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Memorial created 10-29-2008 by
Gina L.
1999 - 2008

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04-07-2009 12:10 PM -- By: Marlene,  From: Silver Spring, MD  

Thank you Gina and sweet Saada for stoppin by (and a much belated Happy Birthday Saada). It's still hard and maybe it always will be. Knowing that others care and understand really helps more than many know.

04-06-2009 10:20 PM -- By: terry, jewels mom,  From: nc  

Gina, thanks for stopping by and helping me celebrate Jewels 6th birthday today.  your Saada has such a beautiful coat!  Jim and I are like you in that we never had "human" children - our 4 legged ones were enough for us.  The love they give is so massive in return for our kindness and love.  I can tell that Saada was precious to you and i know that the pain still lingers. . . sometimes I wonder if it will ever really go away.  My hope and prayers are that Saada and all the rest of Gods creatures are healthy and whole at Rainbow Bridge and that maybe someday we will be blessed enough to see them and hold them once again.

04-06-2009 5:24 PM -- By: Brenda,  From: Miami, FL  


I am sure they have become friends. Even though Cindy was all of 15 pounds, she was absolutely fearless and totally ruled the roost at home. She is probably totally taking over up there! LOL


04-06-2009 2:24 PM -- By: puck llewis ,  From:  

hi baron von brutus ... hi jessica may.....hi ya saada..just stopping by ;) high paw up....(puck balancing on 1 leg as he gives 3 paws up) 

04-05-2009 4:36 PM -- By: Brenda,  From: Miami, FL  

Hi Gina:

Thanks for stopping by to sign my Cindys' guest book and for the kind words regarding her 1 month anniversary. I cant believe its been a whole month already, but please rest assured that  I am doing ok.

Wow, your baby was born on the same day my baby passed. 10 years apart.

I hope you are doing ok. Saada was beautiful, so majestic-looking.


04-05-2009 2:03 PM -- By: mom and dad,  From:  

Saada we really missed you yesterday. It was a gorgeous day here and the sun was out and we were working in the yard with the neighbors doing some spring tree trimming. Ginger was outside "supervising" but I am sure she would have had more fun if you were here to play with her. I thought of you the whole time wishing you were with us and enjoying the day and playing. You loved running around with Ginger, she is a sweet gentle girl like you. I miss you so much. Daddy keeps saying we need to check rescue and look for another dog to adopt, because the house isn't the same without a dog! I just don't want you to think we are trying to find a replacement for you, because that will never happen. You were a one in a million girl, my angel and you will always occupy that special place in my heart. I Love You So Much!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox  

04-05-2009 10:40 AM -- By: deb,  From: vermont  

Kia and I are just out to wish everyone a good day and leave a poem along our way.......



I will
carry you always, your pawprints ever beating,
running joyously to greet me whenever I call
and memory stirs in my heart...


04-03-2009 6:57 PM -- By: claudia,  From: ga  

Hi Gina, thank you so much for visiting and your touching words. Your sweet girl Saada is so precious and I know you miss her terribly. I can tell she had a wonderful home with you, and you did all you could. I lost my Lab "Otis" last January to cancer. Or thats what the vet thinks, we never really knew. He was very old and arthritic as well.(he has a memorial on here too). These big companions can leave such a void. I still miss him everyday. The birth of Blue last April helped me so much in the grief I was feeling. This was such a shock.

It seems like whether it's a instant loss, or one that you know is coming..the feelings of emtiness are the same once their gone. I hope Otis has met your beauty Saada, and little Blue as well. This site sure helps with people like yourself offering words of comfort. Take care.. my thoughts are with you.

04-03-2009 6:32 PM -- By: mom,  From:  

hey Saada girl... happy Friday to you. Just wanted to say mom really, really misses you. You were such a joy and I miss all the fun we had together; and how you would sleep next to my side of the bed and wake me up to cover you back up with your blankets every night. You always protected mommy especially. I hope you are still watching over us. There is not a day that goes by that we don't talk about you and how much we miss you. You were such a good girl... All my love forever. mom

04-03-2009 1:24 AM -- By: mom and dad,  From:  

 nite nite Saada. We love you. 


04-02-2009 10:14 PM -- By: Shannon ,  From: Clemson  

Thank you so much for visiting Meiko's guest book.  Your birthday wishes are very kind.Saada looks like a wonderful friend and companion.  I know that she is missed.

04-02-2009 12:30 PM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dear Gina and Saada ... just stopping by to say "HI" and to let you know I was thinking of you today. 

Hope all is well ..  Things here in Santa Fe are windy and cold .. and am ready for some nice weather to plant flowers and plants in the space where my son Sammy used to love to walk and play .. and now Cupcake loves that same space.

To Saada ... I hope you are having lots of fun with my son Sammy and daughter Gabby and all your friends at Rainbow Bridge .. BUT .. always know that WE ALL LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU ......

