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November 10 1995 - April 15 2008

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05-08-2010 4:14 PM -- By: Jo,  From: MN  

Hi Skye!  Thought I would drop in and check in on you. I know it has been quite awhile. This furry bunch keeps me rather busy and work has been pretty hectic. Ray got laid off so it has been really tough. Hope things are better in your neck of the woods. Have to tell you my sister who only weighs about 110 lbs went and got a huge 2 yr old male Great Dane that someone could no longer keep. She didn't want it going to the shelter so she took it in but it has major behavior problems and it took off after another dog during a walk and dragged her down the sidewalk over bushes and a fire hydrant. She was dragged on the ground the whole time and ended up breaking her arm (or her wrist?). No rescue group wants the dog so she is now trying to get a skilled trainer in to work with the dog. She has a very big heart for sure. Drop me an email if you get a chance. Would love to hear form you. Take Care, Jo & the crew

05-08-2010 12:06 PM -- By: ,  From:  

I lost my yellow lab and my poodle a couple months ago in a tragic accident and have been scoping the internet grief sites trying to make some sense of it. I have been in a lot of pain because I loved my dogs so much and the accidentr was senseless and preventable. I saw your beautiful dogs picture and had to check out your memorial and I am glad I did.It really helped me alot. I can tell you loved your lab just as much as I loved mine and my poodle. Your words on yuour memorial have helped me more than anything else I have read even thought they also made me cry in places too. But I know crying is good and neccesary. So I wanted to write in your guest bokk and say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

05-07-2010 1:49 PM -- By: glenise,  From:  

Dear Skye and sweetie-pie Molly,  Thank you so much for stopping by and for the beautiful Mother's day poem.  We certainly have a lot of wonderful, caring friends here on critters!  We hope you and your family have a safe and happy Mother's day weekend.  Bless you,  glenise & daisy

05-07-2010 1:34 PM -- By: jules,  From:  

we came to thank you and molly our dear friends and bring alot of hugs

jules and butler

05-07-2010 11:20 AM -- By: debi,  From:  

Happy Mothers Day to you Skye!!!   Thank you so much for the poem...ill be thinking of you and your Molly girl!!  Have a great weekend...and someday i would like to hear about the buttercups..:) 

05-07-2010 9:15 AM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Skye and precious Molly ... just stopping by to say "HI" and to wish you, Skye, a very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.  I know Molly will be sending those beautiful signs and memories your way.

I hope things are going beautifully out your way.  Here .. it has been warm and sunny .. but windy.  I am so ready for the real nice warm weather so I could be out in the yard planting and cleaning and getting that sun tan that I do love to get ... though it probably will age me more .. hahahaha

Sending hugs your way ... and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY

05-07-2010 1:12 AM -- By: Your Old Pal, Skye,  From:  

Hi Molly Girl.... I saw all the beautiful buttercups that now align the entrance to the woods.  They are just beautiful!  I just happened to wander over to the entrance of the woods today and there they were -- standing in all their sunny glory, just like nature's bright, beautiful welcome mat.  It put a big smile on my face.  We both know when the buttercups first appeared.  Perhaps one day I will write about that here.  In the meantime... Thank You, Sugar Bear-- you brightened up my day and most definitely warmed my heart.  :)  ~ Big Hugs & Kisses ~

05-07-2010 1:09 AM -- By: Linda,  From: NJ  

Hope you have a great weekend Skye & a great Mothers Day. I'm sure Molly is so proud & honored to have such a beautiful, caring Mom as yourself.

From Molly-

My Mom

My mom is very special,
My mom is very kind,
My mom always told me I'm special,
She's always on my mind.

My mom watched me grow,
My mom watched me cry,
Of course she'll always know,
We never said goodbye.

My mom would always hug and kiss,
My mom would always care.
My days she will never miss,
Cuz I'm her little teddy bear.

My mom is very special,
My mom is very kind,
My mom always tells me I'm special,
She is forever on my mind.


05-06-2010 11:29 PM -- By: KIA,  From:  

Thank you for the message from Kia Molly and Skye,   and Molly asked Kia to drop by and leave this poem for Skye,A Mother 

A Mother is one who
understands the things
you say and do

Who always overlooks
your faults and sees the
best in you

A Mother is one whose
special love inspires you
day by day.

Who fills your heart with
gladness in her warm
and thoughtful way.

A Mother is all these things
and more - the greatest
treasure known.

And the dearest Mother in
all of the world is the one I
call my own. 
Happy Mother's Day Mom

05-06-2010 11:22 PM -- By: Gina (and Saada),  From:  

 Hi Skye! Thank you so much for the beautiful Mother's Day poem from my precious girl and thank you again for the beautiful pictures. I have one posted on her Mom's Day page. Hope you and Teddy are doing very well. Take good care and have a great weekend!! Hugs to you and a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.

Saada is delivering this poem to you from your dear Molly girl...

