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Memorial created 03-28-2009 by
November 10 1995 - April 15 2008

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10-19-2009 5:24 PM -- By: Lauvern and Luke.,  From:  

Hi Skye and pretty girl, Molly. I just wanted to stop in and let you know you were being thought of. How are you doing Skye? I just reread your beautiful tribute to your beautiful girl. I love your new puppy page. What a cute puppy she was before she became a beautiful girl and now a beautiful Angel.

You are in my thoughts and i am hoping things are getting a little better for you. This is such a hard journey we have to travel after losing our precious fur kids.

Take care and stay strong. Hugs.


10-17-2009 7:54 PM -- By: Sue and Cassie,  From: Missouri  

Hi Skye,  I have been thinking of you.  I stayed at Denise's for a few days and asked if she had heard from you.  She told me you were having a hard time right now.  I am so sorry, Skye.  I hope you can get some comfort in knowing Molly is happy and not hurting and making friends.  her and Cassie have fun together.  They went to Puck Lewis's birthday party. She eats peanut butter treats that Max brings over.  I know she loves and misses you to.  I also know she wants you to not be unhappy and grieve so much.  She wants you to only remember all the wonderful times you two had but she also wants you to be happy too.  Have you thought about another furry friend?  There are so many who need a home at the shelters.  I know Molly would really love you to do that.  Something to think about.

I am doing pretty good.  Days are passing and I am getting better.  Nights are the worse for me. 

You take care.  You can send me a note anytime you want.  If I can help remember I am here.

Your friend,


10-17-2009 1:46 PM -- By: Gina & Saada,  From:  

Hi Skye and beautiful Molly girl... you have been in my thoughts this week and I hope all is going well. I hope those technically difficulties aren't being a problem, although I've noticed more slight changes on my site that I didn't do. Anyway, I read through Molly's "The Puppy Years" page, and it brought a huge smile to my face, she was absolutely precious!! I loved the cross legged pose photo, Saada used to do that too, it always seemed so lady like. Hope all is going well and that you are having a wonderful weekend. Hugs to you and all the fur babies. Gina & Saada & Juji

10-16-2009 6:52 PM -- By: Deb and KIA,  From:  

Molly and Skye ,  just thought we would pop  in and say hello and  hope all is well   ...trying to keep busy with the fall cleanup and I know I am getting to old for it all.....

I Thought of You Today

 I woke early this morning, lifted the shade

to a sky overcast and gray.

No ray of sun to brighten my heart,

and I thought of you today.

The breezes of summer are no more

and have moved along on their way.

The crisp air of autumn has settled in,

and I thought of you today.

The crunch of the leaves under my feet,

I remembered how you loved to play,

chasing the leaves across the yard,

and I thought of you today.

As the daylight faded into dusk

and the shadows came to play,

I lit a candle and watched the flame dance,

and I thought of you today.

I crawled into bed, turned out the lamp

and glanced where you used to lay.

The tears came again, as they always do,

as I thought of you today.


10-13-2009 10:14 AM -- By: Sheba,  From:  

Skye, thank you so much for visiting Sheba's page and your beautiful words. I'm so very sorry for your loss of precious Molly. What an amazing and beautiful soul she was! Such a special little girl. I loved reading about her life and looking at her adorable pictures. God bless you and your family for giving this darling baby the wonderful life she deserved. No wonder she was so happy! Every animal should be blessed with such a loving family. The love and happiness she gave to everyone throughout her life was just her paying forward what she'd always received at home. I love Molly!

10-13-2009 1:04 AM -- By: Roberta Long,  From:  

Dear Skye,

Thank you for remembering Rockie on his birthday. I miss him terribly. I am comforted in knowing he has pals like Molly, Copper, Blossom, Puck, Misty, Dollie, etc., to celebrate his birthday with.  

Thanks again,


10-11-2009 9:43 PM -- By: Donna and Samantha,  From: Long Island, NY  

Hi Skye and Molly, thank you for stopping in to visit and for wishing Samantha a Happy Birthday. Skye, I'm sorry for your loss of your sweet Molly, such a pretty girl she is.

10-10-2009 4:27 PM -- By: Dana,  From: LaPorte, In  

Hi beautiful Molly girl, Hello Skye, Thanks for dropping by. It was good to hear from you. Somehow you know when I need a visit, thanks. It will be 3 months tommorrow since he has been gone and I cannot believe it. I thought it may get easier, but it hasnt. The only good thing that has come out of loosing Cochise is meeting people like you and so many others on this site. I dont know how I would have come this far without find all of you fellow animal lovers. I hope you are well. Thanks again for stopping by, I'm always glad to hear from you. Take Care, Dana

10-10-2009 12:51 PM -- By: Sara,  From: Georgia  

Skye, your words mean so much to me today. You have to gift of saying things so beautifully, and that truly is a gift. I hope you use it to brighten people's days, to commiserate with them during sorrowful times and just to stay in touch with your friends and family.

