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November 10 1995 - April 15 2008

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12-22-2012 6:10 PM -- By: jules,  From:  

loving molly and skye we are thinking of you and wishing you a merry christmas.


jules and butler

12-22-2012 4:07 PM -- By: Barry,  From: Melbourne  

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Molly and Skye! 
From your Aussie friend,

12-22-2012 3:27 PM -- By: Jo & The Crew,  From: MN  

Dear Skye,
Me and Ray are sending you a big cyber Christmas hug!  We hope you have a great Christmas and we hope you are getting stronger every day. I hope the New Year will bring you some healing energy and return you to good health. God knows this world needs people like you!  God bless you and Merry Christmas.
Jo, Ray, and The Crew

12-22-2012 1:51 PM -- By: Michelle & Princess,  From:  

 Dear  Skye and sweet Molly,

I know you may not see this posting for awhile and I know you may not answer but I wanted you to know that  I count your continuing friendship among my blessings.  How lucky we were to have had furry friends who besides giving so much love and joy to us in life also helped make connections afterwards. Wishing you and your family (2 and 4 footed) a wonderful holiday season and a fabulous 2013. Hugs my friend.

12-22-2012 1:38 PM -- By: Donna & Kip,  From: CA  

Sending you all our LOVE this holiday season.  I hope you know that you are in our thoughts and our prayers.  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
In love & friendship,
Donna & Kip

12-21-2012 1:47 PM -- By: Lauvern ,  From:  

Hi Skye and pretty girl Molly. I just wanted to stop by and let you know you were not forgotten. I have not been on Critters but my friends here are never far from my thoughts.I hope you are well on your way to recovery.....May this holiday season
leave you with precious memories:
A Christmas filled with love and light,
perfect health, gifts, delicious foods,
love and joy all around.
A New Year with continuing blessings—
friends, family, good work, great fun,
and delightful surprises.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Lauvern and all my Bridge kids.


12-21-2012 12:27 PM -- By: Gina & Saada,  From:  

Hi Skye and sweet Molly girl - wanted to stop by and let you know you have been in my thoughts, and hoping you are feeling better each day!! Wishing you a Blessed and Merry Christmas and sending best wishes for a great New Year filled with good health, happiness, love and prosperity. Sending big hugs your way!

12-20-2012 5:08 PM -- By: Randy Hamel,  From: Upham,ND  

Hi there special friend and all your dear sweet  furbabies Sending all of you great Christmas cheer and a very Happy New Year

Love Rowdy and Me

12-19-2012 10:51 PM -- By: Laura & Dale,  From:  

How did I EVER miss your birthday, Miss Molly???  I am so, so sorry! 

Wanted to stop by and tell you and Skye I am thinking of you and carrying both of you in my heart! 

12-17-2012 7:41 PM -- By: Skye,  From:  

Season's Greetings!
I want to thank everyone who stopped by with birthday wishes for our sweet Molly in November.  Please know that your kind messages were greatly appreciated.  I wish that I could thank everyone individually, but unfortunately I have been battling a very serious illness all this year and have not been able to keep up with such contacts at this time.  I do wish to offer my apologies for that, and for not visiting your pet's memorial(s) in recent months.  It simply could not be helped.  Please know that you and your beloved pets are still in my thoughts and I wish you the very best always.  May you all have a truly wonderful holiday season and may the New Year bring many blessings your way!  Thank you again for your support and for remembering our precious Molly.

12-02-2012 9:29 AM -- By: Laura & Dale,  From:  

Dropping off morning hugs for Molly and Molly's lovely mom!!  xoxo

11-29-2012 11:25 PM -- By: Linda,  From: NJ  

Hi! Skye!

Just stopping by to say you have been in my thoughts. Hope this finds you getting stronger by the day. Hope you Holidays are blessed. No response needed. I just wanted you to know I'm sending warm wishes your way and sending you a big hug!

11-22-2012 4:57 PM -- By: cathy,  From:  

Happy Thanksgiving Molly

11-21-2012 5:13 PM -- By: jules,  From:  

molly and skye we are thinking of you sending happy thanksgiving day wishes.


jules and butler

11-19-2012 8:18 PM -- By: Gina & Saada,  From:  

Hi Skye and beautiful Molly,

Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Thinking about you and sending lots of love and the very best of wishes.