I Said A Mother's Prayer For You 
I said a Mother's Day prayer for you
to thank the Lord above
for blessing me with a lifetime
of your tenderhearted love. 
I thanked God for the caring
you've shown me through the years,
for the closeness we've enjoyed
in time of laughter and of tears. 
And so, I thank you from the heart
for all you've done for me
and I bless the Lord for giving me
the best mother there could be! 
Author Unknown 

05-06-2010 11:21 PM -- By: jules,  From:  

from molly as told to butler for you skye:

I Love You Mom!
Mom's smiles can brighten any moment,
Mom's hugs put joy in all our days,
Mom's love will stay with us forever
and touch our lives in precious ways...
The values you've taught,
the care you've given,
and the wonderful love you've shown,
have enriched my life
in more ways than I can count.
I Love you Mom!



05-06-2010 10:58 PM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Hi Skye. Thankyou for delivering the beautiful poem from my fur kids. I truely appreciate it and will cherish it forever. Thankyou  beautiful girl ,Molly for dropping off the card.

We have had a carnival for the elementary kids on the shelter grounds for the past week and it will continue till Sunday. I did this in appreciation for all of the kids that volunteer at the shelter. Needless to say, it has been a tiring week.

Have a great weekend and a HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY..



05-06-2010 8:22 PM -- By: glenise,  From:  

Okay, so the furbabies are all dancing to "Good Golly Miss Molly"   when all of a sudden Molly woofs out,  "Wait, stop"  she says I have a special delivery for my mom, One of the Best Moms in Crittersville."  Molly then asks Daisy to deliver that message, a single flower and this mother's day verse:


God made a wonderful Mother,A Mother who doesn't grow old.
He made her a smile of sunshine,And a heart of pure gold.
In her cheeks he placed fair roses, in her eyes, stars that shine.
God made a wonderful Mother, And that wonderful Mother is mine

~ Happy Mother's Day ~


05-06-2010 8:01 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

Hi Molly and Skye, thank you so much for your beautiful note  ... the stars that sparkle and shine will always be there, just as the love that reamins in our heart ... when darkdess begins to grow, it is then that our love shines brighter ... letting us know ... they are really not that far away, and i do believe we will see them again one day.  Your words meant so much to us. Thank you! Luna & her mom Nadine

05-05-2010 4:55 PM -- By: Stephen,  From: Richmond  

Thanks so much for visiting our boy Schwartz on his birthday.  We do still miss him everyday, and are so thankfull that he was a part of our lives.

05-05-2010 9:18 AM -- By: kia and Deb,  From:  

Syke and Beautil Molly, Thank you so much for the pictures of Miss Kia,  hopping to finish a few pages this weekend as rain is moving in so we will see,  also wanting to say  Happy Mother's day To you Skye and your Mom Dearest Mom

I Have Moved On To A Higher Grounds, I Am In A Gorgeous Place Filled With Love Joy And Happiness.Is So Beautiful In Here.It's A Place Free Of Pain And Suffering,Please Mom Don't Dwell On The Fact That I Am Gone,Because We All Know That Life Must Go On.Please Mom Don't Grieve This Is The Way GOD Meant It To Be.I Know We Weren't Together Nearly Long Enough Please Mom Try To Remember Me As I Was Growing Up.I Will Always Be With You Mom And You Will Always Be My Mom.Today Is Your Day I Am By Your Side You Can't See Me,But I Can See You.Happy Mother's Day Mom

Love You Forever


05-04-2010 11:30 PM -- By: Dorothy,  From:  

Thank you so much for visiting and signing Baci's guestbook on his 15th birthday.  You have a beautiful tribute to your Molly.  She is such a sweet looking girl.  These wonderful fur babies will be in our hearts always...

05-04-2010 1:06 PM -- By: Cindy,  From:  

Oh skye I forgot to tell you. Remember the story I had told you last year about the white lillies blooming?  Well I noticed they came back again this year around Pepper's birthday. I will take that as a good sign. At least a sign that someone may be watching over her. God Bless.

05-04-2010 10:48 AM -- By: Cindy and Paul,  From:  

Hi. So sorry we missed Molly's recent Angel Day.  The memorial page you created in honor of her 2nd Angel Day just made me cry. It is so beautiful and your love for Molly is so evident, as it is on all of your beautiful pages. Molly would be so proud of the memorial tribute you have created for her. Though I don't think she would be surprised by it since she knows how much you love her. Dont you have a birthday this month? If I have that right, Happy Birthday. By the way, our little Pepper is failing which is heartbreaking. Age and diabetes has really taken a toll and she is now blind. Of course she is never out of my sight.  But I fear I might not have her for much longer. Please say a prayer for her, and for us.  I know you know how we feel.  Actually reading some of the pages you have created for Molly and talking about where you believe she is now has brought me some comfort. Thank you for that. Just wanted you to know we were thinking of you and your angel girl. Take care.

