy with Karley's pages so if I don't come back right away, it's NOT that I have forgotten about you.  But I will put your name on my list.

Send your mommie lots of smooches so she knows you are OK.


03-03-2009 5:02 PM -- By: Soul-mate,  From:  

Hi my sweet man,

I've been making the rounds today on critters..  Stopping by to say how much I love you; so so much!  I miss you Duke!  Stay by my side and help to guide me in life.  Oh, you came to me in a dream the other day. You looked great, and you had lots and lots of energy.  We were at a barbecue somewhere.  We must have been there for you b/c I don't eat meat. Maybe it was a social event for me.  I certainly know that you are doing very very well, and I'm so glad to know that.  Please stop by and see me again okay. 

03-03-2009 2:49 PM -- By: Gina - Saada's mom,  From:  

Hi Jan and Duke, I saw the posting on the forum for that poor dog and the problem her owner had getting a vet to help her, that is so sad. I couldn't find her dog listed on the site either. Hey check out Dusty's site too and let me know what you think. Also, do you know if there are some other pics of Dusty, maybe I could spruce them up in Photoshop. :)

P.S. Don't forget it's Saada's big 10th Birthday tomorrow...

03-02-2009 4:09 PM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

To Janice and Duke ... just want you both to know that I was thinking of you two .. and wanted to say "HI".  I hope all is well.  I read your postings in the "Forum" section and wanted to stop by.

To Duke ... You beautiful boy .... I hope my son Sammy and daughter Gabby and all the other babies are having lots of fun playing and running with you.

Duke, always remember that WE ALL LOVE AND MISS YOU AND ALL THE OTHER BABIES ....

03-02-2009 10:33 AM -- By: Soul-mate,  From:  

Duke, I love you so much dear man!  I'm planning on sprucing up your memorial site and adding your daughter Samantha to the site.  Big kisses & hugs to you, and to Samantha.  Since you are at Rainbow Bridge, give her a hug & kiss for me. 

03-02-2009 2:59 AM -- By: CaDaisyJane,  From:  

Hi Janice and Duke...good detective work! I'd love to write Welch, see above .  Just wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers as computer time has been scarce.  Also, I am sorry about Mari .  Hugs...Joy

We Love You Duke...Angel, Taffy & Patches


03-01-2009 10:28 PM -- By: Christy,  From:  

OMG!! I jsut read your guestbook entry, how in the world did you find the number??? I looked on the web and it said sure are a better detective than I am! I looked under her Name and his name and couldn't find anything..Gosh, your amazing!! Christy

03-01-2009 10:20 PM -- By: Sue Barrett,  From: Tucson, AZ  


What a handsome gent Duke was.  Having a member of the family for so long, like I had Chablis, has been such a teribble loss.  I know you miss your Duke so very much.  My only consollation is that I know Chablis will be waiting for me one day and Duke for you and yours.  In the mean time treasure every memory.  I know I will.  I thank God that I had 19 years of unconditional love from my little FiFi (that was Chablis nickname).  I loved her so very much.


03-01-2009 9:43 PM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Hi Janice. I just read your post in the forums about Dusty. I want to personally Thankyou for speaking up for the poor babies that can't speak for themselves. This guy should not be allowed to walk the streets as far as i am concerned. They should lock him up and throw away the key. The laws have to get more severe for abusing animals,then i believe there would not be so much of that going on. It makes me sick to read about that kind of thing. I am doing all i can to try and stop this kind of thing from happening. Thankyou again. Hugs.......Hello Duke. I know you are having alot of fun at Rainbow Bridge with all your new friends and i bet you are so proud of your mommy for speaking up for those that can't speak for themselves. Hugs Sweety. from Luke's mommy.


03-01-2009 7:36 PM -- By: Christy and Hammy Sagar,  From:  

Yep, hammy was Gretas brother. Boy is Gretas cloud full as she, Hammy Dusty and Lonely Angel as her puppy but we dropped the lonely and he is just known as Angel now. Greta never had pups on earth and now she has two "babies" she looks after in Heaven. She was a wonderful girl and I miss her so much! too much loss this past year. Hugs, love Christy, Greta, Dusty and Angel, oh and Hammy!!

03-01-2009 4:49 PM -- By: dawn and Will,  From: geneva, il  

hey Duke, your mommy thought you might me lonely so Will and i stopped by.  Will and i just lost our buddy Bond about a week ago.  hope you have met and are having fun together.

03-01-2009 4:43 PM -- By: Christy, Greta and Dusty,  From:  

Hello Duke and Janice, just wanted to pop in and visit your beautiful picture again and cool off a little bit...I am so wound up now about Welch and your cute little face sure can make me smile . Your mommy and I are trying so hard for Justice in a world that just doesn't seem to care sometimes but I find that it helps with my grief over my little girl to help out babies like Dusty, probably your mom too huh Duke??!! I bet you were such a good little boy and keep an eye out for my girl and her dusty and Hammy too Okay?? We have got to stick together...see you around and Greta will share all her toys will you...Love Christy

03-01-2009 2:27 PM -- By: Suzie & Keto Boy,  From: Jacksonville,fl  

I know that my keto will love playing with Duke. What a beautiful angel. Love in Christ

03-01-2009 2:13 PM -- By: Saada,  From:  

Hey Duke,

Thanks for the early birthday wishes, I'm glad you stopped by. I always love a party because it means lots of food and presents!!!! You know how I love to eat! See you tonight at the smores campfire...

03-01-2009 12:25 PM -- By: dawnmarie,  From:  

Hi Duke!! Are you getting ready for Puck's smores campfire tongiht?  We will all be there!  Tell my little Suzie not too many smores!  Hi Janice, just stopping by to say hello!

Dawn-Marie (Suzie's mommy)


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