04-02-2009 12:52 AM -- By: Connie,  From: Austin  

Thank you so much for signing tigger's guestbook. It means alot to me. It is so hard to lose such a large part of your life for so long. Saada is such a pretty girl. Again, thank you so much.


04-02-2009 12:46 AM -- By: mom,  From:  

Saada... I'm not sure why my last entry was sent in for review and not posted. Anyway, just wanted to say I LOVE YOU. Goodnight my sweet angel. Sleep tight. 

04-01-2009 10:11 PM -- By: mom,  From:  

I love you with all my heart little angel. Things have been a little tough around here, but at least Dad got some encouraging news about work today, hopefully he'll be called back, but it may only be as an independent contractor. Even so, it will help.  We both really miss you. Your sweet presence certainly lightened up the house, and brought so much joy into our lives. It's a lot more lonely without you here, & work just isn't the same without you lying next to me keeping me company. I wish I could stop being so sad, I know it distressed you, but losing you has really taken away a part of me. And unlike with Jessie, I really have no one to talk to about it, and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Saada, I never expected I would lose you so young. It just really hit me hard. You are and always will be my angel girl. I love you... please send down angel kisses... xoxoxo

04-01-2009 5:16 PM -- By: Lois,  From: Edgewood WA  

Thank you for the wishes for Kitty.  I miss him so very much.  Saada seems like a very special fellow, too so I think you must understand how I feel.  I'm still crying almost every day.  I try to think of Kitty at the Rainbow Bridge playing and feeling good again and not sick anymore.  He was my best friend.

04-01-2009 3:53 PM -- By: Luke,  From:  

Hi Saada. Did i ever tell you what a pretty girl you are?If not ,i am telling you now. I love you Saada. Thankyou for being my friend. Hugs.  Luke


04-01-2009 12:42 PM -- By: christine,  From: ct  

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. It means alot to me knowing I'm being thought of. god bless

03-31-2009 10:11 PM -- By: mom,  From:  

hey Saada... it's already the end of the month!! I've been sooooo busy with work this week, haven't had a whole lot of time to check in. But I always have time to tell you how much I love you. Big kisses to you and always be with me. I miss you so much.

03-31-2009 8:29 PM -- By: JO,  From: Colorado  

SAADA...what a lovely name.

Thanks for writing me on Scooter's Birthday.  I still miss him so very much and today is always hard for me.  I know you will be good friends with him...but watch out, cause he may be little..but he loves to hog the toys!  Love to you and your Gina!  JO


03-30-2009 10:32 PM -- By: mom,  From:  

Saada - Happy 5-month Angel Day my sweet baby girl. I know I'm one day late but I didn't forget about you and had it in the back of my mind all day yesterday. I hope you are being a good girl and are enjoying playing with all the other doggies at rb. I love you always.

03-30-2009 11:34 AM -- By: Denise,  From:  

Thank you so much for the warm wishes....We are going to send Wallace a Birthday Balloon today...

Saada - please give Wallace a big kiss from his Momma... Tell him I love and miss him so much.... Until we meet again.. my heart will hold him forever...


03-29-2009 11:16 PM -- By: mommy,  From:  

 Hi sweet girl, mom's just checking in on you to tell you I love you!! Miss you so much!! Took care of a baby Starling in the yard today that got separated from his family. I hope he will be okay. Nite Nite sleep tight... xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

03-29-2009 10:02 PM -- By: dawnmarie,  From:  

Happy Angel day Saada and thanks so much for coming by to visit my little Suzie's memorial.  Thank you Gina for taking the time to wish my little one a happy angel day. I am so sorry for your loss of Saada, what a beautiful face!! I love the pictures


Dawn-Marie (suzie's mommy)

03-29-2009 12:24 PM -- By: Simon,  From:  

Hi Saada!!! Thanks for stopping by on my 6 mth Angel Day. You are such a big, pretty girl, can we play sometime? I LOVE playing with big dogs, I never really realized how small I am...

Luv, Simon 

03-28-2009 7:31 AM -- By: eleanor,  From: Ireland  

Hi there im just checking in to see how you doing..I still miss my baby boy a lot and its hard as ye know.I do hope ye are doing ok, Eleanor


03-28-2009 1:27 AM -- By: Aunt Janice & Duke,  From:  

Hi there beautiful,

How are you doing? I bet you are running around having a grand ole' time.  Does Duke play with you?  He never really was one to engage in play. He was an "old soul" even when he was young.  I stayed away for a while, but I'm back..  Looks like the weirdo's are gone, at least from what I can tell.  I had to get away from it for a while; it was getting to be too much.  We love you Saada. Oh, you and Duke have to keep Joan in your prayers tomorrow for her interview at Normandale College.  You and Duke's prayers are powerful b/c you've got the "big head houncho" right there with you.  Night girl.

03-28-2009 12:00 AM -- By: mommy,  From:  

 Goodnight my sweet baby. I love you more than words can say. 


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