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Memorial created 11-10-2008 by
Carol Pierce
September 11 1991 - November 7 2008

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09-11-2015 2:13 PM -- By: Cinnamon & Bruce,  From: Rainbow Bridge & Ridley Park, PA  

Lady & Carol

Bless forever beautiful, gracious, determined, loving, smart, appreciative, knowing, giving, compassionate, brave and gentle Lady, and her family, on beloved Lady's 24th birthday.

It continues to be an honor for Cinnamon and I to spend a few moments with you on your birthday and angel day each year, precious Lady, as we pay tribute to your glorious and unbreakable spirit, and the everlasting love you share with your Mom Carol and family, on your 24th birthday today.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours, Carol, and your irreplaceable angel Lady, at this time.

You know, Lady, the bond is so strong between you and your Mom, having started when you were a mere 3 weeks old, after all, that your essence, and the love & devotion still shared can still be felt every time I visit with you here.

Bless guardian angel Lady; Mom Carol, & her Mom and family, beloved Darlin and Skye, and your universe of souls, on four legs and two, this day and every day.

Cinnamon & Bruce

11-06-2014 7:21 PM -- By: Cinnamon & Bruce,  From: Rainbow Bridge & Ridley Park, PA  

Lady & Carol

Bless always gorgeous, dignified, loving, thankful, caring, generous, devoted, wise, determined, courageous and kind Lady, and her family, on beloved Lady's 6 year angel day.

Cinnamon and I have returned once more, Lady, this time on the eve of your 6 year angel day, to pay our respects, and to honor your tender, gracious, knowing and radiant heart and soul, and to celebrate your wonderful life, and the love you share, eternally, with your Mom Carol and family.

As you know, Carol, there is nothing else in the world exactly like the genuine, innocent and unconditional love we are blessed to receive from amazing canine (and feline) spirits like your beloved and precious Lady. 

From the moment we meet them, Carol, through a life shared and the forced separation resulting from their passing, until the moment we meet them again at the Bridge, beautiful souls like your Lady are loved and cherished forever. 

Bless guardian angel Lady; Mom Carol and family, Darlin and Skye, and your universe of souls, on two legs and four, now and forever.

Cinnamon & Bruce

11-01-2014 1:46 AM -- By: Nancy,  From: Yelm Wa  

Honoring your precious Lady as her 6th yea rAngelversary approaches. I know you love and miss her so much.

Bless you

Nancy, PIcky and Snowys "Momma" :0(

09-10-2014 2:18 PM -- By: Cinnamon & Bruce,  From: Rainbow Bridge & Ridley Park, PA  

Lady & Carol

Birthday blessings to forever beautiful, noble, determined, appreciative, understanding, giving, caring, faithful, wise, gracious, brave and gentle Lady, and her family, on beloved Lady's 23rd birthday.

My beautiful little girl Cinnamon, who I know is your forever angel friend, and I have returned today, Lady, on the eve of your 23rd birthday, to remember and celebrate once more your gentle, precious, generous, joyful and vibrant heart and soul, and to pay tribute to your spirit and life, and the love you share, until the end of time, with your Mom Carol and family.

Your forever precious and sweet Lady, Carol, as the amazing canine being that she is, will never leave your side.  As I get older, I know, truly, that special spirits like your Lady are, without question, the most genuine, caring, selfless, unconditionally loving and courageous souls in the universe, on earth and in heaven.  The bond you have with Lady will remain, unbroken, forever, a product of the years of life, and love shared.

Bless guardian angels Lady and Samantha; Mom Carol, Grandmom Wanda and family, beloved Marley, Darlin and Skye, and your universe of souls, on two legs and four, today and always.

Cinnamon & Bruce

09-07-2014 10:48 PM -- By: Nancy,  From: Yelm Wa  

Here to honor your beloved Lady as her special day up in Rainbow Bridge arrives. I know how much you love and miss her.

bless you

Nancy, PIcky and Snowys "Momma" :0(

11-05-2013 5:38 PM -- By: Cinnamon & Bruce,  From: Rainbow Bridge & PA  

Lady & Carol

Bless gorgeous, strong, wise, devoted, knowing, giving, caring, courageous and kind Lady, and Mom Carol, on beloved Lady's 5yr angel day.

I have been privileged to visit with you, Lady, and your Mom Carol, on both your 4yr angel day, November 7, 2012, and recently on your 22nd birthday just this past September. 

