Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 10-29-2008 by
Gina L.
March 4 1999 - October 29 2008

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04-14-2009 6:01 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Saada and Miss Gina, Thank you for your post and thinking of us ... Yes, mom has been missing me something awful, but one day she knows that we will be together again, I'm just a few feet ahead of her on a path she has not yet traveled.Forever in our hearts, always on our minds, we're connected in more ways than one, and our love will last the test of time. Forever & always, many hugs and kisses, Luna & her mom   

04-14-2009 12:06 AM -- By: mom,  From:  

Goodnight my sweet angel. I miss you so much. I LOVE YOU FOREVER.


04-13-2009 8:51 PM -- By: Michelle,  From: WA  

What a big, beautiful girl your Saada was.  The time we have with our dear friends is never long enough is it?  They bring us so much love, joy and devotion that when they are gone that can never be replaced.


I lost two of my girls to differrent cancers and have one with me now who has had cancer surgery and she is only 5.  Makes you wonder what is happening to our world doesn't it.


Wishing you the best in the days and weeks ahead.


04-13-2009 7:22 PM -- By: Janice & Duke,  From:  

Saada, I love you.  Can you ask your mom which Kitty had the animal communicator?  I can't find it.

Kisses to you!!!!!

04-13-2009 2:49 PM -- By: Rachel,  From: UK  

Hi, thank you for your kind message on Poppy's page. I have been reading your tributes to Saada and just like your Saada Poppy was like my little baby. They really are like babies, they rely on us and love us so much and I the comfort we have is that they are no longer in pain. I wish you a happy Easter and a happy easter to Saada and Poppy whereever they may be. Hugs to you x

04-12-2009 9:38 PM -- By: puck llewis ,  From:  

kia is cool eh?  anyway SAADA...just i mean stopping by to wish you a very happy er i mean YAPPY EASTER!   send kisses on the breezes to your mom and dad ok????    love you saada!

04-12-2009 7:08 PM -- By: Paula,  From: California  

oops....forgot to click on GO....

04-12-2009 7:07 PM -- By: Paula,  From: California  

Happy Easter Saada...did you enjoy the party today at the bridge? How many eggs did you find?  Keep sending your humans lots of smooches. They miss you so very much. xoxoxox

04-12-2009 4:52 PM -- By: Janice & Duke,  From:  

Happy Easter dearest Saada!  I hope that you and Duke are enjoying the day at RB with all your friends.  Did the Easter Bunyy visit you and Duke?  I hope so.  Actually, I bet there are a bunch of Easter bunnies at RB huh?!  HOW FUN!  I continue to be sick, and have no idea when the heck this is going to finally go away.  I pray soon!  Sending you lots and lots of kisses & hugs Saada.  We love you very much dearest girl!

04-12-2009 12:35 PM -- By: pat,  From: texas  

Gina, Happy Easter to you and yours......

Have you been to Shiprock or in that area? The Navajos believe that the "mountain" is a special different ways. Good and bad things happen there. Tippy was the consumate photography subject. I miss that so much. I was much more inspired when he was here. I've almost quit taking "fine art" photographs. I don't travel anymore because I can't..without Tip.

Have a great day. We're loving Saada today!   Pat

04-12-2009 11:04 AM -- By: mom and dad,  From:  


04-12-2009 6:37 AM -- By: eleanor,  From:  

Hi all wishing ye a very happy easter also.

been missing chara ever so much lately as you can understand with your loss of beautiful saada. but all the flowers are out now where he lies and they are nice to look at.

wishing ye all the best of everything this eastertime, ellie and mike.

04-11-2009 10:55 PM -- By: Skye,  From: NC  

Hi Gina... Thanks so much for the sweet poem - I loved it!  Yes, I'm sure our girls are romping and having great fun, and an Easter egg hunt sounds like something Molly would just love!  I bet Molly and Saada make a heck of a team  :)  I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter.  Just know that Saada sends you kisses from Heaven.  Thank you for thinking of me and my Molly Girl.

04-11-2009 8:33 PM -- By: mom,  From:  

Hi Baby.  Happy Easter.  Just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I miss you and love you my girl.