11-19-2012 1:52 PM -- By: Laura & Dale,  From:  

Dropping by with a quick (but special) hug for you, Molly, and even more quick (but again special) thoughts of your mom - you keep watching over her, sweet girl!! 

11-13-2012 3:18 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  


Sorry I'm a little late with my post, Luna turns to pull jet another streamer from her hair ... then turns, lifts up her eyes ... as they sparkle in the sun, shecatches a glimpse of Molly who is still frollicking in the sun ... and from her she shines ... she has your love with her always. Sending ((hugs)) and many moonlit wishes, hoping all your dreams come true! Luna & her mom Nadine

11-13-2012 12:10 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Hi Skye & the lovely Molly,

I have just popped in to wish Molly a happy belated birthday. Sorry for being late was bogged down with work.

Best regards,

Gerry & Blackie


11-10-2012 7:09 PM -- By: debi,  From:  

Happy birthday sweet baby girl!!  I hope your having a grand ole party at the bridge with all of your friends...Wishing your mommy the best, she loves you tons.

11-10-2012 4:02 PM -- By: Gina ,  From:  

Sending BIG Happy Birthday wishes to the sweetest girl!!!

Dear Skye, stopping by today to remember precious Molly on her special day at Rainbow Bridge. I know that beautiful girl is always watching over you, especially at this difficult time. I just read your new page Getting Support From Above and it just moved me to tears, it is so beautiful. I am hoping you are getting stronger with each new day! Skye, know that you are always thought of and I send many positive, healing thoughts and prayers your way. Take good care and wishing you the very best!!!


11-10-2012 2:04 PM -- By: ♥Maddie/Sherri,  From:  

Happy Birthday Molly!

We honor you today.

♥Maddies mom, Sherri

11-10-2012 12:36 PM -- By: jules,  From:  

happy happy birthday sweet, loving molly. skye am holding you in our thoughts sending positive energy your way  


jules and butler

11-10-2012 12:20 PM -- By: Cindy & Paul,  From:  

We wanted to drop in and wish your beautiful Molly a HAPPY BIRTHDAY   Your new memorial page is so beautiful and touching though it broke my heart. Molly and Teddy are both such gorgeous dogs and you can tell they both love you so much. Skye, we wish you well and hope you are better real soon.
All our love,  Cindy & Paul

11-10-2012 10:19 AM -- By: Michelle & Princess,  From:  

 Dear Skye and sweet Molly,

The bridge is a whirl of activity as the holidys approach and Molly's birthday begins ther celebration. Decorations, treats and stories of love about missed families abound. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOLLY and a big get well to you Skye.

11-10-2012 10:12 AM -- By: Randy Hamel,  From: Upham,ND  

 Hi Skye stopped by to honor your sweetheart on her 17th BIRTHDAY TODAY AT THE BRIDGE and  know she is watching over you  from the heavens  above HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET MOLLY and GOD BLESS YOU BOTH 

Love Rowdy and Me 

11-10-2012 10:00 AM -- By: BILLYtheKidster,  From: Flushing, NY  

*Happy Birthday Molly*
RIP doesn't for me
mean Rest In Peace at all.
What RIP means to me
is Return If Possible.
*Happy Birthday & RIP Molly*

11-10-2012 9:37 AM -- By: Vicki,  From:  

Just stopping to wish sweet Molly a fun filled 17th birthday at Rainbow Bridge.  Party on, Miss Molly.

Skye, hope things are going better for you.  Thinking about you.

11-10-2012 9:05 AM -- By: Laura & Dale,  From:  

Happy birthday, precious Molly!!! 

Skye, it must be comforting to know you have this special angel watching over you.  And the love in her eyes is so clear and visible!  Sending our very best wishes coupled with TONS of love!! 

11-10-2012 8:52 AM -- By: Henry,  From:  

Happy Birthday dear Molly. I read how you have visited your Mom and you continue to watch over her. Skye I hope you are feeling better and it is so wonderful to be able to have the little visits from Molly. I know I miss them as I have not had any for quite awhile and even though they would make me wake up crying they were tears of joy just to see them again.

11-10-2012 2:43 AM -- By: Skye,  From:  

We Love & Miss You!
(THANK YOU to all who have left such kind birthday messages for Molly and to those who have continued to stop by Molly's memorial in my absence this year.  It has been greatly appreciated).


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