Thank you for remembering Scootie today. My heart is breaking all over again with my remembering. He was such a gift and I'm glad I had him - even though it was for such a short time.

I've misplaced your e-mail address. Would you sent it to me via my e-mail if you still have it or on this site, and I'll delete it as I did before.

You mentioned you're close to Maggie Valley. I'm familiar with it because of mountain trips I made as a child. For a long time, I've been trying to think of a good name for our place here in the Georgia mountains and, on a trip back from Raleigh, I notice the Maggie Valley sign. Since I had lost my sweet Maggie not too long before, I realized that would be the perfect name for our home. So I just made it possessive and, lo and behold, we now live in Maggie's Valley. I'll be going back to Raleigh on the 5th of November and returning on the 9th. Any chance we could meet somewhere? That would be great. I won't have any of my dogs with me because our kids that I'm going to visit have a dog that doesn't like other dogs. And I don't want to "upset the applecart".

God bless you and Molly.


10-10-2009 8:59 AM -- By: Tracy,  From: Goffstown, NH  

I don't have the words.... for your beautiful Molly and your deep grief... just know one tiny soul cryed for you two today...

tears of healing pour for you today.  Thank you for wishing my beloved Daisy a Happy Birthday.

10-08-2009 7:18 PM -- By: Gina & Saada,  From:  

Hi Skye and Molly girl... Thank you so much for stopping in and your sweet note!! I do think Juji will be a bundle of joy, she is settling in so fast and does very little whining that I am amazed. She actually sleeps through the night too! In true Ridgeback form she does whine most when it's time to eat... ha ha. Thank you again for your sweet note and email, I really appreciate it! Take care and big hugs to you and Molly, Gina

10-07-2009 1:09 PM -- By: Joe ,  From: Albany, NY  


Thank you so much for such a touching letter about Annie on th eday of her passing. Ironic that her companion her was named Molly as was your precious girl.

My thoughts and prayers are with you aboout your loss and it is so clear looking at her pictures she was loved and cared for by you.

10-06-2009 1:43 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Thankyou for your very kind words, what a beautiful dog Molly was, i bet you miss her, i miss my baby so very very much.

10-04-2009 7:47 AM -- By: debi,  From:  

Hi skye, just wanted to say thanks for thinking about are so kind..i know that you miss molly as much as i miss my murphy.. i cant believe its been 4 months..makes me very sad to know that i havent seen him. Im sure murphy and molly are hanging out. Every day i think abuot my murphy..cabo is keeping me busy and he is a sweety, alot like murphy...but hes not and i know he never will be.. I still cry alot, almost everyday..sometimes i call cabo murphy and then i feel bad..then i cry cause i miss him so much.. i stil wonder how i am going to go the rest of my life without seeing him. my heart still hurts and i expect it to forever..thanks agian for your kindness, you are truly a friend..

10-01-2009 11:45 PM -- By: Vikki Goedmakers,  From: Jupiter, Florida  


you are so kind to come by and remember our Shadow's birthday~  It means so much to our family that there are kind and loving people like you who truly know what it is like to lose one of our furry family members.  I have a hard time still thinking of our Shadow without tears.  He was so loving and kind and always knew when I needed some special attention.  We were so blessed to have him in our lives.  Your Molly sounds simply amazing!  What a wonderful character!  I am so sorry for your loss~  Words cannot express how I feel your pain having experienced it myself.  It unfortunately I have found never gets easier but the wonderful one can take those away.  I love the fact that Molly had such fashion sense and that Lily the ninja cat really misses her...and poor Chloe...but we know that you will see your Molly and I will see my Shadow and that fact is comforting.  May you be blessed, Vikki-Shadow's mom

09-30-2009 7:19 PM -- By: Denise,  From:  

Hi Skye and sweet Molly~

I just wanted to stop by to tell you that I think of you often.. I know that this is hard.. I find myself staying away until I feel almost guilty for not being on here. I miss my boys so much, they are thought of every single second of every single day. I do enjoy getting little notices from my Critters friends for sure.. I just find it hard to go to My Boys pages.. weird I know.. my mind has been working over time lately and that is never good for me.. never has been lol... The Fall of the year is here  and the change of the seasons are always welcome. I love the Fall. I live in Missouri and the leaves are just beautiful. I love being outdoors and so did my boys. I hope you are doing well.. I hope that this season brings joy. Take care - until next time - your friend, Denise

09-30-2009 3:08 AM -- By: ,  From:  

You really loved this dog!  She was really lucky! 