I am here today on  the eve of your 5yr angel day, Lady, to pay tribute to and honor your tender heart and beautful soul, and to celebrate the life you shared with your Mom Carol here on earth, and the love you two will share forever.

In the end, Carol, those of us who allow amazing spirits like your Lady to touch our hearts and souls, know only a few things with certainty:  we are blessed to have shared life with these beautiful souls; and we are destined to love, and miss them, forever. 

Bless tender & wise angel Lady, Mom Carol, Grandmom Wanda, Carol's beloved Darlin, and your shared family of souls, on two legs and four, now and forever.

Cinnamon & Bruce

11-02-2013 11:29 PM -- By: Nancy,  From: Yelm Wa  

Here to honor your gentle Lady and her upcoming 5th year Angelversary. I know how much you miss her.

Bless you

Nancy, Picky and Snowys "Momma" :0(

09-10-2013 1:13 PM -- By: Cinnamon & Bruce,  From: Rainbow Bridge & PA  

Carol & Lady,

Birthday blessings to beautiful, smart, faithful, determined, loving, brave and gentle woman Lady, and Mom Carol, on beloved Lady's 22nd birthday.

As it turns out I visited briefly with Lady on her 4yr angel day in November, 2012, Carol, but I wanted to pay my respects and honor your sweet Lady on her birthday, as well.

Bless you, Carol, for sharing a wonderful home, life and your heart, with you dear little Lady, and for filling her days and nights with the same kind of caring, respect, joy and unconditional love and devotion that Lady shared with you and your family every day.

No matter how much time we are blessed to spend in the company of amazing souls like Lady, Carol, or how many years go by after their passing, the love we shared, along with the profound sense of loss, and missing them every day, is something that remains with us always.

I do know that the world is a better place for having had your special and amazing Lady along for part of the journey.  What a beautiful, sweet girl and forever angel.

Bless guardian angel Lady, Mom Carol, Grandmom Wanda, Carol's beloved Darlin, and your shared family of souls and angels, on two legs and four, today and always.

Cinnamon & Bruce


11-06-2012 2:15 PM -- By: Bruce,  From: PA  

Bless you, sweet, gentle and kind Lady, and Mom Carol on Lady's 4yr Angel day. 

What a beautiful and gentle spiriti she is, and what wonderful love, devotion and respect you share with Lady.  Bless you always.


09-11-2012 4:19 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Thank you so much.  I haven't been on here in ages.

I need to update her site.  She is with me each and everyday.  I talk to her and look at her photo which is right beside me always. 

 Thank you again,



09-10-2012 11:52 PM -- By: Nancy,  From:  

Here to honor your precious Lady on her 21st Birthday up in Rainbow Bridge. What a beautiful girl she was. I know you must stil miss her especially on her anniversaries.

You are in my heart andprayers

God bless you

Nancy, Pickys "Momma" :0(

09-10-2011 9:13 AM -- By: Michelle & Princess,  From:  

Princess and I send a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lady and wishes to you for sweet memories of birthdays past spent with your friend on this special day tomorrow.

11-07-2010 12:37 AM -- By: jules,  From:  

we came to honor and remember beautiful lady and bring you hugs carol

jules and butler

09-11-2010 11:13 AM -- By: Gina (Saada's mom),  From:  

 Happy Birthday Lady!!! Wishing you a wonderful day full of joy and love with all your friends at Rainbow Bridge! 

09-11-2010 1:35 AM -- By: jules,  From:  

we came to wish beautiful lady happy birthday and bring you hugs carol

jules and butler


There is a bond that you can't see
for it's not bound with twine.
It's formed from strands within our souls,
this love that's yours and mine.

When I went home to be with God,
you must now understand,
I took with me this bond of love
and I still hold that strand.

So look now at my photograph.
The smile, you'll quickly see.
But only hearts can see the strand
forever binding You and Me.

Enjoy the precious memories
although we are apart.
We'll share more joys again one day.
I believe that with all my heart.


05-23-2010 6:52 PM -- By: kia and deb,  From:  

hi Carol and beautiful Lady, just stopping by its strange but you and Andrea came to my thoughts as I was driving home  hope you are doing ok and the new fur baby is well,

The Gift That You Are

Startled and fascinated by the beauty and fragility
of your wings, I watch as you move
so gently
so quietly
almost unexpectedly
through my world

And then I watch as you move on,
fluttering softly into the distance.
Pleading silently, I beg you,
please ... don't go.

