Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 10-17-2008 by
Janice G.
April 28 1993 - April 19 2008

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03-11-2009 11:29 AM -- By: Best friend & soul-mate,  From:  

My dearest man,

I think I am going to take time elaborating on your site about how we met.  Remember how we bonded immediately.  I bonded with you before I even picked you up.  I love you forever.  Hey, get to know Duke, the chocolate lab, he just arrived, and is a beautiful boy like yourself.  Love you so much.

03-11-2009 6:28 AM -- By: Buddy,  From:  

Hi Duke and Miss Janice!!...Boy, you don't look too happy to be wearing your party a sweet face and such curly ears!!  I love them....the music on my pages is just music I have at home and have put on my computer or I download from Itunes sometimes too and add them to the pages thru the edit memorial where it says to browse for music on your computer ...the one on my main page is "Bright Eyes" from the movie "Watership Down" from the 80's I think it was.....C'mon with me Duke...we can go and get breakfast..first we have to pick up Luna & Puckeroo too!!  xxoo...Buddy

03-10-2009 9:54 PM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

OOOPS forgot to put the thumb in.


03-10-2009 9:53 PM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Hi Janice. Your note was finally posted in Luke's guestbook. Thankyou for sharing Duke's life with me. That sure is a sad story. Poor Precious. as you said they are together again now. I will never understand the cruelity of people. I think alot of people think animals don't have feelings. I know first hand they mourn losses as we do. Well anyway thanks again for sharing. Hugs.


03-10-2009 9:23 PM -- By: Brenda,  From: Miami, Fl  


I cannot thank you enough for your beautiful words! Many people have signed my Cindys guest book since it was created just 2 days ago, but I must say, yours touched me the most. It was just beautiful and means so much. I have to tell you, the dog "Champ" that I mention in her tribute.. ( my first of four dogs) was a cocker too, and the same color as your Duke!  He is at RB too... has been there 10+ years. What a ham he was adn what memories I hae of him. Cockers are really something , aren't they? 

Thank you again and God bless you and Duke.



03-10-2009 7:31 PM -- By: Best friend & soul-mate,  From:  

Love you so much angel.  Introduce yourself to the new fur children at RB okay.  Kisses & hugs to you my love.

03-10-2009 2:17 PM -- By: Gina and Saada,  From: Oregon  

 Hi Janice... I visited Dusty's site and put a note in his guestbook. Poor little angel, not sure how he was forgotten. If I see any others like that I'll let you know so we can make sure they're not left out. Poor little sweeties, I hate to see anyone be neglected.

03-10-2009 12:33 PM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Hi again Janice. I don't know what is going on .Alot of my posts are not going through either this morning. This is nuts.Most of them say being reviewed, What for?Anyway i would love to read all about Duke.Hopefully it posts.  Hugs.

03-10-2009 12:22 PM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

That is my post below,don't know why the thumb pic did not show.


03-10-2009 12:21 PM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Hi Janice. I just saw your post in Luke's guest book. Henry is not Luke's dad. He is Gretchen and Bailey's Dad. I just know him from Here "Critters" and learnt he was having surgery so i posted in the forums. The thumb picture and link to his memorial site is above Luke's in my post in the forums. I guess it was the way i worded it that was confusing.Ha_ha.. I deleted the post in Luke's guestbook as we don't want rumours starting up . Ha_Ha. Thankyou anyway for visiting Luke's Memorial. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Hugs Lauvern

03-10-2009 12:04 PM -- By: Best friend & soul-mate,  From:  

Good Morning my sweet man.  I you so much!

03-10-2009 10:19 AM -- By: Lauvern and Luke,  From:  

Hi Janice and Duke.  I just stopped in to say Hello and see how you are doing. I don't know if i ever told you but when i rescued Luke ,his name was Duke. Because i took him from an abusive home and he was starting a knew life with me ,i also changed his name to Luke.I didn't want it to be to different as he was used to it but i knew his life was about to change tremendously when he came to live with me, "Maybe even get spoiled" Ha_Ha. I see the love you have for fur babies in your postings. Thankyou so much for that. I wish there were alot more people showing the love for these critters as we do.  Take care and stay strong. hugs


03-10-2009 9:57 AM -- By: bettyann,  From: penna  

 Dear  Janice, Thank you for your kind words, it really means alot to hear from our family at SOOOO Sorry for your loss  of Duke and your recent loss of Samantha, it isn't easy for us after our little fur-babies leave. Here is abeautiful poem for you to read.   They are gone from our sight ... but never from our memory, gone from our hearing...but never our hearts, gone from our touch.... but their presence is felt, and the love that they gave us never depart, by the way the picture of the little girl is a friend and she was a playmate of Bonnie's she used to play hide and seek with her at our house, we  never had any children except our fur-babies.  this is why it is so difficult for me, that I lost my little girl .

