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Memorial created 10-29-2008 by
Gina L.
March 4 1999 - October 29 2008

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04-28-2009 10:46 PM -- By: Janice,  From:  

I just got done reading Saada's 6th month angel day anniversary, and I cried my eyes out.  It is beautiful!  She really does love you very very much Gina, and you are so lucky to feel her presence.  That is a true gift!  The stories were very touching, and like I said, I was moved to tears.  Your little Saada was and is a precious girl, and ever so beautiful!

04-28-2009 10:34 PM -- By: Aunt Janice & Duke,  From:  

Dearest Saada,

Thank you again for all your love to my Duke, and for helping out with the party.  He loves you for that too, and Duke is very grateful!  Good-night sweet angel girl; we love you.

04-28-2009 3:26 PM -- By: Deb and Kia,  From:  

Gina  Thanks for visiting Kia and I ,  i wanted to feature her for a while now  maybe some one will see her and wonder what a Kuvasz is    , Even Critters does  not have her breed listed,.....Grooming was her worst night mare all I had to do was mention bath , and she would run up stairs to her bed, or she see me get the brush and she would run to my husband and want him to defend her....Saada and Kia are now sharing jokes about you and I   for sure

04-28-2009 2:11 PM -- By: Janice & Duke,  From:  

Dear Saada,

I see that you had to keep Duke really busy the other day for his BIG party that you all give him.  WOW, what a party it was indeed!  Thank you so much Saada for celebrating Duke's special day with him, and all your wonderful, loving friends at RB. 

Gina, thank you for setting up the birthday page; it's great, and Duke and I love it.  Hugs to you!!!!

Oh, check out Duke's party site if you haven't already. what a smash it was!

04-28-2009 1:21 PM -- By: mommy,  From:  

Hi my most precious angel. Just stopping by to send some love to you. Make sure to keep Dukie company today with Jessie, Samantha, Brutus, and all the great new friends he has made at the Bridge  for his 16th birthday. When we were out the other night for our anniversary dinner, your daddy mentioned how he thought you and Jessica would have gotten along great. You are both wonderful girls... Jessie took after your dad more in personality and you were definitely more ladylike and dainty. I love you sweetie. You're in my thoughts always.

04-27-2009 10:04 PM -- By: puck llewis mom lisa ,  From:  

your dreams page is beautiful!     my note being reviewed....i cried ... signs .. are wonderful!

04-27-2009 10:03 PM -- By: puck llewis mom lisa ,  From:  

hi gina.  just read your dream page.   signs   are truly wonderful.   computer quit this weekend.  the only think that would work is critters.  pucks cow moos....he has a mooing have to have batteries and moos ole mcdonald had a farm.....BUT it hasnt had batteries in like 4 years....and has an  on off moos at will.....funny.   i used to have it in pucks room and one nite (b4 lucie) it was a month after puck went to RB, i heard this low melodic sound from his room.  i ran in there and the cow is on the now it sits by the computer here and every once in a while it will go off.  its kind of comforting.  i will get a picture of it up one of these days.  puck would run thru the house crazy like when i would turn it on....lucie kind of does the same thing.  ya know the both act scared but they come back to taunt it.  ya know....

i tell you that little cow with now batteries sure can means more to me now than ever did. 

coincidence?   hmmmmmmm  

04-27-2009 9:53 PM -- By: puck llewis ,  From:  

hiya saada.  just stopping by on the eve of dukes barkday to give YOU saada a high paw up kk?

love you!   

hi gina....!   WAVING!!!!!!!

04-27-2009 6:00 PM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dear Gina and Saada ... thank you for stopping by Sammy's memorial and your kind words.  I had a nice little vacation, but surely missed all of my Critters family.

Hope all is well with you.

To Saada ... I just know that you and Sammy and Gabby and all the other babies are having such a great time at Rainbow Bridge.  Always remember that each and every one of you is so missed and so loved.

04-26-2009 6:27 PM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Hi Gina. i just thought i would stop in and say Hello as i have some spare computer time. I read Saada's tribute again.What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl. Thankyou for sharing her with us.