The sky is full of bunny clouds, so soft and fluffy and white, I wonder if they're hiding eggs for stars to find at night. Because it's Easter Eve, you know, and there's no reason why there shouldn't be an Easter hunt in meadows in the sky.

04-11-2009 7:58 PM -- By: Brenda,  From: Miami, Fl  


Thanks for stopping by to wish Cindy a Happy Easter. That means so much!

I hope you and your family have a Happy Easter as well, and of course, Saada.

God bless you, and keep in touch.


04-11-2009 7:18 PM -- By: Jewels,  From: Rainbow Bridge  

A very special message Easter message to those we love from Rainbow Bridge.
They let me be the spokesperson/dog this year so I got to post it on my page.
Happy Easter with love from above

04-11-2009 4:36 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

... Luna is planning an easter egg hunt, paraise, easter bonnnets, and egg contests ... the kids should be more than occupied. Hugs and much love always, Nadine

HAPPY EASTER MISS GINA, don't forget to bring home the leftovers, we'll be over to help clean up for you 

04-11-2009 1:29 PM -- By: Bettyann,  From: Pa  

Stoppin in to wish you and yours a Happy Easter, and I wanted to see that Beautiful Saada's face again. Gina , You are in my thoughts and prayers.

04-11-2009 1:14 PM -- By: Karen Tomczak,  From: Harrington De  

Hi Gina and Saada

HAPPY EASTER TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY , What beautiful eyes and loving face , hugs Karen Rameses and Brandy and Little Gar Mommy

04-11-2009 12:19 PM -- By: deb,  From:  

Kia and I are out wishing a Happy Easter to all,,,,,,,They're a very special gift; to be cherished and loved
You're chosen for each other; by God Himself above
It's a match made in heaven; so it can't be wrong
You're tied together by a bond; that's oh so strong
All they'll ever ask from you; is to be loved and fed
And at night make sure they have, fresh water and a bed
In return for so little; the rewards are so great
You'll get a companion for life; with some very special traits
When you are lost; and the end seems so far away
They'll walk by your side; they'll help you find your way
When life gets you down; they can put a smile on your face
As they run you in circles; with their fast pace
You'll share the good with the bad; you'll be happy and sad
And through it all you have a friend; the best you ever had
You're time together; will be special and unique
It will be as priceless to you; as a rare antique
Then before you know it; the day will arrive
When suddenly your life; takes a steep dive
The furry friend who's been with you for all of these years
Has now passed on; and left you in tears
As you sit and wonder; what did I do
Why is this all happening to you
Into each of our lives; a little rain must fall
And you must be strong; to answer the call
Your little one's spirit has flown home on the wings of a dove
To a special place that awaits them; in heaven above
St. Francis will meet them; when they get home
He will take them to a meadow; where they're free to roam
There in the meadows; down by the pond
Your furry friend will remember his loving bond
He'll look into the water; then you apppear
He can see you're frightened; he can feel your fear
Through the bond that still ties you; from heaven above
He looks down upon you; he sends you his love
Because you loved him; and because you care
Whenever you need him; he'll always be there
There in the meadows; they patiently wait for the day
When you will celebrate your life together; each and everyday
Waiting for that day; when you come walking back home
When together for an eternity; through the meadows you'll roam.

04-11-2009 11:35 AM -- By: Joan,  From: MN  

Hi Sweet Saada!

I just wanted to stop by and wish you a very Happy Easter.  Have fun Easter egg hunting with Duke and all your friends.  I love you tons! 

Joan, Molly, and Emily

04-10-2009 9:44 PM -- By: Lauvern and Luke,  From:  

Hi Gina and Saada.I just stopped by to wish you and yours a HAPPY EASTER. Hugs.


04-10-2009 9:03 PM -- By: Judy Green,  From: Flag Pond, Tennessee  

Just Stopping by to wish you a Happy Easter Saada and Gina too.