I haven't yet had the time
to memorize
to remember
to understand
the uniqueness of the beauty that is yours.

I know I cannot hold you for long,
capturing you for my world.
But, rest gently with me
if only for a moment.

That I may treasure the memory
and the beauty of the
gift that you are.

~Author Unknown~

05-03-2010 9:48 PM -- By: andrea,  From: michigan  

Hope all is well with you. Thinking of you always! oxox

02-14-2010 1:57 PM -- By: Kia and Deb,  From:  

happy Valentine's Day. Lady and Carol......It's my selfishness

that makes me cry.

I wasn't ready

to say good-bye.

I wasn't ready

to let you go.

I pray you know

I loved you so.

It's me, not you

who suffers here.

I know you're life

goes on, somewhere.

I know that I should


You've walked through

Heaven's glorious gate.

But, still I can't stop

thinking of,

your smile, your touch,

your special love.

I know that you hear

what I say.

It's just done in a

different way.

And, so I want to

send you this~

to you, the one

I love and miss~

All my love upon an

Angel's Kiss.

© Ellen M. DuBois


11-25-2009 8:21 PM -- By: kia,  From:  

Kia and I are stopping by to wish you a safe and pleasant Thanks giving, we can always be Thank ful for the special little souls that we have had in our  lifes

11-11-2009 3:07 PM -- By: carol,  From: sewell  

write when you get a chance.  I know I missed

Roxie's first Angel Day.......Be well.  Love Carol and Darlin

11-11-2009 9:11 AM -- By: andrea,  From: michigan  

im sorry i miss lady's anniversary, im just going through so much! thinking of you.

11-11-2009 9:10 AM -- By: Andrea,  From: Michigan  

Hello there, thanks for stopping. It's been quite a while. I'm glad you got into something you love and adopted a dog.  Today is Roxy's 1st anniversary and i'm trying to keep it together.  It's so hard but she's in a much better place.  I been through a lot myself.  I sprained my ankle and broke off a piece of bone so i was in aircast for 4 weeks and then went to physical therapy for six weeks.  then just recently i feel and busted my teeth and face on the concrete and had to go to urgent care.  just my luck! i changed my number but i stil lhave your address.  I'll talk to ya soon love andrea and hooch

11-10-2009 2:43 PM -- By: puck llewis ,  From:  

hi lady...just me stopping by ...

11-07-2009 6:49 PM -- By: Lucky's Mom,  From:  

Hoping happy memories of your beautiful Lady bring comfort on her AngelVersary.

11-07-2009 5:10 PM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Lady ... stopping by in remembrance of your First-Year Angelversary.  You have earned those beautiful white Angel Wings to go with that beautiful fur coat of yours.  Go soaring the skies with those beautiful Angel Wings.

Always know that you are loved and missed.

11-07-2009 12:07 PM -- By: Michelle,  From:  

What a beautiful girl your Lady was.  Today must be especially difficult so take some time to do a few of the things Lady loved most in honor of the years of love and affection you shared together.

11-07-2009 10:48 AM -- By: Vicki,  From: Nebraska  

It's me again.  Just stopping to remember Lady on her first year Angelversary.

I am not so far from you,
Just a little way beyond;
Past the cares and past the pain,
Far past my earthly bonds.

When you feel you miss me most,
As years go drifting by;
Each memory will prove to you,
That our love will never die.

For memories are but a touch,
From the Father's gentle hand;
To heal your pain and mend your hearts,
To help you understand...

That while I left you far too soon,
I did not leave alone;
For the Father sent His angels,
To gently take me home.

Take comfort when you think of me,
Keep my love alive in your heart;
And with the warmth of each memory,
We will never be apart

Big Hugs and God bless

11-07-2009 10:10 AM -- By: Mary,  From: Patches Mom  

Stopping by to remember Lady today. I know Patches and her have become fast friends and they are playing together. You are in my thoughts today.

11-07-2009 2:36 AM -- By: Gina,  From:  

Hi Carol... stopping by in honor and remembrance of your precious Lady's One Year Angel Day. What a beautiful angel she is. I know she is so very loved and missed. My thoughts are with you today. Gina - Saada's mom

09-30-2009 11:42 PM -- By: Vicki, Misty Rose & Cuddles mom,  From:  

Hi Carol.  I hope everything is going well for you.  I made a picture for you of Lady.  It's on Misty's photo page.  You may copy it if you want.  I'll leave it one there for about a week.  Take care. Big Hugs to you.


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