04-26-2009 5:00 PM -- By: Aunt Janice & Duke,  From:  

Hi Saada,

I haven't been on critters in a while, but I stopped by to give my love to Duke, so I'm visiting you also.  Ask your mommy is she can set up a Birthday Page for Duke; his birthday is this Tuesday, April 28th.  He would have been 16 years old.  Can your mommy set up a general birthday page so I can visit it every year?  Ask her okay Saada!  We love you!  Kisses & hugs.

04-26-2009 12:20 PM -- By: pat,  From: texas  

Good morning....Saada, your eyes are the best. The color of the best amber that I have in my jewelry making box.

Gina, where did you get the print of Saada at The Bridge? I'd like to give my daughter one for Mothers Day.....

I'm okay. I still have really bad moments. I'm working on Fayeroe's garden blanket. That helps me get through the days.

xoxo Pat


04-26-2009 8:07 AM -- By: DEB,  From:  

Gina.  your page is beautiful it made me cry as I know Kia was my child , that is why she appeared out of no where that day......the bond was so strong with her and I miss her so much...I say I have no signs from Kia . my husband tells me ,we have  , about a month after she passed we had just cleaned the living room  when out side to come back in to find a piece of white hair in the middle of the living room, and a few other things,I guess I am just expecting some thing more, My hopes are too high ,,,,,I just meet another floral designer on E-bay who lost all 3 of her girls in a car accident and has been dealing with it, she is trying to helped me , deal with Kia's los,t as she knows how the bond was  I like you too know she was my child .......

Go Joyously into the spirit and the summerland of youth,
Glory once again in your strength. Run free amid the wildflowers.
Sniff the tantalizing smells among the wooded tangles of the forest.
Sleep in the warm sun beside murmuring brooks. And when you weary of the green hills and fields of Rainbow Bridge, follow the bright strand- forged of love which connects us.
It leads to the garden of my soul where a warm welcome always awaits your coming.


04-26-2009 1:16 AM -- By: Skye,  From: NC  

Gina... I enjoyed reading your new page.  I do hope that it felt healing to write it.  No doubt your sweet, precious girl is always with you and sends you signs to let you know that  :)  It is clear that she loved you so very much, just as you loved her.  Like I always say, two hearts that closely connected can never be truly separated.  Thanks for sharing your special Saada encounters with all of us  :)

04-25-2009 9:00 PM -- By: Michele - Ginger's Mommy,  From: MS  

Gina and Saada...thank you for thinking of us on Ginger's 1 Year Angel Day.  It means a lot to me that we were thought of, and it really helps getting through these milestones when you know that others understand and care.  Thanks again!


04-25-2009 5:56 PM -- By: Skye (& Molly),  From: NC  

Hi Gina...  I was just thinking of you (& Saada) today and hoping you are doing well.  For some reason, this morning I woke up thinking of you and I kept seeing Saada's picture in my head.  Odd, I thought -- as I certainly am not a morning person (at all!) and I am typically fairly disoriented when I get up -- but I wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you just the same and wishing you well.  I hope that you are enjoying beautiful weather where you are.  The lilacs and dogwood trees are spectacular here this year, and the butterflies and hummingbirds have all returned in time to greet the warmer weather!  How I love it!  Unfortunately, the weeds have all returned with a vengeance too, and they seemed to have brought all of their relatives with them!  Oh well, I guess you have to take the good with the bad, or else you would never really fully appreciate the good.  Well, I hope you have a good weekend.  Do something wonderful for yourself!  (Saada would want you to  :)  Take Care.

04-25-2009 11:24 AM -- By: Lisa,  From: Denver  

Dear Gina, thank you so much for your kind thoughts and words.  I can't believe it's been a year since we lost our girl.  I see that Saada just left you in October, I hope that you are doing okay.  I'm sure she has met Jessie at the Rainbow Bridge and they had a good mutual sniff.  Take care and accept my condolences for the loss of your beautiful dog.  Lisa

04-24-2009 3:49 PM -- By: mommy,  From:  

 Wow Saada... you are really trying to touch bases with mom today (if that was you). I don't know if it's because I've been so depressed since you've passed, or because a few special occasions are coming up. I was in the kitchen thinking about the dream I had of you early this morning, and as I walked toward the dining area, I felt a breeze come from behind, and it blew a piece of note paper a little ways across the dining table (no windows or doors were open, and the furnace was off). Whatever it was, I just felt like I had been touched by your presence and it really lifted my spirits. I can't even describe the love I feel for you, it is so great. But I'm feeling so assured today that you are by my side always.  I LOVE YOU. Mom 

04-24-2009 12:11 PM -- By: Mommy,  From:  

 Hey baby girl, thank you so much for coming to me in my dreams early this morning. You were right by my side and I felt so safe with you next to me. The tears are coming now... I wish I could just give you a big hug and kiss. I miss you sweetie. I know you are always looking after me. 