05-04-2010 10:09 AM -- By: ,  From:  

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.......Thank you for all
The countless, caring ways
You' filled my life with love

05-02-2010 1:10 PM -- By: ,  From:  



05-01-2010 11:07 PM -- By: Steve & The Gang,  From: Ny  

hi Skye. Sorry it has been awhile but I thought I would let you know that you were in my thoughts and I see it was the anniversary date for your beautiful Molly recently. Hope you are holding up ok. Was reading through Molly's memorial again and see you have added some new pages since I saw it last. The pages are all gorgeous. Some are really touching to read and others actually make me laugh.  I know you feel lucky to have had Molly as a friend but I assure you she was just as lucky to have you as her friend too. You definitely briought much joy to her life for sure!  By the way, my brother's dear dog Cleo passed away last month. He is so devestated she was with him a long time. We all are because we loved Cleo alot.  She is at rest in a really beautiful pet memorial park near all of us. It is very pretty there and we can visit anytime. I am sure Molly is taking real good care of her. Just hope my dogs stay healthy. Well hope your doing well. Take Care, Steve

05-01-2010 7:51 PM -- By: Gina & Saada,  From:  

 Hi Skye and sweet Molly girl, hope you have a wonderful weekend too. We are getting some nice sunny weather this weekend and hope to get some nice plants at the nursery for the garden. Hopefully no more frost this year, but the way things have been going with the weather here, you just never know! We had such rain and hail this past week, and fairly cold at night. Also, wanted to thank you again for the beautiful Arbor Day card, that was so lovely!! 

Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs to you and Teddy!!

05-01-2010 4:27 PM -- By: kia and deb,  From:  

Hello Skye and Beautiful Miss Molly, Thank you for stopping by, we had snow on Wednesday we did not get as much as the Northern part of the State  but I was worried  about the  flowers, but all faired well, 

On the doe  she is not bringing the fawn around but I did  get a picture of her after she managed to eat the tops of a few of the tulips  I will forward and the Turkeys , will pass that along also,

I want to Thank you again for that beautiful picture of Kia in the euchinacea  that is my favorite  flower of all of them,   will be putting it on her tribute  when things settle down here and I  can work on her tribute with out  being distrubed,

 Hope you are having a good weekend   been out flower shopping  and  trying to find another tree for Kia's memorial   and now on crow watch  as they are stealing the blue jay eggs  .  Take care  Deb and Kia

04-30-2010 1:44 AM -- By: jules,  From:  

came to say hello to our friends skye and molly and bring hugs

jules and butler

04-29-2010 10:51 PM -- By: ,  From:  

There always is a place to go
Where furry friends all meet
Running in the fields of green
With love beyond belief
Imagine all the beauty
You can see in just one day
Each one interacting
Every one at play
Feeling warmth and beauty In every blade of grass God is smiling on them
The sunshine always lasts
Telling them how proud He is
To have them gathered there
In his place of every dream
Where love is so aware

Little fields of gracious ones Receiving every blessing Happy in this joyful bliss
Each day His Love carressing
Joy in life now gathered
In every running stream
Shades of special rainbows
Reflecting all their dreams
Time in life is over
But love has just begun
For God created all this joy
For every precious one
•y preci
We think of our tomorrows
Remember yesterdays But always life's reflections Brings warmth in every way

04-29-2010 9:37 PM -- By: ,  From:  

"How long will the pain last?"
A broken-hearted mourner asked me.
"All the rest of your Life,"
I have to answer truthfully.

We never quite forget.
No matter how many years pass, we remember.
The loss of a loved one is like a major operation.
Part of us is removed, and we have a scar
For the rest of our lives.

As years go by, we manage.
There are things to do, things to care for,
Tasks that call for full attention.
But the pain is still there, not far below the surface.

We see a dog or a cat that looks familiar,
Hear a voice that echoes,
See a photograph we put away,
See a landscape that once we saw together,
And it seems as though
A knife were in the wound again.

But not so painfully,
And mixed with joy, too,
Because remembering a happy time is not all sorrow;
It brings back some happiness with it, too.

How long will the pain last?
"All the rest of your life."
But the thing to remember
Is that not only will the pain last,
But the blessed memories as well.

Tears are proof of life;
The more love, the more tears.
If this be true, then how could we ever ask
That the pain cease altogether?
For then the memory of love would go with it.
The pain of grief is the price we pay for love.

04-29-2010 6:22 PM -- By: Gina & Saada,  From:  

 Hi Skye! It was great to hear from you, thank you for stopping by and the beautiful poem, My Treasured Friend. The words are so touching and do really seem to reflect my bond with Saada girl. Don't worry about the spacing thing with the poem, I've had that happen myself and not sure why it does that. Anyway, I do remember that story about the woman you met last year that inherited the RR dog. It would be really interesting if it was the same lady, and how they are getting on - that was such a sad loss for the both of them. Hope you are doing very well and that you have a wonderful upcoming weekend!! Take care and big hugs to you, Teddy and sweet Molly!

Silently one by one, in the infinite meadow of Heaven
Blossomed the lovely stars, the forget-me-nots of angels.
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

04-28-2010 10:37 PM -- By: Bernice and Lassie,  From:  

I fell in love with your Molly - I too think my little Lassie was an angel dog. I can see in Molly's eyes the same look that was in my Lassie's.  what a riot they must be making up there!

thank you for remembering


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