04-10-2009 6:02 AM -- By: Denise,  From: Midrand, South Africa  

Hellooooo!!! thanks so much for Morgan's birthday wishes. I can see him looking at me and saying "what a doll  !!!!!" love Denise and Morgan

04-10-2009 2:53 AM -- By: Janice & Duke,  From:  


I love your daisies!  I want to thank your mommy for putting the candle sect., and the sect. re Duke's brother and daughter, on his site. I really appreciate it a lot.  Good-night sweet girl; it's 1:30 a.m, and I've got to go to bed now.  Love you so much!  XXXXXXOOOOOO

04-09-2009 6:11 PM -- By: janice & duke,  From:  

Hey Saada,

I sobbed when I read one the poems that your mom put on the Poem sect.  I think it was the second poem.  I couldn't see in front of me I was crying so hard.  It reminded me of Duke b/c I had such a hard time letting go.  Oh, it brought back memories, and when it's written in the form where a pet is speaking, it tugs at my heart ten-fold.  I have to read the rest.  Is it okay if I put some, or all,  of them on Duke's site?  I would like that so much.  I have to figure out how your mom transfers things. Laura, Dale's mom, sent that poem to Janice too, but she had no idea how to put it on my site.  Anyway, love you Saada.  XXXXXXXOOOOOOO

04-09-2009 5:59 PM -- By: Aunt Janice & cousin Duke,  From:  

Hi there Saada,

I am doing better today, thank goodness!  Wanted to stop by and give you my love.  Have your mom check out Sammy's site.  Love you Saada.  Kisses & hugs to you from me and Duke!!!

04-09-2009 2:05 AM -- By: mom,  From:  

Goodnight sweet angel. Big hugs and kisses. mom

04-08-2009 8:29 PM -- By: deb,  From:  

this is a long poem  so no problem if you delete it but its a beauty,,,,,,,

If you ever love an animal, there are three days in your life you will always remember . . .

The first is a day, blessed with happiness, when you bring home your young new friend. You may have spent weeks deciding on a breed. You may have asked numerous opinions of many vets, or done long research in finding a breeder. Or, perhaps in a fleeting moment, you may have just chosen that silly looking mutt in a shelter -- simply because something in its eyes reached your heart. But when you bring that chosen pet home, and watch it explore, and claim its special place in your hall or front room -- and when you feel it brush against you for the first time -- it instills a feeling of pure love you will carry with you through the many years to come.

The second day will occur eight or nine or ten years later. It will be a day like any other. Routine and unexceptional. But, for a surprising instant, you will look at your longtime friend and see age where you once saw youth. You will see slow deliberate steps where you once saw energy. And you will see sleep when you once saw activity. So you will begin to adjust your friend's diet -- and you may add a pill or two to her food. And you may feel a growing fear deep within yourself, which bodes of a coming emptiness. And you will feel this uneasy feeling, on and off, until the third day finally arrives.

And on this day -- if your friend and whatever higher being you believe in have not decided for you, then you will be faced with making a decision of your own -- on behalf of your lifelong friend, and with the guidance of your own deepest Spirit. But whichever way your friend eventually leaves you -- you will feel as alone as a single star in the dark night.

If you are wise, you will let the tears flow as freely and as often as they must. And if you are typical, you will find that not many in your circle of family or friends will be able to understand your grief, or comfort you.

But if you are true to the love of the pet you cherished through the many joy-filled years, you may find that a soul -- a bit smaller in size than your own -- seems to walk with you, at times, during the lonely days to come.

And at moments when you least expect anything out of the ordinary to happen, you may feel something brush against your leg -- very, very lightly.

And looking down at the place where your dear, perhaps dearest, friend used to lie -- you will remember those three significant days. The memory will most likely to be painful, and leave an ache in your heart.

As time passes the ache will come and go as if it has a life of its own. You will both reject it and embrace it, and it may confuse you. If you reject it, it will depress you. If you embrace it, it will deepen you. Either way, it will still be an ache.

But there will be, I assure you, a fourth day when -- along with the memory of your pet -- and piercing through the heaviness in your heart -- there will come a realization that belongs only to you. It will be as unique and strong as our relationship with each animal we have loved, and lost. This realization takes the form of a Living Love -- like the heavenly scent of a rose that remains after the petals have wilted, this Love will remain and grow -- and be there for us to remember. It is a love we have earned. It is the legacy our pets leave us when they go. And it is a gift we may keep with us as long as we live. It is a Love which is ours alone. And until we ourselves leave, perhaps to join our Beloved Pets -- it is a Love we will always possess.

Martin Scot Kosins


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