We were taking a walk at night in a rural area with not much light, and your dad was behind us a ways. A large figure stepped onto our path in front of us from the field, I was a little startled, but I was not afraid - you were right there with me, and I felt safe. Then I woke up. My next dream was about taking care of my friends two horses, who were being a little unruly!

04-23-2009 11:18 PM -- By: dawn and Will and Bond,  From: geneva, il  

hey Gina, thanks for remembering us on Bond's two month angel day.  i've been thinking about him and remembering him with Will (my other dog).  i do miss the sweet love Bond had to give.  he was very special to me.  i love Saada's sweet face.

04-23-2009 9:39 PM -- By: dawnmarie,  From:  

Hi Gina, just stopping by to say hello to you and Beautiful Saada. 

Dawn-marie (suzie's mommy)

04-23-2009 6:52 PM -- By: puck llewis ,  From:  

thankx saada for the wishes.  ruff day today.  for my mom...but THANK YOU, you for stopping by....

high paw up ;)

04-22-2009 7:28 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Saada, just wanted to say hi and let you know I am thinking of you as usual. Mom saw a sweet 9-mo. old black lab puppy-in-training Guide Dog at the grocery store. He kept looking over at me so I asked his trainer if I could pet him, and she said okay. He was so good and sat still when I petted his head and chin. I just felt he was going to be a great Guide Dog, he had that real calm energy. Anyway, just wanted to share that sweet dog story with you. I miss you so much girl. Love forever. Mom

04-21-2009 6:36 PM -- By: deb,  From:  

Gina  how are you doing I had a set back this week just wanted to touch my white girl so much she was my little girl like you I never had any children she was it, ,,,,

When you feel a gentle breeze
Caress you when you sigh
It's a hug sent from Heaven
From a loved one way up high

If a soft and tender raindrop
Lands upon your nose
They've added a small kiss
As fragile as a rose

If a song you hear fills you
With a feeling of sweet love
It's a hug sent from Heaven
From someone special up above

If you awaken in the morning
To a bluebird's chirping song
It's music sent from Heaven
To cheer you all day long

If tiny little snowflakes
Land upon your face
It's a hug sent from Heaven
Trimmed with Angel lace

So keep the joy in your heart
If you're lonely my dear friend
Hugs that are sent from Heaven
A broken heart will mend


04-21-2009 1:24 PM -- By: mom,  From:  

Saada... I was thinking of you during the candle light ceremony time last night even though I was not able to join in. These words really touch me and express how I am feeling..... "May they know the gratitude we hold in our hearts for their faithfulness and gift of unconditional love as they are forever remembered.
We are temporarily separated for only a short while. The silver cord that connects us through time and space can never be broken."

04-21-2009 11:21 AM -- By: ,  From:  


I explained to St. Peter, I'd rather stay here,

Outside the Pearly Gate.

I won't be a nuisance, I won't even bark,

I'll be very patient and wait.

I'll be here chewing on a celestial bone,

No matter how long you may be.

I'd miss you so much, if I went in alone,

It wouldn't be Heaven for me......

Author Unknown

04-21-2009 11:17 AM -- By: mommy,  From:  

Saada girl you have really been in my thoughts these past few days. The weather has been warm and sunny, the kind you liked best. I'm always wondering if you are right by me as I work in the yard, and hanging out in your special spot in the garden to get warm from the sun. Sweet girl you are always in my thoughts. I love you so much my precious angel.

04-20-2009 10:08 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  


04-20-2009 3:32 PM -- By: puck llewis ,  From:  

berry picking today...lunas garden and field....


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