03-10-2009 2:43 AM -- By: Gina and Saada,  From: Oregon  

 Hey Duke boy... Just wanted to stop by and say hello sweetie. I see Ripsi Mari is getting visitors. Duke I know you and Saada have made Ripsi welcome at the Bridge. 

Big hugs and kisses to you. 

03-10-2009 12:57 AM -- By: Michelle,  From: Roanoke, VA  

Janice, thanks for stopping by Mosey's page and for the nice things you said that did make me feel better. God bless you and Duke, he is beautiful!


03-10-2009 12:47 AM -- By: Best friend & soul-mate,  From:  

My dearest love,

Please give all the furbabies at Rainbow Bridge that didn't have homes and families to love them huge hugs and kisses from me okay.  Tell them that we love them all very much, and that they have not been forgotten!  I know that I can count on you to relay that message for me.  I love you so very much Duke. You are my precious man, and you have given me the courgeous to love the other fur babies so very much too.  Good night my dear boy.  Hugs & kisses from me.

03-08-2009 9:45 PM -- By: Best friend & soul-mate,  From:  

Hugs and kisses to you darling boy!  I love you so very much.

03-08-2009 3:35 PM -- By: Shawna,  From: CT  


awww what a gorgeous dog your Duke is!!  Beautiful red coloring and such a sweet face!!  Thank you for all the kind words on Tyson's memorial!  It helps so much to have other animal lovers who know what I'm feeling!  I didn't realize how many people just don't care for animals on the same level that I do until I lost Tyson!!  Its nice to have a place like this where others understand and can provide comfort to each other!  I hope that when we see our furry friends again I will have the priviledge of meeting Duke!!  :) 


03-07-2009 11:47 AM -- By: Soul-mate,  From:  

Love you darling man. KIsses & hugs from all of us here at home.  You are adored.  Help me through life with God's grace! 

03-06-2009 3:50 PM -- By: puck llewis,  From:  

hiya duke man....just stopping by buddy.  high paw up....

03-05-2009 8:05 PM -- By: June,  From:  

Hi Janice, Thank you so much for stopping by Obsidian's Memorial it really meant alot to me. I see Duke has his party hat  on and is ready to woop it up at the Bridge. He really is beautiful. Thanks again for your kind words.

03-05-2009 8:01 PM -- By: Maria ,  From:  

Cody passed away on Febuary 20th he lost his battle with Cancer.

03-05-2009 6:21 PM -- By: Jerilyn,  From:  

Thank you for visiting Howard, it's so nice that people actually care.  Your baby is adorable, look at those beautiful ears and I love that hat.  Hope this finds you in good spirits.  Thank you again!

03-05-2009 4:19 PM -- By: Best friend & soul-mate,  From:  

Dearest Boy,

I had a terrible experience just now.  I went to a site inadvertently not realizing it was a High Kill Shelter, Mercer County. I'm not sure what state.  Two beautiufl labs, one older and one young had a death sentence.  Duke, I cried so so hard I couldn't breath.  I feel so helpless and powerless to be of assistance to these precious innocent animals.  It kills me Duke!  It's horrible for those poor animals, and I am unable to do anything.  Please comfort them when they get to Rainbow Bridge okay, and show them  a lot of TLC forever.  It is heartbreaking for me Duke!  Since you are there, welcome them with open arms okay!  I love you so much! 

03-05-2009 1:20 PM -- By: Soul-mate,  From:  

My dearest Duke,

Just want to stop by and give you my love, but I do that all the time anyway here at home.  I am in the process of creating a memorial site for your daughter Samantha.  It will be awesome.  I love both of you so much Duke, but you were my very special man, and always will be.

03-04-2009 10:16 PM -- By: Karen,  From:  

I would love an invite to the "Puppy Mill" benefit. We have a puppy mill rescue, Chloe'. She was a puppy mill moma. She was 4 yrs old when we rescued her, she turned 12 last month. I think what you're doing is awesome.

Hugs, Karen

03-04-2009 11:23 AM -- By: Juanita,  From: Chicago  

Your kind words brought tears to my eyes! While at work! LOL! And I sooo thank you. Wow. The animal communicator I used also put me at ease.  So grateful for her. And your Duke is sooo beautiful! Sorry for you loss. But now Duke can show Sasha the ropes at Rainbow Bridge and I am grateful. 

Thank you so much. Your words mean the world to me. Thank you.


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