God bless her.  And You.


09-29-2009 11:23 AM -- By: Gina & Saada,  From:  

Skye, thanks so much for that beautiful post in Saada's guestbook for her 11-Month Angel Day. Your words really touched my heart and it's always comforting to know Saada is surrounded by so many wonderful friends. Your reference to Pete made me smile, as I was just wondering if he would be around today since the weather took a dramatic turn. We went from sunny 80's-90's the last couple of weeks to cloudy and cold today! But I just went outside and there he was... begging for a peanut. I know he buries most of them, getting ready for winter. You are right about the One-Year Angelversary, it is always on my mind and I constantly think about what I was doing with her this time last year. But I do feel her presence occasionally, not so much as signs, but from images and feelings that pop into my head. I love that quote from Mary Caroyln Davies... what  a lovely verse, and so perfect for this time of year.

Skye, I do hope all is going well with you and all your fur babies too. Sending big hugs to you, my friend, and hugs to Molly, Teddy and Ruby Jean.

09-28-2009 6:30 PM -- By: Deb and Toby,  From:  

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for your birthday wishes for Toby. I appreciate you so very much! Kisses to you sweet Molly and a big HUG for you Skye! Thank you again! Deb

09-27-2009 2:08 AM -- By: Darci,  From: Colorado  

Skye:  Your memorial to Molly is beautiful !!  You have a wonderful way with words and the photos show the love and attachment you and Molly have for each other.  I will have to come back to finish reading everything .. there are too many tears in my eyes.  You are certainly right about life on Earth being Heaven when we are with our very special Angels here on Earth.  It's hard to go it alone, even though we know they are with us always, no matter what the circumstances.  God bless you and bless Molly.       Darci

09-25-2009 3:20 PM -- By: Kelly,  From: TX  

Hello Skye I was just thinking about the two of you this morning! How have you been? Doing better some days are harder than others. I have donated to the canine cancer fund in his memory since his life couldn't be saved maybe I can help other fur-babies and their families from having to go through this horrible disease. I finally had a dream about Jed not sure what everything meant but I  think he wanted to let me know he is okay I hope that was the message. Talk to you soon. Much Love Kelly

09-22-2009 10:12 PM -- By: Gina,  From:  

Hi Skye, I'm glad you stopped back in, or I might not have seen your previous message. I have noticed a lot of messages are going into review, I guess it's just certain words that are flagged?? And they are taking a long time to get posted. Yes, Pete is certainly keeping us smiling and he finds us wherever we are in the yard and begs for more peanuts. It is funny. Anyway I hope you are doing good and having a good week. I love that Kahlil Gibran quote you added at the end or your message, that is so beautiful and true! Take care Skye and big hugs to you. Gina 

09-22-2009 3:11 PM -- By: Ana,  From: Madrid, Spain  

Dear Skye and beautiful Molly,

Thank you so much for visiting my cat Lucas page, I appreciate it so much.

Your Molly has such a beautiful, tender, inteligent face, with those lovely eyes, I can understand how you miss her and love her forever.

Lots of love,


09-22-2009 7:53 AM -- By: Jon,  From: SF  

Dear Skye,

Thank you so much for your uplifting post. It was heartfelt, and I was touched and comforted to know that those wonderful words came from someone who understands what I'm going through and knows how much I miss my kitty. Thank you for remembering Circe. I think about her constantly and I know I always will, and I know it's the same with you and your wonderful Molly and Keyshah. Like you, I'm inclined to think that our furbabies are in a wonderful place, happy, young and healthy again, and maybe they are able to be anywhere and everywhere at once, including right beside us all the time.

09-21-2009 5:33 PM -- By: Charles -- Sammy's, Gabby's and Bob M's Dad,  From: Santa Fe, New Mexico  

Dearest Skye and precious Molly ... just sending lots of hugs and kisses through the breezes to you both.

Skye, hope all is well in your neck of the woods.  Things here are getting cooler each day ... Fall is upon us ... How I miss the Spring and being able to see all the beautiful flowers, birds and doves ..... but we do need the snow to replenish the water-tables.

To Molly ... you are a cutie.  I hope you and Sammy, Gabby and Bob M and all the furbabies are having a great time up at Rainbow Bridge.  Remember that I Love All of You Furbabies .....

09-21-2009 1:29 PM -- By: Gina & Saada,  From:  

Hi Skye, stopping in today since you have been in my thoughts and I wanted to say Hi and see your sweet Molly girl too. Hope you are doing well. Not much new is happening here, but we are doing ok. Hope you have a wonderful week. Take care. Hugs to you and beautiful Molly.


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